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					1 - Chest X-ray – Finding? air under diaphragm (dont forget
to say if its right or left)
2 - Chest X-ray – Disease? tension pneumothorax (dont
forget to say if its right or left)
3 - Chest X-ray – First Q: what are the findings ?bilateral
reticular infiltrate with bilateral lymphadenopathy. Second
question: give two DDx

4 – this Q had 2 pics of one is a Chest X-ray and next to it is
a CT scan like the one below (of the same patient) – First Q
Whats the diagnoses ? right middle lobe pneumonia. 2nd
question: whats the sign (air brochogram) (dont forget to
say if its right or left)

Note: the next upcoming questions includes CT scans with
arrows on some structures ...
5 – Neck CT: What is the structure? (indicated by the arrow)
   - right lobe of thyroid
6 - Chest CT: what are the structures? (superior vena cava,
right main bronchus)
7 - abdomen CT: what are the structures? (gall bladder, left
adrenal gland)

8 – pelvis CT: What is the structure? (Bladder)

9 – brain CT: whats the finding ? right parietal acute
subdural hemorrhage

10 – brain CT: first Q : whats the finding? mass in the
subtentorial fossa (or cerebellum).. 2nd Q : what the
diagnoses ? (they give you 4 choices : meningioma,
glioblastoma, ependymoma and cranioblastoma) i think the
answer was ependymoma

11 - Brain MRI : what are the structures ? (third ventricle,,
midbrain )

12 – Brain MRI: what is the sequence and the view? (sagital,

13 – Brain MRI : what is the structure? (body of corpus

14 – Abd. X-ray of a child : first Q: whats the sign? double
bubble sign, 2nd Q: whats the DX? Duodensal atresia

15 – mamogram with a pointer on the muscle behind the
breast .. whats the structure? Pect. Major muscle
16- Abd. X – ray:

First Q: whats the dx ? pharyngeal pouch (or zenker diverticulum)

2nd Q : due to what muscle defect? Cricothyroid

17- Abd. X-ray:
First Q : whats the sign ? lead pipe

2nd Q : dx? Ulcerative colitis

18 - an IVU showing filling defect at the level of left renal
that was most likely? a renal stone

19- an MCUG showed in the slide the question was about its
(vesicouretral reflux )

20- contrast used in visualisation of GI mucosa ( barium
sulfate )

21- what is the contrast used in CT scanning for renal stones
( the answer is none ) was a trick Q !!!!

22- this is a thyroid scan with I131
what is the most likely diagnosis?
( the slide showed nothing so the diagnosis is thyroiditis )

23- a thyroid scan showing defective focal uptake in the left
diagnosis ( cold nodule )
next step ( FNA )

24- Bone scan : first Q : whatare the findings ? single hot
spot in the middle joint of left little finger
2 DDx
1) osteomylitis
2)stress fracture
3) malignancy
25 - a dynamic renal scan showing 2 kidneys the right one is
85% functioning and the left is only 15% functioning with
marked improvement in excretion in right one with lasix
describe the 2 kidneys in terms of ( obstruction and
function) (they showed almost the same graph as this one
with some numbers)

the right one is hyperfunctioning and non obstructed
the left one is hypo functioning and obstructed

26 – there was a Q saying : whats the definition of
osteopenia according to T-scores ?
There was another question about HIDA scan and anothe
rone about V/Q scan (easy ones)

And there was a question about the nuclear physics lecture..
they may ask you about the names of the reactions (like
Annihilation for example)

There were other questions but we cant remember them ...
but we have told you the hardest ones !!!

Dont forget to mention if the the finding or the disease is left
or right !!! and not all questions include pictures ... many
were just theory

Thanks to :

Mohammad Qendil

Yazan Al-Kurdi

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