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Remote Control Repair


									Remote Control Repair
Before the TV remote control was invented, we got much more exercise than we do now. Of
course, we had fewer channels then. Mechanical TV tuners wouldn't be practical today in the
world of 500+ channels. And remote controls also come with room air conditioners, heating
systems, and even gas fireplaces. So let's get at least a little exercise by trying to understand
and fix remote controls.

How Does It Work?

A remote control is a hand-held device for turning on or off, selecting features, and adjusting
electronic equipment such as televisions, VCRs, DVDs, stereo equipment, and many other
household devices including your garage door opener. When a button is pressed, the remote
control unit sends out an infrared (invisible) signal that's read and interpreted by the device.
A remote control is a battery-powered transmitter.

What Can Go Wrong?
The very thing that makes remote controls so useful--their
portability--makes them vulnerable to damage. Circuit
boards can be cracked and soldered connections can fail.
Water or other liquids can be spilled and leak into the case.
Damage can sometimes be repaired, but a new remote is not
that expensive so many people opt to replace rather than fix.
Think of all the adventure they're missing!

                                                                 Remote controls typically consist
                                                                 of circuit boards, batteries, a
                                                                 touch pad, and case. Usually the
                                                                 problem is caused either by low
                                                                 batteries or damage from
                                                                 dropping or immersing the

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