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					A8 WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2011                                                             Record-Courier                                                                                                   WWW.RECORDPUB.COM

Leadership Portage                                                                                                                                       Kasich taps Brunner for state unit
                                                                                                                                                                   ASSOCIATED PRESS   and one-time U.S. Senate

class begins program                                                                                                                                       COLUMBUS — Gov. John hopeful Jennifer Brunner
                                                                                                                                                         Kasich on Monday appoint- to the Ohio Cultural Facili-
                                                                                                                                                         ed Ohio’s former elections ties Commission.
   Some 32 members of the          sity; Matt Coleman, crisis                                                                                            chief to a spot on the board   Brunner was Ohio sec-
21st class of Leadership Por-      specialist, Coleman Profes-                                                                                           that oversees repairs and retary of state from 2007
tage County convened for a         sional Services; Reba Cook,                                                                                           improvements to the state’s through 2010. She did not
two-day retreat at North-          owner of Cook Insurance                                                                                               museums, historical build- seek re-election and lost a
east Ohio Medical Univer-          Agency, Ravenna; Robert                                                                                               ings and sports stadiums. Senate bid. She is currently
sity at its Rootstown cam-         Davis, jail administrator, Por-                                                                                         The Republican gover- leading the effort to repeal
pus where they attempted           tage County Sheriff’s Office;                                                                                         nor named former Dem- Ohio’s recently-approved
to identify and rank impor-        Tammy Devine, Child Ser-                                                                                              ocratic secretary of state elections overhaul.
tant issues that confront Por-     vices, Portage County Jobs
tage County.                       & Family Services; Carol Ev-
   The 32, led by LPC execu-       ans, pastor, Grace Episcopal
tive director Karen Dinehart,      Church, Ravenna; Jodie Fia-
took a bus tour of the county      la, owner, Jake’s Restaurant,
in which nearly every munic-       Mantua;
                                                                     On hand for an orientation lunch at the recent Leadership Portage
ipality and township was vis-        Paul Friess, project man-
                                                                     County retreat at NEOMED were, from left, Debbie Davidson, Cutler Real
ited or passed through.            ager, Hummel Construction;
                                                                     Estate; DeDe Mulligan, Mulligan Managemen Group; Karen Dinehart,
   They also heard from Dr.        Michael Fuchs, general coun-      LPC execcutive director; Matt Coleman,Coleman Professional Servic-
Glenn Saltzman, psycholo-          sel, Robinson Memorial Hos-       es, member of Class of 2012.
gist, and went through a se-       pital; Joe Gasper, sales man-
ries of get acquainted and         ager, Record Publishing Co.,      Montz, owner, Country Ele- & Pierce; Cynthia Wallis, di-
leadership exercises led by        Judee Genetin, director, Por-     gance Assisted Living;; Mike rector, Early Heard Start,
Dr. Janet Dix.                     tage County Jobs & Fami-          Morehead, plant manager, Portage Learning Centers.
   The class now begins a          ly Services; Mary Henefeld,       Allen Aircraft; Gary Neihaus,
series of monthly sessions
devoted to specific daylong
                                   director, NEOMED Confer-
                                   ence Center; Jim Hofbauer,
                                                                     professor, NEOMED; Bri-
                                                                     an Reitz, executive director,
                                                                                                            NOW OPEN IN KENT
                                                                                                          Near Rt. 43 & 261
topics. Included are govern-       director, KSU Golden Flash-       Habitat for Humanity; Sta-
ment, health services, educa-      es Club; Dennis Honkala, su-      cie Sandrock, legal services,
tion, business, social services,
and other interest areas.
   Class members are Edie
                                   perintendent, Ravenna City
                                   Schools; Michelle Lee, chief
                                   of Kent Police Department;
                                                                     Kent State; Lisa Bixenstine
                                                                     Safford, professor of art his-
                                                                     tory, Hiram College;
                                                                                                             $  95             Front or
Benner, Advanced Rehabil-
itation Services of Mantua;
                                     Shana Lee, director, Stu-
                                   dent Multi-Cultural Center,
                                                                       Matthew Slater, executive
                                                                     director, Freedom House,
                                                                                                      Includes pads & labor
Richard Blasko, director for       Kent State; Larry Lohman,         Family & Community Servic-     Valid on most cars. See manager for details.
material management and            owner, Lohman Consultants;        es; Robert Standardi, assis-
security at Robinson Memo-         Scott Mashchak, project           tant controller, Portage Com-                          Discount on
rial Hospital; Barbara Boltz,
project director for enroll-
ment data and system sup-
port at Kent State Univer-
                                   manager, Hummel Construc-
                                   tion; Mary McCracken, clin-
                                   ical director, Children’s Ad-
                                   vantage, Ravenna; Terry
                                                                     munity Bank; Robert Walker,
                                                                     owner, Rocking Horse Bed &
                                                                     Breakfast; T. Ted Yates, at-
                                                                     torney, Christley, Herington
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