Final Notice to Cease and Desist NOTARY PROTEST by kosupo

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DATE 26, 2003 COLLECTOR, individually and dba GROUP ASSET MANAGER, and SEARS P.O. BOX 182532 COLUMBUS, OH 43218-2532 (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Sears", “you”, and “your”) VIA: RE: Certified Mail Return Receipt # Mastercard Account # 1234567890 (hereinafter referred to as ”Account”)

Dear Ms. Collector: Formal notice is hereby served upon YOU PERSONALLY and SEARS that the above-listed account, in its entirety, has been FULLY SETTLED, ab initio, by AGREEMENT of the PARTIES and as further evidenced by Notarial Process, in accordance with State and Federal law, including the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act. This is timely written Notice and Demand that you are to IMMEDIATELY CEASE and DESIST from: 1. 2. 3. any collection activities on said account; any further collection-type contact, in any form, written or telephonic, with me or JANE DOE; any reporting to any credit reporting agency concerning said account, save and except to notify the credit reporting agencies to completely delete all history and information relating to said account.

Sears has violated the federal and state law. Your continued violations which impede JANE DOE’s © commercial ability and constitute harassment may subject you to substantial civil damages in addition to statutory fines and penalties. This Notice will serve as proof that you were fully informed of said violations and harassment and that you voluntarily, willfully and knowingly, chose to continue to commit said crime(s) against me and JANE DOE©. Take notice that sending unsubstantiated demands for payment through the United States Mail System may constitute mail fraud. Further telephonic communication constitutes harassment and is a federal crime. Federal and State law specify your conduct in this matter. You may wish to seek competent legal advice. NOTICE TO THE PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO THE AGENT NOTICE TO THE AGENT IS NOTICE TO THE PRINCIPAL Applicable to all successors and assigns Silence is Acquiescence Sincerely, with all rights reserved, JANE DOE© BY:

Jane Seymour Doe, Secured Party c/o Address City, State [pz] a temporary mailing address

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