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        15  years

Vol. 15, No. 1, Issue #85
                                NORTHSIDE NEWS                                                                                                    August / September 2009

 “It’s where you belong”: Warner Park Center celebrates 10 years
                                                According to the 2008 annual report,
      By Christina Ballard                   MSCR had 5,690 participants at WPCRC,
               Northside News
                                             and the Center had over 55,000 drop-in
  Warner Park Community Recreation           visits. MSCR Supervisor Janet Dyer said,
Center (WPCRC) is celebrating its            “I think the building is very well utilized.”
10th birthday. Since its opening at             The center has physical activity
Warner Park in September 1999,               space including a gymnasium and an
WPCRC has become an important part           exercise room, which had over 45,000
of the Northside community and of the        visits last year. Some of the recreation-
City of Madison. Through partnerships        al activities offered through MSCR
with Madison School and Community

                                                                                                                                                                                               Photo submitted by WPCRC
                                             includes youth basketball clinics and
Recreation (MSCR) and the North              adult and senior fitness classes. In an
Eastside Senior Coalition (NESCO),           effort to appeal to many participants,
WPCRC is able to offer recreational,         MSCR frequently adds or changes
educational and cultural activities and      classes. They will be adding the new
events at the first and only City-owned      fitness fad, Zumba, to its list of classes
community recreation center.                 as well as a power-walking group
  Program Assistant Dianne Dabbert,          and “boot camp” which is a more
who was hired when the building              strenuous class.
opened, recalls that the Center was a suc-      MSCR also offers arts and enrich-
cess from the very start, “The communi-      ment programs for kids and adults at
ty welcomed our presence very well.”                                                         WPCRC Mission Statement
                                             WPCRC. These programs include pot-              Warner Park Community Recreation Center is a gathering place
  The center was conceived, planned,         tery and an open pottery lab, photogra-
and funded through a six year joint                                                          which provides innovative growth and enrichment opportunities for
                                             phy, painting, drawing, knitting, and           the Madison community and connects people of all ages, races and
effort between the City of Madison and       their popular cooking classes.
the Northside community, spearheaded                                                         cultural backgrounds.
                                                Priscilla Born has been attending
by the Northside Planning Council.           activities at WPCRC for nine years and          WPCRC’s ten-year anniversary will be celebrated starting
The Northside community fundraising          said, “All the workers are excellent and        September 13th with a recognition brunch and a week of free
effort contributed over $810,000 to the
                                                                                             classes, membership sale, games, dancing and more.
Center’s construction.                                                    WPCRC, page 14
                                                                                             See full page ad on page 7 for more information.

                                                                                                                     Check out the full page of special offers
                                                                                                                    from 24 Northside businesses on page 6

Help design the Northside’s “look”                                                                                       August 15 thru August 30
When you think of our community, what do you see?                                                                        15 Days of Shopping!
           By Jeff Affeldt                     Northside Identity Exercise                           Show your Northside Pride — Buy Northside!
  The Northside Art and Design                   Saturday, September 12
Group, Northside News and Northside                9:30AM to 12:30PM                         Little Vito Concert                                          INSIDE
Planning Council are sponsoring a                  Lakeview Lutheran Church
community identity exercise, and we                   4001 Mandrake Rd
                                                                                             and Golf Event to                              BUY NS COUPONS
want to hear from YOU!                                                                       Benefit Schools                                Fifteen days of specials Aug 15-30......6
  Join your neighbors to discuss and         recreational opportunities? Our rich cul-
define all those things that make            tural diversity? In short, what does the           The Northside is known as the “Can          TIF DISTRICT
Madison’s Northside such a great place       “Northside Life” mean to you?                   Do” side of town. In recent years,             What it means for Northside.................8
to live and work.                                                                            school funding has declined and sever-
                                                We’ll take you through a series of
                                                                                             al Northside organizations want to do
                                                                                                                                            NEIGHBORHOOD PLAN
  Is it our social awareness and involve-                                                                                                   Plan completed, City reviewing............9
ment? The abundant ecological and                                                            something about it. During the week-
                                                                             Art, page 15
                                                                                             end of Sept. 11-14, two events are             MR. NABAK RETIRES
                                                                                             being planned to raise money for our           After 30 years at Walgreens................12
                                                                                             Northside elementary schools.
Community Car ready to roll                                                                     Dennis Tiziani, president and CEO of        CHEROKEE IN PHOTOS
                                                                                                                                            New book on Cherokee Marsh...........21
                                                                                             Cherokee Park Development, has been a
                                             which has sponsored Community
          By Steve Potter                    Car’s newest vehicle on the
                                                                                             strong supporter of local schools for years.   BIRDS OF WARNER PARK
              The Northside News
                                             Northside.                                      This year he is going one step further and     Over 80 species identified...................22
  Northsiders who don’t have a car             Since early July, a new Nissan                on Mon., Sept. 14, the Cherokee Country
but have the need to occasionally use        Quest Minivan has been parked in the            Club (5000 N. Sherman Ave) will host a         OTHER FEATURES
one now have a new opportunity to            Warner Park Community Recreation                “Day of Golf 4Elementary Education.”           Planning Council.....................3-4
get behind the wheel thanks to the           Center’s parking lot, available to any-         Proceeds will help schools buy supplies        Community News..................8-13
Community        Car        program,         one who is a member of the program.             and technology carts. Call the club,
North/Eastside Senior Coalition, and           Community       Car      Operations
                                                                                                                                            Troy Gardens............................16
                                                                                             249-1000, or check out their website
Madison Community Foundation,                                                                                                               Northside Home........................17
                                                                             Car, page 14                                                   Environment........................18-20
                                                                                                                   School Events, page 15
                                                                        NON-PROFIT ORG.                                                     Schools.....................................22
                                                                        U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                                         Nominate                           Police........................................23
                                                                           MADISON, WI
                                                                         PERMIT NO. 667                                                     Elected Officials..................24-26
                                                                                                        a North Star!                       Community Resources........27-28
                                                                                                   Nomination form for                      Senior News..............................29
                                                                                              7th annual North Star awards                  Warner Park Center...................30
                                                                                                      is on page 4.                         Sports & Recreation..................31
2   Northside News  August / September 2009

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The Northside News welcomes readers to submit letters pertaining to Northside                                                                               Deadlines for next issue
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not guarantee all letters received will appear in print. Viewpoints expressed in letters
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do not represent the views of the Northside Planning Council and Northside News. As                  Please call 661-0060 Ext. 3                           Info/ads/story suggestions:
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letters to                                                                                                             

                                                                                                       REMODELING CONCEPTS
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                       Present coupon for two free lessons
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                                 Westport Squares
                    5399 Mary Lake Road, Waunakee, Wisconsin

                                                                      We deliver Home
                            or Call Rosie at 244-1185                                                  Performance with
                                                                                                       ENERGY STAR®

                                                                                                                                            C O L L E G E           O F
    9th Annual AppleFest
        3 October 2009, 9:30am - 3:30pm
                               Saturday Activities
                      Bake Sale                 Chair Massages
                   Craft Sale                   Popcorn & Slushies
                  Kiddie Carnival                  Sloppy Joe Lunch
                 Apple Dessert Contest              Farmers Market
                 Raffle & Drawing                       Apple Treats
                 Door Prizes
                 Entertainment                  Used Book Sale
                    Music                           Thursday: 4-8Pm
                     Clowns                         Friday: 9am-5pm
                      Mascots                          Saturday:
                       Zoo Animals                 9:30am-3:30pm

  Warner Park                    Adults $1, Kids Free
Recreation Center
                                                                                                                                             August / September 2009  Northside News          3
                                                    SEVENTH ANNUAL NORTH STAR AWARDS

                             Mark Your Calendars!
                                                                                                                  SPONSORSHIP FORM
                                          Seventh Annual                                                 YES! I will attend the North Star Awards
                                                                                                                 on Nov. 6, 6 pm at Warner Park
                                                                                                                                                              No I cannot attend, but here
                                                                                                                                                                    is my donation.
                              North Star Awards                                                                  Center.
                                                                                                     Enclosed is my tax deductible gift.
   Nominate                   Friday, November 6, 6 pm                                                   $50             $75                 $100                     Please mail by
  a North Star!                  Warner Park Community Recreation Center                                                                                              September 30 to be
                                                                                                                                                                      listed as a sponsor in
                                    Join our Northside neighbors for this unique event.                  $250              $500               $_____                  the October/
     Sponsor                It’s an opportunity to celebrate another year of Northside accom-                                                                         November 2009
  the North Star          plishments, big and small, and recognize those who made it all possi-                                                                       Northside News.
     awards!              ble. Consider nominating someone whose hard work went unnoticed            Name (as it will appear on the sponsor list)
                              or an organization that has made an impact on the community.                                                                                Check here if you
                                                                                                     ____________________________________________________              do NOT want to be
                                                                                                                                                                       acknowledged in the
Past North Star Winners                                                                              Address_____________________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                       Northside News.

Lenny Alston             Christine Garrett       Jim Mohrbacher             Katie Scharf
Rosemary Bass            Marlene Hardick         Sue Morrison               Jody Schmitz             City/State/Zip ______________________________________
Sue Bauman               Gerianne Holzman        Steve Nelson               Jill & Kurt Schneider
Blackhawk Spirit Club    Darlene Horner          Bruce Newton               Darlene Shell
Brooksy Beilke-Skoug     Ronnie Inda             Clare Norelle              Michael Shinners         Phone ______________________________________________
Vernon Blackwell         Lynette Jandl           North East Side Youth      Patricia Smith
Dorothy Borchardt        Jill Jokela               Basketball               Paul Soglin              Email_______________________________________________
Brentwood Village NA     Deb Jordan              North/Eastside Senior      Jacki Thomas
Dave Bruns               Barb Karlen               Coalition                Soncerethia Clair
Don Bruns                Kathy Kidd-Wuest        ENJOY Program                 Thomas
                                                                                                              Please mail this form                    THANK YOU for your support!
Sherri Buck Baldwin      Roberta Kiesow            (NESCO)                  Karen Thompson
                                                                                                                and your check to:                    The Northside Planning Council is a
Rita Cairns              Lawrie Kobza            Northside Business         Char Tortorice                  Northside Planning Council                   501c3 charitable organization.
Tim Carlisle             Doug Kozel                Association              Marge Rohlfing                2702 International Ln., Ste. 203             Contributions are tax deductible to
Ron Chance               Janet Kujak             Northside Community        Paul Van Rooy                      Madison, WI 53704                        the full extent allowable by law.
Mary Charnitz            Lakeview Luth. Church     Council                  Vera Court Neigh. Ctr.
Nan Cline                Sol Levin               Northside Timebank         Rhode Wanta
Andy & Jenny             Greg Lofgren            Larry Olson                Betty Warren
Diane Dabbert
Kelly Donahue
                         Esteban Lorenzo
                         Madison Community
                                                 Pierce’s Northside
                                                 Marge Pitts
                                                                            Lisa Wiese
                                                                            Henry Wilson
                                                                            Jeanne Witte
                                                                                                                 NOMINATION FORM
East Bluff Association   Foundation              Rev. Carmen Porco          Pat Woicek               Nominee’s Name: _____________________________________________
Nelson & Annette         Sandy Marrier           Bob Reuter                 Sandy Wojtal-Weber
  Eisman                 Capt. Mike Masterson    Mary Jo Rimkus             VamMeej & Kanglue        Address:____________________________________________________
Johnny Ellis             Dale and Randi          Claudia Rosenbaum            Yang
Jeannie Fiegel              Matthews             Paul Rusk                  Marcia Yapp              Phone ____________________ Email____________________________
Linda Foss               Amanda Meyer            Yolanda Salazar
John Frey                Dave Meyer              Julie Savidusky                                     Individual Category
                                                                                                       [ ] Neighbor            [ ] Educator          [ ] Leader         [ ] Youth
                                                                                                       [ ] Volunteer           [ ] Public Servant    [ ] Friend of the Northside
                                                                                                       [ ] Create Your Own Category: _________________________
                                                                                                     Group Category
                                                                                                      [ ] Neighborhood        [ ] Business               [ ] School
                                                                                                      [ ] Church              [ ] Nonprofit Organization
                                                                                                      [ ] Create Your Own Category:_ ________________________

                                                                                                     Nominator’s Name _______________________________________
                                                         S      A      L      O      N
                                                                                                     Nominator’s Signature _____________________________________
                                                    Hiring Sylists – Flexible Hours
                                                       Chair Rental Available                        Phone______________________ Email________________________
                                                                                                          The North Star Committee may contact you with questions or clarification.

                                                      New Client Hair Services                          Please provide specific, concise examples for each of the following
                                                                                                        six questions. Please be aware past recipients are not eligible to receive

                                                             Save $5                                  another award. This vital information helps the awards committee immensely.
                                                                                                        Use extra sheets if necessary. You do not need to donate in order to
                                                                                                                make a nomination. Nomination deadline is Oct. 16
                                                                           expires 8-31-09
                                                                                                     How long have you known this                   What are examples of this per-
                                                               Reasonable Rates                                                                     son’s commitment to improving
                                                             1409 Northport Drive                                                                   life for Northside residents?
                                                                241-8034                             Why is this person/group a good
                                                                                                     candidate for a North Star

                                                                                                                                                    How does this person/group
                                                                                                                                                    show leadership for the

                                                                                                     How does this person/group
                                                                                                     serve the Northside community?

   Recipient of our company’s
                                                                                                                                                    Do you have any other com-
    top resident satisfaction                                                                                                                       ments about this person?
   award for the Eastern half
    of the country in 2007.                                         608-249-5558
    Come for a tour & a free lunch                           1601 Wheeler Road
   contact Darian at 608-249-5558                            Madison, WI 53704                        Mail this form/send letter to: Northside Planning Council, 2702 International Lane,
                                                                                                              Suite 203, Madison, WI 53704 or email:
4   Northside News  August / September 2009

                                                          NORTHSIDE PLANNING COUNCIL NEWS

                                     Mission; To improve the
                                     quality of life for all resi-
                                     dents of the Northside                   From                                                       From
                                     community, by increasing
                                     citizen participation and                DANA SLOWIAK                                               LAURI LEE
                                     voice in issues and deci-                OUTGOING NORTHSIDE NEWS EDITOR                             INCOMING NORTHSIDE NEWS EDITOR
                                     sions affecting the commu-
                                     nity through neighborhood                  This issue marks not only the beginning of                    It’s a privilege for me to start as the editor on a
                                     organizing and advocacy;               the 15th year of the Northside News, but the                 newspaper that has been handled so diligently by
                                     and building community by              last issue with Dana as editor. Dana is moving               Dana and others before her. I’d like to recognize them     linking community organi-              on to new adventures in life, including, we                  not only for the actual work done to publish the paper,
                                     zations & residents.                   hope, more time for her artistic endeavors.                  but also for how they involve countless volunteers. At
Co-Chairs         Linda Bonner,      Nikki Moriarity,   Dick Walker,            Dana has done a tremendous job with the                  a time when other papers are shrinking and disap-
                  Lakewood           East Bluff         Cherokee II
Ellen Barnard,
                  Gardens            242-7519           Condos              Northside News over the past five years,                     pearing, the Northside News is going strong because
Cherokee Park
576-3734          242-8627                              242-4411            shepherding it from the dark ages of paper                   of the involvement of the Northside community.
                                     Kelly Olson
                  Patricia           Lakeview           Lorie Walker,       layout to the digital age, greatly improving the                  The 15th anniversary year is a great milestone
Jeff Shokler,
Sheridan Triangle Brinkman,          Lutheran           Lake View Hill      appearance and production of the paper.                      and the perfect time to celebrate what is working
                  Townhouses         Bob Paolino,       Miguel Weathers         But even more important has been Dana’s                  well and to look for new ways to keep things fresh
Vice Chairs/Sec. 243-8912            Mendota Hills      Berkley Oaks        commitment to keeping the Northside News                     and exciting. We’ll be celebrating our anniversary
Sue Gilberston, Diane Brown,         Marge Pitts,       Anita Weier         true to its mission as a way to share the many               all year, so be sure to read the paper for exciting
Cherokee Park Northside              Community          Cherokee            voices of the Northside. Her dedicated service               promotions and other fun things that we hope to
249-9323          Timebank           GroundWorks        Townhouses
                  249-0649           249-2697           320-5820            and stewardship of the Northside News has                    introduce this year.
Michael Shinners,                                                           been a great gift to our community.                               I look forward to meeting everyone in the
Brentwood         David Carpenter,   Cheryl Redman,
Village           Cherokee II        Troy Gardens     Neighborhoods in          On behalf of the many readers and adver-                 Northside community. Please introduce yourself to
241-1848          Condos             Community        need of a NPC         tisers of the Northside News, and especially                 me and let me know how you’d like to get involved
                  442-6958           241-4820         representative:
Cyndi Wood,                                           Cherokee Garden       the advertisers, contributors, and staff past                in your community newspaper. Contact me at 661-
Nobel Park        Mo Cleland,        Wendy Sauvé, Karstens,
249-4052          Brentwood          East Area PTO Kennedy Heights,         and present who benefitted from Dana’s firm                  0060 x3 or
                  Village            Coalition        Lerdahl Park,         but patient guiding hand, thank you, thank
Treasurer         244-3938           244-3125         Maple Wood,                                                                       Marlene Hardick for an endless supply of story
Laura Vogel,                                          North Park Apts,
                                                                            you, thank you, Dana.
Maple Bluff       Mary Hill,         Muriel Simms,    Northridge                Northside News founding editor Tim Carlisle             ideas, Lynette Jandl for keeping everyone
244-7187          North/Eastside     Friends of       Terrace Apts,                                                                     informed of Northside Farmers Market news,
                  Senior Coalition   Cherokee Marsh Packer
Past Co-Chair                                         Townhouses,                After nearly five years with the Northside             Nancy Helgeson Lyons for sharing MG&E infor-
Char Tortorice, Willy Holden,        Dean Smith,      Sherman Village,      News, it is now time for me to pass the torch.              mation over a year-long series; Christina Ballard
Lake View Hill    Berkley Oaks       Whitetail Ridge Woodland Park
249-8052          444-9854           249-4596         Apts, Woodlands            The Northside News has covered Northside               for tackling stories with tricky research, Steve
Members                              Jan Somerfeld,
                                                      Apts                  issues for 15 years. This is no small feat, especially      Potter for taking on random stories with no com-
                  Missy Johnson,
Terrie Anderson, Whitetail Ridge,    North/Eastside                         during these times of journalistic change. Putting a        mon theme; Lorie Walker and Lori Getter for
                  242-4662           Senior Coalition                       newspaper together is not an easy task. Putting
Northside                                                                                                                               joining as new volunteers with a wide range of
Timebank                                            Call 661.0060
241-9080          Peggy Lucey,       Pat Steele,
                                                    to enquire              together a community newspaper makes this task far          interests; all the elected officials, especially
                  East Bluff         Northport Apts.
Bill Bauer,                          249-9281       about revitaliz-        more interesting. There is an amazing, and endless,         Northsiders Paul Rusk, Satya Rhodes-Conway,
Friends of Lake                                     ing your own            amount of coordination and effort that happens              Michael Schumacher and Dorothy Wheeler, for
View Hill Park    Leon Miller,       Karen          neighborhood
241-5589          Vera Court         Thompson,      association, or         behind the scenes for the newspaper to appear in            keeping constituents informed while honoring my
                  Nbrhood Center     Northside      getting involved        your mailboxes. In each issue, we have over 40 con-         very strict word counts; Katie Scharf from
Vernon            246-0583           Business Assn. with NPC.
Blackwell,                           246-3483                               tributors and nearly 100 advertisers. These numbers         Lakeview Library for always asking kindly for
At Large          Pat Morgan,                                               show the strong commitment to be involved in the            more words for special events; Pastor Dean Kirst
246-8379          Sherman
                  204-2708                                                  success of our community newspaper.                         for always giving me a hard (and funny) time in
                                                                                 There are several Northside News regulars that         every email; Ross Royster for beating every dead-
             Northside Planning Council                                     I wish to thank for exceptional volunteer efforts.          line while always saying thank you; Dave
          2702 International Lane, Suite 203                                Dean Smith, Missy Johnson and Marge Pitts for               Marshall for taking on the crummy layout jobs
                  Madison, WI 53704                                         helping deliver to our Northside businesses and             with a smile; Jim Powell and Tim Carlisle for
      Phone: (608) 661-0060 Fax: (608) 661-0064                             organizations; Terrie Anderson for copyediting ,            endless advice and insight; and to anyone who I
                                  writing and support; Martha Worcestor for proof-            inadvertently missed, please know your contribu-
Tim Carlisle, Ext. 2.                                   Lauri Lee, Ext. 3
Lead Organizer                                                   Editor
                                                                            reading; Mary Schumacher for taking on our                  tions truly are appreciated.
                                                                            business beat and writing extra stories in a pinch;             Enjoy the next 15 years of the Northside News!

                                                           Thank you to everyone who donated to NPC’s Spring fundraiser!
                                                        ~~~ $1000 & Up               Main, Bernard &           Powell, Jim, Maria          Hinhede, Lois &              Steinhauer, John &
                                                        Cleland, Mo                    Eleanore                  & Sierra                  Harring, Reta                  Cathy
                                                                                     Meyer, David &            Presser, Dennis &           Jaeger, James A.             Vinje, Jonathan
                                                                                       Kristi                  Larson, Laurie              Kelly, John                  Yelk, Cyril & Dora
                                                        ~~~ $250 & Up                Porco, Carmon             Rewey, Michael &            Klehr/Cross Family           Young, Phyllis
                                                        Ayers, Doug &                Pryor, Anne &               Pamela                    Koppa, Judith
                                                        Claudia**                                                                          Kox, Doris                   ~~~ $10 & Up
                                                                                       Ackerman, Steve         Ring, Gerry &
                                                                                                                                           Lizon, Robert &              Cerutti, Roger & Betsy
                                                                                     Shell, Darlene, A.          Armella                     Dorothy                    Cerveny, John
                                                        ~~~ $100 & Up                Sherry, Toby &            Ross, Alden                 Lorenzsonn, Vilja            Henning, Joan
                                                        Battista, Janet                Peggy                   Saley, Bernard              Marten, Doris A.             Hoffman, Inda
                                                        Brentwood                    Steuer, Jamie &           Simms, Muriel               Medenwald, David C.          McDonald, Ruth & K.
                                                          Village Assoc.,              Joe                     Stege, Kurt & Kim           Michaels, Susannah             Crubaugh
                                                        Barbara Weitz                                          Stuart, Annie &                                          Paolino, Bob
                                                                                                                                           Morgan, Patricia             Schlicht, Mr. & Mrs.
                                                        Brinkman, Pat                                            Larry                     Morrison, Sue & Jim          Neil
                                                                                     ~~~ $50 & Up
                                                        Carpenter,                                             Thompson, Karen             Myers, Mr. & Mrs.            Zanoni, Barbara
                                                                                     Anderson, Carolyn                                       Richard B.
                                                          David**                                              Timmins, Martin
                                                                                     Davis, Dr. Frederick                                  Nash, Greg
                                                        Haight, Bill &
                                                                                     Falconer, Ann                                         Olson, Mark & Kelly
                                                          Nancy                                                ~~~ $25 & Up
                                                                                     Gustin, Dennis &          Croker, Candis &            Perry, Betty C.
                                                        Harrison Noonan,
           “Northside home of                                                        Martinson, Sandy          McGinn, James               Pitts, Marge
                                                                                     Jones, Jean & Jerry       Four Lakes Paving           Reese, Richard &
            the Chuck Norris”                           Hobart, Susie &
                                                                                                                                             Carol                     ** denotes NPC’s 15th
                                                                                     Lampe, Bernice              Co., Inc.
                                                          Feitlinger, Billy                                                                Rhodes-Conway,              anniversary multi-year
    Friendliest little neighborhood                                                  Lusson, Frank &           Fry, Lynn
                                                        Karlen, Barbara                                                                      Satya Vadia**                    pledgers
        bar on the Northside                                                           Lenore **               Gest, Mr. & Mrs. Jerry
                                                        Madison                                                                            Scharf, Katie & Mike
                                                                                     Moe, Renee**              Gostomski, Donald &
          2005 N. Sherman Ave.                            Chiropractic                                           Virginia                  Schneider, Monica
                                                                                     Passman, Marjorie
                                                          North**                                              Gross, Alfred               Silveira, Arlene

                                                                                                               Drs. Brent McNabb, Ross Royster,
                                                                                                               Dan Soderholm, Justin Rodriguez
                                                                                                               2205 North Sherman Avenue, Madison, WI 53704
                          1117 N. Sherman Ave. 608.245.1616

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*Terms and conditions apply. See club for details.   Get your free 7 day pass @

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10 Year
 10 10
10 10
10 Year Anniversary Week - September 13-19
 Over the past ten years the award-winning Warner Park Community
 Recreation Center has prided itself in offering recreational, educational,
 cultural and community programs for all. These successes will be celebrated
 with a 10-year anniversary celebration beginning Sunday, September
 13 with a Recognition Brunch and following with a week of festivities
 including FREE classes, a membership sale, games, dancing and more. All
 of the events beginning September 14 are FREE and open to the public.

                             9a.m.-4p.m. Peer Support                                10:30a.m.-10:45a.m. Little Dribblers
 Sunday, Sept 13             Tuesday, Sept 15              Free 10 Year              Saturday, Sept 19

 Donor Recognition
                             Training, NESCO                                         Performance

                             9a.m.-10a.m. 50+ Jump                                   11a.m.-noon Contest (Free Throws,
                             Start Yoga                                              3-Point shooting & Lightning)
 Event is invite only.
                             10a.m.-11a.m. Pilates/                                  11a.m. – 1p.m. FREE Hot dogs and
                             Yoga                                                    soda. Music by Caravan Gypsy Swing
                                                          Try something
                             12:45p.m.-1:45p.m. 50+
                             Arthritis Foundation                                    Noon-1p.m. Girls Basketball Game
                                                               new!                  Ensemble

                             Exercise Class                                          1p.m.-2p.m. Dance and Drill Team
 10-11:30a.m. Free Euchre                                                            Performances
 Monday, Sept. 14
 Card Tournament                                         10:15a.m.-11:30a.m. Low
                                                         Thursday, Sept 17
                             Homemade Soap Making                                    2p.m.-3p.m. Boys Basketball Game
                                                         Vision Support Group

 1-2p.m. Dancing Qigong
 2:30-3:30p.m. 50+ Zumba     Kickboxing
                                                         Total Body Toning

 5:30-6:30p.m. Boot Camp     6:30p.m. portion of the

 Exercise Class              UW Marching Band            6p.m.-8p.m. Beginning
                                                         Digital Photo Q&A
 5:30-6:45p.m. Yoga (Level
                                                                                     10 year Anniversary
 5:30-8p.m. Farmers                                                                  Celebrate, dance, and boogie down
                                                                                     Boogie Down
 Market Meals                                                                        with your northside neighbors. Music
                             Wednesday, Sept 16
 6:00-9p.m. Pottery                                                                  provided by The Canaries Karaoke.
                                                         Friday, Sept 18
                             Fitness Walking
                                                         Nickel Bingo
 6:45-7:45p.m. Pilates                                                               Anyone younger than 18 must be accompanied
                                                         10:30a.m. – 11:30a.m.
                             10:30a.m.-11:15a.m. 50+     7p.m.-9p.m. Middle School   by a parent or guardian.
 7:00-8:15p.m. Yoga          Yogacize                    Social - free with center
                             1p.m.-2p.m. 50+ Tai chi     ID. Tickets available at
                             6:30p.m.-8:30p.m. Beading   Sherman and Black Hawk
                                                         Middle Schools
  WPCRC 1999-2009

Warner Park Community Recreation Center
1625 Northport Drive, Madison                             (608) 245-3690       
8 Northside News  August / September 2009

Northside TIF District Moves Forward                                                                                                           NORTHSIDE
           By Anita Weier                      dent, told Joe Gromacki,TIF coordina-      not get the financing to increase value.            ACTION ALERT
              The Northside News
                                               tor for the city of Madison.               We don’t want people coming out of
                                                 Gromacki assured his audience that       the woodwork thinking there may be               The project plan and budget for
   A crowd of worried property owners          this was not the case. He also noted       some money for them. We don’t want
who feared loss of property value or                                                                                                           the proposed Northside TIF
                                               that a request by Oscar Mayer for a        to create corporate welfare.”
even property loss listened avidly July        TIF loan to help finance boiler                                                              District need Plan Commission
                                                                                            Some potential projects have been
16th as city officials explained their         upgrades had been rejected, because        identified, according to Gromacki, such          and Common Council approval
plan for Northside Tax Incremental             the company did not present enough         as a credit union business where                    prior to its creation. The Plan
Finance (TIF) District #40.                    financial information to prove that city   Brennan’s grocery stores used to be, a           Commission will conduct a pub-
   Such districts allow a city to capture      funds were needed in order to com-         possible building behind what was               lic hearing about the plan during
increases in property taxes as properties      plete the project.                         Brennan’s and potential development at            its 5:30 pm meeting Aug. 17 in
are improved over a period of years and          He stressed that the consultant is       NorthGate. Additionally, the Northside                 the City-County Building.
reinvest those funds in the district.          paid whether blight is found or not, so    TownCenter is also being considered as
Madison would use TIF funds to con-            had no incentive to say a property was     the site for a U.S. Veterans Affairs
struct or repair streets, storm sewers, bike                                                                                               For more information, contact
                                               deteriorated if it was not.                Department regional billing center,                City TIF Coordinator Joe
paths and pedestrian accommodations.             “The building inspector will not         Schumacher confirmed. And Oscar
   Most of the 50 people gathered at the       come see you. We are not changing                                                          Gromacki at 267-8724 ext. 307
                                                                                          Mayer’s planned boiler replacement
Warner Park Community Recreation               any zoning. Your taxes won’t change        would add value, even if it were complet-
Center had received notices telling them       any more than they otherwise would,”       ed without city funds.                                   or your alder.
that a consultant had determined their           Gromacki said, emphasizing that the        A tentative $5.6 million budget has
property was not in the best of condition.     purpose of the TIF is to increase prop-    been established for the TIF improve-          able housing assistance, according to
The “blight” study found that at least 50      erty values by improving the area.         ments, plus $1.5 million in financing          TIF rules, including mixed-income
percent of the proposed TIF district is          Such improvement generates more tax-     costs if money is borrowed for eligible        and owner-occupied housing for
blighted — meeting a requirement for           producing properties that help keep the    costs instead of waiting for new prop-         households at or low Dane County’s
formation of such a district.                  property tax rate down, he said.           erty tax values to be collected.               median income.
   Many in the crowd feared that the             “A TIF can go ahead without a spe-         Projects that would be funded based            Following an Aug. 17 public hearing
determination had been made to drive           cific value generator,” explained Alder    on potential property value increases          before the Plan Commission (see side-
a project that would benefit corpora-          Michael Schumacher in an interview         could include storm sewer work, street         bar), the Common Council is sched-
tions or developers, at their expense.         after the meeting. “We would have to       rehabilitation, intersection upgrades          uled to vote on creation of the
   “We’re all fed up with the already          have a hearing if an applicant comes in    and street appearance improvements.            Northside TIF District on Sept. 15.
rich benefiting from the already poor,”        afterward. A business would have to          About 10 percent of the TIF value
Diane Hughes, a Packers Avenue resi-           show that without the city they could      would be set aside if needed for afford-

                                   Walk for Alzheimer’s!
                                                October 3, 2009
                                                   8:00 a.m.
                                               Warner Park Shelter

                            Be a Champion in the fight against Alzheimer’s
                            disease and related dementia. Join your neighbors
                            this fall at Warner Park and support the important
                            work of the Alzheimer’s Association.

      Register online:
      Call: 608.232.3400

                                                                                                     Café i s tLan t e Bellitalia
                                                                                                        R o ra         & P i z ze r i a
                                                                                             Delivery Specials                                          Catering
                                                                                                   2 medium, 1 topping pizzas                           Available
                                                                                                            $16.45 pl tx                                All o ccasions

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                Monday-Friday                                                                   Monday-Friday, Dine In Only
                 10 am-7 pm                              608-819-8448
                                                                                                                                                      1026 N. Sherman Ave.
                                                      1291 N. Sherman Ave.                   Your choice of sandwich with a salad
           1133 N Sherman Ave                                                                   with non-alchoholic beverage
                                                                                                                                                        Mon-Thur 11am-10 pm
   Your Northside Neighborhood Shopping Center                                                                $7.25                                         Fri 11am-Midnight
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    N o r t h S h e r m a n Av e nu e a n d A b e rg Av e nu e                                                                                              Sun 3:30 pm-9 pm

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