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					                                                                                                                                                               SENTRY VIEW SYSTEMS, LLC
                                                                                                                                                                         2700 Business Center Blvd
                                                                                                                                                                             Melbourne, FL 32940

Position Opening

We are currently seeking an experienced sales professional for a full-time, dedicated sales management position.
The responsibilities will include developing relationships with potential customers, marketing the product directly
to the customer through these relationships, maintaining existing account relationships & developing new
accounts. This will directly involve selling the products, solutions and engineering services that are within Sentry
View Systems core competencies and business plan (see “Company Brief” below). Additional core competencies
within the defense/security/surveillance industry may be added to the Sentry View Systems portfolio through an
aggressive M&A plan and will, as such, be added to the portfolio of products & solutions that this sales manager
will be expected to handle. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in the security, surveillance
and/or defense industries that have a substantial, existing network of potential customers with whom they have a
previously developed relationship.

Compensation for the sales manager will include a competitive base salary and a commission structure that has a
base requirement & offers bonus rates for surpassing pre-defined sales goals


                                         Dick Nichols, CEO
                                           Kirk Hall, CFO
                                      Justin Thompson, COO
                                         Kerry Starr, CTO

                                                                                                                                                Dick Nichols
                     SuperTel                                        Sentry View
                     Network                                           Systems

   Custom engineered        Remote Telephony          Autonomous,
                                                                                   Surveillance                   Kirk Hall                          Justin Thompson             Kerry Starr
  voice, data and video         Network                  Remote
                                                                                    Software                        CFO                                     COO                     CTO
    network solutions         Administration            Solutions

                                                      Surveillance             Security Network
                                                       Products                    Products           Financial               Accounts       Business              Operations                    Product
                                                                                                     Management               Payable      Development            Management                   Development

                                                                              Custom Engineered
                                                                             Security/Surveillance     Human                   Accounts     Program                 Product
                                                                                   Solutions          Resources               Receivable   Management             Management

Interested candidates should send resume to:
Melinda Nichols
Admin &HR
321.777.4222 x 502
Sentry View Systems is a security and surveillance product, software and engineering services company. The
company was founded in 2000 under the name of Hexicom Corporation and underwent the name change to
Sentry View Systems in 2010. Sentry View Systems also has a strong partnership with its sister company, SuperTel
Networks, which shares the same executive leadership and provides custom engineered solutions
voice/data/video transmission networks.

The current Sentry View Systems product portfolio includes:

                 SentryPost™           An integrated solution including customizable configurations of surveillance
                                       equipment (day, night, thermal imagers), detection equipment (various intrusion
                                       detection options), wireless connectivity, LED lighting and solar/wind power
                                       generation. This is a new product ready to hit the market. The major subsystems
                                       have all been deployed, but the pre-integrated solution is new to the marketplace.
                                       Our sub-system partners include Lighting Sciences Group Corporation (LED
                                       lighting), Home Energy Americas (solar/wind power), Hapco (poles)…

                 SightCommander™       A command, control & communication (C3) software suite that provides enhanced
                                       situational awareness, video archive management and access, geo-reference map
                                       overlay view, ergonomic alarm handling, etc. Multiple installations supporting
                                       many 100s of remote surveillance sites are currently deployed. A new generation
                                       of the SW is currently in development to provide enhanced features and
                                       capabilities & our engineering team provides support for a uniquely customizable
                                       solution that can be used in its off-the-shelf configuration, or customized to meet
                                       your specific solution needs.

                 NetCommander™         An intelligent system monitor providing Ethernet accessible remote temperature &
                                       humidity, power relays with programmable temperature set points, and contact
                                       closure inputs with programmable alarm states. With NetCommander it is possible
                                       to monitor and manage your remote surveillance equipment in an intelligent and
                                       automated manner. There are over 150 units currently in the field.

                 DVR & IVM™            Intelligent video management software with DVR functionality, camera control
                                       linkage, video access management, and video analytics. This software can reside
                                       on centralized servers or desktop PC, or remotely located edge devices (pictured).
                                       Customized solutions to meet specific requirements are available. There are
                                       currently 500+ units deployed for remote video recording.

                 SentryView™           Customized solution for your remote surveillance needs. An enclosure with the
                 Remote                appropriate imaging and detection capabilities as well as support electronics such
                 Surveillance Node     as DVR, power management &UPS, NetCommander, access control, environmental
                                       controls, etc. There are currently more than 500 units in at least three different
                                       custom configurations currently deployed and in constant utilization.

                 SEC Tunneler™         The SEC Tunneler facilitates the management of multiple secure communication
                                       links with complete AES256 encryption of all data and full authentication.

Current R&D includes new version of C3 software, SentryPost™, and an integrated multi-sensor PTZ product with
built in DVR and analytics functionality. Funding for these, and other projects comes from a combination of IRAD,
CRAD and partnerships with other entities producing some portion of the product under development.

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