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					                                                                                                  No. 54 Fall 2006

Jessica Rogers                                      SIGN OF THE TIMES
named NCAA
executive director
   Jessica Rogers was appointed
executive director of the New Col-
lege Alumnae/i Association at a
meeting of the NCAA Board of
Directors Nov. 4. She had been
serving as interim executive direc-
tor since July 31.

                                                                                                                     Kazuaki Nogata ’03
   A native of Bay Springs, Miss.,
she holds BS and MA degrees in
speech communication from the
University of Southern Mississippi.
She introduces herself to New Col-
lege alums in a letter on page 2.
   Rogers replaces Ellen Goldin        New College of Florida proclaims its independence with this new sign facing
’74, who resigned. Goldin was          the Tamiami Trail. NC’s long-awaited divorce from the University of South
named in 2005.                         Florida became final Aug. 3.
                   continued on p. 3

       In this issue                   Will sailing be New College’s
5   ISP may be bridge to dental
                                       first intercollegiate sport?
                                       by Colin Jordan                        more like a sine wave, its ups and
6   Recruiting those crucial out-                                             downs tied to the level of expertise
    of-state students                     Known alternatively as the Sail     and commitment of the students
                                       and Trail and then as the Sailing      running it at the time.
7   WSLR: New College on the           Club, New College’s group of recre-       Slowly and quietly, beginning in
    air                                ational boaters has enjoyed Saraso-    the spring of last year, the club
11 New College Foundation              ta Bay for years. Though the facili-   began to chart a new course. First,
                                       ties and equipment inventory have      the decision was made to place the
   becomes a DSO (huh?)
                                       steadily grown over the years, the     club and facilities under the
15 Class Notes                         club itself has always operated                            continued on p. 4
         LETTER             FROM THE                 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
    I cannot believe that the first     NCAA has coordinated events in         and maintain public and private
 few months as executive director       Gainesville, Fla., and in Belton,      space. Either way, there will be
 of the NCAA have already come          Texas (hosted by NCAA president,       changes in the coming months to
 and gone! Getting married, mov-        Bill Rosenberg ’73, and wife,          the look, feel and functionality of
 ing to a new city and starting a       Chris). We also coordinated the        the website. Our aim is to make it
 new job, all within the month of       student/local alum potluck in          more reader friendly and easier to
 July, have definitely kept me on       Sarasota, which took place on Nov.     maintain and implement func-
 my toes!                               4. This event was held at Cook         tions that will help you stay con-
    Here is a little about myself.      Hall and was preceded by the New       nected to NCAA and your fellow
    I grew up in Bay Springs, Miss.,    College Library Association Annu-      alumnae/i.
 a small town about an hour and a       al Reading Festival and the NCAA          As our Phone-a-Thon begins to
 half from the capital, Jackson. I      fall board meeting. Please refer to    wrap up for 2006, my thoughts are
 attended college at the University     the chapter event schedule (page       increasingly brought back to the
 of Southern Mississippi in Hat-        21) for the complete listing of        subject of giving. There are so
 tiesburg and lived there while         chapter events taking place in         many ways that you can make a
 earning my BS in speech commu-         2007. As always, we are looking        gift to New College as John Cranor
 nication (minor in public rela-        for your ideas and participation,      ’64 discussed in the summer issue
 tions) and my MA in speech com-        so feel free to call or e-mail with    of Nimbus. In addition to financial
 munication. At Southern Miss, I        any suggestions. I look forward to     gifts, the NCAA also has many
 served as coordinator of American      meeting many more of you in the        areas where you can give gifts of
 Humanics, a nonprofit manage-          near future.                           time and expertise. Whether your
 ment program designed to pre-              I would like to take this oppor-   interest is in reunion or chapter
 pare college students for careers in   tunity to thank those who partici-     event planning, new ideas on rais-
 the nonprofit sector. I also taught    pated in our May Reunion plan-         ing funds for NCAA programs (we
 several public speaking courses at     ning session on Sept. 14 at the        had a record turnout at our fall
 Southern Miss before pursuing          Keating Center. Ginger Lyon trav-      student grant informational ses-
 work in the for-profit sector in       eled from Atlanta to help lead the     sion on Sept. 20), ways to increase
 sales and management.                  session, and much was accom-           alum participation at events, writ-
    In June 2005, I took a job with     plished by day’s end. In this issue,   ing stories for Nimbus, helping
 Hancock Bank, which moved me           you will find an outline of the        spread the word about New Col-
 to its headquarters in Gulfport,       reunion weekend schedule (page         lege to prospective students, or vol-
 Miss. In September 2005, I relo-       16). The final schedule will be        unteering to be of assistance to our
 cated to Tallahassee to work for       made available in the spring issue     very hard-working and dedicated
 Hancock Bank’s Florida division        of Nimbus. This year, the target       board, you can find a place to help
 after Hurricane Katrina devastat-      classes are 1967, 1972, 1977, 1982,    us grow and improve. We rely
 ed the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I       1987, 1992, 1997, and 2002. Even       heavily on the assistance of you,
 married my college sweetie pie,        if you do not fall into a targeted     the NCAA.
 Michael, on July 14 of this year       year, we still want and need your         It is a pleasure serving in an
 and we currently live in Venice.       participation at graduation.           environment where I have the
 Michael is a history and political         A large point of concern for       opportunity to interact with so
 science professor at Manatee           NCAA has been the website and          many talented, intelligent and fun
 Community College in Venice.           hosting issues. The NCAA’s web-        individuals who make up the
    I have been very busy since         site task force has been research-     alumnae/i body here at New Col-
 coming on board July 31! We have       ing and reviewing the issue of         lege. I look forward to working
 put forth a sincere and earnest        whether or not we should contin-       toward great things with you in
 effort in planning the 2006-2007       ue using the current host or come      the future.
 chapter event season. This fall, the   under the New College umbrella                             —Jessica Rogers

2 NIMBUS · Fall 2006
Rogers succeeds                       Four Sarahs, 16 others benefit
Ellen Goldin                          from student grants program
in NCAA Post
                                      by Steve Jacobson ’71                    why 20 percent of the spring grant
                                                                               recipients were named Sarah, nor
continued from p. 1                      Sarah Sherlock needed funding         do we plan to fund any proposals
   William Rosenberg ’73, presi-      for a poster presentation to the         to investigate this anomaly, but it is
dent of the NCAA board, said          American Chemical Society’s              curious.
Goldin “had a great talent for get-   national meeting. Her project,              Grants were awarded to stu-
ting current students involved in     “Optimized Growth of Carbon              dents working in all three academ-
alum activities, and she was very     Nanotube Arrays,” was already            ic divisions and in multiple disci-
active in working on projects that    being partly funded by Stanford,         plines within each division, as well
involved gender and diversity         UC Berkeley and Lawrence Liver-          as in some areas that aren’t well
issues on campus.”                    more National Laboratory, suggest-       served at New College. Samuel
   New College Foundation Presi-      ing the significance of her research.    Greenspan, for example, will be
                                         Sarah Stamper sought money            learning techniques for creating
dent and CEO John Cranor ’64,
                                      for her presentation to the Annual       radio documentaries at the Salt
commented, “Ellen brought her
                                      Conference on Comparative Cogni-         Institute for Documentary Studies,
extensive experience to the job and
                                      tion. She had studied honeybee
had an instinctive feel for the                                                something he couldn’t do on cam-
                                      navigation and reached some con-
kinds of things of most interest to                                            pus. Anthony Circharo will be trav-
                                      clusions that suggest honeybees
alums—from locations for alum                                                  eling to China to study the role of
                                      may navigate more like vertebrates
gatherings to topics for Nimbus.                                               the Chinese Communist Party on
                                      than previous models have pro-
She built strong connections with                                              local education in China, and
the students, and one or more                                                  Alexander Schlow will be studying
                                         Sarah Doore proposed summer
were frequently seen in her Keat-                                              Japanese language and literature in
                                      research using the real-time
ing Center office, seeking her                                                 Japan. Neither China nor Japan is
                                      reverse transcriptase polymerase
advice or asking how her day was                                               well represented in New College
                                      chain reaction to explore how cer-
going.”                                                                        academics.
                                      tain plants orient themselves in
                                                                                  Support by alums helps to fund
                                      space. When a plant is tipped over,
                                                                               student grants, and more support
                                      how does it know which way is up?
                                      Sarah was looking to find out, and       would help to fund them better. We
                                      needed some help with funds for          haven’t been able to significantly
                                      her research.                            increase student grant funding for
                                         Sarah McMillan is doing her           many years. If you’d like to help us
                                      thesis research on cognitive devel-      with a program that ties alums
                                      opment as a function of sexual ori-      directly to current students, here is
                                      entation. She suspects that homo-        a golden opportunity to let your
                                      sexuals and heterosexuals experi-        gold provide students with oppor-
                                      ence cognitive development at dif-       tunities they might not otherwise
                                      ferent rates, and she’s trying to find   have. If you don’t have gold, we
                                      out if this is the case.                 also accept checks, cash and credit
                                         What do these women have in           cards.
                                      common, other than their first              For more information or to sup-
                                      names? They were among 20 stu-           port student grants, contact Steve
                                      dents who received student grants        Jacobson at hephaestus4130@
         Jessica Rogers,              from the NCAA in the spring total- and/or Jessica Rogers
      NCAA executive director         ing nearly $4,500. We have no idea       at

                                                                                          NIMBUS · Fall 2006 3
Sailing club takes successful tack, heads
toward joining intercollegiate association
continued from p. 1                      alum Tom Mayers to put together a                       club to a much wider segment of
purview of campus recreation.            donation program to begin build-                        the campus community.
Then it was given a small line item      ing a strong outside revenue                               The goal for recreation director
in the annual budget. Then Dave          stream.                                                 Colin Jordan and waterfront man-
Pedersen was hired as a part-time           Though it didn’t happen                              ager Dave Pedersen is to have a
waterfront manager to directly           overnight, the club’s sine wave days                    fully staffed waterfront facility
manage the day-to-day operations,        appear to be over, and it is now                        where both novices and accom-
procurement of new equipment,            enjoying regular progress. The                          plished sailors can safely enjoy the
etc. After that, work-study students     equipment is inventoried and                            bay year-round, and to provide a
were assigned to work under the          organized, the boats are seaworthy,                     multitude of programs and activi-
supervision of the new waterfront        there is regular (and required) sail-                   ties for those sailors to enjoy. The
manager and, more recently, the          ing and kayaking instruction, and                       emphasis right now is on training,
club partnered with the New Col-         there is always assistance for the                      efficient and effective operational
lege Foundation and New College          novice, which opens the sailing                         procedures, organization and, of
                                                                                                 course, revenue generation.
                                                                                                    As those goals are met, both
                                                                                                 men are looking toward meeting a
                                                                                                 new goal, and hopefully making
                                                                                                 New College history in the
                                                                                                 process. Jordan and Pedersen pur-
                                                                                                 chased racing 420s late last year,
                                                                                                 and are working toward New Col-
                                                                                                 lege joining the South Atlantic
                                                                                                 Intercollegiate Sailing Association
                                                                                                 (SAISA) so that Novo Collegians
                                                                                                 can field their first intercollegiate
                                                                                                    According to Jordan, it’s a per-
                                                                                                 fect match for the New College
                                                                               Jake Hartvigsen

                                                                                                 ethos: “Sailing requires quick, tac-
                                                                                                 tical thinking as well as strength,
                                                                                                 endurance and quick acting; it’s
                                                                                                 about working in concert with the
                                                                                                 environment around you, and it
Ground was broken Sept. 15 for dormitories on the East Campus. Four                              has an incredible and fascinating
dorms will be built on the site of the tennis and basketball courts near the Pei                 history. What’s not to love?” At an
dorms and the fifth, with a distinctive design and named in honor of Rhoda                       institution where college football
Pritzker, will be located directly south of the Harry Sudakoff Lecture and                       is anathema, college sailing may
Conference Center. Posing with symbolic gold shovels at the groundbreaking                       just find a home.
are (left to right) John Cranor, president and CEO, New College Foundation;                         If you’re interested in the sail-
Mike Michalson, president, New College of Florida; Bob Johnson, chairman,                        ing club, have a boat or equipment
New College Board of Trustees; John Martin, vice president, finance and                          donation you’d like to make, or if
administration; Mickey Presha, vice chairman, New College Board of                               you’d just like to know a little
Trustees; Bob Bitterli, Harper Aiken Donohue Architects; Marissa Krumm,                          more about what’s happening in
president, New College Student Alliance; Paolo Mastrangelo, Student                              New College sailing, call Campus
Alliance representative; Gen. Rolland V. Heiser, member, New College Foun-                       Recreation and Fitness Director
dation Board of Directors and past foundation president.                                         Colin Jordan at 941-487-4218.

4 NIMBUS · Fall 2006
Forceps in hand, student pulls dental duty
with alum for independent study project
by Amanda Lebofsky ’05                  Conn. I responded. I was inter-        in the Northeast lifted a large
                                        viewed, and two months later I         weight from my shoulders. I can
   Last summer, armed with dental       drove from Sarasota to Darien.         now confidently say that I want to
forceps and the guidance of my             In two short months I was able      be a dentist and New College (with
mentor, I extracted the upper left      to witness many aspects of owning      the help of Dr. Hamilton-Hall) will
lateral tooth of a heavily sedated      a private practice. Surprisingly,      help lead me to that profession.
man. He had suffered bone loss in       seeing patients is a small part of
                                                                                  Hopefully my incredible time
the area, softening the tissue and      running a successful office. Jug-
                                                                               spent at Dr. Hamilton-Hall’s office
allowing me to pluck the pearly         gling time among insurance com-
                                                                               will inspire other alums to open
white mass from the plushy pink         panies, the IRS and staff issues
base with a slight twist of my wrist.   makes up the major portion of a        their places of work to current stu-
The man just snored on as we con-       solo surgeon’s professional life.      dents and help us confirm our pas-
tinued to perform a bone graft and         While I was there I got to help     sion for the professions that we are
later suited him with an implant in     in the hiring of a new employee        working toward.
the newly created crevasse.             and witness how much thought is                          O
   This landmark experience in my       put into the process because of the    Dr. Hamilton-Hall said: “I
long road to becoming a successful      risk of being sued for malpractice,    decided to set up the summer
orthodontist was made possible by       which occurs much of the time          internship because back when I was
Christine Hamilton-Hall, DMD,           because of something a staff mem-      at New College the premed/
MD, a New College graduate. An e-       ber says instead of the doctor’s       predental students didn’t have this
mail was sent out on Dr. Hamilton-      actions.
                                                                               type of an opportunity. It was a
Hall’s behalf to the entire student        One day I went with the doctor
                                                                               great decision on my part because it
body last spring offering the oppor-    to Columbia Presbyterian Medical
                                                                               benefited both me and Amanda.
tunity to work as a summer intern       Center in New York where she
in her private practice in Darien,      works as the attending doctor in the   She was able to work in a dental
                                        dental clinic. There I saw what it’s   office before even applying to dental
                                        like to be a dental student and deal   school and I had a chance to take
                                        with predominantly Medicaid            care of some much-needed house-
                                        patients, a big difference from the    keeping around my office.”
                                        people who come into the private
                                        office to get the same procedures.
                                           Even though I was 1,200 miles
                                        away from New College, busy tak-       Are you interested in helping a stu-
                                        ing blood pressure and assisting in    dent find his or her way profession-
                                        various surgeries, I was receiving     ally? One way to do that is to par-
                                        ISP credit. Biochemistry professor
                                                                               ticipate in the NCAA’s mentoring
                                        Katherine Walstrom sponsored my
                                        leap into the dental world by hav-     program. To learn more about the
                                        ing me keep a journal all summer       program, see the article in the sum-
                                        and then write a personal reflec-      mer 2006 issue of Nimbus. To get
                                        tion essay afterwards.                 forms you can fill out if you’re
                                           Dr. Hamilton-Hall invited me
                                                                               interested in becoming a mentor,
                                        back to work over Christmas break
                                        and again next summer. When I          contact NCAA Executive Director
                                        got onto I-95 and headed south,        Jessica Rogers at 941-487-4900 or
       Amanda Lebofsky ’05              knowing that I would soon be back

                                                                                          NIMBUS · Fall 2006 5
Recruitment of out-of-state students:
expensive, time-consuming, crucial
by Rick Lamberson                        of 50-plus pages. Our staff and stu-    open house to expand our program
and Sonia Wu ’81                         dents personalize recruitment with      of campus-visit stipends for target-
                                         phone calls, e-mails regarding          ed out-of-state students. We’re also
   Out-of-state students pose one of     events on campus and news on            limiting most of our out-of-state
the college’s greatest recruitment       their fields of study, and handwrit-    recruitment travel to the Colleges
challenges.                              ten notes to encourage visits to the    That Change Lives tour, joining
   We value them for the rich diver-     campus. We’ve traveled to select        with schools like Reed, Beloit, St.
sity they bring to campus, and they      college fairs and high schools          John’s and Hampshire at events
play a critical role in maintaining      around the country, and held a fall     designed to recruit students seeking
New College’s national profile.          open house for the past several         a distinctive and intimate college
However, recruiting these students       years.                                  experience. (This is our first year of
is extremely expensive and time-            This year we’ll reapportion the      eligibility for this tour with our
consuming.                               funds originally planned for the                               continued on p. 7
   This fall’s 48 out-of-state first-
year students come to us from 20
different states and South Africa.
They represent roughly 25 percent           Do you know someone who you’ve always thought would
of the total incoming class and lit-                          be perfect for New College?
erally hundreds of hours of recruit-
ment time by admissions staff.
                                           The Office of Admissions invites you to add your favorite bright, pas-
The Search                                 sionate, motivated, independent, eccentric (insert your own adjective
   For most of these students, our         here) high school student (freshman–senior) to our mailing list.
first step is purchasing or collecting
their names and contact informa-
                                           Student’s name _______________________________________________
tion from about 19 different search
services and other provider sources,       Mailing address ______________________________________________
including the College Board Stu-           City _____________________________ State ________ Zip ________
dent Search Service, the National
Research Council for College and           Phone ______________________________________________
University Admissions, Ventures            High school_______________________________
Scholars, Peterson’s and Hobsons.          Year of graduation_________
   Via these sources, we were able
to make the first contact with about       Possible study interests ________________________________________
20 percent of our out-of-state stu-        ____________________________________________________________
dents. The other 80 percent con-
tacted us first. The vast majority of      Your name ___________________________________________________
our out-of-state students first hear
about New College through college          Relationship to student ________________________________________
guidebooks and other publications,
current students, parents, teachers        Please fill out this form as completely as possible and return it to
and alums.                                             New College of Florida · Office of Admissions
                                                      5800 Bay Shore Road · Sarasota, FL 34243-2109
Personalized recruitment
   We mail a variety of materials,                       Phone 941-487-4269 · Fax 941-487-4435
from a small glossy pamphlet to                            
entice their interest to a viewbook

6 NIMBUS · Fall 2006
New College radio is on the air on WSLR
by David Bryant ’91                      ed a new radio station—WSLR 96.5          often than not, the station was dead
                                         FM—that’s proven to be New Col-           air for most of the day, although stu-
   New College students have made        lege’s most ambitious radio project       dent DJs were likely to broadcast
several attempts to start a radio sta-   ever.                                     their favorite tunes late, late at night.
tion throughout the 42-year history         But first, let’s take a brief look     (I often wondered what wayward
of our exalted alma mater. It makes      back at other NC radio efforts. When      travelers passing by the campus on
sense. NC students are exceptionally     I was a student at New College in the     U.S. 41 at 2 a.m. thought about the
bright and opinionated and have          early 1990s, some enterprising stu-       weird little radio station that they
always wanted to share their views       dents led by Josh Tickell ’93 (of Veg-    picked up for two seconds: “What
with the rest of the world. What bet-    gie Van fame) started a homegrown         the f**k was that? Was that for
ter way to do that than to broadcast     radio station broadcasting from           real?”)
your voice to the masses, even if it’s   Hamilton Center.                             A few years ago, several NC alums
only to your fellow exceptional stu-        As I recall, it had extremely limit-   told me about another bold radio
dents?                                   ed signal strength: I had a hell of       station attempt in the 1970s in which
   Recently some ambitious students      time picking up the signal from           students broadcast an AM radio sta-
and community members have start-        across U.S. 41 in B dorm! Plus, more                            continued on p. 8

Competition fierce for out-of-state students
continued from p. 6                      higher proportion of their tuition        ted to raising our out-of-state
inclusion in the new edition of the      and provide more competitive              enrollment, but competition for tal-
CTCL college guidebook by Lauren         packages as they consider other           ented out-of-state students is fierce.
Pope.)                                   selective schools with more exten-
                                         sive resources.                           How you can help
Scholarships                                                                          We can’t do this alone. We rely
    By mail, we announce a guaran-       Challenges: Quotas, competition,          on alums, parents and students to
teed scholarship program for all         and the shrinking pool                    help spread the word about the
admitted first-year applicants who           Nationwide, state legislatures        value of a New College education.
complete the admission application       and taxpayers are grumbling about         Please build our stock by talking
file by Feb. 15. Once students have      quotas and preferences for out-of-        up New College with your friends,
begun to apply, our staff members        state students at public colleges.        colleagues and neighbors. Make a
step up the number and kinds of          The University of Illinois, for exam-     point of telling them how your
contacts: e-mails, letters, phone        ple, plans to limit its out-of-state      New College academic experience
calls. Once students are admitted,       new student enrollment to 10 per-         has helped you succeed in the
we invite them to participate in a       cent. At the same time, the project-      world after college. And tell us, too.
common Web board where they can          ed nationwide decline in the num-         If you’re willing to share your New
ask questions of current students        ber of high school graduates has          College testimonials, send them to
and begin to form bonds with each        caused colleges and universities in
other.                                   26 states to increase out-of-state
    Very shortly after admission, we     recruitment to make up for expect-
send students their initial scholar-     ed enrollment shortfalls. Many pub-       Lamberson is director of recruit-
ship / financial-aid offers. The dean    lic universities have lowered or          ment and Wu is director of multi-
of admissions and financial aid has      locked in tuition rates for their out-    cultural and transfer recruitment
reprioritized funding for out-of-        of-state students; ours can expect        in New College’s Office of Admis-
state first-years to help them meet a    an annual increase. We’re commit-         sions and Financial Aid.

                                                                                               NIMBUS · Fall 2006 7
College station can’t be heard on campus
continued from p. 7                       Street near the Winn-Dixie shopping       the one owned by Dave and Arlene
tion using the dorms’ electrical wiring   center on U.S. 41. This home cur-         [near Myrtle Street] and the one in
as an antenna. Presumably the signal      rently serves as the primary studio       Ham Center. NC kids broadcast from
strength was pretty weak; to pick it      for WSLR.                                 the one at Ham Center after 9 p.m.
up, one had to be within the dorm             WSLR’s bylaws ensure that New         every night, and then the stream gets
building. Fortunately, like the early     College will stay active with the sta-    switched back over to the Myrtle stu-
’90s radio version, at least some stu-    tion: a simple majority of the board      dio for the next day. I think plans are
dents were able to listen to those pio-   is reserved for NC affiliates—stu-        moving toward using just the off-
neering NC broadcasts from campus.        dents, faculty, alums, or staff.          campus house than to using just
    Then in June 2001, the FCC                Since I have been out of the loop     Ham Center.
granted community groups the              with the station for the past few             During holiday periods and sum-
opportunity to apply for a low-power      months, I e-mailed several questions      mer vacation, we close down the
FM (known as LPFM; generally, 100-        to board members Sarah Bentele ’99        New College studio because NC peo-
watt strength) radio station. New         and Sarah Kell ’01 to find out what’s     ple aren’t doing their shows during
College students wanted to broadcast      new with WSLR.                            those times. [WSLR’s] programming
to the wider Sarasota-Bradenton                                                     committee is figuring out how to
community, much like their larger            Q: In what ways are New College        possibly partner NC students with
counterpart, WUSF up in Tampa. At         students involved in the station?         community members who would be
the same time, a local community             Bentele: There is a current stu-       able to fill in for their show during
group led by Dave Beaton and Arlene       dent holding office as the secretary of   breaks and the summer.
Sweeting, owners of a great funky         the corporation’s board of directors:         Dave Beaton recently said that
coffeehouse known as Fogartyville         New College student Jordan Clark          some NC kids are wondering why we
Café, wanted to spread a message of       ’04. Also, three alums currently hold     can’t all just broadcast from the Myr-
free speech and inclusiveness in a        seats on our eight-member board.          tle studio. I think at least Dave and
world of corporate, consolidated          There are numerous student pro-           Arlene’s feeling is that, if NC people
media.                                    grammers [as well].                       are willing, they’d like to move more
    New College students led by Adam         Q: How about NC faculty and            toward just using the Myrtle house.
Rivers ’97 and the community group        staff? Have there been any WSLR-          Who knows what will happen?
filed separate applications. The FCC      related tutorials with students?              Bentele: Sarah’s assessment is cor-
approved the application of both in          Bentele: There have been to my         rect. We are moving toward consoli-
February 2004, but only if the two        knowledge only a handful of credit-       dating the broadcasting operations at
groups would compromise and join          related student projects with the sta-    the Myrtle studio in order to improve
forces. Thus, WSLR was born, and          tion. The most recent was Alex Dis-       continuity, policy and inclusiveness.
Sarasota radio has never been the         clafani’s ISP project, which took her         Q: How are plans coming along
same.                                     work with the Catalyst into the radio     for streaming audio on the WSLR
    Ironically, although New College      medium, working with WSLR’s news          website? This would be a great way
students are broadcasting partially       team.                                     for alums from outside the local area
from Hamilton Center, the station            Q: Do you have any active USF or       to listen.
cannot be heard on campus. WSLR’s         Ringling student participation in the         Bentele: These plans are coming
board of directors and staff are cur-     station?                                  along as quickly as we are able to
rently looking for a new antenna             Bentele: To my knowledge, we do        invest time in them . . . i.e., not very
location to improve signal strength       not have any active, institutional        quickly at all; don’t hold your breath.
and to ensure that NC is included in      USF or Ringling participation. I do           We’ve recently obtained some reli-
the range.                                believe there was a show cohosted by      able volunteer tech support, and
    Dave Beaton, who serves as chair-     a Ringling student, however.              once he’s got our current bugs cor-
man of the board, and Arlene Sweet-          Q: Are plans still in the works to     rected, we’ll see about turning him to
ing, serving as station manager,          have the broadcast studio housed at       the task of identifying affordable
recently purchased a home on Myrtle       New College’s Hamilton Center?            (free!) bandwidth with which to
                                             Kell: Now there are two studios—                              continued on p. 9

8 NIMBUS · Fall 2006
WSLR looking at options for transmitter site
continued from p. 8                       entered the commercial translators         For those who haven’t been to Sara-
enable anywhere from 12 to 24 listen-     into the online system, there aren’t       sota in a while, the hospital is located
ers to remotely tune us in. An excel-     many options for us as far as coordi-      five miles south of New College on
lent investment as far as donations,      nates that are legal with the FCC (i.e.,   U.S. 41]. Another two miles beyond
feel-good associations, etc. are con-     aren’t interfering with other transla-     that you can get us fairly well,
cerned, but not something we’ve been      tor signals).                              depending on what building shadows
able, in good conscience, to focus on        We were going to move to the UU         you’re in and what the weather and
considering our more pressing broad-      [United Universalist] Church, which        your antenna’s like.
casting needs—tower relocation,           was legal at the time, but now it             This means that currently, the
antenna altitude, etc.                    would interfere with the translators. I    New College campus cannot hear us.
   Q: What critical needs (financial,     think that Dave is working with the        This is the primary goal we are work-
staffing, etc.) can NC alums fulfill at   FCC to see if it would be possible to      ing to achieve with the movement/
WSLR?                                     go there. I haven’t been at the last       raising of our antenna. The webcast
   Bentele: Critical needs currently—     two board meetings, though, so I           tends to take a backseat to this
and always—are dollars. May I             don’t know what the current info on        roughly $20,000 project—consider
encourage you to check out our            that is.                                   that a plea for donations on behalf of
attractive sponsorship levels: $5, $50,      Q: Please give an update on the         those students who’ve inherited your
$96.50, $1,000 (that’s $83.33 per         broadcast tower / antenna situation.       precious alma mater!
month)? I also encourage each and         Are you still looking for an antenna          Q: Please give a quick snapshot of
every person to take the time to          site? Where in the Sarasota-Braden-        some of the shows and programmers
develop their own media literacy, and     ton metroplex can you hear WSLR            currently on the air—not necessarily
to then spread that literacy around       now?                                       New College folks, but anything espe-
amongst their friends, family, and           Bentele: You can hear us fine in a      cially noteworthy.
coworkers. A good place to start is:      two- to three-mile radius surround-           Kell: You can see the program         ing Sarasota Memorial Hospital (near       schedule on the website,
.php. Also,        our transmitter site) [Author’s note:                          continued on p. 13
   Oh, and it would be becoming of
any radically educated alumnae/i to
review, reassert and redress the para-
mount-importance of Amendment
Numero Uno of our nation’s Consti-
tution: the right to free speech and a
free press. [Go to]
   Q: Have you had any problems
with the FCC since you started
   Bentele: No comment. Just kid-
ding, I have plenty I’d like to com-
ment on, but for time and space, I
should simply point them to the arti-
cle found here (it’s called “A Media
Activist’s Guide to the FCC”):
   Kell: We want to move our anten-
na, and now that the FCC has              WSLR DJ Mark Binder tapes a live concert for airplay later on the station.

                                                                                                NIMBUS · Fall 2006 9
Bill Rosenberg ’73
    Another summer has passed, and        ing practices.
almost before I knew it, it was time          Also, for the first time in more
for another issue of Nimbus. The          than 30 years, our campus is our
temperature here in Texas has final-      own again. On Aug. 3, NC President
ly retreated from triple-digit read-      Mike Michalson and USF President
ings, and fall can’t be too far behind.   Judy Genshaft signed the agree-
Fall also means that a new year is        ment that formally transferred the
under way at New College, and             campus from USF back to New Col-
what a great year it promises to be!      lege. USF has taken up residence in
We continue to accumulate awards,         its new buildings located on the old
honors and milestones. There is so        Crosley property and will no longer
much to report that I’m just going        share classroom and office space.
to outline the highlights and let the     This return of our campus is per-
events do the talking.                    haps the final step in the reestab-
    Since my last letter to you,          lishment of New College as an inde-
ground has been broken on the new         pendent institution. Along with the
dormitory complex on the Pei cam-         transfer, NC has a new address, one
pus. This $23 million project, slated     that is more in keeping with its
for completion in August 2007, will       bayfront history: 5800 Bay Shore
consist of five new buildings with        Road.
                                                                                     Bill Rosenberg, NCAA president
210 new spaces. This will bring to            In addition, New College has gar-
600 the total number of students          nered a ranking from U.S. News &
that we will be able to house on          World Report as the best public lib-
campus. That’s a far cry from the         eral arts college in the nation. This    Rogers as the new interim executive
days when students had to endure          latest accolade is in addition to        director of the NCAA. Jessica has
Pei “triples.” The ability to house       Princeton Review’s rating of New         hit the ground running and has all
600 will enable more students to          College as the nation’s No. 1 best       sorts of exciting ideas and projects
live on campus than ever before.          value in public higher education.        in the works. Those of you who have
    The new dorms, which were                 If the preceding three items         met Jessica or spoken with her
designed with extensive student           weren’t good news enough, New            know that she brings a high level of
input, will be in keeping with the        College has also received the largest    energy and innovation to our associ-
concept of choice of living styles for    gift in its history, a $2 million con-   ation. For some of the highlights of
Novo Collegians. One building will        tribution from the Libra Founda-         Jessica’s first months on the job,
offer urban-style apartments with         tion. The gift, in honor of longtime     please see her article in this issue.
an observation deck overlooking           benefactor Rhoda Pritzker, will be       [Editor’s note: Rogers was named
Sarasota Bay, while the other four        matched by the state, bringing the       executive director Nov. 4.]
buildings will feature a more com-        total gift amount to $4 million. The        There have also been some orga-
munal setup with sleeping quarters        gift will be used to establish the       nizational changes to the New Col-
clustered around common living            Rhoda Pritzker Endowed Fund for          lege Foundation. The foundation is
areas. Current student body presi-        Academic Excellence at New Col-          currently in the process of becoming
dent Marissa Krumm said of the            lege of Florida, which will support      a DSO, or direct service organiza-
project: “I see it as a symbol of an      student scholarships, student            tion, to New College. For full details
effort by the entire community.” The      research and faculty development.        of the issues surrounding this new
dorms have earned the LEED certi-         In recognition of this generous gift,    development, please see Cindy Ford
fication. LEED, or Leadership in          one of the new dorm buildings will       and Larry Vernaglia’s excellent and
Energy and Environmental Design,          be named in Ms. Pritzker’s honor.        extensive article on page 11.
is the gold standard for green build-         On July 31 we welcomed Jessica          By the time you read this, you

10 NIMBUS · Fall 2006
should have already received your         Jessica Rogers report on the latest      your gift to New College, please
ballot and have voted for those fel-      and greatest about your alma mater       consider doing so in the near future.
low alums you feel should serve on        by the bay. If an event is not being     We need your help and participa-
the AA Board of Directors. Thanks         planned for your area, consider          tion more than ever. Be a part of the
for taking the time to vote: it’s just    hosting one. Call or e-mail Jessica      new New College.
one way in which you can partici-         for more details.                           As you can see from all these
pate in setting the direction for your       Last, but certainly not least, we     noteworthy items, New College con-
AA.                                       conducted a student Phone-a-Thon         tinues to excel. We set the standard
   Our core activities are in full        during the month of September            for public liberal arts education in
swing with student grants, alum fel-      and, thanks to your generous contri-     America, and with your continued
lows, affinity groups, mentoring and      butions, raised more than $25,000!       support and involvement we will
planning for this year’s reunion          Thanks to all of you who gave. We        continue to lead the way as the best
doing well. There is a full slate of      couldn’t provide services like the       liberal arts college in the nation.
chapter events scheduled. Come and        website and Nimbus, not to men-          Until the next issue of Nimbus, I
meet old and new friends and hear         tion our core programs, without          wish you all the best, continued suc-
Mike Michalson, John Cranor and           your help. If you haven’t yet made       cess, and peace.

New College Foundation now direct support
organization: This is important (honest)
by Cindy Hill Ford ’89                    was the legal entity created to found       So why change the status of the
and Larry Vernaglia ’87                   New College. As New College              foundation now? In the spring of
                                          changed from an independent pri-         this year, the chancellor of the state
   The New College Foundation             vate college to part of USF, and now     university system, Mark Rosenberg,
voted on Sept. 11 to change its legal     to an independent state college, the     firmly requested that the foundation
status as an independent foundation       foundation has remained a constant,      change its status for the sake of con-
to that of a direct support organiza-     independent voice. And the founda-       formity, pointing out that every
tion.                                     tion is the nonprofit corporation        other university foundation in the
   Briefly, a direct support organiza-    under which the New College Alum-        state is a DSO. Significantly, Rosen-
tion, or DSO, is a Florida nonprofit      nae/I Association exists. Thus, the      berg pointedly questioned whether
corporation that is organized and         foundation’s decision to change its      the foundation was an entity that
operated exclusively to receive, hold,    status to DSO affects all alums—         was eligible for matching gift
invest and administer property and        both because alums care about what       funds—funds which form a signifi-
to make expenditures for the benefit      happens to New College and because       cant portion of New College’s funds.
of a state university. If you are still   the foundation is the legal vehicle by   The chancellor further asserted that
reading this, you are most likely         which we contribute to New College       the law of Florida required the
thinking, “So what? How is that any       and from which we receive benefits.      change. We will spare you the legali-
different from what the foundation           On a practical level, the change to   ties of that argument in this article,
has always been?” The answer is           DSO affects both the foundation’s        but will say that that position is cer-
complicated enough that the NCAA          budget, by making it subject to          tainly debatable.
board has been researching and            approval by the New College of              Shortly after the chancellor made
debating this question for months.        Florida Board of Trustees, and the       his request, the NCAA Board of
   The New College Foundation has         foundation’s accountability, by          Directors appointed a task force
provided the historic continuity of       requiring that the CEO of the foun-      consisting of directors Larry Ver-
New College throughout its exis-          dation report to the president of the    naglia, Dr. Mike Campbell, Robert
tence. Incorporated in 1960, the          College instead of just the founda-      Lincoln and Cindy Hill Ford to
foundation (then New College Inc.)        tion’s board.                                                continued on p. 12

                                                                                             NIMBUS · Fall 2006 11
NCAA task force questioned need for DSO
continued from p. 11                       in fund-raising priorities and strate-    administration. Under the DSO
research the matter. We concluded          gies. We agree with these argu-           model, the foundation will still be
that the change to a DSO would be          ments; we just felt that such bene-       much more separate than that. (It
on balance a negative for the college.     fits could be achieved voluntarily        remains an independent not-for-
The risk is that there will be a less      rather than through a permanent           profit corporation with a largely self-
independent voice available if col-        legal change to the foundation’s          perpetuating board.) Moreover, we
lege administration or the politically     structure.                                know that the college and founda-
appointed Board of Trustees of the             The NCAA task force did not           tion managements already have a
college were to grow hostile to the        believe that enough research had          healthy working relationship. This
special mission of New College and         been performed to evaluate the            change should solidify that. So, all in
attempt to make changes that alums         unintended consequences of the            all, this change should not be viewed
(and others) would find unaccept-          change. It was further concerned          as entirely negative.
able.                                      that the NCAA and the foundation              As for the impact on the NCAA,
   In the past, the foundation has         do not know how the change will           we do not anticipate that there will
been able to play the role of honest       affect both their shared and inde-        be any change to our programs or
broker and independent friend of           pendent contractual relationships or      autonomous voice. Several years ago,
the college. Some, though surely           what the perspective of the majority      our board entered into an agreement
not all, of this political leverage will   of alums is on this matter.               with the foundation that guaranteed
be lost in the change to a DSO. Our            Consequently, when the founda-        the financial and administrative pro-
task force held a number of meet-          tion recently decided to formally         tection of our core programs, edito-
ings with the foundation and col-          vote in favor of the change to a DSO,     rial independence of our media (like
lege leadership to express its views       the task force recommended that the       Nimbus and the website) and our
that: (1) the change was not legally       president of the NCAA board, Bill         continued board role—through
required and (2) the change will           Rosenberg, abstain from voting on         direct election by all New College
not be not ultimately beneficial to        the matter, which he did. New Col-        alums, the members. None of this
New College or the Alumnae/i               lege Foundation Board of Directors        will change under the DSO model.
Association. We made our position          member and former NCAA Presi-             We will not allow it.
very clear in writing and in numer-        dent Alexis Simendinger cast the              In conclusion, this isn’t what we
ous meetings and formal presenta-          only dissenting vote.                     wanted. There are risks involved
tions. We also proposed a number               Now that the decision has been        and the change probably was not
of compromises that were not               made, we hope that New College            legally required. We are going to
accepted.                                  alums will view this as an opportuni-     continue working collaboratively
   There was one legitimate reason         ty to work even more closely with         with the foundation and the college
for the foundation to accept the           the college administration—and rec-       to help keep New College strong
chancellor’s demand: the prospect          ognize that historic separation           and faithful to its mission. This
of being barred from receiving state       between the NCF, NCAA and the             change is not going to make us pull
matching funds, which are a critical       college administration probably held      away from the foundation or college
source of revenue for the college.         the college back in some ways, even       administration. Rather, it is going to
The foundation did not want to put         if it did provide protections from        cause us to be even more involved
these funds at risk to fight for a         external pressures.                       with helping the college advance,
principle that (in all likelihood) will        No one truly knows what the           consistent with our vision of its
never be tested. In addition, there        change to DSO will bring. In many         future and informed by our experi-
are certain operational efficiencies       ways, the change is a natural evolu-      ences of its past. The entire NCAA
from having the fund-raising appa-         tion of the relationship between the      board is concerned about the
ratus and the college management           college and the foundation, acceler-      change and will be monitoring the
more closely integrated. Many peo-         ating with the independence of New        situation closely. The board always
ple have made compelling argu-             College of Florida in 2001. At most       values your opinions, so please con-
ments that the president of the col-       other liberal arts colleges, the fund-    tact the NCAA with your perspec-
lege should have a more direct say         raising entity is a part of the college   tives on this matter.

12 NIMBUS · Fall 2006
Democratic wave sweeps NC                                                              NCAA BOARD
professor into Florida House                                                            MEMBERS
                                                                                      The New College Alumnae/i
   Keith Fitzgerald, professor of         the public is tired of negative cam-
political science at New College, was     paigning.                                 Association is pleased to
elected to the Florida House of Rep-          His opponent put that argument        announce its newly elected
resentatives Nov. 7 in a close race       to the test by running television ads     board members for fall 2006.
against former Sarasota County            accusing Fitzgerald of favoring
                                                                                    The new members were intro-
school board member Laura Benson.         open borders and lax immigration
   Fitzgerald, a Democrat, won the        laws, charges that the Democrat           duced at the NCAA board meet-
District 69 race with 23,919 votes to     denied.                                   ing held in Sarasota on Novem-
Benson’s 22,868. The district, which          A newcomer to politics, Fitzger-      ber 3 and 4.
includes most voters in northern          ald stressed his knowledge of public
Sarasota County as well as some in        policy and constitutional history.          The new members are Ray-
Manatee County, has been predomi-             Fitzgerald came to New College        monda Burgman, Michael Mil-
nantly Republican.                        in 1994 and has specialized in politi-    ton and Adam Rivers.
   Fitzgerald campaigned on the           cal institutions and public policy. He
                                                                                      Robert Hans and Robert Lin-
need for improvements to Florida’s        is the author of Face of the Nation:
public education system and relief        Immigration, the State and the            coln, two current NCAA board
from the rising cost of homeowner’s       National Identity. He has a PhD           members, were reelected.
insurance. He also contended that         from Indiana University.                    These new members bring
                                                                                    much energy and expertise to

WSLR, Fogartyville Café linked                                                      the NCAA board. Thanks to all
                                                                                    who participated in the election
continued from p. 9                       website at Check out        process, and congratulations to Personally, I think         the “On Air” section to see the pro-
                                                                                    our new members!
Johannes Werner’s Caribbean [public       gram schedule.
affairs] show is remarkable. You can         WSLR is currently broadcasting           Current NCAA board mem-
check the listserv for his e-mail         24 hours a day, seven days a week.        bers are:
descriptions of his show; it’s so cool!   Interesting show titles include Yester-     Bill Rosenberg, president
I’m partial, but I also love Jake         day’s Dead Today, All Things Queer,
                                                                                      Cindy Ford, secretary
Loomis’ social change music show          Health Heretics and Absinthe Radio
[By Any Means Necessary]. It’s good       (hosted by NC alum Russell Kennedy          Adam Kendall, treasurer
music.                                    ’85).                                       Susan Burns
   Q: Name some of the speakers and          Many of WSLR’s benefits are held         Raymonda Burgman
musicians who have held benefits for      at Fogartyville Café, the funky little
WSLR.                                     community coffeehouse at 800 17th           Robert Hans
   Bentele: Amy Goodman [host of          Ave. West in Bradenton run by Dave          Catherine Heath
radio/TV program Democracy Now],          Beaton and Arlene Sweeting. Several         Cheryl Hoffman
Dickie Smothers of the Smothers           alums, such as Carrie Hamby ’82,
                                                                                      Steve Jacobson
Brothers, Fred Eaglesmith [and            Ezra Freeman ’90, and Paul Cebar
much more].                               ’75, have appeared in concert there in      Robert Lincoln
                                          recent years, and it has become a           Ginger Lyon
   WSLR operates as a nonprofit,          popular hangout for New College             Michael Milton
commercial-free radio station and         alums. For more information on the
                                                                                      Laurie Paulson
depends on the generous donations         café, check out
of individuals and businesses to stay        And the next time you’re in Sara-        Adam Rivers
on the air. To find out more about        sota, go south of campus on U.S. 41         Larry Vernaglia
how to support WSLR, check out the        and tune in to 96.5 on the FM dial.

                                                                                           NIMBUS · Fall 2006 13

Mark Baraz ’68                          tan Museum of Art in New York            Tracie Merritt ’92
                                        while studying at Columbia. She
   Mark Baraz ’68 died Aug. 4, 2006     moved to San Francisco in 1983,             Tracie Merritt ’92 passed away
in Thailand. This information has       where she worked from 1983 to            from cancer. This is all the informa-
been confirmed by the U.S. Embassy      1985 as the film librarian for Lucas-    tion available to us at press time.
in Thailand. While at New College,      film Ltd. She worked as a teaching
Mark majored in psychology/reli-        assistant from 1990 to 1991 while
gion. Mark Baraz Memories has been      studying for her MA.                     Evan M. Garfinkel ’93
set up on Yahoo Groups in memory           She moved to Los Angeles in
of Mark and the many lives he           1991 to take up a fellowship at the          Evan M. Garfinkel ’93 committed
touched (    UCLA Film and Television Archive.        suicide in his apartment in Las
com/group/Mark_Baraz_Memory).           She remained as a teaching fellow at     Vegas in November. He had been
                                        UCLA through 1996. From 1996 to          accepted for a graduate program at
                                        1998 she was the chief librarian and     the University of Florida. Evan’s
Lisa Devereux Kernan ’70                archivist for Warner Bros. Feature       good friend Garrett Crowell, hus-
                                        Animation Studio. She returned to        band of Christie (Guy) Crowell ’93,
   Lisa Devereux Kernan ’70, a film     UCLA in 1998 as librarian for film,      wrote a moving remembrance of
scholar, photographer and expert        television and theater in the UCLA       Evan on his blog at www.squidbag
on movie trailers, died of pancreatic   Arts Library, the position she held      .org/2006/11/evan_m_garfinke.htm
cancer June 25 at her home in Los       at the time of her death.                l. A memorial service will be held
Angeles.                                   Contributions in Kernan’s mem-        from 1 to 5 p.m. on January 20 at
   Kernan, 53, was librarian for        ory can be made to the UCLA Arts         the Green Mill jazz club, 4802
film, television and theater in the     Library. Checks payable to the           Broadway Ave., Chicago. For details
UCLA Arts Library.                      UCLA Foundation can be sent to           on the memorial service, see
   Born in Watertown, N.Y., she         the UCLA Library, 21520 Charles
grew up in northern California and      E. Young Research Library, Box
Washington, D.C. Her father, the        951575, Los Angeles, CA 90095-
late Michael Kernan, was a novelist     1575. Contributions can also be          Julia Orth ’99
and feature writer for the Washing-     made to the Center for Policy
ton Post. Her mother, Margot Starr      Analysis in San Francisco and Ordi-         Julia Orth ’99 died July 11, 2006,
Kernan, is a video artist and retired   nary Dharma, Manzanita Village,          in a car crash while traveling with
professor of film studies.              Warner Springs, Calif.                   her fiancé, Nicholas Blanchard-
   After graduating from New Col-                                                Wright, on Interstate 70 through
lege in 1974 with a BS in humani-                                                Missouri on her way to her parents’
ties, she earned an MS with honors      John James Sherlock ’84                  home. She was 24. Julia’s eventual
in library science from Columbia                                                 destination was Knoxville, Tenn.,
University. She also earned an MA          John James Sherlock ’84 of Sara-      where she was scheduled to begin
in film studies from San Francisco      sota, died Aug. 21, 2006, in Sarasota.   classes this fall in the University of
State University and a PhD in film      Born in Camden, N.J., Feb. 12, 1966,     Tennessee’s graduate program in
and television critical studies from    he was a graduate of Tulsa Memorial      comparative psychology.
UCLA in 2000. Her dissertation          High School and received a bache-           Dr. Heidi Harley, who was Orth’s
was published in 2004 by the Uni-       lor’s degree in math and economics       thesis adviser at New College, said
versity of Texas Press as Coming        from New College. He worked at All       Orth was recently honored by the
Attractions: Reading American           Faiths Food Bank as the programs         University of Tennessee as the only
Movie Trailers.                         coordinator, and had worked at Bar-      student in the incoming graduate
   Kernan worked for the photogra-      nacle Bill’s Seafood Restaurant on       class in comparative psychology to
phy department at the Metropoli-        Main Street in Sarasota.                                      continued on p. 15

14 NIMBUS · Fall 2006
                                         CLASS NOTES
continued from p. 14
receive a full-ride scholarship to the
                                                                                 .com improv comedy troupe and
program. She planned to study bird       Faculty                                 doing occasional stand-up with
song while at UT.
                                                                                 own material, and may be seen as a
   While at New College, Orth dis-       William K. Smith, professor of
tinguished herself both inside and                                               lowly extra occasionally in the Irish
                                         mathematics in New College’s char-
outside the classroom. In addition                                               soap opera, Fair City. An 1800s
                                         ter faculty, enjoys receiving Nimbus
to her work with Harley, she also                                                period film made in my house and
                                         and other news of New College. His
assisted Professor Gordon Bauer                                                  garden, Death’s Mailing, is being
                                         current e-mail address is: wks-
with his research on manatees and                                                shown in Cannes after winning first
worked with Nancy Griffin of Mote His daughter
                                                                                 place in shorts in Rome and
Marine Laboratory on her research        Annette Smith ’73 notes that her
                                                                                 Cyprus. I have finished training in
of wild dolphins. She also worked        father left New College in 1975,
                                                                                 stage management / event produc-
as an office assistant on campus,        when it became affiliated with the
                                                                                 tion, etc., and my long-term dream
assisting the Environmental Studies      state university system. She writes,
                                                                                 is to restore the old Wesleyan
Program and the Provost’s Office.        “At the age of 55, he was concerned
                                                                                 chapel and open it for plays, my
   In 2003, she married fellow New       about the loss of tenure and the
College alum Ryan Price, with                                                    myth and gestalt workshops, and
                                         year-to-year contract under the new
whom she shared a home in Port-                                                  rehearsals.” [Editor’s note: Glenda
                                         state system, so he took a job as
land, Ore. Recently divorced, they                                               came all the way from Ireland to
                                         chair of the mathematics depart-
remained close friends.                                                          attend the latest reunion.]
                                         ment at Illinois Wesleyan Universi-
   Friends of Julia’s have established
                                         ty, in Bloomington, Ill., where he
a website honoring her life at
                                         stayed until retirement in 1985.        1968
emorialForJulieclipse. On it are sug-    However he wasn’t really ready to
gestions for organizations Orth sup-     retire, so he went to Washington        Gregory Bullock is working as a
ported and that are accepting trib-      and Lee University in Lexington,        graphic artist in the packaging
utes in her honor. Messages for her      Va., where he filled in, teaching       industry. He is still painting in
friends and family can also be post-     mathematics from time to time, and      watercolor and acrylics and is repre-
ed there. New College community          he also taught some mathematics         sented by the Artisan Gallery of
members wishing to contact Julia’s       courses at Virginia Military Insti-     Hampton Bays, N.Y.
parents can do so by e-mailing them      tute. When he was 80 years old,
at               they were still asking him to teach,    Max Reif writes, “See my website,
                                         but he declined. Now 86 years old,”
                                         he and his wife Julie recently moved
                                         back to Pennsylvania, not far from
                                         Bucknell University.”                   1969
                                                                                 Raphael (Ralph) Colb married Dr.
                                         1964                                    Katherine H. Keshet on July 9,
                                                                                 2006, in a Conservative ceremony
                                         Glenda Cimino writes, “I just fin-      at their summer home in Fort Ann,
                                         ished as assistant director on a very   N.Y. They will make their home in
                                         successful professional student pro-    Nokdim, Israel.
                                         duction of Ragtime. As a member
                                         of Haiku Ireland society, I read        Judith Lentini writes, “Finally relo-
                                         haiku at a reading organized by         cated to the Keys! Still married to
                                         Poetry Ireland in May. I’m still a      Jay (27 years . . . qualifies him for
           Julia Orth ’98                regular performer in Comedydublin       sainthood). Daughter Julia is now a

                                                                                          NIMBUS · Fall 2006 15
CLASS NOTES                   (CONTINUED)
lawyer in Massachusetts. Son Jerald     the face of Sarasota County.” Miller      other alums—Linda Convissor and
is a thesis student at New College                                                Bruce Guild.”
                                        received the award during the Nov.
and will be married this November
                                        4 meeting of the New College Board
to Lauren Bailey (now an editor in
Sarasota). Once the Georgia house
                                        of Trustees.
sells, all will be right with my
world.”                                 Lisa Berley writes, “I work in the        Annette Smith is an environmental
                                        field of recreation as the senior citi-   advocate in Vermont. “I work on
                                        zen program coordinator for the           environmental justice issues, includ-
1970                                    Orange County Recreation and              ing helping Vermonters oppose
                                        Parks Department. I have one              inappropriately sited quarries, land-
Andrea Zucker writes, “At the end of
all my wanderings, I have arrived at    child—a boy—who is about to turn          fills, large farms, housing develop-
the place I started . . . Back at New   20. I am good friends with two            ments and energy projects and work
College, working at the counseling
center post-PhD at GSU in Atlanta.
I am living a quiet suburban life
with my preteen daughter, husband,
                                                  REUNION 2007: SAVE                       THE DATE!
and small generic dog. I like to pull
                                                 Make plans now to attend the 2007 New College reunion,
weeds and fantasize about remodel-
                                           scheduled for May 25–May 27.
ing the kitchen and the master
                                                 There will be fun and excitement for everyone in the New
                                           College family!
David Silverman is married to Eleni              Here is a sneak preview of what we have in store for the
Malanos Silverman ’69. They have           weekend:
three children: Alexa (born 1990),               • Enjoy the Day by the Bay BBQ and sailing/waterfront
Ben (born 1993) and Cody (born             adventures at the Caples Estate.
1995). David practices communica-                • Set sail with alums on their boats and don’t miss the
tions and IP law as a partner with         Cardboard Boat Regatta.
the Washington, D.C., firm of Cole,              • After dark, catch some laughs with fellow alums during
Raywid & Braverman, while Eleni is         the dinner, dancing and fashion show, featuring alums modeling
a faux painter and very busy moth-         New College identities through the decades.
er. “We celebrated our 30th(!) wed-              This reunion promises to be one that you won’t want to
ding anniversary November 2005.”           miss, so bring the entire family and take part in the festivities!
                                           This year’s targeted classes are: ’67, ’72, ’77, ’82, ’87, ’92, ’97,
Jono Miller, codirector of the New
                                           and ’02.
College of Florida Environmental
                                                 If you are a member of one of these classes and would like
Studies Program, received the Bill
                                           to serve as a class agent, please contact Jessica Rogers at 941-
Sadowski Award for 2006 from
                                           487-4900 or
1000 Friends of Florida, an environ-
mental watchdog organization.
                                                 If you are not a member of one of these classes and would
Charles Pattison, executive director       like to set up something special for your class, or if you have a
of 1000 Friends of Florida, said,          boat that you would like bring for an alum boat party, please
“Through his years of dedicated            contact Kristin at 941-487-4675 or
activism, Jono Miller has changed

16 NIMBUS · Fall 2006
to hold corporations accountable for     William Winchester writes, “I am
their actions through the organiza-      on the faculty at Grand Valley State
tion that I founded seven years ago,     University. I married Mimi Emig
Vermonters for a Clean Environ-          and we live in Grand Rapids, Mich.
ment ( With my part-        I have two daughters, born in 1994
ner, I run a small farm where I grow     and 1998. We like to travel, eat
most of the food we eat, including       well, drink good coffee and bicycle.
eggs, vegetables, fruit, meat and
dairy. I live off the grid with solar
panels, drive a hybrid, and encour-
age others to embrace a lifestyle        1978
that makes a smaller footprint on
our precious Earth.”                     Charlene Lenger was recently pro-
                                         filed as an entrepreneur in the
                                         Tampa Bay Business Journal for
1974                                     Tropex, her plant leasing business.              James J. McDonald Jr.
                                         The article focuses on the growth
Ellen Goldin writes, “What a full
                                         of her company, her business plan,
and surprising year this has been! It
was wonderful seeing so many old
                                         incentives for employees, and use          1979
                                         of software to streamline data and
and new friends. I am pleased to be
                                         improve quality and service. To            Candyce Cohen writes, “David and I
back in the strong loving arms of
                                                                                    work together in financial technolo-
mother Brooklyn, doing some reno-        read the full article: www.bizjour-
                                                                                    gy and split time between New York
vations on my place, preparing for a
                                                                                    and Florida. Life is on the go!”
show, and working for Yoko Ono.          08/1.html.
Keep in touch!”
                                         James J. McDonald Jr., managing            1980
Tab Uno is living in Clearfield,         partner of the Irvine, Calif., office of
Utah, and works as a licensed clini-     the national labor and employment          Donald Sanderson received the Dis-
cal social worker. Tab is also chair-    law firm Fisher & Phillips LLP, has        tinguished Faculty Award in Service
elect of the Davis School District       been named to the 2007 edition of          from East Tennessee State Universi-
Equity Committee.                        The Best Lawyers in America. Don-          ty, Johnson City, Tenn., where he is
                                         ald has practiced labor and employ-        a professor in the College of Busi-
                                         ment law exclusively for more than         ness and Technology’s Department
1975                                     22 years. He is lead editor of the
                                                                                    of Computer and Information Sci-
                                                                                    ences. Donald came to ETSU in
                                         treatise Mental and Emotional
Dory Cartlidge Lock writes, “I am a                                                 1993 from Rensselaer Polytechnic
                                         Injuries in Employment Litigation
grant writer for Manatee Communi-                                                   Institute, Troy, N.Y., where he was
ty College and have two teen-aged        (BNA Books 2001) and author of
                                                                                    teaching and working as a research
children, Chelsea and Wesley.”           more than 50 published articles on
                                                                                    assistant while pursuing his MS and
                                         labor and employment law. He is
                                                                                    PhD degrees in computer science.
Lynn Miller writes, “Loving life! Have   former chairman of the board of            He previously worked as a self-
a great husband (25 years) and three     directors of the Irvine Chamber of         employed computer consultant and
daughters, 17, 13, and 8. In February    Commerce and currently serves as           as a programmer for Environmental
2007 I’ll be 50. Would love to hear      vice chair and general counsel of          and Energy Engineering Co., Sara-
from you!”                               that organization.                         sota.

                                                                                             NIMBUS · Fall 2006 17
CLASS NOTES                  (CONTINUED)

                                       Polly’s completion of her PhD at a      Marq Singer is currently living in
1982                                   postgraduation happy hour. Polly        Pittsboro, N.C., and working as a
                                       received her PhD in American stud-
Julie Viens writes, “Hi, I’m married                                           computer game developer in the
                                       ies from the University of Texas at
to Mark Gottlieb ’82 and we live in                                            Research Triangle.
Cambridge, Mass. We have three         Austin in May 2006. Bret and
kids, Sophia, Shayla, and Samuel       Leslie live in Austin with their
(no, we didn’t do the S thing on       seven-year-old, Ella. Their son,        1986
purpose). As of Aug. 4, 2006, they     Zach, who was born while they were
[were] 9 1/2 (Soph), 3 1/2 (Shay),     at New College, just finished his       Allen Henderson is currently a post-
and 5 months (Sam). Mark is an         sophomore year in college. Melanie      doc biochemist at the University of
attorney and executive director of     lives in Bradenton and practices law
                                                                               California, San Francisco. He is still
Public Health Advocacy Institute at    with the Jodat Law Group.
                                                                               swing dancing and has been rock
Northwestern University. Julie just
                                                                               climbing, too. Allen is no longer
ended her nearly 20-year stint at
Harvard University and is doing
                                       1984                                    married.
educational consulting and spend-
                                       James Rogauskas just published a
ing lots more time with the kids.”                                             Alexandra Haggblom-Payne is work-
                                       book, Office Haiku, a collection of
                                                                               ing in San Francisco.
                                       funny haiku about office life. You
1983                                   can find it in bookstores everywhere.
                                                                               Monica Gaughan started an assis-
Polly Adema sent a picture and the                                             tant professor position in the Col-
following update. Melanie Newby        1985                                    lege of Public Health at the Univer-
’83, Polly Adema, Leslie Smart ’84,                                            sity of Georgia in August 2006.
and Bret Pettichord ’83 celebrated     JP Glutting is still kickin’!

                                                                               Brian Lincoln is “involved with col-
                                                                               laborative filtering psychoactives,
                                                                               open source software and helping
                                                                               communities create better decision-
                                                                               making processes.”

                                                                               Larry Vernaglia has been named
                                                                               cochair of the Health Law Section
                                                                               of the Boston Bar Association. Ver-
                                                                               naglia is a partner at Foley & Lard-
                                                                               ner LLP in Boston and a graduate
                                                                               of Boston University School of Law
                                                                               and Boston University School of
      Melanie Newby, Polly Adema, Leslie Smart, and Bret Pettichord            Public Health.

18 NIMBUS · Fall 2006
Under the leadership of newly
appointed director Sharon Corwin,
the Colby College Museum of Art
aims to stake its claim as one of the
most important college art muse-
ums in the country. Formerly the
Lunder Curator of American Art at
Colby and later acting director, Cor-
win was named the Carolyn Muzzy
Director and chief curator of the
museum and professor of art begin-
ning in June. She earned her MA
and PhD at the University of Cali-
fornia at Berkeley.

Kristi Coulter and John Sindelar ’87
                                         David Bryant ’91 couldn’t help sending on this picture of daughter Jackie,
relocated this spring from Ann
                                         who will celebrate her first birthday Dec. 9, and wife Anastasia.
Arbor to Seattle, where Kristi is
working as director of editorial
operations for Amazon’s books and
media divisions, and John continues      educationally relevant skills. I’m also   can to join the team is beyond me,
to run his software firm, SeedCode.      spearheading the Mind, Brain and          but we are enjoying exploring stone
They would love to hear from other       Education Matters in New Mexico           circles, castles, and Scottish coun-
alums in the Seattle area.               initiative.”                              tryside! Visitors welcome to
Julia Cramer (Lechner) writes, “Got      Tom Bryce is presently a radiologist,
married. I’m back in school at USF       and welcomes contact from all other       Jonathan Darr is the director of the
for my MSN in nurse anesthesia.”         former NCers.                             Capitol Hill Arts Workshop, a mul-
                                                                                   tidisciplinary arts education and
                                         Karen Kreis (Egan) is living in Davie,    exhibit / performance space in
1989                                     Fla., and teaching kindergarten at        Washington, D.C. He lives in Mary-
                                         Peters Elementary School.                 land with his partner TC Duong.
Juliana Pare-Blagoev has recently
earned her doctorate from the Har-                                                 Michael Rodriguez is an associate
vard Graduate School of Education.       1990                                      attorney with Greenspoon Marder,
She finished a postdoc at the MIND
                                                                                   PA in West Palm Beach, Fla. He
Institute in New Mexico. She wrote       Charlene Bredder finished a sociolo-
                                                                                   specializes in land use/zoning/
the following to Sonia Wu ’81: “I’ve     gy degree from the University of
                                                                                   administrative law.
begun a research scientist position at   California, San Diego, and jumped
The MIND Institute, where I did my       at the chance to move out of the
postdoc. I’m heading up my own lab,      country for a bit. She joined a proj-     1992
investigating the brain and behav-       ect to help change Scottish educa-
ioral bases of learning, with an         tion of new teachers. Bredder             Kimberly Krohmer writes, “After
emphasis on the development of           writes, “Why they hired an Ameri-         graduating New College, I moved to

                                                                                            NIMBUS · Fall 2006 19
CLASS NOTES                   (CONTINUED)

Colorado and worked for the Col-        went on to do an LLM at NYU            of the United States District Court
orado Outward Bound School in           School of Law and is currently fin-    for the Southern District of New
their mountain program. I devel-        ishing up his doctorate in law. How-   York and a student fellow of the
oped a love for the mountains, for      ever, our most important news is       Floersheimer Center for Constitu-
teaching and for helping others sur-    that we just had a baby on April 1,    tional Democracy. Upon graduation,
pass what they believe is possible.     2006, named Zazie Diya Kanwar-         Matthew received the Benjamin N.
                                        Torge. She is our chubby, chatty
Currently, I am a pilot in the United                                          Cardozo Award for best written
States Air Force.”                                                             work in civil advocacy and was
                                                                               elected to the Order of the Coif,
Lorna Morris writes, “I never           1994                                   legal academia’s honor society. From
thought I’d stay in Nashville, but                                             2006 to 2008, he will be a staff
here I am. I teach biology and envi-    Matthew Grieco graduated cum           attorney law clerk with the United
ronmental science at an amazing         laude in June 2006 from the Ben-       States Court of Appeals for the Sec-
high school in downtown Nashville.      jamin N. Cardozo School of Law in
                                                                               ond Circuit. He can be reached at
Lately I’m also learning to turn        New York City. At Cardozo, he was a
wood and doing some gardening.”         member of the Moot Court Honor
                                        Society, won best brief awards at
                                                                               Meike Niederhausen writes, “I fin-
                                        several national moot court compe-
1993                                    titions and wrote the problem for
                                                                               ished my PhD in math at Purdue in
                                                                               August 2005 and am now a profes-
Lacey Torge writes, “I am finishing     Cardozo’s annual internal constitu-
                                                                               sor at the University of Portland.”
up my PhD at NYU in performance         tional law competition. He was also
studies. Vik (Vivek Kanwar ’93) fin-    an Alexander Fellow in the cham-
ished his JD at Northeastern, then                                             Announcing the website of Wolff
                                        bers of the Judge Kimba M. Wood

                                                                               Logan Granger writes, “Married
                                                                               since winter solstice 1999 to Leah C.
                                                                               Granger (maiden name Christa
                                                                               Young ’96). I received a master’s in
                                                                               architecture degree from Harvard
                                                                               Graduate School of Design in 2004.
                                                                               Leah will receive her JD from UC
                                                                               Berkeley’s Boalt School of Law in
                                                                               2007. Her focus is environmental
                                                                               and international law, legal research
                                                                               and information systems. After
                                                                               designing homes for a while, I now
                                                                               work at PowerLight Corporation in
                                                                               Berkeley, designing structures for
                                                                               several of the world’s largest photo-
                         Zazie Diya Kanwar-Torge                               voltaic solar power plants.”

20 NIMBUS · Fall 2006
Jason Palmeri is finishing up his        way (an hour north of London).         Campaign. Depending on the
PhD in English (rhetoric and com-        Keep on rockin’ on.”                   results of the primary, he either will
position) at Ohio State.                                                        be continuing with that campaign
                                         Gillis Dyer is a senior GRA at Uni-    or looking for another union/com-
Matthew Spitzer writes, “After fin-      versity of Texas.                      munity/political organizing and/or
ishing my master’s from UVA and                                                 legislative aide position.
taking some time off, I am now           Michael Shannon completed his
working as a carpenter for a sus-
tainable building company here in
                                         master’s of social work on June 17,    1997
                                         2006, from Portland Sate Universi-
Charlottesville. My satisfaction in a    ty. He is currently working for SEIU   Michael Cenzer writes, “Working
day’s work has never been greater—                                              for the man every night and day.
                                         Local 503–Jim Hull for Governor
so much for academia. In Septem-
ber 2005, I married the magnificent
Eleanor Downey of New York, N.Y.,
a mental health counselor and yoga             NCAA IS COMING TO YOUR AREA!
instructor. I am otherwise enjoying
working towards many other proj-                Make plans to join us as we share news about what is
ects in green building and wood-            going on with New College and NCAA.
working, writing and family life.”              Chapter events are great ways to meet up with old
                                            friends and make some new ones.
1996                                            Please let us know if you are interested in helping plan or
                                            hosting one of these events. Your help makes these events so
Jessica Campese writes, “I am no            successful.
longer living in the U.S. I received a          Contact Jessica Rogers at 941-487-4900 or jrogers@ncf
Fulbright to research conservation          .edu.
policy and human rights law con-
nection in Geneva for one year. So I                            NCAA Chapter Events
am in Switzerland for the time                                          2007
being. I do not yet have a new                                   January 10—Atlanta
address, but can be reached via e-               (Host committee: Nishma Daya, Justin Mihalick, Ginger Lyon)
mail. If there are NC students seek-
ing internships in (or who want to                                  January 27—Miami
visit) Geneva during ISP or early
                                                     February 25—Tampa Bay, Florida Aquarium
next summer, they are free to con-
tact me for whatever help I can pro-                            March 10—North Carolina
vide ( jesscampese@yahoo                                 (Host committee: Christ Martin, Patrick Klem)
                                                             Mid-March—Washington, D.C
GeorgAnna Thorpe writes, “Hello! I                       (Host committee: Christ Martin, Patrick Klem)
am now married to a Brit and living
in Cambridge, England, while work-                  March 23–25—Los Angeles and San Francisco
ing on my master’s in midwifery,                  April—Boston, New York, Chicago/Madison, Wis.
helping women deliver at home. I
would love to hook up with fellow                                  April 7—Tallahassee
NC folks if anyone is ever out this

                                                                                          NIMBUS · Fall 2006 21
CLASS NOTES                    (CONTINUED)

Give me a holler if you wanna play
chess and talk about the good ole

Christie DeBoer Ferguson is a gradu-
ate student earning a dual master’s at
Bard College: an MS in environmen-
tal policy and an MA in teaching.

Ayleen Perez-Marty lives in Austin,
Texas, with her husband, Jeremy,
and their two dogs, Julio and Lucy.
She is expecting twins in late Octo-
ber. As part of an unexpected twist
of fate, Ayleen recently decided to
quit her corporate job and pursue
more rewarding work teaching             Alums and students meet at Farah’s on the Avenue in Gainesville, Fla., at an
                                         event on Oct. 25.
Spanish to children and adoles-
cents. Her goal is to be a full-time
mom while continuing to bring
                                         room . . . especially if you happen
home some bacon, so she’s also in
                                         to be driving through some time in
the process of marketing herself as
a work-from-home personal assis-         mid-November and have a yearn-
                                                                                Jonathan Frommer writes, “On the
tant. In the meantime, she’s been        ing burning desire to help with
                                                                                road to Archinerd enlightenment.”
spending her days swimming at the        babies! She can be contacted at
                                                                                Contact him at
Springs and preparing their house
for the home birth. Anyone travel-                                              Alison McDevitt writes, “Just to
                                         Cubbie Storm writes, “I’ve changed
ing through Austin is absolutely                                                update everyone, since it has been a
                                         my name from Jasmine Leah
welcome to stay in their guest bed-                                             while, after graduating from New
                                         Hoover, legally to Cuthbert Jas.
                                                                                College, I moved to New York
                                         Storm, and I’m going by Cubbie.”
                                                                                (abandoning the psychology track)
                                         Michael “Misha” Snytkin recently       and joined a long/short high-yield
                                         graduated from law school and          fund in Manhattan as the director
                                         passed the Florida Bar exam. He is     of administration. I have since
                                         getting ready to begin his career as   advanced to the operations side of
                                         an attorney.                           the fund, specializing in the risk
                                                                                management of our managed
                                         Wendy Hoon just married Max            accounts. Ben Ruby (also a New
                                         Langen. She will be known as           College alum) and I are still togeth-
  Ayleen and Jeremy Perez-Marty          Wendy Hoon Langen.                     er (I know, it surprises us, too,

22 NIMBUS · Fall 2006
sometimes) and currently reside in                                              Maya Lilly writes, “I’ve been work-
a tiny apartment in the West Vil-
                                        2000                                    ing in TV and film for the last three
lage with a former New College                                                  years, a powerful media for social
                                        Helena Dean writes, “I am currently
feline friend, Sebastian. I’d love to                                           change. I divide my time between
                                        working on my master’s degree in
reconnect with other alums. The                                                 New York, Los Angeles and Miami.”
                                        art history at the University of Ore-
more time I spend in the real
world, the more I realize how spe-
cial the environment at New Col-        Audrey Troutt is currently in Ker-
lege truly is.”                         pen, Germany, working as an au          Lara Drizd is working as a research
                                        pair and studying German. Mir           assistant in the Everglades through
Mari McGrath writes, “Officially        geht’s gut! She will be moving to       Florida Atlantic University.
known as the ‘PitStop Princess,’ I      Philadelphia in August 2006 to
am working as a manager in a            attend the University of Pennsylva-     Mary Jo Oster sent a link to an arti-
development company in Orlando          nia’s master’s program in computer      cle in the Philadelphia Inquirer in
and kicking ass at it. No longer        science.                                which she was featured. The article
engaged (whew!), I am spending
                                                                                reported on changes to a scheduled
time with my two tiny dogs, Arlo        David Savarese is going to              panel discussion about the potential
and Maia, and my fat cat, Vance. We     Milano/New School in fall 2006,         harm of abstinence-only education
are all hanging out in central Flori-   Urban Policy Program (health serv-      related to STDs. “Oster was called
da, trying to readjust to living in     ice policy).                            last week and told she would not be
this hot hurricane target.”
                                                                                on the panel where she was going to
                                        James Burgdorf writes, “Starting in
                                                                                talk about how abstinence programs
Kristin Vekasi writes, “Nick Bois-      fall 2006, I will be attending the
                                                                                were tied to rising STD rates. ‘It
soneault ’99 and I are married and      Pardee RAND Graduate School in
                                                                                absolutely scares me,’ she said, ‘that
living in Madison (Wis.) while I go     the hopes of earning a PhD in pub-
                                                                                there’s this pressure to eliminate
to school.”                             lic policy analysis.”
                                                                                viable research from a professional
                                                                                conference.’” For the complete arti-
                                                                                cle go to
                                                                                /inquirer/14513820.htm and http://

                                                                                    How would you like
                                                                                 your Nimbus?
                                                                                    We’re interested in your
                                                                                 opinion as to whether Nim-
                                                                                 bus should continue to be
                                                                                 produced in hard copy or
                                                                                 should be available in elec-
                                                                                 tronic form only.
                                                                                    Let us know what you
                                                                                 think by e-mailing Jessica
                                                                                 Rogers at
NCAA Executive Director Jessica Rogers, Chris Rosenberg, and NCAA Presi-         or by phoning her at 941-
dent Bill Rosenberg ’73 at an alumni event the Rosenbergs hosted in Belton,      487-4900.
Texas, in October.

                                                                                         NIMBUS · Fall 2006 23
CLASS NOTES                     (CONTINUED)                                                  NIMBUS
                                                                                   Published by New College Alum-
                                          under the direction of David Harvey
2002                                      on collaboration with the Holocaust
                                                                                   nae/i Association, New College
                                                                                   Foundation, 5800 Bay Shore Road,
                                          in occupied Europe. Harvey writes,       Sarasota, FL 34243-2109; tele-
Jesse Parkhurst writes, “After leaving
                                          “I thought this is the kind of success   phone 941-487-4900; alum@ncf
New College, I transferred to the
University of New Orleans—right in        story that we like to tell people        .edu;
time for Katrina. Now I’m at the          about, and is an unusually clear case
                                                                                   Editors: Susan Burns (’76), Cheryl
University of North Florida pursu-        of how a liberal arts degree can be
                                                                                   Hoffman (’65) and Lawrence Paul-
ing a degree in mechanical engi-          applicable to the ‘real world.’” Erin
                                                                                   son (’65)
neering, then . . . off to grad school,   writes, “I am involved in practically
either Technical University of Delft      everything I have ever wanted to do:     Unless otherwise noted, opinions
or U Michigan.                            I’ve been working on exhibit             expressed are those of the authors
                                          research and critique, event plan-       and do not represent official poli-
Brian Cody writes, “I’m at the Uni-       ning, education (teaching teachers       cy of the Alumnae/i Association or
versity of Chicago for my PhD in          all over the state how to teach the      the opinions of the editors.
sociology—basically, I’m happy to         Holocaust in order to meet Florida       Nimbus logo designed by Elaine
have someone pay for me to live           curriculum requirements), every-         Simmons.
while I think about things for a          thing.”                                  New College Foundation, Inc. is an inde-
while.”                                                                            pendent not-for-profit Florida corporation
                                                                                   that has been qualified by the federal
Erin Stagner just began a terrific job    2003                                     Internal Revenue Service as an IRC
                                                                                   501(c)(3) organization. The IRS has also
as the curatorial affairs department
                                                                                   determined that New College Founda-
coordinator at the Florida Holo-                                                   tion, Inc. is not a private foundation
                                          Jonathan Schaan is attending North-
caust Museum in St. Petersburg.                                                    within the meaning of 509(a) of the
                                          western University Law School.           Code. The tax-exempt status of New Col-
Erin completed her senior thesis
                                                                                   lege Foundation, Inc. has not been
                                                                                   revoked or modified. New College Foun-
                                                                                   dation, Inc. is listed as a qualified organi-
                                                                                   zation in IRS publication 78 (Revised
                                                                                   Sept. 30. 2000), Cumulative List of Orga-
                                                                                   nizations, Catalog Number 70390R, page
                                                               U.S. Postage Paid   852. A copy of the official registration
New College Alumnae/i Association                                Permit #500       and financial information may be
New College Foundation, Inc.                                     Manasota FL       obtained from the Division of Consumer
                                                                                   Services by calling toll-free 1-800-435-
5800 Bay Shore Road
                                                                                   7352 within the state. Registration does
Sarasota, FL 34243-2109                                                            not imply endorsement, approval, or rec-
                                                                                   ommendation by the State. Since New
                                                                                   College Foundation does not engage pro-
                                                                                   fessional solicitors, 100 percent of all
                                                                                   gifts are received by the Foundation. The
                                                                                   State Registration Number for New Col-
                                                                                   lege Foundation is SC-00206. The Federal
                                                                                   IRS Identification Number is 59-
                                                                                   0911744. Nimbus is published three
                                                                                   times a year. Susan Burns, Cheryl Hoff-
                                                                                   man, Lawrence Paulson, Editors—New
                                                                                   College Alumnae/i Association, 5800
                                                                                   Bary Shore Road, Sarasota, FL 34243-

24 NIMBUS · Fall 2006

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