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The American Hospital Association Resource Center contains one of the nation's largest collections of
individual United States hospital histories. A hospital history chronicles the important events in a
hospital's development and is a unique resource for historical research.

Selected hospital histories on this list are part of the historical collection of the Center for Hospital and
Healthcare Administration History, located in the AHA Resource Center. They are available for on-site
research. Other hospital histories on the list are part of the AHA Resource Center's general collection.
These may be available for loan through the Resource Center's document delivery service. Questions
regarding this unique collection of hospital histories should be directed to the AHA Resource Center at
(312) 422-2050.

This updated list of published hospital histories was first issued in 1988. It is arranged alphabetically by
state, then by city, and then by the name of the hospital at the time the hospital history was published.
Citations include the hospital name, title of the hospital history, and the year of publication.



Baptist Medical Centers
 Courage to care: the story of Ida V. Moffett.                                                        1988

  The first fifty; a history of the Baptist Medical
   Centers, Birmingham, Alabama, 1922-1972.                                                           1972

Baptist Memorial Hospital
 Baptist Memorial Hospital: yesterday & today.                                                        1981

 Story of HealthSouth                                                                                 2002

University of Alabama Hospitals
 History of the University of Alabama hospitals.                                                      1974


Lloyd Noland Hospital
  General background on the Lloyd Nolan story.                                                        1986

  Lloyd Noland Hospital: the legacy.                                                                  1986


Huntsville Hospital
 Medicine bags and bumpy roads.                                                                       1985


Baptist Medical Center
 Expanding the dream: Baptist Medical Center, Montgomery, Alabama, 1963-1988.                  1988


Partlow State School and Hospital
  The Alabama State Hospitals and the Partlow State School and Hospital, a brief history.      1964



Providence Hospital
  Pioneering spirit: the Sisters of Providence in Alaska.                                      1987



Arizona State Hospital
 Milestones; a history of seventy-five years of progress at Arizona State Hospital, Phoenix,
  Arizona, 1887-1962.                                                                          1962


St. Mary‟s Hospital and Health Center
  Heritage: the story of St. Mary‟s Hospital 1880-1980.                                        1981

  The St. Mary's I knew.                                                                       1970

Tucson Medical Center
 History of Tucson Medical Center.                                                             1965

  Portrait of progress: a story of Tucson Medical Center.                                      1984



VA Medical Center
 A gathering of memories: VA Medical Center, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 50th anniversary.         1984

Washington Regional Medical Center
 New visions: a 40-year history of Washington Regional Medical Center, Fayetteville,
 Arkansas, 1950-1990.                                                                          1990

Fort Smith

Sparks Regional Medical Center
  Sparks Regional Medical Center: 100 years of service.                                   1987


St. Bernard‟s Healthcare
  A century of serving: a centennial history of St.
   Bernard‟s Regional Medical Center 1900-2000.                                           2000

Little Rock

St. Vincent Health System
  St. Vincent‟s healing mission: the history of St. Vincent, 1888-1997.                   1997


Arkansas Methodist Hospital
 Arkansas Methodist Hospital: a history.                                                  n.d.



Saint Joseph Medical Center
  Five decades of mission: a retrospective, 1943-1993                                     1993


City of Hope
  The City of Hope.                                                                       1954

Loma Linda

Loma Linda University Medical Center
 Legacy: daring to care: the heritage of Loma Linda.                                      1990

  The impossible dream-- railway to the moon                                              2005

Los Angeles

Barlow Respiratory Hospital
 The Barlow story: an illustrated history of Barlow Respiratory Hospital, 1902-1992.      1992

California Hospital
 The pictorial story of a decade in development in a vital community service: issued in
  commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the California Hospital.                      1931

California Medical Center
A lantern of hope: the history of California Medical Center-Los Angeles: 1887-1993.          1993

Los Angeles County Hospital
 The history of the Los Angeles County Hospital, 1878-1968, and the Los Angeles
  County-University of Southern California Medical Center, 1969-1978.                        1979

Queen of Angels Hospital
 At forty; a search into the 40-year history of Queen of Angels Hospital, 1926-1966.         1967

Moreno Valley

Riverside County Regional Medical Center
  Riverside General Hospital University Medical Center: a centennial book, 1893-1993.        1993


Children‟s Hospital & Research Center
 The hospital women built for children.                                                      1967

Providence Hospital
  Providence Hospital of Oakland: a history.                                                 1856
  Providence Hospital of Oakland: a history.                                                 1987

Samuel Merritt Hospital
  Dr. Samuel Merritt: his life and achievements: the Samuel Merritt Hospital, its history
  and trustees.                                                                              1938

Palo Alto

Stanford University Medical Center
  Stanford University Medical Center: 25 years.                                              1984


Huntington Memorial Hospital
 Huntington highlights: Huntington Memorial Hospital celebrates its 100th birthday: the gates
  open on a new century.                                                                      1992

  Huntington Memorial Hospital: the best of care for life.                                   n.d.


  A century of healthcare: the history of Redlands Community Hospital 1904-2004.             2004


Roseville Community Hospital
 Roseville Community Hospital: 35th anniversary issue.                                       1987

Roseville Hospital
 Roseville Hospital: 1990 annual report.                                                       1990

  Roseville Hospital: health exchange.                                                         1992


Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital
  History of Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital.                                                 1993

San Francisco

California Pacific Medical Center
 Building bridges across time: a history of California Pacific Medical Center.                 2006

Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center
 The first century, Mount Zion Hospital and Medical Center, 1887-1987.                         1987

St. Mary's Hospital and Medical Center
  125 years of caring, 1857-1982: St. Mary's Hospital and Medical Center.                      1982

San Leandro

Fairmont Hospital
  Fairmont Hospital: 1864-1989: 125 years.                                                     n.d.

San Luis Obispo

General Hospital
General Hospital.                                                                              n.d.

The history and development of San Luis Obispo County Hospital System: 1874-1970.              1971

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital
  Cottage Hospital: the first hundred years. The centennial history of Santa Barbara Cottage
   Hospital.                                                                                   1988

Santa Monica

Saint John's Hospital
  Saint John's and its people.                                                                 1967

Saint John's Hospital and Health Center
  The golden promise: Saint John's Hospital and Health Center, 1942-1992.                      1992

  A tribute: medical staff, 1942-1992.                                                         1992

St. Helena

St. Helena Hospital
  St. Helena Hospital: 125 years of remarkable medicine.                                      2004


St. Joseph's Hospital
  This great work: the 85 year history of St. Joseph's Hospital.                              1984


Tulare District Hospital
 Then & now: Tulare District Hospital 1951-1991: an historical perspective: the 40th
  anniversary of Tulare District Hospital.                                                    1991


History of health care in the Pikes Peak region                                               2005

Hospitals of Aspen                                                                            2002


Eben Ezer Lutheran Care Center
 Eben-Ezer the history of 70 years of Christian mercy work in Colorado                        1978


Bethesda Hospital Association
 Bridges across the years: the ninety-year history of the Bethesda Hospital Association of
  Denver, Colorado.                                                                           1988

Children's Hospital
 A little story of the Children's Hospital of Denver.                                         1934

  Children's Hospital; a history of achievement and progress from 1910-1947.                  1947

  The Children‟s Hospital: a study of community needs and hospital planning.                  1960

National Jewish Hospital
 The birth of a hospital; the story of the birth of the National Jewish Hospital in Denver,
  Colorado.                                                                                   1942

Porter Memorial Hospital
  Porter Memorial Hospital, its birth and life.                                               1978

Saint Joseph Hospital
  Towers of healing: the first 125 years of Denver‟s Saint Joseph Hospital.                   1999

Spears Chiropractic Hospital
  Prairie thunder: Dr. Leo L. Spears and his hospital                                         2001


Swedish Medical Center
 A Century of Caring.                                                                         2005

Grand Junction

St. Mary‟s Hospital
  St. Mary‟s Hospital: a spirit of charity 1896-1996, celebrating a century of caring.        1996



Bridgeport Hospital
 100 years: Bridgeport Hospital 1878-1978.                                                    1978


Griffin Hospital
 The Griffin Hospital, 1909-1985.                                                             1985


Hartford Hospital
 Healing triangle: Hartford Hospital‟s first 150 years                                        2004

  Report of the Executive Committee of the Hartford Hospital, presented to the corporation,
   at their annual meeting, April 14, 1862.                                                   1862

  Through the years with Hartford Hospital, 1854-1954.                                        1954

Institute of Living
  The Institute of Living: the Hartford Retreat, 1822-1972.                                   1972


Manchester Memorial Hospital
 A brief history of Manchester Memorial Hospital.                                             1966

  Manchester Memorial Hospital, a brief history.                                              1996

New Haven

Yale New Haven Hospital
 A leader of substance. Yale New Haven Hospital at 175 years.                                   n.d.


Middlesex Hospital
 The halls of ivy: The Middlesex Hospital and The Wilcox College of Nursing: one hundred
  years of caring, 1895-1995: you can get here from there.                                      1995


Norwalk Hospital
 The Norwalk Hospital.                                                                          1996


Stamford Hospital
  Story of the Stamford Hospital, 1896-1971: seventy-five years of service with more than 100
   photographs.                                                                                 1971


Gaylord Hospital
 The spirit of Gaylord: a history.                                                              1983



Wilmington Medical Center
 The history of a hospital merger: the Wilmington Medical Center, 1965-1985.                    1987


Columbia Hospital for Women and Lying-in Asylum
 Report of Columbia Hospital for Women and Lying-in Asylum.                                     1873

District of Columbia General Hospital
 A brief history of the District of Columbia's General Hospital.                                1951

Doctors Hospital
 Doctors Hospital and the Medical Center.                                                       1940

George Washington University Hospital
 The George Washington University Hospital.                                                     1948

Providence Hospital
  Providence centennial book, 1861-1961. Issued to commemorate the first one hundred years
   in the history of a community hospital in the Nation's Capital.                           1961

Washington Home
 The first one hundred years of the Washington Home.                                         1988

Washington Hospital Center
 Building on yesterday, becoming tomorrow, 1958-1983: the Washington Hospital Center's
  first 25 years.                                                                            1983



Morton F. Plant Hospital
 Giant steps: the history of Morton F. Plant Hospital.                                       1981


Waterman Memorial Hospital
 Waterman Memorial Hospital: from great beginnings ...                                       n.d.

  Waterman Memorial Hospital: its beginning, its present.                                    1973

Fort Myers

Lee Memorial Hospital
  Lee Memorial Hospital: the early years.                                                    1984

  Reflections: 75 years.                                                                     1992


Alachua General Hospital
  Proud of our past, proud of our future: the story of Alachua General Hospital, Inc.        1978


St. Luke's Hospital
  90 years of service, 1873-1963: the story of St. Luke's Hospital, Jacksonville, FL.        1963

  125 years of service: St. Luke‟s Hospital 1873-1998                                        2000

  St. Luke‟s Hospital: a century of service 1873-1973                                        1973


Baptist Hospital of Miami
  The road to somewhere: a history of Baptist Hospital of Miami and the Kendall community.   1990

Miami Children's Hospital
 Treasured moments, 1952-1982.                                                               1982

Miami Beach

Mount Sinai Medical Center
 Mount Sinai Medical Center of Greater Miami, 1949-1984: visions, accomplishments,
  challenges.                                                                                1985


Orlando Regional Healthcare System
  75 years of caring.                                                                        1993


Baptist Hospital
  Baptist Hospital, Pensacola, Florida: short-range plan, fiscal year 1968-69.               1969


Westside Regional Medical Center
 Journey to the heart of the community: Westside Regional Medical Center celebrates
  twenty-five years.                                                                         1999


Venice Hospital
 Venice Hospital - the first thirty-five years.                                              1987



Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital
  A history from the heart: Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, founded 1911.                   1993


Crawford W. Long Memorial Hospital of Emory University
  75 years between the peachtrees: a history of Crawford W. Long Memorial Hospital of
   Emory University.                                                                         1987

Piedmont Hospital
  A century of better care: 100 years of Piedmont Hospital.                                  2006

  Continuing the commitment: the history of Piedmont Hospital, 1985-1991.                    1992

  Sanatorium to medical center: the history of Piedmont Hospital: Piedmont Hospital,
   1905-1985.                                                                                1984

Saint Joseph's Hospital
  100 years of Mercy ministry to Atlanta.                                                    n.d.

Wesley Memorial Hospital
 Wesley Memorial Hospital number.                                                            1923


University Hospital
 For the people: the commitment continues.                                                   1993


Hamilton Health Care System
  Let this place be a symbol: a history of Hamilton Health System.                           1991


Medical Center of Central Georgia
 A hospital without walls. The first 100 years of the Medical Center of Central Georgia
  1895-1995.                                                                                 1995


Candler General Hospital
  The history of Candler General Hospital.                                                   n.d.


John D. Archbold Memorial Hospital
  The first fifty years: a history of the development and progress of the John D. Archbold
   Memorial Hospital, 1925-1975.                                                             1975

Warm Springs

Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation
  The Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute for Rehabilitation commemorates the 100th
   anniversary of the birth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1882-1982.                         1982



Kapiolani Hospital
 The history of Kapiolani Hospital.                                                             1984

  Queen Kapiolani.                                                                              1985

Leahi Hospital
  The story of Leahi: fifty years of service, 1901-1951.                                        1951


Idaho Falls

Idaho Falls Latter-Day Saints Hospital
  The Idaho Falls LDS Hospital.                                                                 1987



Copley Memorial Hospital
  A century of caring: 1886-1986.                                                               1986

Mercy Center for Health Care Services
 A history of the Sisters of Mercy in Aurora, Illinois, 1910-1992.                              1992

Sisters of Mercy of Aurora
  For the love of humanity: a history of the Sisters of Mercy of Aurora, Illinois, 1910-1995.   1995


Memorial Hospital
 The Memorial Hospital 25th anniversary history.                                                1983


Mennonite Hospital Association
 Christian concern for health: the sixtieth anniversary history of the Mennonite Hospital
  Association.                                                                                  1979

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center
 125 years of faith, hope and healing: OSF St. Joseph Medical Center.                           2005


Chester Mental Health Center
  History of Chester Mental Health Center.                                                          1981


Chicago Memorial Hospital
  The Hospital Bazaar, a record of the Hahnemann Hospital Fair of Chicago.                          1874

Grant Hospital
  The Grant Hospital of Chicago, 1883-1950.                                                         1951

Mercy Hospital
 In service to Chicago: the history of Mercy Hospital.                                              1979

Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center
 All our lives: a centennial history of Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center, 1881-1981. 1981

  Hospital in action: the story of the Michael Reese Medical Center.                                1956

Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium
 City of Chicago Municipal Tuberculosis Sanitarium, its history and provisions; the municipal
  control of tuberculosis in Chicago.                                                         1915

Passavant Memorial Hospital
  The story of Passavant Memorial Hospital, 1865 to 1972.                                           1976

Presbyterian Hospital
  An historical sketch of the Presbyterian Hospital of the City of Chicago with special reference
   to the work of the Woman's Board.                                                              1920

Provident Hospital
  Provident Hospital: a living legacy.                                                              1998

Ravenswood Hospital
  Ravenswood Hospital and its community.                                                            1951

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
  "This is the history, as far as I can remember, of the founding of the Rehabilitation Institute
   of Chicago."
                   --Paul B. Magnuson, M.D.                                                         n.d.

Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center
  Good medicine: the first 150 years of Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center.                1987

  Saga of a surgeon: the life of Daniel Brainard, M.D.                                              1987

  The story of Rush Medical College.                                                                1953

St. Elizabeth's Hospital
  No service too small. 1887-1987.                                                                1986

St. Joseph Hospital
  History of Saint Joseph Hospital                                                                1964
  The history of Saint Joseph Hospital, where Diversey meets Lake Shore.                          1968

St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital
  A history of healing, a future of care: Saint Mary of Nazareth Hospital Center. Celebrating
    a century of Catholic hospitality.                                                            1994

  Jubilee memoir: St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital, Chicago.                                         1944

Cook County Hospital
  Hospital: an oral history of Cook County Hospital.                                              1994

Swedish Covenant Hospital and Covenant Home
  Quality of mercy: a report on the critical condition of Hospital and medical care in America.
   Swedish Covenant Hospital and Covenant Home.                                                   1961

University of Chicago Clinics
 The University of Chicago Clinics and clinical departments, 1927-1952: a brief outline of the
  origins, the formative years and the present state of medicine at the University of Chicago. 1952

University of Illinois Hospital
 Celebrating excellence: the University of Illinois Hospital, 60 years of service to the people
  of Illinois.                                                                                    n.d.

Wesley Memorial Hospital
 Annual report of the Wesley Memorial Hospital.                                                   1919

  The story of Wesley Memorial Hospital, 1888 to 1972.                                            1981


Decatur and Macon County Hospital
  Two miles north.                                                                                1958

Decatur Memorial Hospital
  The vigil never ceases: two miles north.                                                        1985


Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital
 A century of service: one hundred years at Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital.                       1997

Elk Grove Village

Alexian Brothers Hospital/Medical Center
  125 Alexian milestones: 1866-1991: significant dates in the history of Alexian Brothers
   Hospital/Medical Center in the Chicago area.                                                  1992


Elmhurst Memorial Hospital
  Elmhurst Memorial Hospital. The first sixty years.                                             1986


Evanston Hospital
  All our past acclaims our future: Evanston Hospital – its standing today and what its future
   can be.                                                                                       1940

  The Evanston Hospital: a centennial retrospective, 1891-1991.                                  1991


OSF St. Mary Medical Center
 A most worthy cause.                                                                            2009


Community Hospital
  Community Hospital's first thirty-five years, 1925-1960; Community Hospital, 1960-1970:
   a supplement; and, Community Hospital, 1970-1985: a second supplement.                        1985


Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital
  A history of the Veterans Administration Edward Hines Jr. Hospital and surrounding area.       1958

Lake Forest

Lake Forest Hospital
  Lake Forest Hospital: 100 years of caring 1899-1999.                                           1999

Mount Vernon

History of hospitals in Jefferson County, Illinois                                               1993

Park Ridge

Lutheran General Hospital
  Lutheran General Hospital: 100 years, 1897-1997, a heritage walk.                              1996


Methodist Medical Center for Illinois
 Healing, Teaching, Caring.                                                             2000

Proctor Hospital
  Celebrating 125 Years of Quality Health Care                                          2007


Rockford Clinic
  A history of the Rockford Clinic.                                                     1989

  Building upon a vision. A history of Rockford Clinic
   1951-2001.                                                                           2001

Rockford Memorial Hospital
  Bear ye one another's burdens: the early years of Rockford Memorial Hospital.         1983

  Bear ye one another's burdens: the growth of Rockford Memorial Hospital, 1900-1983.   1985


St. John's Hospital
  Doors that never close; a centennial history of St. John's Hospital.                  1975


Carle Clinic
  Carle: concept and growth: a personal history.                                        1978



Saint John‟s Health System
  Saint John‟s Health System. A saint‟s work is never done 1894-1994. 100 years.        1994


Hendricks County Hospital
  Over twenty-one: a history of Hendricks County Hospital, 1962-1987.                   1987

East Chicago

St. Catherine Hospital
  St. Catherine Hospital a family                                                       2009


Deaconess Hospital
  Touching lives for 100 years: the story of Deaconess Hospital.                               1992

Welborn Hospital
 Thanking the tri-state for 90 years.                                                          1984

Fort Wayne

Lutheran Hospital
  Lutheran Hospital celebrates 80 years of service, 1904-1984.                                 1984

  Lutheran Hospital, 100.                                                                      2004


Methodist Hospital of Indiana, Inc.
 The history of Methodist Hospital of Indiana, Inc.: a mission of compassionate health care.   1984

St. Vincent's Hospital and Health Care Center
  St. Vincent's Hospital and Health Care Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, 1881-1981.             1981

  St. Vincent, the spirit of caring.                                                           2006

La Porte

La Porte Hospital
  The long road to La Porte Hospital Inc.: a history.                                          1986


Madison State Hospital
 Madison State Hospital: a changing institution.                                               1985

  Madison State Hospital; the first half-century.                                              1960


Community Hospital
  Community Hospital - an impossible dream                                                     2009


Jasper County Hospital
  History of Jasper County Hospital, 1917-1982.                                                1982


Richmond State Hospital
  100 years at Richmond State Hospital.                                                   1990

South Bend

Michiana Community Hospital
 The dream and the challenge: a history of osteopathic medicine in South Bend, Indiana.   1988

Saint Joseph's Medical Center
  Saint Joseph's Medical Center: 1882-1982.                                               1982

Terre Haute

Union Hospital
 Union Hospital: 100th year celebration, 1892-1992.                                       1992


Good Samaritan Hospital
 The journey of the Good Samaritan: the history of the Good Samaritan Hospital.           1965


Cedar Rapids

Mercy Hospital
 With mercy toward all: Mercy Hospital, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1900-1978.                    1979

Mercy Medical Center
 Touched by Mercy: Mercy Medical Center. A centennial history.                            2000


St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
  St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Clinton, Iowa: since 1892.                                   1982

Des Moines

Iowa Methodist Hospital
  Wings in waiting: a history of Iowa Methodist Hospital, 1901-1951.                      1952

Iowa Methodist Medical Center,
  Iowa Methodist Medical Center, 1951-1976.                                               1977

Iowa City

Mercy Hospital
 From obscurity to distinction: the story of Mercy Hospital, Iowa city, 1873-1993.   1993

  From simplicity to elegance: the story of Mercy Hospital, Davenport, 1869-1994.    1997

University of Iowa Health Care
 100 years of caring: a century of healing and hope.                                 1998

Lake City

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital
  The history of Stewart Memorial Community Hospital, 1962-1992.                     1992


Waverly Health Center
 The Waverly Hospital: a century of caring.                                          2004


Kansas City

St. Luke‟s Hospital
  The presence of care: the history of St. Luke‟s Hospital.                          1997

St. Margaret's Hospital
  St. Margaret's Hospital: golden jubilee, April 10, 1887-1937.                      1937

Truman Medical Center
  Memories: 20 years.                                                                1981


Larned State Hospital
  Larned State Hospital: the first fifty years.                                      1980


Osawatomie State Hospital
  Reform at Osawatomie State Hospital; treatment of the mentally ill, 1866-1970.     1972


Stormont-Vail Regional Medical Center
  100 years: Stormont-Vail Regional Medical Center.                                  1985


St. Francis Regional Medical Center
  A tradition of caring, 1889-1989.                                                           1988



King‟s Daughters‟ Medical Center
  King‟s Daughters‟ Medical Center: 100th anniversary, celebrating the past, focused on the
   future.                                                                                    1999


St. Joseph Hospital
  115 years of health care firsts.                                                            1992

  A story of Saint Joseph Hospital Lexington Kentucky: the first 120 years 1877-1997.         1998

  St. Joseph Hospital: 100 years of service to central Kentucky.                              1976


Norton Hospital
 Norton Hospital: the first hundred years, 1886-1986.                                         1988


Pattie A. Clay Hospital
  Pattie A. Clay Hospital, 1892-1992.                                                         n.d.


Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge General Hospital
  Care that grows and grows; the history of Baton Rouge General Hospital.                     1970

Woman's Hospital
 The building of the Woman's Hospital.                                                        1986


United States Marine Hospital
 The story of the national leprosarium: the United States Marine Hospital, Carville, LA.      1947

New Orleans

Charity Hospital of Louisiana
  Charity Hospital of Louisiana.                                                              1923

  Charity Hospital of Louisiana at New Orleans: 250 years of caring, 1736-1986.               n.d.

  New Orleans‟ Charity Hospital: a story of physicians, politics, and poverty.                1992

Ochsner Medical Center
  Early history of the Ochsner Medical Center: the first twenty-two years.                    1965

  Ochsner's: an informal history of the South's largest private medical center.               1985

Southern Baptist Hospital
  History of Southern Baptist Hospital.                                                       1969

  History of Southern Baptist Hospital. Revised edition.                                      1976

Touro Infirmary
  Touro Infirmary.                                                                            1979


St. Joseph Hospital
  St. Joseph Hospital, 1929-1975: service to humanity for forty-five years: a history of
    Thibodaux's first medical facility.                                                       1977

Thibodaux General Hospital
  Thibodaux General Hospital: a 10-year history, 1975-1985.                                   1985



Maine State Hospital
 Reports of the trustees, steward and treasurer, and superintendent of the Insane Hospital.   1845

  Third annual report of the directors of the Maine Insane Hospital, December 1842.           1843


Eastern Maine Medical Center
  Annals of medical education at Eastern Maine Medical Center, 1892-1980.                     1980


Parkview Memorial Hospital
  Parkview: the story of a miracle.                                                           1984


Children‟s Hospital
  The children‟s hospital : for the care of the crippled and deformed in the State of Main,
   situated in Portland, ME, at the corner of High and Danforth Streets.                       1908

Osteopathic Hospital of Maine
  Historical memoirs the Osteopathic Hospital of Maine Brighton Medical Center                 2000

Presque Isle

Presque Isle Hospital
  People make the difference: a history of Presque Isle's hospital.                            1984


Henrietta D. Goodall Hospital
  A brief history commemorating the 50th anniversary of Henrietta D. Goodall Hospital.         1978



Anne Arundel Medical Center
 A century of caring: a history of Anne Arundel Medical Center, 1902-2002.                     2002


Baltimore County General Hospital
  The little hospital that grew „n grew „n grew.                                               1974

Baltimore General Dispensary
  History of the Baltimore General Dispensary, founded 1801.                                   1963

Church Home and Hospital
  Ensign on a hill; the story of the Church Home and Hospital and its school of nursing,
   1854-1954.                                                                                  1954

Church Home and Infirmary
  Annual report of the Church Home and Infirmary of the City of Baltimore for the year 1871.   1871

  The Church Home and Infirmary; a hospital and home maintained by the Episcopalians of
   Baltimore and the State of Maryland.                                                        1915

Eudowood Sanatorium
  A history of Eudowood Sanatorium, 1894-1964.                                                 1964

Johns Hopkins Hospital
  Addresses delivered at the opening of the Johns Hopkins Hospital and at the fiftieth
   anniversary celebration, 1889-1939.                                                         1939

  Heritage of excellence: the Johns Hopkins medical institutions, 1914-1947.                   1974

  It happened at Hopkins, a teaching hospital.                                                 1960,

  Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1889-1939; a brief account of its founding and of its achievements
   during the first fifty years of its existence.                                              1939

  The Johns Hopkins Hospital.                                                                  1932

  The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: a
   chronicle.                                                                                  1943

  The flowering of an idea: a play presenting the origin and early development of the Johns
   Hopkins Hospital.                                                                           1939

  The plans and purposes of the Johns Hopkins Hospital.                                        1889

  The story of the Johns Hopkins; four great doctors and the medical school they created.      1948

Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
 For the sake of the children: Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital celebrates its 70-year history
   of caring for children.                                                                      1992

Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital
  The Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital, 1853-1970; a history.                                 1971

Union Memorial Hospital
 History of the Union Memorial Hospital, 1854-1932, and the Training School for Nurses,
  1890-1932.                                                                                   1937

  The Union Memorial Hospital; its story -- its people, 125 years of caring.                   1980

  The art of healing: Union Memorial Hospital. 150 years of caring for patients.               2004

University Hospital
 As it was in the beginning; a history of the University Hospital.                             1939


Spring Grove State Hospital
  History of the Maryland Hospital for the Insane, Catonsville, MD.                            1897


Prince George's General Hospital and Medical Center
  The history of Prince George's General Hospital and Medical Center.                                1977


The Memorial Hospital
  75 years of caring: a history of the Memorial Hospital at Easton, Maryland, 1907-1982.             1982



McLean Asylum for the Insane
 The early history of the McLean Asylum for the Insane: a criticism of the report of the
  Massachusetts State Board of Health for 1877.                                                      1877

McLean Hospital
 Early years of the McLean Hospital, recorded in the journal of George William Folsom,
  apothecary at the asylum in Charlestown.                                                           1972


  The best care possible from Beverly Hospital to Northeast Health System 1888-2005.                 2006


Beth Israel Hospital
  First a dream: the history of Boston's Jewish hospitals, 1896 to 1928.                             1990

Boston City Hospital
  Annual report of the trustees of the City Hospital, Boston.                                        n.d.

  Description of the Boston City Hospital: its enlargement and reconstruction.                       1877

The Harvard Medical Unit at Boston City Hospital.                                                    1982-3
  Historical description of the buildings and grounds of the Boston City Hospital/together
   with chronological tables, statistics of appropriations, cost, maintenance, etc.                  1906

  A history of the Boston City Hospital, 1905-1964.                                                  1965

  History of the Boston City Hospital from its foundation until l904.                                1906

  Proceedings at the dedication of the City Hospital, with the act of the Legislature, ordinances
   of the city council, rules and orders of the trustees, rules and regulations of the hospital, plans
   of the building, etc.                                                                               1865

  Report.                                                                                            1861

  Rules of the Boston City Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts.                                      1924

  Ten years of social work at the Boston City Hospital.                                          1925

Boston Dispensary
  150 years a good Samaritan...the Boston Dispensary.                                            1946

  An historical report of the Boston Dispensary for one hundred and one years, 1796-1897.        1898

  History of the Boston Dispensary.                                                              1859

  Institution of the Boston Dispensary for the medical relief of the poor, incorporated 1801.    1856

Boston Hospital for Women
  History of the Free Hospital for Women 1875-1975.                                              n.d.

Brigham and Women‟s Hospital
  The fabrick of man: fifty years of the Peter Bent Brigham.                                     1963

Carney Hospital
  Carney Hospital diamond jubilee, 1863-1938.                                                    1938

Children's Hospital
  Children's Hospital of Boston, 1869-1914: the history of progress of forty-five years.         1914

  The Children‟s Hospital, 1869-1939; School of Nursing.                                         1939

  Children's Hospital of Boston: built better than they knew.                                    1983

  Medical and surgical report of the Children's Hospital, 1869-1894.                             1895

  One hundred years at Children's.                                                               1969

Free Hospital for Women
  History of the Free Hospital for Women, 1875-1975.                                             1975

Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
 Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary: studies on its history.                                    1984

  Story of the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.                                              1970

Massachusetts General Hospital
 Address of the trustees of the Massachusetts General Hospital, to the subscribers and to the
  public.                                                                                        1822

  Annual report of the Board of Trustees of the Massachusetts General Hospital.                  1843

  The Baker Memorial, a study of the first ten years of a unit for people of moderate means at
   the Massachusetts General Hospital.                                                           1941

  Civil, religious, and masonic services at the laying of the corner stone of the Massachusetts
   General Hospital, in Boston, July 4, 1818.                                                     1818

  Dedication exercises of the George Robert White Memorial Building.                              1939

  Every man our neighbor: a brief history of the Massachusetts General Hospital, 1811-1961.       1961

  Extracts from A History of the Massachusetts General Hospital, 1810-1851, by Nathaniel I.
   Bowditch, with a continuation 1851-1872 by Dr. George E. Ellis.                                1899

  History of the Massachusetts General Hospital.                                                  1851,

  History of the Massachusetts General Hospital: June, 1872 to December, 1900.                    1929

  The Massachusetts General Hospital, 1935-1955.                                                  1959

  The Massachusetts General Hospital, 1955-1980.                                                  1983

  The Massachusetts General Hospital: its development, 1900-1935.                                 1939

  Memorial & historical volume: together with the proceedings of the centennial of the
  opening of the hospital.                                                                        1921

  The personality of a hospital.                                                                  1930

  A quarterly record of the Massachusetts General Hospital Nurses Alumnae Association, Inc.       1942

  Report of the Committee of both Houses concerning the establishment of a general hospital,
   and the act of incorporation of the Massachusetts General Hospital, February 25, 1811.         1811

  Selected papers and reports presented during the fiftieth anniversary celebration, October
   20-22, 1955.                                                                                   1958
  Some account of the Medical School in Boston, and of the Massachusetts General Hospital.        1824

  South Surgical Service and the Massachusetts General Hospital.                                  1962

  Ward 4: the Mallinckrodt Research Ward of the Massachusetts General Hospital.                   1958

Massachusetts Memorial Hospitals
 The story of the Massachusetts Memorial Hospitals.                                               1955

Mount Sinai Hospital
 First a dream: the history of Boston's Jewish hospitals, 1896 to 1928.                           1990

New England Deaconess Hospital
  New England Deaconess Hospital.                                                                 1972

  New England Deaconess Hospital: a century of caring.                                            1995

New England Hospital
  Hospital with a heart: women doctors and the paradox of separatism at the New England
   Hospital, 1862-1968.                                                                           1984

  The New England Hospital: 1862-1962: one hundred years.                                         1962

New England Medical Center
  Doctor & teacher, hospital chief: Dr. Samuel Proger and the New England Medical Center.         1982

Peter Bent Brigham Hospital
  Fabrick of man; fifty years of the Peter Bent Brigham.                                          1963

Pratt Clinic/New England Center Hospital
  An experiment in medicine: the first twenty years of the Pratt Clinic and the New England
   Center Hospital of Boston.                                                                     1960

Psychopathic Hospital
  History of the Psychopathic Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts.                                    1973

Rainsford Island Hospital
  Annual report of the Rainsford Island Hospital.                                                 1860

U.S. Public Health Service Hospital
  For the relief of the sick and disabled: the U.S. Public Health Service at Boston, 1799-1969.   1972

United States Marine Hospital
 The United States Marine Hospital, Port of Boston; an account of its origin and briefly of
  its history and of the physicians who have been in charge.                                      1940


Cambridge Hospital
  Dedication of the Cambridge Hospital, April 29, 1886; order of exercises at the hospital,
   Cambridge, Massachusetts.                                                                      1886


Emerson Hospital
 The history of Emerson Hospital, 1911-1986.                                                      1986


Addison Gilbert Hospital
 As they may need: a history of the Addison Gilbert Hospital.                                     1989


Parkview Hospital
  Parkview: the story of a miracle.                                                               1984


Melrose-Wakefield Hospital
 Celebrating a century of service.                                                              1993

Newton Lower Falls

Newton-Wellesley Hospital
  Centennial celebration; 1886-1986: a special edition of Newton-Wellesley Hospital's quarterly. 1986

  From cottages to corridors: the Newton-Wellesley Hospital: a centennial review, 1886-1986:
   Volume II update, 1955-1986.                                                                 1986

  Happy 125th birthday Newton-Wellesley Hospital.                                               2006


Wing Memorial Hospital and Medical Center
 Your healthcare delivery network.                                                              n.d.


Salem Hospital
  From Charter Street to the lookout: the Salem Hospital- a brief history.                      1966

  Salem Hospital at Salem, Massachusetts: a full-length portrait.                               1942


Somerville Hospital
  Centennial report to the community 1891-1991.                                                 n.d.


New England Memorial Hospital
  A history of New England Memorial Hospital.                                                   1985


Morton Hospital & Medical Center, Inc.
 Centennial history of the Morton Hospital & Medical Center: celebrate a century of caring,
  1889-1989.                                                                                    1989


Worcester State Hospital
 The state and the mentally ill; a history of Worcester State Hospital in Massachusetts,
  1830-1920.                                                                                    1966


Ann Arbor

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
  A tradition of mercy: a history of St. Joseph Mercy and Mercywood Hospitals, Ann Arbor,
    Michigan, 1911-1979.                                                                         1983

  The healing mission: the practice of medicine at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, 1911-1999.         1999

Battle Creek

Battle Creek Sanitarium
  Battle Creek Sanitarium: history, organization, methods.                                       1913

Veterans Hospital
 The quiet campaign: a history of the Veterans Hospital, Battle Creek, Michigan.                 1973


Detroit Medical Center
  History and development of the Detroit Medical Center.                                         1981

Harper Hospital
  Harper of Detroit; the origin and growth of a great metropolitan hospital.                     1964

Henry Ford Health System
  Henry Ford Health System: 75 years is a great beginning.                                       1990

Hutzel Hospital
 Obgyn: a history of the department, Hutzel Hospital, Wayne State University.                    1986

St. Mary's Hospital
  Early Detroit St. Mary's Hospital, 1845-1945.                                                  1945

Sinai Hospital
  Sinai Hospital and the North End Clinic; reminiscences of the history of the Jewish hospital
   movement in Detroit.                                                                          1963

  You and your Sinai Hospital: first report to the Detroit Community.                            1954

Woman's Hospital
 Woman's Hospital, 1868-1944, incorporated June 5, 1869: a brief record of its growth and its
  accomplishments during three-quarters of a century.                                         1944


Eloise Hospital
  History of the Wayne County infirmary, psychiatric, and general hospital complex
   at Eloise, Michigan                                                                     1982

  Images of America: Eloise poorhouse, farm, asylum, and hospital 1839-1984                2002

Grand Rapids

Blodgett Memorial Medical Center
  The good cause in which we are engaged: Blodgett Memorial Medical Center. 150 years of
   caring for the community.                                                               1997

Pine Rest Christian Hospital
  Pine Rest Christian Hospital, 75 years: 1910-1985.                                       1985

Saint Mary‟s Health Services
  Saint Mary‟s Health Services: centennial report, a century of caring.                    1993

Salvation Army Home and Hospital
  The Salvation Army Home and Hospital, Grand Rapids, Michigan: a survey.                  1947


Frances A. Bell Memorial Hospital
  Frances A. Bell Memorial Hospital: 65 years of caring.                                   1984


Edward W. Sparrow Hospital
  A century of caring: Edward W. Sparrow Hospital centennial. History 1896-1996.           1996

  Edward W. Sparrow Hospital, 1912-1937: silver anniversary.                               1937


Saginaw General Hospital
  A reminiscent history: 1887-1987: generations of caring.                                 1987

Daughters of Charity
  There is life here. A celebration of service: the missions of the Daughters of Charity
   in Saginaw, 1874-1999.                                                                  1999



Gillette Children‟s Hospital
  The story of the Gillette Children‟s Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota.                      1972

  We hold this treasure: the story of Gillette Children‟s Hospital.                             1998


St. Mary's Medical Center
  We remember the dream.                                                                        1988


Holy Trinity Hospital
 40 years in the service of love.                                                               1985


Abbott Northwestern Hospital
 Where quality is a 100 year tradition: Abbott Northwestern Hospital, 1882-1982.                1982

Fairview Hospital
  The Fairview story.                                                                           1969

St. Barnabas
  With faith and a marketbasket: the story of St. Barnabas the first hospital in Minneapolis,
    Minnesota 1871-1991.                                                                        2005

St. Mary's Hospital
  Care with prayer: the history of St. Mary's Hospital and Rehabilitation Center.               1987

University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinic
 Renewing a tradition of excellence: the University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinic.           1986


Health One Owatonna Hospital
  Health One Owatonna Hospital...celebrating 90 years in the community, 1901-1991.              1991


Mayo Clinic
 Early days in the Mayo Clinic.                                                                 1969

  The Mayo Clinic.                                                                              1942

  The Mayo Clinic. Second edition.                                                              1955

  Mayo Clinic: its growth and progress.                                                         1984

  The Mayo legacy.                                                                              1966

  Sketch of the history of the Mayo Clinic and the Mayo Foundation.                             1926

Saint Mary's Hospital
  A century of caring; 1889-1989.                                                                1988

  A souvenir of Saint Mary‟s Hospital.                                                           1922

  Mother Alfred and the Doctors Mayo.                                                            1959

  Saint Mary's Hospital, Rochester, Minnesota: diamond jubilee.                                  1964

St. Cloud

St. Cloud Hospital
  That you may find healing.                                                                     1986

St. Paul

Bethesda Lutheran Medical Center
  Bethesda: Bethesda Lutheran Medical Center: a century of caring, 1883-1983.                    1983

St. Joseph‟s Hospital
  Sesquicentennial: 150 years of caring at St. Joseph‟s Hospital.                                2003


Rice Memorial Hospital
  50th anniversary Rice Memorial Hospital: a special historical perspective of the people and
   history behind the hospital.                                                                  n.d.


Bonne Terre

Bonne Terre Hospital
  Bonne Terre Hospital: 75 years.                                                                1988

Cape Girardeau

Southeast Missouri Hospital
  The doors to the past are latched with heritage: the doors to the future will be opened with
   the key of challenge: Southeast Missouri Hospital: 60 years and growing, 1928-1988.           n.d.


Golden Valley Memorial Hospital
 Celebrating twenty years of excellence in health care.                                          1992


Hannibal Regional Hospital
  A heritage of caring: campaign for Hannibal Regional Hospital.                   n.d.

Kansas City

Truman Medical Center
  Memories: 20 years.                                                              1981


Grim-Smith Hospital
  Grim-Smith Hospital: a community study.                                          1977


Audrain Medical Center
 The friend of Audrain: a history of medicine in Audrain County.                   1985


Lester E. Cox Medical Center
  Lester E. Cox, 1895-1968: he found needs and filled them.                        1992

St. Charles

St. Joseph Health Center
  100 years of leadership and service.                                             1985

St. Louis

City Hospital
  Rules and regulations for the government of the City Hospital.                   1884

DePaul Hospital
  DePaul Hospital School of Nursing. Golden jubilee, 1894-1944.                    1944

Homer G. Phillips Hospital
 The history and development of Homer G. Phillips Hospital.                        1945

Jewish Hospital of St. Louis
  A history of the Jewish Hospital of St. Louis.                                   1981

Jewish Hospital of St. Louis Medical Center
  History of the development of the Jewish Hospital of St. Louis Medical Center.   1954

Missouri Baptist Hospital
 One hundred years of caring, Missouri Baptist Hospital, St. Louis.                1985

SSM Rehabilitation Institute
  A proud past - a promising future: 90 years.                                                   1990

St. Alexius Hospital
  Reminiscing a hundred years of laughter and tears, 1885-1985.                                  1985

St. Anthony's Medical Center
  Through the years: a special publication tracing the history of St. Anthony's Medical Center
    from its roots in the 1800s to 1990.                                                         1990

St. John's Mercy Medical Center
  St. John's Mercy; a milestone in medical progress in St. Louis.                                1972

St. Louis Children‟s Hospital
  Hope and healing. St. Louis Children‟s Hospital: the first 125 years.                          2006

St. Louis Hospital
  The St. Louis Hospital, 1828.                                                                  1965

St. Louis State Hospital
  One hundred years: the history of St. Louis State Hospital.                                    1969


Great Falls

Columbus Hospital
Columbus Hospital: One Hundred Years                                                             1992


St. Patrick Hospital
  Highlights of the history of St. Patrick Hospital Missoula, Montana.                           1997


Grand Island

Saint Francis Medical Center
  The Saint Francis Medical Center: a chronology 1887-1987.                                      n.d.


Good Samaritan Hospital
 How it all began: Good Samaritan Hospital.                                                      1984


Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital
  History of Nebraska Orthopedic Hospital.                                                   1941


Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital
  Learning to care: a century of nursing education at Bishop Clarkson College.               1988

  A history of Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital 1869-1986.                                  1987

Children's Memorial Hospital
  A chance to live; the story of Children's Memorial Hospital of Omaha.                      1973

Creighton Memorial St. Joseph's Hospital
  Souvenir program of the diamond jubilee, Creighton Memorial St. Joseph's Hospital, Omaha,
   Nebraska.                                                                                1945

  Souvenir program of the golden jubilee, Creighton Memorial St. Joseph's Hospital, Omaha,
   Nebraska.                                                                                 1930


Carson City

Carson-Tahoe Hospital
  Carson-Tahoe Hospital: the story of a caring community.                                    1987


St. Mary's Hospital
  Commitment to caring: a history of St. Mary's Hospital.                                    1983



Concord Hospital
  A kindly interest: the men and women of Concord Hospital and its School of Nursing,
  1884-1989.                                                                                 1989


Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital
 Fifty years of service; a history of the Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital.                  1943

  Mary Hitchcock Memorial Hospital: 1893-1991.                                               1991


Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
  A medical school in this college; 200 years of medicine at Dartmouth.                   1997

  Dartmouth-Hitchcock Clinic 75th anniversary commemorative address.                      2003

  Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center about Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.            2007


Portsmouth Hospital
  The changing humors of Portsmouth: the medical biography of an American town, 1623-1983. 1986



Clara Maass Memorial Hospital
  Clara Maass: a nurse, a hospital, a spirit.                                             1968

  Clara Maass: a nurse, a hospital, a spirit. Revised edition.                            1976


Cooper Hospital
  Cooper: the story of Cooper Hospital.                                                   1987


Englewood Hospital
  Commemorative history of Englewood Hospital 1890-1990.                                  1990


Hunterdon Medical Center
 Hunterdon Medical Center: the story of one approach to rural medical care.               1956

  Twenty years of community medicine; a Hunterdon Medical Center Symposium.               1974


Hackensack Hospital
  Hackensack Hospital: an overview.                                                       1964

Hackensack Medical Center
  Hackensack Medical Center: the first one hundred years.                                 1988

Jersey City

  Jersey City.                                                                                1995

St. Francis Hospital
  Fifty years of St. Francis Hospital: its work and needs.                                    1914

Long Branch

Monmouth Medical Center
 One hundred years: year after year 1887-1987. We continue to care: Monmouth
  Medical Center.                                                                             1987


Children‟s Specialized Hospital
  Children‟s Specialized Hospital: our first one hundred years.                               1991

Mountainside Hospital
 Heritage of caring: a centennial history of the Mountainside Hospital.                       1991

Mt. Holly

Memorial Hospital of Burlington County
 Neighbor caring for neighbor: the history of the medical staff Memorial Hospital of
  Burlington County 1880-1995.                                                                1996


Hospital of St. Barnabas
 History of the hospital: seventy-fifth anniversary, Hospital of St. Barnabas and for Women
  and Children.                                                                               1940

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center
  Covenant of care: Newark Beth Israel and the Jewish Hospital in America.                    2007


St. Mary‟s Hospital
  Reflections of the way we were. 100 years of healing, 1895-1995: a historical review of
    St. Mary‟s Hospital, Passiac NJ.                                                          1996

  Reflections of 100 Years of Healing, 1895-1995.                                             1995


University Medical Center at Princeton
 Princeton Hospital‟s next decade: 1960-1970.                                                 1959

  The first fifty years: a history of Princeton Hospital, 1919-1969.                           1969


The Valley Hospital
  The story of The Valley Hospital.                                                            1964


Community Hospital
  Historical sketch of the Community Hospital.                                                 1939

Mercer Hospital
 Fifty years of community service, 1895-1945: the Mercer Hospital.                             1945

Mercer Medical Center
 Mercer Medical Center centennial annual report 1995: a history and rededication to the future. 1995

Mercer Medical Center
 Mercer Medical Center honors the 100th year of its medical staff.                             1993


Pascack Valley Hospital
  Reflections of the way we were: a short history of the Pascack Valley Hospital.              1986


Underwood-Memorial Hospital
 A history of caring: 1990 report to the community.                                            1990



Lovelace Medical Center
  The Lovelace Medical Center: pioneer in American health care.                                1987

Presbyterian Hospital
  A history of Presbyterian Hospital, 1908-1976: with an update through 1979.                  1980

Santa Fe

St. Vincent Hospital
  The hospital at the end of Santa Fe Trail: a photographic history of St. Vincent Hospital,
    Santa Fe, New Mexico.                                                                      1977

  Men of steel, women of spirit: history of Santa Fe Hospital, 1891-1991.                      1991


  Islands of compassion: a history of the Jewish hospitals of New York.                     1964


Albany City Hospital
  History of the Albany City Hospital and extracts from addresses delivered in its behalf
   in 1851-1852.                                                                            1868

Albany Medical Center
  Albany Medical Center and Albany Hospital: a history, 1839-1982.                          1983


Amsterdam Memorial Hospital
 A century of progress 1888-1988.                                                           n.d.


Bloomingdale Hospital
  A psychiatric milestone; Bloomingdale Hospital centenary, 1821-1921.                      1921

The Bronx

Montefiore Medical Center
 Montefiore, the hospital as social instrument, 1884-1984.                                  1984


Jewish Hospital and Medical Center
  Oral history project for the Jewish Hospital and Medical Center of Brooklyn.              1977

Long Island College Hospital
  Brooklyn first. A chronicle of the Long Island College Hospital 1858-1990.                1993

New York Methodist Hospital
  New York-Presbyterian Healthcare System. New York Methodist Hospital.                     2007

  New York Methodist Hospital: sharing your past, caring for your future 125 years.         1893

St. Catherine‟s Hospital
  Golden jubilee of St. Catherine‟s Hospital, Brooklyn NY.                                  1920


Buffalo General Hospital
  Proud vision; the history of the Buffalo General Hospital, the first hundred years.       1964


Brooks Memorial Hospital
  Building a healthy community: Brooks Memorial Hospital, the first 100 years.                 n.d.

Glen Falls

Glen Falls Hospital
  Hospital by the falls: the history of Glen Falls Hospital.                                   1987


St. James Mercy Hospital
  St. James Mercy Hospital, 1890-1985: the first 95 years: a proud past, a promising future.   1985


Jamestown General Hospital
  Jamestown General Hospital: 75th anniversary.                                                1986


Benedictine Hospital
  Hospital: the biography of Benedictine.                                                      1976

Little Falls

Little Falls Hospital
  Little Falls Hospital: 100 years of caring, 1893-1993.                                       1993


Potts Memorial Hospital
  A review of activities of the first ten years with a report of a special survey committee.   1937


Elizabeth Horton Memorial Hospital
  The story of Horton Hospital: from 1929, its conception, to 1979, its 50th birthday.         1979


Newark Community Hospital
  Historical sketch of the community hospital: member hospital bureau standards and supplies,
   New York City.                                                                             1939

New York City

Bellevue Hospital
  An account of Bellevue Hospital with a catalogue of the Surgical staff from 1736-1894.       1893

  Bellevue.                                                                                       1940

  Bellevue: a documentary of a large metropolitan hospital.                                       1975

  Bellevue behemoth.                                                                              1984

  Bellevue is my home.                                                                            1956

  The Bellevue story.                                                                             1948

  Hospital city.                                                                                  1957

Beth Israel Hospital
  Beth Israel Hospital proudly marks 75 years of service to the community.                        1964

Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital
  A hospital's first century; Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital, 1868-1968.                           1968

Brooklyn Hospital
  Annual report.                                                                                  1894

Cabrini Medical Center
  A century of service: Cabrini Medical Center 1892-1992.                                         1992

Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
  The Sloane Hospital chronicle: a history of the Department Of Obstetrics and Gynecology
   of the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center.                                                   1963

Eastern Dispensary
  Tables of leading statistics of the five dispensaries of New York, for the years 1854, 1855,
   1856 and 1857: with a history of the same, and a general view of the system which the
   dispensaries form, sanitary and sanatory, preventive and curative; together with forty-seven
   reasons why they deserve and should receive the support of the public.                         1858

Hahnemann Hospital
  Annual report.                                                                                  1877

Harlem Hospital
  Surgeons to the poor: the Harlem Hospital story.                                                1978

Hospital for Joint Diseases
 Hospital for Joint Diseases: history and new building, 1906-1924.                                1924

  The past, present and future of the Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York, 1904-1945:
   a survey and recommendations.                                                                  1945

Jamaica Hospital
  The Jamaica Hospital: a history of the institution, 1892-1942.                                  1942

Lenox Hill Hospital
  The Story of Lenox Hill Hospital.                                                               1947

Long Island College Hospital
  Brooklyn first: a chronicle of the Long Island College Hospital, 1858-1990.                     1993

  History of the Long Island College Hospital and its graduates, together with the Hoagland
   Laboratory and the Polhemus Memorial Clinic.                                                   1899

  History of the Long Island College Hospital, Long Island College of Medicine, and the State
   University of New York College of Medicine at New York City. Alumni Association
   highlights, 1880-1955, and biographies of graduates, 1900-1955.                                1961

Mount Sinai Hospital
 The first one hundred years of the Mount Sinai Hospital of New York, 1852-1952.                  1952
 This house of noble deeds: the Mount Sinai Hospital, 1852-2002.                                  2002

  The story of the first fifty years of the Mount Sinai Hospital, 1852-1902.                      1944

Neurological Institute of New York
  The story of a hospital; the Neurological Institute of New York, 1909-1938.                     1944

New York Dispensary
  Eighty-second annual report of the Board of Trustees of the New York Dispensary.                1872

New York City Hospital
  Society of the Alumni of City (Charity) Hospital: report for 1904, together with a history of
   the City Hospital and a register of its medical officers from 1864 to 1904.                    1904

New York Hospital
  An account of the New York Hospital.                                                            1820

  An address delivered on the occasion of the inauguration of the new South Building of the
   New York Hospital: on the 18th of April 1855.                                                  1855

  Annual report of the Governors of the New York Hospital transmitted for the information
   of the Legislature.                                                                            1808

  Annual report – the Society of the New York Hospital.                                           1908

  By-laws and regulations ordained and established by the Governors of the New York
   Hospital, for the better government of the officers, members, patients, and servants of the
   hospital.                                                                                      1826
  The New York Hospital: a history of the psychiatric service, 1771-1936.                         1945

  Personal reminiscences of the New York Hospital from 1856 to 1900: some Civil War
   recollections, 1861-1865.                                                                      1917

  Report of the State of New York Hospital and Bloomingdale Asylum.                               n.d.

  So near the gods.                                                                            1938

  The Society of the New York Hospital, 1771-1921: a Commemoration of the one hundred
   and fiftieth anniversary of the granting of its charter held in Trinity Church, New York,
   October 26, 1921.                                                                           1921

  The benevolent and necessary institution: the New York Hospital, 1771-1971.                  1971

New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center
  One patient at a time: a medical center at work.                                             1961

New York Infirmary
  The New York Infirmary: a century of devoted service, 1854-1954.                             1954

New York Lying-in Hospital
  Constitution of the New York Lying-In Hospital.                                              1799

  The story of the Lying-in Hospital of the City of New York.                                  1938

New York Medical College-Flower and Fifth Avenue Hospitals
  One hundred years of medical progress; a history of the New York Medical College Flower
   and Fifth Avenue Hospitals.                                                                 1967

New York Orthopaedic Hospital
  The New York Orthopaedic Hospital, 1866-1966: a century of progress in orthopaedic surgery. 1966

New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital
  History of the New York Polyclinic Medical School and Hospital.                              1942

New York-Presbyterian Hospital
  The current era of the Faculty of Medicine, Columbia University, 1910-1958.                  1958

  Early days of the Presbyterian Hospital in the city of New York.                             1926

  Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, 1868-1943.                   1955

Northeastern Dispensary
 Fifth annual report of the Board of Managers of the Northeastern Dispensary in the City of
  New York for the year 1866.                                                                  1867

Northern Dispensary
 Thirty-third annual report of the Board of Trustees of the Northern Dispensary, 1860.         1860

Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center
 Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center: 1888-1988.                                                  1988

Roosevelt Hospital
  Annual report. 1871-1879.

  Charter and by-laws.                                                                              1884

  History and description of the Roosevelt Hospital, New York City.                                 1893

  Pertaining to the founding and opening of the Roosevelt Hospital.                                 1885

  The Roosevelt Hospital.                                                                           1884

  Roosevelt Hospital, 1871-1957.                                                                    1957

St. Luke's Hospital
  An account of St. Luke's Hospital, being the charter, constitution, and by-laws, report of the
    board of managers, rules and regulations, history of the origin and progress of the hospital,
    names of contributors, etc.                                                                     1860

  History of St. Luke's Hospital with a description of the new buildings.                           1893

St. Vincent's Hospital
  76 years of service: St. Vincent's Hospital.                                                      1925

  History of St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City.                                               1938

St. Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center
  With a great heart; the story of St. Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center of New York,
    1849-1964.                                                                                      1965

Ward's Island and Metropolitan Hospital
 History of the first twenty-five years of the Ward's Island and Metropolitan Hospital,
  1875-1900: also an account of its graduates.                                                      1900

Woman's Hospital
 Historical sketch of the Woman's Hospital in the state of New York.                                n.d.

Woman's National Hospital
 History of the first inebriate asylum in the world by its founder; an account of his indictment,
  also a sketch of the Woman's National Hospital by its projector.                                1888


Aurelia Osborn Fox Memorial Hospital
 History of Aurelia Osborn Fox Memorial Hospital, Oneonta, New York.                                1983

Port Jefferson

St. Charles Hospital
  St. Charles Hospital, the first 75 years: St. Charles Hospital,its past, its present, from the
    early days as a children's home to a modern acute care center.                                  1984


Saint Francis Hospital
  Saint Francis Hospital at 75, 1914-1989.                                                       n.d.


Genesee Hospital
  The gift that grew/the gift that grew continues.                                               1965,

Rochester General Hospital
  A century of service: Rochester General Hospital, 1847-1947.                                   1947

  To serve the community: a celebration of Rochester General Hospital, 1847-1997.                1997

St. Mary's Hospital
  St. Mary's Hospital and the Civil War.                                                         1961

Strong Memorial Hospital
  University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, Strong Memorial Hospital.
   3 volumes.                                                                                   1936,
  1950, 1957


St. Francis Hospital
  History of St. Francis Hospital and Sanitorium.                                                1976


Ellis Hospital
  Hospital on the hill: a centennial history of Ellis Hospital, 1885-1985.                       1985

Sunnyview Hospital and Rehabilitation Center
  A Sunnyview memoir: remembering 60 years of caring.                                            n.d.


Leonard Hospital
  Leonard Hospital: 1893-1993.                                                                   1993

Samaritan Hospital
  The story of Samaritan: a history of the hospital, school of nursing, and the Eddy Memorial
   Foundation.                                                                                   1990


Mercy Hospital of Watertown
 History of Mercy Hospital 1894-1970.                                                            n.d.

  Mercy Hospital School of Nursing, Watertown, New York: 1905-1970.                          1970

West Point

William Lordan Keller Army Hospital
 William Lordan Keller Army Hospital, West Point.                                            1985


Patients and politics the history of the North Carolina mental hospitals 1848-1960           1980


Memorial Mission Hospital
 One hundred years of service: Memorial Mission Hospital, 1885-1985.                         1985


Mercy Hospital
 75th anniversary: Mercy Hospital.                                                           1981


Duke Hospital
 The first twenty years; a history of the Duke University Schools of Medicine, Nursing and
  Health Services, and Duke Hospital, 1930-1950.                                             1952

Duke University Medical Center
 A tribute to life.                                                                          1985


Moore Regional Hospital
 In love and service: the story of Moore Regional Hospital.                                  1991


Rex Hospital, Inc.
  Rex Hospital: a centennial celebration.                                                    1994


Medical Park Hospital
 20 years of service: 1971-1991.                                                             1991

North Carolina Baptist Hospital
 The miracle on Hawthorne Hill: a history of the Medical Center of the Bowman Gray
  School of Medicine of Wake Forest University and the North Carolina Baptist Hospital.      1988



St. Alexius Medical Center
  Reminiscing: A hundred years of laughter and tears.                                          1985

Grand Forks

Grand Forks Deaconess Hospital
  History and progress of the Grand Forks Deaconess Hospital, 1892-1942.                       1942

Medical Center Rehabilitation Hospital
 The difference caring has made: a history of the first twenty-five years of the Medical Center
  Rehabilitation Hospital at the University of North Dakota.                                    1983


Northwood Deaconess Hospital and Home
 The seventy-fifth anniversary of the Northwood Deaconess Hospital and Home.                   1977



Akron City Hospital
 City: reflections on 100 years of Akron City Hospital.                                        1992

Akron General Medical Center
 Service for all: the story of Akron General Medical Center: 1914-1986.                        1986

Children's Hospital Medical Center
  Children's century: Children's Hospital Medical Center of Akron, 1890-1990.                  1990


Bethesda North Hospital
  Celebrating a century of caring.                                                             1996

Children's Hospital Medical Center
  Centennial annual report, 1883/1983.                                                         1983

Good Samaritan Hospital
 A century of service to humanity: Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1852-1952.       1952

  Good Samaritan Hospital: 150th anniversary memories, 1852-2002.                              2002

Lakeside Hospital
  The story of Lakeside Hospital: showing the changes in organization and function from its
   origin in 1863 to its present status as an integral part of the University Hospitals of
   Cleveland.                                                                                       1932


Cleveland City Hospital
  The history of city hospital; and, the discovery and interpretation of a hospital's past.         1983

Cleveland Clinic
  Cleveland Clinic Foundation.                                                                      1938

  The origin of the Cleveland Clinic.                                                               1947

  " act as a unit"; the story of the Cleveland Clinic.                                         1985

Fairview General Hospital
  The centennial history of Fairview General Hospital, 1892-1992.                                   1992

  The Vollmer memorial history of Fairview General Hospital.                                        1969

Health Hill Hospital
  Health Hill Hospital for children: building on our century-old commitment to children.            1989

Huron Hospital
 Huron Hospital 1874-1999: the convergence of medical arts and human values.                        1999

Lakeside Hospital
  Formal opening of the new Lakeside Hospital buildings.                                            1898

   The Lakeside Hospital: dedicated in Severance Hall, City of Cleveland, June 17, 1931.            1931

  The story of Lakeside Hospital: showing the changes in organization and function from its
   origin in 1863 to its present status as an integral part of the University Hospitals of Cleveland. 1932

MetroHealth System
 Historic mission: progressive vision. 170 years of caring for our community 1938-2007.             2007

Rainbow Babies and Children‟s Hospital
  75th anniversary year, 1887-1963.                                                                 1963

  Rainbow Babies and Children‟s Hospital: celebrating 100 years of caring.                          1987

St. Alexis‟ Hospital
  History of St. Alexis‟ Hospital, 1884-1909.                                                       1909

  Souvenir program of the ceremonies celebrating the golden jubilee of St. Alexis‟ Hospital,
   Cleveland, Ohio, 1884-1934.                                                                      1934

St. Luke's Hospital
  Saint Luke's Hospital, 1894-1980.                                                           1981

University Hospital
 The first 100 years: a centennial history of University Hospitals of Cleveland.              1965

  History of University Hospitals of Cleveland, 1923-1956.                                    1961

  University Hospitals Health System University Hospitals of Cleveland                        2001

University Suburban Health Center
 History and development of University Suburban Health Center, 1968-1986.                     n.d.


Doctors Hospital
 Doctors Hospital: 1940-1990, the first fifty years.                                          1990

  Recollections of Dr. J.O. Watson on the history of Doctors Hospital.                        1976

Riverside Methodist Hospital
  Creating a vision: Riverside Methodist Hospital, 1891-1991.                                 1991

Cuyahoga Falls

Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital
  Celebrating 50 years of community healthcare.                                               1993


Miami Valley Hospital
 The Miami Valley Hospital: progress and growth, 1891-1925.                                   1925

  What great matter a little fire kindleth.                                                   1966

  Miami Valley Hospital: a centennial history.                                                1990

Garfield Heights

Marymount Hospital
 Marymount Hospital.                                                                          1977

  Souvenir, the dedication of Marymount Hospital: Garfield Heights, Ohio, October 20, 1949.   1949

Green Springs

St. Francis Rehabilitation Hospital and Nursing Home
  Leading the way in physical rehabilitation.                                                 1986


Lakewood Hospital
  75 years of service to the community.                                                          1983


Lancaster-Fairfield Community Hospital
  Monitor.                                                                                       1991


Doctors Hospital
 A sterling celebration: history of Doctor‟s Hospital, Stark County, Ohio, 1963-1988.            1988


Parma Community General Hospital
  The Parma Community General Hospital.                                                          1968

Port Clinton

Magruder Hospital
 50 years of caring: 1940-1990.                                                                  1990


Mercy Hospital
 The story of Mercy.                                                                             1983


Robinson Memorial Hospital
  A new day dawns in Portage County, August 7th, 1977: special dedication day issue,
  Robinson Memorial Hospital.                                                                    1977

  Robinson Memorial Hospital.                                                                    1987


Providence Hospital
  Reflections: a pictorial history of the first 85 years of Providence Hospital (from 1902-1987). 1987

  Years of caring: the history and future of Providence Hospital. (videorecording)               1987


Springfield City Hospital
  Your community hospital.                                                                       1949


Ohio Valley Hospital
 Fifty years of service: a history of the Woman's Advisory Board of the Ohio Valley Hospital,
  Steubenville, Ohio, 1922-1972.                                                              1972

  Golden years: a history of the Ohio Valley Hospital, Steubenville, Ohio, 1912-1962.          1962


St. Vincent Hospital and Medical Center
  100 events that shaped St. Vincent: St. Vincent Hospital and Medical Center, Toledo, Ohio:
    annual report, 1975.                                                                       1975

  The history of St. Vincent Medical Center, 1855-1995.                                        1995


Ohio Valley Medical Center
 The auxiliary story, Ohio Valley Medical Center 1892-1980.                                    n.d.


St. Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center
  A circle of caring: the story of St. Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center.                      1986

Youngstown Hospital
 75 years of service.                                                                          1956


Elk City

Community Hospital
  A doctor for the people: the autobiography of the founder of America's first co-operative
  hospital. Second edition.                                                                    1939

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Health Center
 Hero: an oral history of the Oklahoma Health Center.                                          1985


Tender loving care: a history of hospital service in Stillwater, Oklahoma                      1994



Albany General Hospital
  60 years and counting! Albany General Hospital, 1924-1984.                                       1984

Lincoln City

North Lincoln Hospital
 North Lincoln Hospital and its auxiliary.                                                         n.d.


Providence Hospital
  75 years of caring: Providence Hospital Medford Oregon 1911-1986.                                1987


Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center
 Through brush and briar: the first l00 years...Good Samaritan Hospital & Medical Center.          1975

St. Vincent's Hospital and Medical Center
  Cornerstone: the story of St. Vincent: Oregon's first permanent hospital; its formative years.   1975


Salem Hospital
  A century of service 1896-1996.                                                                  1996



Abington Memorial Hospital
 Abington Memorial Hospital, 1987-1988:
  annual report: 75 caring years: a timeless commitment                                            n.d.

Allegheny City

Allegheny General Hospital
  Allegheny General Hospital: a history.                                                           1969


Allentown Hospital
  Half-century; the fifty-year story of the Allentown Hospital, 1899-1949.                         1949


The Medical Center
  Connections: 10th anniversary issue.                                                           1990

Bryn Mawr

Bryn Mawr Hospital
  A country doctor's dream.                                                                      1992

  The Bryn Mawr Hospital: a celebration of caring.                                               1992

  The Bryn Mawr Hospital 1893-1968.                                                              1969


Geisinger Medical Center
  The first seventy years: Geisinger Medical Center.                                             1985


Marine Hospital of Pennsylvania
 Address delivered by Benjamin Harris Brewster, Esq., at the laying of the corner stone of the
  Marine Hospital of Pennsylvania at Erie, Pennsylvania, July 4, 1868.                         1868


Harrisburg Hospital
  Harrisburg Hospital: the first 100 years.                                                      1973


Lancaster General Hospital
  75 years of service to the Lancaster community; the story of the Lancaster General Hospital,
   1893-1968.                                                                                    1968


Lebanon VA Medical Center
  Lebanon VA Medical Center: sixty years of serving America‟s heroes                             2007


Monongahela Valley Hospital, Inc.
 The Mid-Mon Valley experience. (1/2" VHS tape)                                                  n.d.

  Monongahela Valley Hospital, Inc.: 10th anniversary: a decade of caring, a decade of
  planning, a decade of progress.                                                                1982


Montgomery Hospital Medical Center
 100 years of caring: a brief history of Montgomery Hospital Medical Center.                 n.d.


Albert Einstein Medical Center
  Mankind and medicine: a history of Philadelphia's Albert Einstein Medical Center.          1966

Children's Hospital
  A century devoted to children.                                                             1955

Episcopal Hospital
  A century of care; a history of Episcopal Hospital, 1852-1952.                             1953
The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center
  A history of caring for the sick, since 1863.                                              1981

  History of the German hospital of Philadelphia and its ex-resident physicians.             1906

The Graduate Hospital
  Centennial: the Graduate Hospital, 1889-1989.                                              n.d.

Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital
  History of the Homeopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania: the Hahnemann medical
   college and hospital of Philadelphia.                                                     1898

  An alternative path: the making and remaking of Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital of
   Philadelphia.                                                                            1998

Hospital of the Protestant Episcopal Church
 An account of the proceedings at the laying of the corner-stone of the Hospital of the
  Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, on Thursday, May 24th, 1860.                  1860

  Hospital of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Philadelphia: its origin, progress, work,
   and wants.                                                                                1869

  Report of the Board of Managers.                                                           1860

Howard Hospital and Infirmary for Incurables
 Annual report of the Board of Managers.                                                     1861

Jeanes Hospital
  Jeanes Hospital: to make you well and keep you well.                                       n.d.

Moss Rehabilitation Hospital
 Choices: the evolution of Moss Rehabilitation Hospital.                                     1991

Pennsylvania Hospital
  An address in commemoration of the founding of the Pennsylvania Hospital, May 11, 1751.    1901

  An address on the occasion of the centennial celebration of the founding of the
  Pennsylvania Hospital, delivered June 10th, 1851.                                                1851

  America's first hospital: the Pennsylvania Hospital, 1751-1841.                                  1976

  Brief description of the nation's first hospital and first medical library.                      1985

  Continuation of the account of the Pennsylvania Hospital; from the first of May 1754, to the
   fifth of May 1761, with an alphabetical list of the contributors, and of the legacies which
   have been bequeathed, for promotion and support thereof, from its first rise to that time.      1761

  A history of the first quarter of the second century of the Pennsylvania Hospital: read before
  the Board of Managers at their stated meeting held 9th month, 25th, 1876.                        1877

  History of the Pennsylvania Hospital, 1751-1895.                                                 1897

  Pennsylvania Hospital since May 11, 1751: two hundred years in Philadelphia.                     1951

  Some account of the Pennsylvania Hospital.                                                       1954

  Some account of the Pennsylvania Hospital; from its first rise, to the beginning of the fifth
   month, called May, 1754.                                                                        1754

  Some account of the Pennsylvania Hospital from its first rise to the beginning of the year
   1938.                                                                                           1938

  The Western Pennsylvania Hospital in the city of Pittsburgh, 1848-1911.                          1912

Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane
  Reports of the Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane, with a sketch of its history, buildings,
   and organization.                                                                               1851

Philadelphia General Hospital
  Blockley days: memories and impressions of a resident Physician, 1883-1884.                      1916

  History of Blockley: a history of the Philadelphia General Hospital from its inception,
   1731-1928.                                                                                      1929
  Recent additions and improvements to the Philadelphia Almshouse.                                 1893

  The medical history of the Philadelphia Almshouse.                                               1891

  The new pavilions for consumptives at the Philadelphia Hospital.                                 1903

  The old Blockley Hospital: its characters and characteristics.                                   1908

  The origin of the Philadelphia General Hospital, Blockley Division.                              1955

  The Philadelphia General Hospital.                                                               1910

St. Mary's Hospital
  St. Mary's Hospital golden anniversary book, 1916.                                            1916

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital
  History of the Women's Board of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.                         1987

Wills Eye Hospital
 The history of Wills Eye Hospital.                                                             1987

  The Wills Hospital of Philadelphia: the influence of the European and British ophthalmology
   upon it, and the part it played in the last 100 years in developing ophthalmology in America. 1931


Mercy Hospital
 The footprints of mercy, 1847-1947.                                                            1947

  Mercy Hospital, 1847-1959.                                                                    1961

  Mercy Hospital, 1847-1972: an historical review.                                              1974

  Pillar of Pittsburgh: the history of Mercy Hospital & the City it serves.                     1990

Presbyterian Hospital
  Presbyterian Hospital, Pittsburgh: from its foundation to affiliation
   with the University of Pittsburgh.                                                           1978

Shadyside Hospital
  Inheritors of a glorious reality: a history of Shadyside Hospital.                            1991

 A history of UPMC: beyond the bounds.                                                          2009

Western Pennsylvania Hospital
 The people of progress: the sesquicentennial history of the Western Pennsylvania Hospital.     1998

  West Penn heritage - 125 years - 1848-1973.                                                   1973

  Western Pennsylvania Hospital in the city of Pittsburgh, 1848-1911.                           1912


Quakertown Community Hospital
 Quakertown Community Hospital, 1930-1990: celebrating 60 years of service
  to the community.                                                                             n.d.


Reading Hospital
  History of the Reading Hospital, 1867-1942, published by the Board of Managers on occasion
   of the 75th anniversary of the Reading Hospital, December 9, l942.                        l942

  The Reading Hospital, 1867-1967.                                                          1967

Ridley Park

Taylor Hospital
  Taylor Hospital: a tradition of caring, since 1910.                                       1985


Robert Packer Hospital
  A century of excellence: Robert Packer Hospital.                                          1985

  A rural medical center: a history of the Robert Packer Hospital and Guthrie Clinic Ltd.   1976


Mercy Hospital of Scranton
 The Mercy Hospital of Scranton, 1917-1942.                                                 1942

Moses Taylor Hospital
 A century of caring: Moses Taylor Hospital, 1892-1992.                                     1992


Grand View Hospital
  A history of Grand View Hospital, Sellersville, Pennsylvania: 1913 to 1968.               1968

Grand View Hospital, Diploma School of Nursing
  The first sixty years, the last sixty years.                                              1973


Crozer-Chester Medical Center
  Crozer: the Crozer-Chester chronicles, a pictorial history.                               1988

Crozer-Keystone Health System
  Celebrating our first decade: Crozer-Keystone Health System and one hundred years of
   history: visions and voices.                                                             1999

West Chester

The Chester County Hospital
  The history of The Chester County Hospital, 1892-1992.                                    1992


Physicians, medical practice and development of hospitals in Wilkes County                     1978


George F. Geisinger Memorial Hospital
  The story of the George F. Geisinger Memorial Hospital.                                      1961



Newport Hospital
  The Newport Hospital: a history, 1873-1973.                                                  1976


Butler Hospital
  The Butler Hospital - its story; an endowed public institution for the treatment of mental
   illness.                                                                                    1926

  Butler Hospital centennial issue.                                                            1944

  A century of Butler Hospital, 1844-1944.                                                     1944

Rhode Island Hospital
  Proceedings at the opening of the Rhode Island Hospital, October 1, 1868.                    1868

  Reports of the trustees, and executive committee, of the Rhode Island Hospital, presented
   to the corporation at the annual meeting.                                                   1885

  The Rhode Island Hospital.                                                                   1923

  To meet these wants: the story of the Rhode Island Hospital, 1863-1963.                      1963

Wallum Lake

Rhode Island State Sanitorium
  Forty eventful years, 1905-1945.                                                             1946



Anderson Memorial Hospital
 Anderson Memorial Hospital: the early years, 1908-1983.                                       1983


Medical University of South Carolina
 A family album: men who made the Medical Center.                                         1991

Roper Hospital
  Roper Hospital: a brief history.                                                        1976

No Hospital Listed
 Jersey City (images of America).                                                         1995


No Hospital Listed (temporary medical center)
 The grit behind the miracle: a true story of the determination and hard work behind an
  emergency infantile paralysis hospital, 1944-1945.                                      1998


McLeod Regional Medical Center
 McLeod: a history of the development of a medical center.                                n.d.

Spartanburg County

Spartanburg Regional Medical Center
  Spartanburg Regional Medical Center: the first 75 years.                                1996

  Healthy partners: celebrating 75 years of excellence, 1921-1996.                        1996



Avera Queen of Peace Health Services
 A century of care, a journey of faith.                                                   2006

Sioux Falls

McKennan Hospital
 A woman's will...a Sister's way; the McKennan Hospital story.                            1961



Memorial Hospital
 Memorial: a ministry of healing.                                                         1997

  A hospital without walls.                                                                       1995

Johnson City

Johnson City Medical Center Hospital
  A beacon to health care: the story of the Johnson City Medical Center Hospital.                 1989


Holston Valley Hospital and Medical Center
 The first 50 years: the Holston Valley Hospital and Medical Center.                              1985


Methodist Hospitals of Memphis
 Building a dream: the story of Methodist Hospitals of Memphis.                                   1986

St. Jude Children‟s Research Hospital
  A dream come true: the story of St. Jude Children‟s Research Hospital and ALSAC.                1983

Oak Ridge

Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge
 Heart of the community: Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge                                    2009



Brackenridge Hospital
  Admissions: the extraordinary history of Brackenridge Hospital.                                 1984


Baylor Health Care System
  How we care: centennial history of Baylor University Medical Center and Baylor Health
   Care System 1903-2003.                                                                         2003

Baylor University Hospital
  Fifty years of Baylor University Hospital.                                                      1953

Baylor University Medical Center
  Baylor University Medical Center: yesterday, today and tomorrow.                                1978

Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  “50 years of pride in serving America‟s best, our veterans!” 1940-1990.                         1990

Parkland Health & Hospital System
  1894 into the future: a special issue of highlights, celebrating more than 100 years at Parkland. 2002

Presbyterian Hospital
  Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas: a history.                                                 1983

  Presbyterian Hospital: the spirit of caring 1903-1985.                                      1991


Texoma Medical Center
  Texoma Medical Center: the first twenty years.                                              1985

El Paso

Providence Memorial Hospital
  Providence Memorial Hospital: 1952-1992.                                                    1992


Jefferson Davis Hospital (now Ben Taub General Hospital)
  The Hospital.                                                                               1914

Memorial Hospital System
 The Memorial Hospital System: the first seventy-five years: commemorating the 75th
  anniversary of the Memorial Hospital System, 1907-1982.                                     1982

Methodist Hospital of Houston
 The Methodist Hospital of Houston: serving the world.                                        1989

Saint Joseph Hospital
  Step by step: an historical overview.                                                       1988

  A tribute to St. Joseph Hospital's 100th anniversary.                                       1987

Shriners Hospital for Crippled Children Houston Unit
  Building a hospital.                                                                        n.d.

Texas Medical Center
  Clark and the Anderson: a personal profile.                                                 1976

University of Texas M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor
 Institute Clark and the Anderson: a personal profile.                                        1976

  First twenty years of the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute.   1964

  Making cancer history: disease and discovery at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer
   Center.                                                                                  2009


Methodist Hospital
 The first sixty-two years: a history of Methodist Hospital, Lubbock, Texas, 1918-1980.   1980

San Antonio

San Antonio Medical Foundation and South Texas Medical Center
  History of San Antonio Medical Foundation and South Texas Medical Center.               1983


Scott and White Memorial Hospital
  For the good of humanity: a century of surgery at Scott & White, 1892-1992.             1992

  Healing on the hill: 25 years of Scott and White history, 1963-1988.                    1988

  Scott and White: a tradition of excellence.                                             1989

  With scalpel and scope; a history of Scott and White.                                   1970


Salt Lake City

LDS Hospital
 A tradition of excellence: LDS Hospital anniversary 75, 1905-1980.                       1980

Primary Children's Medical Center
  Tell me, doctor.                                                                        1988

University of Utah Medical Center
 The gift of health goes on: a history of the University of Utah Medical Center.          1990



Central Vermont Medical Center
  Central Vermont Hospital.                                                               2001


Brattleboro Retreat
  Brattleboro Retreat: 1834-1984: 150 years of caring.                                    1984


Mary Fletcher Hospital
 Mary Fletcher comes back; a brief account of the history, progress and future of Vermont's
  first general hospital.                                                                     1941


Fanny Allen Hospital
  Walking in the spirit: Fanny Allen Hospital, 1894-1994.                                     1993


Vermont State Hospital
 Empty beds: a history of Vermont State Hospital.                                             1989



Martha Jefferson Hospital
 Martha Jefferson Hospital: a story of the first seventy-five years, 1903-1978.               1985

University of Virginia Hospital
 The University of Virginia Hospital (its first fifty years).                                 1960


Mary Washington Hospital
 90 years of caring: Mary Washington Hospital, 1899-1989.                                     1989


Loudoun Hospital
  The story of Loudoun Hospital.                                                              1992


Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
  Not for ourselves alone: the story of Norfolk General Hospital.                             1969

  Words of honor: the story of Sentara Norfolk General Hospital‟s 100-year long commitment
  to excellence.                                                                              1988

Norfolk Naval Hospital
 A century with Norfolk Naval Hospital, 1830-1930; a story of the oldest naval hospital,
  the medical department of the Navy, and the progress of medicine through the past one
  hundred years.                                                                              1930


Chimborazo Hospital
  Chimborazo Hospital: a description and evaluation of the confederacy‟s largest hospital       1999

McGuire Clinic
 The McGuire Clinic: the first sixty years, 1923-1983: a personal history.                      1987

Medical College of Virginia Hospital
 Medical College of Virginia Hospitals: 125 years of health care 1861-1986.                     1986

Sheltering Arms Hospital
  A centennial history (1889-1989). Sheltering Arms Hospital.                                   1989


St. Mary's Hospital
  A celebration: our first 20 years: St. Mary's Hospital.                                       1986

  Century of caring: a Saint Mary‟s Hospital of Rochester Minnesota 1847-1997.                  1988

Virginia Beach

Rochester General Hospital
  To serve the community: a celebration of Rochester General Hospital 1847-1997.                1997


Eastern State Hospital
  Disordered minds; the first century of Eastern State Hospital in Williamsburg, Virginia,
   1766-1866.                                                                                   1971

  Report of the Eastern Lunatic Asylum of Virginia, for the year ending September 30, 1873,
   together with the proceedings at the centennial celebration of the institution, held November
   10th, 1873.                                                                                   1873



Providence Everett Medical Center
  Heritage of healing: celebrating Providence Everett‟s first century.                          2005

Grand Rapids

Riverview Hospital Association
  Riverview Hospital Association: the first sixty-five years, 1912-1977.                        1977

La Crosse

La Crosse Lutheran Hospital
  La Crosse Lutheran Hospital, a history: 1899-1979.                                               1981


Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother Healing.                                                           1980


St. Peter Hospital
  St. Peter Hospital: a history.                                                                   1987

Tacoma General Hospital
  A house of mercy: a history of Tacoma General Hospital, the Fannie C. Paddock Memorial.          1976


Northwest Hospital
 Northwest Hospital: a place full of life 1960-1990.                                               1990

Providence Medical Center
  Seattle‟s sisters of Providence: the story of Providence Medical Center, Seattle‟s first hospital. 1978

Sisters of Providence
  Celebrating god‟s favor: Sisters of Providence in the West, 1856-2006.                           2006

Swedish Medical Center
  A century of caring: Swedish Medical Center 1905-2005.                                           2005

Virginia Mason Medical Center
  Virginia Mason Medical Center.                                                                   1987

  Virginia Mason Medical Center: the first fifty years.                                            1970

  Vision and vigilance: the first 75 years, Virginia Mason Medical Center, 1920-1995.              1995


Deaconess Medical Center
  The Deaconess story, 1896-1996.                                                                  1996

Sacred Heart Hospital
  Fifty golden years: a short history of Sacred Heart Hospital, Spokane, Washington: years
   of jubilee, 1886-1936.                                                                          1936

  A century of caring: the Sisters of Providence at Sacred Heart Medical Center.                   1986

The Sisters of Providence
  Highlights of the History of St. Patrick‟s Hospital                                    2007


St. Joseph Hospital
  A beacon of light: one hundred years of health care at St. Joseph Hospital.            1990

Walla Walla

Veterans Administration Medical Center
 History of Fort Walla Walla, Washington.                                                1983

  History of Fort Walla Walla, September 19, 1856: now Veterans Administration Medical
   Center, May 10, 1922.                                                                 1985

Whidbey Island

Whidbey General Hospital
 A common need: Whidbey General Hospital and the history of medical care on Whidbey
  Island 1850-2000.                                                                      n.d.



Bluefield Regional Medical Center
  A century of care: a history of Bluefield Regional Medical Center.                     1996

  Community Hospital Bluefield Sanitarium.                                               n.d.


Tucker County Hospital
  A century of care.                                                                     1996


Weston Hospital
 Weston Hospital, 1858-1990.                                                             1990


Wheeling Hospital
 From Lincoln to laser: the Wheeling Hospital story.                                     n.d.

White Sulphur Springs

Montgomery White Sulphur Springs
 Montgomery White Sulphur Springs a history of the resort, hospital, cemeteries, markers, and
    monument                                                                                  1993



St. Elizabeth Hospital
  Celebrating 100 years of caring: St. Elizabeth Hospital 1899-1999.                          1999

Green Bay

St. Vincent Hospital
  St. Vincent‟s healing mission: a history of St. Vincent 1888-1997.                          1997


St. Francis Medical Center
  A century of health care ministry: a history of St. Francis Medical Center.                 1982


Holy Family Memorial Hospital
 A century of caring 1899-1999.                                                               1999


St. Joseph's Hospital
  Always reaching higher.                                                                     2007

  History at a glance: St. Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield.                                     1978

  The way it was: a history of St. Joseph's Hospital, Marshfield, Wisconsin, 1890-1978.       1978

  The story of St. Joseph‟s Hospital.                                                         1991


Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital
  Celebrating 25 years of hope and spirit. 25th celebration: where incredible things happen
   every day.                                                                                 2005

Milwaukee Hospital
 Story of Milwaukee Hospital "The Passavant" during four score years, 1863-1943.              1945


Waukesha Memorial Hospital
 Waukesha Memorial Hospital, Inc., 1914-1964: 50 years of medical progress.   1964

Wisconsin Rapids

Riverview Hospital Association
  Riverview Hospital Association: the first sixty-five years, 1912-1977.      1977



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