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					     Master of Science in Global Marketing

  T   he MSc in Global Marketing programme will
      allow you to gain a comprehensive, high
  level education in the subject of traditional and
                                                             the appreciation of the role of theoretical marketing
                                                             models in formulating organisational strategy.
                                                           ƒ You will also learn about how global
  contemporary marketing, including new media &              organisations manage resources and change;
  social network marketing within such organisations         and you will understand the evolving theories
  that operate in global markets. You will master            and practices surrounding the management
  the specific techniques and analytical approaches          of people in different cultures.
  for a wide range of marketing positions across a         ƒ Core modules include Strategic Organisation,
  range of market sectors, from business-to-business         Managing Finance, International Business and
  or to consumer or service sector markets. These            Emerging Markets, Managing in a Multicultural
  transferable management skills will enable you             Context, Marketing Management, and Marketing
  to develop a variety of marketing strategies and           Research. You will then specialise by choosing to
  approaches for such dynamic or turbulent markets.          study two of the following four elective modules:
                                                             Consumer Behaviour, Marketing of Services,
                                                             New Media & Social Network Marketing, and
                                                             Global Account Management. You will complete
  Programme outline                                          your degree with an original dissertation.
ƒ The aim of this programme is to provide you with         ƒ You should graduate with the personal and business
  a comprehensive understanding of the theory                skills, and the specialist knowledge needed for a
  and practice of global consumer marketing and              wide range of global marketing and management
  business-to-business marketing at an advanced              positions in both the private and public sectors. You
  level. It will give you both specific and transferable     should also be equipped to understand and apply
  skills, and a range of effective analytical techniques     marketing information in more general management
  required for effective tactical and strategic              positions. In any case, you will be fully prepared to
  marketing management. You will master the role of          make a positive contribution to any organisation
  engagement in diverse markets, as well as develop          operating in a multicultural environment.
        2                                                    Programme structure | Core modules

                                                         Programme duration
  Programme structure
ƒ The programme begins with an initial                ƒ The programme takes on average 30 months
  orientation of the online classroom, followed         to complete. However, since students
  by six core modules, two elective modules and a       progress at their own pace, you may choose
  dissertation (for a total of 180 credit points).      to complete your studies in as little as 24
ƒ The first module will be ten weeks in length.         months or spread them over 36 months.
  Each subsequent module lasts eight weeks. You
  take one module at a time in order to study a
  specific subject in-depth without distractions.
                                                        Core modules
       Personalised study
                                                         Strategic Organisation
ƒ Students can customise their degree according
  to their individual requirements.                     Aim: To develop understanding of the
                                                        processes involved in the performance of
       Core modules                                     organisations and their constituent parts.
                                                      ƒ You will become familiar with leading-edge theory
   -    Strategic Organisation                          about organisation and management and how
   -    International Business and Emerging Markets     these processes inform strategy, organisational
   -    Managing in a Multicultural Context             environment and performance. This module
   -    Marketing Management                            introduces, develops and models concepts of
   -    Marketing Research                              organisation, strategy and environment as they
   -    Managing Finance                                relate to performance. You will examine theories
                                                        of organisational and management effectiveness;
       Elective modules                                 organisational inertia and change; organising and
                                                        managing as strategic acts; classic management
  (students choose two)                                 ideas and bureaucracy; contemporary organisational
   - Consumer Behaviour                                 conditions and challenges; new forms of organising;
   - Marketing of Services                              power and politics in and around management;
   - New Media & Social Network Marketing               as well as corporate values and culture.
   - Global Account Management
                                                         International Business and Emerging Markets
                                                        Aim: To enhance students’ awareness of
ƒ Students refine their dissertation topic in           the global business environment.
  conjunction with their Personal Dissertation        ƒ You will learn how to analyse the decision-making
  Advisor, an academic supervisor who will provide      processes, organisation, and management of
  support throughout the writing process.               international firms, using both theoretical and
                                                        empirical approaches. In addition, you will develop
                                                        an appreciation of the problems and risks facing
                                                        international firms, and the means that they adopt
                                                        to overcome them. Finally, this module will examine
                                                        the new opportunities available in emerging
                                                        markets, and the difficulties that accompany them.
  Core modules | Elective modules                                                                              3

   Managing in a Multicultural Context                     finance in management and business; and how
                                                           the information provided by accounting and
  Aim: To equip students for the demands of                finance supports decision-making by managers. In
  operating across cultural boundaries.                    particular, it deals with basic principles of accounting
ƒ You will gain an appreciation for the diversity of       and finance, the techniques of preparation of
  cultures encountered in international business,          accounting and finance information and the
  as well as strategies for operating effectively in a     fundamentals of costing and costing systems.
  culturally diverse environment. You will acquire
  an understanding of leading theoretical models of
  multiculturalism, as well as examining your own
                                                           Elective modules
  skill levels and your knowledge of other cultures.

   Marketing Management                                     Consumer Behaviour

  Aim: To provide an understanding of                      Aim: To provide an understanding of how
  marketing in terms of academic principles                customers and consumers really behave.
  and practical applications.                            ƒ This module will enable you to develop a critical
ƒ You will gain an appreciation of the philosophy and      appreciation of the theory of consumer behaviour
  function of marketing and master its key concepts.       and evaluate its contribution to marketing strategy.
  You will evaluate important components of the            You will study the impact of cognitive psychology,
  marketing environment and assess the business            the dimensions and limitations of a behaviourist
  advantages of understanding customers, in terms of       perspective and the role and significance of
  buyer behaviour, marketing research, segmentation,       external influences, such as reference groups and
  positioning and targeting. You will also examine the     culture. You will also develop critical perspectives
  significance of global marketing strategies and be       on the importance of consumer research.
  able to follow contemporary marketing debates.
                                                            Marketing of Services
   Marketing Research
                                                           Aim: To provide an understanding of the dominant
  Aim: To facilitate the accumulation of relevant          role of service in contemporary marketing.
  research to aid marketing decision-making.             ƒ You will examine the importance of consumer
ƒ In combining the best of traditional marketing           experiences in the co-creation of value. This module
  research with contemporary methods, this                 will synthesise ideas from services marketing
  module places greater emphasis on interpretation         theory and practice, relationship marketing,
  than on technical analysis. ‘Hands-on’ activities,       and the emerging field of service science. You
  involving qualitative and quantitative techniques,       will identify how sensory perception influences
  will help managers become informed and                   cognitive and affective responses to a service
  critical users of marketing research.                    environment, understand how consumers use
                                                           and integrate their resources in the digital age,
   Managing Finance                                        learn how to incorporate experiential elements
                                                           in service design and have up-to-date knowledge
  Aim: To provide a comprehensive grounding                of consumer perceptions of service quality.
  in the financial management and aspects
  of financial reporting in organisations.
ƒ This module provides a framework that enables
  you to understand the role of accounting and
       4                                                                                  Elective modules | Dissertation

      New Media & Social Network Marketing                                   channel and customer management. You will also
                                                                             acquire the skills to implement a set of multi-faceted
  Aim: To introduce the concept of new media                                 solutions in marketing, sales, and delivery that will
  and social network marketing and build upon                                identify the clients’ point of view and meet their
  psychological and sociological theories for                                requirements while growing profitable business
  understanding these new approaches.                                        from these key business to business clients.
ƒ The marketing landscape is undergoing a
  fundamental transformation. While traditional
  vehicles such as magazine and television
  advertisement will continue to account for the
  majority of marketing dollars, their supremacy is                       ƒ The culmination of your programme, this written
  declining rapidly. In their place, blogs, websites,                       project demonstrates your mastery and integration
  search tools, and social networks are gaining                             of all your previous learning. The dissertation is
  increasing importance to the marketer. You will                           the cornerstone of the UK university system. It is
  gain a thorough understanding of the role new                             an original, scholarly work that applies your new
  media and social networking play in business                              knowledge and experience and allows you to prove
  to business marketing. In linking theory to                               your mastery of the techniques you have studied.
  practice, this module addresses topics such as                          ƒ Students choose their dissertation topic in
  Web 2.0 concepts & technologies, search engine                            conjunction with their Personal Dissertation Advisor,
  optimisation (SEO), new media & globalisation,                            an academic supervisor who will provide support
  and the ethics of new media marketing.                                    throughout the study and writing process.

      Global Account Management

  Aim: To develop analytic and strategic expertise to
  effectively manage global customer relationships
  in a multitude of countries with varying cultures.
ƒ More and more, large global customers are being
  managed by companies which require special
  expertise, systemic implementation of marketing
  programmes, and organisational alignment to
  ensure quality professional relationships. In this
  module you will be introduced to Global Account
  Management and learn how to examine processes,
  technology, and organisations needed to maintain
  and grow key global accounts through effective

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