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Books by Nova Science Publishers Inc (updated: Aug 2009)
SUBJECT            TITLE                                                   AUTHOR1                                          ISBN        PUB DATE   US$
Subject            Product Name                                            Author                                   ISBN13              Year
Agriculture        Agricultural Conservation: Converting Grassland to      GAO                                      978-1-60456-630-7   2009
Agriculture        Agricultural Development and Trade Liberalisation:      R.Mahadevan , J. Asafu-Adjaye            978-1-60456-916-2   2008
                   Implications for a Small Island State
Agriculture        Agricultural Finance and Credit                         Jonathan M. Bishoff (Editor)             978-1-60456-072-5   2008
Agriculture        Agricultural Irrigation Research Progress and Hugo J.   Daniel Alonso                            978-1-60456-579-9   2008
Agriculture        Agricultural Systems: Economics, Technology, and         Oliver W. Castalonge (Editor)           978-1-60692-025-1   2009
Agriculture        Agricultural Water Management Research Trends            Magnus L. Sørensen (Editor)             978-1-60456-159-3   2008
Agriculture        Agriculture and Related Agencies Appropriations          Jim Monke, Geoffrey S. Becker, Ralph M. 978-1-60456-817-2   2008
                                                                            Chite, et al (Editors)
Agriculture        Agriculture in the U.S. Free Trade Agreements: Trade with Remy Jurenas (Editor)                  978-1-60456-418-1   2008
                   Current and Prospective Partners, Impact and Issues

Agriculture        Animal Agriculture Research Progress                     Karl B. Tolenhoff (Editor               978-1-60456-058-9   2008
Agriculture        Animal Behavior New Research                              Emilie A. Weber & Lara H. Krause       978-1-60456-782-3   2008
Agriculture        Aquaculture Research Progress                            Nakamura                                978-1-60456-247-7   2009
Agriculture        Aquaculture Research Trends                              Stephen H. Schwartz (Editor)            978-1-60456-217-0   2008
Agriculture        Canning Technology: Principles, Applications and Recent  E. O. Afoakwa (Editor)                  978-1-60456-653-6   2008
Agriculture        Crop Protection Research Advances                         Earl N. Burton and Peter V. Williams   978-1-60456-040-4   2008
Agriculture        Crop Rotation                                            Yaram U. Berklian ( Editor)             978-1-60692-100-5   2009
Agriculture        Drying of Food Materials: Transport Phenomena             K. Kahveci and A. Cihan, (Trakya       978-1-60456-231-6   2008
                                                                           University, Turkey) (Editors)
Agriculture        European Agriculture: Enlargement, Structural Change, F.H. Fuller & J.C. (Editors)               978-1-60021-966-5   2008
                   CAP Reform, and Trade Liberalization
Agriculture        Farm Labor: 21st Century Issues and Challenges          Alvin W. Burton and Irwin B. Telpov      978-1-60456-005-3   2008
Agriculture        Fertilizers: Properties, Applications and Effects         Langdon R. Elsworth and Walter O.      978-1-60456-483-9   2009

                                                                                Page 1
Agriculture   Fisheries: Management, Economics and Perspectives        Nelson F. McManus & David S.                  978-1-60692-303-0   2009
Agriculture   Focus on Food Engineering, Research and Developments     Vivian N. Pletney (Editor)                    978-1-60021-898-9    2008

Agriculture   Food Chemistry Research Developments                     Konstantinos N. Papadopoulos (Editor)         978-1-60456-262-0    2008

Agriculture   Food Engineering Research Developments                     Terrance P. Klening (Editor)                978-1-60021-906-1    2008
Agriculture   Food Protection and Safety                                Lyman F. Thomasson (Editor)                  978-1-60692-187-6    2009
Agriculture   Food Safety and Nutrition // 2008. ISBN: 978-1-60456-335- Janice R. Miller and Patricia E.             978-1-60456-335-1    2008
              1.$69. [Loc:R10-S4]                                       Bonete(Editors)
Agriculture   Food Science and Technology: New Research                  Lorenzo V. Greco and Marco N. Bruno         978-1-60456-715-1    2008
Agriculture   Foreign Direct Investment                                  Harrison G. Blaine ( Editor)                978-1-60456-921-6    2009
Agriculture   High Agricultural Commodity Prices: What Are the Issues? Randy Schnepf (Editor)                        978-1-60692-013-8    2009

Agriculture   Lactic Acid Cheese Safety                                 Izabela Steinka (Editor)                     978-1-60456-244-6    2008
Agriculture   Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Workers: Protective     William G. Whittaker (Labor Economics,       978-1-60456-814-1    2008
              Statutes                                                 (Editor)
Agriculture   New Food Engineering Research Trends                      Alan P. Urwaye (Editor)                      978-1-60021-897-2    2008
Agriculture   Nitrogen Fixation and Metabolism in Soybean Plants       T. Ohyama, N. Ohtake, K. Sueyoshi, K.         978-1-60692-856-1    2009
                                                                       Tewari, Y. Takahashi, S. Ito, T. Nishiwaki,
                                                                       Y. Nagumo, S. Ishii, & T. Sato (Editor)

Agriculture   North American Beef Industry in Transition: New          A.M.Brocklebank ( Editor)                     978-1-60456-121-0    2008
              Consumer Demands and Supply Chain Responses, The
Agriculture   Perspectives on International Agricultural Trade and     Dragan Miljkovic(Editor)                      978-1-60021-967-2    2008
Agriculture   Pesticide Research Trends                                 Albert B. Tennefy (Editor)                   978-1-60456-200-2    2008
Agriculture   Potential Challenges to U.S. Farm Subsidies in the WTO     Randy Schneph & Jasper Womach               978-1-60456-420-4    2008
Agriculture   Progress in Food Engineering Research and Development Cabado, Ana G. and Vieites, Juan M               978-1-60021-905-4    2008
Agriculture   Quality Parameters in Canned Seafoods                      Cabado, Ana G. and Vieites, Juan M.         978-1-60456-774-8    2008
Agriculture   Transgenic Plants: New Research                           Oliver T. Chan (Editor)                      978-1-60692-017-6    2009
Agriculture   Tropical Fruit in Developing Countries: Quality of         B. Jarimopas , P. Sirisomboon, R.           978-1-60456-239-2    2008
              Production                                                Sothornwit and A. Terdwongw (Editors)
Agriculture   U.S. Agricultural Trade: Trends, Composition, Direction,   Charles E. Hanrahan (Editor)                978-1-60456-463-1    2008
              and Policy
Agriculture   USDA 2007 Farm Bill Proposal                              Jasper Womach, Geoffrey S. Becker and        978-1-60456-813-4    2008
                                                                        Ralph M. Chite (Editors)
Agriculture   Food Labeling: The FDA's Role in the Selection of Healthy Ethan C. Lefevre (Editor)                    978-1-60692-898-1    2009
Agriculture   Hired Farmworkers: Profile and Labor Issues                Rea S. Berube (Editor)                      978-1-60741-232-8    2009

                                                                            Page 2
Agriculture   Marketing Food to Children and Adolescents                    Nicoletta A. Wilks (Editor)               978-1-60692-913-1   2009
Agriculture   New Research on Food Habits                                   Kaito Hasegawa and Haruto Takahashi       978-1-60456-864-6   2009
Agriculture   Cover Crops and Crop Yields                                   Tomas H. Latos (Editor)                   978-1-60692-818-9   2009
Agriculture   Food Aid Policy and Challenges                                Katherine V. Reilly (Editor)              978-1-60692-438-9   2009
Agriculture   Nitrous Oxide Emissions from Rice Fields: Past, Present       Deepanjan Majumdar ( Editor)              978-1-60741-183-3   2009
              and Future
Agriculture   Organic Farming: Methods, Economics and Structure            Michael Nelson and Ivan                    978-1-60692-864-6   2009
Agriculture   Price of Food                                                 Meredith N. Fisher (Editors)              978-1-60692-440-2   2009
Behavior      A Better Look at Intelligent Behavior: Cognition and          Timoneda-Gallart, C. (U. de Girona,       978-1-60021-742-5   2008
              Emotion                                                      Girona, Spain) (Editors)
Behavior      Anxiety in College Students                                   Benjamin Ayres & Michelle Bristow         978-1-60692-282-8   2009
Behavior      Applied Memory                                                Matthew R . Kelley (Editor)               978-1-60692-143-2   2008
Behavior      Applied Psychology Research Trends                            Karl H. Kiefer(Editor)                    978-1-60456-372-6   2008
Behavior      Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder                      M. Fitzgerald                             978-1-60456-855-4   2008
Behavior      Behavioral Models in Stress Research /                       Allan V. Kalueff and Justin L. LaPorte     978-1-60456-361-0   2008
Behavior      Binge Drinking Research Progress                              Kevin I. DiGuarde (Editor)                978-1-60692-065-7   2009
Behavior      Binge Eating: Psychological Factors, Symptoms and             Natalie Chambers (Editor)                 978-1-60692-242-2   2009
Behavior      Borderline Personality Disorder: New Research                Marian H. Jackson & Linda F. Westbrook     978-1-60692-460-0   2009
Behavior      Brain and Dissociated Mind                                    Petr Bob (Editor)                         978-1-60692-035-0   2008
Behavior      Cultural Psychology, Cross-cultural Psychology and            Carl Ratner (Editor)                      978-1-60456-173-9   2008
              Indigenous Psychology.
Behavior      Depression, Subjective Well-Being and Individual             F. Margitics & Z. Pauwlik ( Editir)        978-1-60692-851-6   2009
              Aspirations of College Students
Behavior      Eating Disorders in Adult Women                               Julian Fuchs and Finn Lang (Editors)      978-1-60456-673-4   2008
Behavior      Educational Psychology: Cognition and Learning, Individual   Jonathon E. Larson (Editor)                978-1-60692-276-7   2009
              Differences and Motivation
Behavior      Emotional Intelligence: Theoretical and Cultural              R. J. Emmerling , V.K. Shanwal, M.K.      978-1-60021-856-9   2008
              Perspectives                                                 Mandal, (Editor)
Behavior      Evidence-Based Treatments for Eating Disorders: Children,    Ida Dancyger, V.Fornari, Zucker (Editor)   978-1-60692-310-8   2009
              Adolescents and Adults.
Behavior      Exit Weeping:                                                David Lester (Editor)                      978-1-60456-573-7   2008
Behavior      Forensic Psychiatry Research Trends                          Raymond C. Browne (Editor)                 978-1-60021-986-3   2008
Behavior      Handbook of Stress and Burnout in Health Care                Jonathon R.B. Halbesleben (Editor)         978-1-60456-500-3   2008
Behavior      Health and Happiness from Meaningful Work: Research in       S. Ventegodt, J. Merrick (Editor)          978-1-60692-820-2   2009
              Quality of Working Life..

                                                                                 Page 3
Behavior   How to Solve Problems: New Methods and Ideas               Spyros Kalomitsines (Editor)                 978-1-60456-429-7    2008
Behavior   Interconnectedness and the Individual                       Nicole S. Porter, Nancy Bothne and          978-1-60456-805-9    2009
                                                                      Leonard Jason (Editors)
Behavior   Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Crime                        Hun-Soo Kim and Hyun-Sil Kim (Daegu         978-1-60021-877-4    2008
                                                                      Hanny Univ.,Daegu, S. Korea) (Editors)
Behavior   Leading-Edge Cognitive Disorders Research                   James P. Tsai (Editor)                      978-1-60021-843-9    2008
Behavior   Major Depression in Women                                   Pauline R. Bancroft and Leli B.(Editor)     978-1-60456-212-5    2008
Behavior   Mental Health of College Students / Katherine N. Morrow     Katherine N. Morrow (Editor)                978-1-60456-394-8    2009
Behavior   Meta-Cognition:A Recent Review of Research,Theory and M. F. Shaughnessy , M.V.E. Venneman;              978-1-60456-011-4    2008
           Perspectives                                               C. K. Kennedy
Behavior   Mind-Body and Relaxation Research Focus                    Bernardo N. DeLuca (Editor)                  978-1-60021-819-4    2008
Behavior   Minimizing the Stress of Accelerated Adult Education        M. T. Boylston & A. L. Blair (Editor)       978-1-60692-859-2    2009
Behavior   New Developments in the Psychology of Motivation            Filip M. Olsson(Editor)                     978-1-60456-090-9    2008
Behavior   New Research in Cognitive Sciences                          Miao-Kun Sun (Editor)                       978-1-60456-050-3    2008
Behavior   New Research on Personality Disorders                       Ida V. Halvorsen and Sarah N. Olsen         978-1-60456-726-7    2008
Behavior   Organizational Behavior and Dynamics                        Oliver T. Chen (Editor)                     978-1-60456-273-6.   2009
Behavior   Our Loving Relationship                                     W.G.Emener &W.A.Lambos (Eds)                978-1-60692-421-1    2008
Behavior   Person in Art, The: Conceptual and Pictorial Frames on Art Hans-Otto Thomashoff (Vienna, Austria),      978-1-60456-922-3    2009
           and Mental Health                                          Ekaterina Sukhanova ( Editor)
Behavior   Personality and Social Psychology Research                  Bettina P. Reimann (Editor)                 978-1-60021-735-7    2008
Behavior   Personality Disorders: New Research                         Jonas C. Hagen and Emil I. Jensen           978-1-60456-722-9    2008
Behavior   Personality Down Under: Perspectives from Australia        Simon Boag (Editor)                          978-1-60456-794-6    2008
Behavior   Prevention of School Shootings                              William B. Ellwood (Editor)                 978-1-60692-223-1    2009
Behavior   Problems of Developmental Instruction: A Theoretical and    V.V. Davydov (Editor)                       978-1-60456-552-2    2008
           Experimental Psychological Study
Behavior   Psychological Aspects Associated with Spinal Cord Injury    Ashley Craig & Yvonne Tran (Editor)         978-1-60456-996-4    2009
           Rehabilitation: New Directions and Best Evidence
Behavior   Psychological Counseling Research Focus                     James A. Patterson and Irina N. Lipschitz   978-1-60456-041-1    2008
Behavior   Psychological Factors and Cardiovascular Disorder           Leo Sher (Editor)                           978-1-60456-923-0    2009
Behavior   Psychological Factors and Cardiovascular Disorders: The     Leo Sher (Editor)                           978-1-60456-871-4    2008
           Role of Psychiatric Pathology and Maladaptive Personality
Behavior   Psychological Sexual Dysfunctions                           Jayson M. Caroll and Marta K. Alena         978-1-60456-048-0    2008
Behavior   Psychology of Decision Making in Economics, Business        Klaus P Hofmann (Editor)                    978-1-60021-917-7    2008
           and Finance
Behavior   Psychology of Decision Making in Legal, Health Care and     Gloria R. Burthold (Editor)                 978-1-60021-932-0    2008
           Science Settings.

                                                                            Page 4
Behavior   Psychology of Decision Making in Risk Taking and Legal     Rachel N. Kelian (Editor)                  978-1-60021-854-5   2008
Behavior   Psychology of Decision Making                               Paul M. Garrison (Editor)                 978-1-60021-869-9   2008
Behavior   Psychology of Gambling                                      Marco J. Esposito (Editor)                978-1-60456-677-2   2008
Behavior   Psychology of Modern Prejudice, The                         Melanie A. Morrison , Todd G. Morrison,   978-1-60456-788-5   2008
Behavior   Psychology of Relationships                                 Emma Cuyler & Michael Ackhart (Editor)    978-1-60692-265-1   2009

Behavior   Psychology of Stress                                        Kimberly V. Oxington (Editor)             978-1-60456-737-3   2009
Behavior   Psychoneuroendocrinology Research Trends                   Martina T. Czerbska (Editor)               978-1-60021-665-7   2008
Behavior   Religion and Psychology Research Progress                   Joan C. Upton (Editor)                    978-1-60021-672-5   2008
Behavior   Schizoaffective Disorders: International Perspectives on   K. Yip, Dept. (Ed.)                        978-1-60456-948-3   2009
Behavior   Schizophrenia Research Progress                            Daniel J. Walker and William Green         978-1-60456-637-6   2008
Behavior   Schizophrenia Research Trends                               Almann, Konstance V. (Editor)             978-1-60021-746-3   2008
Behavior   School Psychology: 21st Century Issues and Challenges       David H. Molina (Editor)                  978-1-60456-521-8   2008

Behavior   Science-Based Decision-Making: Applications in Medicine, N. Arya (Editor)                             978-1-60456-625-3   2008
           Environment and Internationals Affairs
Behavior   Social Phobia: Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment         Clayton P. Axelby (Editor)                   978-1-60692-159-3   2009
Behavior   Toward a Science of Clinical Psychology: Laboratory       Luciano L'Abate (Ed)                        978-1-60456-062-6   2008
Behavior   Abnormal Psychology: New Research                         Helen D. Friedman & Paulina K. Revera       978-1-60692-636-9   2009
Behavior   Advances in Psychology Research. Volume 59                Alexandra M. Columbus (Editor)              978-1-60692-571-3   2009
Behavior   Batterer Intervention: Program Approaches and Criminal    Kerry Healey, Christine Smith, and Chris    978-1-60692-934-6   2009
           Justice Strategies                                       O'Sullivan (Editors)
Behavior   Binge Drinking in Adolescents and College Students 009.   C. A. Marczinski, E. C. Grant & V. J.       978-1-60692-037-4   2009
                                                                    Grant (Editor)
Behavior   Bullying in Schools                                       David N. Rickler (Editor)                   978-1-60692-208-8   2009
Behavior   Comorbiditiy of Depression and Alcohol Use Disorders      Leo Sher ( Editor)                          978-1-60692-180-7   2009
Behavior   Experimental Animal Models in NeuroBehavioral Research Allan V. Kalueff & Justin L. Porte (Editor)    978-1-60692-022-0   2009

Behavior   Handbook on Gender Roles: Conflicts, Attitudes and          Janet H. Urlich and Bernice T.            978-1-60692-637-6   2009
           Behaviors                                                  Cosell(Editors)
Behavior   Metacognition: New Research Developments                    Clayton B. Larson (Editor)                978-1-60692-780-9   2009
Behavior   Organizational Behavior and Dynamics                       Erdner                                     978-1-60741-181-9   2009
Behavior   Cognitive Psychology Research Developments                  Stella P. Weingarten & Helena O. Penat    978-1-60692-197-5   2009
Behavior   New Directions in Developmental PsychoBiology               Bernice C. Glenyn & Rachel P. Zini        978-1-60692-634-5   2009

                                                                           Page 5
Behavior   Young Adults with Serious Mental Illness                    David O. Sullivan (Editor)               978-1-60692-641-3   2009
Behavior   Advances in Psychology Research, Volume 53                  Alexandra M. Columbus (Editor)           978-1-60456-924-5   2008
Behavior   Advances in Psychology Research, Volume 54                  Alexandra M. Columbus (Editor)           978-1-60456-129-6   2008
Behavior   Advances in Psychology Research, Volume 55                  Alexandra M. Columbus (Editor)           978-1-60456-176-0   2008
Behavior   Advances in Psychology Research, Volume 56                  Alexandra M. Columbus (Editor)           978-1-60456-508-9   2008
Behavior   Advances in Psychology Research, Volume 57                  Alexandra M. Columbus (Editor)           978-1-60456-897-4   2008
Behavior   Advances in Psychology Research. Vol 58                     Alexandra M. Columbus (Editor)           978-1-60456-910-0   2008
Behavior   An Evolutionary Psychology of Leader-Follower Relations     Patrick McNamara and David Trumbull      978-1-60456-600-0   2009
Behavior   Cognitive Science Compendium Volume 02                     Miao-Kun Su (Editor)                      978-1-60456-775-5   2009
Behavior   Cognitive Science Compendium, Volume 01                    Miao-Kun Su (Editor)                      978-1-60456-597-3   2008
Behavior   Cognitive Sciences at the Leading Edge                     Miao-Kun Su (Editor)                      978-1-60456-051-0   2008
Behavior   Cognitive Sciences Research Progress                       Miao-Kun Su (Editor)                      978-1-60456-392-4   2009
Behavior   Cognitive Sciences Research Progress                       Miao-Kun Su (Editor)                      978-1-60456-392-4   2009
Behavior   Experimental Psychology Research Trends                    Hartonek                                  978-1-60456-947-6   2009
Biology    Advanced Methods of Electrophysiological Signal Analysis   C. Allefeld, P. Beim Graben , J. Kurths   978-1-60456-022-0   2008
           and Symbol Grounding? Dynamical Systems Approaches         (Editor)
           to Language
Biology    Amino Acid Receptor Research                             Editors: Benjamin F. Paley and Tomas E.     978-1-60456-283-5   2008
Biology    Antisense Elements (Genetics) Research Focus             A. G. Hernandes (Editor)                    978-1-60021-491-2   2008
Biology    Basal Ganglia and Thalamus: Their Role in Cognition and  R. Moretti, P. Toree & R. M. Antonello      978-1-60692-198-2   2009
           Behavior                                                (Editor)
Biology    Biocatalysis Research Progress                           Francesco H. Romano and Andrea              978-1-60456-619-2   2008
                                                                   Russo (Editors)
Biology    Biodiversity Research Developments                       Raymund I. Veritas (Editor)                 978-1-60456-253-8   2008
Biology    Biological Oceanography Research Trends                  Lea P. Mertens (Editor)                     978-1-60021-935-1   2008
Biology    Biomacromolecular Mass Spectrometry Research Progress S. Koenig (Editor)                             978-1-60456-487-7   2008

Biology    Biomacromolecular Mass Spectrometry Research               S. Koenig (Editor)                        978-1-60456-467-9   2008
Biology    Biosorption and Bioaccumulation in Practice                K.Chojnacka (Editor)                      978-1-60456-939-1   2008
Biology    Biotechnology and Bioengineering                           William G. Flynne (Editor)                978-1-60456-067-1   2008
Biology    Biotechnology, Biodegradation, Water and Foodstuffs        G.E. Zaikov & Larisa Petrivna Krylova,    978-1-60692-097-8   2009
Biology    Biotechnology: Research, Technology and Applications       Felix W. Richter (Editor)                 978-1-60456-901-8   2009
Biology    Biotechnology: State of the Art and Prospects for          G.E. Zaikov (Editor)                      978-1-60456-015-2   2008
Biology    CBL Proteins                                               A. Tsygankov (Editor)                    978-1-60456-168-5    2008
Biology    Cell Apoptosis Research Progress                            Robert H. Fenton and Calvin V. Burnside 978-1-60456-066-4    2008

                                                                           Page 6
Biology   Cell Colonization Control by Physical and Chemical            L.Baèáková & V. Švorèík ( Editor)           978-1-60456-887-5   2009
          Modification of Materials
Biology   Cell Cycle Control: New Research                               Leroy, Nathan H. and Fournier, Noah T.     978-1-60456-796-0   2008
Biology   Cell Differentiation of Neoplastic Cells Originating in the   T.Kawakami (Editor)                         978-1-60456-932-2   2009
          Oral and Craniofacial Regions.
Biology   Cell Differentiation Research Developments                     Laura B. Ivanova (Editor)                  978-1-60021-938-2   2008
Biology   Cell Growth Processes: New Research                            Daiki Kimura (Editor)                      978-1-60456-132-6   2008
Biology   Cell, Gene, and Molecular Therapy: New Concepts                V. Wiwanitkit (Ed)                         978-1-60692-534-4   2009
Biology   Chinese Herbal Drug Research Trends                           Felix M. Ching (Editor)                     978-1-60021-928-3   2008
Biology   Coumarin Anticoagulant Research Progress                       Joseph P. Edardes (Editor)                 978-1-60021-990-0   2008
Biology   C-Reactive Protein: New Research                               Satoshi Nagasawa (Editor)                  978-1-60692-237-8   2009
Biology   Current Advances in Molecular Mycology 0]                      Y. Gherbafwy (Editor)                      978-1-60456-909-4   2009
Biology   Cystatin Superfamily of Proteinase Inhibitors, The             Philippe Taupin ( Ediotor)                 978-1-60456-010-7   2008
Biology   Developments in Stem Cell Research                             Prasad S. Koka (Editor)                    978-1-60456-341-2   2009
Biology   Diamino Amino Acids                                            Hanna A. Schäfer and Lilli M. Wohlbier     978-1-60456-892-9   2008
Biology   DNA Methylation in Plants                                     B. F. Vanyushin & V. V. Ashapkin (Editor)   978-1-60692-051-0   2009

Biology   DNA Transposable Elements Research                            Kaito Yoshida and Miyu Aoki (Editors)       978-1-60456-531-7   2008
Biology   DNA Tumor Viruses                                             H. E. Tao (Editor)                          978-1-60692-111-1   2009
Biology   Genetic Discrimination / Leana J. Albertson (Editor) /        Leana J. Albertson (Editor)                 978-1-60456-357-3   2008
          2008. ISBN: 978-1-60456-357-3. $69. / [Loc:R14-S5]
Biology   Genetic Diversity and Variability of Hepatitis B Virus         V. Mathet B. A., Argen                     978-1-60456-888-2   2008
Biology   Genetic Inheritance Patterns                                  Ren Kimura (Editor)                         978-1-60456-246-0   2008
Biology   Genetic Predisposition to Disease 2008. ISBN: 978-1-          Torres, Sara L. and Marin, Marta S.         978-1-60456-835-6   2008
          60456-835-6. $139. [Loc:R9-S3]                                (Editor)
Biology   Genetic Recombination Research Progress                        Jacob H. Schulz (Editor)                   978-1-60456-482-2   2008
Biology   Genetic Translocations and Other Chromosome                    Guy T. Leyden (Editor)                     978-1-60456-344-3   2008
Biology   Genetically Modified Plants                                    Timm Wolf and Jonas Koch (Editors)         978-1-60456-696-3   2008
Biology   Genomic Diversity of Bacillus-Related Species                 Hideto Takami (Editor)                      978-1-60456-396-2   2008
Biology   Glycolipids: New Research                                     Daiki Sasaki (Editor)                       978-1-60456-216-3   2008
Biology   Heat Shock Proteins: New Research                             Emma Morel and Camille Vincent              978-1-60456-641-3   2008
Biology   Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Research               Karl B. Neumann (Editor)                   978-1-60456-042-8   2008
Biology   Hereditary Immunity: Fundamental Principles and /              S. N. Rumyantsev (Andent Inc., USA)        978-1-60456-363-4   2008
          Exploitation in Life Study and Health Care                    (Editor)
Biology   Human Chromosomes and Aging                                    Teimuraz Lezhava (Editor)                  978-1-60456-471-6   2009

                                                                             Page 7
Biology   Insect Physiology : New Research                                 Rayan P. Maes (Editor)                    978-1-60456-913-1   2008
Biology   Life Span Development in Genetic Disorders: / Behavioral         A. Verri (Ed.)                            978-1-60456-839-4   2008
          and Neurobiological Aspects
Biology   Mannose-Binding Lectin in the Innate Immune System        . de Messias-Reason & A. B. W. Boldt             978-1-60692-716-8   2009
Biology   Membrane Based Clarification/Concentration of Fruit Juice Sirshendu De, Sunando DasGupta and S.            978-1-60456-738-0   2008
                                                                    Ranjith Kumar (Editors)
Biology   Messenger RNA Research Perspectives                       Takeo Takeyama (Editor)                          978-1-60021-814-8   2008
Biology   Methods in Protein Structure and Stability Analysis: NMR   V.N.Uversky                                     978-1-60021-705-0   2008
          and EPR Spectroscopies, Mass-Spectrometry and Protein
Biology   Microbes in Sustainable Agriculture                        M.S.Khan, A. Zaidi, J.Musarrat. (Editor)        978-1-60456-929-2   2009

Biology   Microbial Ecology Research Trends                                Thijs Van Dijk (Editor)                   978-1-60456-179-1   2008
Biology   Microbial Processes and Carbon Cycling in the Ocean              N.Jiao , C. Zhang (Eds)                   978-1-60456-779-3   2008
Biology   Molecular Aspects of G Protein-Coupled Receptors:                F. Ciruela , R.Lujan (Editor)             978-1-60021-915-3   2008
          Interacting Proteins and Function
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                                                                                Page 8
Biology   New Signal Processing Research                          Takumi Maeda(Editor)                        978-1-60456-479-2   2009
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                                                                       Page 9
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Biology   GlycoBiology Research Trends                                 George Powell & Olivier McCabe (Editor)   978-1-60692-841-7   2009

                                                                           Page 10
Biology     Handbook on White Matter: Structure, Function and        Timothy B. Westland and Robert N.              978-1-60741-034-8   2009
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                                                                          Page 11
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                                                                           Page 12
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                                                                                 Page 13
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                                                                               Page 14
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                                                                                   Page 15
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                                                                                   Page 16
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Enforcement   Statutes that Prohibit Interference with Judicial, Executive,
              or Legislative Activities
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Enforcement   Why?
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                                                                                Page 17
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Enforcement     Retail Price:
Earth Science   Archaeology Research Trends                                 Alex R. Suárez and Marc N. Vásquez           978-1-60456-678-9   2008
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                                                                                 Page 18
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                                                                              Page 19
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                                                                                Page 20
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Finance         up the Inner Sleeping Beauty of Companies
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Finance         Issues                                                    (Editor)

                                                                               Page 21
Economics and   Impact of Information Technology Investments on Firm      Acklesh Prasad (Editor)                  978-1-60021-678-7     2008
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Finance         Normal and Abnormal
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economics and   Progress in Economics Research, Volume 13                 Albert Tavidze (Editor)                  978-1-60456-237-8     2008

                                                                              Page 22
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Finance         Operations
Economics and   Simulation and Optimization Methods in Risk and Reliability Pavel S. Knopov and Panos M. Pardalos 978-1-60456-658-1     2009
Finance         Theory                                                      (Editors)
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                                                                        Ahmad (Editors)
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Finance                                                                 Oversight (Editor)
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Finance         Measurement and Management Issues in the Tourism and
                Hospitality Industry
Economics and   Trade Barriers in Europe                                Paula R. Lignelli (Editor)                978-1-60021-956-6     2008

                                                                             Page 23
Economics and   Trade Remedies                                            Alan B. Tippton & Charles M. Roylton         978-1-60456-453-2   2008
Finance                                                                  (Editor)
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Finance         Order Macrosystems                                           Semmler ( Editor)
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Finance         Automobile Insurance.
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Finance                                                                     (Editor)
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Finance         in a Global Economy
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Economics and   Understanding Mortgage Meltdowns                             Arlene V. Carey (Editor)                  978-1-60692-789-2   2009

                                                                                  Page 24
Economics and   World Trade Organization,The: Issues and Developments         Marta V. DeGiro (Editor)                  978-1-59454-222-0   2009
Economics and   Challenges of the Post-Communist Financial-Currency           Avtandil Silagadse and Micheil            978-1-60741-150-5   2009
Finance         Policy                                                        Tokmazishvili (Editors)
Economics and   Clean Diamond Trade Act                                       Williams                                  978-1-60741-111-6   2009
Economics and   Dissatisfied Customers: Chinese Business Institute            James T. Williams (Editor)                978-1-60456-890-5   2009
Finance         Students Speak Out
Economics and   Economics of Employment and Unemployment                       Manon C. Fournier & Chloe S. Mercier     978-1-60456-741-0   2009
Finance                                                                       (Editor)
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Finance                                                                   (Editors
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                with Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies           Rawlinson / (The Univ. of Auckland)
                                                                             (Editors) / 2008. ISBN: 978-1-60456-744-
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                                                                                   Page 25
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                                                                         Page 29
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                                                                                Page 30
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                                                                            Page 31
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                                                                               Page 32
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                                                                            Page 34
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                    Resolution. (comes with a CD)
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                                                                                   Page 39
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                                                                                    Page 40
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                                                                                    Page 41
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                                                                                 Page 42
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Media and        Controlled Structures with Electromechanical and Fiber-       Y. Melashvili, G. Lagundaridze & M.         978-1-60692-486-0   2009
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                                                                                    Page 43
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                                                                                Page 44
Medicine   Atherosclerosis: Understanding Pathogenesis and         S. Mitrovska , S. Jovanova Inge           978-1-60692-677-2     2009
           Challenge for Treatment..                               Matthiesen & C. Libermans (Ed)
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           Interventions - IB                                      Ramos (Editor)
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           Disease‖): Current and Proposed Safeguards
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                                                                        Page 45
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           Colorectal, Neoplasia
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Medicine   Disability, Long-term Care, and Health Care in the 21st   M. Morris & J. Hartnett ( (Editor)           978-1-60692-253-8   2008
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           with / Developmental Disabilities in Primary Care, The (Eds)

Medicine   Epilepsy Research Progress                                Kaito Takahashi (Editor)                     978-1-60456-091-6   2008
Medicine   EPR Imaging and Its In Vivo Application                    Hidekatsu Yokoyama (Editor)                 978-1-60692-889-9   2009
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Medicine   Focus for Excellence Laboratory Practice                   Viroj Wiwanitkit (Editor)                   978-1-60692-585-0   2009

                                                                          Page 46
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Medicine   Focus on Cancer Research                                    Carlos M. Alvarez (Editor)                    978-1-60021-729-6   2008
Medicine   Focus on Disability: Trends in Research and Application,    T. Kroll (Ed)                                 978-1-60021-792-0   2008
           Volume II
Medicine   Focus on Emerging Food-Borne Infections                     Wiwanitkit, Viroj (Author)                    978-1-60456-820-2   2008
Medicine   Food Allergies: New Research                                Carrie M. Chesterton (Editor)                 978-1-60456-978-0   2008
Medicine   Food and Health in the New Millennium: A Concise Guide      R.S.-Kennedy (Eds)                            978-1-60456-731-1   2008
           to the Role of Nutrition in Health and Disease
Medicine   Frontiers in Breast Cancer Research                         Louis P. Fortugno (Editor)                    978-1-60021-671-8   2008
Medicine   Gastric Cancer Research Trends                              Marilyn B. Tompkins (Editor)                  978-1-60021-725-8   2008
Medicine   Gene Therapy and Cancer Research Focus                      Rebecca N. Campbell (Editor)                  978-1-60021-970-2   2008
Medicine   Gene Therapy and Cancer Research Progress                   Jessica L. Lewis (Editor)                     978-1-60221-811-8   2008
Medicine   Genetic Predisposition To Disease: New Research             L.E. Bernard and M.B. Laurent( Authors)       978-1-60456-836-3   2008

Medicine   Gut Stem Cells: Multipotent, Clonogenic and the Origin of   S. Bamba,W. R. Ott (Editor)                   978-1-60456-968-1   2009
           Gastrointestinal Cancer
Medicine   Handbook of Compounds with Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-      R.M. Perez Gutierrez (Ed)                     978-1-60456-607-9   2009
           Platelet Aggregation Activities Isolated from Plants
Medicine   Health Care Policies                                         Editors: Linda A. Bartlette and Ida F.       978-1-60456-352-8   2008
Medicine   Health Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices                    Patricia I. Eddington & Umberto V.           978-1-60456-033-6   2008
                                                                       Mastolli (Editors)
Medicine   Health Professional Shortage Areas                           General Accounting Office (Editor)           978-1-60456-409-9   2008
Medicine   Heart Disease in Women                                      Benjamin V. Lardner & Harrison R.             978-1-60692-066-4   2009
                                                                       Pennelton (Editor)
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                                                                       Cursaro, A. Gramenzi, C. Fortini,A.
                                                                       Cuppini,M. Bernardi,P. Andreone,L. Micco
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Medicine   Human Experimental Therapeutic Models in Opioid             M. Greenwald (Editor)                         978-1-60456-807-3   2008
Medicine   Hygiene and its Role in Health                              Patrick L. Anderson and Jerome P.             978-1-60456-195-1   2008
                                                                       Lachan (Editors)
Medicine   Immune Tolerance Research Developments                      Emile B. Pontell (Editor)                     978-1-60456-209-5   2008
Medicine   Immunologic Adjuvant Research                                Antonio H. Benvenuto (Editor)                978-1-60692-399-3   2009
Medicine   Impact of Oxidative Stress on Diabetes Mellitus and         J.Varvaoovska,R.Stitina,J.Sykora,Z.Rusav      978-1-60456-152-4   2008
           Inflammatory / Bowel Diseases                               y,J.Racek,S.Lacigova,K.Siala (Ed.)

                                                                            Page 47
Medicine   Inflammation Research Perspectives                        Giocomo T. Romano (Editor)                  978-1-60021-845-3   2008
Medicine   Inflammatory Conditions of the Colon                      Jia-ju Zheng (Editor)                       978-1-60692-240-8   2008
Medicine   Influenza Pandemic and Steps to Counter It               GAO (Editor)                                 978-1-60456-842-4   2008
Medicine   Integrated Health Care Delivery                           Leonie A. Klein and Emily L. Neumann        978-1-60456-851-6   2008
Medicine   Laser Keratectomy: Approaches, Complications and          Luis W. Schröder and Felix J. Walter        978-1-60456-863-9   2009
           Effectiveness                                            (Editors)
Medicine   Leading-Edge Research in Alzheimer's Disease              Victor K. Olkhov and Sandra N. Rayburn      978-1-60456-225-5   2008
Medicine   Leading-Edge Stem Cell Research                           Dr. Prasad S. Koka (Editor)                 978-1-60456-268-2   2008
Medicine   Life Style and Health Research Progress                  Anna B. Turley and Gertrude C. Hofmann       978-1-60456-427-3   2008
Medicine   Life Style and Health Research                            Meridith R. Blakely and Sarah M.            978-1-60456-425-9   2008
                                                                    Timmons (Editors)
Medicine   Low Back Pain: New Research                              Maja C. Jansson and William J. Lindberg      978-1-60456-532-4   2008
Medicine   Lung Cancer in Women                                      Varetta N. Torres (Editor)                  978-1-60021-659-6   2008
Medicine   Mad Cow Disease Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy          Geoffrey S. Becker, Curtis W. Copeland /    978-1-60456-324-5   2008
                                                                    and Sarah A. Lister (Editors)

Medicine   Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Breast Tumors          G. Tse,H. S.Cheung , J.Ma ( Editor)         978-1-60456-882-0   2009
Medicine   Magnetically-Assisted Hemodialysis: A New Strategy for    D.Stamopoulos, D. Benaki , P. Bouziotis     978-1-60456-681-9   2008
           Treatment of End Stage Renal Disease                     (Editor)
Medicine   Malaria Research in Southeast Asia                        Viroj Wiwanitkit (Editor)                   978-1-60021-821-7   2008
Medicine   Managed Care Programs                                    Momoka Ito and Yui Nakajima (Editors)        978-1-60456-489-1   2008

Medicine   Manual of Evidence-Based Research for the Health          F. Chiappelli (Editor)                      978-1-60021-885-9   2008
           Sciences:Implication for Clinical Dentistry
Medicine   Mast Cells: Roles, Interactions and Disorders             Jonas F. Jung and Luca T. Scholz            978-1-60456-879-0   2008
Medicine   Measles Virus Nucleoprotein                               Longhi, Sonia (Editor)                      978-1-60021-629-9   2008
Medicine   Medicaid: Services, Costs and Future                      Editor: Sophia R. Ketler                    978-1-60456-351-1   2008
Medicine   Medical Biochemoinformatics                              Viroj Wiwanitkit (Editor)                    978-1-60456-501-0   2008
Medicine   Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit: A Primer       Jennifer O’Sullivan (Editor)                978-1-60456-622-2   2008
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                                                                         Page 48
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           Healing Systems During Hospital Stays

                                                                          Page 49
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           Cancer Control and Prevention in the Majority World
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Medicine   Role of Newly Detected and Emerging Viruses in Childhood O. Schildgen (Editor)                         978-1-60456-519-5   2009
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                                                                            Page 50
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                                                                          Page 51
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                                                                            Page 52
Medicine         Sensing the Change: / From Molecular Genetics to              Ivan Yu. Torshin (Editor)                978-1-60692-217-0     2009
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Medicine         The Effects of Marriage on Health: A Synthesis of Recent   Robert G. Wood, Sarah Avellar, and          978-1-60692-999-5     2009
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Music            Vano Saradjishvili Tbilisi State Conservatoire, The 1917-  Manana Doijashvili (Editor)                 978-1-60021-910-8     2008
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                                                                                    Page 53
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Neuroscience     A System Architecture Approach to the Brain: / From       L. Andrew Coward (Editor)                   978-1-60456-522-5   2009
                 Neurons to Consciousness
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                                                                                Page 54
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               Nervous System
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               Pathways of Cerebral Ischemia
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Neuroscience   Visual Cortex: New Research                                Thomas A. Portocello and Rudolph B.         978-1-60456-530-0   2008
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Nutrition      Free Radicals Effect on Cytostatica, Vitamins, Hormones     Nikola Getoff (Editor)                     978-1-60456-291-0   2008
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                                                                               Page 55
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            Design for Telephone Network Security                  Int..(Eds)

                                                                               Page 56
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                                                                            Page 57
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                                                                            Page 58
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Politics and   A Guide to the Economics and Fiscal Performance of the  R.P.Singh (Editor)                          978-1-60692-428-0   2009
Government     Federal Government (1976-2007)
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                                                                               Page 59
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                                                                                 Page 60
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Government     Modifications
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Government                                                                 University) (Editor)
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Government     Amendment
Politics and   Governance and Social Professions: How Much Openness P. Herrmann (Ed)                                978-1-60456-250-7    2008
Government     / is Needed and How Much Openness is Possible? (W.
               Thomas Ser./Democr.Soc.Stu./ Intern.Soc. Pol.)

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                                                                               Page 61
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Government     Series)
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Government     Volunteers
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Government     on Reconstruction of the Periphery                        East Tech.U.) Yeldan,E. (Bilkend U.)
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                                                                                 Page 62
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Government     Developments
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Government     the Third Edition)
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Politics and   Role of Home State Senators in the Selection of / Lower     Denis Steven Rutkus (Editor)             978-1-60456-954-4     2008
Government     Federal Court Judges
Politics and   Sarbanes-Oxley Act: Implementation, Significance, and       Wilma H. Fletcher and Theodore N. Plette 978-1-60456-087-9     2008
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Politics and   Sarbanes-Oxley and the Competitive Position of U.S. Stock    Mark Jickling (Editor)                  978-1-60692-166-1     2009
Government     Markets
Politics and   Security Classified and Controlled Information - CRS        Harold C. Relyea (Editor)                978-1-60456-758-8     2008
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Government                                                                 (Editors)
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Politics and   State and Local Governments: Growing Fiscal Challenges      GAO (Editor)                             978-1-60456-585-0     2008

                                                                                Page 63
Politics and   State Foreign Operations and Related Programs                 Connie Veillette and Susan B. Epstein    978-1-60456-716-8     2008
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Government     OECD Countries                                               (Editor)
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               1800 /
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Government     Department of State (Editors) / 2009. ISBN: 978-1-60456-
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Government     and Current Issues.
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                                                                                Page 66
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                                                                             Page 67
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                                                                            Page 68
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                       Rican Children's Developing Conceptualization of Their
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Space                  Next Generation of Human Space Flight Systems                 Alfred T. Chesley (Editor)                 978-1-60692-726-7   2009
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                                                                                         Page 69
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Terrorism              Maritime Tankers: / Terrorist Threats, Consequences and Thomas P. Naylor (Editor)                    978-1-60692-205-7   2009
                       Protective Measures
Terrorism              New Taliban The,: Emergence and Ideological Sanctions      Syed Manzar Abbas Zaidi (Editor)          978-1-60692-882-0   2009
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Terrorism              New Topics on Terrorism, Counter-terrorism, and             Trevor N. Bellingham (Editor)            978-1-60456-196-8   2008
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Terrorism              Terrorism Watch List Screening                             GAO (Editor) / 2008. ISBN: 978-1-60456-   978-1-60456-464-8   2008
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Terrorism              Terrorism: Near Eastern Groups and State Sponsors          Kenneth Katzman (Editor)                  978-1-60692-049-7   2009

                                                                                     Page 70
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Terrorism        Maintaining Homeland Security                      Alan P. Proctor and Jason T. Waleford   978-1-60692-990-2   2009
Transportation   America's Bridges ? ? ?                            Evan N. Kantwell (Editor)               978-1-60456-097-8   2008
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