Conductive Ink for Gravure Printing by dfgh4bnmu



Conductive Ink for
Gravure Printing
a revolution in conductive ink — enabling
cheaper, easier, greener printed electronics
The Vor-ink™ line of conductive inks is transforming the printed      Exceptional conductivity
electronics industry through its ease of processing and exceptional
conductivity. Based on Vorbeck’s Vor-x technology, Vor-ink            Sinter-free processing
requires no sintering.
                                                                      Graphic ink-like curing
Vor-ink Gravure has been specifically formulated for gravure
printing applications. Optimal ink viscosity and exceptional          Robust films with
conductivity ensure consistent performance on a variety
                                                                      excellent flexibility
of substrates, including paper and PET—even in the most
demanding thin-film applications. Ask about custom formulations        Maintains rated
for your particular needs.
                                                                      resistivity below 2 µm
                                                                      EPA-approved for
                                                                      commercial sale

                                                                      Technical Specifications
                                                                      Density: 0.85 kg/l (7.1 lb/gal)
                                                                      Viscosity: 600 - 750 cP
                                                                      Surface Resistivity @ 1 mil: 1 Ω/sq
                                                                      Bulk Conductivity at 2 µm: 300 S/cm
                                                                      Adhesion: ASTM D3359-B certified
                                                                      Flexibility: ASTM F1683-05e1 certified (13%)


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