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McIntosh County Academy


									           McIntosh County
               Student Handbook
           Home of the Buccaneers

            Celebrating Making AYP 2008, 2009 & 2010

            MCA Leads Area in GHSGT Scores in 2009

        MCA Leads Area in Graduation Rate in 2009 & 2010

MCA Exceeds State Average on Economics and Biology EOCT in 2009

   MCA Exceeds State Average on English EOCT in 2009 & 2010

 Recipient of State School Superintendent’s Achievement Award in

         Named Title I Distinguished School Award in 2010

                   SACS Accreditation in 2010
     McIntosh County Academy
                             Student Handbook
                          Home of the Buccaneers

                                Mr. Larry Day, Principal
           Mrs. Robin Hunter, Assistant Principal/Director of Special Education
               Mr. Terrance Haywood, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

                                   Dr. William A. Hunter

                                    Board of Education
                              Mr. Harold Webster, Chairperson
                           Mr. Joseph Maulden, Vice-Chairperson
                                 Mr. Dwight Jordan, Member
                                 Mr. Ronald Young, Member
                                 Mrs. Holly Boone, Member

                                  Mission Statement

The McIntosh County School System will provide an opportunity for each student
to receive an excellent education culminating in a high school diploma.

  8945 Highway 17 North                                         Phone: (912) 437-6691
  Darien, Georgia 31305                                         Fax:   (912) 437-3077

   MCA Student Handbook                                                            2
              McIntosh County Academy
                          8945 Highway 17 North • Darien, Georgia 31305
                            Phone (912) 437-6691• Fax (912) 437-3077

Dear Students and Parents,

Welcome to another great school year at MCA. I am very excited about beginning another new
school year with you.

We, as a school, will do all we can to ensure all students are successful in earning a high school
diploma, but we need your help to earn that goal. W e also encourage parents to become
actively involved in your child’s education by monitoring your child’s academic progress. Make
it a priority to visit and call your child’s teachers. You are always welcome at MCA. W e need to
work together to ensure that your child has a successful high school experience.

Our goal for this year is to focus on providing your child with a quality education preparing them
for graduation and beyond. W e will continue to offer a rigorous academic program of advanced
courses. W e will continue to offer Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education courses as
elective credits to students who are interested. We want your child to be successful in life and
we feel it is our job to prepare them for success. We will continue to evaluate instructional data,
identify areas that need improvement, then develop and implement strategies that will improve
these areas. W e also continue to offer remediation courses such as Study Skills where New
Century Education software is utilized for individualized instruction based on individual needs.

We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs that enable to students to enjoy
high school. Our student athletes have excelled and have benefitted from earning college
scholarships. W e also have a marching band that has won awards of excellence and earned
high rankings at festivals and competitions. So I encourage you to become involved in
extracurricular activities and find somewhere to showcase your talent.

I value every member of the faculty and staff and join them in welcoming each student to
another great year at MCA. I look forward to serving you for another year as your Principal.


Larry Day, Principal

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                        3
                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS

ITEMS OF INTEREST                                       PAGE NUMBER
Academics                                                         10
ACT Dates                                                         18
Advisement                                                        13
Attendance                                                        20
Bell Schedule                                                      7
Bus Procedures & Discipline                                    39-43
Cafeteria                                                         28
Calendar                                                           5
Cell Phones & MP3 Players                                         35
Clubs                                                          31-32
Code of Conduct                                                33-37
Code of Conduct Chart                                             38
Computer/Technology Usage & Rules                                 44
Directory of Personnel                                           8-9
Dress Code                                                     35-36
Driver's License Certification of Attendance                      26
Eligibility - GHSA Requirements                                23-24
End of Course Test                                                17
Excused Absences                                                  20
Georgia High School Graduation Test                               16
Grade Promotion                                                   11
Grade Reporting                                                   10
Graduation Ceremony                                               12
Guidance Services                                                 13
Hall Passes                                                       27
Honor Graduates                                                   12
Important Telephone Numbers                                       56
Inappropriate Display of Public Affection                         38
ISS/OSS Ladder & ISS Rules & Regulations                          36
Leaving School                                                    38
Lockers                                                           28
Make-up Work                                                      20
Mandatory Education for Children (OCGA 20-2-690)                   9
Medical Clinic                                                    29
Policy Updates                                                    50
Progress Report Schedule                                           6
Report Card Schedule                                               6
SAT/PSAT Dates                                                    17
Search and Seizure                                                37
Student Discipline                                                38
Student Insurance                                                 28
Student Services                                                  26
Summer School/Credit Recovery                                     30
Tardy Policy                                                      20
Teenage & Adult Driver Responsibility Act                         26
Valedictorian and Salutatorian                                    12

  MCA Student Handbook                                        4
MCA Student Handbook   5
                             MCINTOSH COUNTY SCHOOLS

1st 9 Weeks               AUGUST 23RD – OCTOBER 19TH




2ND 9 Weeks               OCTOBER 19TH – JANUARY 11TH




3RD 9 Weeks               JANUARY 11TH - MARCH 14TH




4th 9 Weeks               MARCH 14TH – JUNE 1st




   MCA Student Handbook                                                 6
                       McIntosh County Academy
                       Master Bell Schedule 2011-2012

                         Periods    1st Lunch Schedule   Report to your 1st
                                                         Period Class for
                        Homeroom        8:05-8:15        Homeroom.

                            1           8:15-9:05        Attendance will be
                                                         taken during
                            2          9:10-10:00        Homeroom Period.
                         BREAK         10:05-10:15       Announcements,
                                                         Pledge, and Moment
                            3          10:20-11:10       of Silence will be
                            4          11:15-12:05       conducted during
                                                         Homeroom Period.
                         LUNCH         12:05-12:35
                            5          12:40-1:30
                            6           1:35-2:25
                            7           2:30-3:20

                         Periods    2nd Lunch Schedule
                        Homeroom        8:05-8:15
                           1            8:15-9:05
                           2            9:10-10:00
                         BREAK         10:05-10:15
                           3           10:20-11:10
                           4           11:15-12:05
                           5            12:10-1:00
                         LUNCH          1:00-1:30
                           6            1:35-2:25
                           7            2:30-3:20

MCA Student Handbook                                               7
                              McIntosh County Academy
                               Directory of Personnel

      Name                     Department/Area                    Email Address
    Day, Larry                     Principal
                             Assistant Principal for
  Hunter, Robin          Instruction/Director of Special
                               Assistant Principal/
Haywood, Terrance
                                Athletic Director
                                         TEACHING STAFF
 Adams, Theresa          Physical Education and Health
                            Physical Education and
  Albright, Chad
                           Health/Driver's Education
 Barrow, Melissa                Social Studies
                         Study Skills / Head Wrestling
  Barrow, Scott
Bowles, Stephanie         Media Specialist / Fine Arts
  Brooker, Scott           English / Baseball Coach
 Carmichael, Traci               Art Education
  Daniell, Robert              ISS Coordinator
  Flesch, David               Special Education
 Haygood, Glenda                     Math
                              Trade and Industry
   Holley, Matt

 Jackson, William            Technology Teacher 

  Kunkel, Donna                 Social Studies
  Kunkel, Maria               Special Education
 Mallory, Meghan                   Science
McMullen, Margaret                  English
   Quigley, Lori                     Math

  MCA Student Handbook                                                            8
         Rhodes, Violet                                                    Math
     Rosenbaum, Alicia                                                  English
    Rosenbaum, Lance                                              Social Studies
         Rowe, Amanda                                                   English
         Simmons, Vicki                                    Guidance Counselor
          Slice, Michael                                             Agriculture
    Thurston, Jonathan                                        Director of Bands
        Thurston, Sandi                                                 Spanish
             Weis, Katie                                                Science
                                                                    SUPPORT STAFF
                                                       Principal /Special Needs
         Brigman, Missy
            Hendrix, AJ                                    Paraprofessional
         Hyndman, Ken                                       Technology Director
                                                           Secretary to                                             
           Loder, Tricia
          Myers, Archie                                      Attendance Officer
           Rivera, Jose                                        Paraprofessional
         Stregles, Cindy                                            Bookkeeper
          Swindell, Nan                                           School Nurse
          Thomas, Tina                                                Secretary                                   
        Walker, Delores                                        Paraprofessional


In compliance with the requirements of the No Child Left Behind statute the McIntosh County School District informs parents that you may request information about the professional qualifications of
your student's teacher(s). The following information may be requested:1) whether the teacher has met the Georgia Professional Standards Commission requirements for certification for the grade
level and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction;2) whether the teacher is teaching under an emergency or other provisional status through which Georgia qualifications or certification
criteria has been waived;3) the college major and any graduate certification or degree held by the teacher;4) whether the student is provided services by paraprofessionals, and if so, their
qualifications. If you wish to request information concerning your child's teacher's qualification, please contact the principal at your child's school. {Section 1111(h) (6)}

          MCA Student Handbook                                                                                                                                               9

Progress Reports: Will be sent home with the student every third (3rd) and sixth (6th) week.

Report Cards: Report Cards will be mailed home every nine (9) weeks. Students may also be
given a written notification in the form of a deficiency. All fines or fees must be paid and all
textbooks must be returned before the student may have his/her report card. Incomplete grades
must be made up within 10 calendar days after the conclusion of any term. Falsification of grade
reports will be dealt with at the discretion of the administration.

GRADING SCALE:                A = 90-100 B = 80-89 C = 70-79 F = 60-69


Each student must choose from one of two different graduation paths. A minimum of 22 credits
must be earned before a student will be awarded a high school diploma. (GA BOE 160-4-2-.46
and 160-4-2-.47)

Passing all portions of the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) is a graduation
requirement for all students who entered the ninth grade after July 1, 1991. Students are tested
in five areas: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, & Writing. Students are
administered the GHSGT in the spring of the eleventh grade year.



College Prep Diploma Credit Requirements: 22

      4 Units of English (9,10, 11, 12) (Honors or AP)
      4 Units of Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus or Algebra III)
      3 Units of Science (Environmental Science, Biology, Physical Science and or Chemistry)
      3 Units of Social Sciences (Civics/Economics, World History, US History)
      2 Units of Foreign Language (French or Spanish)

College Preparatory (CP) Program - a program of study requiring 22 units.
Completion of this program is signified by a High School Diploma with a
College Preparatory Seal.

It is recommended that you include a fine arts class in your course selection. While most of the
University System of Georgia does not require a fine arts credit, colleges in other states and
some scholarship programs do have a fine arts requirement.

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                     10
Tech/Career Diploma Credit Requirements: 22

      4 Units of English (9, 10, 11, 12)
      3 Units of Math (Must include Concepts of Problem Solving and Concepts of Algebra or
       Algebra I)
      3 Units of Science (Environmental Science, Biology, Physical Science)
      3 Units of Social Science (Civics/Economics, World History, US History)

Technology/Career-preparatory (TC) Program - a program of study
requiring 22 units. Completion of this program is signified by a high school
diploma with a Technology/Career-Preparatory Seal.

                NEW GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS Beginning with the
                     GRADUATING CLASS of 2012 and Beyond

The rule was revised in conjunction with the implementation of the new Georgia Performance
Standards in English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies as well as electives. The new
curriculum and the new graduation requirements will help students graduate from high school
with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in college and the workplace.

All students will be required to complete a total of 23 units
for graduation. All students will take:

      4 units of English
      4 units of Science
      4 units of Mathematics
      3 units of Social Studies
      At least 3 units required from:
           o Foreign Language* and/or CTAE and/or Fine Arts for all students
      At least 4 additional electives
      1 health/physical education course

* Students planning to enter or transfer into a University System of
Georgia institution must take two units of the same foreign language.



For additional information on the McIntosh County School System’s Graduation Policy:

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                  11
Honor Roll

Nine weeks and/or semester honor roll will be based on the following averages:
     A Honor Roll: 90-100
     A-B Honor Roll: 80-100
A student must receive credit for all classes to be eligible for the Honor Roll with all As or all A/Bs.

The Honor Roll will be published at the end of each NINE WEEK grading period.


McIntosh County Academy is on the 7-period day schedule. Students must have 22 credits to
graduate and can earn 7 credits per year. Students from traditional schools earn 6 credits per
year. Transferring students graduation requirements will be based on state graduation
requirements and individual transcripts.


In order to participate in the commencement exercises of McIntosh County Academy, a student
must meet the required number of units for graduation and must have passed all sections of the
Georgia High School Graduation Test. If these requirements are not met, there will be no
participation in the ceremony. If a student earns the required number of units at the conclusion
of summer school, a diploma with the appropriate date will then be ordered.

* Seniors with outstanding fines, fees or unreturned school property will not receive a transcript or be
  allowed to participate in graduation ceremony.
* Based on extremely negative behavior, seniors can be removed from taking part in the
  graduation ceremony.
* Attending graduation practice is mandatory in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.


An Honor Graduate is a graduating senior whose cumulative grade point average is 90 or above
at the end of the 3rd Nine week grading period.


To be Valedictorian or Salutatorian, a student must have completed a minimum of 4 terms at
McIntosh County Academy by the end of the first term in his/her senior year. He/she must have
taken a minimum of 3 Honors and/or AP classes during his/her coursework.


Qualified high school seniors and juniors may participate in the Post-Secondary Option (PSO)
program, which offers the opportunity to take core classes to fulfill college requirements.
Students may also participate in Dual Enrollment classes, which allow high school students to
simultaneously earn college or technical credit toward a post secondary diploma or certificate
that will also count as credit toward a high school diploma. Students should check with the
counseling department for information regarding how these courses apply to high school
    MCA Student Handbook                                                                                   12


Guidance at McIntosh County Academy is a service provided to help facilitate the personal
growth, adjustment and decision-making process of each student. The transition from
adolescence to young adulthood can, and often does, create some causes of concern at one time
or another. The guidance counselor at McIntosh County Academy is available to help Students
Bridge the gap between these stages of development. The counselor seeks to assist all students in
building a foundation upon which the students can demonstrate positive attitudes within
themselves and maintain healthy productive relationships with others in their environment.

Services Available

1.        Career awareness, exploration, and development
2.        Individual and group counseling for personal/academic concerns
3.        Student/Parent conferences for transcript reviews
4.        Mentoring programs
5.        Post Secondary Options (PSO)
6.        Identification of and/or contact with community agencies and resource personnel
7.        Scholarships, including the Georgia HOPE Scholarship and Grant
8.        Selection of career academy
9.        Student Enrollment and Withdrawal
10.       Academic Advisement and Counseling
11.       Graduation Requirements and Checklists
12.       Four Year Academic Planning
13.       Crisis Intervention
14.       Parent/Teacher Conferences
15.       Student Academic and Personal Record Guardian
16.       Community Referral Liaison


Please note that scheduling high school students for classes is a complicated procedure that is
very different from scheduling elementary or middle school students. It is not possible to
schedule every student with the exact sequence of classes because all classes are not taught each
period. All scheduling is computer generated and although each student’s schedule may not be
exactly as he/she desires; computer generating provides a fair and equitable opportunity for each
student. Elective classes are given based on student requests from the class selection form and
are scheduled after academic classes.

Schedule/Class Change Policy

Students may receive their completed schedule for the upcoming year before classes begin in
August. Students will also be provided with a copy of their class schedule on the first day of
school. The counseling office and administrators will evaluate each student’s schedule and make
changes based on conflicts or omission of academic classes needed for graduation.

      MCA Student Handbook                                                                  13
TEACHER AUTHORITY: (20-2-737 & 20-2-738):

A teacher shall have the authority to remove from his or her class a student who repeatedly or
substantially interferes with the teacher's ability to communicate effectively with the students in
the class or with the ability of the student's classmates to learn.


The following information is required before we can register a student at McIntosh County

       Certified Birth Certificate
       Proof of residency (This is normally a utility bill or lease agreement with the student’s
        911 address on it.)
       Copy of withdrawal form from the previous high school
       A discipline report and attendance history from previous school
       Immunization Certificate from a Georgia Health Department*
       Vision, Hearing, and Dental Screening Certificate from a Georgia Health Department
       Social Security Card
       Release of Records form (to request academic, attendance, and discipline records)
       In some cases, legal documents describing custody may be required.

We realize that some of this information is difficult to obtain. We regret any
inconvenience, but it is necessary according to Georgia State Law and McIntosh
County BOE policy that the information is provided before entering McIntosh
County Academy.
*If you do not have these items, you will have 30 days in which to obtain them. The student may
be asked to withdraw after 30 days for non-compliance.
If you are transferring from another state or country, you have 90 calendar days in which to
provide these health certificates.
*Ultimately, you and your parents are responsible for maintaining up-to-date immunization

Note: Parents should immediately report the health status of their child to the school principal if
a physician diagnoses a communicable disease.

    MCA Student Handbook                                                                           14

Any person whose parental rights have not been specifically revoked by court order, any
guardian, or any individual acting as a parent in the absence of a parent or guardian may inspect
the education records of his or her child during the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday
through Friday while school is in session. Generally, a parent will be permitted to obtain a copy
of education records of his/her child upon reasonable notice and payment of the reasonable
copying cost of twenty-five cents per page. Student records will be forwarded to schools within
or outside the McIntosh County School System upon request of the school where a student is
enrolling. Procedures for obtaining access to student records are outlined in the McIntosh County
Board of Education Policy Manual under J-Student Records:


The McIntosh County School System gives notice that certain information may be disclosed by
the school for publicity purposes or to members of the public requesting it. Directory information
in the McIntosh County School System includes the student's name, address, telephone number,
date of birth, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of
members of athletic teams, degrees and awards received and the most recent previous
educational agency or institution attended by the student.

Parents of students in the McIntosh County School System or any student who is eighteen years
of age or older have the right to refuse to permit the release of any or all of this information. If
you are a parent or a student eighteen years of age or older and you do not wish this information
this information released to anyone, you must notify the principal in writing, at McIntosh County
Academy, 1915 Hwy 17 North, Darien, Georgia, 31305.

Parent Notification

In Compliance with the requirements of the No Child Left Behind statute the McIntosh County
School System in forms parents that you may request information about the professional
qualifications of your child’s teacher(s). The following information may be requested:

   Certification
   College major/graduate certification or degree held by teacher;
   Qualifications of the paraprofessional, if paraprofessional services are provided.

If you wish to request information concerning your child’s teachers’ qualifications, please
contact the principal at 912-437-6691.

    MCA Student Handbook                                                                      15

       Students who are withdrawing for any reason must report to the counseling office with a
       All books must be returned and all fines must be paid.
       The parent/guardian must provide the reason for withdrawal.
       If transferring to another school, the name of the school must be provided.
       The parent/guardian must provide the new home address and last date that the student
        will attend MCA.


Final Examinations

       Students are responsible for being present for final examinations.
       Make-up exams will only be given in cases of documented emergencies.
       The make-up exams must be completed within 5 calendar days of the student’s return to
       A Senior who misses the final exams may be removed from the graduation ceremony.
       Exams may NOT be given early without prior written approval from the principal.


All students seeking a Georgia high school diploma must pass the Georgia High School
Graduation Tests (GHSGT) in four content areas as well as the Georgia High School Writing
Assessment. These assessments ensure that students qualifying for a diploma have mastered
essential core academic content and skills.

Students take the graduation tests for the first time in the eleventh grade. The Writing
Assessment takes place in the fall, and the GHSGT in English Language Arts, Mathematics,
Science, and Social Studies occur in the spring of the eleventh grade. Students who do not pass
on the first attempt of the tests have multiple opportunities to receive additional instruction,
retest, and qualify for graduation before the spring of the twelfth grade.

The following are links will be beneficial in preparing for the Georgia High School Graduation Test:'ServicePage'&ServiceID='3488'


Each year, students around the world who want to learn and achieve at the highest level become
AP students. Through AP's college-level courses and exams, you can earn college credit and
advanced placement, stand out in the admissions process, and learn from some of the most
skilled, dedicated, and inspiring teachers in the world.

    MCA Student Handbook                                                                           16

The Georgia Department of Education has mandated End-of-Course tests in certain academic
classes. These tests will count 15% of the student’s final grade. McIntosh County Academy is
required to comply with state board rules and will count End-of-Course tests in the percentage
mandated in the courses in which end of course tests are required. End-of-Course tests are very
important because they are linked to the GHSGT.


The purpose of the PSAT is to assess students’ verbal and mathematical reasoning skills, to
prepare them for the SAT and to allow them to compete for scholarships. The verbal section tests
reasoning skills, vocabulary, and reading using analogies, sentence completions and critical
reading items. The math section tests reasoning, problem solving in arithmetic, algebra and
geometry. Because of the keen analytical, reading, problem-solving, verbal and mathematical
skills needed, students can improve their scores by mastering the content of rigorous high school
courses. Students can use the PSAT to prepare for the SAT and to examine their future academic
success. They can also compete for scholarships, such as the National Merit and National
Achievement Scholarships. By taking the PSAT, students will also become aware of the need to
take rigorous courses in high school. This will increase their ability to enroll in and succeed in
the college of their choice because they will have a strong high school preparation and be able to
earn their best SAT scores.


In 2011, high schools may administer the PSAT/NMSQT on Wednesday, October 12, 2011 or
Saturday, October 15, 2011.


The fee for the 2011 PSAT/NMSQT is $14. (Note: Schools sometimes charge an additional fee
to cover administrative costs.) The College Board makes fee waivers available to schools for
students in eleventh grade from low-income families who can't afford the test fee. See your
counselor for more information about fee waivers.

For more information on PSAT/NMSQT visit:

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                     17

Colleges, universities, and scholarship programs use a student's academic record and SAT (or
ACT) scores to determine if the student is prepared to enter post-secondary education. SAT
scores help a student understand reasoning ability and academic strengths. Scores help a student
decide if additional courses are needed to help prepare for college.

                                U.S. Registration Deadlines
      2011-2012                     Test                   Regular Registration Deadline
      Test Dates                                              (postmark/submit by)

  October 1, 2011          SAT & Subject Tests                  September 9, 2011

 November 5, 2011          SAT & Subject Tests                    October 7, 2011

 December 3, 2011          SAT & Subject Tests                   November 8, 2011

  January 28, 2012         SAT & Subject Tests                  December 30, 2011

   March 10, 2012                SAT only                        February 10, 2012

      May 5, 2012          SAT & Subject Tests                      April 6, 2012

    June 2, 2012           SAT & Subject Tests                      May 8, 2012

For more information on SAT visit:


         Test Date               Registration Deadline               (Late Fee Required)

   September 10, 2011               August 12, 2011                  August 13– 26, 2011

      October 22, 2011             September 16, 2011              September 17 – 30, 2011

   December 10, 2011               November 4, 2011                 November 5 – 18, 2011

    February 11, 2012               January 13, 2012                January 14 – 20, 2012

       April 14, 2012                March 9, 2012                   March 10 – 23, 2012

        June 9, 2012                  May 4, 2012                      May 5 – 18, 2012

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                     18
HOPE Scholarship and HOPE Grant

The HOPE Scholarship requires students pursuing a College Preparatory diploma to earn a grade
point average of B or higher in all required academic and foreign language classes. (These
requirements may change.) Elective classes are not considered when calculating grade point
averages for the HOPE Scholarship.

The HOPE Grant is available to all Georgia high school graduates, regardless of grade point
average, for use in certificate or diploma programs at University System of Georgia Technical
Colleges. The HOPE Grant is for use in certificate or diploma programs but may not be used for
expenses in degree programs.

For more information on HOPE Scholarship and HOPE Grant visit:

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                  19

Compulsory school attendance is required for all students residing in McIntosh County,
according to the specifications of the laws of Georgia.

Any parent, guardian, or other person residing in this state who has control or charge of a child
or children and who violates state law 20-2-690.1 which states parents and guardians are subject
to fines of not less than $25.00 nor more than $100.00 or imprisonment up to 30 days or
community service or any combination of penalties if their children violate this code section.
Each absence after notification of violation that a child has five unexcused days of absence shall
constitute a separate offense.

Further provides that the school system shall after 2 reasonable attempts to notify parents of a
child of five unexcused days of absence without response, notify parents or guardians via
certified mail return receipt requested.

A student will be permitted 5 days of excused absences to visit with military parent on leave or
being deployed to combat zone, OCGA 20-2-692.1

All students must be on time to school and class. Tardies will not be tolerated. If students miss
more than 15 minutes of a class period, it constitutes an absence. Consequences for students
who do not practice punctuality are outlined in the student handbook. A student may not be
absent any portion of the school day on the day of a scheduled school sponsored activity
including band and athletics.

If a student is suspended, the number of days suspended counts as part of the six-day limit for
credit. Credit will not be lost on the seventh day if it is a suspension day; however, credit will be
lost on the next unexcused from school /following the suspension. Parents will be notified in
writing when a student has missed two (2) school days in any one semester. Parents will be
notified by mail after a student has missed five (5) school days.

Following the guidelines in the student handbook, students may make up missed work for
absences. Students who have not previously been enrolled in a school setting, and transfer
students, in both cases, who are 16 years of age or older and who have exceeded the maximum
number of absences, thus causing loss of credit, will not be allowed to enroll until the following

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                         20

McIntosh County Academy recognizes the following as legally excused absences:

      Illness
      Death of a family member
      Religious holiday
      Court or governmental services
      Weather or other environmental conditions preventing school attendance
      An absence not to exceed (1) day in order for the student to register to vote

A student will NOT be counted absent for the following reasons:

      Pre-approved school activity (field trips, school competitions, travel to sporting events,
       school testing, etc.)
      College visits (3 maximum) during the 12th grade only
      Any student assigned to In-School Suspension
      Any student who is placed on Hospital-homebound (Assigned work must be turned in
       before additional work is assigned)
      Special circumstances that are approved by the Principal

Notes from:
1.     Parent - will be accepted for an excused absence on three separate occasions per
       semester if the student’s excuse is turned in within 5 days of his/her return to school!
2.     Doctor is required for all subsequent absences, if the student wishes to make-up missed

PLEASE NOTE: Missed assignments must be made up within 5 days of returning to classes.
The teacher has full discretion to allow students to make up any assignments/work missed due
to OSS. Teachers are not required to allow students make up their missed work.


The McIntosh County Board of Education and McIntosh County Academy believe that
students should be in classes every day. When a student accumulates 6 unexcused absences in
a semester, the student will lose credit in all classes in which 6 absences were accumulated. A
student who loses credit will have the right to appeal to the Appeals Committee. The appeal
must be filed within 3 days of the notification of the student’s parent/guardian of the loss of

If excessive unexcused absences continue: The District Attendance Coordinator will determine
if a referral to juvenile or magistrate court is appropriate. The school administrators shall
involve the school social worker in any instances where circumstances outside the school setting
impact a student’s attendance or where involvement of the school social worker can assist the
student and the student’s family in improving school attendance.

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                       21

All children in Georgia between the ages of 6 and 16 are required to attend school. Any
parent, guardian or other person who has control or charge of a child or children who
violates this law shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Upon conviction possible penalties
included any or all of the following:
     Fines
     Imprisonment
     Community service
     DFCS referral


      If it is necessary to check out of school before the end of the day, the student’s
       parent/guardian must call the school. All student pick-ups must be before 3:00 p.m.
      Students will NOT be allowed to check back into school, unless they are returning with
       verification of an excused absence.
      If a student checks out of school before or during a class, it will count as an absence if
       more than half of the class is missed and will be handled in accordance to the Attendance
      In order to be counted present for the day, the student cannot check out of school before
       11:21 a.m.


Attendance Codes:

      UNX- Unexcused (absent more than 15 minutes of class)
      UNV- Unverified
      EXC- Excused
      EDE- Early Dismissal Excused
      EDU- Early Dismissal Unexcused
      ISS- In School Suspension
      OSS- Out of School Suspension
      CUT- Truancy
      TDY- Tardy
      ACT- Activity
      ILL- Illness
      HMB- Homebound
      WAI- Waiver
      CUT- Truancy
      OTH- Other

For McIntosh County School System’s Attendance Policy please visit:
   MCA Student Handbook                                                                     22
    SPORT                             MISSION                                          COACH
Athletic Director / Gender Equity Sports Coordinator                            Terrance Haywood
Baseball                      to promote excellence in the area of baseball     Scott Brooker
                              competition and related activities.
Basketball                    to promote excellence in the area of basketball   Quincy Johnson
(Boys):                       competition and related activities.
Basketball                    to promote excellence in the area of basketball   Terrance Haywood
(Girls):                      competition and related activities.
Cheerleading                  to promote excellence in the area of cheering     Rose Harrison
                              and related activities.
Cross Country                 to promote excellence in the area of cross        Theresa Adams
                              country competition and related activities.
Football                       to promote excellence in the area of football    Keith Gosse
                              competition and related activities.
Golf                          to promote excellence in the area of golf         Brett Hall
                              competition and related activities.
Softball                      to promote excellence in the area of softball     Mike Simmons
                              competition and related activities.
Track (Boys):                 to promote excellence in the area of track and    Chad Albright
                              field competition and related activities.
Track (Girls):                to promote excellence in the area of track and
                              field competition and related activities.
Wrestling                     to promote excellence in the area of wrestling    Scott Barrow
                              competition and related activities.


 Students must accumulate Carnegie units towards graduation according to the following
 (a) First-year students (entering 9th grade) are eligible academically. Second semester first-
 year students must have passed courses carrying at least 2.5 Carnegie units the previous
 semester in order to participate.
 (b) Second-year students must have accumulated five (5) total Carnegie units in the first year,
 AND passed courses carrying at least 2.5 Carnegie units in the previous semester.
 (c) Third-year students must have accumulated eleven (11) Carnegie units in the first and
 second years, AND passed courses carrying at least 2.5 Carnegie units in the previous
 (d) Fourth-year students must have accumulated seventeen (17) Carnegie units in the first
 three years, AND passed courses carrying at least 2.5 Carnegie units in the previous semester.
 (e) Students may accumulate the required Carnegie units for participation during the school year
 and eligibility will be reinstated at the beginning of the next semester.
       MCA Student Handbook                                                                    23
NOTE: All students under the jurisdiction of the Georgia High School Association (GHSA)
Regulations and Local School Policy must be present all periods to participate in extra-curricular
activities. Any judgment concerning this policy will be made by the administration.

The Official Site of the Georgia High School Association:

An athlete at McIntosh County Academy is a special individual. He/She is a leader and example
to younger students and should be aware that his/her actions will have a great influence on their
behavior and attitudes. The objective of the athletic program is to establish character and values
that influence the athlete throughout his/her life. With this in mind, and in addition to G.H.S.A.
standards, we establish strong guidelines that must be observed.

Georgia High School Association, Eligibility Standards

A student whose 19th birthday was prior to May 1 of the preceding school year is over age and
not eligible to participate. All students must have passed 5 out of 7 courses the semester
immediately preceding participation to be eligible and must also be “on track” when as a 10th
grader (second year student), he/she has accumulated 4 units, and as an 11th grader (third year
student), he/she has accumulated 10 units, and as a 12th grader (fourth year student), he/she has
accumulated 16 units. A student will not be eligible for participation for more than eight
semesters from the date of taking the first ninth grade subject. A student who is suspended for
disciplinary purposes is not eligible to participate or try out for a GHSA activity during the
period of suspension. Suspension ends when the student is physically re-admitted to the

Breaking any of the following rules may result in suspension or dismissal from the
McIntosh County Academy Athletic Program:
   1. Use of illegal drugs, alcohol or tobacco
   2. Acting in an unsportsmanlike manner when representing the school
   3. Suspension from school by the administration, or three disciplinary referrals during the
       in-sport season
   4. Any act at school or away from school which in the opinion of the coaches or
       administration reflects on the athletic program in a negative manner
   5. Missing practice without permission
   6. Any act of dishonesty
   7. Conduct in the school or community which is below the acceptable standards
   8. Flagrant acts of disloyalty to his or her team, coaches, and school
   9. Consistent lack of effort
   10. Refusal to accept the discipline related to the minor rules of the team

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                       24
Once a student has been named a member of a team by the coach, he/she is making a
commitment to the team for the entire season. Therefore, under usual circumstances, when a
student quits a team, he/she will not be permitted to go out for a team during the same season,
or for the ensuing season, until after the end of the season for the sport he/she quit.

NONDISCRIMINATION NOTICE: State law prohibits discrimination based on gender in
athletic programs of local school systems (Equity in Sports Act, O.C.G.A. 20-2-315). Students
are hereby notified that the McIntosh County local school system does not discriminate on the
basis of gender in its athletic programs.

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                   25
   Student Services
Safe Supervision of Children at School

It is the desire of the McIntosh County School to assure that all children are safe and free from
harm while on the school grounds. To this end, parents should not bring students to the campus
before 7:20 a.m. and must make arrangements for the students to be picked up by no later than
3:30 p.m. Exceptions to this practice would be when the student is involved in a school
sponsored activity before or after school, where a designated adult has been identified as
responsible for supervision of the student. Infractions of this policy will result in action being
taken to remedy the problem, which may include a parent consultation with a school
administrator. Chronic or serious incidents of a student being found on school grounds without
proper supervision will result in a report being filed with the appropriate law enforcement agency
and the Department of Family and Children Services.


This certificate is required for Learners' and Drivers' Licenses in the state of Georgia. There is a
$1.00 fee for the certificate.


The Teenage and Adult Driver Responsibility Act was signed into law in April of 1997.
According to its guidelines, the following are standards that must be met before obtaining a
driver’s license before the age of 18:

      A certificate of attendance signed by the proper school personnel must be presented.
      This document is located in the main office.
      It takes 24 hours to get this certificate.
      There is a fee of $1.00 for this service.
      A student’s name is transmitted to the Department of Public Safety, as required by law
       if one of the following occurs:
            o 10 consecutive unexcused absences
            o Suspension for threatening, striking or causing bodily harm to a teacher or any
               other school personnel
            o Suspension for possession or sale of drugs or alcohol on school property
            o Suspension for possession or use of a weapon on school property

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                         26

If a student is ill or injured, the parent will be contacted and 911 will be called if necessary.


Fire drills: Conducted on a monthly basis. The warning is a continuous ringing of the fire
alarm or three short rings of the school bell. Students are to file out of the building to the
designated area where the teacher will take roll. If the alarm rings between class periods,
students should evacuate the building IMMEDIATELY. One continuous ring of the school bell
will signal the return to classes. ANY student who tampers with the fire alarm, fire extinguisher,
or emergency equipment will be suspended, and the appropriate authorities will be notified.

Tornado drills: Periodic tornado drills will be held during school hours. Students will be
escorted to areas in the building that have been designated as being most tornado resistant by the
Georgia Civil Defense Council. All instructions should be followed during the time of drills and
during adverse weather conditions. An “all-clear” signal will be sounded before students will be
allowed to return to their assigned classrooms.

Bomb Threat Drills: Periodic bomb threat drills will be held during school hours. Students are
to carry all personal items and file out of the building to the designated area where the teacher
will take roll. Teachers are to check the room before leaving. Portable radios, cellular phones,
walkie-talkies and pagers must be turned off during a bomb threat.

    Provided as an extension of the regular school curriculum
    Specific information regarding the date and activity will be provided prior to each field
    Written permission from parent/guardian is required before the field trip
    Class absences are excused


      Flowers for students will only be accepted on Valentine’s Day and will be held in the
       front office until the end of the day.


Students may not take food or beverages from the cafeteria at any time. No outside vendor food
is allowed to be brought to the school ( i.e. fast food, etc.) No food or beverages are allowed in
the classrooms or hallways, except water.


Any student out of class for any reason MUST have a hall pass signed, dated, and with the time
on it. If student does not have a proper hall pass, he/she will be sent to ISS for the remainder of
the period.

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                             27

To be eligible to be nominated and serve on Homecoming Courts, Senior Superlatives, Lovelies
& Gents, Miss MCA, and other contests and activities, students must meet the following
minimum criteria:
    GHSA eligibility requirements
    No OSS during the current school year


For information on school insurance needed to participate in any extracurricular activity, contact
the school secretary.

INTERNET USE- see Internet Acceptable Use Standards / Student Internet Agreement Form
on page 70


      All students will be assigned a locker. Book bags will not be permitted in the classrooms
       or Media Center.
      Students are responsible for all items in their lockers and/or any defacement to the locker.
      Lockers can be opened at any time for search by school administration. If the search
       reveals that the student is concealing materials that are prohibited by federal, state, or
       local law, local law enforcement authorities will be notified and appropriate action will
       be taken.


Please turn items into the office. Textbooks will be returned to the appropriate department
chairperson. All unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill at the end of the year.


      NO food or drinks can be taken from the cafeteria. (i.e. halls, classrooms)
      DO NOT leave trays on tables. Students MUST take their trays to the trash cans.
      Students MUST clean up any mess they make.
      Students who disregard these rules will be expected to help clean the lunchroom, and/or
       serve time in detention.
      No outside vendor food is allowed in the school cafeteria.
      Lunch costs $1.25 or $1.50 for paid students and $.40 for reduced students. Adult
       Lunch is $2.25. No charges are accepted.

       Follow link for free or reduced lunch application:

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                       28
MAKE-UP WORK – see Attendance Policy on page 20


      Hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. – 3:45 p.m.
      Students may come to the media center with a hall pass throughout the school day as
       space permits.
      NO food or drinks are allowed in the media center.
      Books are checked out for 2 weeks and may be renewed for 2 weeks.
      Lost or damaged books: Current replacement cost
      Students must maintain good behavior, which supports an atmosphere conducive to quiet
       learning activities.


If a student has a medical condition that requires medication or immediate emergency measures
as instructed by a physician, please inform the principal of the following:
      Written explanation of medical condition with emergency care instructions, preferably
        from the attending physician
      List of all medications used by the student
      Allergies
      Emergency contacts and phone numbers
      Name of hospital and doctor to contact in event of an emergency.


Controlled medications must be in the original container with the name of the patient, the
prescribing physician, and the pharmacy name. All medications must be maintained in the clinic
with the School Nurse.

See Policy Updates regarding New Policy on Epinephrine Pens.


      Parents - Please understand that we are unable to deliver messages during the school day.
      The school intercom will be used for emergencies only.
      We are unable to get your child out of class unless they are checking out of school
       for the day.

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                    29

      McIntosh County Board of Education Policy Manuals are located in the superintendent’s
      Or you may review them online


      School records will only be released to other schools and the individual when all
       materials and textbooks have been returned to the school.
      A hold will be placed on the student’s records until all materials are returned and/or fines
       are paid.


All groups wishing to use the school’s facilities must schedule the event with the principal,
assistant principals, or school designee.


Students may attend summer school and complete course requirements to recover loss of credit
in selected courses. The principal must approve any exception.

TESTING: see Graduation Requirements and Guidance Counseling Section on pages 17-20


      The McIntosh County Board of Education adopts textbooks which are available in each
      Textbooks are the property of the state of Georgia.
      The student is responsible for ALL textbooks issued to him/her.
      If books are lost or damaged, the student will be required to pay the replacement cost of
       the books.
      Additional textbooks will not be issued to students who owe for books.


Work permits are required for any student under the age of 18 who works outside of school.
Permits may be obtained from the employer or from McIntosh County Board of Education

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                         30
MCA has many clubs and organizations that compliment our students’ needs and interests,
enhancing their high school experience. Feel free to contact the club advisor for more

CLUB/ORGANIZATION                       MISSION                             SPONSOR
                                     to promote excellence in the area
Art Club                             of art and creativity
                                                                            Traci Carmichael
                                     to promote excellence in the area
Beta Club                            of academics.
                                                                            Donna Kunkel
                                     to promote excellence in the area
4-H                                                                         Bunny Miller
                                     of community service.
                                     to promote excellence in the area
Drama Club/ One Act Play                                                    Margaret McMullen
                                     of performance competition
Family, Career, Community Leaders of to promote excellence in the area
                                                                            Rose Harrison
America (FCCLA)                      of family, career, & community
Fellowship of Christian Athletes     to promote excellence in the area
                                                                            Scott Barrow
(FCA)                                of Christian fellowship.
                                     to promote excellence in the area
Forensics League ( Debate Team)
                                     of academic competition.
                                     to promote excellence in the area
Future Business Leaders of America
                                     of investigating careers in            William Jackson
                                     management and administration.
                                     to promote excellence in the area
Future Farmers of America (FFA)                                             Michael Slice
                                     of agriculture.
                                     to promote excellence in the area
Independent Authors /Literary                                               Margaret McMullen
                                     of writing.
                                     to promote excellence in the area
JOOIC (Optimist)                                                            Dr. Richardson
                                     of positive decision making.
                                     to promote excellence in the area
Junior Heart                                                                Dr. Richardson
                                     of pet care.
                                     to promote excellence in the area
Math Team
                                     of math education
                                     to promote excellence in the area
National Honor Society               academics through community            Amanda Rowe
                                     service and leadership.

                                        to promote excellence in the area   Matt Holley
Skills USA                              of vocational education.

                                        to promote excellence in the area
Student Conservation Corps
                                        of Science education
                                                                            Michael Weis

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                     31
Student Council
                          to promote excellence in the area
                                                              Multiple Teachers at each
                          of democratic governance            grade level
                          to promote excellence in the area
TSA                                                           William Jackson
                          of technology.
                          To promote excellence in the
YAC                                                           Genevieve Wynegar
                          area of service learning.
                          o promote excellence in the area
Yearbook /Journalism      of journalism and writing           Amanda Rowe
                          culminating in a year book

   MCA Student Handbook                                                       32
Code of Conduct

The student code of conduct has been developed to help your son or daughter gain the greatest
possible benefit from school experiences. It defines the rights and responsibilities of students
attending McIntosh County Schools. The consequences of students' actions which disrupt the
learning process are also clearly stated. Since parents/guardians are held responsible for the
actions of their children, they should become involved in the education of their children.
Students, parents, and schools working together, will help maintain a safe atmosphere where
students can learn.

Student and parent handbooks are provided to each student upon enrollment, and to parents and
guardians. Signatures of students and parents are required upon receipt of this handbook
outlining student conduct and discipline procedures. The Handbooks are available in each

In order for instruction to occur in a safe environment, there must be a cooperative relationship
between students, parents, and the school system. To assure success, students, parents, and the
school system all have responsibilities.

The Response-To-Intervention Team (RTI) is a system level committee consisting of the student,
parent and three or more educators who meet to plan alternative strategies for dealing with
students who are experiencing academic or behavioral problems in the classroom.

The Code of Conduct is in force:

   1. On the school grounds during, before, or after school hours.
   2. On the school grounds at any other time when the school is being used by any school
   3. Off the grounds at a school activity, function, or event.
   4. En route to and from school on a school bus.
   5. Off the school grounds while the student is in attendance at school or any school function
      that is otherwise subject to jurisdiction of school authorities.

                                 DISCIPLINE PROCEDURES

Instruction should occur in an environment that is conducive to learning. Records will be kept by
the teacher on all students sent to the office for unacceptable behavior. On the following pages
are some offenses and the penalties that they carry. Any violation of any offense not listed will
be reasonably classified by the principal. Necessary changes of these rules will be announced.

This code of conduct and resulting penalties will be in effect on all school property and at all
school functions. Parent conferences may be required for re-admittance to school for any
behavior problem. The administrator is the person who will decide the method of discipline, not
   MCA Student Handbook                                                                       33
the student. Parents may be contacted regarding any discipline problem. When disruptive
behavior interferes with an orderly learning environment, a student may be held out of class
pending a parent conference at the discretion of the administration. Students involved in
chronic/repeated discipline violations may be barred from school activities and extracurricular
activities. In cases of severe misbehavior, administrators have the discretion to administer more
severe punishment. Administrators will maintain the FFCC Rules and Regulation Fairness,
Firmness, Consistency and Commitment.

ISS/OSS Ladder: Students can be placed in ISS a MAXIMUM of 15 days. Disciplinary
referrals beyond this limit will results in additional penalties of OSS.

Students Suspended, Expelled or Transferred From Alternative Schools: (20-2-768)
It is the policy of the McIntosh County Board of Education to deny enrollment in any school in
this school district to a student who has been suspended or expelled from another school district
in this state or any other state for misconduct, until the period of time for which the student was
excluded in the previous school district has passed. The board determines that if the admission of
students who have been suspended or expelled from other school districts for disruptive conduct
would be disruptive to this school district as well.

Any student returning to McIntosh County Schools from the Youth Detention Center, or any
other incarceration program, may only be enrolled in the Alternative School.

A student who has withdrawn from school in another school district to avoid receiving a
suspension, or hearing as to whether the student should be suspended for more than ten (10)
consecutive days or expelled may not enroll in the schools in this school district until the student
has completed a hearing before the previous Board of Education or its designated tribunal, and
that Board of Education has determined the guilt or innocence of the student and the appropriate
disposition of charges against that student.

The Superintendent shall have the authority to waive this policy as to any student when the
denial of admission to a school in this district would constitute a violation of the Americans with
Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, or any other federal or state law.

Any student enrolled in the McIntosh County Alternative School must be approved by the
placement committee before being enrolled in McIntosh County Academy.


Due Process will include appropriate hearings and reviews, and in all cases, the rights of
individuals will be ensured and protected.

Students’ Rights and Responsibilities: A student has full rights and citizenship as defined by
the Constitution of the United States and assumes the responsibility to take positive actions
relative to the Constitution, the laws of the State of Georgia, and the policies, rules, and
regulations of McIntosh County Academy.

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                        34
                                   (Arranged Alphabetically)


To help us in supervising students, students must be in authorized areas only. Students are never
allowed to enter the teachers' lounge for any reason. No student should be in the conference
room unless under the supervision of an administrator or a teacher. Teacher mailboxes are off-
limits to students.

Before School/After School:

      Students may not be in the building before 7:20 a.m. or after 4:30 p.m. unless under the
       direct supervision of a teacher. Students may enter the main hallway until 7:55 a.m.
      Students are not allowed to return to the parking lot during the school day for any reason
       without a pass from an administrator. Anyone found in the parking lot without a pass will
       be considered skipping and will be immediately sent to ISS for the remainder of the day.
      During Lunch: All high school students are to be in the cafeteria. Students will use the
       restroom in the lunchroom area. Students may go to the media center with permission
       from an administrator.



Display or use of cell phones and other electronic devices during the instructional day is

Because of the increased use of cell phones during the school day, ANY CELL PHONE heard
or seen by an employee WILL be confiscated and returned to the student's parent/guardian. If a
cell phone is confiscated a second time, it will be returned at the END OF THE SCHOOL

Please Note: The school is NOT responsible for any item lost, stolen, or damaged!

Adopted 4/16/2009


The principal or other authorized school official shall determine whether any particular
mode of dress, apparel, grooming, or ANY use of emblems, insignias, badges, or other
symbols result in the interference or disruption of the learning environment. NO gang,
drug, alcohol or death related insignias will be tolerated.

A student is expected to exercise good judgments in his/her choice of dress, making sure that it is
appropriate for school. Clothing, hairstyle, make up, etc. must not be distractive, immodest,
inflammatory, or offensive. The determination as to the appropriateness of any item will be
made by the faculty and administration but the following guidelines should be observed:
   MCA Student Handbook                                                                      35
   1. Dresses and skirts may be worn-BUT no more than 2 inches above the knee. Pants with
       holes or slits are prohibited. Clothes must be loose fitting and hemmed. All pants and
       skirts must be worn at the waistline. NO SAGGING PANTS ARE ALLOWED.
   2. No bare midriffs. Midriffs must be completely covered at all times.
   3. Clothing may not display tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or any other contraband item; clothing
       should not have words or symbols that are offensive or demeaning to others.
   4. Shirts that expose cleavage, bare midriffs, bare backs or undergarments, shirts with sides
       out, strapless tops, halter tops, garments made of net or any other see-through fabric, tank
       tops, or muscle shirts MUST NOT BE WORN TO SCHOOL. The width of the strap
       over the shoulder must be at least 2 inches. NO tank tops for boys or girls.
   5. Belts must be buckled, sashes tied and buttons (except at the neck) buttoned. All
       suspenders must be worn on the shoulders. Ends of belts must be tucked in a belt loop,
       not dangling.
   6. All students must wear shoes. Shoes must be tied, buckled or worn as the manufacturer
       intended. Bedroom shoes or shoes that cause undue attention are prohibited. Shoes that
       are considered a safety hazard must not be worn.
   7. No hats are allowed inside the school building. Sunglasses, combs, head coverings,
       headbands, picks, visors, and hair curlers are not to be worn.
   8. Long chains with heavy medallions or pocket chains are not to be worn or brought to
   9. Hair color, hairstyles, or clothing that are distracting and/or disrupt the educational
       process are prohibited.
   10. NO long trench coats.
   11. Chains, studded, spiked apparel or accessories are prohibited.
   12. Earrings are allowed to be worn in the ear only! No facial or body piercings are
       allowed to be worn during the instructional day.

Consequences: A student who violates the dress code will be placed in ISS.

Administrators will make decisions concerning attire deemed inappropriate which are not
addressed above. The absence will be counted as an unexcused absence in classes missed.
Appearance or clothing which is provocative, materially or substantially disruptive, or which
endangers the health or safety of the student or others is prohibited. This will be dealt with by
the administration.


ISS is housed on the school campus. ISS runs from 8:10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Students will not
be allowed to leave ISS early for any reason (EXCEPT in cases of emergency).
Administrative approval is needed for students to leave ISS.


      Students should only bring personal items necessary for participation in class and/or
       extracurricular activities.
      Items that are considered potentially dangerous or disruptive will be confiscated.
      The school is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any valuables (money, cell phones, electronic
       devices, ect.) that are lost or stolen.
   MCA Student Handbook                                                                       36

Public and private safety is constitutional rights. Students, parents and school staff need to work
together to see that these rights are preserved in our schools. Students have an obligation to
assume responsibility for their own actions in a climate that fosters respect for persons and

Student Rights:
    To be treated with respect by other students, school personnel and campus visitors.
    To expect that your property will be respected by other students and school personnel. To
       have a safe and orderly school.

Student Responsibilities:
    To treat other students, school personnel and campus visitors with respect.
    To respect others' property by not damaging or taking it.
    To treat school property with respect and to act in a way that does not interfere with the
       rights of others and is not harmful to the health and/or safety of others.
    To seek help to avoid a fight.

Student Rules:
    Follow teachers' and other school employees' directions.
    Adhere to bus drivers' directions and school bus rules.
    Follow each rule of the school and School Board.


The principal or his designee possesses the authority to conduct reasonable interrogations of
students to investigate and punish students' misconduct properly. The administration possesses
the authority to conduct inspections of students' school lockers or articles carried upon their
persons. Administrators also may conduct a reasonable search of any student based on a
reasonable suspicion that the student has on his/her person any item(s) in violation of school

This includes search by metal detectors. Items are subject to confiscation. If a school official has
reasonable suspicion, a more intrusive search of a student's person may be conducted. A school
official with another official of the same sex present may only conduct such a search in private.
A student who refuses to submit to a personal search shall be suspended from school. All
violations of law will be reported to the proper authorities. Searches by dogs may be done
periodically without notice.


These items are PROHIBITED on campus. If items are confiscated they will only be returned at
the end of the year.

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                        37
                       Insert Code of Conduct Chart

MCA Student Handbook                                  38

Rule 1: Physical assault or battery of other students on the school bus is prohibited.
Rule 2: Verbal assault, including threatening, abusive, or provocative, profane or offensive
language, directed toward other students is prohibited.
Rule 3: Disrespectful conduct toward the school bus driver or other persons on the school bus is
Rule 4: Use by students of electronic and/or reflective devices on the school bus is prohibited.
     Cell phones, pagers, radios, tape or compact disc players, or any other electronic device
        that might interfere with the school bus communication equipment or the school bus
        driver’s operation of the bus will not be allowed on the bus.
     Mirrors, lasers, flash cameras, or any other lights or reflective devices that might interfere
        with the school bus driver’s operation of the bus are prohibited and will not be allowed
        on the bus.
Rule 5: Bullying is prohibited on the bus, at school, and a t any school-related function.
Rule 6: Acts of violence toward a school bus driver or school district employee are prohibited.
Rule 7: Sexual misconduct, lewd or vulgar behavior, and profanity on the school bus are
Rule 8: Behavior that could cause the safety of any passenger to be in danger is prohibited.
         Students will keep arms and heads inside the windows of the bus at all times.
         Students will not throw objects on, in, or from the bus.
         Any action that endangers any passenger or other person is a gross safety violation.
         Any action that distracts the driver’s attention from the road is a gross safety
Rule 9: Possession or use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, or weapons on the bus is prohibited.
Rule 10: The vandalism of or the destruction of the school bus, any part thereof, or the property
of others on the school bus is prohibited. The theft of any item on the school bus is prohibited.
Vandalism of the bus or its environment or tampering with bus equipment, including opening the
emergency exits, will not be tolerated. Students deemed guilty will face prosecution and/or
restitution as well as school discipline. A student or his/her parents will pay for any damage
he/she causes.

Rule 11: Sexual harassment either physical or verbal is prohibited. Physical sexual harassment
is physical contact with another student of sexually provoking, offensive, or degrading nature.
Verbal sexual harassment is the use of sexually provocative or degrading language to another
student. Serious acts of sexual harassment may result in police contact as well as discipline
imposed by the student’s school.

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                       39

   1. After specifically notifying the student that they are being written up for a major rule
      violation, the driver will make a written referral. Discipline for major rule violations
      requires no previous warning or documentation be provided.
   2. The referral is a detailed description of the incident stating exactly what took place. The
      driver will personally deliver the referral to the Director of Transportation or his
   3. The Director of Transportation will conduct any necessary investigation. The
      investigation may include talking with the driver, watching the videotape, interviewing
      witnesses, taking a statement from the student accused, or the gathering of any other
      pertinent information.
   4. Upon completion of the investigation the Director of Transportation or his designee will
      then forward a bus discipline referral to the school.
   5. Upon receiving the referral from the Director of Transportation, the administrator will
      read the driver’s referral to the student and listen to the student’s response. The
      administrator will give the student a letter detailing the violation and the punishment. It
      is the responsibility of the student to deliver the letter to the parent.
   6. The letter will also state that the parent or guardian and the student must attend a 1-hour
      Safety Seminar. These seminars consist of a videotaped presentation and will be
      available for viewing Monday through Friday of each week between 7:00 a.m. and 4:00
      p.m. The tapes must be viewed in the designated viewing area.


Students committing any major offense are subject to, as a minimum, the following punishments.
The school or school system may assign additional or alternative punishments in certain
extraordinary cases. The school system will assign additional punishments for certain violations
as required by state and federal law.

1st Violation: 10 days off the bus. The principal of the student’s home school may modify
the punishment for the first major violation of the Bus Discipline Rules by assigning in
school suspension or other appropriate discipline in lieu of the bus suspension.
2nd Violation: 20 days off the bus and/or school discipline.
3rd Violation: 90 days off the bus or the remainder of the year (whichever is longer) and/or
school discipline.
4th Violation: Off the bus for one calendar year and/or school discipline.
State law requires that disciplinary actions above and beyond those stated
previously be taken in the case of the following offenses:


Bullying is defined as “Any willful attempt or threat to inflict injury to another person, when
accompanied by the apparent present ability to do so”; or “Any intentional display of force such
as would give the victim reason to fear or expect immediate bodily harm”.
    A meeting will be required between appropriate school district employees and the parent or
guardian of the student to develop a school bus behavior contract for the student. The contract
will provide for progressive, age-appropriate discipline, penalties, and restrictions for the

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                      40
student’s misconduct on the bus. Contract provisions and additional punishment may include but
are not limited to:
    Assigned seating
    Ongoing parental involvement
    Additional days of suspension from riding the bus
    Written assignments
    In School Suspension (ISS)
    Out of School Suspension (OSS)
    Corporal Punishment
    Disciplinary Hearing
    Tribunal Hearing
    Assignment to Alternative School
    Expulsion from the McIntosh County School System

Any student in grades 6 through 12 who is found to have committed the offense of bullying for
the third time in a school year will, at a minimum, be assigned to the McIntosh County
Alternative School. The offenses of bullying leading to such an action may occur at school, on
the school bus, or at any school related activity.


Physical violence is defined as “Intentionally making physical contact of an insulting or
provoking nature with the person of another or intentionally making physical contact with
another which causes physical harm to another.”
        A student accused of an act of physical violence toward a school bus driver or school
           district employee shall be given a hearing before a Hearing Officer, and shall be
           suspended from school until the hearing.
        A student found by the Hearing Officer to have intentionally made physical contact of
           an insulting or provoking nature on the person of a school district employee may be
           disciplined by expulsion from school, long-term suspension from school, or short-
           term suspension from school.
        A student found by the Hearing Officer to have intentionally made physical contact,
           which causes harm to a school district employee, shall be expelled from the McIntosh
           County Schools for the remainder of the student’s eligibility to attend public school.
        The McIntosh County Board of Education will review all instances where students
           have been expelled for acts of physical violence against a school district employee
           which cause physical harm and may modify the expulsion as follows:
        The student may be assigned to an alternative school.
        The student may be allowed to return to school on a date set by the BOE.

Students in grades kindergarten through five may be allowed to re-enroll in school.


   1. Students will sit in the seat assigned by the driver or other school official.
   2. Students will enter or leave the bus at their regular stop only, unless written permission
      has been given by the parent/guardian and signed by the appropriate school official.
   MCA Student Handbook                                                                      41
  3. Eating or drinking on the bus is prohibited on regular routes.
  4. Students will sit in the seat facing the front in a manner best suited to provide for safe
      transportation. Students will keep legs and feet out of the aisle.
  5. Students will be silent at railroad crossings.
  6. Students will be at their designated stop prior to the time the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  7. Students who must cross the road to board the bus will wait until the bus arrives and
      displays the appropriate warning signs before crossing the road.
  8. All students will cross the road (if necessary) at least 10 feet in front of the bus, never
      behind the bus.
  9. Students will never touch, jump over, or crawl under safety barriers.
  10. Students will stand a safe distance from the road while awaiting the bus.
  11. While at the bus stop students will conduct themselves in an orderly manner, avoid
      littering, and respect private property rights.
  12. Students will use the service entrance while loading and unloading. The emergency exit
      will only be used in emergency situations.
  13. Students will walk across the road to board or leave the bus; never run.
  14. Students exiting the bus will proceed immediately a safe distance away from the bus to
      be determined by the driver.
  15. Students will not be allowed to return to the bus once they have exited.
  16. Students may not throw paper; shoot spit wads, or other acts of general mischief.


  1. To issue a written warning the driver will speak directly to the student, using his/her
     name, explaining exactly what the student is doing and asking the student to discontinue
     the behavior. The driver will inform the student that they will receive a written warning
     from the school. The driver will fill out the proper form and submit it to the Director of
     Transportation. The Director of Transportation or his/her designee will enter the
     information in the bus discipline database.
  2. When the principal or assistant principal receives the referral it will be read to the
     student. The principal or assistant principal will listen to the student’s response. The
     written warning will be given to the student.
  3. Students will receive two written warnings from the school before any disciplinary action
     is taken. The warnings do not have to be for same misbehavior. Students will return the
     warning, signed by the parent or guardian to the bus driver.
             o A third referral for a minor rule violation will result in suspension from
                 the bus for 5 school days or other discipline deemed appropriate by the
                 school administration.
             o A fourth referral for a minor rule violation will result in a 5 day
                 suspension from the bus and school discipline.
             o Any subsequent referrals for minor rule violations will be dealt with as
                 major rule violations (see section on “Discipline Procedures for Major
                 Rule violations”).

  MCA Student Handbook                                                                      42

               o When a special education student commits any offense that causes the
                 student to be suspended from the bus, the school administrator will notify
                 the Special Education office. In most cases the special education student
                 will receive the same punishment as any other student. However,
                 depending on the student’s disability, school attendance during the
                 suspension, and behavior, the IEP committee may convene to discuss
                 mini-bus transportation services or other options for the student, as
               o When a special education student is first referred for a minor offense, the
                 administrator will contact the student’s special education teacher for
                 assistance in developing appropriate behavior interventions for the
                 student. If the problem persists after behavioral interventions, the IEP
                 committee may convene to discuss mini-bus transportation services or
                 other options for the student, as appropriate. Nothing in this policy will
                 affect the rights of any student under federal, state, or local laws.

PLEASE NOTE: Should a parent disregard any bus disciplinary action in defiance of this
policy the proper authorities will be notified. The rule violation becomes a major offense and
will carry additional long-term suspension from McIntosh County school buses.

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                     43
                      ACT (FERPA)

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

You have a right to:

1. Inspect and review, within 45 days of a request, the education records of a student who is
your child, or in the case of a student who is eighteen (18) years of age or older, or those who are
emancipated, your own education records. Parents or eligible students should submit to the
principal, or his designee, a written request identifying the record(s) they wish to inspect. The
principal, or his designee, will make arrangements for access and provide notice of such

2. Request the amendment of the student's education records to ensure that they are not
inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in violation of the student's privacy or other rights. To
request the school district to amend a record, parents or eligible students should write the school
principal, specify the part of the record they want changed, and specify why it is inaccurate,
misleading, or otherwise in violation of the student's privacy or other rights. If the district
decides not to amend the record, it will notify the parents or eligible students of the decision and
inform them of their right to a hearing. Additional information regarding the hearing procedure
will be provided with the notification of the right to a hearing.

3. Consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student's
education records, except to the extent that the Act and the regulations promulgated pursuant to
the Act authorize disclosure without consent. One exception which permits disclosure without
consent is to school officials with legitimate educational interest. A school official is a person
employed by the district as an administrator, supervisor, instructor, or support staff member; a
member of the school board; a person with whom the district has contracted to perform a specific
task (such as attorney, auditor, or therapist); or a parent or student serving on an official
committee (such as a disciplinary or grievance committee). A school official has a legitimate
educational interest if the official needs to review an educational record in order to fulfill his/her
professional responsibility. Upon request, the school district forwards educational records
without prior consent to another school in which the student seeks or intends to enroll.

4. File with the United States Department of Education a complaint under 20 C.F .R. 99.64
concerning the alleged failures by the McIntosh County Board of Education to comply with the
requirements of the Act or the regulations promulgated there under. The name and address of the
Office that administers FERPA is: Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of
Education, and 400 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20202-4605.


The McIntosh County School District has designated the following information as directory
    Student’s name, address, and telephone number;
    Student’s date and place of birth
    Student’s participation in official school clubs and sports
   MCA Student Handbook                                                                         44
    Weight and height of student if he/she is a member of an athletic team
    Dates of attendance in the McIntosh County School system
    Awards received during the time enrolled in McIntosh County Schools

Unless you, as a parent/guardian or eligible student, request otherwise, this information may be
disclosed to the public upon request. You have the right to refuse to allow all or any part of the
above information to be designated as directory information and to be disclosed to the public
upon request. If you wish to exercise this right, you must notify the principal of the school
where the student is enrolled in writing within 30 days after the first day of school.

Under provisions of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 as amended by the No
Child Left Behind Act of2002 and as contained in the National Defense Authorization Act for
Fiscal Year 2002 military recruiters have the same access to directory information as post-
secondary instituting and prospective employers. Unless you, as a parent/guardian or eligible
student, refuse or restrict the disclosure of directory information as set out above, directory
information will be provided to military recruiters.


The McIntosh County School District endorses the philosophy that education is a means by
which each individual has the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential. We believe that all
students have a right to educational experiences that challenge the level of their individual
development, whether it is below, at, or beyond the level of their age peers. Special programs for
gifted students are one outgrowth of this commitment. Students in grades K -12 who
demonstrate a high degree of intellectual, academic, and/ or creative abilities may be nominated
for evaluation to determine eligibility to participate in the Program for Gifted Students. Referrals
for consideration may be made by teachers, parents or guardians, counselors, administrators,
peers, self, and other individuals with knowledge of the student's abilities.

    MCA Student Handbook                                                                       45

All students must read the Internet Acceptable Use Agreement as designated in the Student
Handbook and shall indicate acceptance of the agreement by their signature for the
Student Handbook.

The McIntosh County School System recognizes that electronic media such as the Internet offer
vast, diverse, and unique resources to both students and teachers that should promote educational
excellence in our school by facilitating resource sharing and innovation. All users of Internet
services must maintain strict compliance with all applicable ethical and legal rules and
regulations. Failure to comply with these administration procedures shall be deemed grounds for
revocation of privileges, potential disciplinary and/or appropriate legal action. Local schools
may establish additional regulatory guidelines for use of electronic resources that include, but are
not limited to, guidelines established by this system wide procedure.

Internet – Terms and Conditions

   1. Acceptable Use – The purpose of the Internet is to support research and education in and
      among academic institutions in the U.S. by providing access to unique resources and the
      opportunity for collaborative work. Internet use must be in support of educational
      endeavors and research consistent with the objectives of the McIntosh County School
      System. Transmission of any material in violation of any federal or state regulation is
      prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, copyrighted material, threatening or
      obscene materials, inappropriate adult sites, or material protected by trade use. Use for
      commercial activities is not acceptable. Use for product advertisement or political
      lobbying is prohibited. Unauthorized access to restricted sites, services, files and
      databases are prohibited. Unauthorized access to sites (e.g. “hacking”) is prohibited. Use
      of Internet games. MUDS (Multi User Dungeons), and IRC’s (Internet Relay Chats) is
      not allowed.

   2. Privileges – The use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will
      result in cancellation of those privileges. Students will have access privileges only at
      school under the supervision of a teacher. The system administrators will deem what is
      inappropriate use and their decision is final. There is no appeal process. Also, the
      system administrators may deny access at any time, as required. An administrator,
      faculty member or staff member of the McIntosh County System may request denial,
      revocation, or suspension of a specific user.

   3. Guidelines for Use – The following guidelines shall be observed when using the Internet
      service through the school.

           a. Users shall be polite, courteous and respectful during all sessions on the Internet.
              Users must use appropriate language.
           b. Profanity, obscenity or any vulgarity is prohibited.
           c. Electronic mail (e-mail) and telecommunications are not to be utilized to share
              confidential information about students and other employees.
           d. Electronic Mail is NOT private, and inappropriate or illegal messages will be
              reported to the authorities.
   MCA Student Handbook                                                                       46
        e. Illegal activities are strictly prohibited.
        f. The disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal information such as mailing
           address, phone number, or social security number, etc. is prohibited.

4. Disclaimer – The McIntosh County School System makes no warranties of any kind,
   whether expressed or implied, for the Internet service it provides. The school system is
   not responsible for any damages suffered by users. This includes the loss of data
   resulting from delays, non-deliveries, miss-deliveries, or service interruptions caused for
   any reason. Use of information obtained is at the user’s risk. The school system
   specifically denies responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained
   through its Internet service.

5. Commercial services are available on the Internet. Though prohibited, if a user chooses
   to access these services, the individual is liable for any and all incurred costs.

6. Security – Security on any computer system is high priority, especially when the system
   involves many users. If you suspect a security problem on the Internet, you are required
   to notify the principal or system administrator. Do not demonstrate the problem to other
   users. Never use another individual’s account. Attempts to log on to the Internet, as a
   network administrator will result in cancellation of user privileges. Any user(s) identified
   as a security risk or having a history or problems with other computer systems may be
   denied access to the Internet.

7. Vandalism – Vandalism will result in immediate cancellation of privileges, disciplinary
   action, and may result in school suspension. Vandalism is defined as any malicious
   attempt to harm or destroy computerized data of another user, on the Internet, or on other
   networks that are connected to any other network. This includes, but is not limited to,
   uploading or creation of computer viruses.

8. Accountability – Since the Internet opens up the world to unrestricted access; teachers
   cannot assume the responsibility for monitoring every document to which a student may
   gain access. Therefore, teachers are not to be held accountable for what the student may
   access through the Internet beyond instructional directives. All users are fully
   responsible for their own actions, including legal, financial, or otherwise. All users are
   responsible for reporting inappropriate materials and location to the teacher in charge

9. Enforcement – Violating any of the guidelines can result in:

10. Restricted access to computing.

11. Temporary or permanent loss of access to computing facilities and equipment.
12. Disciplinary action to include suspension and or expulsion.

13. Disciplinary or legal action including, but not limited to criminal prosecution under
    appropriate state and federal laws. Violations of state law will be reported to proper
    enforcement authorities.

MCA Student Handbook                                                                         47
14. McIntosh County School System’s internal procedures for enforcement of its policies are
    independent of possible prosecution under the law.

15. Users who damage hardware or software shall be responsible for the replacement cost.

16. Procedure for Use – Faculty and staff will provide supervision of student access to the
    Internet. Users will be required to obtain permission from a teacher before using the
    Internet. Any computer that provides access to the Internet will have filtering software
    installed to block or filter access to content that is obscene, pornographic, or harmful to
    minors on Internet-connected computers used by minors. All students must read and sign
    the Student Agreement form. Parents or guardians must sign the Parent Consent form
    and return it to the school.

17. Internet Safety – The Superintendent shall with respect to any computers belonging to the
    McIntosh County School System and having access to the Internet:

18. Insure that a qualifying “technology protection measure” as that term is defined in section
    1703 (b)(1) of the Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2000, is installed and in
    continuous operation; and

19. Institute, maintain and enforce procedures or guidelines which provide for monitoring the
    online activities of users and the use of the chosen technology protection measure to
    prevent access to visual depictions that are (i) obscene, (ii) child pornography, or (iii)
    violent, (iv) dealing with hate, or (v) “harmful to minors,” as that term is defined in
    section 1721 (c) of the Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2000.

20. The Superintendent shall with respect to access to the Internet by or through computers,
    networks or other devices belonging to the McIntosh County School System, institute,
    maintain and enforce procedures or guidelines which:

21. Provide for monitoring the online activities of users to limit to the extent practicable
    access by minors to inappropriate matter on the Internet and the World Wide Web.

22. Are designed to promote the safety and security of minors when using electronic mail and
    other forms of direct electronic communications:

23. Are designed to prevent unauthorized access including so-called “hacking” and other
    unauthorized activities by minors online:

24. Are designed to prevent the unauthorized disclosure use and dissemination of personal
    identification information regarding minors and

25. Are designed to restrict minors’ access to materials “harmful to minors” as that term is
    defined in section 1721 (e) of Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2000.

26. Student Acceptance of Terms and Conditions for Computer/Internet Usages

27. Students must abide by the Terms and Conditions for Internet/Computer usage. Any
    violation of the regulations above is unethical and may constitute a criminal offense.
MCA Student Handbook                                                                           48
       Violations may result in revocations of privileges, school disciplinary action and/or
       initiation of appropriate legal action.

Important Notice to Parents

The school system is using Internet filtering technology to block or filter access to content that is
obscene, pornographic, or harmful to minors on Internet-connected computers used by minors.
Parents are notified that filtering technology does not block access to all inappropriate sites one
hundred percent of the time. Due to the nature of the Internet, it is neither practical nor possible
for the Board of Education to enforce compliance with user rules at all times. Accordingly,
parents and students must recognize that students will be required to make independent decisions
and use good judgment in their use of the Internet. Therefore, parents must participate in the
decision whether to allow their children access to the Internet and must communicate their own
expectations to their children regarding its use.

Parents/guardians must be provided a copy of the Terms and Conditions for Computer/Internet
use. Internet access is designed for educational purposes and student access will be monitored.
Any conduct by a student that is in conflict with these responsibilities is inappropriate, and such
behavior may result in the termination of Internet access and possible disciplinary action. The
Board makes no assurance of any kind, whether expressed or implied, regarding any Internet
services provided. The school system or individual schools in the system will not be responsible
for any damages the student/user suffers. Use of any information obtained via the Internet is at
the student’s own risk. The school system specifically denies any responsibilities for the
accuracy or quality of information or software obtained through its services. Further,
parents/guardians must agree to compensate the school unit for any expenses or costs it incurs as
a result of their child’s violation of the Internet/Computer usage agreement.

A parent or guardian must give permission for their child to access the Internet for educational

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                        49
                            School Year 2011-2012
1. Introduction:

The McIntosh County School system is excited to be able to offer access to the Internet at
school. The purpose of student Internet use is to enhance educational opportunities available to
students. Student use of the Internet at school is a privilege, not a right. If a student abuses
his/her privilege, he/she may lose his/her privilege to use the Internet at school. The purpose of
this document is to inform students and parents that students must abide by the following Code
of Ethics in using the Internet at school, and that student faces serious consequences for misuse
of the Internet at school. This form is valid for the 2011-2012 school year only. A new
document must be signed each year.

2. Code of Ethics:
     Student use of the Internet shall be for educational purposes only.
     Students shall not access the Internet unless such use is at the direction and under the
      supervision of a McIntosh County teacher and/or staff member.
     Students shall not use the Internet for commercial or for-profit purposes.
     Students shall not use the Internet to intentionally seek information, obtain copies, or
      modify files or other data, or passwords belonging to other users, or misrepresent other
      users on the system.
     Students understand that all communications and information accessible via the Internet
      is the private property of the author and shall respect it as such.
     Students shall not use the Internet in such a way as to disrupt use by others; students shall
      not destroy, modify or abuse hardware or software in any way; students shall not access,
      process, develop, download or distribute files dangerous to the integrity of the system.
     Students shall not install or download copyrighted software, music, videos, etc.
     Students shall not use the Internet to access, process, develop, download or distribute
      pornographic materials, including but not limited to text, images, or sounds.
     Students must receive prior written approval to subscribe to Listservs via the Internet.
     Students shall not use the Internet to access, process, develop, download or distribute hate
      mail, harassment, or discriminatory remarks.

3. Consequences for Misuse of the Internet:
Students who misuse the Internet at school will be suspended from such use for a period not less
than one (1) week. Serious or repeated misuse of the Internet could result in permanent loss of
Internet privileges. If a student’s misuse of the Internet is in violation of the Student Code of
Conduct, the student shall be punished pursuant to the Student Code of Conduct. If a student’s
misuse of the Internet is in violation of the law, such misuse shall be reported to the appropriate
authorities and could be punished as a criminal offense.

4. Conclusion:
Students shall not be permitted to use the Internet at school unless this document is signed by
both parent/guardian and student and returned to the student’s school. By signing this
document, both parent/guardian and student acknowledge that they have read and
understand the terms of this document and agree to abide by it during the entire school
year the student is enrolled in MCA. Also, by signing this document, both parent/guardian and
   MCA Student Handbook                                                                       50
student acknowledge and understand that: MCA is providing access to the Internet for
educational purposes only; while McIntosh County Schools has taken reasonable precautions to
eliminate students’ access to inappropriate materials through the Internet, no system is foolproof,
and inappropriate materials may still be accessible to students through no fault of McIntosh
County Schools; and if at any time, either parent/guardian or student wishes to terminate their
agreement with this document, the parent/guardian or student must inform McIntosh County
Schools in writing.

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                      51
                           July 2009 Policy UPDATES

•       Internet Safety

     Policy Code Impacted: IFBG-Internet Acceptable Use, IFBGE – Internet Safety

“The school system shall have in operation procedures or guidelines concerning online
activities of students to be developed by the Superintendent, administrators, and/or other
appropriate personnel. Such guidelines or procedures shall be designed to provide for
students age-appropriate instruction regarding safe and appropriate online behavior,
including interacting with others on social networking sites and in chat rooms; behaviors
that may constitute cyber bullying; and how to respond when subjected to cyber bullying.”

•       SB 8 – Auto-Injectable Epinephrine

     Policy Code Impacted: JGCD – Medicines

This policy authorizes a student to carry and be allowed to self-administer prescription
auto-injectable epinephrine, commonly called an “epi pen.” The policy must provide that in
order for a student to carry and self-administer an epi pen, a parent must provide: (1) a
written statement from the doctor detailing medication administration details and confirming
that the student is able to self-inject; (2) permission for the school to talk to the doctor if
questions arise and (3) a release of the school from liability if the student suffers an adverse
reaction as a result of self-administration. The policy also must include “provisions to
protect the safety of all students from the misuse or abuse” of epi pens.

•       SB 114 – Educational Placement of Children in Military Families

-        Policy Code Impacted: JBC – School Admissions

Children of parents on active military duty, with a few exceptions. It requires that children’s
school placement be based on “unofficial” records and that “official” records be requested
simultaneously. It further mandates that a student’s age not be a part of the placement
decision if prerequisite requirements have been met in another state. Receiving systems
must honor placements determined by the sending schools, although nothing prohibits
schools from conducting their own assessments once the student enrolls. Schools must
accept a special power of attorney for enrollment purposes, may not charge tuition to these
students, and must “facilitate” their participation in extracurricular activities, as well as their
on-time graduation. Schools may grant additional unexcused absences for students to visit
with parents on leave.

    MCA Student Handbook                                                                     52
                                     Parent Agreement

I, __________________________ have read and acknowledge the McIntosh County
Academy Parent and Student Handbook of policies and Administrative Procedures for the
2011-2012 school term. (Including penalties for improper use of Internet)

Student:                                           Parent/Guardian:

__________________________               ____________________________
Print name                               Print name

__________________________               ____________________________
Signature                                Signature

Return this signed agreement to your first period teacher.

Parents please note: If you do not want your child to participate in
extracurricular clubs/activities, please sign below:

________________________________________ Date: ___________

   MCA Student Handbook                                                          53
                          Student Vehicle Registration Form

Please Print

Name: ______________________________________Grade:_______________

Make of Vehicle: ________________________Year ______ Color: _________

License Tag #:___________________________

I have read and understand the parking regulations as stated above, “Student Vehicles” at
McIntosh County Academy and agree to abide by them.

Date: ______________

_____________________________            _____________________________
Student’s Signature                      Parent’s Signature

Decal #: ____________

Return this completed registration form to the front office, along with a copy of valid
insurance card, student’s drivers license, and a fee of $10.00.

   MCA Student Handbook                                                                   54
                          Student Internet Usage Agreement

I, __________________________ have read and acknowledged the McIntosh County
Academy Student Internet Usage Agreement and agree to comply with all terms.

Student:                                   Parent/Guardian:

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Print name                             Print name

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Signature               Date           Signature                    Date

   MCA Student Handbook                                                        55
         Important Telephone Numbers

                   McIntosh County Academy
                     Office (912) 437-6691
                     Fax (912) 437-3077

        McIntosh County Board of Education
                  (912) 437-6645

McIntosh County Schools Emergency Hotline
             (912) 437-9000

MCA Student Handbook                         56

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