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					October 28, 2011

Governor Chris Christie
Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625

Dear Governor Christie:

We are writing to respectfully invite you to a meeting on Staten Island to discuss the recent
decision by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) to increase commuter
toll rates as well as to show you first hand the negative impacts it will have not only on our
community’s economy and residents, but also on the people and economy of New Jersey. We
have heard from countless constituents about how these tolls now make them think-twice about
visiting the Garden State. As we are sure you are aware, tens of thousands of our constituents
regularly travel to the adjoining counties in your state via the Port Authority bridges to visit with
family, friends and patronize attractions in New Jersey. The impact to your state will be
enormous with less Staten Islanders spending their money at the Jersey Shore or dining on the
Hudson River waterfront.

As the elected representatives of the people of Staten Island, we believe it is imperative that you
be afforded an opportunity to see the direct impact this toll increase will have on the individual
citizens of our community and the chilling effect it will create for the economic growth of both
our states. A simple 10-mile trip from Elizabeth, New Jersey (at the foot of the Goethals Bridge)
to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (at the foot of the Verrazano Bridge) now costs $25 in cash. Twenty-five
dollars payable to the Port Authority and MTA to cross Staten Island now, and in 2015 this will
become $28 – and that’s without pricing in a possible increase on the Verrazano Bridge in the
next 4 years. Already the toll increase has halted the proposed expansion of the Staten Island
Container Port (SICP) due to the additional costs of transporting goods to Staten Island imposed
by this toll increase on commercial vehicles. The SICP employs over 500 people here on Staten
Island, including New Jersey residents, and several businesses have already contacted us with
their concerns about continuing in business at the SICP due to the added cost of this toll increase.

Clearly these are challenging economic times at all levels of government and most especially for
the citizens that we serve. We believe a meeting to discuss the impacts this toll increase will
have on our community will serve to help you better understand the burden it places upon both
the citizens we represent and our economy.
Additionally, we respectfully request that this opportunity include a discussion of the potential
for extending the Hudson Bergen line an additional stop over the Bayonne Bridge so as to
provide the people of Staten Island light rail access to New Jersey and Manhattan.

Thank you for your time and attention to this request. We look forward to working with your
office to arrange a time suitable to your schedule for this important meeting.


Michael G. Grimm                     James P. Molinaro
Member of Congress                   Borough President
13th District, New York              Staten Island, New York

Diane Savino                         Andrew Lanza
New York State Senator               New York State Senator
23rd District                        24th District

Nicole Malliotakis                   Matthew Titone
New York State Assemblywoman         New York State Assemblyman
60th District                        61st District

Louis Tobacco                        Michael Cusick
New York State Assemblyman           New York State Assemblyman
62nd District                        63rd District

Deborah Rose                         James S. Oddo                        Vincent M. Ignizio
New York City Councilwoman           Minority Leader                      New York City Councilman
49th District                        New York City Council                51st District

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