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					                 College of Arts & Sciences Graduation Checklist
You should complete Part I one year prior to graduation. However, graduation applications
may be accepted up until April 30th (for May commencement) or by November 30th (for
December commencement).

Once you have met with Kelley Munson and turned in the Degree Evaluation with the Graduation
Contract, you will be put on the graduation list and begin receiving graduation ceremony
information from the Commencement Liaison.

Please follow the checklist below to ensure that you are on track for graduation and

Part I: Junior Year

__ Apply for graduation.
        Printing and reviewing 1) your General Degree Evaluation and 2) your Detail Degree Evaluation
        Meeting with your advisor to go over Degree Evaluations and your Graduation Application
        Meeting with Kelley Munson in the Office of the Registrar to be cleared for graduation
        Please bring with any petitions when you meet with Kelley

 You must either meet with Kelley to be cleared for graduation or email her when you plan on graduating
to remove the graduation hold. You will not be able to register for courses until this hold has been removed.

Part II: Senior Year - Once your Degree Evaluation with the Graduation Contract has been turned in

__ Reserve your tickets for the Commencement Banquet, the Friday before the ceremony. Contact the
Office of Alumni & Parent Services at 651.638.6462 about this event. (Banquet is only held for the May
__ Check on the status of your health/car insurance; graduation may impact your status.
__ Complete a loan exit interview with the Financial Planning Office. Students who have loans (Perkins,
Subsidized, and/or Unsubsidized Stafford, SELF) must complete a loan exit interview. The Financial
Planning Office will send the instructions for completing this interview to you by email or to your PO one
month before your commencement ceremony.
__ Complete all the necessary information in your graduation packet by the deadline printed in the packet.
You will receive this packet roughly 45 days before your commencement ceremony.
        Included in the graduation packet –
         __ Personal Preference Card and ticket request form
         __ New Alumni contact information card
         __ Hometown news form
         __ Career services survey
         __ Photographer’s order form

Part III: Week of your commencement ceremony:

__ Pick up your commencement ceremony tickets at the Benson Great Hall.
__ Pick up your cap and gown (and honor cords if applicable) at the Campus Store and iron your gown
before the ceremony.

If you have any questions regarding your commencement ceremony, contact Anna Kaihoi in the Academic
Affairs Office.
If you have any questions regarding your graduation requirements, contact Kelley Munson in the Registrar’s

                     Print your degree evaluation in LANDSCAPE.

This evaluation must be run for the major and minor requirements of the catalog that was issued the
school year you were admitted (or at least readmitted) to Bethel. The catalog term is located at the top
of the evaluation in the right hand column.

__ Print a copy of your Degree Evaluation with the Graduation Application from the Academic Records &
Registration website.
__ Read your ENTIRE Degree Evaluation.
__ Next to each course/area (Detail Requirements pages only) that says NO, write “how and when” you plan
to complete it. Example: Missing “P” Gen Ed - BIO420P in SP’12
__ Submit all Official Transcripts for any transfer work.
__ Submit any necessary Petition Forms for course substitutions, waivers, etc.
__ Go over the completed Degree Evaluation with your advisor. When your advisor approves, you and your
advisor must sign Graduation Application and attach it to the pages of the Degree Evaluation. Please print
all the pages of the Degree Evaluation in LANDSCAPE print setting (Detail Requirements, General
Requirements, and Additional Information)
__ Make copies of your Degree Evaluation for both you and your advisor.
__ Bring the original completed Degree Evaluation and any petition forms to Kelley Munson in the
Registrar’s Office before the deadline. Do NOT mail or return your Degree Evaluation without meeting with
Kelley Munson. When she agrees that everything can be completed by Interim for the December ceremony,
or summer for the May ceremony, she will add your name to the graduation list for the appropriate ceremony
and the graduation hold will be removed so you can register.

Note that you will not be added to the graduation list until this process is complete.

Please see page 2.
                                 GRADUATION APPLICATION

 Name (please print): _____________________________________________ ID: ________________
     PO: ______________
            GRADUATION APPLICATION for ________ (Term) ________ (Year)
                     Please fill in term (Fall or Spring) and year you plan to graduate above.

                                         Please complete the following:

    1. Half of the MAJOR must be taken “in residence”. Number of credits taken in residence: ____________.
    2. One Bible or theology course and the Contemporary Christian Issues “P” course must be taken at Bethel.
       Please write the term and course of your P course: _________________________.
       Please write the term and course of your Bible Residency: _________________________.
    3. Nine interim credits are required of all students except transfer students who are levels 3 to 6. Level 3
       and 4 must take 6 interims credits, level 5 must take 3 interim credits and level 6 is exempt from the
       requirement. Number of credits taken during interim__________. Number of interims taken: ________.
    4. Cumulative GPA must be at least 2.00. Please write in your cumulative GPA: _______________.
    5. Major GPA must be at least 2.25 and higher in some majors. This is not the Program GPA. Major GPA
       can be found on the General Requirements page under the “Area” for your major. Please write in your
       major GPA: ____________________.

As of the date this evaluation was printed, the SEMESTER credits are planned as follows:
        Total earned hours completed to date: __________
        (this can be found near the bottom of your academic transcript)
        Transfer credits not on this evaluation:   __________
        Bethel credit planned, Fall 11:            __________
        Bethel credit planned, Interim 12:         __________
        Bethel credit planned, Spring 12:          __________
        Bethel credit planned, Summer 11/12:       __________
        Bethel credit planned, Fall 2012:          __________
        Grand total of all of the above:           __________
        NOTE: MINIMUM credits for graduation = 122!

I have marked this evaluation according to the instructions above. I understand that I alone am responsible
for meeting all graduation requirements. I understand that commencement information will be
communicated to me via e-mail. I will be checking my Bethel email account or I have forwarded my Bethel
account to my preferred e-mail address.

______________________________________ ______________________________
Student’s Signature                           Date

In my judgment this evaluation is correctly marked.

______________________________________ ______________________________
Advisor’s Signature                           Date

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