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Zodiac, a world leader in aquatic and pool care products and inventor of the world-
famous Zodiac boats has combined their knowledge of advanced hydrodynamics with
Barracuda’s tried and tested pool automation technology to bring you the ultimate
pool cleaner—the ZODIAC G4.

The Zodiac G4 offers the latest in automatic pool cleaning technology. What’s the
secret to the ZODIAC G4’s superior pool cleaning performance? The answer lies in
it’s advanced technological features and underwater steering capabilities. The
ZODIAC G4 uses similar principles of buoyancy, propulsion, and water flow as other
aquatic vessels.

The Zodiac G4 makes the choice simple
The Zodiac G4 will automatically remove dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves, sand, and
even pebbles. It installs in minutes, and comes pre-assembled in the box, just attach
the Disc and Long-Life Hoses. No tools are required. We even include an easy-to-
follow installation video. The Zodiac G4 is built to work quickly, effectively and
quietly. What could be more simple than that?

                     Patented Long-Life™ Diaphragm
                     The Zodiac G4 has only one operational moving part– the Long-
                     Life Diaphragm. No gears, wheels or flappers means simple
                     operation which ensures peak performance,
                     maximum power and low-cost maintenance.

                     Long-Life™ Hose
                     Durable hoses are scuff-resistant and are warranted for 2 years
                     against manufacturing defects and all wear and tear. Suitable
                     for all pool finishes including Diamond Brite® or Pebble Tec®

                     The Zodiac G4’s got you covered
                     The Zodiac G4 is warranted against manufacturing defects and
                     wear and tear for 2 years. Even the Long-Life Hoses are
                     warranted for 2 years. There’s even a toll-free technical support

                     Flowkeeper™ Valve with Insta-Skim
                     Compact self-adjusting flow control valve automatically
                     regulates water flow, ensuring peak performance even with
                     lower horsepower pumps. Plus, Flowkeeper offers pool surface
                     skimming with a turn of a switch.

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