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					                           Of Mice and Men Mock Trial
Why does George kill Lennie? Many of you find this question entering your mind after
reading the end of the novel Of Mice and Men. It is up to you to find the answer. Does
George pull the trigger out of love or hate? The only way to discover the truth is to take
George to court and put him on trial for the murder of Lennie. The trial will determine if
George is guilty of manslaughter or murder, the difference between his life and his death.

You are a participant in the trial of:

The People of the State of California v. George Milton

You will be a judge, lawyer, juror, bailiff, court reporter, defendant, or witness. Your
participation in the trial is determined by your specific role. Researching the legal system
and understanding the novel will prepare you for a successful court hearing.

                                 Complete the following steps in order.

         1 Receive a role from the teacher.

         2 Click on your role below to view the assignment for Step 2.

              Bailiff      Court Reporter         Defendant               Judge

              Juror         Prosecutor          Public Defender       Witness

             Share your findings from Step 2 with the class in a 1 minute

         4 Click on your role below to receive specific instructions on how to
           prepare for the trial.

                 Bailiff       Court Reporter                 Defendant                   Judge

                 Juror           Prosecutor               Public Defender                 Witness

                                    Exceeds             Meets              Reaching         Your
                                   Standards          Standards            Standards        Score

                                         3                 2                      3
                                       All          Some questions             No
                                  questions are     are addressed.        questions are
                 Step 2            addressed.                              addressed.
                                                    Some mechanical
                                  No mechanical         errors.              Many
                                errors.                            mechanical
           Research Paper                                           errors.

                                                                    Speech is
                            Speech is clear Speech is regular
                                                                   muffled and
                              and loud.       and medium.
               Step 3                                                 low.

                               Posture is        Posture is
            Presentation                                            Posture is
                                straight.        wavering.

                             Eye contact is    Eye contact is
                                                                  Eye contact is
                                 made              made
                              frequently.      occasionally.

               Step 4

                               All steps      Some steps are         No steps
                            are addressed.      addressed.        are addressed.

               Step 5           Role is                              Role is
                                              Role is portrayed
                               portrayed                            portrayed
            Court Hearing       always.                              never.

Through your participation in this WebQuest, you have gained new knowledge on a different
 topic and level. First, the research on your specific role has given you insight into the legal
   system. Second, the challenge to look deeper into the different character's actions and
               motivations has provided a greater understanding of the novel.

One group will participate in a trial wherein the character, "George" is tried for the murder
of Lenny.

Each student has been assigned a role. The roles are as follows:
1. Judge: one
2. Jurors: the number will vary according to class size but will be anywhere from 5-9
3. Witness: Two students will be assigned to the witness role and each of these students will
be responsible for representing three or four different characters from the book as
4. Defense Attorney: One
5. Prosecuting Attorney: One
6. Court Reporter: one who will be responsible for recording a complete chat transcript and
have it available for reference by jurors
7. News Reporter: One who will be responsible for reporting to the classes the 'news" of how
the trials are proceeding and also to blog the daily events.
8. Bailiff: One to keep order and report any inappropriate behavior.

The roles were assigned by on Friday - and an outline of the project was distributed to the
students in order that they understand their roles and responsibilities. The excitement in
each class was contagious!

· Before we can start with each attorney’s opening statement…Look up the difference
between a first-degree murder and second-degree murder. If you are prosecuting, you must
have a good argument for the Judge why we should convict George. If you are a defense
attorney, you should have a good argument why your client (George), should have the lesser
of the two charges (less time or more time behind bars if convicted).
· Please make a list of evidence you would like to use as evidence from the book either to
prosecute or defend your client

· Using the novel, take notes on specific quotes that can support your arguments that you
are going to use in trial-the more you have, the more interesting the trial will be.

· Decide which character witnesses you would like to ask questions to help prove your case:
Slim, Curly, Crooks, George, Lennie, Candy, Carlson, The Boss (Curly’s Dad), or any expert
witnesses you can think of? You must let the opposing attorney know what witnesses you
will question, so they can prepare to question them, too.

We have also explained to the Jurors that they must leave their personal viewpoints in the
real world and that the verdict must be based SOLELY upon evidence presented in court.

The witnesses must be prepared to present multiple characters and again must only present
information from the book.

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