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									CASE STUDY



       Facilitating the access of all to education is one of the key objectives of the European
strategies in the field of education and training. The Public Service Language Centre (
PSLC) views creating an open learning environment as one of its main development

        The biggest number of the center clients / learners are professional people beyond
traditional academic age who have to adjust learning a language to their busy work
routine. For them, the possibility to study where, when and how they wish, takes primary
importance. Various online courses and other self-study resources supported with
professional advisory service meet the needs of self-study and ensure fast and cost effective

        The teachers of the PSLC are well aware of the changes in the process of studying
which have been brought about by the rapid development of new technologies and the
growing autonomy in learning foreign languages. For any professional, the use of the
existing e-learning resources, the comparative study of how well they may be applied and
relevant for various specific needs of learners would lead to a natural wish to create a
course. The PSLC has quite a considerable experience in material design: many courses
taught at the center are specially tailored courses for public servants, diplomats working in
the sphere of the EU extension, different governmental institutions. The PSLC has created
5 textbooks, which have been well accepted not only by users in Lithuania, but also got
international acclaim.

       The PSLC distance learning project is based on the cooperative agreement signed
between the United States Information Service in Vilnius, Lithuania and the Public Service
language Centre in 1997. Under this project three self-access books with cassettes were
completed and published in 1998, they received positive external evaluation by the
Longman publishers material designer and distance-learning tutor Sherry Preiss. This
project was a successful start in distance learning material design. In May 1999 together
with the regional Distance Learning Centre the PSLC arranged and ran the first teacher-
training seminar in distance learning.        The PSLC distance learning programme
incorporates three modules: Business English, Integration into International Organizations,
Jonas’ Documents, which are used in …… educational institutions in Lithuania, as well as
by many individual learners.

      {{{At present the PSLC teachers of English participate in designing material for two
more online courses: Writing for Business and Business English for SME.}}}

Why have the PSLC teachers started designing online resources?
          They know the needs of their learners
          They have experience in adapting the existing resources to their learners’
          They regards it as a new challenge in their professional development
What does designing online materials give to the teachers?
          It opens new capacities, breaks the routine of traditional (classroom)
             approaches to teaching/learning
          It raises the level of IT literacy
          It promotes professional growth, develops creativity and ingenuity.

What does designing online materials give to the Centre?
          It adds to the profile of the institution.
          Creative cooperation builds up the team spirit and promotes friendliness and
             support among colleagues.
          The resources designed by the Centre staff promote new services (tutoring,
             advising etc) offered by the Centre.

Olga Medvedeva, Ph.D.
International Project Co-coordinator
Public Service Language Centre

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