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									                                                                                         MOUNT ROYAL COLLEGE
                                                                                            ALUMNI MAGAZINE
                                                                                                   FALL 2008

garage brand
You’ll be tempted to think it’s a high-end kitchen.
Except for that Audi parked beside you.

 P L U S … 2 0 0 8 D I S T I N G U I S H E D A L U M N I • W E D D I N G B E L L E • P R E PA R E D F O R TA K E - O F F
                                                          MOUNT ROYAL COLLEGE ALUMNI MAGAZINE
                                                                                    FALL 2008

     F E AT U R E S
     10 Distinguished Alumnus 2008
          … Tom Fredericks: Chairman, ECL Group of Companies

     12 Distinguished Alumnus 2008
16        … Dave Pierce: music composer, producer and arranger

     15 Entre new
          … MRC’s Bissett School of Business fires up entrepreneurial spirit

     16 Bright lights
          …Tan de Soleil has that glow of business success

     18 The ultimate garage brand
          … your car can live in a functional space, too

18   21 Wedding belle
          … creating this season’s “must have” invitations

     24 Prepared for take-off
          … a new airline is ready to take to Canada’s skies this fall

     27 Voice over
          … this alum is talking his way to international success

     29 The planning pro
24        … behind every great event is great planning

     I N E V E RY I S S U E
     4    Forward
          ... news highlights from on campus
     6    Alumni Association news
          ... reunions plus Live & Learn, travel and Legacy Award program news
     28 Foundation update
          ... recognizing alumni donors in 2007–08
29   30 From the Archives
          ... the carillon adds a signature sound to the Lincoln Park Campus
     32 Class notes
          ... read what your classmates are doing today
     36 Closing words
          … from Alison Redford, Q.C., Alberta Minister of Justice and
            Attorney General
          Cover photo: courtesy Ultimate Garage

                                                                               R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   1
    This issue of Reflections highlights several Mount Royal alumni who have
    become entrepreneurs. The alumni featured in these stories represent
    a wide range of entrepreneurial pursuits. Although some might fit the
    common perception of entrepreneurs as small business owners, others
    may be more appropriately described as ‘social entrepreneurs,’ ‘serial
    entrepreneurs,’ or ‘life entrepreneurs.’

    This last term, life entrepreneurs, is a compelling one. In their book
    Life Entrepreneurs, authors Christopher Gergen and Gregg Vanourek
    draw on interviews with 55 leading entrepreneurs and describe how they
    successfully integrate life, work and purpose. They propose that life
    entrepreneurs are proactive about discovering core identity, awakening
    to opportunity, envisioning the future, developing goals and strategies,
    building healthy support systems, taking action and making a difference,
    and embracing renewal and reinvention.

    Many of the alumni we feature in this issue seem to demonstrate the
    qualities presented in Life Entrepreneurs. Their stories are inspiring
    examples of leading lives of adventure, service and purpose.

    This issue also introduces some new entrepreneurial Alumni Association
    initiatives. The Live & Learn Alumni Education Series (p. 7) and the new
    alumni travel program (p. 9) are two examples of innovative programs that respond to the needs and
    interests expressed by Mount Royal alumni. On behalf of the Association, I encourage you to explore these
    opportunities to reconnect with the College and your fellow alumni.

    Finally, we are very fortunate to close the issue with a piece written by Alison Redford (University Transfer –
    Bachelor of Arts ’84). As Minister of Justice and Attorney General for Alberta, Alison talks about the strength
    of the Mount Royal community and her role in making communities safer for all Albertans — a theme we
    will delve into in our next issue.

    Randy Paquette
    Director, Alumni Relations

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2   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   3
                                                       FOR THE LATEST MOUNT ROYAL NEWS AND EVENTS, GO TO WWW.MTROYAL.CA

    The heart of learning: a new Library and Learning Centre
    by Carol Shepstone, Director of Library Services

    What will a new Library and Learning Centre mean for you? This was the question posed to Mount Royal students,
    faculty and staff in informal community input sessions held last December. Presented with architectural concept
    drawings and preliminary floor plans, community members responded with enthusiasm, generously offering input
    into a facility that will have an impact on future Mount Royal grads. Perhaps best summed up as “more, more,
    more,” students were eager to share their desire for a new facility that would provide more study space, more
    computers, more quiet study areas, more group workrooms, more comfy seating, more collections and of course
    more open hours!

    This need for more is not surprising. In a head-counting exercise conducted last year, we discovered that
    approximately 14,000 individuals were present in the Library over the course of a week and that during peak
    hours the Library often reached or exceeded its current seating capacity. This confirmed what students and staff
    knew to be true: the Library is a busy, vibrant, desirable and important destination on campus.

    Those who shared their comments also emphasized the importance of the value-added services that distinguish
    a Library and Learning Centre from a storehouse of information. Continuing to expand and grow collections that
    support Mount Royal’s existing programs and the six new degrees is essential. Combining personalized instruction
    and assistance with an information- and technology-rich environment and inspiring learning spaces is a recipe for
    a Library and Learning Centre that will make a difference in the success of Mount Royal students. The only
    outstanding question from our community was “when?”

    In February 2008 a proposal was sent to the provincial government seeking funding for this priority capital project,
    an innovative and vibrant facility that will become the new heart of learning on a growing campus. In efforts to
    meet the call for “more,” the new building will have double the seating capacity and collection space, and multi-
    stories will allow the coexistence of quiet reflective study, more dynamic and active team and group work areas,
    and informal spaces for social and intellectual exchange. The new facility will also offer increased integration of
                                                                                                                           Image by Cohos Evamy integratedesign

    teaching and learning support by bringing together the Library, Learning Skills, Academic Development Centre,
    the Faculty of Teaching and Learning and others.

    The new Library and Learning Centre is a priority for Mount Royal and although no funding has been secured from
    the government to date, planning and consultation on this important new learning facility continues.

4   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
                                     Project has perfect pitch                                  Wiki classroom means business
                                     Musicians from the Conservatory, new media
                                     specialists and entrepreneurship students have
                                     banded together to create the Perfect Pitch, a
                                     new promotional concept developed at the
                                     Bissett School of Business to help music students
                                     strengthen their business skills. “Now more than
                                     ever, young musicians have to be savvy about the
                                     business side of music, how to build a career
                                     and ways to connect with their audience,” says
                                     Sheldon Nadler, Manager of General Conservatory
                                     Programs. Created by Bissett faculty member
                                     Patti Derbyshire and Students in Free Enterprise
                                     past-president Kyle Duszynski, Perfect Pitch is
                                     designed to foster collaboration by building an
                                                                                                Entrepreneurship instructor Alex Bruton (centre, above)
                                     online peer-to-peer community through real-time
                                                                                                had a busy summer last year, leading the Bissett School
                                     immersion events. Derbyshire says Perfect Pitch
                                                                                                of Business to offer two courses in innovative ways,
                                     will provide a unique platform in higher education
                                                                                                using wikis — collections of Web pages designed to
                                     and in the creative sector. “I really believe in this
                                                                                                enable anyone who accesses them to contribute or
                                     peer-to-peer new media. That is what Perfect
                                                                                                modify content — and other collaborative tools.
                                     Pitch is all about — creating the conditions for
                                                                                                Companies are starting to use Web 2.0 concepts to
                                     artists to succeed.”
                                                                                                foster innovation and growth, and tools such as wiki
                                                                                                software let employees and others collaborate to create
                                                                                                and manage knowledge. Bruton first created a wiki
                                                                                                called the Shared Experience Project that focuses
                                     Alum’s name graces
                                                                                                on teaching and learning in entrepreneurship and
                                     Centre for Continuous                                      innovation. Then he developed open content for two
                                     Learning                                                   courses: Introduction to Business Statistics and Strategy
                                     The Centre for Continuous                                  for Small Business. “Being part of the wiki classroom
                                     Learning was officially renamed                            really provided insight into how the wiki experience
                                     the Roderick Mah Centre for Continuous Learning on         could be used in real life, especially in small business,”
                                     May 15 in honour of late Calgary businessman and           student Graham Harder said.
                                     Mount Royal alumnus Roderick Mah (High School ’52).
                                     The re-naming was made possible following a $5-million
                                     gift to Mount Royal from Donald McCaffrey (President,      Students help troops rebuild Afghanistan
                                     CEO and co-founder of Resverlogix Corp.), Dr. Norman       A group of business students travelled to CFB
                                     Wong (chief scientist and co-founder of Resverlogix) and   Wainwright in April to teach entrepreneurship and
                                     Wayne Chiu (President and CEO of Trico Homes). The         business skills to Canadian soldiers who, in turn,
                                     gift, one of the largest in Mount Royal’s history, was     will pass those skills on to the citizens of war-torn
                                     made in memory of a personal friend, fellow business       Afghanistan in hopes of improving their lives. The
                                     leader, 1995 recipient of Mount Royal’s Distinguished      Students in Free Enterprise members taught 18
                                     Alumnus Award, former Mount Royal Foundation Board         soldiers, who will be serving with Canada’s Kandahar
                                     member and high-profile member of the Chinese              Provincial Reconstruction Team from September 2008
Photos courtesy External Relations

                                     community dubbed the “unofficial mayor of Chinatown.”      to April 2009, the basics of business idea generation
                                     The donation will support student health and science       and feasibility analysis. They also shared research on
                                     facilities and is expected to be matched by the            how Afghan people can export products and which
                                     Government of Alberta.                                     companies are available to help them do so.

                                                                                                                                      R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   5

    Chapters and Branches
    Toronto Branch — Roundup at the Rogers Centre
    Announcing a new twist to the annual Roundup event in Toronto! On Sept. 27, 2008, the Mount Royal College Alumni
    Association will host alumni and friends from the Toronto area at the Toronto Argonauts vs. Calgary Stampeders
    football game. Enjoy dinner in a Rogers Centre Luxury Suite while you reconnect with Mount Royal friends at a
    private event sponsored by the Wellington West Clearsight Investment Program. Call 1.866.441.6101 or e-mail
    alumni@mtroyal.ca to register for this free event. Spaces are limited, so register soon!

    Reunions                                                    Visit the Alumni Association website —
                                                                www.mtroyal.ca/alumni — or contact Shirley
    Calling all Cougar Basketball Alumni!                       Reynolds, Coordinator of Alumni Chapters
    Cougar Basketball invites you to come and enjoy the         and Events, at sreynolds@mtroyal.ca or
    Sept. 26 – 27, 2008, weekend at the Cougar Basketball       403.440.7047 for all the details on alumni
    Alumni Event and Cougar Basketball Pre-Season
                                                                special events.
    Go-Round. Weekend events will feature:
    •     recognition of former teams and their successes
          (Friday/Saturday)                                       1960s Reunion
    •     a meet-and-greet with the current Cougar Basketball     October 24-25, 2008
          team (Friday/Saturday)
                                                                  Did you attend Mount Royal between 1960
    •     an on-campus alumni social event (Friday night)
                                                                  and 1969? If so, register now for the October
    •     three days of ACAC College basketball
                                                                  24th and 25th 1960s Reunion. Relive those
          (Thursday – Saturday)
                                                                  fun times and create new memories at the
    •     alumni 3-on-3 Tournament (optional; Saturday)
                                                                  Lincoln Park Campus. This event is open
    •     off-campus social to follow Saturday games
                                                                  to all ’60s alumni (as well as spouses and
    Re-connect with former teammates and friends,
                                                                  friends) and former faculty and staff.
    and meet other Cougar Basketball players and
    alumni. See you there!

                                                                                                                       Photo courtesy MRC Archives

6   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
H I G H L I G H T I N G T H E N E W, T H E N O TA B L E A N D T H E N O T-T O - B E- M I S S E D

Programs and Services
The Mount Royal College Alumni Association’s new Live & Learn Alumni Education
Series is a hit! The series is free to Mount Royal alumni and covers a variety of
interesting topics. Join us from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. on the following dates:

                                                             Oct. 2, 2008: Conflict Resolution
  Register today!                                            sponsored by the Mount Royal College Faculty
  www.mtroyal.ca/alumni                                      of Continuing Education and Extension

  For more information, please contact                       Acquire strategies and skills that you can apply
                                                             today — in the workplace, community or home.
  Cyndi Rowlings at crowlings@mtroyal.ca
  or 403.440.7220.                                           Nov. 6, 2008: Uncorking the Mysteries of Wine
                                                             sponsored by The Art Institute of Vancouver and
Sept. 17, 2008: Building Relationships and                   Industrial Alliance Pacific

Improving Face-to-Face Communication                         Back by popular demand, this session will be led by
sponsored by TD Insurance Meloche Monnex                     François Gaulin, manager of Calgary’s Cellar Wine,
                                                             Calgary Wine and Spirit Education Trust instructor,
The series launch features renowned speaker Nicholas
                                                             Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master
Boothman. The New York Times calls him “one of the
                                                             Sommeliers, former manager of Teatro Restaurant
leading experts in face-to-face communication in the
                                                             and former sommelier at the Banffshire Club —
world,” The Economist calls him “truly inspirational,”
                                                             Fairmont Banff Springs.
and Good Morning America says, “His book is my bible!”

A former international fashion and advertising               Jan. 15, 2009: Nutrition Seminar
photographer, Boothman worked in an industry where           sponsored by Mount Royal Recreation
people decided how they felt about each other in a
matter of seconds. Today, this entertaining speaker          Feb. 5, 2009: Ballroom Dancing
has presented his revolutionary
                                                             sponsored by Mount Royal Recreation
techniques of connecting,
communicating and collaborating
                                                             March 5, 2009: Hands-on Cooking
to corporations and universities
around the world, including both                             (at Sunterra Market)
the Harvard and London                                       sponsored by TD Insurance Meloche Monnex
Business Schools.
                                                             April 2, 2009: Tax Planning
Boothman’s first two books,
                                                             sponsored by the Wellington West Clearsight
How to Make People Like
                                                             Investment Program
You in 90 Seconds or Less
and How to Connect in
Business in 90 Seconds or
                                                             May 7, 2009: Golf Seminar
Less have been translated                                    sponsored by FITforeGOLFTM
into more than 20 languages
and his programs are delivered                               June 4, 2009: Business Etiquette
by licensed trainers in North                                sponsored by Mount Royal’s Bissett School
America, Europe and Asia.                                    of Business

                                                                                                   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   7

     Mount Royal College Legacy Awards
     The Alumni Association is excited to announce the introduction of the Mount Royal College Legacy Awards. The first
     annual Legacy Awards Dinner will be held on Thursday, Sept. 24, 2009. The deadline for nominations for 2009
     Legacy Awards is Feb. 1, 2009. Visit www.mtroyal.ca/alumni for additional information and nomination forms.
     This new awards program is an expansion of the former Distinguished Alumni Awards and recognizes alumni in
     the following categories:

     Alumni Legacy Awards                                         •   Professional Achievement — recognizing exceptional
                                                                      achievement in the individual’s professional career,
     Horizon Award                                                    including but not limited to business, communications,
     One award conferred annually, recognizing the                    social services, health care and sciences
     outstanding achievements of Mount Royal College
                                                                  •   Service to the College — recognizing professional or
     alumni early in their careers. Nominees must have
                                                                      voluntary activities undertaken on behalf of Mount
     completed their studies at Mount Royal no more than
                                                                      Royal College, the Mount Royal College Alumni
     10 years prior to the year for which they are nominated
                                                                      Association or other organizations affiliated with
     and must be under the age of 35.
                                                                      Mount Royal

     Lifetime Distinguished Achievement Award                     Each recipient of an Alumni Legacy Award will receive a
     One award conferred annually, recognizing alumni             framed certificate and/or commemorative item from the
     who have brought great honour to their alma mater            College and the Mount Royal College Alumni Association.
     and fellow alumni through sustained commitment to            In addition, the Mount Royal College Alumni Association
     excellence in professional, community and/or personal        will provide a scholarship in the name of the award
     endeavours.                                                  recipient to a Mount Royal student.

     Outstanding Alumni Awards                                    Student Legacy Awards
     Up to two awards conferred annually to alumni who
     demonstrate outstanding achievement in their fields
                                                                  Outstanding Future Alumni Award
     of endeavour. Categories for consideration include:          One award conferred annually, recognizing a Mount
                                                                  Royal College credit student who has demonstrated
     •     Academic Achievement — recognizing profound            ambassador-like qualities on behalf of Mount Royal
           activities in academic research, teaching, program     through activities such as prospective student outreach,
           development and/or educational administration          student alumni programming and/or other College and
                                                                  community activities.
     •     Arts and Culture — recognizing prominence and
           acclaim in the fine, performing, literary and/or
           applied arts                                           Alumni Legacy Award
                                                                  Three awards provided annually to children of Mount
     •     Athletic Achievement — recognizing superlative         Royal College alumni who will begin studies at Mount
           performance in and/or contribution to professional     Royal College in the fall semester of the year in which
           or amateur sport                                       the awards are given.
     •     Community Service — recognizing notable service        Each recipient of a Student Legacy Award will receive a
           and/or contributions to the welfare and advancement    framed certificate and/or commemorative item from the
           of local, national or international communities        College and the Mount Royal College Alumni Association,
                                                                  as well as a scholarship from the Alumni Association.

8   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
H I G H L I G H T I N G T H E N E W, T H E N O TA B L E A N D T H E N O T-T O - B E- M I S S E D

Introducing our new travel program partner: AHI International
The Mount Royal College Alumni Association is pleased to announce a new alumni travel partnership with AHI
International. AHI is the premier operator of deluxe travel programs sponsored by alumni associations and provides
exceptional travel value, unique access to local sites, flexibility and customization, and safety and security. To launch
the travel program, we will feature fabulous trips to Tuscany (Sept. 16 – 24, 2009) and China (Oct. 14 – 26, 2009).
Contact AHI directly at 800.323.7373 or www.mroyal.ahi-travel.com for more information and to book your trip.

Tuscany — Cortona
September 16 – 24, 2009
Approximately $2,695CDN per person, plus airfare and V.A.T., based on double occupancy

From the innovations of the Etruscans to the enlightenment
of the Renaissance, Tuscany is a region steeped in
history and human achievement. Let the charming
village of Cortona be your base as you travel through the
surrounding Tuscan hill country, admiring the beauty of
the land. In Siena, navigate narrow cobblestone streets
lined with Gothic buildings, visit the city’s magnificent
Duomo, and stroll the Piazza del Campo, one of the
loveliest squares in Italy. In Umbria, explore two walled
cities: medieval Assisi, home to the exquisite Basilica of
St. Francis, and Perugia, an ancient Etruscan city-state.
Then, journey to tiny Montepulciano, set in the heart of
Chianti Country. Finally, experience the brilliant artistic
and architectural heritage of Florence, the Cradle of
the Renaissance.

China and the Yangtze River Discovery
October 14 – 26, 2009
Approximately $3,095CDN per person, plus airfare and V.A.T., based on double occupancy

No longer the “sleeping giant” described by Napoleon,
China continues to hold its rightful place as one of the
most fascinating countries in the world. Discover its finest
cities, exotic countryside and storied history on this unique
travel opportunity that showcases the many treasures of a
fascinating land at an exceptional value. In Beijing, visit the
Forbidden City palace complex, the Temple of Heaven and
the Summer Palace. Admire breathtaking panoramas from
the Great Wall. Discover Xi’an, home to the famous Terra
Cotta Warriors that guard Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi’s
tomb. Board the M.V. Yangtze President and sail through
the magnificent Three Gorges region. Finally, arrive in
Shanghai and experience the Bund, the prestigious
Shanghai Museum, the serene Yu Garden, and an
exciting acrobat show.

                                                                                                        R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   9
                                                           D I S T I N G U I S H E D A L U M N U S

                                                              ’There’s a lot of
                                                              heart in how we
                                                           work, whether it’s
                                                               for business or
                                                                      for charity.’

           Chairman of the Board, ECL Group of Companies

10   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
                     Family values underscore
                     company success
                     Tom Fredericks (Business Administration ’64) was brought         grown enough to accommodate their new skills, it’s our
                     up in a business started by his father, so it’s no surprise      obligation to help them find a new job. We can’t hold people
                     that he regards the company and people he works with as          back — and in most years we’ve grown enough to keep
                     part of his family. What is surprising, however, is that his     our people.”
                     ECL Group of Companies has managed to preserve its core
                                                                                      Those same people who care so much about ECL also care
                     family values while growing at an impressive rate.
                                                                                      for the community, and their suggestions led to the creation
                     What started out in 1937 as a UFA bulk fuel agent with           of one of Calgary’s most unique fundraising ventures: ECL
                     one truck and two employees is now two companies — a             Choppers for Charity. In just over 11 years, it has raised
                     transportation company and a chemical company — with             almost $2 million for children’s hospitals in Calgary and
                     revenues that exceed $150 million and 500 employees              Edmonton.
                     across the country. At one point in its history, the ECL
                                                                                      “People in all parts of the company, all across the province,
                     Group comprised eight companies.
                                                                                      get involved,” Fredericks explains. “It’s a great way to build
                     Fredericks, Chairman of the Board and former CEO, has            the team, and it also teaches people to stretch to meet
                     been with the company since 1963 (he bought out his              goals. Our first year, we had 12 bikes taking part to deliver
                     father in 1972). The secret to ECL’s success, he says, can       the cheque to the Children’s Hospital. Now it’s 50 — all
                     be summed up easily: “our people.”                               ECL employees and friends.”

                     “We’ve intentionally created a culture of caring about the       Donations come from within the company, clients, suppliers
                     individuals who work here,” he says. “People are content.        and contributors who trust ECL’s commitment to deliver
                     You can feel it. I know that people feel they add value at all   100% of what it raises to the hospitals.
                     positions, from reception to washing a truck … that every
                                                                                      ECL Choppers for Charity aims to raise $500,000 for the
                     person is important to the success of this company.
                                                                                      Alberta Children’s Hospital’s Rotary Flames House, the new
                     “We treat our people like they are very important                children’s hospice, over the next three years. “We’re going
                     individuals — which they are.”                                   to make this happen in two years,” Fredericks says.

                     ECL has one of the lowest employee turnover rates in             Delivering on this promise will be no different than the
                     an industry plagued with worker transience. It has been          promises ECL delivers every day.
                     named one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, one
                                                                                      “There’s a lot of heart in how we work, whether it’s for
                     of Calgary’s Best 500 and received the Fraser Milner
                                                                                      business or for charity.” s
                     Casgrain Pinnacle Award.

                     At its heart, ECL is an entrepreneurial company,
                                                                                      BIO BRIEF
                     encouraging employees to find niches in the marketplace
                                                                                      •   Chairman of the Board, ECL Group of Companies
                     that ECL can serve. Several companies, usually trucking
                     related, have been launched, developed and sold over the         •   past CEO, ECL Group of Companies
                     years. The latest venture, Innovative Chemical Technologies      •   Board member, LPG Emergency Response
                     Canada Inc., was born in 2000. While the ECL name helped             Corporation
                     the business get off the ground, the staff guiding it have       •   member, Mount Royal College Foundation Board
                     gone through the usual trials and tribulations of any start-         of Directors
                     up. Today it’s a well-established leader in the marketplace.     •   member, Mount Royal College Foundation Annual
                                                                                          Giving Committee
                     “Our job as a corporation is to allow an individual to expand    •   Rotary Club Integrity Award recipient
Photo by Lifetouch

                     his or her knowledge, to upgrade their skills on company
                                                                                      •   Alberta Centennial Medal recipient
                     time and at company expense, until they work themselves
                     out of a position,” Fredericks explains. “And if we haven’t

                                                                                                                                  R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   11
                                              D I S T I N G U I S H E D A L U M N U S

                                                       ’Sometimes I
                                                      pinch myself.
                                                   I have a career
                                                        doing what I
                                                          love to do.’

         Music composer, producer, arranger

12   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
                     An international career
                     hits all the right notes
                     By his own understated admission, Dave Pierce                    Finding new artists and helping them take their career to
                     (Conservatory ’80s) has had “a pretty good year.”                the next level is Pierce’s passion. “I had always hoped I
                                                                                      would do this. It’s a very lucky thing, first to succeed in the
                     Last July, he was working on the Billy Joel production,
                                                                                      music business and then to have enough ability or luck
                     Movin’ Out, that toured across North America. That
                                                                                      within that business to choose what I’m doing. It wasn’t
                     happened at the same time as he was putting the finishing
                                                                                      clear to me until last year. Then I saw how everything I do
                     touches on music for the Calgary Stampede’s evening
                                                                                      compliments working with an artist.”
                     grandstand show (a gig he’s had for the past 16 years).
                                                                                      Even the Stampede grandstand show, which Calgarians
                     Then it was off to work with the Rockettes to arrange and
                                                                                      tend to take for granted, is an opportunity to develop
                     orchestrate Radio City Music Hall’s 75th Anniversary
                                                                                      young talent.
                     Christmas Spectacular in New York.
                                                                                      “We have our own American Idol right here in our own
                     From there, he headed west to produce Bell Canada’s Believe,
                                                                                      backyard,” he says. “We don’t realize it, but when I’m
                     an Olympic-inspired recording and video project featuring
                                                                                      working with big shows in the U.S., they do.
                     Suzie McNeil and the National Arts Centre Orchestra.
                                                                                      “One of the things I’m trying my hardest to do is to stay in
                     With that wrapped up, it was back home to produce
                                                                                      Canada, to become an ambassador for Canadian talent.
                     Aboriginal Junofest as part of the Juno Awards held in
                                                                                      There is a lot of great talent here.
                     Calgary. Mixed into this was serving as Music Supervisor for
                     Big Rock’s CD compilation Untapped, released annually in         “There’s nothing better than being surrounded by hopeful
                     conjunction with the Junos.                                      ambition — working with a 16-year-old who wants to be a
                                                                                      star. I had those goals, too, when I was that age.
                     Today, he’s squeezing in this Reflections interview while
                     once again in the throes of his annual Stampede assignment       “Sometimes I pinch myself. I have a career doing what
                     as Music Director/Producer for the mammoth outdoor show          I love to do.” s
                     that blends 400 performers, fireworks, lights, sound and
                     the inevitable intrusions from Mother Nature.                    BIO BRIEF
                     And he’s saying that soon he’ll be off to work on still-under-   •   Musical Director/Producer, Calgary Exhibition and
                     wraps projects with Andrew Lloyd Webber on Broadway.                 Stampede grandstand show
                                                                                      •   arrangements and orchestration for Radio City Music
                     But don’t for a moment let this orderly sequence of events           Hall’s 75th Anniversary Christmas Spectacular
                     fool you into believing these projects proceeded in any sort
                                                                                      •   collaboration on the theatrical stage show for Dr. Dolittle
                     of even, metered progression. It wouldn’t be Dave Pierce’s
                                                                                      •   arranger and/or conductor for acts from Cirque du Soleil,
                     life if there weren’t a heavy dollop of “concurrence” in this
                                                                                          and for Ian Tyson, Paul Brandt, Michael Bublé, Carrie
                     frenzy of musical activity.                                          Underwood and Petula Clark
                     “I’ve worked at this steady pace for awhile,” he says,           •   composed Century for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s
                     knowing full well that his work schedule would make the              2005 visit to Canada
                     heads of most mere mortals spin right off. The truth is,         •   composed and arranged Hotel Porter in special association
                     he’s having too much fun to notice.                                  with Cole Porter’s estate
                                                                                      •   arranged and conducted Jann Arden’s Canadian Symphony
                     Take the Big Rock Untapped CD. “This is a very cool thing
                                                                                          Tour, culminating in the Jann Arden Live with the
                     we’ve started,” he explains. “I thought I was making one CD.         Vancouver Symphony recording
                     It has turned into a whole Web community of bands and
                                                                                      •   conducted the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra with Ron
                     artists across Canada who hope to be considered for what             Sexsmith, Jorane and Suzie McNeil in the Two-Year Countdown
Photo by Lifetouch

                     is now an annual release from Big Rock. They are committed           Concert to Vancouver 2010
                     to these artists, which is giving these up-and-comers a real     •   orchestrated Broadway productions including Chicago,
                     shot at the spotlight.”                                              Crazy for You, Forever Swing and Thoroughly Modern Millie

                                                                                                                                 R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   13
14   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
                                                                          Entre new
                         Today, the entrepreneurially minded are
                         as important to big business as they
                         are the backbone of the small.
                             If Calgary has a spirit of entrepreneurship, then Mount
                         Royal’s Bissett School of Business is working hard to become
                         the city’s spiritual advisor.
                             “We’re taking a very innovative approach,” says Stephen
                         Kenny, the School’s Entrepreneur-in-Residence since May 2007,
                         of changes underway for the flagship Entrepreneurship program.
                         “We have the potential to be the top entrepreneurship program
                         in North America.”
                             Given rapid changes in the marketplace — including expansion
                         of the knowledge economy, the worker shortage, retirement of Baby
                         Boomers and globalization — “business schools need to turn out
                         different kinds of graduates.
                             “We want our students to leave able to start their own business and
                         also able to succeed in an entrepreneurial corporate environment,” he
                         explains. “Our future success will be measured not in how many
                         graduates set up their own businesses, but in how many use their
                         entrepreneurial knowledge in business of any kind.”
                             The revamped program, which is slated to launch in Fall 2009 as
                         part of Mount Royal’s new Bachelor of Business Administration degree
                         program, is “a perfect fit for Calgary, the most entrepreneurial city in
                         Canada for a long time,” Kenny says. “Our grads have to be comfortable
                         going right into the job. Companies today can’t afford to be constantly training new
                         employees. They’re desperate for graduates who can walk right in and just ‘do.’”
                             So what will these entrepreneurially focused grads bring to their new business
                         venture or their corporate employer? First and foremost: persistence.
                             “Everyone’s different, but entrepreneurs all tend to be persistent and passionate.
                         They’re a little like the bad dog at the party clamped onto your leg,” he says with a
                         laugh. They also have the ability to adapt quickly to what they’re hearing and seeing,            The venture fund
                         and have a lot of faith in their own intuition. They’re comfortable in creative,           Stephen Kenny and his
                         competitive, fast-paced, deadline- and budget-driven, ambiguous environments.                partners established
                                                                                                                         helped several tech
                             And they aren’t afraid of hard work, long hours and sacrifice, especially if they’re
                                                                                                                       start-ups get off the
                         launching their own businesses.                                                                   ground. Now that
                             “It’s not always an easy path and even the best success stories have taken a lot of      experience is helping
                                                                                                                      the Bissett School of
                         time to get off the ground,” Kenny says. “Personally, I remember many times when I
Photo by Mike Ridewood

                                                                                                                          Business redefine
                         wondered how I was going to pay my staff. But when I got to the point where I could           its Entrepreneurship
                         write bonus cheques, well, there’s nothing better than that.” s                                           program.

                                                                                                                      R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   15
                                            These two sisters have the unmistakable
                                                           glow of business success.

16   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
                                  When your product gives customers a boost of energy, adds         weren’t profitable. But she plugged away at it, opening a
                                  a shot of self-confidence, makes them happier and gives           second store in Port Moody, B.C., in 2000, a third in
                                  them a healthy glow, you’ve got the makings for a feel-good       downtown Vancouver in 2001 and expanding her first
                                  business success story. Marnie Pritchard (University              store — just in time for disaster to hit.
                                  Transfer ’93) is certainly writing one.
                                                                                                    “Tanning took a big hit after 9/11,” she says, “because
                                  The owner of Tan de Soleil has grown her company from             people weren’t travelling. And the reality is that a lot of our
                                  an initial location in Surrey, B.C., to five salons in B.C. and   business is seasonal — people going on holidays who want
                                  Alberta in less than a decade.                                    to get a tan first, or people wanting to look good for
                                                                                                    Christmas parties or they don’t want to go outside with
                                  “Tanning has become part of a healthy lifestyle,” she says
                                                                                                    pasty legs when shorts season starts.”
                                  of an industry that frequently makes news, both good and
                                  bad, and has re-invented itself since the days when heavily       If Pritchard hadn’t already been used to life on the edge,
                                  bronzed bodies were the ultimate fashion statement.               the downturn might have dampened her efforts, but ever
                                                                                                    the entrepreneur, she set her sights on expanding further. In
                                  “Many people make money scaring others out of the sun.
                                                                                                    2008, store number four opened in Langley, B.C., where she
                                  But there are many positive benefits to tanning — which
                                                                                                    now lives. Just this past March, her fifth venture opened in
                                  we promote in moderation. God didn’t put us on the land
                                                                                                    Calgary, this time in 50/50 partnership with her sister,
                                  in little houses. We were meant to be outdoors.
                                                                                                    Andrea (Pritchard) Christensen (Bachelor of Education
                                                                                                    University Transfer ’97).

                                                                    ‘God didn’t put                 “It was easy to start up because of Marnie’s experience
                                                                                                    and background,” Christensen says. “We contracted the
                                                                    us on the land                  build-out on our own, and with Calgary’s shortage of
                                                                                                    workers and running into technical problems with
                                                                    in little houses.               computers, it was great to hear Marnie say ‘this is normal,
                                                                                                    it all works out.’”
                                                                    We were meant                   At least staffing hasn’t been a problem, she says, because
                                                                                                    tanning salons are popular workplaces with young people
                                                                    to be outdoors.’                who enjoy the casual atmosphere and the perks.

                                                                                                    While Christensen manages the Calgary store, Pritchard is
                                                                                                    still very hands-on in B.C. “Some days it’s a bit of a love-hate
                                                                    Marnie Pritchard (R)
                                                                    Andrea (Pritchard)
                                                                                                    relationship,” she admits. “I love the business overall. I love
                                                                    Christensen                     building out, designing salons, setting them up. But there’s
                                                                                                    a lot of ‘must do’ work like payroll, paying bills, training
                                  “The people who come into my salons are younger and               managers and marketing that’s not where the fun is.”
                                  healthier than the people I see outside the salons. Our
                                                                                                    That said, she isn’t about to give up taking an active role in
                                  customers are very health and image conscious.”
                                                                                                    the company any time soon.
                                  Pritchard launched the company after working in the
                                                                                                    “When I started, I just wanted to expand. Now I want to pay
                                  industry and, like so many others, falling in love with it.
                                                                                                    down my debt because I’ve expanded so much. I don’t have
                                  Once she decided she wanted to start her own salon, she
                                                                                                    any plans to sell. This is my company until I retire. One day,
                                  pored over every industry magazine she could find and
                                                                                                    I hope to pass it down to my kids, and hope my sister can
                                  hunted up every online resource. Even so, going it on her
                                                                                                    do the same.” s
                                  own took a lot of courage.

                                  “My dad trusted me from the beginning. I was 25 years old
                                  and he let me borrow against his paid-off property. I’m sure
                                  he sprouted a few gray hairs out of it.
Photo courtesy Marnie Pritchard

                                                                                                    Looking for a healthy glow of your own?
                                  “I went in naively, saying ‘I’m going to make it.’ But if
                                                                                                    Visit Tan de Soleil at www.tandesoleil.com.
                                  someone would have looked at my financial statements,
                                  they’d have argued with that,” she says with a laugh, noting
                                  that in those first years, about seven months of the year

                                                                                                                                            R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   17
                                                                                C O V E R S T O R Y

                                  The ultimate
                                  garage brand
                                            Jamie Hutton wants to transform your oily, dusty,
                                            cluttered garage into an eye-catching, well-tuned
                                                               extension of your living space.
                                                                                      by Cathy Nickel

18   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
                                  Walls are a rich, prairie-hued, cornhusk gold. High-end
                                  modular cabinets, tall, sleek, red and chrome, align perfectly
                                  along the back wall. Polished solid-surface countertops
                                  gleam. Below lies a spotless, dramatic, granite-like floor.
                                  You’re tempted to think it’s a well-appointed kitchen —
                                  except for that Audi parked beside you.

                                  Welcome to another Ultimate Garage signature creation.

                                  Launched in 2003 by Jamie Hutton (Applied Business and
                                  Entrepreneurship ’08) and a partner, Ultimate Garage caters
                                  to a high-end market, specializing in transforming garages
                                  into functional, attractive spaces that boast quality and
                                  significant eye appeal.

                                  “People are starting to recognize that their garage is a
                                  livable extension of their home,” Hutton says. “I refer to it
                                  as another room — a functional living space.”

                                  Ultimate Garage is in a class all its own, offering complete
                                  interior design services for the garage environment to
                                  compliment the rest of the house. Everything from
                                  extensive cabinetry, multi-component storage systems,
                                  flooring, paint and finishing work all can be part of the
                                  package. High-quality materials and products, sourced from
                                  across North America, blend with top-notch craftsmanship
                                  and service to create a superior finished product.

                                  While full-scale garage packages are, admittedly, a luxury
                                  item and cater to a discerning, relatively small, niche market,
                                  Hutton knows he has only begun to scratch the surface
                                  when it comes to building and tapping into new markets.

                                  “This is still a relatively young concept,” he says. “At the
                                  beginning, we were selling a product that people didn’t
                                  even know they needed.”

                                  It’s been slow slogging to build clientele, but word of mouth
                                  advertising has kicked in and some neighbourhoods have
                                  become fertile ground for garage upgrades. This year, he
                                  expects to complete a few hundred projects, ranging from
                                  simple half-day installations to wholesale, top-of-the-line
                                  re-dos that can take one to two weeks.

                                  Only recently have mainstream retailers like Canadian Tire,
                                  Home Depot and Ikea started pitching products specific to
                                  the garage environment.

                                  “The increased awareness is good for business, because
                                  it gets more people thinking about what they could do,”
Photos courtesy Ultimate Garage

                                  Hutton says. “But it’s not really direct competition for us
                                  because we cater to a different clientele.”

                                  He’s growing Ultimate Garage by reaching out to a mid-
                                  range market that is coming to appreciate the aesthetic
                                  and property-investment value of a functional garage.

                                                                          R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   19
He is expanding the cash-and-carry retail trade that
operates from the company’s Burbank Road headquarters.

And his concrete floor coating system, which is attractive
and durable, combined with modular office-type cabinets,
will no doubt see Ultimate Garage move beyond the garage
environment into homes and offices (they’ve already done
two custom work stations downtown). He’s also doing
projects outside the city and would like to expand into
the Edmonton market if he finds the right partner.

So far, Ultimate Garage is pretty much going according to
Hutton’s plan.

“I always knew I wanted to start my own business,” he
explains. “I don’t come from a family of entrepreneurs per
se, but my dad was always very independent. It’s all about
the attitude, about having the confidence to take a risk.
That came from my father.

“You’ll never know what you can achieve unless you try.
If you don’t put in any effort, you’ll never know.

“The need for security can be a big barrier. I talk to a lot of
people who have ideas, but they’re not willing or able to give
up the security of a regular job. I believe there are always
opportunities. If what I’m doing falls apart, then I can
always do something else.”
                                                                  ‘This is still a relatively
He also knows the value of the solid business foundation
                                                                  young concept. At the
he built for Ultimate Garage while he was a student at            beginning, we were selling
Mount Royal. “I researched options in different industries,
looking at trends, where people invest their money, what’s        a product that people
happening in the economy. That led me to consider real
estate or home renovations.
                                                                  didn’t even know
“Then one day I was in my garage and getting annoyed
                                                                  they needed.’
because I couldn’t get something to work ... and that’s when
the idea hit. Then I did all the formal planning.”                It’s a bit of a juggling act these days, because he needs to
                                                                  get the jobs done and still needs to focus on his three top
It was a natural fit for a self-described “car guy” who was
                                                                  priorities: selling and working with clients, marketing and
looking for a business opportunity he could sink his teeth
                                                                  developing the flooring side of the business.
into, grow and make some money from. He launched the
company with one partner, who has now left and been               “The business can’t grow with me doing everything,” he
replaced by two others. He’s up to five full-time staff and       says, acknowledging that he still has a strong sense of
contracts numerous independent installers as needed.              ownership. “So I focus on what I do best. It’s sometimes
                                                                  hard to let go and I feel like I’ve lost track of what’s going
It’s tough finding the right people in Calgary’s tight labour
                                                                  on — but I really don’t need to know because we have the
market. “Our product has high aesthetic value, so we
                                                                  right people.” s
can’t have people doing shoddy work. Our reputation is
everything.” So right now Hutton is a little more hands-on        Want the ultimate for your four-wheeled baby?
than perhaps he’d like to be.                                     Visit Ultimate Garage at www.ultimategarage.ca.

20   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
                                                                                                          A fabulous wedding starts with
                                                                                                               exquisitely printed words.

                                                                                                        It’s 1 a.m. on Friday and Andra (LaHaye) Coulter
                                                                                                  (University Transfer – General Arts [Psychology] ’98)
                                                                                                   is carefully gluing tiny rhinestones to richly textured
                                                                                                      olive-green paper. Three days from now, a Calgary
                                                                                                           bride-to-be will take delivery of these finished
                                                                                                          gems — her one-of-a-kind wedding invitations.

                                                                                              Coulter loves throwing a great party. After designing the
                                                                                           invitations for her own wedding in 2006 — to fellow Mount
                                                                                         Royal alum Jamie Coulter (Marketing Management ’98) — so
                                                                                              many people commented on her invitations that she was
                                                                                           prompted to launch Epiphany Designs, a boutique invitation
                                                                                             studio she runs part-time from her home. The self-taught
                                                                                         designer got a crash course on paper and printing, and these
                                                                                          days routinely works with eight or more couples at once and
                                                                                         hand-assembles invitations in quantities ranging from 15-150.

                                                                                  She has also launched a blog — www.iloveweddings.blogspot.com —
                                                                                       that has attracted the attention of some media heavyweights:
                                                                                   People Magazine Online cited it as one of six “wedding blogs we’re
                                                                                       loving” and the March 2008 edition of Cosmopolitan featured a
                                                                                             half-page interview with Coulter describing how she threw
                                                                                                                 a dream wedding on a limited budget.

                                                                                 “I didn’t want it to be like other wedding blogs,” she says. “It’s highly
                                                                               personal — even sarcastic. Weddings are always at the top of my mind
                                                                            and it’s a great way to talk about them, to share the tricks and strategies.

                                                                              “Marriage is ‘in’ again,” she says. “But there’s a new definition of the old
                                                                traditions. Many couples are incorporating websites, and they’re gathering ideas from
Photo by Night and Day Photography, courtesy Andra Coulter

                                                             around the world. Everyone wants their wedding to be the best — the best-looking bride,
                                                                  the best invitations, the best venue, the best food.” Today’s discerning couples want
                                                                 invitations that reflect their personalities and that means avant-garde design, colour
                                                                 that pops, personal wording, patterns, textured paper and hand-made craftsmanship.

                                                                                   “I work with people on what will be the happiest day of their lives,”
                                                                                                             Coulter says. “I’m surrounded by joy.” s

                                                                                                   Check out Epiphany Designs at www.epiphany-designs.com.

                                                                                                                                       R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   21
R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   23
     Prepared for
     TAKE-OFF                        Major carriers are downsizing and adding
                                     fuel surcharges. Some people think it’s a
                                       lousy time to launch a new airline. Tim
                                            Morgan clearly isn’t some people.
                                                                      by Cathy Nickel

24   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
                          Tim Morgan (Aviation ’74) might be the ultimate blue-sky thinker. Or maybe he’s just got jet
                          fuel in his veins. Regardless, the next aviation adventure on this serial entrepreneur’s agenda
                          is scheduled to roar down the runway and into Canadian history this fall.

                          That’s nothing new for Morgan, who is quite possibly the nation’s ultimate “frequent flyer” when
                          it comes to launching aviation companies. Twenty-three years ago, while working as a corporate
                          pilot, he launched Morgan Air Services, which has now grown tenfold and serves about 25
                          student pilots at a time. In 1994, he was at the table when an upstart western company called
                          WestJet Airlines Ltd. got off the ground and he took on the mantle of head of operations for
                          the next decade. In 2005, Air Partners, a kind of eight-plane “timeshare for jets,” took flight.
                          Sometime this fall, a company currently operating with the working title NewAir and Tours
                          will debut — with no small amount of fanfare.

                          All of these ventures have been motivated, he says, by what comes naturally to a born
                          entrepreneur: “I see the opportunity and go. The goal is to provide a service to meet a need.
                          Success will grow the company.” He doesn’t set out to beat the competition, he says, “but I like
                          to be nimble enough to get between their toes. Success comes from serving customers well,
                          not from competing with other companies.”

                          The niche he and a few former WestJet colleagues are carving out this time is in the travel
                          and tour business, serving communities off the beaten path and off the radar of Canada’s major
                          carriers and tour operators. “Ironically, when we started WestJet, Canada’s airline industry was
Photos by Mike Ridewood

                          a duopoly: Air Canada and Canadian Airlines. Today, we have a duopoly again: Air Canada and
                          WestJet. They’re totally focused on competing with each other and for the same customer.

                          They live or die on market share and load factor.

                                                                                                      R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   25
“We’re targeting a new market — expanding the whole
market — by focusing not on the people who live by the
freeways, but on the people who live by the gravel roads. The
people from ‘middle Canada’ who aren’t well served by what
we have now. The people in Grande Prairie, Prince George,
Lethbridge, Fort McMurray and Saskatoon” who want to
travel easily and conveniently to popular leisure destinations.

His eyes light up as he talks about the enormous
potential in this still-untapped market and what’s possible
when people in smaller centres have ready access to a
competitively priced, home-grown airline, instead of having
to trek into larger cities to catch holiday flights as they do
now. There’s plenty of opportunity with Baby Boomers, given
their ready cash and large numbers, and a prosperous
western Canada has more people heading off on sunny

Airline industry analysts note that NewAir’s business model
is well crafted to ride out any turbulence caused by North
America’s sagging economy, the high price of fuel and any
number of future challenges.                                       ‘Entrepreneurs don’t ‘do’ jobs.
“Sure, the cost of fuel’s a problem,” Morgan acknowledges.         We go out and make jobs for
“But when we combine tours, hotel and golf into vacation
packages, we have more ability to generate a profit.
                                                                   other people.’
“There’s no such thing as being a ‘low-cost’ carrier in today’s
                                                                   In interviews with national business publications, he expands
market. It’s impossible. It’s how you spend the money that’s
                                                                   to say the focus will be on serving western Canada initially,
important — and I’m going to get you and your wallet on
                                                                   then working eastward as business grows.
that plane.”
                                                                   And how does he expect the company to grow? “I hate to
NewAir plans to spend its cash on customer service,
                                                                   look out too far. Even our business plan is still a bit in flux so
following the lessons taught by Las Vegas-based Allegiant
                                                                   we can respond to changes. I look forward one airplane at a
Air, possibly the only successful airline in the U.S. right now,
                                                                   time. Next year I hope to have 3-4 planes, money in the
and others. “There are always other people who are smarter
                                                                   bank and be looking for more planes.
than us,” Morgan says. “We’re taking aspects of what the
others are doing right, blending it with our own ideas,            “NewAir is a business about business. It’s not about planes
adding a little maple syrup, and creating an airline that’s        — you don’t get a plane and build a business around it.
unabashedly Canadian.”                                             The plane is a business tool.”

He makes it sound almost easy, but starting an airline is          In this industry, Morgan’s “going where no man has gone
not for the faint of heart. There is, he admits, “a huge           before” and “get it off the ground and see where it goes”
amount of work:” funding — an estimated $75 million alone          attitude — combined with nerves of steel and healthy
in private financing for start-up costs — licensing, credential    confidence in his own ability — is certainly a competitive
checks, approval by the Canadian Transportation Agency,            advantage. “It’s in my blood to start things,” he says. “I’m
hiring and training nearly 150 new employees, setting up           a builder and a starter. Just the doing excites me. I love
reservation, management and maintenance systems,                   watching the excitement of the other people involved in this
creating marketing plans and charting routes.                      project. Entrepreneurs don’t ‘do’ jobs. We go out and make
                                                                   jobs for other people.” s
Just like the company’s name, where NewAir will fly is a
well-guarded secret. Ask Morgan about destinations and             Be among the first to know where the
you get a cagey answer: “From somewhere in Canada to               as-yet-unnamed airline will fly, and when,
somewhere not ... or not,” he says with a laugh.                   by visiting www.newairandtours.ca.

26   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
                                                                                   Words come to life behind the mic.

                                                              You won’t necessarily recognize Graeme Judd (Broadcasting ’05) when
                                                              you see him on the street, but you’ll likely know him when you hear him.

                                                                Judd’s voice is his business — and he’s everywhere. On radio, TV and
                                                                online … in commercials ... reading audio books ... narrating corporate
                                                                videos ... bringing an animated character to life. Last year, he was the
                                                                   voice of Molson Canadian’s Here’s to Good Nature TV ad campaign.

                                                                     Voice work isn’t a huge industry in Calgary and Judd admits he’s
                                                              quickly becoming a big fish in this shallow pond — but there’s an ocean
                                                               of opportunity out there he’s determined to tap into. While working as
                                                                  an audio engineer for GGRP Alta. Inc., he’s already lined up agency
                                                                      representation across North America and his own Graeme Judd
                                                                               Productions is starting to haul in sizable assignments.

                                                                      “Fifteen years ago this wouldn’t have been possible,” he says of
                                                                      living in Calgary and also working with top talent agencies from
                                                                                New York, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Texas, Toronto and
                                                                        Vancouver. “Now digital and online technology enables perfect
                                                                           audio connections. From Calgary you can reach anywhere.”

                                                                     Judd is one of very few young people in the industry. His niche is
                                                                      voicing anything that calls for an 18-35 year old guy with a cool,
                                                                        casual, conversational sound. “You have to provide something
                                                                            that’s different,” he says. “For me right now, that’s youth.”

                                                                              Working behind the mic means Judd’s voice does all the
                                                                            acting. In this “theatre of the mind,” he says, “every bit of
                                                                              emotion needs to come through your voice. You have to
                                                                                 put it all out there every time.” No less energy will be
                                                                                required if he’s to achieve his goal of being among the
                                                                               industry’s top-20 in the next two decades. He’s already
                                                                                      being considered for work alongside some of the
Photo by Mike Ridewood • Shot on location at GGRP Alta Inc.

                                                                                         industry’s top talent and has signed on with an
                                                                                             L.A. industry guru to hone his voicing skills.

                                                                                   “No-one in this industry knows for sure where their
                                                                                    career will go. My first objective is to run with the
                                                                                     opportunities. My success will be directly related
                                                                                                          to the energy I put into it.” s

                                                                               Check out Graeme Judd Productions at www.graemejudd.com.

                                                                                                                       R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   27
                                                                        F O U N D A T I O N U P D A T E

      Your name could be listed here too!
                                      Alumni support scholarships and student success
                                                                                  by Melissa McLeod

          Mount Royal’s dream is to have every student who needs financial aid, receive it, so they can graduate and enter the
     work world free from debt and armed with the confidence and abilities gained from a totally focused learning experience.
      Thirty-nine per cent of Mount Royal students rely on scholarships and bursaries to complete their studies. As an alum of
        Mount Royal, we know that you recognize how vital it is to assist students in reaching graduation with minimal debt
       and stress. As we create history with our six new university-level degrees, students enrolled in these programs will need
     financial support to ensure their success. Join the growing list of alumni donors and help to create a world of possibilities
     for current and future Mount Royal students! For more information on how to donate, visit www.mtroyal.ca/foundation.

                                                                          Alumni Donors 2007-08
Sally Aitken                             Joan Clark                   Anna Glickman             My Lau                 Dexter Nelson         Shivaughan Sky
Catherine Allan                          William Cochrane             Laurence Gosselin         Alison Law             Brandon Nichols       David Smart
Wilda Allen                              Stephen Coneybeare           Andrea Gould              Brady Layton           Gillian Nisbett       Bernadette Smith
Lisa R. Alm                              Shirley Connon               Sharon Granger            Elizabeth Leduc        Andrew Orr            Donald Smith
Haidar Al-Moubayed                       Thomas Conroy                Catharina Hackman-Walsh   Joy Lee                Jennifer Orr          Nancy Smythe
Doris Annear                             John Contrada                Maura Hamill              John Leonard           Mary Pankow           John Snith
Amanda Arnold                            Florence Cooper              Wes Harrigan              Stuart Leong           Deepa Paul            Janet St. Germain
Catherine Asquith                        Jamie Coulter                Rebne Hassett             Raymond Leung          Luiza Paul            Cummins Starner
Luigi Audia                              Kenneth Crane                Doris H. Hawkins          Cinderella Levasseur   Stacey Pearce         Brett Statham
June Aune                                Donna Cummins                Linda Heffer              Mary Lindholm          Gary Pederson         Cam Stearns
Robert L. Ayers                          Leanne Curr                  Judy Hellevang            Diana Little           Claudio Perrella      Gregory Stein
Cherine Badwi                            Jodi Currie                  Michael Hennessey         Wendy Lo               Christine Perry       Henry Stevens
Michelle Bailey                          Jacqueline Cutting           William Henry             Henry Lobbenberg       Leighton Perry        John Stewart
George Bain                              Lynn Cyr-O’Neill             Christopher Herman        Barbara J. Lubell      Wade Persson          Scott Strath
Cheryl Baker                             Kathleen Davies              Terry Hickman             Keith Lynn             Jacqueline Peters     Chrystal Szabo
Donald Baker                             Mark Deboth                  Marshall Hironaka         Rebecca Lyster         Kristi Peterson       Carol Taborski
Amarjit Banwait                          Alexander DeGreeve           Karie Hollman             Kenneth Ma             Melissa Pickett       Joshua Taylor
Trifonia Barbosa                         Craig Dempsey                Lisa Homer                Vince Machacek         Laurence Pilson       Randy Tebbutt
Brenda Barr                              Margaret Diakuw              Jessica Hood              Norma MacIntosh        Lorelei Piotto        Jill Thrale
Michael Beagle                           Darlene Dick                 Nadia Hope                Bonita Macleod         Jodi Plowe            Allen & Jimeen Thurston
Coy Beaton                               Yvonne Dicosimo              Grant Howard              Russell Macnab         Leanne Poirier        Beverley Thygesen
Meryl Belich                             Warren Doenz                 Linda Howell              Dahlia Mah             Ryan Popowich         Michael Tidswell
Cathy Bell                               Evelyn Dolen                 Angela Hryhoryshyn        John Mah               Charo Porth           Bonnie Ting
Barbara Bellamy                          Darcie Douglas               Travis Hulse              Kay Malden             Violet Pottle         Allison Tooton
Donna Bereta                             Aline Doyle                  George Huszar             Peter Manning          Elaine Power          John Torjan
Guy Bertrand                             Gerald Drysdale              Elizabeth Hylton          Raymond Marco          Kay Pullen            Kheang Touch
Terry Betts                              Maria Dube                   Motoki Iwamoto            Veronica Marshall      Ross Purvis           Alison Traynor
Michelle Bjolverud                       Gerald Dubisky               Jacqueline Jackson        Diane Martin           David Quan            Harvey Trimble
Trevor Bjornson                          Diana Dwyer                  Kurian Jacob              Gareth Martin          Janis Radtke          John Tucker
Thomas Black                             Helen Dyson                  Beverley Jacoby           Deanne Matley          Mohan Rambaran        Shannon Turnbull
Tanya Blair                              Maureen Eberts               Jean Jamer                Anne Matthews          Irvin Ratushniak      Nancy Turner
Linda Blixhavn                           Karin Eckardt                Michael Jansen            Doug McClintock        Charles Reach         Sheldon Valleau
Scott Bloxham                            Martina Eckert               David Jenkins             Elizabeth McCurdy      Michael Reddy         Chad Valstar
Robert Bond                              Sandra Eskildsen             Michelle Jesseman         Michelle McGillivray   Deanna Renyk          Christopher Van Meenen
Katherine Bouwmeester                    George Evens                 Lorraine Johnson          Diana McIntyre         Dianne Rinaldi        Joshua Vatnsdal
Ashley Boyd                              Colette Fagan                Darcy Johnstone           Kevin McKimmie         Christian Roach       Gayl Veinotte
Gray Braden                              Mary Ann Farebrother         Carol Jolliffe            Sally McLean           Richard Roach         Stephen Verhoeff
Wade Brick                               Shannon Fera                 Jolene Jordan             Sharon McLeay          Rosalind Robertson    Charity Vollmann
Lara Bristow                             Lloyd Firman                 Chris Jurewicz            Laura McPheeters       David Rohtenburger    Husseinali Walji
Peter & Sara Brodsky                     Siren Fisekci                Kurt Kadatz               Isabel McPherson       Eric Rominger         Betty Walpot
Annjanine Bronson                        Brian Fleming                Geoff Kalyniuk            Margaret Meakin        Rena Roth             Robert Warn
Barbara Brookes                          Jolene Fleming               Lorill Keashly            Lois Marlene Mellow    Kevin Rowland         Kara Wenzel
Pamela Brown                             Heather Foreman              Robert Kelly              Debra Metcalfe         Robert Rudd           Lori Werenka
Calvin Browne                            Sheila Foster                Frank Cole Kendall        Erin-Marie Millar      Adrienne Sabourin     Amy West
Lucia Buccini                            Laurie-Anne Frank            Albert Kinlock            Catherine Milloy       Jana Saunderson       John White
Teresa Buchignani                        Luvene Fraser                Lonna Kirkpatrick         Shannon Milne          William Sayers        Christina White Prosser
Harvey Buckley                           Yvonne Fredrick              Katalin Kiss              Louise Minde           Elizabeth Schaeffer   Shannon Whittaker
Shannon Buckley                          Lillian & Eric Friedenberg   Gerald Knowlton           Rupindra Minhas        Kenneth Schatzke      Soleena Wiesner
Shirley Burchill                         Shirley Fulton               Gregg Konachowicz         Teri Minton            David Schnerch        Greg Williams
Daniel Chadbolt                          Gregory Garrish              Valerie Konechny          Reza Mobarrez          Stephen Schultz       Eldon Willms
Peggy Chan                               Patrick Gerling              Catherine Kopf            Tim Morgan             Josef Schwartz        Norma Wilson
Erica Chen                               Rovie Ghelfi                 Kimmo Korvella            Mary Morin             Sneh Seetal           Lisa Winlaw
Marc Chikinda                            Krisha Ann Gibson            Joan Kowalewski           Irene Morrow           Fiona Sewell          Fraser Wiswell
Raymond Christman                        Grant Gillespie              Eric Krupa                Heidi Mottle           John Silva            Carly Woolsey
Jaclyn Churchill                         Gwen Gillespie               Dianne Kvisle             Shannon Murtagh        Karen Silverman       April Yurasek

28     R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
                         The planning pro
                         It’s 7 a.m. and the Fairmont Palliser’s Crystal Ballroom is calm. Chairs are lined up in
                         neat rows. Flags hang in alphabetical-by-country precision. In 90 minutes, to the skirl
                         of bagpipes and led by an RCMP colour guard, the 7th International Conference on
                         Managing Pavement Assets will begin. Then, and only then, will Unni Soelberg-Claridge
                         (Interior Design ’76) begin to breathe a little easier. She may have organized hundreds
                         of high-profile events over the past 20 years, but Soelberg-Claridge knows that each is
                         as important as the last, and that her reputation for doing a good job is the keystone
                         to her company’s continued success.

                         EventPlan Coordination & Management Inc. was founded after the 1988
                         Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, where Soelberg-Claridge was Chair of
                         Hosting, responsible for 500 volunteer hosts. She parlayed that experience
                         into consulting for the Lillehammer, Albertville and Atlanta games, and
                         finally into her company.

                         “I didn’t know it at the time, but I was building the perfect foundation
                         for a business,” she says. “What I do now draws on everything I’ve
                         ever done in my life.”

                         Today, she arranges events of all shapes and sizes, corporate
                         meetings to fundraisers, management retreats for 20-25 people
                         to conferences for 1,000 or more, “but no weddings or Stampede
                         parties,” she says with a laugh. “People looking at this field
                         from the outside might think it’s glamorous, but it’s a
                         challenge every time you work with a new client or a new
                         industry,” she says. “You have to learn their lingo, how
                         they operate, how they make decisions — even
                         how much they eat and what they eat.”

                         Staying on top of the game makes learning and networking crucial.
                         Soelberg-Claridge is a Certified Meeting Professional of the
                         Convention Industry Council and a Certified Meeting Manager –
                         Global of Meeting Professionals International (MPI), where she
                         has been involved at the local, national and international
                         levels (she’s the only MPI chancellor from Canada).
                         She has also served on the boards of the Calgary
                         Chamber of Commerce and Calgary Homeless
                         Foundation, and recently completed a
                         two-year stint as Chair of the Bissett
                         School of Business Entrepreneurship
                         Advisory Committee. s

                         Have an event that needs a
                         professional’s touch? Visit EventPlan
Photo by Mike Ridewood

                         at www.eventplan.net.

                                                                                                                    R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   29
                                                                                              F R O M T H E A R C H I V E S

     When BELLS toll
         Many places have iconic structures that
     give them a distinctive identity. Mount Royal
     College takes it a step further. The Lincoln
     Park Campus has a signature feature and a
     signature sound: the carillon.
         The $50,000 Kerby Memorial Carillon
     and John H. Garden Meditation Centre were
     dedicated on Nov. 19, 1972, culminating
     celebrations marking the official opening
     of the Lincoln Park Campus. The gift was
     symbolic for its homage to College founder
     Dr. George Kerby and also for bringing
     together Mount Royal’s past and future.
         Mount Royal was established in 1910
     as a private institution. In 1966, it became
     a public institution under the Province of
     Alberta. The private institution was renamed
     the George W. Kerby College in order to
     release the Mount Royal College name and
     charter to the Province. George W. Kerby
     College became a registered charity and
     remained in existence for several years to
     support Mount Royal College. The carillon
     was a gift from the George W. Kerby College Board of Governors.
         The dedication service program says the “Carillon Americana” was built by Schulmerich Carillons Inc. of
     Sellersville, Penn. Housed in a 60-foot bell tower, the instrument consists of 147 miniature bronze bell units which
     are struck by metal hammers to produce exact bell tones barely audible to the human ear. These bell vibrations are
     amplified electronically, delivering the sound of bells with massive proportions.
         The carillon can be played from a keyboard console or via the Schulmerich “Auto-Bell” Role Player (similar to a
     player piano). It also included the familiar and traditional Westminster Peal and Hour Strike. Reportedly, the carillon
     can be heard over a four-mile radius.
         Carillonneur John Klein, a highly accomplished musician and recording artist who presided over the 671-bell
     carillon at Montreal’s Expo ’67 and the 538-bell carillon in the Space Needle at the Seattle World’s Fair, performed
     the inaugural recital.
         The dedication ceremony also had a touch of controversy. A Calgary Herald article reports that three of the
     speakers had been removed and held for “ransom” by University of Calgary students who wanted Mount Royal
     students to donate to the United Fund. Over the years, such student pranks have been sporadic, and fortunately
     none have left permanent scars.
         Use of the carillon diminished over the decades and this wonderful instrument gradually fell silent. Fortunately,
     today, it is experiencing a renaissance. Its melodic tones now grace Mount Royal celebrations such as Convocation
     and the annual Employee Awards Ceremony. In 2001, the John H. Garden Meditation Centre at the base of the
     tower was transformed into the Wyatt Recital Hall and is now home to the Carthy pipe organ — a one-of-a-kind
     instrument and another “signature sound” at the Lincoln Park Campus. s

30   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
                                                         Applied Business and Entrepreneurship                and Fotofest (USA). Professionally, he consults as
                                                         Neal Coleman (’99) has been appointed Vice-          a film and television “graphics dude” through his
                                                         President Sales and Marketing of Pulse Data Inc.     company, Dravenfield Ltd. He spends his free time
                                                         in Calgary. He was previously employed at            documenting industrial/urban environments in
                                                         Olympic Seismic and joined Pulse in 2004 as a        Eastern Europe, and is working on his next
                                                         seismic data marketing representative, and in        experimental short flick and photo series,
                                                         2006 was promoted to Manager, Sales and              Tenement and IV, which he hopes to complete
                                                         Marketing. Pulse is western Canada’s leading         by May 2009.
                                                         provider of 2D and 3D seismic data to the oil
                                                                                                              Sid Marty’s (’65) newest novel, The Black
                                                         and natural gas industry.
                                                                                                              Grizzly of Whiskey Creek, is earning strong
                                                         Chris Hastings (’08) owns SweeTan, a Calgary         reviews and has been hailed as an “utterly
                                                         tanning company he ran for five years while          captivating account of [Marty’s] skirmishes with
                                                         completing his studies.                              a ferocious grizzly… His book is an enthralling
                                                                                                              piece of documentary story-telling that is rife
                                                         Jamie Hutton (’08) has become the Ultimate           with information and made gripping by his
                                                         Garage guy — literally. His company installs         extraordinary bond with the mountains.” The
                                                         high-end garage packages that transform              accomplished, acclaimed and award-winning
                                                         utilitarian garages into extensions of living        poet, author, journalist and singer/songwriter
                 Class Notes is your                     spaces. Read the story on page 18.                   lives outside Pincher Creek, Alta.
       opportunity to reconnect                          Colin Musulak (’01) and Mike Sanders (’02)
           with classmates. Go to                        are partners in Absurd Machine Studios, a full-
                                                         service, state-of-the-art film and music recording   Tim Morgan (’74) can’t get enough of airline
      www.mtroyal.ca/alumni or
                                                         studio in Winnipeg that helps independent artists    start-ups. With Morgan Air, WestJet and Air
       e-mail alumni@mtroyal.ca
                                                         produce and promote their works and ideas.           Partners already in the sky, he’s now counting
      (include your program and                                                                               down to the launch of Canada’s newest airline.
                                                         They’ve recorded a number of CDs, short films
           the years you attended                                                                             The working title is NewAir and Tours and he
                                                         and documentaries. They also have their
      Mount Royal). If you’d like                        own alternative rock band, Dr. Rage and the          has a bold plan for its future. Read about in on
     classmates to get in touch,                         Uppercuts, and have previously released several      page 24.
        add your e-mail address.                         CDs as Guerrilla Funk Monster. Check them out
                                                         at www.absurdmachine.com.                            Broadcasting
        Class Notes listings have
       been submitted by alumni                                                                               Graeme Judd (’05) is making a voice for himself
                                                         Graham Thomas (‘07) has been named to the            across North America. Read how Graeme Judd
               or pulled from media                      coaching staff of the Syracuse University            Productions is taking him online and onto the
                                    stories.             women’s hockey team. Thomas, a certified             airwaves on page 27.
                                                         professional trainer, was a member of the
                                                         National Sports Academy, where he was a coach,       Business Administration
                                                         classroom instructor, strength and conditioning
                                                                                                              Robert D’Ippolito (’03) was in golfers’ paradise
                                                         specialist and a video analysis coach. He was
                                                                                                              in mid-June: the U.S. Open at the Torrey Pines
                                                         formerly head coach and operations manager for
                                                                                                              South Course in San Diego. D’Ippolito was one of
                                                         the SAIT Trojans women’s hockey program, head
                                                                                                              several international turfgrass caretakers invited
                                                         coach of Hockey Alberta’s Excellence Under-16
                                                                                                              by the U.S. Golf Association to join a 200-person
                                                         team, assistant coach for the South West Athletic
                                                                                                              grounds maintenance crew for one of the
                                                         Association Midget AAA squad and video coach
                                                                                                              PGA Tour’s four majors and one of the game’s
                                                         for the Calgary Hitmen.
                                                                                                              showcase tournaments. The assistant course
                                    Don’t miss a beat!
                                                                                                              superintendent at Medicine Hat’s Desert Blume
                                    Sign up for eNEWS    Arts and Science
                                                                                                              got the call to head to California, where he was
                         Breaking news. Deals and        Leigh Anthony Dehaney (’94) obtained his             mowing greens, cutting fairways and doing
                                                         B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of     the traps.
                discounts for alumni. Invitations
                                                         Calgary and went on to Media Arts and Digital
                  to special events, concerts and
                                                         Technologies at the Alberta College of Art and       Tom Fredericks (’64) is Chairman of the Board
                theatre presentations. Volunteer                                                              of ECL Group Ltd., and has celebrated 45 years
                                                         Design. His artwork and experimental videos
                    opportunities. Sign up for the       have been exhibited and featured locally and         with the venture his father founded in 1947. He
                  Alumni e-Newsletter to get the         internationally, most notably with CBC’s Arts        was awarded a 2008 Distinguished Alumnus
                   latest news. Send an e-mail to        Review (Canada), Gabrichidze Gallery (Brussels),     Award at Convocation in June. Read his story
                        alumni@mtroyal.ca today!         Shufflesome (Germany), Jones Soda Co. (USA)          on page 10.

32   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
Conservatory                                          scot-free. The cause is personal for Hehr, who        Croatia, his art reflects the European tradition of
Leslie Feist was nominated for five Juno Awards       16 years ago was struck by a bullet from a            documentary and street photography. His work
and four Grammy Awards in 2008 — and took             random drive-by shooting, which has left him          has appeared in magazines across Atlantic
home Junos for single of the year, best pop album     confined to a wheelchair.                             Canada and in national papers. See some of his
and album of the year. She performed at both                                                                images at www.bojanfurst.com.
Awards ceremonies, but across North America is        General Studies
                                                                                                            Emma Gilchrist (’06) won an Alberta Emerald
likely best known as “that girl in the iPod Nano      Justine Milner (’05) was a Calgary Stampede
                                                                                                            Foundation Emerald Award in the youth category
commercial,” where she sings her iconic “1 2 3 4.”    princess in 2005 and along with other royal
                                                                                                            for her weekly The Green Guide column in the
She’s also promoting Verizon Wireless’ Chocolate      alumni took the reins again this summer
                                                                                                            Calgary Herald. Earlier this year, the column won
phone with the song My Moon My Man.                   to accommodate a shift in the schedule for
                                                                                                            a “Great Ideas” award from the Canadian
                                                      crowning the 2008 queen and princesses.
Anthony Moore and Dean Marshall (’85)                                                                       Newspaper Association. The Emerald Awards
                                                      Milner is currently studying Education at the
were the leading forces behind the creation                                                                 recognize achievements in environmental
                                                      University of Alberta.
of Barrage, a musical group that for the past                                                               stewardship. The Green Guide can be found at
decade has brought together a unique blend            Tyler Ragan (’99) has finished a B.A. and M.A.        www.calgaryherald.ca/greenguide.
of classical traditions and high-energy stage         in Leadership and Ministry, and is working on his     Kevin Mitchell (’90) was named Sports Editor of
presence to delight audiences worldwide. The          Doctorate of Psychology (Holistic). After 10 years    the Saskatoon StarPhoenix in April. He joined the
wildly eclectic jazz, worldbeat, folk, country and    as a church worker, he has taken a full-time job      paper in 1997 after six years at the Moose Jaw
pop music repertoire inspires critics to react        with Hull Child & Family Services as a Vocational     Times-Herald. He was nominated this year for a
with words like “it’s too wow for words” and          Counsellor in the HOPE Work Experience                National Newspaper Award for a compelling story
“an evening of performing jigs on rocket fuel.”       Program. His first book of poetry was launched        on ex-NHL player Fred Sasakamoose.
The group has toured Europe, Asia and North           on May 23.
America and currently travels 42-43 weeks,
                                                                                                            Justice Studies
performing 250 shows a year.                          Rea Sauter (’98) is an Academic Advisor at
                                                      Mount Royal. She received the 2008 Alumni             Tim Turner (’04) was promoted to Sub-
Dave Pierce received a Mount Royal 2008               Award of Distinction at the Employee Awards           Lieutenant in the Canadian navy on June 14 in
Distinguished Alumnus Award at Convocation            Ceremony. Her enthusiasm, passion and                 a ceremony aboard the HMCS Calgary while on a
in June, recognizing his achievements as an           dedication to her job and a variety of College        mission in the Arabian Sea. The promotion was
award-winning composer, arranger, performer,          and community initiatives earned her the              retroactive to Sept. 10, 2006, because he is
musical director, conductor and producer. See         recognition.                                          currently training to be a Maritime Surface and
what he’s been up to lately on page 12.                                                                     Subsurface Officer, which often takes three years.

Susan Schaffer is assistant concertmaster of the      Interior Design
                                                                                                            Public Relations
Okanagan Symphony Orchestra, B.C.’s third largest     Emily Sissons (’06) works alongside her family
                                                                                                            Lisa Falkowsky (’87) was appointed Executive
professional symphony, with performance venues        members at Domaine Fine Furnishings and
                                                                                                            Director of the Calgary Women’s Emergency
in Kelowna, Vernon, Salmon Arm and Penticton.         Design. She designed the store’s dramatic interior.
                                                                                                            Shelter in January. She has 20 years of business
She and her husband live in Armstrong.
                                                      Unni Soelberg-Claridge (’76) owns EventPlan           experience in Canada and Asia, and holds both
                                                      Coordination and Management, helping                  an APR and MBA.
                                                      companies and organizations present
Jason MacDonald (’97) is a mixed martial                                                                    Guy Kerr (’83) is President and CEO of the
                                                      professional, well-run events of all sizes.
arts middleweight in the Ultimate Fighting                                                                  Alberta Workers’ Compensation Board.
                                                      She’s passionate about her company and her
Championship. His 26th professional fight was
                                                      profession. Read more on page 29.                     Andrea Lauder (’07) is a contract public
at the UFC’s first Canadian show in Montreal in
                                                                                                            relations professional and is re-locating to
April. MacDonald has proven a fan favourite in        Janice Wiebe (’92) was the lucky winner of a
                                                                                                            Australia this year. She is looking forward to
UFC and he’s been rewarded with plum spots on         Registered Educational Savings Plan (RESP) prize
                                                                                                            adventure and to opening her mind to another
many of the biggest shows, including the highest      worth up to $10,000 from Global Educational
grossing show, the inaugural show in Northern         Marketing Corporation. Her 4-year-old son Aidan
Ireland and the most-attended show. His goal is to    is the recipient of a Global Educational Trust Plan   Tara Lemay (’04) and Adam Chiasson (’04)
become middleweight UFC champion.                     (Global Plan), which will help offset costs of        were married on lucky 07/07/07. Less than three
                                                      future post-secondary study.                          weeks later, they moved to The Hague in The
General Arts and Science                                                                                    Netherlands and both work with Shell
Kent Hehr (’91) was elected to the Alberta            Journalism                                            International. Tara is involved in internal and
legislature as the MLA for Calgary Buffalo in May.    Bojan Fürst (’01) had a public exhibition of his      external communications in the areas of
A lawyer, Hehr is the Liberal justice critic and is   photographs at the Capitol Theatre in Moncton,        sustainable development and safety, while
urging the Alberta government to seize the cars       N.B., in April. Fürst is a master of traditional      Adam is a project manager on the Web and
of gang members involved in shootings to hit          black-and-white photography, taken on a 35mm          portal IT team.
back at loopholes that let gangsters get off          camera and developed in a lab. Originally from

                                                                                                                                     R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8   33
     Bruce McCulloch (’82) and co-actors from the           Theatre Arts                                           worked as a legal advisor for Canada, Australia,
     comedy troupe Kids in the Hall were among the          Tyrell Crews (Performance ’03) took on                 the European Union and the Commonwealth.
     stars having their names cemented into the             the role of George Gibbs, a major character in         She was appointed by the UN Secretary General
     Canada Walk of Fame in Toronto’s entertainment         Theatre Calgary’s production of Our Town, last         as one of four International Election
     district in June 2008. The Kids took a reunion         fall. In February, he was Victor in Noel Coward’s      Commissioners to administer Afghanistan’s
     tour this spring, performing at venues across          Private Lives, presented as part of Radio Nights,      first parliamentary elections. Her work as a
     Canada and the U.S.                                    an arts outreach initiative of St. Stephen’s           legal advisor has included assignments in
                                                            Anglican Church.                                       Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Namibia, Uganda,
     Katie Reid (’06) has made her way back home to
                                                                                                                   Zimbabwe, Mozambique and the Philippines.
     Halifax, N.S., and is the Director of Communications
                                                            University Transfer                                    She closes out this issue of Reflections on
     for the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia, a
                                                                                                                   page 36.
     non-profit organization that represents the food       Andra (LaHaye) Coulter (General Arts
     and beverage industry province wide.                   [Psychology] ’98) has launched a boutique              Amberly Thiessen (Education ’07) made it
                                                            invitation studio called Epiphany Designs and a        to the top six performers on Canadian Idol
     Jennifer Sanford Holm (’06) is Mount Royal’s
                                                            wedding blog that has attracted international          this year, earning early praise from judges who
     Work Experience Coordinator for Electronic
                                                            attention. It all started when she married Jamie       said she was “already a star.” Thiessen, who
     Publishing and Technical Communication. She
                                                            Coulter (Marketing Management ’98) in 2006.            hails from Seven Persons, Alta., played with the
     oversees student placements as the program tran-
                                                            Read her story on page 21.                             Cougars women’s basketball squad in 2007-08.
     sitions into the new Bachelor of Communication
     (Information Design) degree program.                   Marnie Pritchard (’93) has the sun shining             Sheri-D Wilson (Drama ’82) is the founder,
                                                            brightly on her Tan de Soleil company, which           producer and artistic director of the Calgary
     C.J. Wilkins (’01) and his brother, Dylan,
                                                            boasts five salon locations in B.C. and Alberta.       International Spoken Word Festival, which ran in
     embarked on the journey of a lifetime in May:
                                                            The most recent opened in March 2008 in Calgary,       Calgary in April. She is the program director of
     riding motorcycles 32,000 km across 25 countries.
                                                            in partnership with sister Andrea (Pritchard)          the 2008 Spoken Word Program at the Banff
     They aimed to raise more than $100,000 for Street
                                                            Christensen (Bachelor of Education ’97).               Centre. She has written seven collections of
     Kids International, a Canadian-based not-for-profit
                                                                                                                   poetry, made several short video-poems and
     organization that teams up with youth workers to       Alison Redford, Q.C., (Arts ’84) is Alberta’s new
                                                                                                                   has recorded her work on CD.
     develop workshops that use animations to teach         Minister of Justice and Attorney General. She
     kids about sexual health, drug use and youth           received her law degree from the University of
     entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, ill health and        Saskatchewan and served as Senior Policy
     safety concerns forced the trip to be cancelled in     Advisor to the Secretary of State for External
     June — at the 10,800-km mark. Find out more            Affairs and in the Office of the Prime Minister.
     about the journey and donate to Street Kids            A human rights lawyer for 16 years, she has
     International at www.heretohere.com.

     In Memoriam
     The Mount Royal College family pays tribute to classmates, friends, instructors and colleagues who
     have passed away in recent months. To submit memorial announcements, please contact the Editor.

     Lloyd Richard Clarke (1920-2008)                       Douglas (Doug) William Dunwoody (1953-2008)
     Former student                                         Director, Information Technology Services
     Patty (Lockey) Dickie (1955-2008)
                                                            Doug passed away on June 23, 2008, at the age of 55, doing
     General Arts and Science ’74
                                                            what he loved: riding his motorcycle with friends in the hills
     Trevor Ekdahl (1942-2008)                              of Montana and Wyoming. A man of many personal and
     Arts and Science – University Transfer ’61             professional accomplishments, including recognition for
     William Douglas Firmstone (1947-2008)                  exceptional achievement from the Calgary Winter Club, SAIT
     Interior Design ’77                                    and Mount Royal College, he was recently recognized for 10 years of service at Mount Royal.

     Ed Johnston (1939-2008)                                Doug was a loving husband, doting father, most excellent brother, dearest son, faithful friend and
     Former Director, Counselling Services                  a professional businessman. He was highly respected and admired by his peers and co-workers. He
     Laurel Kernick (1912-2008)                             was a warm-hearted and compassionate man who had a large circle of family and friends. He was
     Former instructor                                      the “go-to guy” for everything.
     Vera Catherine Schmaltz (1932-2008)                    Doug’s greatest love and pride was for his wife Jane and two daughters, Jennifer (Bachelor of
     Recreational Therapy ’78                               Applied Business Administration — Accounting ’06) and Erica, who is currently attending
     Alice Colleen Zimmerman (1954-2008)                    Mount Royal in the University Transfer — Education program. His legacy in life was his poise and
     Personal Fitness Trainer ’05                           determination, which will continue to show through his wife and his daughters.

34   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8
                                                                                                        C L O S I N G W O R D S

     the halls
     of justice
     Say hello to Alberta’s new Minister
     of Justice and Attorney General.
     It is an honour to contribute to this issue of Reflections.
     I welcome the opportunity to reflect on my experiences
     as an Arts student at Mount Royal College in the early
     1980s, and also on how important MRC still is in my life.
     I am proud to see my six-year-old daughter enjoying the
     Mount Royal College Conservatory and my nieces and
     nephews always participated in the campus’s excellent sum-
     mer camps.

     As MLA for the College, I have spent a great deal of time working with students and administration to support
     Mount Royal College’s long-term strategic objectives. I am pleased to see MRC’s hard work and commitment
     to higher learning bearing fruit. The College now offers six baccalaureate degrees in addition to its regular
     programs, all without losing its community-based, student-focused approach. MRC makes a meaningful
     contribution to post-secondary education in Calgary and in our province as a whole.

     And while the College grows, the city around it grows as well. Calgary is a thriving metropolis recognized
     nationally and internationally as a great place in which to live and do business — and it has the economic and
     population growth to prove it. MRC is a critical part of this success, and is poised to provide that outstanding
     post-secondary experience for which it is known, for many years to come. It is also important that Calgary’s
     institutions and businesses continue to support the community, so that we remain a great city — a city that
     is greater than its parts.

     As MLA for Calgary Elbow and Minister of Justice and Attorney General for Alberta, I am also working, with
     our Premier and my fellow MLAs, for future generations. The Premier has tasked me with building safe and
     vibrant communities in our province and I am honoured to have that responsibility. Safe, secure and caring
     communities happen when everyone is engaged in the process. We all have a role to play and I am glad to
     be a part of what Alberta is doing to make our communities safer.

     Mount Royal College has been an important partner in the development of the Calgary community and will
     always have a special place in my heart. Wherever your career path takes you, your time at Mount Royal
     College has given you the foundation for a bright future. s
                                                                                                                                  Photo by Mike Ridewood

     Alison Redford, Q.C.
     Minister of Justice and Attorney General
     University Transfer - Bachelor of Arts ‘84

36   R E F L E C T I O N S FA L L 2 0 0 8

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