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December 2004 by stariya


									Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer                                                                                             Susan Suggs, Principal
101 E. Baseline Road                                                                                                   Office: (303) 447-5471
Lafayette, Colorado 80026                                                                                         Attendance: (303) 447-5472

Date: DECEMBER 10, 2004                               VOLUME FIVE - ISSUE FOUR                                          YEAR: 2004-2005
                                                                                                              Literacy Team News
                                    Calendar                                                            This year during literacy, students
                                                                                                   might be grouped in several ways for
                                                                                                   reading: Guided Reading, Readers‟
                                                                                                   Workshop, or Literature Circles. Each
  DECEMBER                                                                                         month, the literacy team meets with
  14    SIT Committee Meeting - 2:45 - 4:00 p.m. – Library                                         classroom teachers to made decisions
  15    Celebrate Centaurus                                                                        about students‟ literacy needs and to
  20–31 WINTER BREAK - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!                                                             regroup them based on those needs.
                                                                                                   Students might be placed in a reading
  JANUARY                                                                                          group in their first or second language.
   3   Classes Resume                                                                                   The smaller groups are Guided
   6   PTA Meeting - 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. - Library                                                    Reading and many of the students who
  11   SIT Committee Meeting - 2:45 - 4:00 p.m. - Library                                          participate in them have an Individual
  14   Semester teacher prep day - NO STUDENTS                                                     Literacy Plan. During Guided Reading,
  17   Martin Luther King Holiday Observance - NO STAFF OR                                         students read books at the same level
       STUDENTS                                                                                    and the teacher guides them, planning
  26   K/1 Literacy Night – First Grade Music Performance                                          instruction based on needs.
                                                                                                        Another type of group is Readers‟
                                                                                                   Workshop. Students are able to read at
                                                                                                   grade level or above. The workshop
From the Principal                                                                                 consists of a mini-lesson, independent
                                                                                                   reading while the teacher has individual
                                                                                                   conferences with students, and a
Dear Families,                                                                                     sharing time. These groups tend to be
      As you are probably aware, accountability for public schools in regard to                    larger, and students will read books at
student achievement has increased significantly in the past few years. This                        different levels. Last year, the literacy
fall, Pioneer submitted an end-of-year report and school improvement plan                          team looked at the data from students
to the district for accreditation purposes. In addition, reports were recently                     who participated in the workshop and
released in regard to student achievement and the No Child Left Behind                             found that the results were very
federal law. Schools making, or not making, “adequate yearly progress”                             encouraging. Out of 25 first- and
were reported. Finally, School Accountability Reports (SAR‟s) were released                        second-grade students who participated
by the State of Colorado on December 8. With three systems in place, the                           most of the year in Readers‟ Workshop,
information can certainly be confusing.                                                            all of them made more than a year‟s
                                                                                                   growth based on district literacy
    Pioneer scored very high on the district report and made the necessary                         assessments.
“adequate yearly progress” for No Child Left Behind. Both of these ratings                              Literature Circles usually take place
use different criteria, but take into account expected academic progress,                          in the upper grades. During these
both for the school in general and for a variety of subgroups. This year                           groups, the teacher plans the lessons
Pioneer was rated “average” by the State of Colorado SAR for overall                               based on the needs of students. Often,
academic performance. We are excited to see this improvement! This state                           the lessons focus on reading
report will be sent home with each student when we receive our copies,                             comprehension. The students and the
along with a district report.                                                                      teacher read a variety of texts, including
    There are many ways to measure student and school success. CSAP,                               chapter books, and have a discussion
and these reports based solely on CSAP, are valuable tools. At Pioneer, we                         similar to a book club.
use a body of evidence including CSAP, district literacy tests, writing                                 If you have any questions about
samples, district math tests, and teacher observations to help us identify the                     literacy instruction for your child or are
successes and needs of each student. As always, please contact the                                 interested in learning more, please let
classroom teacher if you wish to discuss your student‟s performance.                               the classroom or a literacy teacher
    If you have any questions in regard to school accountability and the                           know.
systems currently in place, please give me a call. We appreciate your                                        - Catalina Martis, Literacy Coach
continued support!
      On a much different note, best wishes for a peaceful holiday season!                         Blackjack Pizza Helps with School
Sue                                                                                                On Wednesday, December 15th, order
                                                                                                   a Pizza from Blackjack Pizza (303-665-
                           News from Pioneer Press...                                              0400) and they will donate $2 to our
                                                                                                   school. This is for all residents in
Congratulations to the newly published authors!                                                    Louisville, Lafayette, and Erie. You
                                                                                                   must give the flyer to the driver with
 Luis Antunez, 2nd grade                     Brian Mahar, 2nd grade                                the school and teacher information.
 Jamie Arellano, 2nd grade                   Taryn Mueller, 3rd grade                              The flyers are in the Friday folders and
 Julia Clark, 2nd grade                      Ariel Sexson, 2nd grade                               are valid for specific pizzas. The class
 Dakota d'Oronzio, 3rd grade                 Joseph Spindle, 2nd grade                             with the most student participation will
 Sara Decker, 2nd grade                      Rylee Stever, 3rd grade                               get a free pizza party. Don't forget:
 Elyse Gregory, 3rd grade                    Benjamin Vidaurre, 2nd grade                          pizza for dinner on the 15th!                           December 10, 2004                                                              Page 1
    HOW DO CHILDREN DEVELOP COMPUTATIONAL FLUENCY?                                         HELP WANTED!

     Many of you who attended Math Nights have seen some examples of                Paraeducator position! Assist in a
alternative computational algorithms that children are sharing in class. As     classroom for 6.5 hours a day. Native
students, most of us were shown an algorithm (procedure) for computing.         or near native Spanish skills and at
We practiced that method until we were able to use it to get the correct        least two years of college required.
answer. Today, our children are experiencing math in a different way. We        Please contact Sue if interested!
start by developing conceptual understanding – what does it mean to add,
subtract, multiply, or divide. Once children have this understanding, they           Kindergarten (Flora's class) is
will develop ways to compute that make sense to them. Eventually, we            looking for an assistant who can work
want children to learn several different algorithms, including the standard     five hours a week, Tuesdays and
U.S. algorithms. Most importantly, we want math to make sense to children       Thursdays from 12:00-2:30. This
(and adults). Children who have developed number sense are able to select       person must be fluent in Spanish and
from several different methods of computing, selecting a method that is         have two years of higher education. If
efficient for the problem they are working on. The ultimate goal of             you are interested, please contact the
computation is to get an accurate answer, using an efficient strategy. This     Pioneer office.
requires some flexibility and understanding of several different methods.
Research shows that the best way to develop these strategies is through
mental calculation.
                                                                                              SIT NEWS
     Traditionally, teachers have used timed tests to encourage students to
practice their math facts. Current research indicates that this may not be
                                                                                     Pioneer's School Improvement
the most effective approach to increase computational skills. According to a
                                                                                Team members continue to analyze the
research study completed in Australia, 84.6 percent of all calculations
                                                                                End of Year (“EOY”) Report. We are
involved some form of mental computation and only 11.1 percent involved
                                                                                focusing on ways to better understand
written mathematics.
                                                                                specific questions on the School Climate
     What is mental mathematics? It is the process of doing calculations in
                                                                                Survey. In the future, SIT will hold
one‟s head without the use of external tools such as paper, pencils, or
                                                                                discussion groups with parents, meet
calculators. It focuses on the thinking process adopted in the strategy and
                                                                                with teachers to discuss parent
builds number sense as well as computational fluency. Research shows that
                                                                                expectations and communicate these
understanding is enhanced when opportunities are provided to students to
                                                                                more effectively through the school
communicate and justify their answers and thinking strategies. Students
                                                                                newsletter. Further discussion on EOY
share their mental math strategies through class discussion (or at home
                                                                                priorities will take place at the
with parents). Several different strategies can be shared for the same
                                                                                December meeting.
problem so students will have the opportunity to think about which ones
                                                                                     Additionally, SIT is currently
make sense to them and which ones are more efficient for the problem they
                                                                                investigating several character trait
are working on.                                     - Lisa Mesple, Math Coach
                                                                                programs taught at area schools and
                                                                                will be considering the information
                    ENGINEERING EXCLAMATIONS                                    presented at the December meeting for
                                                                                the possible future implementation of a
 Schools in Lafayette and TEAMS (Technology and Engineering to Advance          similar program at Pioneer.
 Math and Science) were in the news this month! A Daily Camera article               And finally, SIT members are
 on Saturday, December 4, 2004 (see full article posted at school or online     excited to be moving ahead with plans
 at, featured the efforts of CU graduate                   to sponsor “Spirit Days” on the first
 engineering students who present engineering activities in all four            Friday of each month, beginning in
 Lafayette elementary schools, at Angevine Middle School, and at                January. These will be fun event days
 Centaurus High School. As noted in newspaper, “students praised [one           for your student(s) that we hope will
 of the CU Fellows] for bringing lots of gadgets and gizmos, explaining         continue to strengthen our sense of
 things „really, really well,‟ and using humor in his lessons.” Journalist      school community and pride within
 Amy Bounds noted that 4th and 5th graders in Lafayette have been               Pioneer. More information will be
 exploring the water cycle and what this can mean when chemicals are            coming soon!
 spilled in a lake, learning how electricity works, gaining hands-on                 Our next SIT meeting is Tuesday,
 experience using a GPS system, and participating in other activities to        December 14th from 2:45 – 4:00 pm in
 highlight ways that math and science are applied through engineering.          the Pioneer Library. SIT meetings are
                                                                                open to the entire school community,
                    YOU CAN LEARN SPANISH, TOO!                                 and we welcome your participation.
                                                                                     The Pioneer SIT acts as the
Rochelle Loughry teaches beginning and intermediate Spanish classes for         accountability and advisory committee
adults on Tuesday nights at Pioneer, and the next session begins on             formed within each local school required
January 25. The Level 2 class will be offered first from 6:00-7:30 pm and       by the State of Colorado. SITs interface
the Level 1 class will follow from 7:45-9:15. The classes run for eight weeks   between parents, staff, community and
and will be repeated in April. If you are interested in learning some           the school district on student issues and
practical Spanish that you can use to support your child's progress, please     educational improvement. For more
join us. These are very low-pressure classes, designed to help you find         information on how to be involved,
language learning strategies that work for you. If you have questions about     please contact Mary Romano, SIT chair,
the material presented in the different levels, please contact Rochelle at      at: or 303-
303-665-7090. To register for either class, call Boulder Valley's Lifelong      665-5077.
Learning at 303-499-1125.                                                            The members of the 2004-2005
                                                                                Pioneer SIT Team are as follows:
                                                                                Mary Romano (Chair), Cindy Cabrales
                                              Eber Sanchez, Yesenia             (Vice Chair), Kimberly Copanas, Brian
                                              Jurado, Ruben Diaz, and           Herzfeld, Michelle Carpenter, Yvette
                                              Hugo Dominguez on the             Fontana, Maria Chavira, Maria Cruz, Sue
                                              first grade trip to Ocean         Suggs, and Michelle Villasenor.
                                              Journey in October.                  December 10, 2004                                             Page 2
                         What is W.I.N.-W.I.N.?                                         DECEMBER TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                         COMMITTEE MEETING
     W.I.N.-W.I.N., Wonders In Nature-Wonders In Neighborhoods, is an
urban wildlife conservation education program co-managed by the Denver                  The focus of our meeting was
Zoo and the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Our mission is to foster an             seeking funds for our goals. To this end
appreciation of wildlife and its habitat and the conservation of these             we invited Christina Suarez from Impact
resources through a variety of wildlife-related learning experiences.              on Education to talk about their
Students learn about science and nature through a variety of lessons taught        redesigned Tech 21 grant program.
by a W.I.N.-W.I.N. Program Educator. All of the lesson materials are fully              School website update: Parent
bilingual in English and Spanish and several of the instructors teach their        volunteer, Kate Huth, attended a
lessons in Spanish. Many of these lessons include live animals and plants          training and has offered to work on
that students are allowed to study and touch. Each grade will also receive         setting up the Pioneer website this
field site visits to local natural areas and museums at no cost to the school.     month. She is looking for a bilingual
These visits allow students to observe and appreciate Colorado‟s wildlife in       volunteer to help her, no computer
its natural habitat.                                                               experience necessary.
     The W.I.N.-W.I.N. Program is in its ninth year and currently is in                 Teacher training: David Tanaka will
twenty-six Denver metro area elementary schools. Almost 10,000 students            conduct a teacher training at the
participate in the program. Eight energetic and dedicated instructors visit        January 6th staff meeting so all teachers
students‟ classrooms from pre-school through 5th grade, four to seven              will know how to use the new software
times during the school year working with every student in each school.            purchased with funds from the Tech 21
     Who is your W.I.N.-W.I.N. Program Educator? That‟s right! Ms.                 grant.
Michelle. Ms. Michelle says: “Before joining the WIN-WIN staff, I was an                Technology Conference update:
instructor at various camps including ASTROCAMP in Southern California             Sara and Anna attended a technology
and the Santa Barbara Zoo Summer Camp. My love for animals and the                 conference in Denver in October and
outdoors started at an early age when I attended zoo camp in Columbus,             learned about a variety of websites that
Ohio. I am originally from Ohio and graduated from Ohio University with a          may be of interest to teachers and
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Latin American Studies and a Minor in              parents. There will be links to these
Geography and Environmental Studies. In my spare time, I enjoy riding my           websites on our school website.
bike, walking my dog and hiking. I also love to read, travel and spend time             Redesigned Tech 21 Grant: The
with my friends. I am excited about starting my second year as a WIN-WIN           Tech 21 program is looking to fund
instructor. I enjoyed bringing fun and exciting lessons to your classrooms         innovative approaches to education with
last year and look forward to another wonderful year!” Ms. Michelle will be        the use of technology. These projects
teaching at Monaco, Kemp and Pioneer Elementary schools this year.                 must involve district-wide programming,
                                                                                   not just individual schools. These kinds
                           PIONEER ARTISTS                                         of projects would need groups of people
                                                                                   working across schools. The technology
  Congratulations to the following Escuela Bilingue Pioneer artists who            committee will look into developing such
  entered their artwork in the Ace Hardware Holiday Ornament                       teams with other Lafayette schools to
  Contest:                                                                         collaborate and brainstorm proposals for
                                                                                   projects based on our students' needs.
  Hootie Hopson, Selina Stubbs, Kristen Huth, Amalia Munding, Adelin                    The next Technology meeting will
  O'Brian, Nick Padgett, Kendra Knapp, Jhoana Hernandez, Louie                     be held Wednesday, January 19, 2005,
  Cabrales, Irle Hernandez, Andres Bautista, Anna Claire Copanas,                  from 2:40-3:30 p.m. in the Family
  Ruthann Niewoehner, Ceci Estebane, Madison Cowan, Omar                           Literacy Room on the east side of the
  Gutierrez, Laura Jimenez, and Luis Perez.                                        second floor. All are welcome to attend.

  Stop by and see their birdhouse creations at Ace Hardware in

                                                                        from the
  Erik Heins, Gabe Merryman, & Zane Dickson-Hunt                        Thon

                                                                                               Andy Mendenhall

  Anna Lara-Steeley and Matthew Deckler                  December 10, 2004                                                Page 3
     Escuela Bilingüe Pioneer

                                Pioneer PTA News
                            NEXT PTA MEETING                                  TEACHER FEATURE

The next PTA Meeting is Thursday, January 6, in the Pioneer Library.                Beatriz Saenz
Dinner will be available from 6:00 to 6:30 PM, and the meeting
begins at 6:30. Child supervision will be provided by Pioneer PTA.            Beatriz teaches first grade. She
                                                                         says the best part about being a
In addition to PTA business, we will have two special guests. Ellen      teacher is always being surrounded
Miller-Brown, from Boulder Valley School District, will provide          by energetic and curious children.
information and answer questions about the process for hiring a new      That‟s why she keeps teaching. She
principal and Jackie Sullivan will speak about the pre-engineering       also likes to see and take pride in
program at Pioneer. Please plan to attend!                               the progress the students make.
                                                                             Beatriz decided to become a
                  WANTED: PTA BOARD MEMBERS                              teacher when she started working
                                                                         with 4-year-old children. She liked it
    Pioneer PTA currently has three vacancies on the Board of            so much she decided to go to school
Directors, and we are looking for wonderful, enthusiastic, and           to learn how to teach children.
dedicated members of the Pioneer community to fill these positions.           Beatriz went to school in Mexico.
In addition to the specific duties listed below, Board Members attend    She got a BA in accounting in
monthly meetings and work as a team to manage the affairs of             Chihuahua, and then she studied
Pioneer PTA. Appointments would be to fulfill the current term,          Early Childhood Education in Greeley
which ends June 30.                                                      and then she got her master‟s
    If you are interested in a position, or if you would like to         degree from the University of
nominate a qualified person, please contact Beth Schmid (English) at     Denver. We asked her if she ever or 303-664-1113 or Lola Campos-Herzfeld               wanted to be anything else but a
(Spanish) at or 720-890-1568. Beth and Lola can also         teacher, and she answered that she
answer any questions you might have.                                     would like to be a licensed public
    Communications Chair: Coordinates internal and external              accountant and a speech therapist.
communication on behalf of Pioneer PTA. Oversees Newsletter,                  Most of Beatriz‟s family lives in
Website, Marketing, Translation, and Directory Teams, and works          Mexico. She was born in Mexico.
with other Chairs/Teams to plan communication needs for events           She‟s lived in the U.S. for 14 years.
and activities. Strives for communication between home and school        She has three teenage daughters.
that is regular, two-way, and meaningful, and ensures that all           In her free time, Beatriz likes to
communication is clear and consistent.                                   read, call her family in Mexico on the
    Legislative Chair: Reports on passed, pending, or needed             phone, and attend her daughters‟
legislation, as well as Colorado PTA or National PTA positions on such   extracurricular activities.
legislation. Serves as the liaison to Boulder Valley Council PTA and         Beatriz‟s teaching philosophy is
to Colorado PTA Legislative Committees. Attends, or arranges for         that she believes that all children are
representatives to attend, the Colorado PTA Legislative Conferences.     unique and special in their own way.
Position may involve attending legislature meetings at the state         They also have their own different
capitol and staying current on educational issues via internet access.   needs, because all children learn in a
    Programs Chair: Coordinates non-fundraising activities to meet       different way.
the educational and community goals of Pioneer PTA. Oversees the
planning and implementation of programs such parent workshops,                      Rosa Borrego
arts in education, literacy activities, experience-based learning
opportunities, and extracurricular activities. Solicits program ideas,       We are going to tell you about
recruits Program Teams, and assists with development of programs.        Rosa Borrego. She was born in
                                                                         Durango, Mexico, where she lived
                                                                         for 18 years, then she moved to
                           GRANT TEAM NEWS:                              California where she lived for 10
We will be holding a free grant-writing workshop on Monday,                  Rosa has two sisters and three
January 24, from 3:00-5:00 pm in the Pioneer library. Christina          brothers, two daughters: Magalide
Suarez from Impact on Education will be presenting information           who‟s 12 and Maribel who‟s 9 years
about grant writing from start to finish. Whether you are an             old, and her husband Antonio.
experienced grant writer wanting to brush up your skills or just             She works with Marta in the
interested in knowing what grant writing is all about, please join us    second and third grade class. She
for this great seminar. Please RSVP to Chris Cameron (303) 926-          likes to teach. In her spare time she
9528 or so we know how many people to             likes to go out to eat with her family
expect.                                                                  and take her daughters swimming.             December 10, 2004                                         Page 4
                                            GROCERY CERTIFICATES


Despite having a week off school, in November we once again exceeded our monthly sales goal of $10,000,
earning $586 on sales of $11,720. This brings our total earnings from grocery certificate sales to $1,834 on
$36,670. Thank you all for remembering your checkbooks and making the grocery certificate program a
successful fundraiser for our school.


For a limited time only, we will be carrying $10 Wild Oats Gift Cards! Purchase them for stocking stuffers or
include them in a card to say “Thank you” to your favorite teacher.

We also continue to carry $50 Wild Oats Gift Cards. These can be purchased at the same times and places as
the regular grocery certificates.


User your grocery certificates at the grocery store pharmacy to purchase your prescriptions. They also can be
used to buy tickets for skiing, concerts, and anything else the Service Desk sells.


Remember to purchase your grocery certificates before we go on winter break. If you find you need more
over the holiday, don‟t be shy! Call Deb McCormick at 303-604-6053, and she will be happy to get them to


We will continue to sell grocery certificates at the following times and locations. Outside sales will be held
when the weather cooperates.

 DAY                 TIME                           PLACE
 Monday              2:15 –   2:45   p.m.           West parking lot pick-up area (weather permitting)
 Tuesday             7:45 –   8:15   a.m.           In the atrium across from the office
 Wednesday           2:15 –   2:45   p.m.           On the playground (weather permitting)
 Thursday            2:15 –   2:45   p.m.           Outside the library

                                                                                        Holidays!!              December 10, 2004                                           Page 5

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