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Nurses Notes Yukon Registered Nurses Association


									                                   Nurses’ Notes
                                   Newsletter of the Yukon Registered Nurses Association
September 2010

MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT                                                           Peggy Heynen, RN

  The word "mentorship" seems to be          mentees that, for the most part, they
the buzz word or catch-phrase being          don't feel as overwhelmed or "thrown
used by organizations these days but,        to the wolves" as they may have in           FOCUS ISSUE
in reality, it's something that has al-      the past without having the specifi-
ways been around---maybe just not so         cally assigned mentor to help them
formally titled.                             through.                                INSIDE:
                                                                                     Message from the
  The dictionary describes mentor as      I don't fool myself into thinking the      Executive Director
"a wise and trusted counselor or         program is perfect but it's definitely a
                                                                                     Call for Nominations:
teacher." Another quote I read and       giant step in the right direction.
                                                                                     Honourary Membership
liked was "someone whose
hindsight can become your                                                            Mentorship Articles: with
foresight." Haven't we all        I'm often pleasantly surprised at                  Views from Mentors
known someone special we          how much I end up learning by                      and Mentees
can look back on and say was
a mentor to us. Hopefully!
                                  being a mentor . . .                               Global Health: Preparing
                                                                                     for an Overseas Nursing
  Whether in our professional lives or         I have been blessed to have had
our personal lives, most of us have                                                  Meet Two New Board
                                             many intelligent, supportive and spe-
had at least one amazing person that         cial mentors, as well as mentees,
has helped guide us and shape us into        throughout my nursing career. I'm       Exploring Our Code of
the people we are today.                     often pleasantly surprised at how       Ethics series
                                             much I end up learning by being a
                                                                                     Changes to the Child &
  Thankfully government and employ-          mentor and I encourage all of you to    Family Services Act
ers are taking notice of how important       embrace any and all opportunities you
mentorship is. The government sup-           have to take on that honour.            Canadian Respiratory
ported mentorship program that I                                                     Health Professionals: A
took, as did many of you, has been             And keep in mind, "Leaders are more   Growing Interdisciplinary
enlightening and inspirational.              powerful role models when they learn
                                             than when they teach".                  New Look to the
 To feel supported in my workplace                                                   YRNA Website
and to be able in return to support the                         Peggy Heynen
                                                                                     FOR CONSULTATION
up and coming new RNs has been                                  President            National Professional
wonderful. We hear back from our                                                     Regulatory Standards
                                                                                     Consultation (insert)

  Coffee                   Thursday, September 30                                          . . . and more

                             7:00 at YRNA office
   Talk                            See details inside.
YRNA Honourary Membership
Honourary Membership is the highest honour which can
be conferred on an individual by the Yukon Registered
Nurses Association. This honour recognizes outstanding
contribution to the advancement of the nursing profession
at the territorial, national and/or international level.
Honourary Membership may be granted to individuals who
have rendered distinguished service or valuable assis-
                                                                                                             The YRNA Board
tance to the nursing profession through any of the follow-                                                      invites all
ing means:                                                                                                    members to a
   promoting a positive image of the nursing profession                                                     social evening on
   demonstrated ability to influence nursing practice by
   leading, supporting and mentoring
   nurses sharing expertise with the nursing profession                          Thursday, September 30th
   contributing to the Yukon Registered Nurses Associa-                           7:00 at the YRNA office
                                                                                This Coffee Talk will provide an
Other YRNA Honourary members include Eileen Heinen,
Ida Duriez, Kay Campbell, Linda Pringle, Kathryn Se-                            opportunity for YRNA members
cord, Dorothy Sorensen, Lorraine Hoyt and Irene                                        to discuss issues
                                                                                 related to the government’s
CALL FOR NOMINATIONS                                                          Task Force on Acutely Intoxicated
Have you worked with a colleague who has served as a
mentor; a nursing leader; an expert in her practice?
                                                                                       Persons at Risk.
Nominations for Honourary Membership are accepted by                                    Refreshments will be served.
the YRNA Board prior to December 31st each year. The
Board reviews the nominations early in the new year and,
                                                                                             Bring a colleague!
if granted, new Honourary Members are recognized at the                                          Please be scent free.
association’s Annual General Meeting in the spring.

                                  ... to all the YRNA members who participated in the planning and
                                  execution of National Nursing Week activities. A number of events
                                  took place in various work settings and there was good media
                                  coverage on issues related to nursing, including a panel discussion
                                  on CBC radio and a newspaper feature on changes in nursing and
                                  health care in the Yukon. Your enthusiasm and commitment are
                                  appreciated by the YRNA Board and your YRNA colleagues.

If you would like to receive e-mail notification of YRNA events (Coffee Talks, etc.) please let YRNA know:

                                    The YRNA newsletter is published four times a year. Publica-        YRNA BOARD MEMBERS

     All New!                       tion dates are February 28th, May 31st, August 31st and No-
                                    vember 30th. Deadline for submissions is the 1st day of the
                                    month of publication.
                                                                                                                             Peggy Heynen
                                                                                                                             Antonia Manolis
                                                                                                                             Donna Rowland
                                    Articles and letters are welcome and should be addressed to the
                                    Editor. Inclusion of items in the newsletter does not imply          Members-at-Large:   Diane Kirchgatter
                                    endorsement or approval by the YRNA.
                                                                                                                             Susanne Nageli
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Page 2                                                YRNA Nurses’ Notes                                                     September 2010
 FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                                                               Patricia McGarr, RN

                                 The idea that we are all influenced   Bennis also writes “I know of no leader in
                        by our experiences and relationships in our    any era who hasn’t had at least one men-
                        formative years is not a new one which has     tor: teachers who found things in them
      I know of no      been devised by modern childhood devel-        they didn’t know were there, parents or
leader in any era       opment experts or psychologists. As early      older siblings, senior associates who
                who     as 380 B.C., Plato was writing chronicles      showed them the way to be, or in some
                        which illuminated his belief in the impor-     cases, not to be or demanded more from
      hasn’t had at     tance about what society should expose its     them than they knew they had to
          least one     children to in order that they grow into       give” (2003, p. 83). As a student and young
                        meaningful members and contributors. In        professional, and throughout my career, I
            mentor:     the 18th century, the classic philosophers     have been very fortunate to find a number
     teachers who       Rousseau and Wollstonecraft have written       of encouraging and authentic mentors who
   found things in      with great certainty of their belief about     have assisted me in the clarification of my
                        the important role early influences play on    values and modeled how to act in accor-
them they didn’t        the development of the individual. Most of     dance with them.
        know were       us only have to look at our own pasts and
                                                                                I remember these important men-
 there, parents or      experiences to see that this is true.
                                                                       tors in my life with great gratitude and af-
      older siblings,             I come from a family where the       fection. These people were usually crea-
                        women were strong characters and posi-         tive, curious about the world around them
              senior    tive role models, whether they were stay-      and not afraid to try new things and they
   associates who       at-home mothers or, like my own mother,        inspired me to look at things differently.
    showed them         a professional woman who had done the          They were often people, some in formal
                        unlikely thing for a Catholic girl from a      leadership roles, others not, who touched
    the way to be,      humble background in the 1930’s and stud-      those around them with their intelligence
         or in some     ied math and science at university. I had a    and humanity, constructively guiding and
  cases, not to be      father who taught me (through his actions)     encouraging and bringing out the best in
                        about integrity, justice and leading a mean-   others and often inspiring them to go fur-
    or demanded         ingful life. It was an environment where it    ther than they thought possible.
         more from      was expected that my siblings and I would
                                                                                 Good mentors are leaders who can
  them than they        choose careers where we would be of ser-       influence people and the ways of the world
                        vice and make a contribution to society. I
   knew they had        was undeniably shaped by this upbringing
                                                                       at all sorts of levels, sometimes in dramatic
                                                                       and obvious ways; sometimes in more
             to give.   and the culture I was surrounded by. As
                                                                       gradual and cumulative ways. The legacy
             Bennis     Bennis has said, “By the time we reach pu-
                                                                       that they leave for us is priceless.
                        berty, the world has reached us and shaped
                        us to a greater extent than we real-
                        ize.” (2003, p. 47).                           References
                                                                       Bennis, W. (2003). On becoming a leader. New York:
                                In discussing how the ingredients                 Perseus Groups Books.
                        of leadership are learned by experience,

September 2010                                YRNA Nurses’ Notes                                                            Page 3
Mentorship: Lighting the Way
Submitted by Susanne Nageli, RN
                                                                                              A mentor is
     We have chosen „mentorship‟ as the       seasoned nurses who mirror excellence on        someone
theme of this newsletter. So what IS men-     a daily basis. As overworked as my col-
torship? After typing the term into           leagues are, I have experienced them to be
                                                                                              who allows
„Google‟ I was presented with a veritable     caring, nurturing and supportive. I am          you to see the
feast of definitions, examples, applica-      overwhelmingly grateful to each and
                                                                                              hope inside
tions and quotes. I contemplated what         every one of them. As I develop in my
mentorship means to me and has meant          capacity as a nurse I intend to mirror to       yourself.
for me. I have little doubt that no two       others what I myself have received. “Few           Oprah Winfrey
definitions are identical, rather, they are   things in the world are more powerful
likely to be as unique as the individuals     than a positive push. A smile. A word of
asked to define mentorship.                   optimism and hope. A “you can do it”
                                                          when things are
                                                          tough.” (Richard M. De. Vos)
May we each make a conscious effort to
                                                           Mentorship is like farming, I
recognize our mentors and mirror to
                                                           found myself thinking today
others what we have been shown along                       as I went about my business of     When a good
our particular path(s) of life.                            caring for my patients. All
                                                           living things respond to nur-
                                                                                              leader awak-
                                                           turing, be they plant, animal or   ens the depth
      I have had special people throughout    human. As we go about our lives we
my life who were mentors, who held the        cross paths with one another, we sow, we
                                                                                              of presence in
light for me when I stumbled, who nur-        tend, we nurture. We welcome life, we           another and
tured, encouraged, supported and gave me      face illness and/or adversity, we celebrate,    encounters
that push to step out of my comfort zone      we grieve, we say good-bye. We learn to
when I most needed it. When I left my         step back when it is necessary to do so,        the sacredness
former life as a dairy farmer at the age of   when we recognize the innate wisdom of          and inner
42 to become a university student, it was     each being and are struck with the know-
the mentors who appeared that gave me         ing that each is free to make his or her
                                                                                              world of the
the strength to leave the familiar and ven-   choice(s) along the road he or she is trav-     other, leader-
ture into the unknown. “The greatest          eling.
good you can do for another is not just to
                                                                                              ship may be
share your riches but to reveal to him his         I am grateful to the many wonderful        transforming
                                              mentors in my life, past and present. May
own.” (Benjamin Disraeli)
                                              we each make a conscious effort to recog-
                                                                                              and healing .
      On entering the nursing profession as   nize our mentors and mirror to others                      Bennis
a new grad at the age of 47, I was hesi-      what we have been shown along our par-
tant, lacked self-confidence, knew there      ticular path(s) of life.
was so much I didn‟t know, and hoped I
was worthy of working toward earning
the title of registered nurse. I feel enor-
mously blessed to be surrounded with

Page 4                                           YRNA Nurses’ Notes                              September 2010
                     Mentorship: Reward & Legacy
                     Submitted by Pat Lincoln, RN

                        My nursing career has            Another enjoyable as-        been working alone and
Life consists of     spanned 44 years as of          pect of mentoring is learn-      have students, it is some-
                     June 2010. During that          ing about each new nurse,        times hectic to make it a
    influencers      time there have been many       how they learn, their area of    learning experience for the
                     changes, some for the good      interest, their talents, and     students. Even these ex-
who daily find       and some which have been        their goals. In working          periences are valuable to
 us vulnerable       less successful.                closely with other nurses a
                                                     mentor can reflect back to
                                                                                      students as it gives them a
                                                                                      realistic snapshot of the
         to their        One characteristic of the   the mentee their individual      work we do and how we set
                     nursing profession is our       strengths. It is this            priorities. The mentees
   impressions       ability to teach. Mentoring     "tailoring" or individual work   who have presented the
                                                                                            biggest challenges
and, therefore,      The manner in which we interact with                                   have taught me the
                                                                                            most about myself and
  have helped        mentees can influence their lifetime career.                           my beliefs.
 mould us into       is one of the most reward-      that can open the nurse's             It is realistic to acknowl-
   the persons       ing parts of nursing. I enjoy
                     mentoring because it helps
                                                     eyes to previously untapped
                                                     strengths. It is this suppor-
                                                                                      edge that some mentee/
                                                                                      mentor relationships will be
        we are.      me to keep current in best      tive teaching role that is       less successful than others.
                     practice, in application of     most satisfying. Many            In some cases people come
           Maxwell   new technology, and sup-        “seasoned” nurses continue       with a set of beliefs about
                     ports the critical thinking     to receive letters, consults,    themselves and where they
                     process. Each mentee            phone calls and contacts         fit in the culture or work-
                     brings a whole new set of       with their previous mentees.     place which may not be
                     questions, learning styles,                                      realistic. It has helped in
                     and challenges.                      Mentoring has helped        these situations to discuss
                                                     me see my “style” of teach-      learning needs and objec-
                         I believe mentorship is     ing through the mentees’         tives at the beginning of the
                     one of the key functions in     eyes. It has helped me see       relationship and continue to
                     the nursing profession.         my weaknesses, my                review this as the experi-
                     During my nursing career it     strengths and my passion         ence progresses.
                     has been called many            for nursing.
                     things: orientation, educa-     I believe
                     tion, training, on-the-job      mentoring       I believe mentoring has made
   Do not wait       training. Whatever the          has made
                                                                     me a better nurse . . .
                     name, it is a vital part of     me a better
    for leaders;     supporting and educating        nurse by
                     colleagues in our profes-       constantly reviewing my
   do it alone,      sion, but mentoring is more     practice through updating,           At the end of my nursing
      person to      than education. It provides
                     the opportunity to help the
                                                     reading, researching and
                                                     discussion. Each mentee
                                                                                      career, I believe mentoring
                                                                                      offers me the opportunity to
        person.      mentee learn about the          or student brings their own      share examples of princi-
                     "climate" of a new work-        life experiences and nursing     ples I have learned. Some
                     place or profession. The        experiences to contribute to     of my most memorable
     Mother Teresa   manner in which we interact     the pool of knowledge.           teachers were experienced
                     with mentees can influence                                       nurses who listened. I hope
                     their lifetime career. Some          Not all aspects of men-     I will be remembered as
                     would call this role model-     toring have been positive,       one of those nurses.
                     ing, whatever it is called,     some have been painful. It
                     this can set the standards      is tiring with all the ques-
                     for the workplace and ca-       tions, discussion and dem-
                     reer.                           onstration. When I have

September 2010                             YRNA Nurses’ Notes                                                   Page 5
Mentorship at Whitehorse General Hospital
Submitted by Joanne Pare, RN, CNE
    Mentorship is seen a means to attract, develop,             opment
support and retain nurses needed to provide qual-               Increases self-esteem, job satisfaction
ity health care. Mentors provide life-long lessons              Enhances productivity, management and           The master
to new graduates and inexperienced nurses to                    leadership skills
ensure the quality of knowledge within the nursing              Builds a sense of professionalism               doesn’t talk,
profession will remain strong for years.                        Acts as a recruitment and retention strat-
     Whitehorse General Hospital has identified as              egy                                             he acts. When
one of its strategic plan goals to Build a Stable and           Socializes new employees into the profes-
                                                                                                                his work is
Skilled Workforce, offering a supportive working
environment and in doing so has supported a men-                Provides time to become familiar with           done, the
torship program for the past 2 years. In 2009, 6                policies and practices
new graduates participated in a 3 month mentor-                 Allows comfortable supportive environ-          people say,
ship program on the medical and surgical units at               ment as patient responsibilities increase
Whitehorse General Hospital. Each new graduate                  Allows development and refinement of
                                                                                                                ‘Amazing, we
was “buddied” with an experienced nurse who
mentored them during a 6 week rotation on the
                                                                competencies needed for safe, ethical,
                                                                effective practice
                                                                                                                did it, all by
medical unit and a 6 week rotation on the surgical
                                                            The rewards of mentorship are immense. By           ourselves’
unit. All six of the mentees have remained at
                                                        sharing knowledge mentors help improve job satis-            Tao Te Ching
WGH as very enthusiastic, confident, valuable em-
                                                        faction, enhance orientation time and have a direct
ployees. This summer, 4 more new graduates
                                                        impact on how well a nurse will perform on the
have joined the WGH staff for a 3 month long
                                                        job. Nurses who participate in mentorship pro-
mentorship program. All the new grads are from
                                                        grams have demonstrated skills in providing better
the Yukon so this program gives them a wonderful
                                                        patient care while increasing their own knowledge
opportunity to return to their home community as
                                                        and professional growth. Mentorship participation
they develop and strengthen their nursing knowl-
edge and skills.
                                                        provides opportunity for life-long learning and         A teacher is
                                                        develops the best nurses for today and tomorrow.
    So what is a mentorship program? Mentorship         WGH is pleased to welcome new nursing grads as          one who
is defined as “A voluntary mutually beneficial and
long-term relationship where an experienced and
                                                        well as other new employees to the mentorship
                                                        program and offer them a supportive, positive
                                                                                                                makes himself
knowledgeable leader (mentor) supports the
maturation of a less-experienced nurse with lead-
                                                        learning opportunity as they transition into their      progressively
                                                        new position. The program provides opportunity
ership potential (mentee).” (Canadian Nurses Associa-
tion, 1995)
                                                        to build knowledge around resources and key peo-        unnecessary.
                                                        ple to know within the organization.
                                                                                                                     T. Carruthers
    “A mentor is someone who guides another                 I would personally like to thank all the nurses
individual in the development and examination of        who mentor at Whitehorse General Hospital.
their own ideas, learning and personal and profes-      Your work is extremely valuable as you provide
sional development…an advisor, coach, coun-             that positive first work experience that will build
selor” (BC Academic Health Council, 2002)               confidence, competence and a lead to a rewarding
    Nurses at WGH have preceptored students             career for the novice nurses. Your time and dedi-
for many years. Preceptoring is a formal, one-to-       cation in sharing your knowledge and experience         Successful
one relationship of short-term duration, struc-         to enable and empower new members of our
tured and pre-defined by the nursing school and it      health care team is very much appreciated.              people turn
usually concludes with a formal assessment and
evaluation. Mentoring is more informal and in-
                                                           This quote from Benjamin Disraeli is found in
                                                        the WGH Handbook for Mentors and Mentees
                                                                                                                everyone who
volves guiding and advising rather than supervising.
Mentorship provides opportunities for inexperi-
                                                        and really captures the intent of mentorship:           can help them
enced nurses to develop strong relationships with
senior nurses and promotes self-directed growth
                                                        “The greatest good you can do for another is not just   into sometime
                                                        share your riches, but to reveal to them, their own.”
and learning for both the mentor and mentee.                                                                    mentors!
                                                           Mentorship benefits everyone!
    Mentoring provides many benefits:                                                                               John Crosby
       Bridges the gap between theory and nurs-
       ing practice
       Enhances critical thinking and career devel-

Page 6                                                   YRNA Nurses’ Notes                                         September 2010
                     Mentorship: A Student’s Perspective
                     Submitted by Tyler Kuhk, RN
    Learning is
    finding out      The Canadian Nurses Associa-
                     tion (CNA), to me, in my first
                                                              offer opinions from the nursing
                                                              student perspective. Not only
                                                                                                        eral knowledge of what is now
                                                                                                        my national professional asso-
   what we al-       year of nursing school, was
                     something that I was often told
                                                              were these discussions atten-
                                                              tively listened too, but they
                                                                                                        ciation. Informally, with many
                                                                                                        of the Board members I was
  ready know.        about in class, or read about in
                     a nursing textbook. While
                                                              were also extremely well-
                                                              received – something I was not
                                                                                                        fortunate to discuss my nursing
                                                                                                        career thus far, discuss issues I
 Doing is dem-       always interested in what our
                     national professional body was
                                                              always used to feeling when it
                                                              came to sharing of opinions
                                                                                                        face on a day-to-day basis, and
                                                                                                        in general discuss how each of
      onstrating     all about, something that never
                     crossed my mind would be the
                                                              and concerns – especially from
                                                              a student perspective.
                                                                                                        them got to where they are
       that you      chance to be able to sit at the
                     CNA Board of                                                                       An experience such as this is
        know it.     Directors, during
                     my final year of        . . . I was learning more                                  one that will be ingrained with
                                                                                                        me for the rest of my nursing
Teaching is re-      nursing school –
                                             that the realms of nursing                                 career, and is something I will
                                                                                                        always be able to look back on
  minding oth-       nearly 25 000           extended far beyond the                                    with great pride. I feel that
                     nursing students                                                                   once you are involved with
  ers that they      in the process.         bedside . . .                                              aiding a voice for a cause that
                                                                                                        you truly believe in, you will
  know just as       This opportunity was a mile-
                     stone for what I am now calling          As my term progressed on the
                                                                                                        always contribute to that voice
                                                                                                        no matter where your career
   well as you.      my career.                               CNA Board, I was learning more
                                                              that the realms of nursing ex-
                                                                                                        takes you.

     You are all     When beginning my term on
                     the CNA Board of Directors I
                                                              tended far beyond the bedside
                                                              – and it was becoming more
                                                                                                        CNA, along with its active ju-
                                                                                                        risdictional members, have
learners, doers      was nonetheless, a bit nervous.
                     I, a nursing student, with next
                                                              apparent to me that many of               made a wise choice when it

 and teachers.       to no experience compared to
                     my colleagues sitting around                I feel that once you are involved
      Richard Bach
                     this table, was now a member
                     of this prestigious group. Ex-
                                                                 with aiding a voice for a cause that
                     citement soon ensued, how-                  you truly believe in, you will always
                     ever, and my comfort with the
                     group grew in no time at all.               contribute to that voice no matter
                     For once, I felt like I truly had           where your career takes you.
                     an opinion that actually mat-
                     tered. Nursing leaders from              the issues that CNA discussed,            comes to fostering the nursing
    We make a        across Canada would look to              faced and tackled, all trickled           student. The future of nurses,
                     me and ask me what I thought             down to the nursing that, up              and the future of health care
living by what       about nursing and health care            until this point, I was only ex-          in this country are on the right
                     issues, and were proactive in            posed to.                                 path if we start this mentor-
        we get,      voicing their interest in what                                                     ship process early. Only then
                     nursing students’ thoughts               The CNA Board as a whole, and             will we be able to learn from,
we make a life       were.                                    its individual members, all               and contribute to, the many
                                                              acted as a mentor to me. For-             changes that are happening
   by what we        Aside from taking interest in            mally as a Board – I was ex-              now, and changes that will
                     the opinions I was so fortunate          posed to the plethora of issues           soon occur.
          give.      to bring to the table, I was             facing nursing and health care
                     soon over my nervousness, and            in this country, decision-                And rest assured, we can count
 Winston Churchill   my motivation took over to               making strategies, effective              on continuing to have that
                     contribute to discussions and            communication skills, and gen-            strong, powerful voice.

                     Editor’s Note:
                     Tyler Kuhk is the Past President of the Canadian Student Nurses’ Association (CSNA). The CSNA holds a non-voting ex-
                     officio position on the CNA Board of Directors. Tyler recently graduated and is now working as an RN in Ontario.

September 2010                                  YRNA Nurses’ Notes                                                                  Page 7
Global Health: Preparing for
an Overseas Nursing Project
Submitted by Stephanie Bamforth, RN
                                                                                                   learn the most
      I am the daughter of a nurse and grew            Our plan is my mother will run the
up listening to stories about my mother‟s        clinic (with local staff) while I provide pri-
experiences nursing in Guatemala, Mexico,        mary care as needed, train and mentor clinic      teaching
Denmark, and Israel, not to mention Mont-        staff, and provide outreach education and
real, at the Montreal Heart Institute, where     support in the communities on family plan-        others.
she was on the transplant team for the first     ning, nutrition, hygiene, HIV/STI preven-                   Drucker
cardiac transplants in Canada. I therefore       tion, wound care, cardiovascular health, etc.
grew up with a healthy respect for nursing as
a skill and profession that had the potential          As I am just over one year out of nurs-
to let you work virtually anywhere in the        ing school and will be working outside my
world.                                           usual nursing scope (I work at Whitehorse
                                                 General Hospital on the surgical and medical
     So this November I will be leaving for      units), I have spent the last several months      The best
my first overseas nursing experience; work-      preparing for the trip, taking emergency spe-
ing for two months in community run clinics      cialty, wound care, PALS and ACLS                 teacher is the
in the Volta Region of Ghana and Oudalan         courses, practising sutures, reviewing labor      one who sug-
Province in Burkina Faso. This will mark         and delivery, ante and post partum care, and
my first time working in a nursing capacity      carrying the book “Where there is no doc-         gests rather
alongside my mother (this will be her fourth     tor” around as though it‟s a bible, in addition
trip working out of the Mafi-Seva health         to writing grant and supply securing propos-
                                                                                                   than dogma-
clinic in Ghana) as well as a first time work-   als. I‟m starting to feel somewhat prepared       tizes, and in-
ing without hospital or other practitioner       for the adventure I‟m soon to be on.
support (my mother will be the only other                                                          spires his lis-
professional health practitioner there).              I am so very thankful to have this op-
                                                 portunity to experience living and working
                                                                                                   tener with the
     The clinics are in remote areas of          in West Africa and provide a much needed          wish to teach
Ghana and Burkina Faso, far from the ser-        service to the communities there. I am hop-
vices available in the Capitals. Both are        ing this will mark the first of many overseas     himself.
managed by local health promoters trained        nursing projects, so with any luck I won‟t            Bulwer-Lytton
by professional healthcare providers who         get too sick and will be useful at the clinics.
come on a volunteer basis. Currently the
local health workers rely heavily on dona-            If you are interested in more informa-
tions from foreign volunteers to provide         tion on this nursing project, we have a web-
equipment, medicines, training and support.      page at
The focus is currently on the needs of           project/ghana and can be reached via email
women and children, and teams of mid-            at :
wives, nurses, and physicians have trained                   The good
local people to work as TBAs (traditional
birth attendants) and clinic staff. Under the         Well I‟m off tomorrow to the travel          mentor
guidance of the organization AMURT               clinic for a slew of vaccinations, fingers        communicates
(Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team),            crossed they do the trick.
efforts concentrate on creating sustainable                                                        hope and
community based projects to be independ-                             Cheers and warm wishes,
ently run by the local people. Details on the                        Stephanie Bamforth, RN
work done by AMURT can be found at                                      Rowley

Page 8                                            YRNA Nurses’ Notes                                  September 2010
                                     Exploring Our Code of Ethics
                              A series of articles which looks at the Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses
    The growth           As you regular newsletter         Among the concepts cov-        of this section of the Code,
                      readers---yes, I choose to be-   ered in section D are respect-     we thought we might best
             and      lieve that there are such peo-   ful relationships with all per-    discuss it through an ex-
   development        ple---know, over the last year   sons in our care; honouring        panded article in the next
                      we have been running a series    diversity; advocacy and inter-     newsletter.
 of people is the     of articles about the revised    vention when we see some-
                                                                                             Interestingly, the topic for
                      Code of Ethics. Each article     one receiving disrespectful
  highest calling     focuses on one section of the    care; protecting privacy; ap-
                                                                                          the YRNA Coffee Talk on
                                                                                          September 30th is the Yukon
   of leadership.     Code and includes some           plying best practice for use of
                                                                                          government focus on care for
                      questions for self-reflection.   restraints; the maintenance of
           Maxwell                                                                        the acutely intoxicated. I
                                                       professional boundaries;
                         The next section for our                                         would anticipate that some of
                                                       management of pain and suf-
                      focus is primary value D:                                           the dialogue that evening will
                                                       fering to support dignity in
                      Preserving Dignity. As I                                            touch on nurses‟ ethical chal-
                                                       life and death; and treating
                      looked over this section to                                         lenges to bring respect and
                                                       professional colleagues with
                      develop some reflective ques-                                       dignity to all situations.
                      tions, I felt that the ethical                                         by Catherine Bradbury, RN, BScN
                      concepts captured here are          Whew - any one of those                      YRNA’s Coordinator of
                      complex and highly relevant      topics gives us much to think                     Regulatory Programs
  Mentoring is a      to practice in the Yukon.        about! So, given the breadth
brain to pick, an
ear to listen, and
                                         Meet Two New Board Members
    a push in the           Hello colleagues, my name is Donna             Hi, I'm Sylvia Riessner the new Public Repre-
  right direction.    Rowland and I am pleased to be part of the       sentative on YRNA's Board. I was invited to apply
        John Crosby   YRNA Board as Treasurer for this term.           to be the Representative by Colleen Wirth, a nurse
                            I have been an active practising regis-    that I worked with when I first came to the Yukon.
                      tered nurse for 34 years!! I moved to the            At that time, 12 years ago, she was job-
                                                                       sharing with Jean Kapala and I was a curriculum
                      Yukon 15 years ago and have worked in a
                                                                       design consultant from BC who had recently
                      variety of nursing roles since that time.        moved to Watson Lake. Talk about a new environ-
                      My passion rests with community based            ment! Colleen and Jean were the first of many
                      nursing.                                         amazing professional healthcare workers I've had
                            I served on the YRNA Board from            the privilege to work with at Yukon College. I have
     The legacy       1997 to 2002, and have also been a mem-          always been impressed by the knowledge, depth of
    you leave is      ber of the Complaints Committee for sev-         caring and commitment of the nurses and I was
                      eral years. Based on those experiences I         excited at the opportunity to participate in YRNA's
    the life you      know I will gain much more than I will           Board.
             live.    give.                                                I work at the College as a Distributed Learning
                                                                       instructor which involves working with students and
Kouzes and Posner           I believe that I have a broad outlook
                                                                       instructors to help them learn and teach more ef-
                      and hope that I will contribute that per-
                                                                       fectively with technology. I have a background in
                      spective at the Board table.                     curriculum design, project coordination and com-
                            Thank you for the honour and privi-        munication and a Masters of Educational Technol-
                      lege of serving on the Board. I will do my       ogy from UBC.
                      best, and I welcome your calls or emails             I'm hoping that I can fairly reflect a general pub-
                      and ideas at any time.                           lic perspective on some of the complex health and
                                                                       social issues that YRNA Board members analyze
                                                                       and speak out about.

September 2010                               YRNA Nurses’ Notes                                                      Page 9
Canadian Respiratory                      join the CRHP:                          physiotherapy and respiratory therapy
                                                                                  programs. The Award is offered to
                                          • Eligibility to apply for CRHP Re-
Health Professionals:                       search Grants and Fellowships         students enrolled in healthcare pro-
A GROWING                                 • Eligibility to apply for CRHP Re-
                                                                                  grams who have a special interest in
                                                                                  respiratory care. The goal of this
INTERDISCIPLINARY                           gional Funding grants
                                                                                  award is to encourage the pursuit of a
SOCIETY!                                  • Reduced registration fee for Cana-    career in respiratory-related health
The CRHP is the allied health profes-       dian Respiratory Conference 2011      care, provide recognition to students
sionals section of The Lung Associa-        (Niagara Falls, Ontario, April 28 –   who demonstrate commitment to res-
tion, representing health professionals     30) -                 piratory care, and encourage mem-
from a wide variety of disciplines        • Membership publications: an online    bership and participation in the
working collaboratively in the respira-     subscription to the Canadian Respi-   CRHP.
tory health field.                          ratory Journal, quarterly CRHP
                                            newsletter: Airwaves, and monthly         Please consider joining the Cana-
CRHP membership is open to all res-         electronic bulletin                   dian Respiratory Health Professionals
piratory health professionals who are     • Leadership opportunities to serve     (CRHP), and join more than 500 res-
members in good standing of a recog-        on the CRHP Leadership Council        piratory health professionals across
nized clinically based licensed disci-      and/or to participate in working      Canada - in promoting lung health
pline. Our current membership in-           groups and subcommittees              through inter-professional collabora-
cludes nurses, respiratory therapists,                                            tion, knowledge translation and re-
physiotherapists, pharmacists, occu-      CRHP Student Excellence                 search. To join, go to
pational therapists, dieticians, and      Award in Respiratory Health             crhp, or contact the CRHP Adminis-
social workers.                           Earlier this year, CRHP awarded the     trative Coordinator at 613-569-6411 x
                                          Student Excellence Award in Respira-    270 or
There are many great reasons to           tory Health to 5 students in nursing,

Page 10                                           YRNA Nurses’ Notes                                    September 2010
                                               Thank you to the following people and businesses who are to be
                                           recognized for their contributions during National Nursing Week in May
                                                         and their ongoing support of Yukon nurses.

                                                            Alpine Health Supplies & Services
                                                          Better Bodies Cross Training Centre
                                                                     Boston Pizza
                                                        Eagle Therapeutic Massage--Luc Garceau
                                                                      Peak Fitness
                                                      Prime Meridian Physiotherapy--Pamela Holmes
                                                                  Shawn Verrier, RMT
                                                                  Waterstone Products
                                               As 2010 moves swiftly along, we would like to take a moment to
                                           acknowledge the many Yukon nurses working day and night, throughout
                                            the year to care for our healthcare needs in a wide variety of settings .

Changes to the Child
and Family Services Act                                              Continuing Competence Process
   In the past few months, a new Yukon Child and Family              Have you completed your self-assessment?
Services Act has come into force. The new Act brings us                  Is your learning plan in process?
into line with all other Canadian jurisdictions by including a
requirement for anyone to report suspicion that a child is              Need help getting started?
at risk of harm or neglect. The main clause of this provi-
sion in the new Act reads:                                               Contact the YRNA office:
    22(1) A person who has reason to believe that a                
    child is in need of protective intervention shall
    immediately report the information on which they
    base their belief to a (Family and Children’s Ser-
    vices) director or peace officer.

    As is the case in law of this nature, the Act protects any
person making a report in good faith, even where concern           New Look to the
                                                                   YRNA Website
is not supported through an investigation. It is the respon-
sibility of F&CS to investigate and “prove” allegations. The
intake social workers can offer guidance as well, if some-
one is not sure if concerns are appropriate for a formal           YRNA is in the process of launching a new,
report.                                                            re-designed website. In addition to a new
                                                                   look, the site has been re-organized to create
   The Code of Ethics and Standards for Practice for RNs
have always called on us to act to protect a child at risk.        a separate section for Registration informa-
Policies of the workplace also generally lay out that re-          tion.
quirement, as our work often brings us into contact with
high risk families.                                                Check it give us
    We at YRNA thought it might be helpful for nurses to be        your feedback by completing the survey on
aware, though, that the Act governing child protection             the “What’s New” page.
now provides a definitive statement about the responsibil-
ity of all Yukoners to act to keep our children safe.

September 2010                                            YRNA Nurses’ Notes                                     Page 11
                       Yukon Registered Nurses Association                                         MAIL          POSTE
                       204—4133—4th Avenue                                                              Postage Paid
                       Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 1H8
                       Phone: 867-667-4062   Fax: 867-668-5123                                       Publications Mail
                       E-mail: Web:                                      Registration #40017695
                                                                                                          Y1A 1H8

Coming Events . . .
Sep 23, 2010      Hospice Yukon Workshop. Living with Loss - Introduction to Healthy Grieving. 6:30-8:30p.m. Whitehorse.
                  Contact 867-667-7429;

Sep 23-26, 2010   Canadian Association of Wound Care Management and Prevention Course. L1, L2, L3. Vancouver. Contact:

Sep 28-29, 2010   FASD Symposium. Walking Together. Connecting practice & research to create change. Whitehorse. Con-
                  tact Jan Langford at 867-667-4674; email

Sep 30, 2010      COFFEE TALK! YRNA Office. 7:00 p.m. For more information contact YRNA at 867-667-4062.

Oct 14-16, 2010   21st National Conference of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses
                  (AWHONN). Bridging the Worlds of Practice, Research and Education. Montreal. Contact:

Oct 25-26, 2010   Championing Public Health Nutrition 2010. Presented by Centre for Science in the Public Interest.
                  Ottawa. Contact:

Oct 18-22, 2010   Foot Care Management. Presented by Senior Watch Inc. Contact:; 800-561-2463.

Nov 26-27, 2010   2nd Conference on Positive Aging: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Health Professionals. Coast Plaza
                  Hotel, Vancouver. Contact:

Dec 2-4, 2010     Canadian Association on Gerontology Annual Conference. Annual Scientific and Educational Meeting.
                  Montreal. Contact:

Feb 13-15, 2011   2011 National Nursing Leadership Conference. Nursing Leadership: So What? Now What? Montreal. Con-
                  tact: Canadian Nurses Association

Feb 20-22, 2011   Canadian Association of Neonatal Nurses National Conference. Neonatal Frontiers: Blazing the Trail.
                  Calgary. Contact:

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