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					Introducing –CTO~ MIST Marketing &
 Management Information System for

                   Presented by
     Gail Clarke (Market Research Specialist)
 Caribbean Global Gateways
   consumer internet system (doitcaribbean.com)
       global: multiple markets and multi-language
       supports official internet sites of member countries
 CTOnet Caribbean
   regional intranet system (OneCaribbean)
       regional tourism statistics & reports
       market research & market intelligence
       on-line training materials, events, etc
       Databases
    towards a Caribbean Tourism Web Community
   Tourism Management Information System
       with national and regional components
  Tourism Management Information Systems


 Information Technology revolution
 Impact on international tourism
 National Systems
   Processing of tourism statistics
        Statistics Departments
        Tourist Offices
        CTRC MicroStats - past its best?
   National Internet Systems
   Other Information Systems
                 About CTO ~ MIST !
   Developed in “Off the Shelf Software” - MS Access and MS SQL
   Windows Technology ( W 95 / 98 or NT )
   Runs on “standard” PC - 350 Mhz,4.3 GBHD,32/64 K RAM, CD ( 40X)
    + Zip Drive
   Reports
   Facilitates Data Transfer - National, Regional, International -via
    Network - Email – Disc – Zip etc.
   Facilitates Data Input - follows existing information flow
   Can be further enhanced to meet local needs
   Can be customised to Support a National Web Initiative
   Is both Regional and National.
   Progressive Implementation Approach to Meeting National Needs

                    Flexible and User Friendly
        CTO-MIST - Design Considerations
Inclusive – meet the needs of all Caribbean tourism
  destinations - large and small, developed and new.
Modular – selected components can be installed at first;
  others can be added later to meet new demands.
Flexible – operated by, and accessible to, a wide range of
  users, e.g. over a computer network.
“Best Practice” – guide to standard methods of
  collecting and disseminating tourism information.
Internet Support – linked to the national Internet site for
  greatly improved information management.
Regional – facilitate regional data comparisons and the
  development of a regional information system at CTO.
                           CTO ~ MIST
              An Integrated MIS Comprising
Performance Module
        E/D Cards
        Visitor Surveys
        Other Indicators (Economic) etc.
Product Inventory Module
        C.15 Databases - Accommodation, Attractions, Events,
        Flexible Search and Select and Detailed Reporting
Marketing Module
        Market Intelligence
        Source Market Information
        Market Research

   Reports
         MIST is an Integrated Management Information System
                                not just
                a Replacement for current Stats Systems.
What can CTO ~ MIST mean to Member Countries ?

    Introduces    least developed members to the Information Technology
    Influences    methodology for collection and processing Tourism
                   Research, Marketing & Planning information.
    Aids           Tourism Planning, Research and Marketing
    Formalises    & Centralises some existing & diverse collection activities
    Underpins     National Internet Initiatives
    StandardisesI In formation collection and dissemination across the region
    Links         Information Collection to CTO and Regional needs.
    But -         Absorption Capacity, Resource and Technology Entry Level
                   is a consideration

                  CTO ~ MIST can be a “Great Leveler”
                     Giving CTO member countries &
                    product suppliers equal access to
              Tourism Marketing & Management Information.
Where are we now – Where are we going ?
   EU funded project started 1998/9
   Actively being used in St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos, Trinidad and
    Tobago, Grenada, Dominica, Montserrat, St. Vincent and the
    Grenadines, St. Kitts and Nevis
   Recently implemented in Antigua and Barbuda and Suriname.
   Request for installation in others
   Other CTO written systems in existence in Guyana and Belize
   Next moves:
      2003-2004 – Upgrade of MIST given new technology of Internet
        and intranet systems enhance CTOs ability to maintain the
      Training, increase in house capability within CTO and our NTOs
        to manage the system
      Regional MIST, establish The CTO system as the database for
        tourism information in the Caribbean
     The Key to a Successful
   Commitment & Cooperation - Tourism - Statistics -
    Immigration - and Public / Private Sector stake holders.
   Acceptable Entry Level of Data Availability and Technology
    at a National Level
    Absorption Capacity - Resources and Information

 Thank you
   for your
Kind Attention

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