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									Audi A8 Sound System Let the Music Move Through You
Audi engineers understand that a car is about more than just getting the driver from one
place to another. True, and Audi A6 or Audi A8 is a great way to get around town, but
Audi designers take the idea up a notch by striving to create a uniquely enjoyable driving
experience in every model. After a long day in the city, or a stressful day on the job,
California Audi drivers can look forward to stepping into their car and out of the
demanding bustle of life. The cabin becomes a sanctuary to relax, unwind, and take some
time out to reconnect with what is important in life - enjoying the ride.

An Impressive Experience From Bang & Olufsen
The recent Audi A8 provides Orange County drivers with just such an experience each
time they get behind the wheel. In addition to premium leather seating, spacious room,
and a sweeping wooden dash, the Audi A8 also offers a one-of-a-kind sound experience
with the premium Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System.

Step on the brake, turn on the ignition, and within seconds you will hear the gentle roar of
the engine as you press on the gas, coupled with the crisp life-like sound of your favorite
song. Your troubles will melt away as the music moves through you, dancing in perfect
harmony from each precision-tuned speaker. In all, 19 individual speakers are mounted
throughout the cabin to provide a unique, life-like listening experience.

Professional, Studio Quality Sound
Ryan Farish, a Grammy-nominated composer was given the opportunity to experience
the sound system for himself and was impressed by the “lifelike and crystal clear”
acoustics. He says that when it comes to composing music, it is “important that a song
translates correctly in a car,” and was delighted to be able to rediscover nuances in his
work that are brought out by the advanced sound system in the Audi A8.

With such studio quality, Audi A8 drivers will want to bring their music with them
wherever they go. Each of the 19 speakers is carefully placed to optimize the listening
experience and blend seamlessly into the interior design of the cabin. Over four hundred
hours were spent testing and tuning the system during the cars development. Moreover,
the speakers are housed in sealed compartments to prevent buzzing or noise. When you
turn up the sound in your Audi A8, you get more music, more definition, and zero
vibration. Each little snap of the hi-hat, clap of the bass, or twang of a guitar string rings
so true that you will feel as if you are sitting in an intimate Orange County club with the
band standing all around you performing your own private concert.

Experience the Audi A8 Sound System For Yourself
So slide into the driver’s seat of the new Audi A8 with the Bang & Olufsen advanced
sound system and let your cares slip out the window as you cruise down California
highways, remembering again how enjoyable a drive can be. Orange County Audi fans
can stop by their local Santa Ana, California Audi dealership to learn more or to
experience a test drive for themselves. Just remember to bring your favorite CD and to
set aside enough time settle in for a truly impressive sound experience.
Shop Local, Shop Smart – The Audi A8 in Santa Ana, California
Commonwealth Audi is located in Santa Ana, California and serves all of Orange
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selection of new and pre-owned Audi cars, Commonwealth Audi offers the best buying
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