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					Mind WorkStation ™
Brainwave Entrainment Software For Professionals

                                       Mind WorkStation is a full-featured brainwave
                                       entrainment software package for professionals.

                                       Whether you are a therapist, researcher, developer,
                                       neurofeedback practitioner or simply a brainwave
                                       entrainment enthusiast, Mind WorkStation gives you the
                                       tools you need to create real cognitive change.

                                       Advanced Brainwave Stimulation               EEG-Driven Stimulation /
                                       The process of neural stimulation has        Biofeedback Integration
Mind WorkStation is geared toward
                                       been perfected and extended in Mind          Mind WorkStation is compatible
professionals, researchers or
                                       WorkStation. All forms of audio/visual       with many popular biofeedback
people who simply want
                                       stimulation are possible, along with         devices and software packages.
unprecedented power over their
                                       revolutionary new methods.                   You can link up to these devices
audio/visual stimulation
                                       Everything from isochronic tones and         and use them to control
                                       binaural beats, to sound filtering,          entrainment frequencies, to
                                       AudioStrobe, and on-screen                   graph their data along with a
                                       visualizations. Complex filtering            session, or to control on-screen
                                       methods allow you to use any audio           visualizations as a form of
                                       source as the carrier for brainwave          biofeedback game.
                                       entrainment. And, with the new
                                       frequency band selector features, it
                                       can do this without distorting music.

Intuitive Work Environment             Original Content                             Effects
While Mind WorkStation is easily       Mind WorkStation incorporates some           Mind WorkStation ships with a
the most powerful application          exciting new content types, such as          number of advanced effects,
ever developed for brainwave           the Ambience Generator, which                including echo, reverb and even
entrainment, the intuitive interface   arranges thousands of small audio            "3D sound" where you can place
makes it very simple to perform a      samples to produce a unique ambient          or move a sound in 3D space. You
variety of common tasks. In fact       environment, such as a forest, a             can adjust the pitch or tempo of
the program does much of the           beach, crystal bowls or wind chimes.         any sound file. Filters such as
work for you.                          The best part about this type of             band-pass and low-pass are
                                       content is that it is different every time   implemented, along with a wide
The interface is specifically          you use it!                                  variety of modulation types such
designed for brainwave                                                              as autopanning.
entrainment and therapy. All the       Playlists, tone chords, on-screen
features commonly needed to            visualizations and many other unique         Most importantly, these effects are
create sessions are at your            content types are support. And, ALL          specially designed to be used with
fingertips, with additional            content in Mind WorkStation can be           brainwave entrainment. Sound
enhancements making it easier to       used as a carrier for brainwave              effects in other programs can
work with and faster to                stimulation.                                 often act to degrade the
accomplish what needs to be                                                         effectiveness of brainwave
done.                                                                               entrainment. In Mind WorkStation,
                                                                                    everything has been designed
                                                                                    from the ground up to ensure that
                                                                                    sound and visual effects will
                                                                                    promote brainwave entrainment,
                                                                                    not impede it.
Feature Outline

Brainwave Entrainment                       Biofeedback /                           Content & Creation
Binaural Beats, Isochronic Tones,                                                   Sound, Playlists
Harmonic Box X and more                     EEG & Biofeedback Driven                Add unlimited sound files to any
All popular brainwave entrainment           Stimulation                             session, and place them
methods are supported.                      A range of EEG and biofeedback          anywhere on the timeline you
                                            devices can be used to actually drive   like.
Sound Filtering                             the brainwave stimulation.
Sounds and playlists can be used                                                    Randomly Generated Content
directly as carriers for brainwave          Connect to multiple devices             Generate unique audio
entrainment by using complex audio          Mind WorkStation supports a wide        soundscapes, such as forests,
filters. Using all-new features, this can   range of both personal and              beaches, crystal bowls or wind
be done without distorting the music.       professional biofeedback devices.       chimes. The best part about this
                                                                                    type of content is that it is
AudioStrobe                                 Gather data and information from        different every time you use it.
AudioStrobe is integrated, making           biofeedback for research
Mind WorkStation compatible with            Use data collected from biofeedback     Piano Controls
every AudioStrobe device.                   and EEG devices as an aid in            Use the piano controls to
                                            research.                               harmonically arrange tones for
Right / Left Hemisphere Stimulation                                                 special types of stimulation, or
Built-in features make it easy to           On-Screen Visual Feedback               simply to create a more pleasant
stimulate the left and right cerebral       The screen display features can be      session.
hemispheres individually.                   used as a feedback mechanism and
                                            on-screen visualizations can act as a   Microphone Recording
Random Stimulation                          biofeedback game.                       Recording capabilities, including
Extensive randomization features let                                                noise reduction, are included.
you to randomize brainwave                  3D & 2D Graphing                        Live recordings can be played
frequency, times, phase, intensity,         Powerful graphing features allow you    directly through the headphones
pitch and more.                             to easily chart any part of the         or speakers as the recording is
                                            session, including data received        ongoing.
Control Frequencies In Real-Time            from biofeedback devices.
Control the stimulation in real-time (as                                            Text-To-Speech
the session is playing and the client is    Export to XML, HTML, Text, Excel        Synthesize audio speech from
listening).                                 The graphed data can be exported        text.
                                            to common data formats.
                                                                                    Export to MP3, OGG or WAV.
                                                                                    Compressed exports are
                                                                                    automatically configured for
                                                                                    brainwave entrainment purposes
Screen Display                              Flexibility / Programmability           based on the content of your
Screen Flashing                             Editing Flexibility
Use the computer screen to stimulate        Controlling frequencies, waveform,
the brain.                                  intensity, phase and every other
                                            aspect of the stimulation.
Choose from hundreds of visual              Engines
plugins which can be used for their         Use mini-programs called engines to
hypnotic properties, as a feedback          implement custom formulas, data
mechanism for biofeedback, or               sets, randomization, and algorithms.
"pulsed" to provide a subtle form of
brainwave entrainment.                      For Programmers
                                            Program directly through an
Color Display                               innovative Microsoft .NET plugin
Colors can be displayed on screen           interface.
and even changed (ramped) as the
session progresses.
Technical Information

System Requirements                                         Compatible Biofeedback Devices
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista (All Versions)                    Personal Biofeedback Systems: ThoughtStream,
                                                            Mind-Reflection, GSR2, BioScan, emWave (Freeze
Required                                                    Framer) and LightStone / IOM (Wild Divine's
512 RAM                                                     hardware)
800x600 resolution
500MHz CPU or higher                                        EEGs directly supported: Emotiv EPOC, NeuroSky
60 MB hard drive space for installation                     (no other software is required)

Recommended                                                 EEG Software Supported: BioEra, BioGraph,
2 GB RAM or higher                                          BioExplorer
1024x768 resolution or higher
1GHz CPU or higher                                          EEG Software Supports: Brainmaster, Brainquiry PET
10 GB recommended free hard drive space                     EEG, Pendant EEG/ HEG, Pocket A1-A3, WaveRider
Internet connection for easy product registration           (all versions), Neurobit Lite, NeuroAmp, Mindfield
                                                            MindMaster, OpenEEG, NTA-1000, SpectraLite Pro,
                                                            Mind Tuner, J&J C-2, J&J C-2 mini, J&J C2+ , QDS
                                                            NFK, Roshi 1-2+, Procomp2, FlexComp Infiniti,
                                                            ProComp Infiniti and ProComp5

Hardware Requirements                                       Compatible Mind Machines / AVS
No special hardware is required except in certain
situations:                                                 Light/Sound Synergizer , Proteus, MindSpa, Procyon,
- Microphone (if recording is desired)                      Sirius, Orion, Nova Pro, InnerPulse, PR-2X (with A/S
- Headphones (for certain types of stimulation)             decoder), Mind's Eye.
- AudioStrobe decoder or AudioStrobe-compatible
mind machine (if LED glasses are to be used)                NOTE: ALL AudioStrobe-compatible devices will work
                                                            with Mind WorkStation.

Export Types                                                Supported Sound Formats
Sessions can be exported to sound file types WAV,           MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, MP2, MP1, FLAC, AIF.
MP3 and OGG. Compressed exports (MP3, OGG) are
automatically configured depending on the content of        MP4 and M4A are also supported using a
your session. This is very important with brainwave         downloadable open-source plugin.
entrainment content, where incorrect compression
settings can negatively affect the signals, or strip them   CD tracks can also be used directly from the CD by
out altogether.                                             importing the .CDA files present on the CD.

Using the graphing features, data can be exported as        Neuro-Programmer 2 sound files (. NPSND) can also
delimited text, XML, HTML, Excel or any image               be used.
                                                            NOTE: Sound formats that are copy-protected cannot
                                                            be used in Mind WorkStation.

Import Types
Supports importing files from Neuro-Programmer 2
(.NPS files), Brain Sound Studio / Neural Noise
Synthesizer (. BWT files), Mind Stereo (.MSES files)
and GNaural (.GNAURAL files).
Version Comparison Chart
                                                      Regular   Professional   Enterprise
All forms of brainwave entrainment
(binaural beats, isochronic tones, etc)
Embedding BWE into sound
Screen Flashing / Visual Plugins
Random Stimulation
Biofeedback Support: LightStone (Wild Divine),
ThoughtStream, Emotiv EEG, NeuroSky EEG and more
EEG-Driving with Emotiv EPOC EEG
Sounds / Playlists
Piano Controls
Echo / Reverb
3D Spatial Audio Positioning
Pitch / Tempo Adjustments
Phase / WaveForm Control
Filters (Band-Pass, Low-Pass)
Frequency Band Selection for BWE (patent-pending)
Export to MP3, WAV, OGG
Microphone Recording (with Noise Reduction)
Undoing, Zooming, Syncing, Snapping
Importing Files
Randomization Engine
Data Table Engine
Formula / Expression Engine
Ambience Generator
Additional Ambience Presets
Recording while playing
Graphing Tool
Timer Engine
Advanced Engine Functions
Functions For Expressions
Additional (Professional) Session Examples
Additional (Professional) Templates
Real-Time Exporting (Export While Playing)
Real-Time Control Console
BioExplorer, BioGraph and BioEra support
Advanced EEG-Driven Stimulation Protocols & Designs
Additional (Enterprise) Templates
Additional (Enterprise) Sessions
Engine Plugins
Engine Plugins SDK
Advanced Support Level
Commercial License
Advanced Technical Information

Mind WorkStation's XML Specification
The file type of the program is XML-based, making it easily readable by other programs, and very easy to debug if
there is a problem.

Microsoft .NET Plugins
Enterprise version customers will receive an API developers can use to create plugins. Anyone with Microsoft
.NET knowledge will easily be able to use the plugin interface. It is flexible but very straightforward. Once a plugin
is constructed, it can be used to gather data from biofeedback engines and/or control any content or brainwave
frequency in the session.

NOTE: Plugins are only supported in the enterprise version.

                       Mind WorkStation ™
                       Brainwave Entrainment Software For Professionals

                       For more information on MindWorkStation, visit:

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