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									Jennifer Tym
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(can also be modified to work with many other units to reinforce skills- balance,
locomotor work, fitness, basketball dribbling passing)
For this written lesson, I will use this as a fitness enhancing activity


GRADE LEVELS: ANY (vary the degree of difficulty)

STANDARDS: 2.1.5, 2.1.6

The Student Will Be Able To demonstrate the ability to stop, start, turn (agility) at quick
intervals while maintain balance.
TSWBAT demonstrate the ability to perform given fitness tasks as directed by the
TSWBAT demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively with other following game and
safety rules and directions.

Gymnasium with basketball lines or many connected lines on floor (for larger classes I
connect sidelines, bball key, etc. with floor tape.
Tagging implements(we use big foam hands- identifying the ghosts/taggers)
4 fitness stations, one in each corner

Discuss video game of PAC MAN. Pacman travels only through pathways, constantly
changing direction to avoid the ghosts. Pacman cannot jump from one pathway to
another- he can only follow the path that is already there. Pacman cannot cut corners or
go through objects or walls.
Relate this to the pathways on the gym floor, all students are Pacman. They may only
travel along the pathways (lines) on the gym floor. The objective is to avoid the Ghosts
Give specific game rules:
    1. Pacman must remain on lines, cannot jump, leap or step over a space to get to a
        different line (compare it to completing a maze). Must follow the pathways only!
    2. Pacman may not jump/cut in front of another pacman, they must stay behind the
        one in front, or turn around and go in a new direction.
    3. Pacman does not cut corners to shorten his/her route or avoid a ghost.
    4. If a ghost tags a pacman, pacman must report to one of the fitness corners,
        perform the activity designated (~30 seconds or less), then return to the game.
    5. Each time a pacman is tagged, he/she must go to a different station(must do all
        before repeating any)
Every few minutes, give new students the opportunity to be taggers.
At the end of the activity, students can share ideas on strategies they used to avoid being
tagged/ or to tag someone. They can work together to problem solve- e.g.,what happens if
there is a traffic jam and a tagger is closing in? How can a tagger corner pacman?
The group can also share successes and difficulties with the “station” activities.

        Ideas for fitness corners:
           Balancing, jogging in place (count to 20), stretching (have posters showing
        how), jumping jacks, criss-cross jumps, push-ups(#depending on age), sit-ups,
        jump rope.
         *Sometimes instead of stations, the children tagged are asked to jog, skip, gallop,
        or walk one lap around perimeter on gym, then return to game. I change the
        locomotor skill with each new round.
In place of fitness activities, there can be skill stations- basketball dribble, bounce
pass/chest pass to the wall. Tumbling (forward or backward rolls), soccer zigzag dribble,

We have used this game as a warm-up, main activity, and as a re-enforcement tool after
learning new skills. Depending on your available space, the possibilities are endless. The
children love it, and it is an effective activity that enhances cardiovascular health,
balance, agility, problem solving, as well as improvement in whatever skills you may

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