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									                          Introduction to Business
                             Marketing Project
Each Group will create their own type of cereal. This cereal will be completely made up from
each groups own creative idea’s. In the creation of you cereal, keep in mind the target market
you will market to. Everything you do throughout this project will be tied in with how you are
reaching you target market. You must have a specific and appropriate target market.
“Everybody” is not an acceptable target market. There will be several different requirements to
this marketing plan and for many; you will need to be creative and inventive. Any text in bold
is what actually needs to be created for that requirement. The rest are suggestions for how to
go about completing that requirement of the project. Be creative!!!
DUE DATE: Friday, December 12.

Requirement 1: Description of you target market (20 points)
The first thing you must determine is you target market. You must put together a 1 page
description of your target market. In this description you must first define you target market
and explain why your cereal appeals to this target market. You also need to define the habits of
your target market in how it relates to the marketing of your cereal. The following are things
you want to consider when putting together this first requirement:

      Where do you customers shop?
      What type of media do they view/read (TV, Radio, Internet, Newspaper, etc.)? How
       much? When? Where?
      What are their eating habits (Nutritional, Quantity, When, Where, etc.)?
      What is your target markets lifestyle (Social class, fitness, health, wise, stress, pace,

Requirement 2: Magazine Advertisement (20 Points)
Each group needs to create an actual magazine advertisement. You can use Microsoft word or
publisher to create this advertisement. You must first determine what magazine your
advertisement will appear in. It can be an existing magazine or a made up magazine that you
think represents they type of magazine you want to place an ad in. Remember the magazine
you choose, must have reasoning behind it. For example, a cereal for children would be
advertised in a magazine children read, such as Nickelodeon. You must also write a half page
description of how this advertisement relates to your target market. Consider the following
when creating you magazine advertisement.

      What type of magazine does you target market read?
      How often do they read?
      What catches their attention?
      What do they values about you product?
      What is eye catching to you target market about you advertisement?
Requirement 3: Television or Radio Advertisement (20 Points)
For this requirement, each group will create a storyboard or script for a television or radio
advertisement. An average radio or television ad is about 30 seconds, so have that in mind.
You can either write a script, or create a storyboard with pictures and captions if you decide to
create a television advertisement. You must also write a half page description of how this
advertisement appeals to you target market and why. When writing this description and in
the creation of your advertisement, you want to address the following.

      What does your target market watch/listen to TV/Radio?
      What show does your target market watch/listen too on TV/Radio?
      What types of ads does you target market respond to (humor, informational, cartoon,
      What do you want to communicate to your target market about your product?

Requirement 4: Cereal Box (20 Points)
Each group will create a cereal box for their product. You can create this in Microsoft word,
publisher, power point, or by hand if needed. You can bring in an actually box and put your
cover, back and sides over the original. Will your box be conventionally shaped? Will it have a
picture of the cereal on it? Will there be a celebrity on the front? Will there be a cartoon on
the front? Will there be games on the back? Will that back be tied in with your promotional
strategy? Will it have information on it? There are a number of avenues you can take in the
creation of your product’s box. You need to write a half page summary of how your cereal box
reaches your target market.

                   REQUIREMENTS 1-4 RUBRIC
                   Excellent    Above Average       Satisfactory      Needs          Unsatisfactory
                       5                4                3              2                   1




 Total / 20
Requirement 5: Presentation (50 Points)
Each group will present their marketing plan to the class. You must present your plan as if you
are pitching a marketing plan to a room of corporate executives who are considering adding
your product to their line of cereal products. The main cereal corporations are Kellogg, Post,
and General Mills. Use power point in the presentation of your cereal.

Include in your presentation, your promotional strategy, and possibly conduct one or more of
your strategies in the presentation. Promotional strategies could include any of the following
but are not limited to:

      Giveaways (remember when you get goodies at the bottom of a cereal box?)
      Random Giveaways (tickets on box, 1 in 8 wins a free box)
      Deals (buy one, get one free)
      Celebrity promotion (Who would represent your product)
      Free samples (ever get a free sample of something in the grocery store?)
      Product placement (having sponge bob eat your cereal if it’s a children’s cereal???)
      Positive placidity ( Good Will and charitable contributions)

                        PRESENTATION RUBRIC
                       Excellent       Above        Satisfactory      Needs         Unsatisfactory
                                      Average                      Improvement
                          9-10           8               7              6                0-5
  Completion (at
least 6 developed




  Total / 50

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