Basic Hookup for HRD _ by yaosaigeng


									   HAM RADIO DELUXE
          Local & Remote

Presented to the Northeast Unit, District 14, ARES

             Chuck Sprick, KE5RAD

                  July 12, 2010
               HAM RADIO DELUXE
                   What is it?
                   Why use it?
                   Remote Use

July 5, 2010                      2
                          HRD - What is it?
       "CAT" Software
               "Computer Aided Transceiver" control.
               Uses the serial port on your computer to send binary codes to
               your rig to change frequencies, modes, filters, etc. without
               touching the rig itself.

       Includes companion software for digital modes, logging,
       rotator control, mapping, satellite and other .

       Developed and maintained by Simon Brown - HB9DRV
                Shareware, well worth a contribution
                Latest version at
      links sometimes break so new version is released

July 5, 2010                                                                   3
               Why Use HRD?
     Easier to see rig controls on screen
     Faster operation of rig
     Permits remote operation radio
     Other tools & applications @ fingertips
     Provides shortcuts to QSL / QSO data
     Lots of help available through HRD forums

July 5, 2010                                 4
                       HRD Main Screen

               Just Point & Click To Operate Radio

July 5, 2010                                         5
                        Kenwood TS-2000
               Squint, find and press the button or twist the knob

July 5, 2010                                                         6
                  HRD FEATURES
         Rig Control
                                 Remote Station Control
         Logging (ADIF)
                                 Fully customizable,
         Mapper                  skinning, dual monitor
         DM780 (Digital Modes)   support
         DX Cluster              Add or delete buttons &
         Satellites              controls to meet your
         Rotor Control           preferences
         Google Earth Mapping    Dockable windows,
                                 resizable panes
         Band Scope
                                 Endless personalization
         Memory Management
                                 Color selections

July 5, 2010                                           7
                              RADIOS SUPPORTED

          ICOM 7000, 703, 706, 706MKII, 706MKIIG, 707, 718 725
          726, 728, 729, 735, 736, 737, 738, 7400, 746, 746PRO, 751A
          756, 756PRO, 756PROII, 756PROIII, 761, 765, 7800, 781
          821H, 910, R10, R20, R7000, R8500, R9000, PCR-1000

          KENWOOD R-5000, 140S, 2000*, 440S, 450S, 480HX, 480SAT
          50S, 570, 60S, 680S, 690S, 790, 850, 870, 940S, 950, B2000

          YAESU 100, 1000D, 1000MPMkV, 2000, 450,600, 817, 840
          847, 857, 890, 897, 900, 920, 950, 990, DX-9000

          ELECRAFT K2, K3

          FLEXRADIO SDR-1000

          OMNI VII (Remote), ORION, RX-350

          HRD DEMO-MATIC RIGS FT-2000, FTDX9000, K2, ORION, TS-
          2000, TS-480, TS-570
July 5, 2010                                                           8

    Supports most CAT          Memory management
    capable radios             for Kenwood radios
    Allows for total station   Favorites provide
    control                    memories for all
    BandScope                  supported radios
    DX cluster transfer        Rotor control
    K1EL keyer interface
    Icom memory keyer

July 5, 2010                                    9
         Type in callsign or
         Click on callsign in DX Cluster, PSK31,etc
         Automatic callsign lookup
         One click to add to logbook after QSO
         ADIF compliant (import/export) (for LoTW upload)
         Cabrillo (export)
         ASCII (export)
         eQSL real-time upload
         Easily convert legacy paper logs
         View logbook entries in Google Earth

July 5, 2010                                                10
               Some Contacts in Google Earth

July 5, 2010                                   11
               DX CLUSTER
     Integrated with HRD
     Click on spotted station, radio goes to
    spotting frequency listed.
     QRZ instant lookup
     DX spot submission
     Custom cluster if DXSpider compliant
     Add Log Entry (ALE) from DX cluster spot

July 5, 2010                                12
               HRD Logbook with DX Cluster

July 5, 2010                                 13
               Supported Digital Modes
    PSK/QPSK 31/63/125
    DominoEX 4, 5, 8, 11, 16 and 22
    Feld-Hell, FSK-Hell, FSK-Hell 105(coming soon)
    MFSK-8, MFSK-16, MFSK-16 pix
    MT63-500, 1000, 2000
    Olivia 125/4, 250/8, 500/16, 1000/32, 2000/64
    SSTV- Martin 1, 2, Scottie 2, DX, P3, P5 and P7
    Throb-1, 2, 4, X-1, X-2 and X-4
    Future---WSJT will be added (meteor scatter,

July 5, 2010                                          14
               Digital Mode PSK31 in DM780

                               Incoming Signal Decoded

                           My Outgoing Signal Ready to Send

                                                              Waterfall Window
          Current Signal

July 5, 2010                                                                     15
                     Hookup for HRD CAT Control
                     & PSK31 Using Signalink USB
                                                                  Kenwood TS-2000 Rear Panel

                                            io Contro
                                 ble for Rad
                        Serial Ca
                                                   Internet Connection

                                                                         to A ood Cable
                                                                          Ke alink



Dell Desktop Computer Rear View

                                                    Signalink USB (Soundcard)
                              Remote Setup
 Install “HRD Remote Server” on desktop computer
       Part of HR package
       Edit the config file to set your own preferences, info & password
       Set it to run at startup
       Setup help available on various sites, including:

 Install HRD complete installation on laptop
       Copy HRD configurations from desktop so they look the same

 Need Internet connection on both computers

 Set up a static ISP address for your desktop
       Use   to monitor your address and keep updated if your ISP
       changes your address

 If router is installed, open Port 7820 for HRD

July 5, 2010                                                                               17
                    Remote Setup Cont.
    Use Skype for audio
          Issues with PTT via Signalink    Kenwood ACC2 port
          Must use built-in Signalink VOX vs XMIT button in HRD
    Install a separate Skype account on each computer
          “Your Name” account on laptop
          “Your Callsign” account on desktop
               Open Skype to listen for calls (Auto-start or Manual)
               Setup to auto-answer calls from only names in contacts
               Set Skype audio options to use soundcard attached to radio
    Set up a remote connection in HRD on laptop to your
    desktop over the Internet
          Use your DynDNS alias as address

July 5, 2010                                                                18
                        Remote Operation
    Leave your desktop computer and your radio power supply on
    Travel to remote destination
          Can connect and operate via your home wireless network if within range
          (patio, garage, etc)
          If outside of range, need Internet access for laptop
               Some free networks may block connections to other computers
                   Kingwood Library, KW Hospital, Etc ??
    Make a Skype call to desktop
          Use laptop mic and speakers to speak & hear over Skype
    Start HRD on laptop
    Connect via Remote to desktop computer address
          HRD Remote Server hears request and connects with laptop
          Radio turns on
          Control radio with laptop HRD
          Operate as if sitting in shack
          Depending on radio and connection, need to determine how to Xmit
               On my Kenwood ACC2 port, Signalink functions as VOX
               So I need to mute Skype mic to monitor and un-mute to Xmit

July 5, 2010                                                                  19
                Alternate Method
    Use laptop computer to run a remote control app such as
     Connect to desktop via LogMeIn
    Start and remotely operate HRD on your desktop
    computer from your laptop over Internet
    Operate as you would if sitting at desktop
    You are seeing and controlling your desktop computer
    remotely with your laptop
    Use Skype for audio as with previous method

July 5, 2010                                             20
     Actual Remote Operation of my Kenwood
    TS-2000 via HRD Remote and Skype


     Simulated operation of Kenwood TS-2000
    vial “Demo-Matic” in HRD

July 5, 2010                              21

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