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					                  COMMANDER’S CONFERENCE 26-27 FEB 11


Conference opened 0900h 26 Feb 11

Apologies: WO1 Friend.

From the BDE COMD/ASST COMD (LTCOL Major/LTCOL Scattergood)

      See attached Presentation.
      MAJ Forsberg queried currency of Procedures/Policies. LTCOL Hamel
       confirmed everything on cadet net is current.
      MAJ Page presented Federation Star for Service Medal.
      CAPT (AAC) Boucher presented Bonnie Forbes award and Bronze
      CDTWO2 Johnston promoted to CDTWO1, appointed BDE CDT RSM and
       presented with pace stick.
      ID Cards. Don’t issue cadets with the cards if they are not on or using an
       establishment that requires it.

From the Deputy COMD (COL McQuilan)

      My job is to put out fires and represent ACS.
      Policies are currently being reviewed and updated.

From the FSA (CAPT (AAC) Green)

      See attached Presentation.

From the SO3 Pers (WO1 Ward)

      Application Packs. OC’s are still using old forms.
      Folder on Cadet net with Joining Forms needs to be made.
      Send only completed Packs.
      Very few Psych Officers available to get psych boards. Please be patient.
      UA’s should have Organisation Work book. If not advice BDE HQ.
      On completion of ACS Basic Course UA’s are promoted to 2LT (AAC).
      After 12 months in rank and completion of EEL, promotion to LT (AAC).
      IOA’s need to be sent direct to BDE HQ.

From the IT (LTCOL (AAC) Hammel, LT (AAC) Liao, CPL Breene)

      All units should have cadet net accounts.
     Unit OC’s create Cadet Accounts.
     WO1 Ward create ACS Accounts.
     Issues need to go through BN’s before going to BDE.
     To Reset passwords;
          o COMS/ADMIN
          o Reset user password,
          o Search and click on name,
          o Reset password,
          o Email will be sent.
     Can bulk upload info but not photos at the moment.
     Spreadsheet is in cadet net. All cells need info or you may have issues uploading.
     IT issues need to be logged in ICT Central on Intranet.
     Document Library. Go into actions & set alerts for updates.
     Cadet net address.

From the OPSWO (WO1 Young)

     SBU’s need to start forecasting for next years Camps. Need to be put onto ACMS.
     SBU’s need to be submitting PXR’s to close of ACMS. This is not looking good
      for them and us when we have to close the booking with the comment of No PXR
     SBU’s and BN’s need to be forecasting for Ammunition for Live Fire Weekends.
      AFX 11 there is a good possibility of no live fire shoot due to no assistance being
     SBU’s and BN’s need to forecast for Rations. At the moment not available,
      however if they become available at least we have the forecast in to get the
     CD being handed to all BN’s with information required for AFX11. This will
      enable us to start booking services.
     Units need to forecast for Frequencies.

From the TRGWO (WO2 Ward)

     Activity Applications. Title page must be filled in full before submitting.
     Nominal Rolls must be submitted with application. Amend after the activity via
     BN OC’s must sign.
     Check on Safety brief. Details, Activity Title and date.
     Check on Med Plan. Hospital details, Hospital Phone No.
     ACU Activity Applications need to be in at BDE 6 weeks out.
     ACU Activity Applications need to be in at BN 4 weeks out.
     SBU Activity Applications need to be in at BDE 6 weeks out.
     Annual Training programs need to be submitted 3 Months prior to start. 40 Units
      still outstanding for this year.
     If you need help ask.
      Attention to detail.

From the RQMS (SGT Dennis)

      Thank you to BN’s for submitting AFX11 AB189’s in already. 20 & 21 currently
      Loan pool tentage is currently in QLD.
      AB189. There are shortfalls in the system.
      AB189. Needs to be in correct excel worksheet.
      Units must submit a rtn on received stock.
      Send request on shortfalls of rank slides. No NSN available at the moment.
      IR’s are not on block scale.
      250 med kits will go to St Johns for AFX11.
      BS 50/80 is not for resupply of first aid kits. It is for activities.
      Rations – Currently for AFX, Courses Camps, ACE and CACTC. Not for units to

From the SO3 PR (LT Smith)

      My job is to make you look good.
      Anything in media contact me.

From the COMD VIC (LTCOL Shearman) re. NATA.

      See attached Presentation.
      LTCOL Major. BDE do not have the ability to access Physical Barrier
       Assessment. COMD will take confirmation on OC’s Signature.

From the DOE CoOrd (LTCOL (AAC) Neal)

      Currently 4 Types of units.
          o Schools that are to busy with curriculum to attempt DOE,
          o Schools that have DOE as part of the curriculum,
          o ACU that do all of the DOE.
          o BN’s that are struggling to get it all done.
      Record Books are online.

From the CofS (COL (AAC) Wyman)

      LOG.
      Short supply – Socks, Pants, Duffle Bags, Pan Set Messing, Puggarees & Slouch
       Hats. This is a DMO – Supplier issue.
      Preference is to not centralize holdings of stock.
      CDT Boots. DMO changed specs without consulting us. Hence no holes in boots.
      If there are Issues with equipment submit RODUM’s.
      Polyester uniforms are being removed from AAC for most members.
      New AAC Dress policy will be issued soon.
      Berets are being removed. No exception.
      Army in review of all uniform and embellishments.
      Rations.
      AAC will not be getting ADF ration packs in foreseeable future.
      Supplements can be purchased with cash expenses with in BDE.
      Currently submitting request for SBU’s to be included in ration funding.
      ID Cards.
      New Cadet ID card is a formal Defence Access Card.
      Can only be issued through Cadet Net.
      Office Supplies.
      Asked did it work? Response was well received.
      BN HQ is part of Regional HQ therefore comes under same funding.
      Hope to be able to give money again this year.
      Legally any money raised or donated as a cadet entity is owned by

From the Program Development Manager (LTCOL (AAC) Eagle)

      Policy Reform.
      POLMAN04 is currently being reformed.
      Pers Policy is currently being reviewed.
      ACS Training Structure has changed. IOC & OOC basic courses have been
       combined. Now ACS basic course.
      OIC Activities course is currently being piloted in WA.
      Staff Officer, Unit Command, Unit Admin & Unit Log currently still being

Conference closed 1645h 26 Feb 11

Conference opened 0900h 27 Feb 11

From the SO2 ACS Training (MAJ (AAC) Egan)

      Get Notes.

From the SI Cadet Promotion Courses Camp (MAJ (AAC) Cam)

      See attached presentation.

From the President RTF (LTCOL (AAC) Neal)

      Get Notes.
      See attached receipts and expenses for RTF.
     Suggestions on spending and making Money.


     AFX11.
     First week of NSW school Holidays. 24 Sept 11 to 01 Oct 11.
     24 BN. Will conduct its own AFX at Majura Range on the first week of ACT
      Holidays. This is a once of Occurance.
     24 Bn are to arrange with BDE RQMS for pick up of stores.
     Any cadet that can not make the 24 BN AFX is welcome to the BDE AFX.
     20 Bn will be moving to 5 ways.
     BN Patches.
     Not to be worn at Bde Activities.
     BDE COMD has no issues with BN or Unit Activities.
     Media photos must be in accordance with CSODS.
     Cadet Net.
     Not enough training support with use of cadet net.
     Documents are not easy to find..
     OC 25 BN. What is happening with ACU’s and BN’s that still have no internet
     Senior ITSO requires a return through COMD NSW. Units that don’t have access
      to COMS ie, BN’s, Units outside scope of optus footprint, those that have wirless
      but could use a landline, Larger units that could benefit from ADSL2.
     Those activitys that are put on cadetnet. BN Comd can not approve. Log IT Issue
      through cadetnet.
     IT MANAGER Rob West.
     Defence trying to obtain Telstra for regions with connection issues, currently
      waiting on Signatures.
     Currently writing training package for Internet and Cadetnet use.
     Open offer to assist with BN training.
     22 BN CUO.
     Why aren’t cadets getting enough shoots?
     BDE COMD. There is a 60 day lead time for Ammo.
     BDE will assist BN’s with Live shoots however BN HQ’s need to organize it with
      BDE OPS.
     AFX possible Concurrent Training.
     Abseiling,
     Obsticle Course,
     Variation on 21 BN watermanship.
     OC 21 BN.
     Delegations of BN COMD is currently very low.
     BDE COMD.
     Currently Unit OC can promote upto and including CDT SSGT.
     BDE COMD promotes WO/CUO.
      Cadet Life.
      Originally driven by HQ AAC.
      Currently there is no overall driver. Nationally.
      Training needed to start from the top down however it was done from the bottom
      Resources are needed ie. Pathways to Care, CD.
      Currently there are No senior Mentors appointed to NSW.
      BDE COMD.
      Put cadet life on hold until HQ AAC advises of structure.

Conference opened 1200h 27 Feb 11


      1. BDE COMD/ASST COMD presentation.
      2. FSA Presentation.
      3. BDE COMD VIC Presentation on Nat ATA.
      4. Program Development Manager presentation.
      5. SI Promotion Courses Camp presentation.
      6. RTF Receipts and Expenses.

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