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									                                 Concession Information

Concession Keys :     Pick up from either the current year’s junior class advisors or the office during
                      the day. Return keys in the concession money box at the end of the night.

Concession Money: Pick up from Dr. Christensen or the head ticket taker. Dr. Christensen will
                   pick up the money when it is time to close down the stand for the night.

Advisor’s duties:     Supervise the set-up and clean up for the activity. During the activity, the
                      advisor should collect the money and count change while students wait on
                      customers. Use the “Pay at the End of the Table” signs for this purpose. They
                      are located with the pricing sheets in the concession room.

                     Make sure that the signs reminding spectators who purchase nachos that
                     they are to eat the nachos in the old gym only are in place. Signs should
                     be placed on each side (home and away) of the doors spectators enter the new
                      gym through and on the concessions counter (near the cash box). Since this
                     is the first year of this new policy, you may need to politely remind purchasers
                     of nachos and cheese of this.

                    Make sure clean up procedures are followed (See below for more details).

                    The day after the activity please let Mr. Weiss or the junior class advisors know
                    if any items need to be reordered. Also let the junior class advisors know if any
                     junior did not show up to work.

Students’ duties:     Everything is stored in the storage room between the music rooms and the old
                      gym. Pop, mustard, ketchup ,partially used cans/bags of nacho cheese, and
                      partially used jars of pickles are stored in the pop coolers in the old gym.

                      Football game reminders:
                      1. Cheese needs to be removed from the pop coolers in the old gym and
                         returned to those pop coolers when the game is done. The nacho cheese
                         machine needs to be taken to and brought back from the football field.
                      2. A coffee pot needs to be used from the community room to heat water for
                         hot chocolate and coffee. See Jim Woehl to make arrangements. Water
                         will need to be heated up right after school to be ready for the game.

Work times:           Football Game: Meet at the old gym at 6:00 PM --- Meet in the old gym, load
                      concessions in the pickup, and set-up concessions. Close down in the middle
                      of 4th quarter.

                      Volleyball matches: Be there 45 minutes before the first game – Close down
                      at the beginning of the last possible game. (Remember there can be as many
                      as five games in each match)
                     Basketball Games: Be there 45 minutes before the game – Close down at the
                     start of the 4th quarter.

Prices:              Price lists are in the storage room. Please follow the approved price list to
                     avoid confusion with each event. Students can sell remaining pizza and hot
                     dogs for $1 each. Extra popcorn can be sold for a quarter per bag.

Items Sold:          Standard List: pop, water, nachos and cheese, pickles, popcorn, jerky, and

                     Football games: ADD hot chocolate and coffee to standard list.

                     VB, BB & GBB games: ADD pizza and hotdogs to standard list.

                     Hotdogs and pizza are not sold at FB games, due to After Prom fundraiser.

                     Hot chocolate and coffee are not sold at VB, BB, or GBB games.

Concession Preparation:

Pizza:                Country Pride will be making the pizzas and providing a pizza warmer. A
                     standing order for all home volleyball, football, and basketball games has
                     been placed with Country Pride. Pick up the pizza prior to setting up for
                     concessions. If you need to call Country Pride in order to make arrangements
                     regarding the time you will be picking up the pizza, the phone number is 387-
                     5500. If you do not need to call to arrange the pick up time for the event you
                     are serving as the advisor of, the standard pick up time is 6:00 pm. However,
                     if an event starts earlier, you will need to call and adapt the pick up time as
                     needed. Whoever picks up the pizza will need to sign the bill “Junior Class”
                     and then sign his/her name.

                     Use the pizza server and take out slices and put the slices in the warmer on the
                     cardboard trays The instructions on the pizza warmer way to add water to the
                     warmer, but Deb Block at Country Pride says that it is not necessary to do so
                     (Country Pride does not add water.) Pizza should keep for up to two hours in
                     the warmer before turning hard.

                     If you are running low on pizza, call in an additional order. Allow 15 minutes
                     for 1-2 pizzas and 30 minutes for 3-4 pizzas. If possible, send someone to
                     pick them up so we aren’t charged a delivery charge.

Cheese/Hot Dogs:      The junior class concession stand managers (Hannah Wollmann and Tessas
                     Goehring are responsible for making sure the hot dogs get put in the slow
                     cooker and the cheese gets put in the nacho cheese dispenser in time to be
                     warm for the game(s). The hot dogs and any previously, partially used cans
                     bags of nacho cheese will be in the pop cooler. Adjust the heating level on the
                     slow cooker. Be sure to add some water to cover the hot dogs. If you need to
                     warm the hot dogs quickly, warm them first by putting them in the junior
                     class’s microwave and then putting them in the slow cooker. Buns will be on
                      the shelf in the concession storage room. Serve hot dogs on napkins. Put
                      ketchup and mustard on the tables for the customer to use.

Popcorn:              All popcorn supplies can be found either in the cupboard of the stand holding
                      the popcorn machine or in the concessions supply room. Turn the warmer and
                      kettle on (switches located on the bottom of the machine). Find the silver
                      measuring cup. Fill the measuring cup to the 2nd line with oil (approximately
                      1/3 cup). Dump the oil in the kettle when the kettle is hot. Fill the plastic cup
                      with popcorn and pour a SMALL AMOUNT OF SALT (NO MORE THAN
                      1 TBSP) over the top of the popcorn kernels. CUSTOMERS CAN ADD
                      EASY ON THE SALT! Pour popcorn into the kettle. Watch it carefully so it
                      doesn’t burn. When it stops popping, turn the handle on the kettle and let the
                      popcorn drop. Carefully relock the kettle in and start again.
                      Bag up popcorn and turn the kettle off when you have enough popcorn to last
                      a while.

Concession Clean-up: Dish soap, dishcloths, a spray bottle and other cleaning supplies are in a
                     plastic container marked “Cleaning Supplies.”

                      Be sure all tasks are completed at the end of the night:

                      Nacho cheese dispenser: Clean as needed.

                      Popcorn Popper: Clean excess oil and kernels out of the kettle. Take out the
                      tray at the base of the popper and wipe it out. Wipe down the sides, top, and
                      bottom with warm, soapy water and dry. (Get the water from the janitor’s

                      Pizza Warmer: Wipe out warmer if necessary

                      Slow Cooker: Wash the slow cooker with warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry.

                      Tables: Wipe down the tables with warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry.

                      Advisors: Place all dirty cloths and towels in the box marked “Soiled Dish
                      Cloths and Towels”. Make sure all items are returned to their proper places.
                      The shelves in the concession room have been labeled to help you in doing so.
                      Return the pizza bags to Country Pride.

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