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					                                        New COBRA Nottiiffiicattiion Rulles are Comiing!! How wiillll tthey iimpactt you?
                                        New COBRA No ca on Ru es are Com ng How w hey mpac you?
COBRA Compliance
                                      Most employers still do not comply properly with all of COBRA’s complicated provisions. Now the
                                      US Department of Labor has begun to change the rules for the type and number of notifications which
                                      must go out.
                                      Last year we told you “COBRA has not changed this much in one year since OBRA ’89.” The 2003-04
                                      changes are even more dramatic than the HIPAA impacts.
                                      This seminar will help you keep up with the ever-changing COBRA requirements, before you face an
                                      IRS audit or employee’s lawsuit
                                      Just a few things you will learn
                                             What will be in the new notices and how they will impact your business
                                             How HIPAA continues to impact and change COBRA
                                             New IRS rules on when you should offer COBRA to someone already on Medicare

                                      HIPAA Priivacy and iits Impact on Emplloyers
                                      HIPAA Pr vacy and ts Impact on Emp oyers
                                      HIPAA is one of the most significant changes to health insurance ever adopted…and it’s
  HIPAA Compliance

                                      about to get even more significant.

                                      With the adoption of the new Privacy rules, you’ve seen the impact that privacy has had on
                                      doctors, pharmacies and hospitals. But did you know that HIPAA’s privacy rules also apply to
                                      employers offering employee benefits?

                                      This session will help introduce you to the HIPAA privacy rules, what steps must be taken to
                                      implement these rules in your workplace and the culture change required among supervisors,
                                      managers and workers to ensure that privacy of health information is taken seriously and does
                                      not result in fines or jail time.

                                      Just a few of the things you will learn:
                                             What these rules really mean to an employer?
                                             How will you have to change the way you talk about and react to health information in the workplace?
                                             What’s the difference between “Hands-On” and “Hands-Off” approaches to compliance?

                                       Registration Fees: $60 • $99 before December1                    Held at the McKimmon Center, which
                                                 $75 per half-day • $115 all day thereafter

                                                                                                        is located on the campus of NC State
                                       Registration Fees include:                                       University at the corner of Western
                                       COBRA & HIPAA materials,                                         Blvd. and Gorman Street in Raleigh.
                                       morning break, lunch, afternoon break.                        
                                       Name: _________________________________
                                       Company: ______________________________ Phone: _____________________________
                                       Address: _______________________________ E-Mail: ____________________________
                                       ______________________________________ I was invited by: _____________________
                                            Make checks payable to TRIANGLE ASSOCIATION OF HEALTH UNDERWRITERS
                                       To Register - Mail: PO Box 19177 Raleigh, NC 27619-9177         or Fax to: (919) 882-9745
                                                             Or you can visit our website at
If you have any questions, please contact David Smith (919) 806-4481
  New rules have been issued by the
                                                            The New Privacy rules mean that
  IRS and USDOL! Learn what is                              your business must take a new
  allowable and how to keep your                            approach to handling or reacting to
  company safe from IRS violations                          health information in the workplace
  and employees’ lawsuits.                                  or face fines or prison.

                                    OUR PRESENTERS
  KEITH A. FRIEDE is Director, Education & Training for the Stanton Group, one of the nation’s leading
  training organizations. Keith was previously president of A.E. Roberts Company, and is widely
  regarded as one of the nation’s leading authorities on employee benefits and human resources
  regulatory compliance. His primary areas of compliance expertise include COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA,
  ADA and Section 125 cafeteria plans. In addition, he is a master trainer in the areas of presentation
  skills, “train-the-trainer,” and leadership & management development.

  DAVID C. SMITH is the Managing Partner of The Benefits & Insurance Law Center, a Durham-based
  law firm focusing on employee benefits and insurance related matters for insurance agents, employers
  and related parties throughout North Carolina. David has been involved in the health insurance and
  benefits field for over 10 years, approaching the issue with his experience from regulatory, industry and
  purchasers’ perspectives. David is currently working with numerous clients on HIPAA Privacy
  compliance work statewide for employers of all sizes and types.

                                                                     Serving the Public by promoting
                    Triangle Association                             the activities and ethical conduct
                                                                     of insurance professionals through
                   Of Health Underwriters                            communication, education, and
                                                                     legislative representation.


     December 11,
  9:00 am - 4:00pm
      at 8:00 am

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