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10 Truths About Leadership        Many leaders remember those life-         Luongo
                                  changing moments when it suddenly
                                  became crystal clear what had to be
                                  done to reach their organizations'
                                  goals. It wasn‘t until Pete Luongo was
                                  faced with that one epiphany in his life,
                                  a difficult period that required him to
                                  rebalance life‘s priorities and bring a
                                  new understanding to his work, that he
                                  recognized that all results are based
                                  upon behaviors appropriate to the
                                  circumstances. Through this
                                  understanding — that actions are
                                  determined by specific, well-defined
                                  standards — he developed a model for
                                  success, one that is both sustainable
                                  and that allows people to retain their
                                  personal dignity as they pursue their
                                  life plans. In this book, Luongo
                                  illuminates the ten most common
                                  obstacles to success and pairs them
                                  with the ageless principles that help
                                  readers overcome them. His
                                  straightforward advice, based on data
                                  and hard-won experience, provides an
                                  understandable and virtually
                                  guaranteed plan for improvement and
                                  Weaving together case studies,            Nelson
1001 Ways to Energize Employees
                                  examples, techniques, research
                                  highlights, and quotes from business
                                  leaders, this practical handbook is
                                  packed with suggestions for increasing
                                  employee involvement and
2007 Microsoft Office System Plain   Get the fast answers--in full color--that Joyce, Moon
& Simple                             make learning the new 2007 Microsoft
                                     Office system plain and simple! This no-
                                     nonsense guide helps you learn the
                                     easy way to navigate the latest version
                                     of Office with numbered steps and
                                     concise, straightforward language that
                                     show the most expedient ways to learn
                                     a new skill or solve a problem. You'll
                                     become familiar with the new, easy-to-
                                     use user interface and learn the
                                     essentials for working with Microsoft
                                     Office programs--discovering how to
                                     perform everyday tasks and answer
                                     your own questions quickly. You will
                                     discover how to create documents with
                                     Microsoft Office Word, spreadsheets
                                     with Excel®, and presentations with
                                     PowerPoint®. You'll even get the
                                     basics for designing a publication using
                                     Publisher, creating a Web page with
                                     FrontPage®, sharing information with
                                     SharePoint®, and more. With PLAIN &
                                     SIMPLE, you don't have to wade
                                     through superfluous details. This easy-
                                     to-use book delivers fast, precise
                                     information--exactly how and when you
                                     need it!
2007 Microsoft Office System Step   The smart way to learn the latest         Microsoft
by Step                             version of Microsoft Office--one step at
                                    a time! Work at your own pace through
                                    the easy numbered steps, practice files
                                    on CD, helpful hints, and
                                    troubleshooting help to master the
                                    fundamentals of working with Office
                                    2007, including how to navigate the
                                    new user interface. With coverage of
                                    core Office programs, and highlights of
                                    new programs, you will learn how to
                                    create professional-quality documents,
                                    powerful spreadsheets, and compelling
                                    slide presentations. You will also
                                    discover how to get your Web site up
                                    and running, how to take notes
                                    electronically, and how to manage your
                                    e-mail communications and workday.
                                    You'll even step through the
                                    fundamentals of working with Microsoft
                                    InfoPath® forms and collaborating with
                                    Microsoft Office SharePoint®,
                                    Microsoft Office LiveMeeting, and
                                    Microsoft Office Groove. With STEP
                                    BY STEP, you can take just the
                                    lessons you need or work from cover to
                                    cover. Either way, you drive the
                                    instruction--building and practicing the Maxwell
                                    John C. Maxwell combines insights
21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
                                    learned from his 40-plus years of
                                    leadership successes and mistakes
                                    with observations from the worlds of
                                    business, politics, sports, religion, and
                                    military conflict.
24-Carrot Manager                  In this companion volume to their         Gostick, Elton
                                   successful Managing With Carrots,
                                   Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton
                                   present a remarkable story of how a
                                   great leader can unleash human
                                   potential--creating success in even the
                                   worst economy. Providing strategies
                                   and solutions for the managers of
                                   today, this book offers answers for
                                   improving employee commitment and
                                   profitability by strategically
                                   acknowledging employee effort. How is
                                   it done? The deceptively simply
                                   answer: with carrots.Plentiful examples
                                   show how to choose the right reward
                                   for each employee, how to time the
                                   giving of a reward to motivate
                                   performance, how to effectively
                                   present rewards, when to give praise in
                                   private and when to make it a public
                                   celebration, and how to motivate
                                   employees to work harder and work
                                   smarter with the company's goals in
30 Seconds that can Change Your    An unconventional approach to taking Kaufman
Life A decision-making guide for   control of determining your future It
                                   takes only a single, 30-second decision
those who refuse to be mediocre    to change your work or personal life for
                                   the better. Getting to that point is what
                                   is more complex. And getting there
                                   depends on the decisions you make
                                   and the context you use to make those
                                   decisions. This book is about getting
                                   ready to make that critical, life-
                                   changing 30-second decision. The
                                   practical, yet rich, guide is based on
                                   solid research, practical experience
                                   and the insight of psychotherapists and
                                   change experts. Use these three
                                   unique templates to frame every
                                   decision you make and calibrate the
                                   value and worth of your
                                   decisions—before and after you make
301 Ways to Have Fun at Work          Dave Hemsath and Leslie Yerkes have Hemsath, Yerkes
                                      long believed that work need not be
                                      bland and boring, and that a fun
                                      workplace is truly more productive than
                                      a dull one. To check their theory, they
                                      asked successful businesspeople
                                      worldwide if fun played a part in their
                                      corporate culture--and, if so, how it was
                                      actually manifested in everyday life.
                                      301 Ways to Have Fun at Work is their
                                      lighthearted compendium of the most
                                      useful and creative replies.
7 Habits of Highly Effective People   The 7 Habits of Highly Effective           Covey
                                      People: Powerful Lessons in Personal
                                      Change was a groundbreaker when it
                                      was first published in 1990, and it
                                      continues to be a business bestseller
                                      with more than 10 million copies sold.
                                      Stephen Covey, an internationally
                                      respected leadership authority, realizes
                                      that true success encompasses a
                                      balance of personal and professional
                                      effectiveness, so this book is a manual
                                      for performing better in both arenas.
                                      His anecdotes are as frequently from
                                      family situations as from business
                                      challenges. Before you can adopt the
                                      seven habits, you'll need to accomplish
Addressing Domestic Violence in       what Covey calls a "paradigm shift"--a Lee
                                      Written by a domestic violence
the Workplace                         specialist, the book‘s 10 chapters
                                      provide valuable insight into the
                                      complexities of dealing with domestic
                                      violence in business. It is
                                      recommended reading for human
                                      resource professionals, managers, and
                                      business owners who want to prevent
                                      an incident through policy and program
                                      development or be ready to intervene
                                      in case of a crisis. It is also a critical
                                      resource for domestic violence
                                      advocates, employment law attorneys,
                                      security personnel, and occupational
                                      health professionals.
ADKAR A model for change in     After more than 14 years of research    Hiatt
business, government and our    with corporate change, the ADKAR
                                model has emerged as a holistic
community                       approach that brings together the
                                collection of change management work
                                into a simple, results oriented model.
                                This model ties together all aspects of
                                change management including
                                readiness assessments, sponsorship,
                                communications, coaching, training
                                and resistance management. All of
                                these activities are placed into a
                                framework that is oriented on the
                                required phases for realizing change
                                with individuals and the organization.
                                The ADKAR perspective can help you
                                develop a "new lens" through which to
Am I the Leader I Need to Be?   observe and influence change. You
                                Are You a Genuine Leader or a           Lloyd
                                Pretender? Are you decisive or a
                                procrastinator? Are you a positive
                                influence with a ubiquitous physical
                                presence, or are you a stealth bomber,
                                seen only when some negative
                                feedback needs to be dumped? Are
                                you excited to develop your associates
                                or are you threatened by their personal
                                growth? In short, are you a Genuine
                                Leader or only a Pretender? Am I The
                                Leader I Need To Be?, a new book
                                and DVD by Harold Lloyd, will help you
                                find the Genuine Leader within you.
                                Through discussion, examples,
                                illustrations, exhortations, and
                                exercises,this book will help improve
                                your Leadership Quotient (LQ), a
                                measurement crucial to your success.
                                This companion DVD presents Harold
                                Lloyd live at his seminar, Am I the
                                Leader I Need to Be? . Harold s
                                knowledge, passion, and enthusiasm
                                shine through when you watch him at
                                work with a live audience. The book
                                and DVD are for everyone in the
                                organization who manages people, not
                                just the CEO. They will put everybody
An Overview of Online Learning   If you‘re thinking about using online      Carliner
                                 learning in your organization, On-Line
                                 Learning will become one of your
                                 greatest planning resources. The
                                 author explains online learning in
                                 simple language, defines basic terms
                                 and concepts, and addresses three
                                 key considerations when planning an
                                 online learning program.
Back of the Napkin               The premise behind Roam's book is          Roam
                                 simple: anybody with a pen and a
                                 scrap of paper can use visual thinking
                                 to work through complex business
                                 ideas. Management consultant and
                                 lecturer Roam begins with a watershed
                                 moment: asked, at the last minute, to
                                 give a talk to top government officials,
                                 he sketched a diagram on a napkin.
                                 The clarity and power of that image
                                 allowed him to communicate directly
                                 with his audience. From this starting
                                 point, Roam has developed a
                                 remarkably comprehensive system of
                                 ideas. Everything in the book is broken
                                 down into steps, providing the reader
                                 with tools and rules to facilitate picture
                                 making. There are the four steps of
                                 visual thinking, the six ways of seeing
                                 and the SQVID– a clumsy acronym for
                                 a full brain visual work out designed to
                                 focus ideas. Roam occasionally
                                 overcomplicates; an extended case
                                 study takes up a full third of the book
                                 and contains an overload of images
                                 that belie the book's central message
                                 of simplicity. Nonetheless, for forward-
                                 thinking management types, there is
Beyond the Myths and Magic of   Many managers believe that effective Murray
Mentoring                       mentoring is most often the lucky result
                                of personal chemistry between two
                                people. But in this book, author Margo
                                Murray lays that myth to rest. Her
                                guide gives you all the expert advice,
                                tools, and case studies you'll need to
                                harness the power of mentoring.
                                Building on the solid principles outlined
                                in the first book, this revised edition
                                adds examples of mentoring from
                                recent publications and the author's
                                client experience. It also includes
                                international examples. It reveals how
                                mentoring can maximize employee
                                productivity and provides information
                                on how to assess organizational needs
                                and link them to the mentoring
                                process. Includes all the information
                                needed to evaluate the effectiveness of
                                a mentoring program.
Bringing Out the Best in People   The classic bestseller on performance Daniels
                                  management is updated to reflect
                                  changes in today's working
                                  environment. When an employer
                                  needs to know how to gain maximum
                                  performance from employees,
                                  renowned behavioral psychologist--
                                  Aubrey Daniels is the man to consult.
                                  What has made Daniels the man with
                                  the answers? His ability to apply
                                  scientifically based behavioral stimuli to
                                  the workplace while making it fun at the
                                  same time. Now Daniels updates his
                                  ground-breaking book with the latest
                                  and best motivational methods,
                                  perfected at such companies as Xerox,
                                  3M, and Kodak. All-new material
                                  shows how to: create effective
                                  recognition and rewards systems in
                                  line with today's employees want;
                                  Stimulate innovations and creativity in
                                  new and exciting ways; overcome
                                  problems associated with poorly
                                  educated workers; motivate young
                                  employees from the minute they join
                                  the workforce.
Business Leaders & Success        What made Nike cofounder Bill              O'Neil
                                  Bowerman push forward when shoe
                                  companies badly rejected his
                                  revolutionary sneaker design? How did
                                  eBay founder Pierre Omidyar see what
                                  everyone else missed? Business
                                  Leaders & Success answers these
                                  questions and more as it examines
                                  how 55 innovators reached the
                                  pinnacle of success in the competitive
                                  business arena.
Carrot Principle                    The Carrot Principle illustrates that the Gostick, Elton
                                    relationship between recognition and
                                    improved business results is highly
                                    predictable--it's proven to work. But it's
                                    not the employee recognition some of
                                    us have been using for years. It is
                                    recognition done right, recognition
                                    combined with four other core traits of
                                    effective leadership. Gostick and Elton
                                    explain the remarkably simple but
                                    powerful methods great managers use
                                    to provide their employees with
                                    effective recognition, which all
                                    managers can easily learn and begin
                                    practicing for immediate results. Great
Carrots and Sticks Unlock the       recognitionlose weight if time--it can be Ayres
                                    Could you doesn't take you put
Power of Incentives to Get Things   $20,000 at risk? Would you finally set
                                    up your billing software if it meant that
Done                                your favorite charity would earn a new
                                    contribution? If you‘ve ever tried to
                                    meet a goal and came up short, the
                                    problem may not have been that the
                                    goal was too difficult or that you lacked
                                    the discipline to succeed. From giving
                                    up cigarettes to increasing your
                                    productivity at work, you may simply
                                    have neglected to give yourself the
                                    proper incentives. In Carrot and Sticks,
                                    Ian Ayres, the New York Times
                                    bestselling author of Super Crunchers,
                                    applies the lessons learned from
                                    behavioral economics—the fascinating
                                    new science of rewards and
                                    punishments—to introduce readers to
                                    the concept of ―commitment contracts‖:
                                    an easy but high-powered strategy for
                                    setting and achieving goals already in
                                    use by successful companies and
                                    individuals across America.
Catch A Fishmonger's Guide to   In consultant Cyndi Crother's Catch!       Crother
Greatness                       the fabled Pike Place Market
                                fishmongers in Seattle explain a
                                shared philosophy of work and life in
                                their own words. The author's work as
                                anthropologist--she interviewed and
                                flung fish with 17 crew members--
                                allows her to translate their inside jokes
                                and shoutouts into habits of mind to
                                "transform ordinary into great." Crother
                                manages to keep Piscean puns to a
                                minimum (stop floundering, how to get
                                off the hook) and skillfully applies the
                                principles of mind-over-matter cognitive
                                psychology. Several phrases are key.
                                Defining and Delivering expression
                                "It's all over here," is an Successful of Kaufman
Change, Choices, and
Consequences                    Professional Practice Series Change,
                                Choices and Consequences: A Guide
                                to Mega Thinking and Planning By
                                Roger Kaufman, PhD, CPT The
                                decision about where an organization
                                should be headed couldn't be more
                                basic. Yet many organizations - both
                                public and private - have fuzzy
                                statements of purpose. How about
                                yours? Do you know where you are
                                headed? Is it the right place to go?
                                Learn how to be proactive by defining
                                and justifying where you should head
                                before deciding how to get there. To
                                help you in the process, this book
                                introduces the concepts and tools
                                underlying "mega thinking and
                                planning." In 10 chapters, the author
                                details three fundamentals for defining
Coaching Yourself to Leadership   Let a highly successful business coach O'Brien
                                  transform your work life Coaching
                                  Yourself to Leadership: 5 Key
                                  Strategies for Becoming an Integrated
                                  Leader Ginny O‘Brien What would
                                  happen if a respected business coach
                                  gave you a new model for leadership
                                  that could help you achieve the
                                  happiness, productivity and fulfillment
                                  at work you so desire? It would change
                                  your life. That‘s exactly what author
                                  Ginny O‘Brien has done. She‘s a
                                  certified business coach who draws on
                                  an approach she‘s used successfully
                                  for years in her practice to develop
                                  effective leaders. It integrates
                                  competencies from three domains of
                                  leadership—self, work and
                                  others—and emphasizes both
                                  masculine and feminine elements of
                                  strength. O‘Brien‘s themes—be
                                  authentic, visionary, emotionally
                                  intelligent, an assertive communicator
                                  and connected to others through
                                  relationships and alliances—are
                                  covered in-depth in separate chapters.
                                  Exercises, tools and specific guidance
                                  are also provided to help you turn the
Communicate with Confidence! How    Say The Right Thing-In Any Business Booher
                                    or Social Situation! Each year
to say it right the first time and every
                                    thousands of executives pack Dianna
time                                Booher's seminars to learn to express
                                    themselves more clearly and
                                    confidently at work and at play. Now
                                    this master communicator has distilled
                                    over 600 of her proven speaking and
                                    listening tips into a single fast-access
                                    primer-one that can help you think on
                                    your feet, organize your ideas for
                                    impact, build credibility and loyalty, and
                                    instantly answer questions from
                                    customers... bosses... coworkers...
                                    even your spouse! With Communicate
                                    With Confidence You'll develop the skill
                                    to: win people over to your ideas; hold
                                    your own in meetings; give-and get-
                                    advice; say "No" without hurt feelings;
                                    criticize without crippling; resolve
                                    conflicts without blows; respond to
                                    insults and abuse; talk across gender
                                    line-and more!
Conquer the Brain Drain 52 Creative Are you using your creative energy to Moreo, Carmichael
Ways to Pump Up productivity        make your business more successful?
                                    Conquer the Brain Drain is about
                                    tapping into the creative wellspring we
                                    all possess. If you‘re on a team – or
                                    especially if you manage one –
                                    learning to think creatively and
                                    teaching others to do so will boost
                                    productivity, improve morale and
                                    inspire your team to greater success.
                                    Short deadlines, downsizing, increased
                                    expectations and the need to do more
                                    with less all contribute to ―status quo‖
                                    thinking. Solving business problems
                                    and generating new ideas and
                                    strategies can‘t be accomplished using
                                    the same old brain-draining methods. If
                                    you keep doing what you‘ve always
                                    done, you‘ll keep getting the same old
                                    results. If you want to build an
                                    innovative, creative, problem-solving
Credibility How Leaders Gain and   Behavioral savants Kouzes and Posner Peters
Lose It, Why People Demand It      ( The Leadership Challenge ) here
                                   provide philosophical and practical
                                   guidance for business executives at a
                                   time when computers, consultants,
                                   coproduction and ever-growing
                                   employee empowerment leave less for
                                   managers to do. Unsurprisingly, the
                                   authors place honesty, competence
                                   and a talent to inspire ("a set of values
                                   that can be learned") at the core of
                                   effective leadership. From a
                                   penetrating survey of business
                                   methods and employee attitudes
                                   worldwide, Kouzes and Posner
                                   pinpoint future trends--e.g., more
                                   authority for customer contact
                                   personnel--in a logical, integrated and
                                   symbiotic organizational plan to
                                   replace a now-outdated omnipotent-
                                   boss system. Unfortunately, a
                                   hucksterish title and an introductory
                                   essay on "credibility" do a disservice to
                                   this broad and serious work's potential
Crucial Conversations Book &   "Crucial" conversations are              Patterson, Grenny,
Toolkit                        interpersonal exchanges at work or at McMillan, Switzler
                               home that we dread having but know
                               we cannot avoid. How do you say what
                               needs to be said while avoiding an
                               argument with a boss, child, or
                               relationship partner? Crucial
                               Conversations offers readers a proven
                               seven-point strategy for achieving their
                               goals in all those emotionally,
                               psychologically, or legally charged
                               situations that can arise in their
                               professional and personal lives. Based
                               on the authors' highly popular
                               DialogueSmart training seminars, the
                               techniques are geared toward getting
                               people to lower their defenses, creating
                               mutual respect and understanding,
                               increasing emotional safety, and
                               encouraging freedom of expression.
                               Among other things, readers also learn
                               about the four main factors that
                               characterize crucial conversations, and
                               they get a powerful six-minute mastery
                               technique that prepares them to work
                               through any highimpact situation with
Cubicle Commando   Cubicle Commando is an extraordinary Messenger, Liew
                   book that arms intrapreneurs (internal
                   entrepreneurs) with remarkable
                   thinking and techniques they can use
                   to help their companies innovate. It is
                   designed to assist these enormously
                   creative and intelligent
                   individu¬als who want to make
                   a difference within their companies but
                   are struggling to translate their ideas
                   into action. Cubicle Commando helps
                   them work most effectively within the
                   existing structures, systems, resources
                   and realities of a corporation. Cubicle
                   Commando ultimately serves the best
                   interests of those
                   corpora¬tions who are serious
                   about leapfrogging their competitors
                   through frequent innovation. Unlike
                   many in the business genre, this
                   beautifully presented book features
                   192 full colour pages of creative
                   concepts to inspire and ignite the
                   passion in individuals and corporations.
Culprit & The Cure Why lifestyle is   Once you understand why your current Aldana
the culprit behind America's poor     lifestyle is causing poor health and see
                                      what is meant by good nutrition and
health                                physical activity, you will be more ready
                                      to change your behaviors. By learning
                                      how to change, you start on the road to
                                      better health. Dr. Aldana gleaned
                                      research from around the globe
                                      covering the areas of diet, disease,
                                      lifestyle, and healthy behaviors to
                                      provide a practical guide to making the
                                      changes science has proven will lead
                                      to better health and longer life. In an
                                      entertaining, easy to understand, and
                                      convincing manner, The Culprit and the
                                      Cure presents the evidence, makes
                                      recommendations, and provides
                                      strategies to help even the least
                                      disciplined achieve a better quality of
                                      life. Individuals gain an understanding
                                      of why good nutrition and physical
                                      activity are vital to long-term health and
                                      preventing chronic diseases, making it
                                      easier to implement the book‘s
                                      strategies for effective, permanent
                                      lifestyle changes.
Customer Services Intervention        Are you struggling everyday to turn        Martin, Tulgan
                                      front-line people into great service
                                      teams? Do you feel a sense of urgency
                                      about improving customer service? It's
                                      time for an intervention. The Customer
                                      Service Intervention offers a practical
                                      step-by-step program that will teach
                                      you how to quickley assess the
                                      effectiveness of your staff...launch an
                                      intervention to keep your staff service
                                      savvy...and seize opportunities
                                      everyday to improve the quality of
                                      every customer interaction. Are you
                                      willing to stop and evaluate yourself,
                                      your team and each team member?
                                      Make personnel changes and adjust
                                      future hiring criteria? Spend
Dealing with Darwin How Great       "Innovation" is one of the great         Moore
Companies Innovate at Every Phase   buzzwords of management theory, but
                                    this treatise accords it a thoroughgoing
of their Evolution                  analysis. Management consultant
                                    Moore, author of the bestselling
                                    Crossing the Chasm, argues that
                                    companies can escape the marginless
                                    hell of commodity and price
                                    competition only through innovations
                                    that differentiate their products from
                                    their competitors' in the minds of
                                    consumers. He elaborates a taxonomy
                                    of 15 "innovation types," from
                                    "disruptive" breakthrough technologies
                                    like Apple's iTunes to more mundane
                                    marketing innovations like hiring a
                                    sports superstar to endorse athletic
                                    shoes. Unlike many business futurists,
                                    Moore doesn't exalt innovation for its
                                    own sake, insisting it must be tied to
                                    concrete business goals. To help
                                    companies determine the right-and
                                    wrong-strategies for innovation, he
                                    develops an analytical framework that
                                    distinguishes emerging from mature
                                    market categories and "complex
                                    systems" companies that sell pricey
                                    customized projects to a few
                                    The business meeting—a necessary         Patrick Lencioni
Death by Meeting
                                    evil or a vital and invigorating
                                    component of running an organization?
                                    According to management consultant
                                    Lencioni (The Five Temptations of a
                                    CEO), meetings should fit the latter
                                    description, but more often than not, he
                                    says, they don't. Lencioni's message
                                    comes across loud and
                                    clear—meetings should be interactive,
                                    not passive, and they should be
                                    structured (i.e., issues of immediate
                                    importance should be discussed in
                                    "weekly tactical" meetings, and issues
                                    that will fundamentally affect the
                                    business should be addressed in
                                    "monthly strategic" meetings).
Decision Making                    The Harvard Business Review               Harvard Business
                                   Paperback Series is designed to bring Review
                                   today's managers and professionals
                                   the fundamental information they need
                                   to stay competitive in a fast-moving
                                   world. From the preeminent thinkers
                                   whose work has defined an entire field
                                   to the rising stars who will redefine the
                                   way we think about business, here are
                                   the leading minds and landmark ideas
                                   that have established the Harvard
                                   Business Review as required reading
                                   for ambitious businesspeople in
                                   organizations around the globe.
                                   Harvard Business Review on Decision
                                   Making will help people at all levels
                                   understand the fundamental theories
                                   and practices of effective decision
                                   making so that they can make better
                                   decisions in their personal and
                                   professional lives.
Developing the Leader Within you   Few of us are natural-born leaders,       Maxwell
                                   according to John C. Maxwell, author
                                   of Developing the Leader Within You.
                                   Fortunately though, "the traits that are
                                   the raw material of leadership can be
                                   acquired," he promises. "Link them up
                                   with desire and nothing can keep you
                                   from becoming a leader. This book will
                                   supply the leadership principles. You
                                   must supply the desire." True to his
                                   words, Maxwell offers a detailed and
                                   inspiring primer on becoming a leader.
Developing Your Emotional   Ever noticed how emotions—yours and SkillPath Seminars
Intelligence DVD            others‘—can spin out of control in the
                            workplace? Ever wished you could stay
                            emotionally centered, positive and
                            productive—no matter how difficult the
                            people and situations are around you?
                            If you answered ―yes,‖ this new audio
                            conference can literally change your
                            life! Discover how to gain emotional
                            self-control to improve your
                            performance, relationships, overall
                            happiness—everything in your life.
                            Enroll now and learn the astonishing
                            changes that can occur in your life
                            when you develop your ―emotional
                            intelligence.‖ This audio conference will
                            teach you how to accept criticism
                            without lashing back, talk about
                            disagreements instead of stuffing your
                            feelings and recognize and deal with
                            self-defeating communication habits.
                            You‘ll be amazed at the refreshing
                            ideas, techniques and solutions you‘ll
                            learn—and how they empower you to
                            tackle life‘s challenges with a new
                            sense of discipline. Even better, you‘ll
                            use them in both your personal and
                            professional life … forever!              Merriam-Webster
Dream Manager                          The business statistics are astounding: Kelly
                                       high percentages of detached, ready-to-
                                       exit employees; soon-to-occur
                                       vacancies among top executive and
                                       middle-manager ranks; and a growing
                                       chasm between employees and the
                                       organizations they work for. From
                                       Gallup to corporate human resources
                                       gurus, myriad solutions have been
                                       proposed. Yet Kelly, consultant and
                                       author (The Rhythm of Life, 1999; The
                                       Seven Levels of Intimacy, 2005,
                                       among others), proffers an idea that
                                       seems simple to implement. His
                                       philosophy is that organizations can
                                       only become best versions of
                                       themselves if their employees can
                                       realize that same opportunity. Center
                                       stage is the Dream Manager, an
                                       individual (or group) devoted to helping
                                       workers achieve personal life goals.
                                       His fictional parable plays out the story
                                       of Admiral Janitorial Services, a
                                       cleaning company plagued with
                                       extraordinarily high turnover. Presto
                                       digito! Within months of hiring a Dream
                                       Manager, employees stayed. Profits
Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to        increased—and customers for
                                       21 most effective methods clamored        Brian Tracy
Stop Procrastinating              conquering procrastination and
                                  accomplishing more.
Employees First, Customers Second In this candid and personal account,          Harvard Business
                                  Vineet Nayar—HCLT‘s celebrated                Press
                                  CEO—recounts how he defied the
                                  conventional wisdom that companies
                                  must put customers first, then turned
                                  the hierarchical pyramid upside down
                                  by making management accountable
                                  to the employees, and not the other
                                  way around.
Empowered                       It talks about how empowered                Harvard Business
                                customers place demands on                  Review Press
                                companies, and how it takes
                                empowered employees -- highly
                                empowered and resourceful
                                operatives, or HEROes -- to fight back.
                                It's a nice introduction to the HERO
                                Compact between HEROes, IT, and
                                Management, as well.
Empowerment Takes More Than A   Empowerment Takes More Than a               Blanchard, Carlos,
Minute                          Minute tells the story of a young           Randolph
                                manager whose attempts to turn his
                                troubled company around through
                                traditional top-down, command-and-
                                control management are failing.
                                Reluctantly, he contacts an expert in
                                empowerment, even though he feels
                                like he's already tried that too. Step by
                                step, the expert helps him understand
                                why his past and present efforts have
                                fallen short and exactly what he needs
                                to do to create an empowered
                                workforce. The process as it unfolds is
                                complex, paradoxical and
                                counterintuitive -but well worth the
Energy Bus                      The Energy Bus, an international best       Gordon
                                seller by Jon Gordon, takes readers on
                                an enlightening and inspiring ride that
                                reveals 10 secrets for approaching life
                                and work with the kind of positive,
                                forward thinking that leads to true
                                accomplishment - at work and at
                                home. Jon infuses this engaging story
                                with keen insights as he provides a
                                powerful roadmap to overcome
                                adversity and bring out the best in
                                yourself and your team. When you get
                                on The Energy Bus you‘ll enjoy the ride
Ethical Leadership: Rebuilding Trust How do you resolve the ethical and      Bellingham
in Corporations                      moral dilemmas that arise in your life?
                                         Can you identify, articulate, and defend
                                         the ethical principles that govern and
                                         influence your ethical and moral
                                         decision-making? What ethical type
                                         are you? The Ethical Type Indicator will
                                         enable you to discover the answers.
                                         This self-scoring personal assessment
                                         instrument measures the extent to
                                         which you prefer and use six ethical
                                         philosophies when confronted with an
                                         ethical dilemma.
Everyday Greatness                       Best-selling author Stephen Covey          Covey
                                         and Reader's Digest have joined
                                         forces to produce an extraordinary
                                         volume of inspiration, insight, and
                                         motivation to live a life of character and
                                         contribution. The timeless principles
                                         and practical wisdom along with a "Go-
                                         Forward Plan" challenge readers to
                                         make three important choices every
                                         day: 1. The Choice to Act - your
                                         energy, 2. The Choice of Purpose -
                                         your destination, 3. The Choice for
                                         Principles - the means for attaining
                                         your goals.
Evolutionary Leadership Dynamic   Susan Annunzio's eLeadership is           Annunzio
Ways to Make Your Corporate       designed for savvy Old Economy
                                  managers who recognize that things
Culture Fast & Flexible           like telecommuting and T-1 lines are in
                                  their futures, but who aren't exactly
                                  sure how to integrate such aspects of
                                  the techno-revolution into their
                                  organizations without sacrificing control
                                  and their current positions. Change-
                                  management specialist Annunzio says
                                  that established structures and cultures
                                  must first be transformed, and the key
                                  is a flexible but fast-paced leadership
                                  style rooted in a five-step process that
                                  "will show you how to attack your
                                  environmental problems, how to model
                                  and encourage the right behavior, and
                                  how to make your words and actions
                                  match--so you can speed up your
                                  organization, inspire your young,
                                  cynical, or dispirited employees, and
                                  move forward into the New Economy."
                                  The crux of her plan is the 20/60/20
                                  Rule, which calls for using the top 20
                                  percent of a workforce to influence the
                                  middle 60 percent and diminish the
                                  power of the bottom 20 percent. In
                                  detailing this and other principles (Ask
                                  Absolutely anybody can learn Excel
Excel 2007 Essential Skills DVD
                                  2007 using this DVD ROM. You will be
                                  gently introduced to all of Excel‘s most
                                  important features. Everything is
                                  explained clearly, slowly and simply,
                                  from the very beginning. While the
                                  DVD has been designed as a stand-
                                  alone product, it is also available as a
                                  300 page low-cost book (of the same
                                  name). Many learners find it useful to
                                  use the two together. The book also
                                  provides a useful indexed reference to
                                  keep by your computer once you‘ve
                                  learned Excel.
Executive Book Summary Aug 2006
Executive Book Summary July 2006
Executive Book Summary June 2006
Executive Book Summary May 2006
Executive Book Summary Sept 2006
Extraordinary Coach                Imagine your workplace filled with     Zenger, Stinnett
                                   curious, creative, committed
                                   employees. People who take initiative,
                                   who are fearless decision makers, who
                                   ―own‖ their work. With the right
                                   coaching system in place, this dream
                                   will soon become reality. With The
                                   Extraordinary Coach, leadership guru
                                   Jack Zenger and coaching expert
                                   Kathleen Stinnett deliver an entire
                                   toolbox for coaching your organization
                                   to success. While other such books
                                   simply tell you how to coach, The
                                   Extraordinary Coach uses companion
                                   videos (at,
                                   worksheets, checklists, sample
                                   questions, and the latest research fi
                                   ndings to provide a fullimmersion
                                   course on becoming the kind of coach
                                   who brings dramatic changes to an
Face-to-Face Communications          Managers are under increasing               Harvard Business
                                     pressure to deliver better results faster   School
                                     than the competition. But meeting
                                     today's tough challenges requires
                                     complete mastery of a full array of
                                     management skills, from
                                     communicating and coaching to public
                                     speaking and managing people. The
                                     Results-Driven Manager series is
                                     designed to help time-pressed
                                     managers hone and polish the skills
                                     they need most. Concise, action-
                                     oriented, and packed with invaluable
                                     strategies and tools, these timely
                                     guides will help managers improve
                                     their job performance today-and give
                                     them the edge they need to become
                                     the leaders of tomorrow.
First Line of Defense A Guide to     The First Line of Defense examines          Dobrich, Dranoff
Protecting Yourself Against Sexual   sexual harassment by relating a
                                     harassment story in narrative style,
Harassment                           from beginning to end. This is not a
                                     "how to" book in the traditional sense
                                     but rather an exploration of the
                                     psychology of harassment. The book
                                     considers the viewpoint of the
                                     harassed, the harasser, co-workers,
                                     the "whistleblower" and the boss; it
                                     lends insight into the effect of
                                     harassment on all concerned.
First-Time Manager                   In the working world, top performers        Belker, Topchik
                                     are regularly rewarded with promotions
                                     to management--whether they are
                                     prepared for the advancement or not.
                                     Loren Belker's bestselling primer on
                                     supervisory skills, The First-Time
                                     Manager, has long offered clear advice
                                     on leadership, motivation, discipline,
                                     and other tricks of the trade that are
                                     required of anyone in a supervisory
                                     position. Now in its fourth edition, the
                                     book features 11 new chapters that
                                     add an even more contemporary slant
                                     to his proven recommendations.
First-Time Supervisor's Survival   After being promoted, most new               Fuller
Guide                              supervisors quickly discover the
                                   difficulties and challenges of managing
                                   other people. This practical guide helps
                                   first-time supervisors master the
                                   problems and challenges they will face
                                   in their new position. Starting with
                                   advice on overcoming the initial fears
                                   and anxieties of supervising others, the
                                   guide shows readers how to: establish
                                   authority and gain worker co-operation;
                                   work with other supervisors; delegate
                                   effectively and follow up on
                                   assignments; and deal with job
                                   performance issues and disciplining
Fish For Life DVD                  There's a new FISH! in the pond!             Lundin,
                                   Here's a brilliant parable for everyone Christensen, Paul
                                   who wants to lead a fuller, happier life
                                   illions of business people have already
                                   used the bestselling FISH! books to
                                   improve the way they work. Now, the
                                   authors turn their attention to life's daily
                                   personal challenges, helping readers
                                   deal with them simply and effectively.
                                   By applying the FISH! principles of
                                   Play, Make Their Day, Choose Your
                                   Attitude, and Be Present, FISH! for Life
                                   shows readers how to confront life's
                                   issues and to reach their full potential.
                                   With advice on such life issues as
                                   weight loss, personal finance, and
                                   relationships, the book is a road map
                                   for achieving personal happiness and
                                   well-being in all areas of life. After all,
                                   life shouldn't be work.
Fish Sticks   In this third installment in the popular Lundin,
              Fish! series, the authors examine        Christensen, Paul
              change as a necessary, ongoing
              process that should never stop--at
              least not if one wants to keep the
              workplace vital and fully alive. Using a
              fictitious sushi restaurant as an
              example, this fable examines the three
              principles that Lundin, Christensen,
              and Paul believe are necessary for
              continuing success: Find It ("it" being
              each employee's personal vision of the
              business), Live It, and Coach It.
              Readers of the authors' previous books-
              -Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost
              Morale and Improve Results and Fish!
              Tales--should find its familiarity
              comforting. For those new to the
              series, this standalone volume is easy
Fish Tales    Fish! Tales is Stephen C. Lundin, John Lundin,
              Christensen, and Harry Paul's follow- Christensen, Paul
              up to Fish!--their enormously popular
              fable that draws lessons aimed at
              combating dysfunctional workplaces
              from the happy fishmongers at
              Seattle's Pike Place Market. In Fish!
              Tales the authors show how these
              lessons were put into practice at
              businesses both big (a major hospital
              and long-distance carrier) and small (a
              local car dealership and roofing
              company). Anyone who enjoyed Fish!
              (or, for that matter, Who Moved My
              Cheese?) or is looking for a
              motivational tool to help energize their
              own workplace, should find this short,
              upbeat primer worthwhile.
Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost   Here's another management parable        Lundin,
Morale and Improve Results        that draws its lesson from an unlikely Christensen, Paul
                                  source--this time it's the fun-loving
                                  fishmongers at Seattle's Pike Place
                                  Market. In Fish! the heroine, Mary Jane
                                  Ramirez, recently widowed and mother
                                  of two, is asked to engineer a
                                  turnaround of her company's troubled
                                  operations department, a group that
                                  authors Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul,
                                  and John Christensen describe as a
                                  "toxic energy dump." Most reasonable
                                  heads would cut their losses and move
                                  on. Why bother with this bunch of
                                  losers? But the authors don't make it
                                  so easy for Mary Jane. Instead, she's
                                  left to sort out this mess with the help
                                  of head fishmonger Lonnie. Based on
                                  a bestselling corporate education
                                  video, Fish! aims to help employees
                                  find their way to a fun and happy
                                  workplace. While some may find the
                                  story line and prescriptions--such as
                                  "Choose Your Attitude," "Make Their
                                  Day," and "Be Present"--downright
                                  corny, others will find a good dose of
                                  worthwhile motivational management
                                  techniques. If you loved Who Moved       Charthouse
FISH! Video
Five Dysfunctions of a Team   Once again using an astutely written      Lencioni
                              fictional tale to unambiguously but
                              painlessly deliver some hard truths
                              about critical business procedures,
                              Patrick Lencioni targets group behavior
                              in the final entry of his trilogy of
                              corporate fables. And like those
                              preceding it, The Five Dysfunctions of
                              a Team is an entertaining, quick read
                              filled with useful information that will
                              prove easy to digest and implement.
                              This time, Lencioni weaves his lessons
                              around the story of a troubled Silicon
                              Valley firm and its unexpected choice
                              for a new CEO: an old-school manager
                              who had retired from a traditional
                              manufacturing company two years
                              earlier at age 55. Showing exactly how
                              existing personnel failed to function as
                              a unit, and precisely how the new boss
                              worked to reestablish that essential
                              conduct, the book's first part colorfully
                              illustrates the ways that teamwork can
                              elude even the most dedicated
                              individuals--and be restored by an
                              insightful leader. A second part offers
                              details on Lencioni's "five dysfunctions"
                              (absence of trust, fear of conflict, lack
Five Temptations of a CEO A         Imagine running into the ultimate        Lencioni
Leadership Fable                    management mentor late one night on
                                    an otherwise deserted commuter train,
                                    and walking away from the strange
                                    encounter with an encapsulated guide
                                    to success in the corporate world.
                                    That's exactly what screenwriter and
                                    business coach Patrick Lencioni has
                                    done in The Five Temptations of a
                                    CEO: A Leadership Fable, placing his
                                    tale in an easy-reading and thought-
                                    provoking kind of self-help novel.
                                    Designed to be read in a single sitting,
                                    this book uses the unexpected meeting
                                    between troubled high-tech honcho
                                    Andrew O'Brien and a mysterious old
                                    man named Charlie to explore a series
                                    of common traps that can unwittingly
                                    ensnare any hard-driven executive.
                                    Lencioni hones in on the five
                                    "temptations" of the workplace: desires
                                    to jealously guard career status,
                                    consistently remain popular with
                                    subordinates, unfailingly make correct
                                    decisions, constantly strive for an
                                    atmosphere of total harmony, and
                                    always appear invulnerable. A
                                    In this unique book, Dr. events and
Framed! Solve an Intriguing Mystery discussion of the story'sHari Singh—a Singh
and Master how to make Smart        noted business professor—uses an
                                    engrossing fictional setting to make the
Choices                             concepts of decision-making
                                    interesting and easy-to-absorb. The
                                    book consists of 20 chapters in which a
                                    murder mystery unfolds. You‘ll learn
                                    the importance of using both your mind
                                    and your heart or intuition in making
                                    decisions. The foundation of the novel
                                    consists of seven critical concepts that
                                    are introduced and applied in the
From Budgets to Balance Sheets A    One in a series of how-to business          Knapp
Managers Introduction to Finance    guides, From Budgets to Balance
                                    Sheets shows managers how to
                                    understand financial reports and use
                                    that information to create budgets and
                                    set goals for performance.
Get Everyone In your Boat Rowing Learning to lead others is the critical        Boylan
in the Same Direction               skill for today's managers. Every day,
                                    you are challenged to lead-to get
                                    others to work at your direction towards
                                    your organizations goals. Get Everyone
                                    in Your Boat Rowing in the Same
                                    Direction offers proven, easily
                                    understood, step-by-step instruction in
                                    how to get others to follow you.
                                    Whether you have to lead, hope to
                                    lead, or need to create change in your
                                    organization, the advice it offers is
Get Weird 101 Innovative ways to    This book is chock full of practical get-   Putzier
make your company a great place to to-the-point ideas that will instantly
                                    have a positive impact on your ability to
work                                attract, retain, motivate, train,
                                    recognize and even get employees to
                                    return to your company who have left,
                                    without spending more money. You
                                    gotta get a little weird, if you wanna
                                    make a difference!
Getting Naked A business fable      Written in the same dynamic style as        Lencioni
about shedding the three fears that his previous bestsellers including The
                                    Five Dysfunctions of a Team, Lencioni
sabotage client loyalty             illustrates the principles of inspiring
                                    client loyalty through a fascinating
                                    business fable. He explains the theory
                                    of vulnerability in depth and presents
                                    concrete steps for putting it to work in
                                    any organization. The story follows a
                                    small consulting firm, Lighthouse
                                    Partners, which often beats out big-
                                    name competitors for top clients. One
                                    such competitor buys out Lighthouse
                                    and learns important lessons about
                                    what it means to provide value to its
Give 'em the Pickle                Give'em the Pickle! is the ultimate        Farrell
                                   customer service book. It contains
                                   entertaining stories and practical ideas
                                   that will enable the reader to take such
                                   good care of customers that they'll
                                   utter those three magic words, "I'll be
Good to Great                      Five years ago, Jim Collins asked the Collins
                                   question, "Can a good company
                                   become a great company and if so,
                                   how?" In Good to Great Collins, the
                                   author of Built to Last, concludes that it
                                   is possible, but finds there are no silver
                                   bullets. Collins and his team of
                                   researchers began their quest by
                                   sorting through a list of 1,435
                                   companies, looking for those that
                                   made substantial improvements in their
                                   performance over time. They finally
                                   settled on 11--including Fannie Mae,
                                   Gillette, Walgreens, and Wells Fargo--
                                   and discovered common traits that
                                   challenged many of the conventional
                                   notions of corporate success. Making
                                   the transition from good to great
                                   doesn't require a high-profile CEO, the
                                   latest technology, innovative change
                                   management, or even a fine-tuned
                                   business strategy. At the heart of those
                                   rare and truly great companies was a
                                   corporate culture that rigorously found
                                   and promoted disciplined people to
                                   think and act in a disciplined manner.
                                   Peppered with dozens of stories and
                                   Ken Blanchard the Sheldon not so
Gung Ho! Turn on the People in Any examples from andgreat andBowles, Blanchard, Bowles
Organization                       co-authors of the New York Times
                                   business bestseller Raving Fans, are
                                   back with Gung Ho! Here is an
                                   invaluable management tool that
                                   outlines foolproof ways to increase
                                   productivity by fostering excellent
                                   morale in the workplace. It is a must-
                                   read for everyone who wants to stay on
                                   top in today's ultra-competitive
                                   business world.
Guts! Companies that blow the     The recent corporate scandals and          Freiberg
doors off business-as-usual       layoffs may have damaged the public's
                                  trust in business, but corporate
                                  consultants Kevin and Jackie Freiberg
                                  could well restore some of that lost
                                  confidence with their inspiring
                                  descriptions of "gutsy leaders" who
                                  "have dismantled fear-based
                                  management and replaced it with
                                  heart, soul, discipline, loyalty, humor-
                                  and long-term record profits." Mostly
                                  men and a few women, the leaders in
                                  this round-up include James Blachard,
                                  CEO of Synovus Financial, and
                                  Colleen Barret, president and CEO of
                                  Southwest Airlines-a company that the
                                  Freibergs explored in depth in their first
                                  book Nuts!: Southwest Airlines' Crazy
                                  Recipe for Business and Personal
                                  Success (1996). A model of employee-
                                  manager relations, Southwest didn't lay
                                  off a single person after 9/11, and it
                                  met its employee profit-sharing and
                                  savings plans and even opened new
                                  flight routes, all while increasing its
                                  share of the U.S. domestic market by
                                  about 25 percent. Among the
                                  Sooner or other examples are the
                                  Freibergs' later every supervisor must Brounstein
Handling The Difficult Employee
                                  deal with a difficult employee. This
                                  book helps managers understand why
                                  performance problems occur, and how
                                  to resolve them. It includes a six-step
                                  intervention model, and a thorough
                                  discussion of discipline and termination
Heroz Empower Yourself, Your   "I hate Mondays." "They say I'm            Byham, Cox
Coworkers, Your Company        responsible, but my boss makes all the
                               decisions." "We're supposed to work
                               as a team, but everybody's out for
                               themselves." Sound familiar? You don't
                               have to take it anymore! In HeroZ,
                               you'll actually have fun learning how to
                               survive and even thrive in today's work
                               world. Step-by-step techniques--proven
                               by thousands of companies around the
                               globe--show you how to make
                               meaningful decisions, measure your
                               progress, and work efficiently in teams.
                               By the time you finish reading HeroZ,
                               you'll feel that you control your job, not
                               that your job controls you. Millions of
                               leaders have been energized by its
                               bestselling predecessor, Zapp!: The
                               Lightning of Empowerment. The Wall
                               Street Journal declared that "Zapp!
                               helped redefine the genre" of business
                               books. Fortune magazine's reviewer
                               raved, "I couldn't put it down." Now,
                               with HeroZ, you can restore meaning
                               and purpose to your work life and
                               make a real difference--no matter
                               where you fall on the organizational
Hire the Best And Avoid The Rest   You willl discover how to hire the best Mercer
                                   when you use this top-selling book on
                                   how to evaluate job applicants.
                                   Managers find this book so wonderfully
                                   useful that the book is in its 13th
                                   printing! You will learn all this and
                                   more: 3 key ways to predict if an
                                   applicant will succeed (or fail) if you
                                   hire the person 6 essentials of how to
                                   hire then best 4 legal rules you must
                                   know as you hire the best 1 absolute
                                   best interview method to makes
                                   applicants reveal what they truly are
                                   like Checklist to pinpoint your ideal
                                   candidate s qualifications Great
                                   interview questions you can ask...and
                                   how to interpret answers 2 Pre-
                                   Employment Tests with superb ability
                                   to predict if it is worth hiring an
                                   applicant 1 incredible method to
                                   weasel a reference check from an
                                   applicant s ex-boss 4 step formula to
                                   calculate your profit improvement &
How Full Is Your Bucket?           In this brief but significant book, the  Rath, Clifton
                                   authors, a grandfather-grandson team,
                                   explore how using positive psychology
                                   in everyday interactions can
                                   dramatically change our lives. Clifton
                                   (coauthor of Now, Discover Your
                                   Strengths) and Rath suggest that we
                                   all have a bucket within us that needs
                                   to be filled with positive experiences,
                                   such as recognition or praise. When
                                   we're negative toward others, we use a
                                   dipper to remove from their buckets
                                   and diminish their positive outlook.
                                   When we treat others in a positive
                                   manner, we fill not only their buckets
                                   but ours as well. The authors illustrate
                                   how this principle works in the areas of
                                   business and management, marriage
                                   and other personal relationships and in
                                   parenting through studies covering a
                                   40-year span, many in association with
                                   the Gallup Poll. While acknowledging
                                   that most lives have their share of
                                   misfortune, the authors also make
                                   clear that how misfortune affects
                                   individuals depends largely on their
                                   level of positive energy and
                                   confidence. The authors also
                                   Boothman enthusiastically shares         Boothman
How to Connect in Business in 90
Seconds or Less                    strategies for establishing rapport,
                                   building interpersonal relationships,
                                   gaining a competitive edge, and
                                   making favorable impressions.
HR Optimization From Personnel       Elevate the role of HR to a truly         Bellingham
Administration to Human and          strategic position in your organization
                                     Does your organization need more
Organizational Capital Development   than compliance and reporting from
                                     HR? Are you being challenged to add
                                     value, act as a strategic partner and
                                     develop individual and organizational
                                     capabilities? Even if your organization
                                     only needs personnel administration,
                                     are you optimizing that role? Whatever
                                     your organizational reality, this book
                                     provides a practical blueprint for HR
                                     transformation—and a framework for
                                     ongoing analysis and development.
                                     Now you and your colleagues can
                                     meet changing demands and grow as
                                     HR professionals.
Human Resources and the Law          The Complete Guide to Human               Shilling
                                     Resources and the Law offers fast,
                                     dependable, plain-English legal
                                     guidance for HR-related situations from
                                     ADA accommodation, diversity training,
                                     and privacy issues to hiring and
                                     termination, employee benefit plans,
                                     compensation, and recordkeeping. It
                                     brings you the most up-to-date
                                     information as well as practical tips and
                                     checklists in a well-organized, easy-to-
                                     use resource
Inner Work of Leaders   For psychologists Wenet and Mackoff, Mackoff, Wenet
                        leadership is not a role or a set of
                        strategies. "Instead," they argue, "it is a
                        point of view that begins with the inner
                        work of integrating and translating past
                        relationships and experiences into
                        powerful habits of mind." In this
                        intriguing if flawed volume, the authors
                        demonstrate how successful business
                        people use "inner work" (a process of
                        directing their reactions to complex and
                        challenging situations) to overcome
                        obstacles and advance their careers.
                        Drawing on interviews with 65
                        successful executives in many different
                        fields, they provide profiles that show
                        how each person's family influences,
                        role models and life experiences have
                        affected their ability to perform this
                        inner work. For example, Shelley
                        Lazarus, the CEO of advertising giant
                        Ogilvie & Mather, exemplifies the habit
                        of "attunement" to others' strengths.
                        Lazarus, who credits her parents for
                        cherishing her individuality, aims to
                        make employees feel "at home." She
                        once let a creative director work from
                        his Texas ranch because that's where
Inside the Magic Kingdom      Those who worry that corporations          Connellan
                              have become excessively big and
                              powerful must still admit that firms
                              such as McDonald's, Wal-Mart, and
                              Disney have got at least one thing
                              right. They know how to keep the
                              customer satisfied and coming back for
                              more! Connellan, a senior principal in a
                              consulting firm specializing in customer
                              loyalty and coauthor of Sustaining
                              Knock Your Socks Off Service (1993),
                              holds up Disney in particular as
                              exemplary. Here he re-creates a
                              fictional visit to Disney's Magic
                              Kingdom to bring to life examples of
                              the customer service concepts Disney
                              practices. Connellan was neither
                              encouraged nor authorized by Disney
                              management to write this book, but he
                              did attend a Disney University seminar
                              in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, to learn
                              more about the "Disney approach to
                              leadership, people management, [and]
                              service quality."
Interviewing and Hiring Top   This book is for individuals with training Ennis
Performers                    responsibilities who are looking for
                              tools to help their managers,
                              supervisors, and/or team leaders
                              interview, hire, and retain top
                              performers. If you or someone in your
                              hiring system has limited experience in
                              interviewing and hiring, this book will
                              help you and your organization to be
                              more proficient in hiring practices.
Juice The Creative Fuel that DrivesJuice juxtaposes the stories of classic Schwartz
World-Class Inventors              inventors with a new breed of
                                   innovators, such as hypersonic sound
                                   inventor Woody Norris, genomics
                                   pioneer Lee Hood, mechanical whiz
                                   Dean Kamen, business systems
                                   inventor Jay Walker, and biomimicry
                                   trailblazer James McLurkin. Schwartz
                                   reveals the brilliant strategies-such as
                                   crossing knowledge boundaries,
                                   visualizing results, applying analogies,
                                   and embracing failure-that enable
                                   inventors to transform improbable
                                   ideas into reality. We learn, for
                                   example, how a connection between
                                   slot machines and pill-bottle caps might
                                   improve the world of preventive
                                   medicine; how mud and weeds are
                                   being used to help carry a nation out of
                                   poverty; and how the development of a
                                   diagnostic nanochip could extend
                                   human lifespans.
Just Add Management Seven Steps Just Add Management gives managers Dibachi
to Creating A Productive Workplace the tools and techniques they need to
                                   provide the "adult supervision" that
and Motivating Your Employees in transforms the knowledge workplace
Challenging Times                  from an expensive playground for
                                   overgrown kids into a profit center that
                                   powers progress, promotes
                                   productivity, and achieves
                                   enterprisewide objectives on time and
                                   on budget.
Just in Time Leadership   Just in Time Leadership is a highly      Tulgan
                          innovative approach to management
                          founded on extensive, timely research.
                          The basic assumption of Just in Time
                          Leadership is quite simple: the new
                          economy will increasingly demand that
                          companies move beyond static long-
                          term staffing models toward a more
                          fluid model; in response, most
                          successful companies will organize
                          themselves around small core groups
                          of longer-term employees and rely on
                          large fluid talent pools. For managers,
                          this will mean drawing on the fluid
                          talent pool as needed to staff projects,
                          tasks, and responsibilities;
                          consequently, a whole range of
                          management practices will undergo
Knowledge Management      If you‘re ready to start the knowledge Curley, Kivowitz
                          management process in your
                          organization, this book provides a
                          practical plan and roadmap. You‘ll walk
                          through all the stages—assessment,
                          planning, deployment, and
                          evaluation—and gain specific action
                          steps for putting it all together to
                          expand your core competency and win
                          competitive advantage.
Launching A Leadership Revolution Brady and Woodward offer a detailed           Brady, Woodward
                                      examination of what defines a leader,
                                      the qualities necessary to fulfilling the
                                      role and the common path previous
                                      leaders have traveled toward achieving
                                      personal greatness. Initially self-
                                      published, this effort follows up the
                                      duo's earlier bestselling effort, Leading
                                      the Consumer Rebellion. Contending
                                      that each of us has a natural wellspring
                                      of talent and ability buried within and
                                      will eventually be thrust into a moment
                                      requiring leadership skills, they lay the
                                      groundwork for being prepared to
                                      perform when that opportunity arises.
                                      The leadership concepts are
                                      strengthened by anecdotes like one
                                      involving the New England Patriot's
                                      quarterback Tom Brady, who led his
                                      team to three Super Bowl wins despite
                                      a resounding lack of confidence in his
                                      ability to do so. But quotes on
                                      leadership from sources as diverse as
                                      Mark Twain and golfer Tiger Woods,
                                      often three and four to a paragraph,
                                      can get distracting. The authors also
                                      occasionally get carried away with
                                      charting their concepts and awkward
                                      Leadership and Self-Deception             Arbinger Institute
Leaders and Self-Deception Getting
out of the Box                        introduces readers to an important new
                                      idea in organizational thinking. It shows
                                      how the problems that typically prevent
                                      superior performance in organizations
                                      are the result of a little-known problem
                                      called "self- deception."
Leader's Communication Toolkit        You need the indispensable Leader‘s Stewart-Gross
                                      Communication Toolkit—your key to
                                      communicating with confidence,
                                      competence and enthusiasm in today‘s
                                      business environment. It‘s packed with
                                      up-to-date tips on how leaders,
                                      managers, team members and
                                      employees can select the appropriate
                                      method of communication for their
                                      message and audience.
Leadership from the Inside Out   Still framed in seven simple yet        Cashman
                                 profound "mastery areas," this book
                                 serves as an integrated coaching
                                 experience that helps leaders
                                 understand how to harness their
                                 authentic, value-creating influence and
                                 elevate their impact as individuals, in
                                 teams, and in organizations. Cashman
                                 demonstrates that his trademark
                                 "whole-person" approach--we lead by
                                 virtue of who we are--is essential to
                                 sustained success in today's talent-
                                 starved marketplace and provides a
                                 measurable return on investment. For
                                 everyone from CEOs to emerging
Leadership Lessons from Mom      It‘s amazing how often Mom‘s advice HRD Press
                                 fits right into the business world.
                                 Leadership Lessons from Mom was
                                 written to encapsulate just some of the
                                 many leadership lessons learned from
                                 our mothers so you can use them to be
                                 successful in business and life.
Leadership Lessons from          This book was written to help leaders HRD Press
Professional Football            use some of the valuable lessons
                                 learned from winning teams to help
                                 your team become more successful.
Leadership Pill The Missing          Blanchard is a veritable self-help book      Blanchard,
Ingredient in Motivating People      writing machine. His latest-a typically      Muchnick
                                     slim volume offering a typically simple
Today                                parable-concerns a competition
                                     between two leaders with wildly
                                     different management styles. One
                                     leader takes "the leadership pill," which
                                     gives him "all the attributes of effective
                                     leadership." The other leader does not
                                     take the medication. Although the book
                                     is presumably not an advertisement for
                                     natural healing, it seems that way at
                                     times: it turns out the leader who
                                     doesn't take the pill winds up winning
                                     the competition. The message?
                                     Leadership takes time-it can't be
                                     learned overnight (or ingested via pill
                                     form). Leaders must show integrity,
                                     build "a culture of partnership" and
                                     affirm their employees' sense of self-
                                     worth by letting them know what they
                                     do is important. It's a solid, though
                                     obvious, message that should resonate
                                     with fans of Blanchard's brand of
Leadership Secrets of Attila The     In the runaway bestseller Leadership         Roberts
Hun                                  Secrets Of Attila The Hun, author
                                     Wess Roberts draws from the
                                     imaginary thoughts of one of history's
                                     most effective and least beloved
                                     leaders, Attila the Hun, to discover
                                     leadership principles you can apply to
                                     your own situation. In a uniquely
                                     creative and entertaining approach to a
                                     most serious task, "Attila" reveals his
                                     principles for successful morale
                                     building, decision making, delegating
                                     and negotiating, and gives advice on
                                     overcoming setbacks and achieving
Leadership Within Reach Personal     Chapman decided to interview 88              Chapman
Stories of Success from 88 Central   leaders of organizations of all sizes
                                     from Central Ohio and to share their
Ohio Leaders                         personal stories of challenge, passion
                                     and motivation that led them to be a
                                     successful leader
Leading Out Loud                This new edition focuses on the source Pearce
                                of a message for change, its
                                development as a platform for
                                leadership communication, and its
                                many forms of expression from
                                speeches to e-mails, memos, and even
                                informal "water cooler" conversation.
                                Pearce shows leaders in business,
                                politics, and nonprofits how to
                                communicate their values and vision to
                                inspire commitment; he provides tools
                                and examples from well-known leaders
                                as well as less-known but effective
                                change agents. Leading Out Loud
                                gives readers concrete methods for
                                improving their own communication by
                                guiding them to do the internal work
                                necessary for creating an honest and
                                compelling vision, and by
                                demonstrating how readers can find
                                their authentic voice and articulate their
                                messages with confidence.
Leading with Soul An Uncommon   Quasi-religiosity drives this              Bolman, Deal
Journey of Spirit               sanctimonious parable on leadership
                                by the coauthors of Reframing
                                Organizations. This is the scenario:
                                Steve, an executive, makes several
                                visits to his spiritual guide, Maria, who
                                instructs him that spirit and soul are the
                                essence of leadership. As we follow his
                                path to enlightenment, we learn that
                                during Steve's trip to Singapore to visit
                                his firm's newest acquisition, a factory
                                worker hugged him. Maria praises him:
                                "Love worked for you." But Steve
                                receives no hugs in the Topeka
                                branch, and this troubles him and
                                Maria (the reader wonders if perhaps
                                their labor union protected these
                                American workers from having to
                                grovel before the boss). During other
                                sessions, Steve tells Maria about his
                                fiancee, who insists he go to church
                                every other Sunday; on one occasion,
                                pupil and spiritual guide simply sit by a
                                stream and watch a leaf float by.
Learning Points 100 Activities and   100 fun and effective activities that     Garber
Actions for Customer Service         teach your employees how to give
                                     customer-pleasing service in any
Excellence                           situation
Lessons from the Sandbox             Like Peanut Butter & Jelly                Gregerman
                                     Management by Chris Komisarjevsky
                                     (Forecasts,Mar. 20), this lighthearted
                                     book draws on the lessons of
                                     childhood and family life to instruct
                                     readers how to run more productive
                                     and successful companies.
                                     Gregerman, a Washington-based
                                     consultant, believes that every
                                     employee and manager would benefit
                                     from taking a more childlike approach
                                     to work. Specifically, Gregerman's Big
                                     Lesson #1 is "You can only do really
                                     good work if you enjoy what you're
                                     doing." Other lessons include: "Matters
                                     of the greatest importance require
                                     urgency and persistence"; "We can
                                     only learn and grow if we are willing to
                                     try new things"; and "Never assume
                                     that an older sister or a co-worker is an
                                     expert with a scissors." Although it's
                                     true that adults avoid puddles whereas
                                     children love jumping into them,
                                     Gregerman doesn't make a convincing
                                     case that jumping into a puddle will
                                     transform his readers into more
                                     creative problem solvers. Aside from all
Leverage Your Best Ditch the Rest    its amusing anecdotesis an funny ‗in
                                     Leverage your Best… and active            Blanchard, Homan
                                     your face‘ experience that challenges
                                     the reader to think and take action.
                                     Real life client examples are used to
                                     demonstrate insightful and powerful
                                     concepts. Scott Blanchard and
                                     Madeleine Homan ask compelling,
Linchpin Are you Indispensable?   Why are some people easily                 Godin
                                  outsourced, downsized, or freelanced
                                  into obscurity, while others have their
                                  pick of opportunities? In his most
                                  powerful book yet, Seth Godin argues
                                  that it's more essential than ever to
                                  become indispensable - to become a
                                  linchpin. Linchpins are the essential
                                  building blocks of great organizations:
                                  they invent, lead (regardless of title),
                                  connect others, make things happen,
                                  and create order out of chaos. They
Love 'Em or Lose 'Em Getting Good Because finding the ideal person for       Kaye, Jordan-
People to Stay                    every workplace position has become        Evans
                                  an increasingly difficult task, the
                                  retention of top employees has
                                  become every manager's concern.
                                  Love 'Em or Lose 'Em, by
                                  organizational-development specialists
                                  Beverly L. Kaye and Sharon Jordan-
                                  Evans, proposes that this "race for
                                  talent" can be effectively run only by
                                  those who adopt programs and policies
                                  that truly support their personnel. It
                                  then shows how to do so, even in
                                  organizations reluctant to participate
Love Leadership The New Way To    Written by the founder of Operation        Bryant
Lead in a Fear Based World        HOPE and advisor to the past two U.S.
                                  presidents, this groundbreaking book
                                  makes the case that the best way to
                                  get ahead is to figure out what you
                                  have to give to a world seemingly
                                  obsessed with the question: What do I
                                  get? Aimed at a new generation of
                                  leaders and extremely relevant for
                                  today's economic climate, Love
                                  Leadership outlines Bryant's five laws
Make Their Day Employee          How is it that companies spend billions Ventrice
Recognition that Works           on recognition programs, yet most
                                 employees feel unrecognized? Here
                                 Cindy Ventrice zeroes in on what truly
                                 makes employees feel valued and lays
                                 out proven recognition tactics that will
                                 provide a genuine, lasting boost for
                                 your business. Ventrice demonstrates
                                 that integrating the intangible rewards
                                 people crave--praise, thanks,
                                 opportunity, and respect--into the daily
                                 routine is far more effective than typical
                                 recognition awards, events, perks, and
                                 privileges, and she shows exactly how
                                 to do it. Follow her advice and you'll
                                 save money while obtaining better
                                 results than ever before.
Management 21C                   In his own provocative essay,              Chowdhury
                                 Chowdury describes how new
                                 managers will have to become
                                 multiskilled, people-centered leaders
                                 whose most important task is inspiring
                                 the workforce with emotion and belief.
                                 He argues that in the next century
                                 corporate success will depend on the
                                 effective use of talent: "[T]he relentless
                                 pursuit of talent should be a main
                                 management strategy. More and more
                                 companies simply cannot recruit talent
                                 fast enough." Return on talent, he
                                 argues, will become a key business
                                 measure just like return on capital.
                                 Senior managers will ignore this
                                 thought-provoking collection of essays
Managing by Storying Around: A   "Managing by Storying Around" means Armstrong
new method of Leadership         telling stories to communicate the
                                 important points that advice, demands,
                                 and rah-rah can't convey. Here
                                 Armstrong offers his best stories for
                                 readers to tell in their own companies,
                                 and explains how to write and tell your
                                 own stories.
Managing From The Heart             From the profit-minded managers who         Bracey,
                                    make up the brain trust at The Atlanta      Rosenblum,
                                    Consulting Group comes a simple new         Sanford, Trueblood
                                    method hailed as a revolutionary
                                    management practice: learning to care.
Maxwell Leadership Bible            The Leadership expert, John Maxwell,        Maxwell
                                    brings an in-depth look at God's laws
                                    for leaders and leadership.
McKinsey Way                        The McKinsey Way, by former                 Rasiel
                                    McKinsey & Company associate Ethan
                                    M. Rasiel, provides a through-the-
                                    keyhole perspective on the way this
                                    worldwide consulting institution
                                    approaches--and solves--the myriad
                                    professional problems encountered by
                                    its high-powered clientele. His goal,
                                    Rasiel writes, is simple: to
                                    communicate "new and useful skills to
                                    everyone who wants to be more useful
                                    in their business." He then does so by
                                    explaining the highly structured, fact-
                                    based proprietary methodology that
                                    McKinseyites are taught to employ with
                                    their Fortune 100 clients, complete with
                                    details on the entire process from first
                                    considering the basic situation at hand
                                    through finally selling a solution to the
                                    appropriate powers that be.
Meeting Spectrum An Advanced        Whether you are a meeting
Guide for Meeting Professionals     professional or new to event
                                    planning...a corporate or association
                                    executive or independent
                                    consultant...the book synthesize what
                                    you need to know to achieve
                                    professionalism in the management of
                                    conferences, exhibitions, and
Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Basic                                               New Horizons
Microsoft Office Excel 2007                                                     New Horizons
Microsoft Office Excel 2007                                                     New Horizons
Movies to Manage By Lessons in     Movies do more than just entertain. A Clemens, Wolff
Leadership from Great Films        good film can also teach. Charles
                                   Foster Kane,the tragic protagonist of
                                   Citizen Kane,is the perfect example of
                                   how hoarding power can lead to chaos
                                   in business and personal matters.
                                   Dead Poet Society's John Keating is
                                   the archetype of the employee who
                                   has affected change downward but has
                                   not solicited the support of superiors
                                   who may later stonewall other projects.
                                   And Norma Rae (in the movie of the
                                   same name),a seemingly powerless
                                   factory worker,shakes up the plant's
                                   male-dominated management and
                                   becomes the company's most
                                   influential leader. In this entertaining
                                   and instructive book,you will discover
                                   that film is indeed an untapped source
                                   of leadership wisdom for
                                   businesses,large and small. You will
                                   see your own organization—as well as
                                   your own management and leadership
                                   challenges—mirrored here in the
                                   examination and analysis of nine
                                   compelling and highly accessible film
Multipliers How the Best Leaders   In analyzing data from more than 150 Wiseman
Make Everyone Smarter              leaders, Wiseman and McKeown have
                                   identified five disciplines that
                                   distinguish Multipliers from
                                   Diminishers. These five disciplines are
                                   not based on innate talent; indeed,
                                   they are skills and practices that
                                   everyone can learn to use—even
                                   lifelong and recalcitrant Diminishers.
                                   Lively, real-world case studies and
                                   practical tips and techniques bring to
                                   life each of these principles, showing
                                   you how to become a Multiplier too,
                                   whether you are a new or an
                                   experienced manager. Just imagine
                                   what you could accomplish if you could
                                   harness all the energy and intelligence
                                   around you. Multipliers will show you
New Work Culture                 This book is a reference for leading-       Harris
                                 edge managers approaching the 21st
                                 century: a comprehensive guide to the
                                 new work culture. New Work Culture
                                 deals with organizational
                                 transformation challenges,
                                 perspectives on the new work
                                 environment, human resource
                                 development in the metaindustrial work
                                 scene, and strategies to exercise
                                 leadership in high-tech corporations.
                                 This is an ideal resource for everyone
                                 from the MBA student to executives to
                                 HRD managers, providing a roadmap
                                 to the new work environment in the
Now, Discover Your Strengths     . At the heart of the book is the Internet- Buckingham,
                                 based StrengthsFinder® Profile, the         Clifton
                                 product of a 25-year, multimillion-dollar
                                 effort to identify the most prevalent
                                 human strengths. The program
                                 introduces 34 dominant "themes" with
                                 thousands of possible combinations,
                                 and reveals how they can best be
                                 translated into personal and career
                                 success. In developing this program,
                                 Gallup has conducted psychological
                                 profiles with more than two million
                                 individuals to help readers learn how to
                                 focus and perfect these themes.
Nuts!                            With unlimited access to the people         Freiberg
                                 and inside documents of Southwest
                                 Airlines, authors Kevin and Jackie
Offsite A Leadership Challenge   Drawing on the leadership theories          Thompson
Fable                            from the best-selling classic, The
                                 Leadership Challenge, Robert
                                 Thompson effortlessly incorporates Jim
                                 Kouzes and Barry Posner's time-tested
                                 concepts into a winning fable of
                                 leadership and growth. This dramatic
                                 tale of transition centers on a three-day
                                 meeting of two former rival
                                 pharmaceutical companies taking the
                                 first step towards creating a joint sales
One Foot Out the Door How to         As many as two-thirds of our                 Bardwick
combat the psychological recession   employees are either actively looking
                                     for new jobs or merely going through
that's alienating Employees and      the motions at their current jobs.
hurting American business            Fearful and feeling vulnerable after
                                     years of watching friends get laid off,
                                     they expect the worst to happen, and
                                     they see no reason to give it their all.
                                     This phenomenon, identified by
                                     renowned author Judith M. Bardwick
                                     as "the psychological recession," can
                                     have a devastating effect on a
                                     company's financial health. Based on
                                     extensive research showing how costly
                                     bad management really is, this eye-
                                     opening book offers concrete
                                     prescriptions for combating alarming
                                     trends such as high turnover, low
                                     productivity, and lackluster
One Page Talent Management           In this revolutionary book, Effron and       Effron, Ort
                                     Ort introduce One Page Talent
                                     Management (OPTM): a powerfully
                                     simple approach that significantly
                                     accelerates a company‘s ability to
                                     develop better leaders faster. The
                                     authors outline a straightforward, easy-
                                     to-use process for designing results-
                                     oriented OPTM processes: base every
                                     process on proven scientific research;
                                     eliminate complexity by including only
                                     those components that add real value
                                     to the process; and build transparency
                                     and accountability into every practice.
Oz Principle, The                    At the core of the authors' message is       Connors, Smith,
                                     the idea that when people take               Hickman
                                     personal ownership of their
                                     organization's goals and accept
                                     responsibility for their own
                                     performance, they become more
                                     invested and work at a higher level to
                                     ensure not only their own success, but
                                     everyone's. Now more than ever, The
                                     Oz Principle is vital to anyone charged
                                     with obtaining results. It is a must have,
                                     must read, and must apply classic
                                     business book.
Paradox of Excellence How Great    Are you striving for excellence yet find Mosby, Weissman
Performance can Kill Your Business your efforts increasingly taken for
                                        granted and undervalued? You‘re not
                                        alone. Many companies discover their
                                        improved performance doesn‘t
                                        translate into higher perceived value. In
                                        fact, it simply shifts the customer‘s
                                        expectations upward, causing the
                                        customer to take the new, improved
                                        performance for granted. High-
                                        performance companies unwittingly
                                        create unrealistic customer
                                        expectations that become impossible
                                        to meet. In this important book, the
                                        authors use a realistic story that
                                        illustrates the paradox of
                                        excellence¾the better you perform, the
                                        more invisible you become to
                                        everything but bad news¾shows the
                                        symptoms and causes, and provides
                                        clear guidance for overcoming this
                                        perplexing dilemma. The Paradox of
                                        Excellence introduces an entertaining
                                        story with characters that are easy to
                                        relate to, ideas that can be readily
                                        implemented, and a practical
                                        framework for achieving long-term
                                        Every company wants and needs             Fisher
Performance Management
                                        productive, skilled employees.
                                        Investing in a work force that can help
                                        your business keep pace with the
                                        competition may be the most important
                                        strategic decision you make. The
                                        Manager's Pocket Guide to
                                        Performance Management clearly
                                        spells out the specific steps a manager
                                        can take to ensure improved
                                        performance organization-wide. It
                                        presents a systems approach to
                                        performance enhancement and
                                        includes tools for determining current
                                        performance levels and establishing
                                        desired performance levels.
Performance Under Pressure      The book presents new and proven           Sormaz, Tulgan
                                strategies for dealing with time, anger,
                                people, fatigue and evaluation
                                pressures. And it introduces an
                                effective four-step method for optimal
                                energy management.
Personal Accountability         A practical approach to eliminating        Miller
                                Blame, Victim Thinking, and
                                Procrastination from our organizations
                                and our lives. Since the answers are in
                                the questions, this content helps each
                                of us ask The Question Behind the
                                Question - the QBQ.When we do this,
                                we get better answers. By walking the
                                high road - the path to Personal
                                Accountability - we can achieve greater
                                levels of excellence and leadership in
                                our lives, both at work and at
                                home.The ideas presented in this book
                                are pragmatic and readily applied.
Power of Appreciative Inquiry   The Power of Appreciative Inquiry          Cooperrider
                                describes a wildly popular approach to
                                organizational change that dramatically
                                improves performance by encouraging
                                people to study, discuss, learn from,
                                and build on what's working, rather
                                than simply trying to fix what's not.
                                Whitney and Trosten-Bloom use
                                examples from many different types of
                                organizations to illustrate Appreciative
                                Inquiry (AI) in action. A how-to book
                                but not a manual, The Power of
                                Appreciative Inquiry describes the
                                newest ideas and practices in the field
                                of Appreciative Inquiry since its
                                inception in 1985. In updating the
                                second edition, the authors conducted
                                an appreciative inquiry with first edition
                                readers, focusing especially on users
                                in markets and universities. At the
                                urging of these readers, the authors
                                have included a new chapter on the
                                community applications of Appreciative
                                Inquiry, as well as a host of new
                                examples and other enhancements.
Power of Personal Accountability   Pay attention to what really matters to Samuel, Chiche
                                   you. Find out where you spend your
                                   time and energy. Understand what
                                   works and what doesn‘t and then use
                                   the simple strategies described in this
                                   book to change what doesn‘t. Built
                                   around Mark Samuel‘s and Sophie
                                   Chiche‘s Personal Accountability
                                   Model, the authors share their
                                   structured approach, case studies, and
                                   exercises in a highly motivating
                                   manner. You will learn how to make
                                   choices consistent with your desired
Power Tools                        Just as professionals in other fields    Deep, Sussman
                                   need to continuously upgrade various
                                   tools and techniques in order to meet
                                   their consistently changing
                                   requirements, business people must
                                   regularly seek out and incorporate new
                                   management ideas if they hope to
                                   keep their organizations operating at
                                   peak levels. In Power Tools: 33
                                   Management Inventions You Can Use
                                   Today, consultants Sam Deep and
                                   Lyle Sussman lay out a series of
                                   innovations designed to address five
                                   specific areas of ongoing challenge:
                                   leadership, teamwork, motivation,
                                   improvement, and balance. Helpful
                                   checklists and step-by-step instructions
                                   make their suggestions easy to
                                   understand and implement.
Present, The                       The Present is an engaging story of a Johnson
                                   young man‘s journey to adulthood, and
                                   his tireless search for The Present, a
                                   mysterious and elusive gift he first
                                   hears about from a wise old man. This
                                   Present, according to the old man, is
                                   the most valuable gift a person can
                                   receive. Why? Because it is the one
                                   thing that doesn‘t change in changing
Preventing Sexual Harassment    Learn how to protect your employees Fitzwater
                                as well as your company from sexual
                                harassment. The Manager's Pocket
                                Guide to Preventing Sexual
                                Harassment approaches the issue
                                globally, from creating policy
                                statements on sexual harassment and
                                conducting employee audits to
                                determine vulnerabilities (and
                                appropriate cures), to the five A's of
                                understanding, to handling and dealing
                                with stereotypes and biases. The
                                pocket guide also covers the
                                investigation process and how to
                                properly document incidents; it also
                                includes exercises to instill ownership
                                and facilitate understanding among
                                employees to generate commitment to
                                harassment prevention
Principle-Centered Leadership   The great "angst" of life has seemingly Covey
                                gripped us all, and there seems to be
                                no limit to the number of writers
                                offering answers to the great
                                perplexities of life. Covey, however, is
                                the North Star in this field. Following
                                his successful Seven Habits of Highly
                                Effective People (S. & S., 1989), Covey
                                now responds to the particular
                                challenges of business leaders by
                                applying his natural laws, or principles,
                                of life to organizations. Covey explains
                                these laws (security, guidance,
                                wisdom, and power), and discusses
                                how seven-habits practice and focus
                                on these principles will result in
                                personal and organizational
                                transformation. He reminds us that
                                personal and organizational success is
                                hard work, requires unwavering
                                commitment and long-term
                                perspective, and is achievable only if
                                we are prepared for a complete
                                paradigm shift in our perspective.
                                Without hesitation, strongly
Principle-Centered Leadership DVD                                                    Covey

Process-based Organization           The Process-Based Organization uses             Crosetto,
                                     a fascinating, storytelling approach to         Macazaga
                                     provide a clear overview of a process-
                                     based organization ad the many
                                     benefits you can bring to organizations.
Pulling Together                     Motivational book on building and               Murphy
                                     leading high performance teams.
                                     Describes the 17 principles of
                                     teamwork and how to apply them
QBQ! The Question Behind the         QBQ! by John G. Miller is a                     Miller
Question                             motivational primer aimed at purging
                                     the "blame, complaining, and
                                     procrastination" from the workplace.
                                     Miller believes that one of the
                                     hallmarks of today's business culture is
                                     a lack of personal accountability; he
                                     prescribes the cure in this series of
                                     short stories and personal observations
                                     drawn from his years of experience
                                     running his organizational development
                                     firm. His main point is that positive
                                     change begins with individuals
                                     changing themselves: "Instead of
                                     asking, 'When will others walk their
                                     talk?' let's walk our talk first." The result
                                     is choppy (39 chapters in 115 pages),
                                     and at times Miller's advice boils down
                                     to truism and cliché. Nevertheless,
                                     managers whose workplaces demand
                                     remedial, straightforward advice should
                                     find a useful tool here
Quality Interviewing                 Master interviewing skills that will lead       Maddux
                                     to sound hiring decisions.
Quick Team-Building Activities for   Every group can benefit from team-              Miller
Busy Managers                        building exercises. But sometimes it's
                                     not practical to embark on a full-scale
                                     training initiative. Now, supervisors,
                                     managers, and team leaders have 50
                                     team-building activities to choose from,
                                     all of which can be implemented with
                                     no special facilities, big expense, or
                                     previous training experience.
Quintessential Guide to Using     Bringing in the right consultant and      Zahn
Consultants                       getting what you want from the
                                  relationship is important—yet there has
                                  been a lack of specific guidance in this
                                  area until now. The Quintessential
                                  Guide to Using Consultants presents
                                  practical and clear guidelines for
                                  maximizing the results of the consulting
                                  relationship through each step of the
Recruiting the Workforce of the   The Manager's Pocket Guide to             Tulgan
Future                            Recruiting the Workforce of the Future
                                  will show employers faced with a lean,
                                  post-downsizing organization in the
                                  midst of a tight labor market, how to
                                  develop and implement hiring
                                  solutions. Employers should no longer
                                  recruit for the long term, but to get the
                                  job done today, tomorrow, and next
                                  week. The key to continued success
                                  for companies now is the ability to
                                  adapt rapidly to new circumstances.
                                  Staffing may have to expand quickly in
                                  one skill area, or contract quickly in
                                  another—or do both at the same time.
                                  Strategies for staffing must therefore
                                  be geared to this reality. The best
                                  practices outlined in this pocket guide
                                  are presented as keys and processes
                                  supplemented by worksheets and
                                  checklists intended to give your
                                  organization the advantage when it
                                  comes time to quickly and effectively
Reflections for Managers   When Bruce Hyland and Merle Yost         Hyland, Yost
                           asked some of America's leading
                           business executives for their top 10
                           rules of successful management, their
                           response centered not on high-
                           powered financial or marketing
                           strategies but on deeply human
                           principles-basic laws of conduct that
                           they found promoted healthy working
                           relationships with fellow employees
                           and consistent, productive, responsible
                           business decisions. Based on those
                           rules, Reflections for Managers serves
                           us 68 wise, witty, bite-sized maxims
                           every executive can read and profit
                           from in just a few moments each day.
                           Reminding ambitious managers just
                           what matters-and what doesn't-in their
                           day-to-day business conduct, these
                           plainspoken adages comprise an
                           instantly browsable treasury of: frank
                           directives; healthy admonitions;
                           revitalizing affirmations; and many,
                           many more.
Resonant Leadership        Building on the principles they laid out Boyatzis, McKee
                           in their 2002 bestseller, Primal
                           Leadership (coauthored with emotional
                           intelligence expert Daniel Goleman),
                           Boyatzis and McKee explain how
                           managers and executives can employ
                           mindfulness, hope and compassion to
                           create—and maintain—exceptional
                           business success. "Effective teams
                           and powerful, positive organizational
                           cultures do not happen by accident,"
                           they write; they are created by
                           "resonant" leaders who employ
                           emotional intelligence to motivate and
                           nurture their employees. Yet
                           resonance can be exhausting to
                           maintain, the authors have found, and
                           even outstanding leaders can turn
                           dissonant under the pressure of
                           chronic business stress. When that
Servant A Simple Story About the   In this absorbing tale, you watch the      Hunter
True Essence of Leadership         timeless principles of servant
                                   leadership unfold through the story of
                                   John Daily, a businessman whose
                                   outwardly successful life is spiraling out
                                   of control. He is failing miserably in
                                   each of his leadership roles as boss,
                                   husband, father, and coach. To get his
                                   life back on track, he reluctantly
                                   attends a weeklong leadership retreat
                                   at a remote Benedictine monastery. o
                                   John's surprise, the monk leading the
                                   seminar is a former business executive
                                   and Wall Street legend. Taking John
                                   under his wing, the monk guides him to
                                   a realization that is simple yet
                                   profound: The true foundation of
                                   leadership is not power, but authority,
                                   which is built upon relationships, love,
                                   service, and sacrifice. Along with John,
                                   you will learn that the principles in this
                                   book are neither new nor complex.
                                   They don't demand special talents;
                                   they are simply based on strengthening
                                   the bonds of respect, responsibility,
                                   and caring with the people around you.
                                   Perhaps this is why The Servant has
                                   touched readers from all walks of
Set-Up-to-Fail Syndrome How Good   In this thoughtful examination of the       Manzoni, Barsoux
Managers Cause Great People to     downward spirals that employers and
                                   employees can fall into, management
Fail                               experts Manzoni and Barsoux consider
                                   some of the problems that cause a
                                   work relationship to end badly. The duo
                                   encourages bosses to look inward and
                                   examine their own behavior and its
                                   effect on subordinates, highlighting the
                                   stress of subtly creating a dynamic in
                                   which employees "start living down to
                                   expectations," among other negative
                                   situations. While work relationships are
                                   often highly complex and nuanced, the
                                   authors point out that in some
                                   instances, difficulties result from
                                   misunderstood behavior that becomes
                                   "self-fulfilling" and "self-reinforcing," a
                                   dangerous circle. Manzoni and
                                   Barsoux show that highly successful
Six Thinking Hats                  Using case studies and real-life            De Bono
                                   examples of his "six thinking hats", de
                                   Bono shows how each of us can
                                   become a better thinker through
                                   deliberate role-playing.
Skills for New Managers     Skills for New Managers will include       Stettner
                            hands-on information on the following
                            key topics: hiring new employees by
                            asking the right questions; delegating
                            work efficiently; dealing with the stress
                            that comes with a management
                            position; communicating effectively
                            with your employees; how to master
                            mentoring, leadership, and coaching
                            styles. These books will be rich in
                            practical techniques and examples,
                            each book will supply specific answers
                            to problems that managers will face
                            throughout their careers. Skills for New
                            Managers will detail specific
                            techniques and strategies that
                            managers can use to smooth their way
                            into a management position, from
                            hiring to delegating. The series will also
                            continue its user-friendly, icon-rich
                            format, which is designed to be easily
                            digested for managers at all levels of
                            the organizational hierarchy. Books in
                            the series will also feature short,
                            snappy chapters, bulleted lists,
                            checklists and definition of terms as
                            well as summaries at the end of every
                            chapter.the People Puzzle is about
                            Solving                                    English
Solving the People Puzzle
                            management control of an organization
                            and its people: How to get it, how to
                            use it, and how to keep it. The author
                            provides the perspective of a
                            behavioral and social scientist to make
                            a strong case for effective
                            management systems. Through many
                            years studying and managing human
                            behavior, Dr. English has seen too
                            many failures in people performance
                            caused by failures in systems. How
                            many people are promoted who don‘t
                            work out? How many performance
                            problems are ignored until the problem
                            blows up? How many people who are
                            fired have a file full of good reviews
                            and a history of normal raises?
Spiritual Leadership              This guide provides methods for            Bellingham, Meek
                                  engaging in the transformational
                                  process. It contains practical ways to
                                  measure healthy communities, healthy
                                  people, and quality of work life, and is
                                  also grounded in reality. The authors
                                  have spent more than 25 years, in
                                  hundreds of organizations, seeking out
                                  and developing spiritual leaders.
Starfish Files                    "One Leader's Account of Insight and Hiam
                                  Inspiration Under Duress". Insights and
                                  understandings on training people to
                                  be their best.
Stewardship Choosing Service Over Block, author of The Empowered             Block
Self-Interest                     Manager (Jossey-Bass, 1987), which
                                  offers an individualistic approach to
                                  "empowerment," here explains this
                                  movement on a much broader scale,
                                  offering his original and profound new
                                  view on running organizations. Block
                                  shows executives how to move from
                                  controlling and directing to his vision of
                                  shared governance, partnership, and
                                  total ownership of a business by all
                                  team members. This concept
                                  represents no less than a complete
                                  redistribution of power and a total
                                  restructuring, which will probably
                                  confound most present-day managers.
                                  Block transcends all extant leadership
                                  literature with this primary source on
                                  the organizational dynamics of the
                                  future, which will soon be copied. He
                                  has heard an as-yet-unknown muse
                                  and conceived the organizational
                                  structure of the 21st century.
Strengths Finder 2.0            To help people uncover their talents,     Rath
                                Gallup introduced StrengthsFinder in
                                the 2001 management book Now,
                                Discover Your Strengths. The book
                                ignited a global conversation, while
                                StrengthsFinder helped millions
                                discover their top five talents. In
                                StrengthsFinder 2.0, Gallup unveils the
                                new and improved version of its
                                popular online assessment. With
                                hundreds of strategies for applying
                                your strengths, StrengthsFinder 2.0 will
                                change the way you look at
                                yourself—and the world—forever.
Survival Writing for Business   To write well, you need to keep it clear Gladis
                                and concise. But for many who
                                struggle with writing reports, memos, e-
                                mails, and other necessary
                                correspondence on the job, that‘s
                                easier said than done. This no-
                                nonsense book is a virtual lifeline to
                                writing success. Author Steve Gladis
                                has been a writer all his life. He has
                                published numerous magazine and
                                journal articles as well as 11 books.
                                Survival Writing for Business presents,
                                in an easy-to-follow format, his top tips
                                for writing clearly and briefly. The book
                                answers your most pressing questions
                                about writing, shows you what works
                                and what doesn‘t, and reveals dozens
                                of shortcuts you can apply today for
                                instant results. The chapters also
                                contain numerous examples that
                                illustrate the content and make the
Switch How to Change Things When The Heath brothers (coauthors of          Heath
Change is Hard                   Made to Stick) address motivating
                                      employees, family members, and
                                      ourselves in their analysis of why we
                                      too often fear change. Change is not
                                      inherently frightening, but our ability to
                                      alter our habits can be complicated by
                                      the disjunction between our rational
                                      and irrational minds: the self that wants
                                      to be swimsuit-season ready and the
                                      self that acquiesces to another slice of
                                      cake anyway. The trick is to find the
                                      balance between our powerful drives
                                      and our reason. The authors' lessons
                                      are backed up by anecdotes that deal
                                      with such things as new methods used
                                      to reform abusive parents, the
                                      revitalization of a dying South Dakota
                                      town, and the rebranding of megastore
                                      Target. Through these lively examples,
                                      the Heaths speak energetically and
                                      encouragingly on how to modify our
                                      behaviors and businesses. This clever
                                      discussion is an entertaining and
                                      educational must-read for executives
                                      and for ordinary citizens looking to get
                                      out of a rut.
Team Building Tool Kit                Workplace teams learn to function as Harrington-Mackin
                                      effective units when they have the tools
                                      and techniques to be greater than the
                                      sum of their parts. Now thoroughly
                                      updated and expanded, The Team-
                                      Building Tool Kit provides practical
                                      advice to guide team coaches, leaders,
                                      and members to high-performance
                                      results. Filled with bullet points to make
                                      tips and strategies quick and easy to
                                      grasp, the book covers both the
                                      structure and nitty-gritty process details
                                      that so often derail even the best
Teams That Click   Managers are under increasing             Harvard Business
                   pressure to deliver better results faster Review Press
                   than the competition. But meeting
                   today's tough challenges requires
                   complete mastery of a full array of
                   management skills, from
                   communicating and coaching to public
                   speaking and managing people. The
                   Results-Driven Manager series is
                   designed to help time-pressed
                   managers hone and polish the skills
                   they need most. Concise, action-
                   oriented, and packed with invaluable
                   strategies and tools, these timely
                   guides will help managers improve
                   their job performance today-and give
                   them the edge they need to become
                   the leaders of tomorrow.
Thesaurus                                                    Roget's
Think Big Act Small   The latest insightful and inspirational    Jennings
                      title from Jennings (Less Is More; ...It's
                      the Fast That Eat the Slow) again
                      demonstrates potential profitability in
                      contrary concepts. Offering engaging
                      case studies of nine of the country's
                      best performing (if unfamiliar)
                      businesses, Jennings identifies 10
                      practices they all have in common,
                      which, he argues, catapulted them into
                      the rarefied category of increasing
                      profits and revenue by 10% or more for
                      at least 10 consecutive years. They cut
                      across a wide spectrum of enterprises,
                      but all, according to Jennings, have
                      "nailed the fundamentals." Ten bullet-
                      pointed and chart-summarized
                      chapters with prescriptive titles present
                      the basics that these prosperous
                      business have mastered and asserts
                      that others who apply the principles will
                      also fatten their bottom lines. In breezy
                      prose with plenty of anecdotes from
                      CEO and worker interviews, Jennings
                      argues that regardless of how big a
                      company becomes, acting big and
                      ignoring the needs of employees,
                      merchants and customers always
Three Signs of a Miserable Job   Patrick Lencioni, renowned business        Lencioni
                                 consultant and bestselling author of
                                 The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, is on
                                 a critical mission: create widespread
                                 job satisfaction in a world full of
                                 workplace misery. His latest book, The
                                 Three Signs of a Miserable Job: A
                                 Fable for Managers (And Their
                                 Employees), tells the inspiring tale a
                                 high-flying, but deeply dissatisfied
                                 Chief Executive Officer who ditches the
                                 power and perks for career bliss as the
                                 manager of a pizzeria! In this unusual
                                 and inspiring story, Lencioni
                                 convincingly demonstrates how career
                                 happiness (or misery) is the direct
                                 result of the manager--employee
                                 relationship. Patrick Lencioni took the
                                 time to tell us about his life-long
                                 "obsession" with job misery, shatter
                                 some myths about workplace
                                 satisfaction and offer some real advice
                                 on how to turn that daily grind into daily
Tipping Point                    "The best way to understand the            Gladwell
                                 dramatic transformation of unknown
                                 books into bestsellers, or the rise of
                                 teenage smoking, or the phenomena of
                                 word of mouth or any number of the
                                 other mysterious changes that mark
                                 everyday life," writes Malcolm
                                 Gladwell, "is to think of them as
                                 epidemics. Ideas and products and
                                 messages and behaviors spread just
                                 like viruses do." Although anyone
                                 familiar with the theory of memetics will
                                 recognize this concept, Gladwell's The
                                 Tipping Point has quite a few
Tribes We Need You To Lead Us      A tribe is any group of people, large or Godin
                                   small, who are connected to one
                                   another, a leader, and an idea. For
                                   millions of years, humans have been
                                   seeking out tribes, be they religious,
                                   ethnic, economic, political, or even
                                   musical (think of the Deadheads). It‘s
                                   our nature.Now the Internet has
                                   eliminated the barriers of geography,
                                   cost, and time. All those blogs and
                                   social networking sites are helping
                                   existing tribes get bigger. But more
                                   important, they‘re enabling countless
                                   new tribes to be born—groups of ten or
                                   ten thousand or ten million who care
                                   about their iPhones, or a political
                                   campaign, or a new way to fight global
                                   warming.And so the key question: Who
                                   is going to lead us?The Web can do
                                   amazing things, but it can‘t provide
                                   leadership. That still has to come from
                                   individuals— people just like you who
                                   have passion about something. The
                                   explosion in tribes means that anyone
                                   who wants to make a difference now
                                   has the tools at her fingertips.If you
                                   think leadership is for other people,
                                   True again—leaders come in
True North Discover Your Authentic think Northshows how anyone who          Sims
Leadership                         follows their internal compass can
                                   become an authentic leader. This
                                   leadership tour de force is based on
                                   research and first-person interviews
                                   with 125 of today‘s top leaders—with
                                   some surprising results. In this
                                   important book, acclaimed former
                                   Medtronic CEO Bill George and
                                   coauthor Peter Sims share the wisdom
                                   of these outstanding leaders and
                                   describe how you can develop as an
                                   authentic leader
Ultimate Recruiting Handbook                                                Roberts
Value-Centered Ethics              Value-Centered Ethics gives you a        Kerns
                                   practical framework to use on a daily
                                   basis to help shape ethical behavior in
                                   your organization. At the heart of
                                   ethical managerial leadership are
Virtual Teams            The book is full of fresh, new ways to Bellingham
                         overcome the unique and sometimes
                         overwhelming barriers: How to create a
                         forum for idea-sharing, solve problems
                         among people from multiple functions,
                         keep everyone in the "virtual loop,"
                         know when the team needs to meet in
                         person vs. via technology, prevent
                         things from slipping through the cracks,
                         keep members up-to-date on changes
                         and decisions, and much more.
Visio 2003 for Dummies   Wish you had a magical elf who could Walkowski
                         present your business processes,
                         database designs, or computer
                         networks visually, without making you
                         draw them? Well, Visio is that elf, and
                         this handy book tells you exactly what
                         to do with him, er . . . it. Customize
                         Visio and discover its streamlined
                         interface, improved collaboration
                         capabilities, and more!
Weird Ideas that Work               A professor at the Stanford               Sutton
                                    Engineering School and a consultant
                                    who has worked with innovative firms,
                                    Sutton shows how "weird" ideas, many
                                    of which go against accepted
                                    management practices, can promote
                                    innovation and success in companies.
                                    Here he describes 11Ù weird ideas
                                    that work. Among these ideas are
                                    hiring "slow learners" of the
                                    organizational code; using job
                                    interviews to get new ideas and not just
                                    to screen candidates; rewarding both
                                    success and failure and punishing
                                    inaction; forgetting the past, especially
                                    a company's past successes; and
                                    encouraging people to ignore and/or
                                    defy their superiors and peers. Each
                                    idea is described thoroughly, and
                                    specific guidelines for putting them to
                                    use are included. These ideas are
                                    based not only on research but on
                                    interviews with employees representing
                                    all levels in various companies and are
                                    illustrated by specific case studies.
                                    This thought-provoking book is
                                    recommended to both practitioners and
Whale Done! The Power of Positive   business your people atshouldand your Blanchard
                                    What do students and work be
Relationships                       spouse and kids at home have in
                                    common with a five-ton killer whale?
                                    Probably a whole lot more than you
                                    think, according to top business
                                    consultant and mega-bestselling author
                                    Ken Blanchard and his coauthors from
                                    SeaWorld. In this moving and
                                    inspirational new book, Blanchard
                                    explains that both whales and people
                                    perform better when you accentuate
                                    the positive. He shows how using the
                                    techniques of animal trainers --
                                    specifically those responsible for the
                                    killer whales of SeaWorld -- can
                                    supercharge your effectiveness at work
                                    and at home.
What Got You Here Won't Get You   Goldsmith, an executive coach to the Goldsmith
There                             corporate elite, pinpoints 20 bad habits
                                  that stifle already successful careers as
                                  well as personal goals like succeeding
                                  in marriage or as a parent. Most are
                                  common behavioral problems, such as
                                  speaking when angry, which even the
                                  author is prone to do when dealing with
                                  a teenage daughter's belly ring.
                                  Though Goldsmith deals with touchy-
                                  feely material more typical of a self-
                                  help book—such as learning to listen
                                  or letting go of the past—his approach
                                  to curing self-destructive behavior is
                                  much harder-edged. For instance, he
                                  does not suggest sensitivity training for
                                  those prone to voicing morale-deflating
                                  sarcasm. His advice is to stop doing it.
                                  To stimulate behavior change, he
                                  suggests imposing fines (e.g., $10 for
                                  each infraction), asserting that
                                  monetary penalties can yield results by
                                  lunchtime. While Goldsmith's advice
                                  applies to everyone, the highly
                                  successful audience he targets may be
                                  the least likely to seek out his book
                                  without a direct order from someone
                                  higher up. As he points out, they are
When Fish Fly         Yokoyama is the owner of Pike Place Yokoyama, Michelli
                      Fish in Seattle's Pike Place Market, a
                      historic, open-air market located in the
                      heart of Seattle, Washington. Crowds
                      gather daily to see the crew of
                      fishmongers throwing fish and
                      interacting with customers, and also to
                      purchase some of the freshest fish in
                      the country. The stand wasn't always
                      as successful as it is today, however.
                      Yokoyama's attitudes were shaped
                      from his childhood experience of being
                      imprisoned in World War II Japanese-
                      American internment camps, as well as
                      by his overbearing father. Prone to
                      outbursts of anger, his strict, closed-
                      minded management style wasn't
                      working. Through much personal work
                      he became aware of the effects that
                      negative dialog, both internal and
                      external, were having on his crew.
                      Once he made a conscious decision to
                      take a personal interest in his
                      employees and created a vision of
                      becoming a "world famous" fish
                      market, the business really took off. He
                      now shares his powerful insights as a
                      consultant on the creation of dynamic Johnson
                      This is a brief tale of two mice and two
Who Moved My Cheese
                      humans who live in a maze and one
                      day are faced with change: someone
                      moves their cheese. Reactions vary
                      from quick adjustment to waiting for the
                      situation to change by itself to suit their
                      needs. This story is about adjusting
                      attitudes toward change in life,
                      especially at work. Change occurs
                      whether a person is ready or not, but
                      the author affirms that it can be
                      positive. His principles are to anticipate
                      change, let go of the old, and do what
                      you would do if you were not afraid.
                      Listeners are still left with questions
                      about making his or her own specific
You Don't Need A Title To Be A   In his inspiring new book, You Don‘t    Sanborn
Leader                           Need a Title to Be a Leader, Mark
                                 Sanborn, the author of the national
                                 bestseller The Fred Factor, shows how
                                 each of us can be a leader in our daily
                                 lives and make a positive difference,
                                 whatever our title or position.
You Don't Need A Title To Be A                                           Sanborn
Leader DVD
Zapp! The Lightning of           Most managers know that revitalization Byham, Cox
Empowerment                      in their companies must occur from the
                                 ground up. But how to get that
                                 message to employees without
                                 applying the kind of pressure that
                                 makes them even less productive? The
                                 answer is empowerment. In this
                                 motivating book, you will find specific
                                 strategies designed to help you
                                 encourage responsibility,
                                 acknowledgment, and creativity so that
                                 employees feel they "own" their jobs.
                                 It's all here, in an accessible guide for
                                 the successful managers of tomorrow.
Zig Ziglar 5 Keys to Igniting    Motivation is temporary--but so are        Ziglar
Motivation & Success DVD         bathing and eating. It just turns out that
                                 if you do them every day you will live
                                 longer and smell better in the process!
                                 In this powerful message, Zig Ziglar,
                                 the world's foremost authority on
                                 motivation, shows you how to ignite the
                                 5 keys to motivation and success in
                                 your life.

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