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									     E2394                                 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                    December 20, 2001
     From Predatory Lending Act,’’ much needed                  This problem is getting worse, not better.           also been extremely active in Rotary Inter-
     legislation to prevent predatory lending. This          According to an ACORN study, Separate and               national and will serve as district governor for
     year, my home state of California became the            Unequal 2001: Predatory Lending in America,             2002–2003.
     third state in the nation to pass a law regu-           which was released last month, African-Amer-               But, Mr. Speaker, when I worked with Ross
     lating predatory lending practices. Reverse             ican homeowners who refinanced in the Los               Childs, I wasn’t working with a resume or a list
     redlining or predatory lending encompasses a            Angeles area were 2.5 times more likely to re-          of titles. I worked with a dedicated public serv-
     number of lending practices that target minor-          ceive a subprime loan than white homeowners             ant, a man who was a consumate advocate
     ity communities, employing interest rates and           were and Latinos were 1.5 times more likely to          for his Grand Traverse County, whether he
     service fee charges that are significantly high-        receive a subprime refinance loan. And this is          was laboring on behalf of an individual or for
     er than those prevailing in white communities.          not merely a function of income: Upper-in-              the county’s largest employer, Munson
     Such predatory lending practices are prevalent          come African-Americans and middle-income                Healthcare.
     in many areas across the country and federal            African-Americans were more likely to receive              I have worked with Ross on numerous
     action in this area is long overdue.                    a subprime loan than low-income white home-             issues, including funding for a new airport ter-
        Home equity loans have historically been             owners when refinancing. Middle-income                  minal at Cherry Capital Airport, funding for
     the privilege of the middle class and wealthy,          Latinos were also more likely to receive a              roads in the county, and projects at the Coast
     who generally have high credit ratings, in-             subprime refinance loan than low-income                 Guard air station in Traverse City. In between
     come, and home equity. However, beginning               whites.                                                 dealing with major projects or problems, I al-
     in the 1980s, non-depository finance compa-                We must continue to scrutinize predatory             ways knew that when the National Association
     nies—lending institutions other than commer-            lending practices and protect American con-             of Counties met in Washington, D.C., Ross
     cial banks, thrifts, and credit unions—began to         sumers who are easy targets for the predatory           would arrive with a list of county issues for me
     provide home-equity loans to lower-income               lending industry. Congress and federal agen-            to work on.
     communities, which were not served by main-             cies must recommit our efforts to ensure that              Ross and his wife Helen have two daugh-
     stream lenders.                                         greater opportunity to credit access means an           ters, Mary and Susan. As a change from our
        Persons in low-income communities typically          increase in quality of life, not an increase in         usual meetings in Washington, it was a pleas-
     have little disposable income, but may have             predatory lending and foreclosure. I will con-          ure for my staff and me to be able to show
     substantial home equity as a result of paying           tinue fighting on the federal level until preda-        Ross, Helen and Susan some of the sights of
     down their mortgages or through the apprecia-                                                                   this great city when they came here on a fam-
                                                             tory lending is eliminated and the term will
     tion of their property values. This equity can                                                                  ily visit.
                                                             only have relevance in history books. I encour-
     secure sizable loans. While offering loans to                                                                      That doesn’t mean we haven’t had our dif-
                                                             age my colleagues to support my legislation
     low-income and minority communities can                                                                         ferences, Mr. Speaker. I ask you to recall that
                                                             and look forward to working with you to elimi-
     benefit these communities, predatory lending                                                                    Ross in an alumni of the University of Michi-
                                                             nating this blight from our communities.
     practices, which oftentimes use the borrowers’
                                                                                f                                    gan, a school he not only attended but rep-
     home as collateral, have milked the last drops
                                                                                                                     resented on the hockey rink. Waving those
     of wealth from many of these neighborhoods,             TRIBUTE TO K. ROSS CHILDS ON                            Michigan school colors of maize and blue in
     leading to increased poverty and public de-              THE OCCASION OF HIS RETIRE-                            front of a Michigan State supporter like me is
     pendence.                                                MENT   AS  COUNTY   ADMINIS-
        My bill adds important protections to the law                                                                like waving the proverbial red flag in front of
                                                              TRATOR FOR GRAND TRAVERSE                              a bull.
     that will save many people from losing their             COUNTY, MICHIGAN
     homes. My legislation would prohibit the in-                                                                       Mr. Speaker, let me add a personal note of
     dustry from making false, deceptive or mis-                                                                     appreciation. Ross and Helen lost their son
     leading statements or engaging in unfair or                           HON. BART STUPAK                          Scott, a hockey player like his father, in an
     deceptive acts or practices, and prohibit blank                             OF MICHIGAN                         auto accident some years ago. When my own
     terms in credit agreements that are filled in                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   son BJ died last year, Ross was there at the
     after the consumer has signed. In addition, it                   Thursday, December 20, 2001                    funeral to lend his support. We share a pro-
     would prohibit prepayment penalties and the                                                                     found loss that never quite heals, and I will al-
                                                                Mr. STUPAK. Mr. Speaker, I rise tonight to           ways remember and appreciate his true ex-
     financing of credit insurance.                          pay tribute to a dedicated public servant, K.
        My bill will prohibit the ‘‘flipping’’ of con-                                                               pression of sympathy and genuine concern.
                                                             Ross Childs, who is retiring after serving as              So, Mr. Speaker, K. Ross Childs is giving
     sumer loans, in which the borrower refinances
                                                             County Administrator for Grand Traverse                 up the reins of power in Grand Traverse
     an existing loan when the new loan does not
                                                             County, Michigan, since 1976. Ross will be              County, and in one of his final acts as admin-
     have a reasonable, tangible benefit to the con-
                                                             honored on January 5 at a special celebration           istrator he has helped hire and mentor Dennis
     sumer. This practice of flipping often costs the
                                                             in Traverse City by the many friends and col-           Aloia, who comes from Marquette in the Upper
     consumer thousands of dollars in fees and fre-
                                                             leagues he has touched in his long career.              Peninsula of Michigan. As a U.P. resident my-
     quently leads to foreclosure. My bill will elimi-
                                                                A review of Ross’ professional resume re-            self, I am pleased to see that Ross has
     nate the practice of charging fees for services
                                                             veals an individual who acquired a broad base           learned what a great value and resource the
     or products not actually provided. It will also
                                                             of skills that ably suited him for the job of           U.P. can be for Grand Traverse County.
     prevent collusion between lenders and ap-
                                                             county administrator. A Canadian citizen by                While Ross may be leaving his post as
     praisers or home improvement contractors by
     prohibiting direct payments to home improve-            birth, he did his undergraduate studies in the          county administrator, he will remain active in
     ment contractors without a consumer cosigna-            community of Owen Sound, Ontario. He came               northern Michigan as regional governor of Ro-
     ture and prohibits creditors from influencing           to the U.S. in 1955 to earn an engineering de-          tary, a organization to which he has been ex-
     the judgement of an appraiser.                          gree at the University of Michigan, and his             tremely dedicated for many years.
        My legislation will remove the shroud of se-         postgraduate studies included courses in engi-             I ask you, Mr. Speaker, and our House col-
     crecy that currently surrounds the application          neering, business administration and public             leagues to join me in congratulating this public
     process by requiring that a consumer receive            administration at U. of M. and Detroit’s Wayne          servant on a job well done and in wishing
     disclosure of his or her credit score and an ex-        State University.                                       Ross and Helen Childs the best in their retire-
     planation of the methodology used to calculate             This resume also reveals an administrator            ment years.
     the credit score, if one is used by the lender.         who recognized that being in charge of a di-                              f
        My legislation will impose restrictions on late      verse and growing county required close co-
     payments and apply additional safeguards by             ordination with local public and private organi-         CONGRATULATIONS TO MR. AND
     lowering the threshold for high cost mort-              zations. At various times Ross has served as                 MRS. FLORENIO BACA
     gages.                                                  a member or officer of, among others, the
        Finally, my legislation will prohibit steering       Michigan Leadership Institute, the Grand Tra-                            HON. JOE BACA
     consumers into loans with higher risk grades            verse Commons Redevelopment Corporation,                                  OF CALIFORNIA
     than the consumer would qualify for under               Leadership Grand Traverse, the Traverse Bay                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
     prudent underwriting standards. This is merely          Economic Development Authority, the Tra-
     the latest in a long line of practices that have        verse City Convention and Visitors Bureau,                     Thursday, December 20, 2001
     targeted minorities and low and moderate in-            the Traverse City Area Chamber of Com-                    Mr. BACA. Mr. Speaker, it is my privilege to
     come families, shutting them out of the Amer-           merce, National City Bank, Blue Cross Blue              announce to you and to the rest of my es-
     ican Dream of homeownership.                            Shield, and Munson Medical Center. Ross has             teemed colleagues, that on January 5, 2002,

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     December 20, 2001                     CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                      E2395
     Flornio and Escolastica Baca will celebrate             tive effect upon her local community, Dr.               they were helping someone in need deserve
     their 50th wedding anniversary. The couple              Davis’ leadership has been instrumental in              protection from these scam artists,’’ Mr.
     will renew their wedding vows in a ceremony             strengthening the bonds between the cities of           O’Neill said at the White House. The Treas-
                                                                                                                     ury also announced action against the Al
     at Mt. Saint Joseph’s Catholic Church in Bar-           Corona and Norco, along with their business             Aqsa Bank and the Belt al Mal Holdings
     stow, California.                                       and educational communities.                            Company, a bank that it described as ‘‘direct
        Florenio and Escolastica were both born in              Dr. Brenda Davis holds a Doctor of Edu-              arms of Hamas.’’
     New Mexico. Florenio was one of thirteen chil-          cation degree in Curriculum and Teaching, a                I ask that the full text of the article follow my
     dren born to Seledon and Isabeleta Baca,                Master of Education Degree in Psychiatric—              remarks.
     while Escolastica was only one of two children          Mental Health Nursing and Bachelor of                      It seems clear that the Holy Land Founda-
     born to her parents, Rafael and Eufelia Gar-            Science in Nursing all from Teachers College,           tion for Relief and Development is an organi-
     cia. Eufelia, now 89 years old, is the couple’s         Columbia University in New York. Dr. Davis is           zation that serves as the fundraising arm of
     only surviving parent.                                  recognized as a very effective administrator            Hamas, which is responsible for hundreds, if
        Florenio and Escolastica married on Janu-            and has held several administrative positions           not thousands, of terrorist deaths in Israel over
     ary 28, 1951 in La Joya, New Mexico, and                at Riverside Community College, including Di-           the years, with a recent surge of murder of in-
     shortly afterwards the pair moved to Barstow,           rector, Department Chairperson of Nursing;              nocent young people in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv
     California. Florenio worked for the Santa Fe            Dean, Nursing Education; Dean, Grant and                and Haifa.
     Railway and later went to work for a civil serv-        Contract Services.                                         I do not believe that the American people,
     ice position only to return to the Santa Fe                Brenda’s tireless, engaged action have pro-          especially American Muslims, are intentionally
     Railway until his retirement. A hardworking             pelled the City of Corona forward in a positive         giving money to support terror. In fact, I am
     couple, Florenio and Escolastica were pio-              and progressive manner. Her work to promote             sure that the vast majority of contributors to
     neers of the dual income family as Escolastica          the businesses, schools and community orga-             this organization believed that their money
     worked a variety of jobs until her retirement           nizations of the City of Corona make me                 was going to support the legitimate humani-
     from a civil service position in Nebo, Cali-            proud to call her a fellow community member,            tarian concerns that Americans have about the
     fornia. All the while, Florenio and Escolastica         American and friend. I know that all of Corona          situation in the Middle East.
     raised a loving family.                                 is grateful for her contribution to the better-            The facts, however, indicate that these con-
        The couple was blessed with three children,          ment of the community and salute her as she             tributions were being used to finance bombs
     Gilbert, Sally and Evelyn. Today their children         departs. I look forward to continuing to work           targeted at innocent civilians.
                                                                                                                        Mr. Speaker, Americans trust the IRS to de-
     are grown and married. Florenio and                     with her for the good of our community in the
                                                                                                                     termine what is and what is not a charity. If
     Escolastica’s family now includes Gilbert’s             future.
                                                                                                                     there is an organization that is designated by
     wife, Tracy Marcum, Sally’s husband, Scott                                 f                                    the IRS to allow contributions to be tax de-
     Stapp, and Evelyn’s husband, Joe Bensie.
                                                             ON INTRODUCING THE ANTI-TER-                            ductible, almost all of our citizens would auto-
     Their children have given the Baca’s eight
                                                              RORISM CHARITY PROTECTION                              matically assume that the group was legiti-
     grandchildren, Lindsay, Courtney, Brandy,                                                                       mate. The IRS does an excellent job applying
     Larry, Erica, Adrian, Ryan and Mathew, and               ACT
                                                                                                                     its regulations very stringently. Unfortunately,
     one great-grandchild, Brooklyn.                                                                                 according to the IRS, the Holy Land Founda-
        I commend Florenio and Escolastica for                             HON. STEVE ISRAEL                         tion did receive these benefits.
     demonstrating their commitment to marriage                                  OF NEW YORK                            Currently, the IRS by internal regulation de-
     and family. The couple has provided love and                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   nies charities affiliated with terrorism a tax de-
     ongoing support to their children, grand-                                                                       duction. This is all well and good, but the fact
     children and great-grandchild playing an active                  Thursday, December 20, 2001
                                                                                                                     is that this could be challenged in court. I be-
     role in all of their raising.                              Mr. ISRAEL. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to in-         lieve that the IRS needs a stronger tool. I be-
        Today the Baca’s spend most of their time            troduce the Anti-Terrorism Charity Protection           lieve that this restriction must be in the law.
     relaxing at home and visiting their family.             Act, a bill that will not only ensure that organi-         Finally, Mr. Speaker, during consideration of
     Escolastica remains very active at Mt. Saint            zations supporting terrorism are denied the             the Financial Anti-Terrorism Act, I introduced
     Joseph’s Catholic Church.                               benefits of an American tax deduction, but will         an amendment on this issue that Chairman
        Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the United States          protect innocent citizens from donating well-in-        OXLEY, Mr. LAFALCE, and the Committee on
     Congress and the people of Califomia, I ex-             tentioned contributions to organizations that           Financial Services were gracious enough to
     tend our sincere congratulations to Mr. and             misappropriate funds to support terrorism.              accept, though it did not make it through con-
     Mrs. Florenio Baca.                                        Mr. Speaker, since September 11th, we                ference. The amendment asked that Treasury
                      f                                      have learned a great deal about Osama bin               study how terrorist organizations may use
                                                             Laden and the al Qaeda terrorist network. Bin           charities to fund their operations. I am gratified
     TRIBUTE TO DR. BRENDA DAVIS,                            Laden apparently is rich, with a personal for-          to see that the Department of the Treasury
      OUTGOING PRESIDENT, CORONA                             tune of over $300 million. In addition, a com-          and Secretary O’Neill seem to be focusing on
      CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                    plex global financial network exists to supple-         this issue and would encourage them to con-
                                                             ment his personal fortune. Alarmingly, evi-             tinue doing so.
                 HON. KEN CALVERT                            dence suggests that organizations in the                   Mr. Speaker, if we are going to win the War
                      OF CALIFORNIA                          United States and abroad have cloaked them-             on Terrorism, we must fight the war on every
        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      selves as charitable groups to help funnel              front. The financial front is one important bat-
                                                             funds to al Qaeda.                                      tleground and we must do everything we can
             Thursday, December 20, 2001
                                                                The President has already frozen the assets          to ensure that our soldiers—not only in Af-
       Mr. CALVERT. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to             of the Wafa Humanitarian Organization, the Al           ghanistan behind rifles but here in America in
     honor and pay tribute to an individual whose            Rashid Trust, the Makhtab al-Khidamat and               front of computer screens—have the weapons
     dedication to the community and to the overall          the Society of Islamic Cooperation. These               they need to defend America.
     well-being of my hometown of Corona, CA, is             were groups that were supposedly charitable               [From the New York Times, Dec. 10, 2001]
     exceptional. The City of Corona has been for-           organizations, but were mere conduits for rais-         BUSH FREEZES ASSETS OF BIGGEST U.S. MUS-
     tunate to have dynamic and dedicated busi-              ing money for the treacherous acts of Sep-                LIM CHARITY, CALLING IT A DEADLY TERROR
     ness and community leaders who willingly and            tember 11 and other acts of terrorism around              GROUP
     unselfishly give time and talent to making their        the world.                                                 (By David E. Sanger and Judith Miller)
     communities a better place to live and work.               On December 3rd, the Administration froze              WASHINGTON, DEC. 4—President Bush sig-
     Dr. Brenda Davis is one of these individuals.           the assets of the Holy Land Foundation for              nificantly broadened his counterattack on
       On January 5, 2002, Dr. Davis will be hon-            Relief and Development, a foundation based              terrorist groups today, freezing the assets of
     ored as the outgoing 2001 President of the              in Richardstown, Texas. According to a De-              the largest Muslim charity in the United
     Corona Chamber of Commerce. Currently Pro-                                                                      States. Mr. Bush accused the charity of sup-
                                                             cember 5th article in The New York Times:               porting Hamas, the Palestinian militant
     vost of the Norco Campus at Riverside Com-
                                                               Mr. Bush and Treasury Secretary Paul                  group that took responsibility for three sui-
     munity College, Brenda provides great leader-           O’Neill said today that they believe many               cide bombings in Israel over the weekend.
     ship, administration and supervision over her           Muslims who contributed to the Holy Land                  Mr. Bush’s announcement was a strong
     faculty and students. A person with passion             Foundation did not know where their money               demonstration of solidarity with Prime Min-
     and principles, who has strived to have a posi-         was going. ‘‘Innocent donors who thought                ister Ariel Sharon of Israel, who has urged

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