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									Campus Measurement

 Matt Zekauskas,
 Internet2 Campus Workshop
 Houston, TX
        11 Apr 2002

Measurements & Measurement Projects
Abilene Measurements
Focus on End-to-End performance and
Campus issues

                       Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   2
       We Need Your Help

I have probably missed something
Give us the benefit of your experience
  • fixing problems
  • operating a network
…also join a working group!

                          Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   3
        Measurement Goals

Solving performance problems
Network operations
Network engineering
Network research

Operational data
  • performance, flows, anomalies
Network characterization
  • how used? Meeting service goals?
                               Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   4
         Measurements from the Center

  • Measurement within Abilene
  • Measurement “end to end”
  • SNMP stats (esp. core Abilene links)
  • Variables via router proxy
  • Characterization of traffic
    –Netflow; OCxMON
                            Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   5
        Measurement Projects

AMP (round-trip delay, loss, routing)
  • ~120 Internet2 campuses
Surveyor (one-way delay, loss, routing)
  • On many Internet2 campuses (70 sites)
  • Abilene presence
PMA (passive, packet traces)
  • 1 min, 8 times a day, ~13 sites
                                 Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   6
         Measurement Projects

PingER (round-trip delay, routing)
  • Long term data from a few locations to many
  • High-energy physics focus
  • New: iperf data; application (bbftp, bbcp) data
  • Designed to be platform for experiments
  • Undergoing some redesign/revitalization…

                                  Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   7

AMP, Surveyor, Pinger
  • If at your campus, a view from your campus
  • If at destination, a view of destination
  • Look for campus connected to same gigaPoP if
    not at local or destination
  • [“Phase 0” measurement points for e2eperf]

  • Routing, congestion problems

                               Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   8

 • If at your campus, can look at traces for
 • Not as useful for on-demand debugging
   (but don‟t ignore ability to take traces)

                            Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   9
            Surveyor on One Slide

Continuous measurement
One-way delay and loss
1/sec on Poisson Schedule
12 Byte UDP packets
Traceroutes at 1/600 sec
72 Machines -- static; java real-time option
Currently broken as data repository moves to
U Wisconsin
                                          Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   10

Like Surveyor, but
  • Round-trip latency instead of one-way
     –Easier to deploy
  • Working on more comprehensive set of
  • Potentially more available
  • Working on a software distribution

                           Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   11
        An “Application-Level” Example

  • Synthesis of existing infrastructure
  • Focus: video conferencing tests
  • Goal: use this to tell if video likely to work
See also
  • VideNet Scout
  • Beacon being developed at the Ohio ITEC
                               Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   12
       Example: Internet2 Detective

A prototype
  • Windows “tray” application
  • Red/green lights, am I on Internet2
  • Multicast available
  • IPv6 available
Look for something on/after spring
member‟s meeting

                            Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   13

Abilene goal to be an exemplar
  • Measurements open
  • Tests possible to router nodes
  • Web-mediated on-demand measurements
  • Throughput tests routinely through
  • …as well as existing utilization, etc.

                         Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   14
       Abilene Upgrade

GigE connected high-performance tester
Latency tester
Tests that will be available on-demand
(web mediated)
Measurements also collected for

                         Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   15
      Ad-hoc Active on Abilene Today

Have some OC-3 ATM connected PCs
With OC-3, can do moderate throughput
testing (e.g., iperf UDP & TCP). ~90
Contact me ( if you
want to perform an ad-hoc test

                        Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   16
         Passive - Utilization

The Abilene NOC takes
   • Packets in,out
   • Bytes in,out
   • Drops/Errors
   • ..for all interfaces, publishes internal links
     & peering points (at 5 min intervals)
   • ..via SNMP polling – every 3 sec
                                Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   17
Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   18
Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   19
       Passive – Characterization

NetFlow measurements from routers
  • QoS
  • AS-AS information for K-20 & ITN
Some sparse via NLANR/MOAT
                             Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   20
       Others via Abilene NOC

BGP Peering
MSDP (multicast source discovery)
-> Monitoring; Tools

                         Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   21
       End-to-End Measurement
       Infrastructure vision

Ongoing monitoring to test major
elements, and (some, important) end-to-
end paths.
  • Elements: gigaPoP links, peering, …
  • Utilization
  • Delay
  • Loss
  • Occasional throughput
  • Multicast connectivity
                           Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   22
       End-to-End Measurement
       Infrastructure Vision II

There are many more paths end to end
than can be monitored.
Diagnostic tools available on-demand
(with authorization)
  • Show routes
  • Perform flow tests (perhaps app tests)
  • Parse/debug flows (a-la tcpdump or
    OCXmon with heuristic tools)
                            Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   23
                       Enabling Divide & Conquer
                       and Ongoing Monitoring

                                                                      Wall Jack

                GigaPoP A
                             Backbone 1
      Campus                Backbone 2
                                               GigaPoP B

    Wall Jack

                                          Campus Measurement     11-Apr-2002   24
        For TCP (and Streaming)

Eliminating loss is the goal
Focus on noncongestive losses
TCP: 100 Mbit Ethernet coast-to-coast:
   • Full size packets… need 10-6 Ploss [Mathis]
   • Less than 1 loss every 83 seconds
GigE/655: 10-8, 1 loss every 497 seconds

                              Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   25
          Quilt Measurement Project

A measurement portal
Example, GPN:
   • SNMP utilization
   • Ping data, hops, traceroute
   • Iperf server, pchar server
   • Router proxy
   • TCP tester (options, buffer size, …)
(Contact: Rick Summerhill,
                                      Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   26
        Some Commercial Tools

Caveat: only a partial list, give me more!
Spirent (nee Netcom/Adtech):
   • working on a box for „end-to-end‟ measurements
   • SmartBits: test at low & high rates, QoS; test
     components or end-to-end path
NetIQ: Chariot/Pegasus
Agilent (like SmartBits, and FireHunter)
Ixia (like SmartBits/Spirent)
Brix Networks (like Surveyor, for „QoS‟)
jaalaM Technologies: path debugger
                                Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   27
           Some Noncommercial Tools

   • See also
SLAC‟s traceroute perl script:

One large list:
                                              Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   28
       If you like living on the bleeding

Matt Mathis just released “pathprobe”, a
Web100 tool, as a way to test campus
network‟s suitability for long-haul TCPs.

                          Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   29
        What You Can Do

Export SNMP data
  • I have an “internet2 list”, can add you
  • Monitor loss as well as throughput
Performance test point at campus edge
  • Netperf or iperf, so can be from anywhere
  • Traceroute “looking glass”
  • Commercial (e.g., NetIQ) complements
  • I‟m willing to keep a master list
Create a measurement portal a-la Quilt‟s
                                 Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   30
        A Summer Project

Measurement box at edge
Spend month or two with mobile box,
checking throughput/loss/.. from every point.
For example, use iperf (or now, pathprobe)
Eliminate noncongestive losses
Develop a baseline to get a complete picture
of the campus: map the campus networks

                             Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   31
           What You Can Do

If you have a Cisco router at your edge,
use NetFlow and cflowd + FlowScan to
see your traffic characteristics
RTFM / RMON probes
See also Joe St.Sauver‟s presentation
from May 2001 “Joint Techs” meeting:

                                       Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   32
        For TCP Tuning

Consider Web100 for Linux 2.4:

NCNE Tuning Page:

                               Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   33
       Contact Information

Matt Zekauskas,
Measurements Working Group
End-to-end Performance Initiative

                            Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   34
          (Some) URLs


                                 Campus Measurement   11-Apr-2002   35

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