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					                        “I want you to PRINT ALL 9
                        PAGES and TAPE THIS PAGE
                        TO YOUR WALL so you won’t
                        forget to attend my call on
                        Foreclosure Teleseminar
                        Secrets Training…”

                                     ~ Terry Bontemps

              Teleseminar Dial-In Details
Date: Saturday , January 28th, 2006

Time: 9:45 am (Pacific) / 11:45 am (Central) / 12:45 am (Eastern)

Dial In: 865-362-4050

Passcode: 3542#

Topic: “Bonus Saturday Call – Gardner Deal”

      4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of This Call

  1. Print this sheet out so you can write and take notes during the call

  2. Think of how to quickly implement the secrets revealed on the call

  3. Make a deadline to complete at least 3 tips you’ll learn on the call

  4. Start calculating how much money you make from foreclosures
                - CASE STUDY -
        After Repair Value (ARV) = $150,000

                  • Repairs = $20,000

                 • Expenses = $15,000

                     MAO = $85,000

              • Purchase Price = $80,000



Money Partner – 3 Months To Rehab Property
My partner puts up all the money including repairs, monthly payments,
etc for a percentage share of the profits. Our job is to find, negotiate,
manage, rehab & sell.

Let’s figure our partners return as a percentage and their cash return on
their investment with a 50% - 50% split.

$150,000 - $115,000 = $35,000 PROFIT
$35,000 divided by 2 = $17,500 for me and my investor
175 divided by 115 ($17,500 divided by $115,000) = 15.2%
So my money partner is getting a 15.2% return!

Let’s look at a 60% - 40% split
(60% of $35,000 = $21,000 for me) ($14,000 for my money partner)
14 divided by 115 ($14,000 divided by $115,000) = 12.1%

Let’s look at a 70% - 30% split
(70% of $35,000 = $24,500 for me) ($10,500 for my money partner)
105 divided by 115 ($10,500 divided by $115,000) = 9.13%

Let’s look at getting a finders fee of $4,000 and getting a cash return on
the deal by splitting the profits 50% - 50% with a money partner.

$150,000 - $80,000 - $20,000 - $15,000 - $4,000 = $31,000

($31,000 divided by 2 = $15,500 each)

I make $19,500 and my money partner makes $15,500
You are worthy – ask for a finders fee

What’s my money partners return on his investment
155 divided by 115 ($15,500 divided by $115,000 = 13.47%

                           Money Partner
Hard Money Lender – 3 Months To Rehab Property
Mortgage brokers lending money to private investors secured
by real estate… looking for higher rates of interest returns.
$150,00 property that can be purchased for $80,000 as our
case study.

                    12% - 18% Interest Only Loan
                       (12% = $975 a month)

        Prepayment Penalty – 0 to 3 Months Interest
               ($975 x 3 months = $2,925)

                              0 to 5 Points
                   1 point is 1% of the loan amount
                         (10 points = $9,750)

                          65% LTV Ratio – ARV

I NEED $115,000. WHERE DO I GET THE $20,000 THAT I AM
SHORT? Visa, Master card, flip the deal to another investor, private

It costs me $2,925 for 3 months interest
It costs me $2,925 for 3 months prepayment penalty
It costs me $4,875 for 5 points
Plus $97,500 the original amount borrowed
Plus $20,000 I had to borrow because I was short
Grand total = $128,225
My Profit = $21,775

The cost of money is nothing compared to the availability of it!

                          Hard Money Lender
Private Investor – 3 Months To Rehab Property
Private investor receives a 10% - 15% simple interest per month
return plus the original amount I borrow.

No points
No prepayment penalty
Easy access to money because of the low rates banks pay for CD’s
I can get 80% or higher LTV (keep equity spread as a safety net)

I need $115,000
I’ll pay 12% interest
It will take me 3 months to sell house

3 months of interest payments is $3,450 ($1,150 x 3)
Plus the original amount borrowed of $115,000

Total cost for my private investor is $118,450
I make $31,550

Let’s Pay 18% To My Private Investor

My monthly interest payment is $5,175 ($1,725 x 3)
Plus the original amount borrowed $115,000
Total cost for my private investor is $120,175
I make $29,825

                        Private Investor
Gardner Property
7511 Loma Verde Way
Sacramento, CA 95823


TS #: 05-0060
Loan #: 1500010080172

Fair Market Value $260,000 - $270,000
Needs Repairs - $12,000

1st Mortgage - $90,000
2nd Mortgage - $25,000
IRS Lien - $14,187

I have the deed on the property (worksheet)

The property is in bankruptcy
File #: 06-20101

  1) You need to plan for trustee sale at the auction
     a. Terry conducts trustee sale as the 2nd lender
     b. The 1st lender conducts trustee sale

  2) You need to call a hard money lender
       a. What is your interest rate?
       b. How many points do you charge?
       c. Do you have a pre-payment penalty?
       d. What is your loan to value ratio? Don’t forget the
          property is worth $260,000 fixed up.
       e. Do you have a minimum time before I can pay loan
       f. The security for the loan is you a house that you own
          that’s paid for free & clear in Sacramento worth

The reason you are calling the hard money lender is so you can
receive a comparable interest rate return on your money if you
have working capital.

I want you to maximize your money.

My overall strategy is to foreclose on Harrison in Las Vegas. I
want to make $100,000 as my profit. Then I’ll take $125,000
to the Gardner auction, to make sure the bidding remains high.

My profit will be a minimum of $125,000 if my starting bid of
$25,000 reaches at least $125,000.

The Harrison deal is still alive and I want to teach everyone my
strategy for his property.

                 Bankruptcy Review:

If you have a Pacer account and you want a address to
mail to homeowners that have filed bankruptcy follow
the directions below:

  1)   Go to select new case
       filings report.
  2)   Log in with your Pacer account
  3)   Go to office – input Sacramento
       Go to case type – input bk
       From 12/19/2005 to 12/19/2005
       Select Run Report button
  4)   The first person is Marcia Davis-Bialuski
       Click her case # which is 05-40905
  5)   The Docket Sheet page should appear
       Click Run Report
       You should see Marcia’s address
       You should see her last 4 numbers of Social
       Security number.

       Send Marketing Material to Marcia

               “Take Away Sheet:
BIG Ideas Generated From “Terry’s Training Tour”

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