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					                                                                                                                                          Volume 12 • summer 2009

My Trinity Journey
Editor’s note: On June 10, Trinity held its annual eighth-grade commencement. This year’s exercise of-
fered something a little different, 15 students who have been at Trinity since its founding in 2000. We
hope you enjoy reading their Trinity Journeys below and on our Web site,

                                                                         Jessie Duncan

 I   t’s hard to say what exactly was
     the first thing I learned at Trinity,
 but one of the lessons that really stood
                                            Fourth-grade brought the
                                            uneasy experience of having
                                            four teachers in the same
 out in my kindergarten year was the        classroom to teach our class.
 realization that no matter how long you    No one could get away with
 dig in the drainage ditch by the side      anything anymore! A les-
 of the blacktop, you will never find a     son I learned this year is
 dinosaur. This nearly broke my six-year-   that you should bring rain
 old heart, but I seem to somehow have      pants to Earthshine, even if
 gotten over it.                            your mom doesn’t make you.
                                            Speaking of Earthshine, I also
 First- and second-grade were rather pro- learned exactly what the inside
 ductive years, in which I learned a great of a fish looks like, an experience
 number of things, such as how to read, that I am hoping not to repeat.
 write, add, subtract, multiply and di-
 vide. In third, we moved into the brand In fifth-grade, I mostly learned that it
 new, bright and shiny, easy to get lost in is possible to survive an entire year of
 school building and onto a curriculum      school in a different class from every
 that focused mainly on the city of Char- one of your five bestest friends forever.                                                                                       Jessie
 lotte. We visited several skyscrapers that I also joined the polar bear club and                                                                                          (top) and
 felt familiar in that they were also new,  didn’t die of hypothermia, but as my                                                                                           Jordan
 bright and shiny and easy to get lost in.  guide said: “not for lack of trying.” Like                                                                                    Harris both
 I also learned to divide again, having     any good year at Trinity, I was once                                                                                         Trinity from
 slightly missed the point of my second- again taught long division, this time by a                                                                                     2000-2009
 grade unit.                                slightly frustrated Mrs. Reitz.                                                                                            and are among
                                                                                                                                                                     the School’s first
                                                                  (continued on page 4)                                                                            class of Lifers.

                                                                         Jordan Harris

N          ine years ago on the first
           day in kindergarten I was
 nervous and I had no idea what
                                                 make relationships that would last for
                                                 many years. I still remember one day
                                                 in kindergarten when I played soc-
                                                                                                with all the work. To me, the middle
                                                                                                school trips and retreats are some
                                                                                                of the biggest highlights of middle
                                                                                                                                          would happen and everyone would
                                                                                                                                          be revitalized.

 would happen. When I came into                  cer with Geoffrey during afterschool           school. It seems like there was a point   To continue reading Jordan’s journey, along
 the trailer and saw everyone I had no           against the older kids. I remember             on every trip where everyone was          with those of the other 15 Lifer students’,
 idea I would still be going to school           Earthshine in fourth-grade, mostly             miserable because of rain or cold or      visit the Alumni page of our Web site.
 with some of them nine years later.             for the coldest temperatures I’ve ever         something else, but then something
 When I walked into Mrs. Holly’s                 been in, but people worked together
 kindergarten class with my mom I                pretty hard to stay warm and that
 was so nervous and shy I couldn’t
 even talk to Mrs. Holly when she
                                                 brought us all closer. Middle school
                                                 was the biggest transition — at first                     In this issue...
 asked me a question. Then she said              it seemed like you could do whatever
 something to my mom and asked                   you wanted. I realized pretty quickly                           > My Trinity Journey
 me if I wanted to go color at a table           you couldn’t, but it was still fun even                             Jessie Duncan & Jordan Harris, TES Lifers
 with some other kids, and I started
 feeling better instantly. Throughout                                                                            > Great Beginnings
 lower school I learned how to read                                                                                  The Rev. Dr. Louis “Smokey” Oats
 and write, add and subtract, and
                                                                                                                 > Goodbyes & Transitions
                                                                                                                      Joelle Karout
   Creating Scholars, Nurturing Spirituality and Embracing Diversity                                             > Grandfriends’ Day, Commencement
                       in Charlotte’s Center City
                                                                                                                   & Post-Trinity School Choices
The TriniTy Voice                                                                                                     Volume 12 • summer 2009

  Great Beginnings Goodbyes
  The Rev. Dr. Louis “Smokey” Oats
  Trinity Episcopal School Head of School
                                                                                                  & Transitions
                                                                                                  Joelle Karout, TES Parent
  The Very Rev. Jacob Owensby, in a recent        1. Character (self-discipline, empathy,         Tom Drake and his family came to Trinity
             edition of The Anglican Digest,                    integrity, resilience, courage)   just four short years ago from the
                  noted that “without a           2. Creativity and Entrepreneurial Spirit        United Kingdom where he worked
                     destination there is no                                                      for Cobham International
                       such thing as a journey.   3. Real-world Problem Solving                   School. Trinity’s newness
                         The destination can                   (analysis and synthesis)           and innovative approach to Wildcats
                           be distant. The        4. Public Speaking/Communications               education appealed to him on three...
                            route can in turns    5. Teaming                                      after working in an institution 1...2...3
                            be circuitous or                                                      that was hundreds of years
                            straight, scenic or   6. Leadership                                   old. Hired as the dean of
                           express, smooth        Taken together, it’s a worthy programmatic      Trinity’s expanding Middle School,
                         or bumpy. Even the       destination for any school!                     Tom quickly found application
                      occasional detour will                                                      for his many gifts. His enjoyment of
                   not undo a journey. But       As we start our next strategic planning          working directly with students was evident
              if you don’t have a destination    process and codify our hopes for what            and he soon implemented Frisbee Fridays, teaching Math
       you’re just aimlessly wandering.”         this place will look and be like in five and     Counts and leading a Lower School Tribe. Some of his
                                                 more years, as we consider our educational       proudest moments include initiating WOW Week, working
  Ten years ago, 90 families joined together                                                      with an intelligent and open-minded faculty, transitioning
                                                 regimen through the lens of reaccreditation
  with a fledgling Board of Trustees, seven                                                       from middle school academic dean to K-8 academic dean,
                                                 and renew our dedication to the mission
  lead teachers, four teaching assistants and                                                     setting up the “cluster coordinator” structure, sourcing and
                                                 of TES, and as we begin to make
  a handful of administrators, on a journey                                                       bringing in experts in reading, writing and math for in-
                                                 arrangements to celebrate and rejoice in
  to found a school that creates top scholars,                                                    house professional development.
                                                 our tenth-year anniversary, now seems like
  nurtures a deep and abiding spirituality and
                                                 an appropriate time to pause and reflect on
  embraces a community rich in diversity. Ask                                                     As a result of his Trinity experience, Tom says, “I now
                                                 the road we’re traveling, the side trips we’ve
  anyone who was around then: the School                                                          see and have lived first-hand the possibilities of what can
                                                 enjoyed, and the destiny that lies before us.
  has come a remarkable distance; the route                                                       be in a K-8 school, the importance of creating leadership
                                                 Indeed, we’ve come a long way. And, as
  at times has been circuitous and straight,                                                      opportunities for teachers and the importance of finding
                                                 I’m sure the strategic planning process will
  scenic and express, smooth and bumpy;                                                           time to dialogue around teaching and learning in our
                                                 show, we have many more miles to travel.
  and yes, there have been occasional, some                                                       classrooms.
  unintended, detours as we discovered our       Truthfully, I’m not sure we will ever “arrive”
  way. But no matter what, in this place, at all at our destination for there is always another   Tom saw coming back to the states and a move to a
  times, regardless of the circumstances or                                                       Southern city as an opportunity to experience life. Going
                                                 conversation to join, another note or email
  the participants, there has been a sense of                                                     home to Vermont, for family reasons, is another step
                                                 to write, another lesson to prepare and
  progress, of purpose, of destination.                                                           in their journey of living life to the fullest. The kids are
                                                 teach, another gathering to attend, another
                                                                                                  looking forward to snowboarding, and Tom has already
                                                 decision to develop, another heart to touch,
  Pat Bassett asserts that in his travels on                                                      bought a pass to the local ski lodge to accommodate
                                                 another compliment to give, another song
  behalf of the National Association of                                                           their passion. He plans to take what he has learned here
                                                 to sing, another game to win, another life
  Independent Schools (NAIS), when                                                                at Trinity to his new position as principal/coordinator of
                                                 to shape. But when you read Pat’s list, you
  he asks, “What skills and values will be                                                        Crossett Brook Middle School. When asked what’s the
                                                 have to admit our trip is off to a terrific
  essential for leadership and success in one’s                                                   most important factor for leading a school, Tom stated,
                                                 start and clearly on the right road.
  family, community, and the marketplace in                                                       “The essence of this job, when you sugar it off [a term
  the rest of the 21st century?” the answer                                                       used in the making of maple syrup], education is about
  is always the same. The things educators,                                                       relationships.”
  parents and board members all say we
  should be teaching are:                                                                         As a part of the interviewing team, Tom assisted in the
                                                                                                  selection of Trinity’s interim academic dean, David Kern.
                                                                                                  Since his hiring, David has shadowed Tom, attended
                                                                                                  Commencement and the final faculty/staff lunch and

                                                                                                  chapel and dialogued with Tom on numerous occasions.
                                                                                                  David most recently served as principal of the Friends
                                                                                                  School of Charlotte. His background is in psychology,

Day 2009                                                                                          and he has more than 20 years of experience teaching and
                                                                                                  leading young people with a focus on group dynamics and
                                                                                                                            team building. He looks forward to
                                                                                                                            serving a school in its tenth year,
                                                                                                                            with a good mix of establishment
                                                                                                                             and freshness…a school with
                                                                                                                             widespread parent and community
                                                                                                                             support and where the focus is
                                                                                                                             clearly on the developmental
                                                                                                                              learning needs of children.

                                                                                                                            David and Chris Weiss, Trinity’s
                                                                                                                            assistant academic dean, will be
                                                                                                                            sure to keep Tom posted on all
                                                                                                                            the happenings here at Trinity. It’s
                                                                                                                            going to be an awesome year!
 The TriniTy Voice                                                             Volume 12 • summer 2009

Class of 2009 High School Choices
Hank Barker          Myers Park High School               Kathryn Heynen      Myers Park High School
Chris Bradham        Myers Park High School               Emily Houpt         South Mecklenburg High School
Grace Ellen Bryant   Charlotte Latin School               Daniel Kennedy      Myers Park High School
Kelli Catoe          Phillip O’Berry Academy              Matthew Kirkland    Charlotte Catholic High School
Kate Copeland        Myers Park High School               Julia Laughlin      Myers Park High School
Mason Dufresne       St. Andrew’s School, Delaware        Parker Levy         The Fletcher School
Jessie Duncan        St. Andrew’s School, Delaware        Jack Matkins        Myers Park High School
Leighton Durham      St. Andrew’s School, Delaware        Geoffrey Matthews   Hopewell Academy, North Carolina
Reece Eldredge       Myers Park High School               Sara McDonald       Myers Park High School
Jeremy Evivie        Christ School, North Carolina        Madison McGrath     Myers Park High School
Derek Fulton         Northwest School of the Arts         Brent Milgrom       Myers Park High School
Jeb Gebhart          Covenant Day School                  Jack Pace           Charlotte Latin School
Alexis Giger         Charlotte Latin School               Lucy Pitts          Charlotte Country Day School
Laura Gill           Charlotte Latin School               Sydney Slaven       Myers Park High School
Stephen Good         Myers Park High School               Will Starnes        Lincoln Charter School
Myles Grier          Cannon School                        Laura Wade          Hopewell Academy, North Carolina
Jordan Harris        Charlotte Latin School               David Wright        Myers Park High School

Following Our Alumni...                                                       For more on what our alums are up to, visit the

Class of 2005 College Choices                                                 Alumni/Friends page of our Web site.

John Andrews         Auburn University                    Lelia Hoover        University of North Carolina at
Jillian Becker       Duke University                                          Chapel Hill
Chanel Blanchett     Sarah Lawrence College               Amanda Johnson      Undecided
Bethany Brewer       North Carolina State University      Reid Kutrow         University of North Carolina at
CJ Byrd              University of Colorado at Boulder                        Chapel Hill
David Cato           Virginia Polytechnic Institute and   Yates Marr          Sewanee University
                     State University                     Lora Mitchell       University of North Carolina at
Katherine Cavins     University of North Carolina at
                     Chapel Hill                          Brian O’Bannon      Vanderbilt University
Louise Dufresne      Vassar College                       Clark O’Bannon      University of North Carolina at
                                                                              Chapel Hill
Maria Fazzi          High Point University
                                                          Samuel Osier        Undecided
Kaneisha Gaston      Davidson College
                                                          William Perlik      Virginia Polytechnic Institute and
Roderick Gayle       Undecided
Caitlin Graham       University of North Carolina at                          State University
                     Chapel Hill                          Stephanie Shaw      East Carolina University
Katherine Hall       Wake Forest University               Joann Shytle        Wofford College
Christy Harrison     Western Carolina University          Whitney Templeton   Undecided
Benjamin Hassell     Undecided                            Emily Thompson      Undecided
Grayson Hearn        University of South Carolina         Cesar Velando       Undecided
Preston Holmes       Auburn University                    CharlesWilliams     Undecided
2009-2010 Board of TrusTees              The Trinity Voice is a publication of                        Contact the advancement and Communications office
Al Lindemann    Chair                    Trinity Episcopal School                                     for more information or to update mailing information.
Beth Hobbs      Secretary                750 E. 9th Street                                            Trinity Episcopal School admits students of any race, color, religion, national
Victor Williams Treasurer                Charlotte, NC 28202-3102                                     and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally
Lauren Kingsley Parents’                 Telephone 704. 358. 8101                                     accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on
                Association              Facsimile 704. 358. 9908                                     the basis of race, color, religion, national and ethnic origin in administration of
                                                                                                      its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and
                President                                               athletic and other school-administered programs.
Gail Laughlin   Past Chair
Smokey Oats     Head of School
                                         My Trinity Journey continued...
Susan Baker                              Jessie Duncan
Catherine Browning
Ann Blakeney Clark                       Sixth grade taught me how to change classes, Earth            help them learn, or at least pay attention to what you’re
DeeDee Dalrymple                         Science, Pre-Algebra, the proper use of hip waders            saying. The service learning this year also taught me
Mary Anne Dickson                        and my middle school career’s only fiction unit. In           how lucky we are at Trinity to be economically secure
Sarah Belk Gambrell                      seventh, I learned, a little too late, not to leave the       and speak English as a native language. I also learned
Elizabeth Hardin
Will Joyner
                                         screen door of your cabin open when there’s a love-           quite a lot about the Holocaust, and even more about
David Keesler                            bug infestation. My algebra one unit once again forced        immigration in preparation fo the DC trip. Predictably
Bill Miller                              me to learn long division, which I regrettably forgot         enough, the algebra unit in math required me to once
Bob Miller                               right after the exam. My final, but memorable, lesson         again learn long division.
Mike Minter                              in seventh-grade was that one should always check a
Anna Nelson
Ashley Pollock
                                         hill for poison ivy before rolling down it.                   Overall, the lessons I’ve learned at Trinity, both those
Woods Potts                                                                                            mentioned here and the thousands I do not have space
Ted Rast
                                         One shocking thing about eighth-grade was the slap-           for or have not fully realized, have made me a stronger
Bruce Rinehart                           to-the-face message that becoming an eighth-grader            person than I would have been without them. I am
Stoney Sellars                           does not automatically endow you with confidence,             now about to leave Trinity, a huge change for me since
Bill Underwood                           intelligence and public speaking ability. You actually        I am going away to school. Still, I believe that I am
Nicholson B. White                       have to work at these things! During this year, I             leaving school with everything I need to be successful
                                         formed a bond with a seven year old from Merry                in high school. Although, once again, I have managed
The TriniTy Voice commiTTee              Oaks Academy, and learned that sometimes letting a            to completely forget how to do long division.
Betsy Boyd                               child pretend his flashcards are light sabers can actually
Elizabeth Bridges
Beth Britt
Portia Eley
Heather Hill
Mollie James
Joelle Karout
Jessica Masanotti
Shelly Newman
Martha Shelley
Vanessa Shelton Stolen
                                   Trinity students and teachers say their goodbyes
                                   on the last day of school.

                                                                                                                                                                           NoNproFiT org.
                                                                                                                                                                             US poSTagE

                                                                                                                                                                            pErmiT # 3554
                                                                                                                                                                            CharloTTE, NC

Mark Your Calendar for
These Summer Trinity Events                                 750 E. 9th Street
                                                  Charlotte, NC 28202-3102
Wildcat summer camps
                                                  Telephone 704. 358. 8101
Monday, June 15 - August 14                        Facsimile 704. 358. 9908
summer clothes closet
and Book sale
Wednesday, July 15, 3-6pm

student information forms
mailed to Tes Parents
Monday, August 3

relink harris Teeter Vic cards
to Trinity episcopal school
August 2009

orientation for new-to-Tes
middle school students
Monday, August 17, 12:30-4:30pm

Wildcat roundup/all school
drop in (ms locker setup)
Monday, August 17, 4:30-6:30pm

         Creating Scholars, Nurturing Spirituality and Embracing Diversity in Charlotte’s Center City

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