“...we must go in by their door so they can go out by ours.”

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					“...we must go in by their door so they can go out by ours.”
                                                 ~ Saint Ignatius of Loyola

                                  ANNUAL REPORT 2006 – 2007


Chestnut Hill College, founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph in 1924, is an
independent, Catholic institution that fosters equality through education.
Faithful to its strong liberal arts tradition, Chestnut Hill College offers
academic programs of excellence in the areas of undergraduate, graduate,
and continuing studies.

True to its Catholic heritage, Chestnut Hill College espouses the beliefs
and values inherent in the Judeo-Christian tradition while it respects the
contributions made by other faith traditions in the development of the
whole person. The College nurtures a sense of integrity, spirituality, and
social justice in all.

The College community dedicates itself to four purposes in fulfilling this
mission. It seeks:

  ~ to provide avenues for students to achieve academic excellence and
    to pursue research in their major field or in interdisciplinary studies.
    The College encourages students to explore and experience diverse
    curricula and to participate in exchange programs with other
    institutions of higher education.

  ~ to initiate links between the world of learning and the world of
    work through curricular planning, technological opportunities,
    and career preparation. The College guides students in applying
    theoretical learning through experiential education designed
    collaboratively by faculty and students.

  ~ to uphold an atmosphere of communal respect in which all may
    clarify and articulate personal values and beliefs while exploring
    the ethical and moral dimensions underlying all relationships. The
    College encourages inter-faith opportunities by acquainting all            TAbLE Of CONTENTS
    students with Catholicism, its theology and its Judeo-Christian roots,
    and by engaging in dialogue with women and men of other beliefs.           Letter from the President      1    Alumni Giving                 18-28
  ~ to create local and global connections that enable students to             Student Profiles              2-3     ~ SUS                       18-27
    respond to the needs of others through service-oriented enterprises.       A Year in Photos              4-5     ~ SCPS                        27
    The College educates students to identify and to address issues of
    social justice and to work toward systemic change.                         Financial Reports             6-7     ~ SGS                         28
                                                                               Reunion Giving                 8    Parents & Friends             28-29
Approved by the Chestnut Hill College Board of Directors October 7, 2002
                                                                               President’s Circle           9-10   Corporations, Organizations
                                                                                                                     & Foundations                 30
                                                                               The Griffin Fund            10-17
                                                                                                                   Gifts-in-Kind                   30
                                                                                 ~ Fleur de Lis Society    10-11
                                                                                                                   College Board of Directors      31
                                                                                 ~ Associates Club         12-14
                                                                                                                   Alumnae & Alumni Association
                                                                                 ~ Contributors            15-17
                                                                                                                     Board of Directors         31
                                                                               Hallmark Society              17
                                                                                                                   Opportunities for
                                                                               Tribute Fund                  18     Providing Support            32-33
      y Dear Friends
& Benefactors of
Chestnut Hill College,
At Chestnut Hill College, the
mission is of paramount importance.
Who we are, what we stand for,
and what we desire to accomplish
as a Catholic institution remain
unchanged despite the vicissitudes of
time and the ever-dynamic nature of
contemporary society.

However, while the heart of the
mission is unchanging, how it is
actualized evolves over time. This has
to be. For Chestnut Hill to continue to
educate women and men in a way that
instills values along with intellectual
and technical knowledge, we must keep
pace with the times and be prepared to
address our students in a manner that
is relevant to their experience.
In the words of Saint Ignatius, “we       The development of a new master                  doubling undergraduate enrollment           plans for the future take shape through
must go in by their door so they can      plan to seamlessly join SugarLoaf                in the last five years and offering         careful, creative, and forward looking
go out by ours.” Evolution is a natural   Hill with the main campus has been               flourishing adult programs at both the      strategic and master planning.
and necessary part of our growth.         complemented by work on a new                    graduate and undergraduate levels.
                                          strategic plan. The diligent work of             Moreover, the quality of the student        What ties all of these diverse
I am honored to tell you how the          members of the College community                 body has risen along with growth in         initiatives together and places them
College grew and changed over the         will position us over the next several           numbers. To ensure that our students        within the context of the Chestnut
last year.                                years to continue the pursuit of our             are prepared to leave the College           Hill College legacy is you. Your
                                          goal of national recognition as a                and make the world a better place           participation in the life of the College,
First and foremost, with the successful   premier, small Catholic liberal arts             through their professional efforts          whether through financial generosity,
acquisition of the SugarLoaf Estate,      college in the Ignatian tradition. Our           and personal interactions, we are           the contribution of your time, or
we began in earnest to plan how           hallmark — a holistic education                  implementing an initiative known as         your presence at events, is utterly
best to use this valuable property to     that provides for students’ minds,               Greater Expectations. This project is       vital. Without you none of the above
enhance our mission. Professional         hearts, and spirits — has become                 a comprehensive program designed to         progress would have been possible,
planners of virtually every type          more necessary than ever. God’s love             assess learning-based outcomes in such      and our future would be much less
have been consulted as we work to         as expressed in the Gospels can and              areas as scholarship, leadership, ethics,   certain. On behalf of our board of
integrate the land and its buildings      must be united with a comprehensive              civic responsibility, communication,        directors, faculty, staff, and students,
into our existing campus, for both        educational experience to produce                and spiritual growth, whose goal is         I am deeply thankful for all that you
the short term and the long term.         graduates in all fields who are prepared         to make certain that Chestnut Hill          do for Chestnut Hill. I could not be
Student housing, parking, green space,    through their character and their action         students “learn not only how to earn a      more excited to join you in watching
academic facilities, and conference and   to witness to Christian values and               living, but also how to live.”              the College grow and evolve. Truly,
meeting space are among the planned       Catholic social teaching. Our planning                                                       during the course of this past year, we
uses we envision for SugarLoaf Hill in    process is designed to refine and                Growth is evident everywhere. While         have used your contributions “to fan
the months and years to come. Seldom      improve this experience according to             physical expansion is most visible in       into flame the gifts God has given us.”
does a landlocked, urban school           the spiritual legacy of the Sisters of St.       the purchase of SugarLoaf Hill and the
get the opportunity to expand its         Joseph and the mission of the College.           addition of Fitzsimmons Hall, personnel     Gratefully,
footprint to an adjacent area, and so                                                      increases are manifest in new faculty
we are taking great care to maximize      Make no mistake: Chestnut Hill                   members, whose scholarly credentials
the property’s enormous potential.        College is a thriving institution. In            and accomplishments are noteworthy
                                          every aspect, we are growing. We                 and new staff members, whose                Sister Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D.
The vast enrichment to academic
                                          are attracting more attention from               professional experience and expertise       President
and campus life that SugarLoaf Hill
affords us is unprecedented in the        prospective students throughout the              are impressive. The overall growth of
College’s history.                        country, in the process more than                the College promises a fresh vitality as

Chestnut Hill College set a precedent in 2007 by graduating its first four-year,        Rasheem Reneau
coed class in the School of Undergraduate Studies on May 12. for 79 years,              Rasheem Reneau ’07, one of the first
                                                                                        undergraduate males to walk the halls of
Chestnut Hill was traditionally a women’s college; then males were admitted into        Chestnut Hill, could be forgiven for placing
the undergraduate program in the fall of 2003.                                          himself in a lofty perch when future generations
                                                                                        talk of the College’s legacy.
Told that they would be constructing history, the class went on to define its own       But this is a young alumnus who believes the
                                                                                        values he learned at Chestnut Hill were at least
unique character while embracing and enriching long-standing College customs
                                                                                        as important as the classes. To Reneau the
that many traditionalists had feared would be lost in the transition.                   larger whole, not his individual place in it, is
                                                                                        more meaningful.
four graduates of the Class of 2007 reflect on their collective experience.
                                                                                        “Throughout time my name will be forgotten
                                                                                        among the students and staff, but my class
                                                                                        will always live on,” he says. “The opportunity to be forever integrated into
Danielle Griesbach                                                                      Chestnut Hill College history is one of the things that drew me to the school.”
As a member of the first class at Chestnut Hill                                         An accounting major, Reneau landed after graduation at the global finance firm
College to include male students, Danielle                                              Lehman Brothers. Based at the company’s New York headquarters, he works
Griesbach ’07 knew that things would be different.                                      with commodities, issuing margin calls to worldwide branches, processing
And she wouldn’t have had it any other way.                                             foreign-currency settlements and trades, and handling branch requests. Though
“I don’t know that I would have considered                                              the College does not offer a major in finance, that didn’t keep Reneau from
Chestnut Hill had I not known it was going                                              finding a job with one of the field’s most recognizable names.
coed,” Griesbach says. “I came from a small                                             “There is no class about commodities at Chestnut Hill,” he laughs. “The
high school, so I wanted a place to make a big                                          regular life of school prepared me for the real world. Knowing that you have
impression and be a big fish in a small pond.                                           to work hard, be vocal, and get involved — values like that — helped me get
Chestnut Hill provided me that opportunity.”                                            ready for the real world.”
And Griesbach took full advantage, serving as                                           Of course, values are just a part of the entire College experience, albeit an
vice president of her class as a junior and senior,                                     important part. Reneau also brought a good deal of smarts to the table,
as public relations coordinator for the Mask and Foil Drama Club, and as a              making the Dean’s List, earning induction into the business honor society
student ambassador for the admissions office. The “closeness of the campus              Sigma Gamma Delta, garnering recognition from the Pennsylvania Institute
and the family atmosphere,” she says, were defining attributes, with faculty,           of Certified Public Accountants, and graduating with honors. Throughout his
students, and staff supporting each other through good times and bad.                   four years, Reneau says, Chestnut Hill’s faculty nurtured that intellect and
For four years, Griesbach says, she and her classmates attempted to forge a             assisted him in overcoming any obstacles.
new way of doing things while remaining as true as possible to the College’s            “The teachers were great,” he recalls. “They helped me a lot. Every teacher was
legacy. “Traditions were the big thing a lot of people thought were in jeopardy         there for me. If I had trouble with an assignment, they were there personally.”
when we and the guys came in,” she says. “We took them and tried to keep
                                                                                        Twelve-hour days amidst Manhattan’s bustle may seem a world away from the
them as alive as possible, but tried to make them our own.
                                                                                        serenity of campus life in Northwest Philadelphia, but Reneau, a native New
“Even in the short span we were there, we saw an amazing growth                         Yorker, says his time at the College fostered in him a useful adaptability.
academically, athletically and student activities-wise,” she adds. “It was
                                                                                        “At first I thought the school was small,” he admits. “But it’s not small, it’s
unbelievable. It was a great time to be there.”
                                                                                        cozy. It taught me to be more accepting and tolerant, to achieve more, and to
A history major and secondary education minor, Griesbach is currently                   think positively about any situation. That type of environment helps you to do
working at an information technology staffing company in Plymouth Meeting,              that. I love the culture and the atmosphere there.”
Pa., with hopes of attending graduate school, earning her Ph.D. and teaching
at the collegiate level. She credits both her academic experience at the College        Move-In Day 2003
and her student work in admissions as “preparing me to interact with many
different types of people and exposing me to many different cultures,” thus
readying her for the transition to grad school and professional life.
In the meantime, she is preparing for an April wedding to classmate Mike
Santacroce, and continues to nurture the many fulfilling relationships that
developed out of her time on campus.
“We meet every Thursday night now, just to hang out,” Griesbach says. “The
friendships and relationships you build are the most enduring memories.”

                                                                                            Jadylee Rosario
                                                                                            As an aspiring teacher, Jadylee Rosario ’07
                                                                                            knows full well the critical importance of
                                                                                            an education, and so she greatly appreciates
                                                                                            Chestnut Hill’s emphasis on learning both
                                                                                            technical knowledge and life skills.
                                                                                            “We had a lot of hands-on experience,” says
                                                                                            Rosario, of Philadelphia. “The professors
                                                                                            prepared us well. I graduated with the skills
                                                                                            to develop a lesson plan and how to create
                                                                                            different classroom activities with kids. I feel
                                                                                            well prepared because of Chestnut Hill.”
George Roitzsch                                                                             Rosario, who graduated with a bachelor’s
It isn’t that George Roitzsch ’07 needed to take a                                          degree in elementary education, is currently a preschool teacher in
two-year break between graduating from Chestnut                                             Chambersburg, Pa., while she awaits her teaching certification. She’ll soon
Hill and starting studies at the University of                                              begin instructing 3-to-5-year-olds in phonics, mathematics, reading, Spanish
Pennsylvania School of Medicine.                                                            and music while waiting for a full-time post teaching English as a second
                                                                                            language to open in the local school district.
He chose to.
                                                                                            A graduate of the Philadelphia School District, Rosario envisions returning to
“I wanted to do something else before going to                                              the city someday in hopes of counteracting a tendency to devalue education.
medical school,” says Roitzsch, a biology major from                                        She firmly believes that success isn’t possible without education, but worries
Howell, N.J. “I wanted a couple of years to volunteer                                       that not enough moms and dads in her neighborhood realize that.
here and there and to give back here at the College.”
                                                                                            “In the community where I grew up, parents didn’t really care about school,”
And so Roitzsch deferred his acceptance to Penn                                             she says. “I always felt the need to give back to my community and emphasize
and is spending the next two years as a dormitory                                           to kids that education is important — that you really need it in life. That’s one
director at Chestnut Hill. During that time he will                                         of the things that made me want to be a teacher, that so many kids don’t really
earn a master’s degree in administration of human services, good training for               care about school.”
his eventual goal of practicing trauma medicine, and heading up an emergency
room or even serving as a hospital chief of staff.                                          At Chestnut Hill, Rosario demonstrated her caring — for education and for
                                                                                            her fellow students — with a busy schedule that included serving as a resident
“They did something right in getting me prepared for medical school,” says                  advisor for two years and membership in the Hispanics in Action Club and the
Roitzsch of the faculty at the College. “The professors who were part of my                 African American Awareness Society. She also was a four-year student assistant
major all had their own achievements and were looking to help you with your                 to President Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D.
own personal achievements. It wasn’t about them or their research. It was
about you and what was going to be your mark in the world.”                                 “Chestnut Hill is like a family,” she says. “Everyone is so welcoming and
                                                                                            sincere and friendly and helpful. No matter what problem you had, you
Roitzsch believes Chestnut Hill’s personal attention to students helped him to              always had someone there to help you out. The teachers were great and the
feel at home immediately and benefited him academically.                                    staff was excellent.”
“They worked to make me happy in what I was doing,” he says. “I didn’t feel                 The presence of men on campus for the first time, Rosario notes, brought a certain
like I was wasting time learning about things I didn’t think I’d have to use                spark to the College, and her most enduring memory is the friendships she made.
again. I feel comfortable being a well-rounded student.”
                                                                                            “It was like another home to me,” she says. “It was a great experience.”
As a member of the College’s first coeducational class, Roitzsch marvels at
how quickly his class came together in mutual respect and support.                                                                                  — by Thomas W. Durso
“Once the class got in and got settled, every dorm room was always open,” he says.
“Students were always talking to each other. And [president] Sister Carol [Jean Vale,
SSJ, Ph.D.,] was always around and wanted to know how you were doing.”
A varsity soccer player, student body president, Campus Ministry staffer,
retreat leader and participant in spring break service trips, Roitzsch truly got
the most out of his Chestnut Hill College experience. And now he is helping
other students do the same.
“It was a great four years,” he says, “and something I wouldn’t change for
anything. I’ve often said that this has been my second home. All four years, it
felt like they flew by. I loved every second of it.”


      1 George Nise of Beneficial Savings Bank was the 2006 Golf Invitational
      2 Family Weekend meant food, fun, and campus activities for all.
      3 NPR book critic Maureen Corrigan visited campus.
      4 The 8th annual Empty Bowl Dinner brought record profits.
      5 The men’s soccer team, 2006 NEAC champions.
 1    6 The enduring tradition of Carol Night.
      7 Isaac Greer ’07, all-time leading basketball scorer, recorded 2,065 points.
      8 The College community joined the world to “Stand Up Against Poverty.”
      9 Take A Chance! Casino Night and Auction fundraiser.
     10 Kate Quintus ’07 was named to the Philadelphia Inquirer’s 2006-2007
        Academic All-Area Women’s Basketball Team and reached 1,034                    5
        career points.
     11 Bye Bye Birdie was the spring musical.
     12 Business honor society Phi Beta Lambda is a championship chapter.
     13 Joan Lunney, Ph.D. ’68 (left) received the 2007 Alumni Distinguished
 6      Achievement Award.
     14 Anne Mirsch ’52, the Alumni Association’s 2007 Egan Award recipient.
     15 Missioning graduates to carry the light at Baccalaureate Mass.
     16 The first four-year, coed class in the School of Undergraduate Studies
        prepares to graduate.
     17 Commencement speaker, legendary former NFL coach Dick Vermeil.
     18 A beaming graduate.
     19 Eighty-one-year-old Jean Robinson rises to receive her master’s degree.
     20 Margaritaville on the Hill was a hit with young alums at Reunion Weekend.
     21 “Make new friends, but keep the old”…classmates reunite.
     22 Consuelo Braucci Byrne ’33 checks in for the Class of 1933.


                                                                                 11   15


12                                    18                                               4
 2       7    3



22       21

 9       19   10

                                                  ANNUAL                               ANNUAL
                                               OPERATIONS                           OPERATIONS                          SUGARLOAf HILL†                      ENdOwMENT††                        TOTAL
                                            Unrestricted Purposes*               Restricted Purposes**

     Alumnae & Alumni                      $                  1,000,235        $                    335,955         $                    379,239        $                    131,424        $       1,846,853

     Parents & friends                     $                    107,670        $                    165,406         $                 2,129,425         $                     30,949        $       2,433,450

     Corporations                          $                    102,821        $                      14,811        $                       2,600                                           $           120,232

     foundations                           $                     19,500        $                      48,550        $                     55,500                                            $           123,550

     Government                                                                $                    640,236         $                    250,000                                            $           890,236

     Contributed Services of               $                  1,157,622                                                                                                                     $       1,157,622
     the Sisters of Saint Joseph

     TOTAL                                 $                  2,387,848        $                  1,204,958         $                 2,816,764         $                    162,373        $       6,571,943

*    includes unrestricted gifts to Griffin & Reunion funds; Golf Invitational; Casino/Auction fundraiser; Tribute funds; Alum Association raffle; unrestricted bequests; miscellaneous other
**   includes restricted gifts to Capital Gifts Initiative funds; gifts/grants for academic & non-academic departments/programs; library acquisitions; academic scholarships; tuition awards
†    includes individual & corporate restricted gifts/grants for SugarLoaf Hill acquisition and development
††   includes restricted gifts/bequests to the general endowment; specific endowed scholarships; academic programs; library acquisitions; lectures

     GIvING bY CONSTITUENCY                                                                                          GIvING bY PURPOSE

                                                                                                                                          Annual Operations/Unrestricted Purposes 36%
                    Alumnae & Alumni 28%                      foundations 2%                                                              Annual Operations/Restricted Purposes 14%
                    Parents & friends 36%                     Government 14%                                                              SugarLoaf Hill 43%
                    Corporations 2%                           Sisters of Saint Joseph 18%                                                 Endowment 7%

 STATEMENT Of ACTIvITY 2006–2007                                SOURCES Of REvENUE

           SOURCES Of REvENUE

Tuition, net of financial aid                  $   18,995,539

federal Grants & Contracts                     $      37,545

State & Local Grants & Contracts               $     607,236

Private Gifts, Grants & Contracts              $    1,250,330

Investment & Endowment Income                  $     473,725

Contributed Services-Net of Expenses           $    1,157,623

Sales & Services of Auxiliary Enterprises      $    4,028,583

                                                                  Tuition, net of financial aid 63%      Contributed Services-Net of Expenses 4%
Other Sources                                  $     281,639
                                                                  federal Grants & Contracts <1%         Sales & Services of Auxiliary Enterprises 13%
Net Assets Released from Restriction           $    3,367,859     State & Local Grants & Contracts 2%    Other Sources 1%
                                                                  Private Gifts, Grants & Contracts 4%   Net Assets Released from Restriction 11%
                                       TOTAL   $   30,200,079     Investment & Endowment Income 2%

                                                                USES Of REvENUE
              USES Of REvENUE

Instruction                                    $    9,642,116

Academic Support                               $    2,731,792

Student Services                               $    3,868,373

Institutional Support                          $    6,680,202

Auxiliary Enterprises                          $    4,810,466

                                       TOTAL   $   27,732,949

                                                                                  Instruction 35%            Institutional Support 24%
                                                                                  Academic Support 10%       Auxiliary Enterprises 17%
                                                                                  Student Services 14%

REUNION GIvING fUNd: JULY 1, 2006 – JUNE 30, 2007

  Every five years, graduates are asked to consider an additional gift to the College –                    Reunion                     No. of
                                                                                              Class                       # of Alums            % Participation
                                                                                                            Year                       donors
  above and beyond their usual annual gift – in honor of their Reunion. for the first
  time, reunion alums were invited to choose from a variety of options that reflect             1937            70th              14        4                29%
  their interest in specific needs of the College and direct a gift to whatever purpose
                                                                                                1942            65th              34        9                26%
  they chose to support. Some of these options included:
                                                                                                1947            60th              45       21                47%
  	               •	Griffin Fund – essential support for day-to-day operations;
                                                                                                1952            55th              74       46                62%
  	            •	SugarLoaf Hill – property development and building renovations;
  	     •	General Endowment – student scholarships; academic lectures;                          1957            50th              86       78                91%
  	•	Other Gift Designations – such as campus ministry, student life, athletics,                1962            45th              91       48                53%
                                     or a special class fund
                                                                                                1967            40th             136       57                42%
  Gifts from Reunion class members, received from July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007
                                                                                                1972            35th             130       27                21%
  – designated to whatever purpose – counted toward the total for each class.
                                                                                                1977            30th              95       21                22%

                                                                                                1982            25th             103       27                26%

                                                                                                1987            20th             92        11                12%

                                                                                                1992            15th             79         7                 9%

                                                                                                1997            10th             97        12                12%

                                                                                                2002             5th             68         4                 6%

                                                                                              TOTAL                            1146       372                32%

  “ My first time back to CHC since 1977, full of fond memories...wonderful to be
      able to stay in the beautiful new dorm! Thanks for a memorable weekend.”
      Rosy Fernández ’77

  “ An event not to be missed.”
      Regina Beck Moynihan ’57

                                                      “ The Casino event was very nicely done – fun for all, neophyte gamblers
                                                       included…the bbQ was just plain great!”
                                                       Joan Burger King ’67

                                                      “ fun to catch up. Over too soon…Overall, it was wonderful! I come every
                                                       five years and I would not miss it! Thank you for everything!!!”
                                                       Dolores Sulzbach McDevitt ’52


Chestnut Hill College Society            Fournier Society                              The President’s Circle donor categories provide an opportunity for Chestnut Hill
($1,000,000+)                            ($5,000 to $9,999)
                                                                                       College to recognize publicly the generosity of our leadership donors whose
Anonymous                                Anonymous
                                         Marjorie “Shotgun” Binder ’43                 consistent annual support is essential to the College’s financial strength. Members of
Founders Society                         Consuelo Braucci Byrne ’33                    the President’s Circle are individuals who have made a minimum contribution of $1,000
($100,000 to $999,999)                   Judith E. Campbell ’69 (M)
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Cochran, III          Joan Coyne ’52 (M)                            to the College’s annual operations for any purpose.
Pennsylvania Department of               Barrie Thomas Fahey ’59
   Conservation and Natural Resources    Stephen A. & Anne Gardner (D)                                                                Marie DiBerardino, Ph.D. ’48
Estate of Mary Jackson Fitzsimmons ’35   Shelley Sprague Guerard ’66 (M)               Elizabeth Kincaid Canapary ’58
                                                                                       Frances Gercke Carey ’67                       Mr. & Mrs. John Doody
Rocco & Barbara Martino Foundation       Virginia A. Hogan ’53                                                                        Kathleen Keirle Dougherty, Ph.D. ’67 (M)
   (Barbara D’Iorio Martino ’60) (D)     Margaret Mary McDermott Keeler ’57            Roberta Rini Cartlidge ’49
                                                                                       Jacinta Lam Chang ’65                          Diane Driscoll, SSJ ’63
Michael G. & Margaret Carney             Wilma Carson Kellerman, M.D. ’55                                                             Duane Morris, LLP
   McCaffery ’77 (D)                        & Edwin Kellerman, M.D.                    Young-Shin Chang ’59
                                                                                       Chesapeake Bay Golf Clubs, Maryland            Mrs. Albina Dunleavy
Michael J. Morris (M)                    Regina Manson Kemp ’41                                                                       Joan Mathers Eaves ’52
Estate of Barbara Miller Tompkins ’52    Keough Electric Inc.                          Rosemarie O’Brien Cleaver ’58
                                                                                       Gloria Perla Coe ’46                           The Honorable & Mrs. James J.
                                         Joseph Kulkosky, Ph.D. (F)                                                                      Fitzgerald, III (D)
Griffin Society                          Peggy Grant Malone ’46                        Helen Devine Coen ’55
                                                                                       Lynnette Coleman ’80                           Deborah Dougherty Flint ’59
($50,000 to $99,999)                     The Martin Foundation                                                                        Donna Bongarzone-Fluehr ’03 SCPS
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Denny (D)           Loretta M. McLaughlin ’74 SCPS                Mary Connolly ’50
                                                                                       Elizabeth Marron Cooper ’71                    Betty Lou Froustet ’43
The Gulati Family Foundation Trust       Estate of Margaret Leary Mohr ’37                                                            Mary Gallagher ’70
   (Rosemary Murphy Gulati ’61)          Francis X. & Nonie Glennon Murphy ’66         Joseph Coradino (D)
                                                                                       Sally Ann Ayerle Corbley ’73                   Kathleen Gavigan, Esq., Ph.D. ’62
Mr. & Mrs. Ho Youn Kim                   Mr. & Mrs. Shaun F. O’Malley                                                                 Marcia Gehman, SSJ ’71
The Navesink Foundation                  Anna Connor O’Riordan, M.D. ’53               Mary Lee Rothwell Corr ’60
                                                                                       Crown Holdings, Inc.                           Joseph E. Gibbons & Company
   (J. Hugh & Anne O’Shea Devlin ’64)    Frances McCullen Pierce ’63                                                                  Concetta Giuliano, D.O. ’91
The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust          Betty Ann Oberheidt Quillinan ’56             Regina Cuta, M.D. ’56
                                                                                       CYMA Builders & Construction                   Mary Isabel Lambert Glenn ’61
                                         The John C. & Kathryn S. Redmond                                                             Patricia Tichenor Greer ’62
Logue Society                               Foundation                                    Managers, Inc.
                                                                                       Drs. Edward and Alice Ann Gricoski             Pamela Orsini Grimme ’54
($25,000 to $49,999)                     A. Clarice Zaydon, M.D. ’70                                                                  Ms. Mary Groome
Hilda E. Bretzlaff Foundation, Inc.                                                       Dachowski ’77
                                                                                       E. Loretta Daly ’47                            Helen Gruber ’52
Estate of Margaret Conner ’43            Clement Society                                                                              Robert G. and Isabelle Walsh
Suzanne K. Dufrasne ’58                  ($1,000 to $4,999)                            Frank & Elaine Bennett Davey ’65 (D)
                                                                                       Mrs. Deborah Davies                               Gundaker Family Fund
Robert McNeil                            Anonymous (2)                                                                                   (Isabelle Walsh Gundaker ’65)
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Montano                Bernardine Keeler Abbott ’51                  Kathryn Brown Davis ’33
                                                                                       Deloitte & Touche, LLP                         Sandra Cupini Hagenbarth ’63
Bill & Trudy Rutledge Foundation         Aegis Property Group                                                                         Elizabeth Du Ban Hansen ’51
   (Gertrude Carlin Rutledge ’63)        Patricia May Agger ’63                        Eileen O’Rourke Deneen ’54
                                                                                       Mary Katherine Schubert Denny ’40              Frances McCarron Harper ’48
Robert & Anne Brannan Teufel ’60 (D)     Rosalie Reardon Albers, M.D. ’39                                                             Mr. & Mrs. George Hartnett, Esq. (D)
                                         The Arthur Jackson Company                    M. Kathy Tigh Detrano ’67
                                                                                       Adelaide DiBerardino ’48                       Haverstick-Borthwick Company
Fontbonne Society                        The Ayco Charitable Foundation
($10,000 to $24,999)                     Anastasia Hagan Bacon, Ed.D. ’60
Anonymous                                Ms. Ann D. Baiada
Dr. Elizabeth M. Bowden                  Jana DeFrancesco Belansen ’69                                        Names are included in categories based on the donor’s
Chestnut Hill College Alumnae &          Maude Meehan Belli ’49                                               total contributions, for all purposes, received between
   Alumni Association                    Beneficial Savings Bank                                              July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2007.
Estate of Jane Harney Donovan ’45        George & Marie Badecker Benas ’48
The Doran Family Foundation              Marie Pelliccio Berenato ’57                                          Donor List Designations
Marie McDermott Keeley ’52               Mary Merz Berko ’52                                                    A Chestnut Hill College Administration
The Patricia Kind Family Foundation      Pamela Ann Black, Ed.D. ’64                                            d Chestnut Hill College board of directors
The Maguire Foundation                   Mr. & Mrs. William Bohnett                                             f Chestnut Hill College faculty
Kenneth & Janet Brown Quintal ’70 (M)       (Clare Hamilton Bohnett ’71)                                        M Matching Gift
Kal and Lucille Rudman Foundation        Kathleen Clauss Borkowski ’68                                          S Chestnut Hill College Staff
Harold and Ann Sorgenti Family           Mr. & Mrs. John P. Borneman                                          SUS School of Undergraduate Studies
   Foundation                            Sallyann Bowman, M.D. ’72                                           SCPS School of Continuing and Professional Studies
   (Ann Rusnack Sorgenti ’58) (D)        Louise Bradley ’52                                                   SGS School of Graduate Studies
Kathleen McDermott Strott ’59 (M)        Mary E. Brandt, Ph.D. ’76                                              * deceased
Denise Bonner Wall ’58                   Kathleen Donahue Bruyere, USN, Ret. ’66                                   fleur de Lis Society
                                         W. W. Keen Butcher
  PRESIdENT’S CIRCLE                                                                                                            THE GRIffIN fUNd

Hess Corporation                       Carolyn Sagendorph                            Mary Lou Sciarrillo ’66                  Gifts to The Griffin Fund are the
Ken Hicks (A)                             Montgomery ’97 SCPS                        Patricia Shacklett ’06
                                                                                                                              cornerstone of Chestnut Hill College’s
Mr. & Mrs. James Halpin Hill, Jr.      Anne E. Moore ’51                             Nadya K. Shmavonian &
Lois Deacon Hofmann ’36                Jacques and Blanche Haviland Moore ’50           David E. Loder, Esq. (M)              giving program in support of the
Anne Daly Holland ’56                  Margaret C. Moran ’67                         Kathleen McBride Shoup ’61               annual operations for
The Honickman Foundation               Mary O’Gorman Murray ’74                      Marylou Dughi Sklar ’56
Mrs. Quita W. Horan                    Loretta Brennan O’Brien ’46                   Patricia So ’67                          unrestricted
Mary Angela Heller Howard, Esq. ’66    Margaret Richardson O’Rourke ’51              George Spaeth, M.D.                      purposes. The
Gwendolen Forsyth Hurley ’58           Noel Pflugfelder Oakes ’66                    Carol Steinour, Esq. ’82
Jenzabar, Inc.                         Stephanie Olexa, Ph.D. ’72                    Sara Young Stoll ’62                     Griffin Fund
Patricia Garrity Kasper ’47            Mary Elizabeth Ounsworth ’92 SCPS             Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young, LLP    giving categories
T. James Kavanagh Foundation           P. Agnes, Inc.                                Lauri Strimkovsky (A) &
Daniel J. Keating Company              Bill and Mary Noel Page                          Israel Concepcion                     provide an opportunity for Chestnut
Kathleen Corcoran Keene ’68            Joanne Pascuzzi ’58                           Margaret Hetzer Stuart ’72               Hill to recognize publicly the generosity
Karen Spencer Kelly, Esq. (D)          Patricia Harper Petrozza, M.D. ’74            Miriam Fenerty Sullivan ’57
Patricia Kilmartin ’40                 The Philadelphia Trust Company                Lucile Sweeny ’39                        of donors whose financial support is
Joan Burger King ’67                   Barbara Woodward Pierce ’60                   Marilea Swenson ’67                      critical to the success of each academic
Joseph King ’79 SCPS                   Mr. & Mrs. James Pillsbury                    Angela Clement Tague ’61
Stephanie King, M.D. ’79               Susan M. Pisano ’71                           Rosemarie Walsh Taima ’57                year. Membership is determined annually,
Julia Heitzman Koechlin ’66 (M)        Mitch and Rev. Jami Possinger                 Maryangela Sharkey Tait ’80              based on gifts to The Griffin Fund.
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Lackman             Susan Prince ’75                              Anne E. Tezak ’76 (M)
Rita Cook Lade ’42                     Amelia Petitti Quaremba, Ph.D. ’64            Lois Trench-Hines ’64
Kathleen Herzog Larkin, Esq. ’67       The Quikrete Companies — Spec-Mix             Clara Tucker, Ph.D. ’52                  Fleur de Lis Society
Anne Branagan Letter ’54               Catherine Quinn ’78 SCPS (S)                  Lois Hoffner Udicious ’58
Rosemary Hagan Lignelli ’58            Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Rafferty (M)               Eleanor Craig Utzig ’56                  Chestnut Hill College is deeply grateful
Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc.      Frances Rafferty, Esq., Ph.D. ’71             Patricia Kane-Vanni, Esq. ’75 &          to the following donors who contributed
Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback      Elizabeth Dyer Ranc ’61                          Cigus Vanni
   Foundation                          Elizabeth MacDuffie Reger ’54 (M)             Dr. & Mrs. Richard Vassallo              $1,000 or more to The Griffin Fund in
Thomas Lloyd                           Religious of the Assumption                   Helen Mikula Vassily ’60                 2006-2007.
Catherine Lockyer ’92 (D)              Anna Dechet Reller ’59 (M)                    Kathleen Wagner ’60
Bob and Carol Lockyer                  Joan Toohey Rochford ’52                      Harry & Marianne McGurk                  Bernadine Keeler Abbott ’51
Ellen Logue ’47                        M. Gervase Rosenberger, Esq. ’73                 Wallaesa ’87, ’92 SGS                 Aegis Property Group
Elizabeth Lunney ’72 (M)               Linda McKenna Roxe ’61                        Margaret Seidel Walton ’66               Patricia May Agger ’63
Joseph and Peggy Lynch ’67             Trudy Carlin Rutledge ’63                     Ignatius C. Wang, AIA (D)                Rosalie Reardon Albers, M.D. ’39
Patricia Crane Lynch ’54               C. Patricia O’Hara Rutter ’57                 Mary Gallagher Wattis ’60                Anastasia Hagan Bacon, Ed.D. ’60
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lynch                Mr. & Mrs. Arthur P. Ryan, III                Helen McCann Williams ’58                Beneficial Savings Bank
Dorothy Kushlis MacFarlane, M.D. ’67      (Mary Kaufmann Ryan ’66)                   Wolf, Block, Schorr & Solis Cohen, LLP   Maude Meehan Belli ’49
Patricia Wallace MacGillivray ’53      Mr. & Mrs. John Sabia, Jr. (D)                Bonnie Word, M.D. ’78                    Mary Merz Berko ’52
Elizabeth Harvey Majane ’57            Mrs. Mary T. Sabia                            Jeanne Marx Young ’49                    Marjorie “Shotgun” Binder ’43
Barbara Piga Marcouiller ’53           Jean Schwartz, M.D. ’55                       Ronald & Carol Voelmle Zemnick ’75 (D)   Mr. & Mrs. William Bohnett
Katherine Marschall, M.D. ’69          Stephen G. and Regina Maxwell                                                             (Clare Hamilton ’71)
Joan Fitzpatrick Marvin ’51               Schwille ’65 (M)                                                                    Mr. & Mrs. John P. Borneman
Joanne McFadden McBride ’63                                                                                                   Kathleen Clauss Borkowski ’68
                                       Griffin Days
Maureen Rykowski McCarthy ’02 SCPS                                                                                            Elizabeth M. Bowden, LL.D.
Patricia Gavin McCarthy ’51                                                                                                   Louise Bradley ’52
Regina Gercke McConnell ’58                                                                                                   Mary E. Brandt, Ph.D. ’76
Maureen MacLean McCord, Esq. ’58                                                                                              Kathleen Donahue Bruyere, USN, Ret. ’66
Catherine Winter McDonnell ’45                                                                                                Consuelo Braucci Byrne ’33
Mary Lou Stafford McGill ’54                                                                                                  Judith E. Campbell ’69
Peter & Cheryl McGlinchy (D)                                                                                                  Frances Gercke Carey ’67
Helene Boffa McGuinn ’47                                                                                                      Jacinta Lam Chang ’65
Madelyne Kasper McKee ’74, ’04 SGS                                                                                            Young-Shin Chang ’59
Mary McManus ’49                                                                                                              Chesapeake Bay Golf Clubs, Maryland
Patricia Meier ’72                                                                                                            Chestnut Hill College Alumnae &
Anne Duffy Mirsch ’52                                                                                                            Alumni Association
Patricia Belcher Monaghan ’56                                                                                                 Rosemarie O’Brien Cleaver ’58
                                                                                                                              Gloria Perla Coe ’46
                                                                                                                                     THE GRIffIN fUNd

Helen Devine Coen ’55                  Marcia A. Gehman, SSJ ’63                   Elizabeth Harvey Majane ’57              Kenneth and Janet Brown Quintal ’70
Lynnette Coleman ’80                   Joseph E. Gibbons & Company                 Peggy Grant Malone ’46                   Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Rafferty
Mary Connolly ’50                      Mary Isabel Lambert Glenn ’61               Barbara Piga Marcouiller ’53             Elizabeth Dyer Ranc ’61
Elizabeth Marron Cooper ’71            Patricia Tichenor Greer ’62                 Katherine Marschall, M.D. ’69            The John C. & Kathryn S. Redmond
Joseph Coradino (D)                    Pamela Orsini Grimme ’54                    The Martin Foundation                       Foundation
Sally Ann Ayerle Corbley ’73           Concetta Giuliano, D.O. ’91                 Rocco and Barbara D’Iorio                Joan Toohey Rochford ’52
Kathleen Corcoran Keene ’68            Helen Gruber ’52                               Martino ’60 (D)                       M. Gervase Rosenberger ’73
Mary Lee Rothwell Corr ’60             Shelley Sprague Guerard ’66                 Joanne McFadden McBride ’63                 in memory of
Joan Coyne ’52                         The Gulati Family Foundation                Michael G. & Margaret Carney                Rita Schubert Rosenberger ’44
Crown Holdings, Inc.                      (Rosemary Murphy Gulati ’61)                McCaffery ’77 (D)                     Linda McKenna Roxe ’61
CYMA Builders & Construction           Robert G. and Isabelle Walsh                Maureen Rykowski McCarthy ’02 SCPS       Trudy Carlin Rutledge ’63
   Managers, Inc.                         Gundaker ’65 Family Fund of              Catherine Winter McDonnell ’45           C. Patricia O’Hara Rutter ’57
Drs. Edward and Alice Gricoski            The Philadelphia Foundation              Mary Lou Stafford McGill ’54             Mr. & Mrs. Arthur P. Ryan, III
   Dachowski ’77                       Sandra Cupini Hagenbarth ’63                Peter & Cheryl McGlinchy (D)                (Mary Kaufmann ’66)
E. Loretta Daly ’47                    Frances McCarron Harper ’48                 Helene Boffa McGuinn ’47                 Mr. & Mrs. John Sabia, Jr. (D)
Deborah Davies in memory of            Mr. & Mrs. George Hartnett, Esq. (D)        Loretta M. McLaughlin ’74 SCPS           Mary T. Sabia
   my daughter, Tiffaney Faith ’02 &   Lois Deacon Hofmann ’36                     Anne Duffy Mirsch ’52                    Jean Schwartz, M.D. ’55
   my husband, Oliver                  Virginia A. Hogan ’53                       Anne E. Moore ’51                        Stephen G. and Regina Maxwell
Kathryn Brown Davis ’33                Anne Daly Holland ’56                       Jacques and Blanche Haviland Moore ’50      Schwille ’65
Deloitte & Touche, LLP                 Quita W. Horan                              Mary O’Gorman Murray ’74                 Mary Lou Sciarrillo ’66
Eileen O’Rourke Deneen ’54             Gwendolen Forsyth Hurley ’58                The Navesink Foundation (J. Hugh &       Patricia Shacklett ’06
Mary Katherine Schubert Denny ’40      The T. James Kavanagh Foundation               Nancy O’Shea Devlin ’64)              Nadya K. Shmavonian & David E. Loder
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Denny (D)         Daniel J. Keating Company                   Loretta Brennan O’Brien ’46              Kathleen McBride Shoup ’61
Marie DiBerardino, Ph.D. ’48           Margaret Mary McDermott Keeler ’57          Stephanie Olexa, Ph.D. ’72               Patricia So ’67
Mr. & Mrs. John Doody                  Karen Spencer Kelley, Esq. (D)              Mr. & Mrs. Shaun F. O’Malley             Harold A. & Ann Rusnack
Kathleen Keirle Dougherty, Ph.D. ’67   Keough Electric, Inc.                       Margaret Richardson O’Rourke ’51            Sorgenti ’58 (D)
Duane Morris, LLP                      Stephanie King ’79                          Mary Elizabeth Ounsworth ’92 SCPS        Sara Young Stoll ’62
Elizabeth Du Ban Hansen ’51            Julia Heitzman Koechlin ’66                 P. Agnes, Inc.                           Kathleen McDermott Strott ’59
Suzanne K. Dufrasne ’58                Rita Cook Lade ’42                          Bill and Mary Noel Page                  Stradley, Ronon, Stevens & Young, LLP
Mrs. Albina Dunleavy                   Anne Branagan Letter ’54                    Patricia Harper Petrozza, M.D. ’74       Miriam Fenerty Sullivan ’57
Joan Mathers Eaves ’52                 Rosemary Hagan Lignelli ’58                 Barbara Woodward Pierce ’60              Lucile Sweeny ’39
Barrie Thomas Fahey ’59                Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc.           Frances McCullen Pierce ’63              Angela Clement Tague ’61
The Honorable & Mrs. James J.          Catherine Lockyer ’92 (D)                   The Philadelphia Trust Company           Robert & Anne Brannan Teufel ’60
   Fitzgerald, III (D)                 Bob and Carol Lockyer                       Susan M. Pisano ’71                      Anne E. Tezak ’76
Deborah Dougherty Flint ’59            Elizabeth Lunney ’72                        Mitch and Rev. Jami Possinger            In memory of Catherine and Luke Trench
Donna Bongarzone-Fluehr ’03 SCPS       Joseph and Peggy Lynch ’67                  Susan Prince ’75                         Clara Tucker ’52
Stephen A. and Anne Gardner (D)        Patricia Crane Lynch ’54                    The Quikrete Companies – Spec-Mix        Lois Hoffner Udicious ’58
Kathleen Gavigan, Esq., Ph.D. ’62      Jim and Frannie Maguire                     Betty Ann Oberheidt Quillinan ’56        Eleanor Craig Utzig ’56
                                                                                                                            Patricia Kane-Vanni, Esq. ’75 &
                                                                                                                               Cigus Vanni
                                                                                                                            Helen Mikula Vassily ’60
                                                                                                                            Kathleen M. Wagner ’60
                                                                                                                               in memory of
                                                                                                                               Mary and William Wagner
                                                                                                                            Denise Bonner Wall ’58
                                                                                                                            Harry and Marianne McGurk
                                                                                                                               Wallaesa ’87, ’92 SGS
                                                                                                                            Margaret Seidel Walton ’66
                                                                                                                            Ignatius C. Wang, AIA (D)
                                                                                                                            Mary Gallagher Wattis ’60
                                                                                                                            Wolf, Block, Schorr & Solis-Cohen, LLP
                                                                                                                            Thomas Wynne Apartments
                                                                                                                            A. Clarice Zaydon, M.D. ’70
                                                                                                                            Ronald & Carol Voelmle
                                                                                   Professor of History David Contosta,        Zemnick ’75 (D)
                                                                                   Ph.D. published research on the
                                                                                   parallel lives of Darwin and Lincoln.

Gold Associates Club                    Phyllis Finarelli Kenning ’71                Scarlet Associates Club              Mary Martire ’53
($500 - $999)                           Joan Gerard Larkin ’52                       ($250 - $499)                        Mary Mulderry Mattson ’66
Margaret Helbling Baumann ’72           Anne E. Cashman Lilly ’67                    Mary Eichhorn Adams, Ph.D. ’58       Barbara Wenthe McCarthy ’60
Mary Ann Miller Beatty, Ph.D. ’59       Ellen Logue ’47                              Jeanne Baffa, M.D. ’81               Regina Gercke McConnell ’58
Marion Williams Berry ’63               Kathleen Madden ’82                          Anne Dever Bancroft ’57              Dolores Sulzbach McDevitt ’52
Mary Ann Ballisty Bonner ’71, ’00 SGS   Janice Maffei ’75                            Bernadette Power Barnhurst ’51       Anna Marie McKenna ’58
Rosemary Mahoney Boyle ’57              Mr. & Mrs. Carl Malisheski                   Joanne Park Batzig ’66               Joan Shelley McLaughlin ’54
Susan Wentland Brobst, Ph.D. ’83        Kathleen McNicholas, M.D. ’69                Constance Murray Becker ’57          Joan Menaquale ’53
Catharine Gallagher Brockway ’51        Annunciata Torrese Milani ’57                Mary Nagle Bell ’54                  Helen Baum Miller ’61
Ann Gallen Buckley ’57                  Nancie Ann Kenny Moebius ’75 (M)             Patricia Doran Benkovic ’60          Margaret Quinn Mohr ’58
Aminta Woodley Burnett ’59              Paul and Helen Kenny Motzenbecker ’50        Margaret Betz, Ph.D. ’71             Juanita Ripoll Moore-Koecher ’44
Lt. Rev. Joseph Coffey                  Janet Smith Murphy ’48                       Alice Ann Goldkamp Bossow ’64        Penny Grelis Morrison ’68
Mary Little Collins ’73                 Joan Byrne Murphy ’50                        Mr. & Mrs. William T. Brennan        Mary Delia Tye Neuman, Ph.D. ’66
Katherine Rickert Coulson, Ph.D. ’54    Catherine Myers ’71                          Elizabeth Hughes Burns ’61           Mary Kinahan-Ockay ’74
Marjorie Piga Crain ’48                 Diane Napoli O’Grady ’57                     Claire Little Burton ’48             Carole Storch O’Dwyer ’59
Mary Catherine Curran ’58               Anna Connor O’Riordan, M.D. ’53              Noreen Kraska Caivano ’67            Barbara Griffiths Olivieri ’56 (M)
Mrs. Carlene Labella Deon               Jo Ellen Noonan Parsons ’66                  Kathleen Vath Campbell ’70           Rita O’Loughlin ’49
Kathleen Braun Dollenberg ’62           Helen Penza Powers ’58                       Elizabeth Kincaid Canapary ’58       Nora Golden O’Malley ’58 (M)
Kathleen M. Donnelly ’59                Annemarie Fliegel Quigley ’62                Anne Callery Carney ’51              Marita Howard O’Rourke ’52
Lydia Maiorca Driscoll ’70              Martha Ranc, Ph.D. ’86 (M)                   Phyllis Metz Carroll ’51             Denise Haskins Paolella ’75
Marie Micale Dumbra ’60                 Anna Dechet Reller ’59 (M)                   Roberta Rini Cartlidge ’49           Mary Ann Stahl Patton ’87
Maryanne Rafferty Dunmire ’57           Phyllis M. Roche ’65                         Mary Coady ’62                       Judith Perkins ’70
Patricia Hickey Fabricius ’55           Mary Hutko Scholl ’71                        Virginia Reilly Coester ’58          Frances Costa Peters ’55
Kathleen A. Farrell, Esq. ’78           Barbara Hurlbrink Schwitzer ’58              Lorraine Delafrange Deeney ’42       Mary Pollitt ’58
Bettyanne Geikler ’52 (M)               Jodie King-Smith ’94, ’01 SGS (M) (A)        MaryLou Mongiven Delizia ’78 SCPS    Amelia Petitti Quaremba, Ph.D. ’64
Ellen Young Greenlee, Esq. ’58          Mary Schuhsler Spangler, Ed.D. ’64           Brenda M. Gala DeStefano ’90 (M)     Dorothy Baker Radcliff ’61
Mary Margaret Hamill ’70                Marion Lacey Steet ’46                       Joan Fry Donahue ’69                 Alexandra Masiuk Rakowsky ’62
Catherine Griffiths Harrison ’98 SGS    Carol Steinour, Esq. ’82                     Ruth Wingel Doyle ’52                Mary Reeber ’60
Mr. Raymond Hartman, Jr.                Verna Brugger Stockmal ’61                   Mr. & Mrs. Donald Duffy              Lorraine A. Revello ’66
Kathryn Peters Hill ’57                 Cynthia Strolle ’75                          Joanne Waldron Dwyer ’55             Joan Murray Reynolds ’52
Marie Schauder Hindman ’49              Mary Margaret O’Connell Truschel ’50         Joan Enright ’58                     Helen Cunningham Roney ’44
Judith Bourgeois Jensen ’60             Barbara Boyd Ward ’80 (M)                    Mary Fay ’83                         Carolyn Inglesby Rusin ’58
Kathryn Coyne Keegan ’61                Mary Alice Turvey White ’57                  Mary Garneau Feketie ’47             Mary J. Salzmann ’66
Patricia F. Kelleher ’48                Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wrona                     Constance Peacock Feraco ’53         Joan McFadden Sawoski ’57
                                        Nina Buckley Yeager ’68                      Kathleen Heidere Ford ’63            Mary Ellen Scanlan, Ph.D. ’64
                                                                                     Katherine Hinches Forsythe ’42       Marjorie Scott ’89
The Legacy of Santiago Ramon y Cajal, a multidisciplinary conference,                Betty Lou Froustet ’43               Mary Maines Sullivan ’58
drew international scholars.                                                         Jeanne Labrecque Gagliano ’77 SCPS   Genevieve Koehler Sweet ’51
                                                                                     Mr. James Gallagher                  Regina Voelker Tauke ’60
                                                                                     Eileen D’Arcy Garvey ’62             Virginia Toliver ’94 SGS
                                                                                     Marie Sclafani Goldkamp ’65          Carol Panepinto Trojan ’68
                                                                                     Kathleen Boran Gotthelf ’75          Beverley Patrone Uniacke, M.D. ’82
                                                                                     Cecilia McNulty Gray ’47             Carmen Costanza Veit ’53
                                                                                     Geraldine Eble Hamilton ’63          Selma Koury-Wunderlich ’53
                                                                                     Patricia Quinn Hayden ’68
                                                                                     Sandra Johnson Helverson ’61 (M)     Silver Associates Club
                                                                                     Berna Schmidt Herrick ’50            ($100 - $249)
                                                                                     Sandra Denenberg Hohberger ’66       Louise Loia Aaronson ’67
                                                                                     Anne DePiano Holderness ’60          Alice Fitzpatrick Abbene ’52
                                                                                     Adele Pudrowski Hudson ’48           Barbara Adamski ’68
                                                                                     Aurora Marrero Hughes ’77            Marie Meaney Adolph ’57
                                                                                     Joan Edmund Husted ’68               Marilyn Sutton Adomanis ’70, ’84 SGS
                                                                                     Lynnanne Kasarda, M.D. ’82           Catherine L. Albanese, Ph.D. ’62
                                                                                     Mary Ann Keegan ’45                  Judith Simcoe Alexander ’57
                                                                                     Anna Gibino Kerr ’69                 Elizabeth Allen ’51
                                                                                     Mary Laffan King ’62                 Rita Ciotti Altman, Ed.D. ’53
                                                                                     Sandra Glynn Lippe ’62               Mr. & Mrs. George Ambrose
                                                                                                          THE GRIffIN fUNd ASSOCIATES CLUb

Betty O’Hara Anders ’38               Mrs. Lucy Canning                          Mary Wiesner Edell ’54                  Kathleen Mooney Hennessey ’72
Maryanne Reilly Andrews ’75 SCPS      Katherine Alcamo Cardali ’61               Camelia Gallardo Eisenhart ’43          Mr. Donald Heron
Barbara Dolan Arena ’83               Barbara Carli ’52                          Mary Levin Englebert ’50                Eileen Long Hessman ’60
M. Justine Smith Atkins, D.A. ’53     Carol Brokars Carr ’59                     Margaret M. Englebert ’74               Kathryn Lippman Hodgkiss ’49
Eleanor Yoa Ayers ’69                 Joanne Paskowsky Carr ’67                  Mary Catherine O’Brien Fallon ’45 (M)   Mary-Jo Heile Hogan ’48
Alison Franks Babiarz ’78             Mary Ellen McClain Carson ’57              Carmella Fanelle, D.D.S. ’82            Maureen McFadden Holley, D.M.D. ’86
Lydia Aponte Bacque ’42               Ruth Carver ’88 SCPS                       Helen Tansey Farhat ’43                 Mary Tyler Muldoon Holmes ’73
Rieke Baize ’98                       Maureen Gillen Chan ’61                    Charlotte Branagan Farley ’56           Audrey Ward House ’57
Mary Margaret Moore Baker ’64         Ms. I. Carole Christ ’06 SCPS              Lizbeth Feldstein ’02 SCPS              Cheryl-Ann Montano Hughes ’80
Martina McCarthy Ball ’66             Pauline Chung ’72                          Denise Gervase Ferrier, Ph.D. ’69       Valerie Mikula Hughes, D.D.S. ’74
Margaret Waltz Baloga ’70             Mr. and Mrs. Dewey P. Clark                Mary Jane Harford Ferro ’57             Theresa Salvatore Hunsicker ’99
Joan Hartmann Bamberger ’54           Rosemarie Schmitt Clark ’57 (M)            A. Klair McGlynn Filarsky ’48           Moira Hurley, M.D. ’64
Patricia Tully Bannan ’49             Rose Ann Baron Clarke ’54                  Colleen Finley ’84                      Charlotte Kelley Hyer ’59
Mary Beth Oakes Barba ’52             Mr. & Mrs. John Collins                    Marlyn Tome Formidoni ’68 (M)           Kathleen Brown Hyland ’63
Felicia Corsaro Barbieri, Ph.D. ’70   Tullia Giordano Conboy ’49                 Margaret Feraco Frampton ’79            Mr. & Mrs. Harold Irwin
Mary Ellen McFadden Barry ’56         Ann Donoghue Conley ’48                    Mary Jane Pasha Franco ’58              The Honorable Frederica
Jeanne Haesler Bebbington ’48         Joan Murray Conmy ’91 SCPS, ’98 SGS        Gertrude Dearie Frekko ’63                 Massiah-Jackson ’71
Christine Scott Beck ’72              Jo Ann Ewadinger Connelly ’61              Concetta Vitullo French ’36             Kathleen Boyle Jarvis ’62
Maryann Wessel Beitel ’56             Beverly Kray Connolly ’56                  Lorilee Pittenger Friel ’87             Joan McFadden Jernee ’67
Patricia Chiri Bell ’65               Maureen Newman Considine ’54               Mary Scarpello Furey ’04 SGS            Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Johnston
Joan McDermott Bellwoar ’55           Mr. & Mrs. James Cooney                    Adrienne Donaghue Gallagher ’62         Mary Therese Joyce ’46
Carolyn Bensel, Ph.D. ’63             Patricia Bounds Corcoran ’54               Noel Riley Gallagher ’62                Anita Chiu Kan ’74
Anne Quickmire Bergamo ’47            Amy Molloy Cordasco ’82                    Paula Murphy Gallagher ’64              Louise Burgoyne Kane ’52
Marion Morris Bergan ’53              Madeleine Gercke Costigan ’54              Agnes Dennison Galop ’47                Patricia Garrity Kasper ’47
Anna Marie Hummert Bertram ’46        Monica Cetrullo Costlow ’71                Jane Foulkrod Galvin ’68                Barbara Merck Kearns ’58
Adele Schmitz Bissonette ’73          Rosemary Tighe Cozzolino ’61               Sharon Smith Gardlund ’61               Ann Keer ’97
Jane Delaney Blank ’44                Cecily Craig ’77                           Margaret O’Donnell Garrett ’62          Barbara Alexander Kegelmeyer ’51
Miriam Quinn Blimm ’59                Regina Ventresca Creedon ’71               Joyce Finnegan Garrison ’64             Kathleen Allen Kehoe ’49
Mary Juel Rockwell Boast ’55          Denise Belcher Crenshaw ’65                Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gassert              Nancy Day Kelley, Ph.D. ’71
Marsha Humphries Boex ’74             Martha Gregitis Crow ’82                   Anne Oberholzer Gehring ’57             Colette Robillard Kelly ’53
Maria Pascale-Boni ’82                Barbara McNamara Cubby ’68                 Kathleen Freiert Geiger ’49             Kathleen McCarthy Kelly ’61
Capt. & Mrs. Aubrey Bourgeois         Kathleen Daniel ’57                        Sarah Bean Gentry ’61                   Susan Taylor Kelly ’69
Sallyann Bowman, M.D. ’72             Vionette Pietrantoni de Inclan ’70         N. A. Gillen ’69                        Jane Ellen Higgins Kelly, Ed.D. ’56
Margaret Smith Braca ’53              Madeleine Bennis Degnan ’42                Kathleen Gillespie ’51                  Mary Lenore Gricoski Keszler, M.D. ’74
Patricia Nichols Brady ’53            Frances Horan Del Duca, Esq. ’50           Mary Jane Gillespie ’56                 Roxanne Talley King ’57
Mary Connor Brandt ’50                Barbara Harron Delaney ’59                 Linda Hirsh Glasgow ’62                 Marie Rosato King ’50
Evelyn Galla Bratton ’64 (M)          Nancy Burton Dellavecchia ’92              Mary Silcox Gleason ’53                 Diane Kingsley ’87 SCPS
Clare Cannon Breene ’62               Patricia Burke DeLucia ’58                 Joan Haran Gloe ’46                     Susannah Linton Kirchner ’60
Barbara Costigan Brennan ’56          Mary Ann Dempsey ’50                       Margaret Golden ’38                     Katherine Ferguson Knox ’67
Pura Bigles Brennan ’52               Mildred Murphy Deriggi, Ph.D. ’60          Mrs. Irene Grady                        Ann Kohoot ’73
Roseanne Burke Brennan ’60            Anna Faris DiFranco ’72 (M)                Julianne E. Grady, V.M.D. ’91
Caryl Brown ’51                       Geraldine Stock DiLisi ’92 SGS             Rita Cianciarulo Grayum ’50             President Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D.
Mary Ellen Carroll Brown ’52          Nancy Quinney Dominis ’62                  Elizabeth Meier Greene ’50              was reappointed to another five-
Clare McConnell Brown ’58             Deborah Matis Donnelly ’96 SCPS            Anne De Venuto Grey ’47                 year term.
Judith Brown, Ph.D. ’67               Jeanne Collins Donovan ’62                 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Griesbach
Mary Gorman Brown-Jednak ’42          Barbara Donovan ’61                        Carol-Jane Piltz Guardino ’66 (M)
Marion Gioffre Buddo ’60              Molly Walsh Donovan, Ph.D. ’68             Jane Tomalonis Gursky ’75
Joanne Bonavita Budwick ’67           Gertrude O’Donnell Donze ’48               Frances Schuhsler Hadden ’65
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Burke              Clara McNierney Doyle ’54                  Susan M. Rilling Haitsch ’90
Marie McCridden Burke ’54             Margaret Jarosh Doyle ’64                  Susan Rapp Halczenko ’69
Joanne Sauer Burke, D.P.M. ’82        Mr. & Mrs. Donald Duffy                    Marianne Carlson Hall ’64
Joanne Corini Burrell, D.M.D. ’81     Mary Agnew Dunleavy ’84                    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hankins
Doris M. Byrnes ’49                   Catherine Brannan Dunn ’61                 Barbara Dolan Hanley ’57
Martha Wohlfert Cacciamani ’59        Jane Wilson Dunne ’50                      Jean Williams Harris ’57
Joan Calhoun ’06                      Janet Powers Dunne ’74                     Faith Olearo Haskew ’52
Joan Alford Callahan ’54              Nancy Curtis Duzy ’46                      Frances Bonanni Hay ’72
Patricia Canning ’70 (S)              Marianne Valvardi Dwyer ’76                Lisanne Mikula-Hay, Esq. ’87

Grace Voigt Kozrad ’83 (M)           Patricia Gavin McCarthy ’51                  Denise Murphy Phillips ’64            Joan McCafferty Stapleton ’54
Dolores Dezii Kreal ’60              Cecilia Greene McCarthy ’58                  Dorothy Phinney ’44                   Lauren Steele ’99 SCPS
Mary Hennessey Krutulis ’65          Louise McCoy ’52                             Mary Lou Fuhrmann Pitman ’44          Carolyn Stemmler ’49
Helen Kurz ’50                       Mary Spence McCue ’57                        Eileen Regan Plichta ’47              Roses O’Leary Stephens ’52
Margarita Mongil-Kwoka ’80           Mr. & Mrs. Kerin McCue                       Mr. & Mrs. John Plunkett              Jean Campbell Sterling ’58
Eileen Kelly Lammers ’53             Denise Love McDaid ’62                       Mariann Pokalo, Ph.D. ’77             Eileen Bradley Stonier ’62
Jane Serrada Lang ’70                Patricia Lawson McDaniel ’50                 Beth Griech-Polelle, Ph.D. ’87        Jean Stotter ’73 SCPS
Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Lasky             Martha Wilderotter McDevitt ’65              Joan Pollitt ’69 (M)                  Mary MacAvoy-Strawitz ’74
Elizabeth U. Laufer, M.D. ’50        Joan Wood McEnaney ’53                       Rebecca Preece ’69                    Helen D. Hoag Strobel ’52
Helen Anne Quinn Lawlor ’66          Kathleen Martin McFadden ’65                 Arlene Prentice ’92 SGS               Margaret Greene Stubee ’54
Marijane Curtin Lawson ’58           Margaret Flaherty McFarland ’46              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pukas               Eileen Hanks Suermann ’42
Marianne Sim Lee ’58                 Mr. & Mrs. Francis McIntyre, Jr.             Katharine Toland Quinn ’44            Katherine Roach Sullivan ’63
Mary Jo Harrington Leonard ’54       Eileen Finucane McKenna ’39                  H. Jacqueline Jaixen Rabinovitz ’48   Marie Hogan Sullivan ’50
Maureen Reilly Leonhardt ’53         Mary Young McLaughlin ’46                    Cornelia McCue Rath ’52               Judith Sullivan ’54
Patricia Orna Levarn ’61             Rita Squires Meehan ’46                      Anne-marie Gormley Reber ’97          Marguerite D’Auria Szawlewicz ’48
Catharine Kiely Leydon ’48           Mrs. Dorothy Meehan-Ripa                     Elizabeth MacDuffie Reger ’54 (M)     Regina Williams Tate, Esq. ’75 (M)
Ann Tushim Linck ’61                 Delia Schiavi Melograna ’42                  Joanne Casacio Regli ’63              Mrs. Avery Tatnall
Eileen Connors Linehan ’53           Donna Talluto Mihelick, M.D. ’86             Frances Reid ’50                      Clare Knapp Taylor ’57
Margaret O’Neill Lipinski ’53        Maryellen Britt Miller ’82                   Judith Dougherty Reidy ’55            Mr. Henry Taylor
Joan Loreng ’70                      Jane Miller ’77                              Janice Arleth Reilly ’54              M. Regina O’Neill Thomas ’51
Judith Hadden Lutolf ’61             Mr. Robert Miller                            Mrs. Marilyn Rendine                  Patricia McCunney-Thomas ’84
Patricia Wallace MacGillivray ’53    Ellen Miller ’68                             Stephanie Rendine ’04                 Mr. Raymond Thomas
Lee Bailey MacMurtrie ’40            Mr. Andrew J. Miller                         Miss Joanna Renzi                     Barbara Crane Tierney ’57
Clare Ammend Magee ’71               Lorraine Cajano Minecci ’64                  Raquel Rodriquez-Rexach ’55           Ruth Tushup Tierney ’58
Catherine Ondrey Mailloux ’62        Rita McCloskey Miziorko ’71                  Joan Camillery Roche ’54              Jerilyn Louis Tierney ’64
Lisette Maldonado ’77                Mary Brady Mommessin ’52                     Lorraine Gardner Rogers ’49           Maureen Parks Todd ’54
Ms. Cecilia Marino                   Anna Stawitzke Mooney ’44                    Rosemary Campbell Romasco ’50         Ann Brennan Toner ’59
Joan Schmitt Markham ’52             Sandra K. Moore ’90 SGS                      Maria MacCabe Ronca ’54               Pia Badt Troutman ’45
Joanne McWilliams Martin ’54         Angela Romano Moore ’58                      Beth Davey Rosso ’88                  Helene Hornyak Tuckwood ’53
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Martyn              Miriam Berry Moore ’68, ’92 SGS              Catherine Murtha Rudolph ’01 SGS      Elizabeth Krug Ulrich ’54
Constance Brown Masciangelo ’68      Margaret Stehli Morris ’52                   Barbara Stoll Russell ’59             Josephine Getman Von Jess ’50
Mr. & Mrs. John Matthews, Jr.        Margaret Morris ’92, ’06 SGS                 Susan Enright Ryan ’61                Mary Thompson Wagman ’39
Dorothy Wludyka Matthews, M.D. ’54   Moyra Siu Moy, M.D. ’49                      Annie Sampson ’01                     Yumiko Wakabayashi ’95
Nan Gifford Mayland ’64              Regina Beck Moynihan ’57                     Roberta Rothwell Schillo ’71          Kathleen Wall ’71
Theresa Mazeika ’57                  Marylou Morgan Mullen ’49                    Joanne Sidoti Schmidt, D.D.S. ’72     Dolores Mitchell Wallace ’53
Joan Pietras McAuliffe ’63           Ruth Mulligan ’41                            Nancy Koonmen Schmidtmann ’61         Patricia Andris Walsh ’56
Marilyn Johnson McCarron ’61         Joan Zugay Murphy ’79                        Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Schriver            Aileen Maguire Walsh ’54
                                     Mary Resinski Murphy, M.D. ’54               Kathleen Bonner Schwartz ’55 (M)      Dorothy Platner Way ’42
Julia Dressler ’05 was welcomed      Mr. Philip Murray                            Betty Anne Power Schwarz ’62          Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Weiss
to the President's Circle.           Mary Alice Kenny Myles ’57                   Patricia Shustock Scott, O.D. ’77     Betty Kroupa Wells ’95 SGS
                                     Rhoda Dietrich Nary ’53                      Carlotta Andruzza Seeley ’67          Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow Wendling
                                     Margaret Jones Newman ’95 SGS                Patricia McGee Sharkey ’63            Dorothy Holmes Wentland ’58
                                     Jane Randall Conlon-Werner, Ph.D. ’81        Lynn Mulvaney Sharp ’87               Elizabeth Tucker Werner ’63
                                     Dorothea Buchy O’Connor ’44                  Mr. & Mrs. Terence Shea               Helen West ’48
                                     Nancy Leonard O’Connor ’53                   Elizabeth Shober ’96 SCPS             Katherine Barrett White ’70
                                     Maureen Kelsey O’Hara ’88                    Anne Halcovage Shollenberger ’82      Lynn Murray White ’56
                                     Bonnie Wydick Oldham ’71                     Margaret Walsh Shubnell ’58           Rosemary Boccella White ’52
                                     Jeanne Grant O’Neill ’47                     Mary Dunegan Siebert ’50 (M)          Maria Colella Wiemken ’73
                                     Virginia Mitchell O’Neill ’50                Ann Marie Smith Sielski ’71           Suzanne Pfizenmayer Wiley ’61
                                     Mary Vernier Ozzello ’50                     Veronica Silvasi ’62                  Ellen McKernan Williamson ’48
                                     Alice Reilly Paduch ’64                      Zdanna Krawciw Skalsky ’65            Bridget Mahon Willoughby ’97
                                     Dorothy Palatucci ’64 (M)                    Katherine Labrecque Skiba ’57         Virginia O’Brien Winslow ’42
                                     Marion Dougherty Pallas ’05 SGS              Marylou Dughi Sklar ’56               Mr. & Mrs. Gladys Word, Jr.
                                     Adelaide Brothers Palmer, Ed.D. ’51          Mrs. Eugene Smith                     Mr. Barry Young
                                     Cecelia Englebert Passanza ’77               Patricia Gallagher Smith, Ph.D. ’61   Janice Kitley Yurasek ’58
                                     Bernadette Fortune Pettine ’51               Debesai Solomon ’04 SGS               Marguerite Stein Zuccarello ’58 (M)
                                     Margaret McKernan Pfeifer ’50                Karen O’Neill Spencer ’85 SCPS
                                                                                                                     THE GRIffIN fUNd CONTRIbUTORS

Contributors                              Catherine Buffington ’91 SGS                   Peggy Anne Derham Dolan ’53                Irene Smith Gillespie ’49
(Up to $99)                               Mary Swingle Bunsa ’48                         Rosemary McGranery Dougherty ’50           Mary Ann Velten Gilman ’76
Beth Beyer Abbott ’05 SGS                 Alice MacMunn Burke ’41                        Barbara Gallo Draper ’61                   Elizabeth Stroud Giordano ’50
Mrs. Blanche Abrahams                     M. Susan Dougherty Burke, M.D. ’75             Muriel Watman Dreswick ’54                 Frances McCool Glica ’48
Elena C. Pié Adkins ’90                   Roberta Burns, M.D. ’71                        Jamie Dunn ’04                             Nancee Goldstein ’96 SGS
Rosalie Marinari Akouka, M.D. ’68         Ellen Whiteside Byrne ’56                      Roseanne O’Hanlon Duzinski ’71             Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Gonzalez
Lorraine Mariani Albanese ’52             Maria Fella Cain ’84                           Maureen Keashon Dwyer ’82                  Beatrice Gallagher Grabish ’61
Monica Hogan Albus ’71                    Eugenie Koch Callaghan ’62                     Theresa Hehn Eaman ’63                     Patricia Waldron Gray ’80
Carol Cheleden Alcorn ’60                 John Capozzi                                   Mary Ellen Brady Eck ’73                   Gilda Caruso Gregori
Mary Louise Malfatto Alexander ’63        Rosemary Griffin Carolan ’72 SCPS              Donnamarie Marbet-Eckhardt ’85             Mary Jo Collins Griffin ’63
Mary Alice Kasper Amend ’64               Theresa Elmendorf Carroll ’68                  Marian Brogan Ehnow ’62                    Kathleen Quigley Grimm ’88
Regina Mongelli Ammerman ’66              James Carroll                                  Helen Robertshaw Emge ’50                  Virginia Redmond Grover ’54
Rosemarie Fitzpatrick Architzel ’73       Helen Kates Casey ’60                          Katherine McHugh Enck ’52                  Mary Clare Martin Guinther ’52
Catherine Ard ’85                         Denise Castro ’93                              Judith Espey ’94 SCPS                      Eleanor Mason Gulczynski ’59
Elise Artelt ’95 SGS                      Mr. and Mrs. James Chapman                     Nancy Himmer Esposito ’69                  Joan Burnham Guokas ’40
Irma Ashenbrenner ’50                     Camilla Wagner Checchio ’45                    Joan McGuigan Evans ’50                    Rosemary Haenn ’91
Dolores Everling Audet ’50                Frances D. Chicchi ’90 SCPS                    Eileen Blessington Fee ’78                 Deanna Drake Hagan ’63
Mary Augustine ’79, ’85 SGS               Rosemary Magee Cicchiello ’61                  Wanda Feletski ’75                         Margaret M. Hagerty ’68
M. Dolores Sejda Aversa ’53               Barbara MacCausland Clarke ’50                 Eileen Haviland Finegan ’53                Sandra Panitz Haley ’75
Linda Avila ’75                           M. Carol Snyder Collins ’55                    Kathleen Finnegan ’63                      Helen Hall ’70
Ms. Elaine Baer                           Laura Malisheski Connelly ’85 (M)              Kathryn O’Neill Fisher ’72                 Janet McAninley Hallermeier ’58
Josephine Sciarrotta Bagley ’53           Madeline Conti ’40                             Christine Fitzpatrick ’74                  Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Hammons
Vera Kolarsick Balceniuk ’45              Elaine Burchill Corcoran ’53                   Nancy Flanagan ’03                         Rose Anne Di Santo Hannum ’63
Hannelore Lawin Barbieri,                 Annette Seiler Coyle ’53                       Patricia Gallagher Fleck ’58               Ellen Seiberlich Hardy ’82
   Psy.D. ’93 SCPS                        Cecilia Hall Coyle ’62                         Regina Bennett Fleming ’64                 Lorna Hawkins-Bell
Ellen Barrett ’61                         Elizabeth A. Croake ’52                        Elizabeth Brown Foley ’47                     Harmon ’01 SCPS, ’04 SGS
Emily Bassler ’93 SCPS                    Anna Marie Judge Croney ’68                    Joan McDermott Forry ’58                   Patrice Owens Hartung ’80
Megan Gallagher Bauer ’98                 Eleanor Mueller Cugini ’68                     Alida Scarafone Freeman ’76                Marian McCreary Heckerman ’47
Elizabeth Albertoli Becker ’88, ’99 SGS   Mr. Thomas Cullen                              Theresa Moser Fry ’97                      Barbara Hee ’75
Antoinette Maselli Belisari ’48           Louise McCloskey Cullinan ’41                  Saori Fujiyama ’95 SCPS                    Patricia Herbst ’94 SGS
Mimi Strolle Bender ’76                   Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cunningham                 Dolores Furlan ’64                         Ellen Kiernan Hetzel ’49
Melvin Benson, III ’03 SCPS               Elizabeth Burns Cusack ’66                     Elizabeth Wright Fury ’52                  Maria Pugliese-Hieble, M.D. ’70
Marilyn Bryan Birkmeyer ’53               Betty Kane Daily ’43                           Mary Goldschmidt Galloway ’64 (M)          Margaret Higgins ’54
Helen Nolan Bishoff ’59                   Mr. and Mrs. Larry Dale                        Maryann Campbell Gans ’68                  Anna O’Conor Hinson ’03
Carol Fetterman Blauth ’78 SCPS           Kathleen Buhrman Dalena ’55                    Kristin Durski Gartner ’90                 H. Barbara Johnson Hock ’59
Nicole Irwin Blum ’97                     Diane Scicchitano Dannenfelser ’76             Mary O’Connor Gentile, Ed.D. ’66           Mr. Augusta Hogan
Mrs. Rita Boland                          Glenda Battistini Daulerio ’73                 Maryann Gibbons ’00 SGS                    Charles Horner, III ’95 SGS
Grace Cavanagh Bolen ’49                  Regina Kenny Davenport ’76                     Suzanne Dames Gibbs ’67                    Joanne Houlahan, Ph.D. ’84
Jacqueline Menapace Bolger ’50            Ms. Maryann C. Davis
Betty Bolling ’91 SGS                     Marianne De Rosa De Alessi ’80                 All for one and one for all in softball.
Mrs. Columbina Bonanni                    Ingrid De La Pena ’95 SCPS
Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Boyd                 Maria De Luca ’78
Mary Boyle ’80                            Joanne Rossberg De Santis ’55
Mary Dugery Brandenstein ’58              Terese Wolf DeCamara ’64
Michelle Raymond Bray ’89                 Mr. James Deegan
Andrea Capozzi Brecker ’95                Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Delaney
Elissa Imbriaco Breiling ’61              Patricia Casey D’Entremont ’50
Anne Brennan ’73                          Andrea DeSantis ’99
Regina Brimmer, SSJ ’40 (S)               Anne Caruso Desy ’59
Loretta Martin Brown ’58                  Patti Grossman Deutsch ’77
Mariagnes O’Neill Brown ’44               Catherine Devlin ’67
Lynne Smith Brown ’61                     Mr. Mario Dianora
Joanne Brown ’91                          Clare Anne McDonald Diviny ’57
Nancy Nuffort Brown ’61                   Andrea Varricchio-DiVito, Ph.D. ’72 (M)
Joan Goldschmidt Browne ’65               Elizabeth Webb Dixon ’49 (M)
Edythe Brownett ’48                       Mr. and Mrs. William Dixon
Mary Jo Bucceri ’98 SCPS                  Mary Jo Abrachinsky Doherty ’61

Catherine Austermehle Hrybyk ’43         Suzanne Sanders Lawson ’58                  Elaine Palmer Meisinger ’65            Evelyn Guarnieri Powers ’69
Maureen Dearie Husk ’61                  Henriette Horchler Leanos, Ph.D. ’60        Joanne Mercadante ’82                  Pamela Fiugalski-Prevoznik ’94
Elizabeth Cornell Huston ’85, ’91 SGS    Marybeth Honeyman Leary ’65                 Mary Aldrich Merman ’63                Bernadette Cosenza Prozzillo ’66
H. Patricia Hynes ’65                    Rosa Teresa DiFrancesco Lee ’68             Joan Coletti Metallo ’66 (M)           Mimi Whiteside Pruett ’59
Lara L. Doyle Iannetta ’90               Linda Tarini-Leeper ’97, ’05 SGS            Lisa Rounds Miles ’82                  Michele Fella Przybylowski ’80
Elizabeth Hughes Iaquinto ’85            Therese Martin Lehigh ’50                   Mary Lounsberry Miller ’77             Ida Rosa Pugliese, Esq. ’36
Theresa Hunt Imms ’51                    Marie Ryan Leonard ’66                      Patricia Belcher Monaghan ’56          Patricia Kenney Quinn ’74 (S)
Ryan Ireland ’05                         Jane Liebsch ’69                            Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Montano            Catherine E. Quinn ’78 SCPS (S)
Carolyn Quattrone Israel ’02 SCPS        Ann Gilsenan List ’66                       Barbara Swanson Mooney ’47             Mary Ellen Boland Radloff ’81
Mary Elizabeth Raniszewski Jackson ’90   Karen Verdi Liuzzi ’75                      Rita Mulville ’69                      Valerie Rengel Reeth ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Jacoby              Kerry Freisen Lively ’94                    Barbara Folsom Murch ’61               Dolores A. Reiff ’57
Mary Serroi Jaklevic ’60 (M)             Lorie Loreman, D.O. ’83                     Col. and Mrs. Stanley Murday           Mary Jane Reilly ’88
Barbara Jani ’67                         Joan Neumann Lowrey ’57                     Anne Toroni Murdock ’52                Patricia Reilly ’86
Aileen Murphy Johnson ’43                Joanne Ryan Luecke ’58                      Cynthia Burlick Murphy ’63             Gretchen Ann Reilly, Ph.D. ’91
Isabel Porreca Johnson ’63               Francine Umerich Lukacik ’04 SGS            Karin Stangler Murphy ’96              Francis Reynolds ’94 SGS
Marcia Moore Jones ’92 SCPS              Frances Lutz ’98 SCPS                       Esther Murray ’94 SCPS                 Betty Ann O’Donnell Richter ’52
Joann Gallagher Jones, Esq. ’85          Susan Lyons ’74                             Mary Prendergast Murray ’78            Anne March Roan ’60
Karen Wilderotter Judge ’87              Patricia Klammer Mac Cluen ’84              John Musewicz ’04 SGS                  Marthajane Robinson ’92 SGS
Patricia Kisielewski Juenger ’60         Mary Beth Tobin Macaluso ’82                Clare Bennett Nafe ’67                 Margery King Roby ’72
Bettina Clemons Juers ’35                Mr. and Mrs. Hubert MacDonald               Mary Jane Earley Nagle ’51             Nancy (Anne) Diamond Roche ’65
Colleen Gomlak Jungers ’86               Barbara Hynes MacIntosh ’80                 Phyllis Coppola Neill ’64              Dana Skowronski Roche ’97
Michelle Leshko Kaschak ’97              Margaret McKee Madison ’68                  Sandra Clauson Nesbitt ’98             Mary Frances Reilly Rochford ’48
Jane Keating ’55                         Mary Moran Mahal ’87 SCPS                   Mary Ellen Norpel ’85 SCPS             Patricia Maher Roop ’73, ’04 SGS
Jacqueline Lala Keenan ’90               Mr. and Mrs. Alan Maher                     Lucille Cox Novotny ’44                Jane L. Rothrock ’73
Jessica Masso Keenan ’91                 Lauren Topps Malora ’87 SGS                 Geraldine Nuzzo ’71                    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rudawski
Alison Turnbull Kelley ’63               Rosemary Marino Mangano ’68                 Kathleen Dixon O’Brien ’71             Lynne Huddleston-Ruff ’75
Jennifer Kelly ’97                       Nancy L. Markle ’91 SCPS                    Catherine Wilson O’Brien ’48           Sally Ruttle ’69
Geraldine Menzler Kelsey ’52             Mrs. Linda Martin                           Mary Frances Donoghue O’Donnell ’50    Carroll Griffey Ryan ’56
Suzanne Gleason Kennedy ’51              Donna McColgan Mascaro ’82                  Kathleen Lowry O’Donnell ’39           Margaret Walsh Ryan ’40
Phyllis Basenfelder Kennedy ’51          Helen Beatty McBride ’49                    Regina Baust O’Donnell ’42             Sally Quinney Ryan ’50
Mary Sher Kenney ’74                     Elizabeth McCaffrey ’91 SGS                 Suzanne Olivieri O’Donnell, M.D. ’82   Barbara Ellis Ryan ’55
Joan Niessen Kerby ’59                   Ellen McKeon McCann ’57                     Catherine O’Flaherty ’54               Anne De Stefano Salvatore, Ph.D. ’63
Kathryn Kervin ’47                       Esther Moriarty McCarthy ’56                Leonore O’Connor O’Hara ’39            Ann Malaney Savage ’57
M. Catherine Kronbar Kibler ’63          Paula Ippolito McCarthy ’68                 Leslie Wells O’Malley ’95 SGS          Marie Scanlon, SSJ ’44
Cynthia Killion ’90 SGS                  Meghan McCormack ’05                        Joyce O’Neill ’52                      Rachel Scarpello, RA ’40
Mary Grace Grall Killmer ’63             Regina Keeris McCrea ’89 SGS                Patricia Veneziale Orlic ’87 SGS       Carroll Lanman Schleppi ’63
Joan Amberg Kineke ’51                   Patricia Jeskey McDermott ’65               Nancy Hoffner Orr ’63                  Jane Williamson Schoeniger ’91 SCPS
Jane Faunce King ’43                     Sandra Ruscica McDevitt ’81                 Kathleen Boyle Ortino ’50              Mary Lentz Schuhsler ’37
Helen Gross King ’51                     Christina Seving McDonald ’03 SCPS          V. Sheila Boyle Otto ’61               Kathleen Prihoda Schwartz ’87 (M)
Zita Levy King ’59                       Geraldine Kelly McDonough ’44               Grace Uttinger Palis ’48               Kathleen Liebel Scioli ’74 SCPS
Elizabeth Newmiller King ’65             Diane Hugues McGinty ’70                    Agnes Dorasavage Palko ’53             Arlene Diziki Scott ’61
Jean Peters Kinney ’59                   M. Eileen Foxhill McGlone ’58               Mr. and Mrs. John Palko                Jo-Anne Fatibene Semmel ’64
Mernee Derham Kinter ’58                 Lorraine Sukalski McGlynn ’56               Barbara Mercer Panek ’73               Roberta Pike Semmett ’46
Roger B. Kirchheim                       Denise Roney McGonigal ’75                  Nancy McCarthy Pashley ’78             Clare Shanahan ’56
Lois Curti Kittredge ’64                 Bridget McGovern ’00                        Julie Ann Myers Patterson ’88 SCPS     Margaret Kuhn Sharkey ’60
Cecile Heebner Knies ’63                 Ellen Kaiser McGrew ’89                     Elizabeth Patterson-Patterson ’68      Phyllis Gott Shea ’59
Margaret Garr Knoblock ’58               Patricia Mickleburgh McIntire ’47           Marybeth Eskesen Pavlik ’88            Mary Jane Mogey Shelly ’52
Amy Doyle Koch ’79                       Helene Purtell McIntyre ’44                 Elizabeth Green Perkins ’73            Patricia Stillmun Shelton ’50
Raimonda Binkis Kontrimas ’59            Mary Claire O’Keefe McIntyre ’48            Michele Petrucci ’89                   Patricia Brumberger Shields ’66
Karen Korman ’91, ’93 SGS                Diane Lacorte-McLaughlin ’06 SCPS           Mildred Renner Pfeifer ’55             Mary McCabe Shields ’53
Florence Jurewicz Korzinski ’49          Donna Rimmer McManus ’04 SGS                Joy Nelson Phillips ’96                Rita Ayerle Shoemaker ’48
Alice Campbell Krepto ’89                Letitia Pukas McNeil ’89                    Mary Barbara O’Neill Philpott ’40      Joy Supil Siegel ’71
Margaret Sewell Krivda ’64               Sheila McQuillan ’85 SCPS                   Eileen Walker Phoebus ’69              Kathleen Gercke Silk ’57
Lucille Palaszewski Kwasizur ’77         Helen Laragh Meade ’48                      Kathleen Shea Pié ’87, ’92 SGS         Pilar Pinili-Silva, Esq. ’67
Katherine Gallagher Langan ’59           Ernestine Petorella Medeck ’54              Joan Dougherty Pierson ’77             Joan Eichenberg Sinclair ’53
Judith Mokriski Lannutti ’80 (M)         Kathleen Canedo Mee ’53                     Jean Brennan Pivetz ’67                Laura Barrosse Sirianni ’80
Suzanne Valvardi Lasek ’80               Elizabeth Ryan Meehan ’73                   Carol Pletcher ’98 SCPS                Margaret Zenner-Sivel ’82
                        THE GRIffIN fUNd CONTRIbUTORS                             HALLMARk SOCIETY

Theresa Petroski Skiffington ’49   Susan Doyle Tumulty ’81                      Members of the Hallmark Society have expressed their commitment to Chestnut Hill
Patricia Johnson Skopal ’70        Leona Valentine ’74
                                                                                College through a very special and important form of financial support.These donors
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sliker          Mr. and Mrs. Philip Valvardi, Jr.
Kathryn Sonnie ’01, ’05 SGS        Anita Esposito Varga ’54                     have named the College as the ultimate beneficiary of a planned gift. Such gifts might
Janet Piedmonte South ’50          Gertrude Walsh Vernot ’62                    include a bequest and/or charitable income gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, charitable
Genevieve Dagney Sparano ’81       Margaret Brattini Vollmer ’76
Mr. and Mrs. John Stankard         Frances Vorsky ’05, ’07 SGS (S)              remainder unitrusts, charitable remainder annuity trusts, or gifts of life insurance.
Patricia Gallagher Starkey ’55     Patricia Wade ’02 SCPS
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Steckel        Agnes Costello Walker ’56                    Bernadine Keeler Abbott ’51                       Anne Rogers Law ’43*
Margaret Callaghan Steficek ’77    Susan Smith Wallis ’66                       Anna M. Barone ’57                                Ellen Logue ’47
Bernardine Hughes Steinmetz ’78    Maryanne Walsh ’98, ’02 SGS                  Margaret Betz ’71                                 Elizabeth Harvey Majane ’57
Mary Louise Steppacher ’58         Adrienne Wardell ’57                         Elissa Imbriaco Breiling ’61                      Margaret Grant Malone ’46
Patricia Walsh Sterner ’60         Marianne Connor Warnick ’47                  Catherine Gallagher Brockway ’51                  Marita O’Reilly Marshall, Esq. ’61
Pauline Liebert Stitzinger ’63     Marcianne Waters ’80                         M. Elizabeth Buckley                              Catherine Winter McDonnell ’45
Margaret DiSanto Storti ’67        Carolyn Giblin Webb ’57                      Margaret Conner ’43*                              Elizabeth Meehan ’52
Fred Straus ’91 SGS                Ruth Fischer Weber ’38                       Madeline Conti ’40                                Joan Menaquale ’53
Sally Cavanaugh Strike ’64         Kathleen Weibel ’67                          Joan Coyne ’52                                    Lisa Rounds Miles ’82
Margaret Weber Sullivan ’50        Barbara Sliker Weikert ’00                   Marjorie Piga Crain ’48                           Ellen Miller ’68
Veronica Petrusky Suppa ’50        Margaret Schachte Wells ’48                  Elizabeth A. Croake ’52                           Anne Moore ’51
Marie Gallagher Sweeney ’60        Joyce Adams-Wert ’82                         Theresa Stepkowicz Cute (S)                       Robert L. & Christine
Kathleen Mahoney Sykes ’61         Angela-Jo Castranova Wetzel ’75              Sally Donnelly ’53                                   Nydick ’94 SGS (S)
Mr. Louis Taddei                   Madeleine Glynn Whittaker ’55                Suzanne K. Dufrasne ’58                           Kathleen O’Pella ’76
Alyce Taylor ’97                   Teri Meniketti Wiedeman-Rouse ’05 SGS        Mary Jackson Fitzsimmons ’35*                     Anna Connor O’Riordan, M.D. ’53
Patricia Gallo Terrenzio ’79       Susan Monaghan Williams ’89                  Kathleen Heidere Ford ’63                         Dorothy Palatucci ’64
Maureen Schmidt-Thielens ’62       Deborah Chan Williams ’91 SGS                Betty Lou Froustet ’43                            Mariann Pokalo, Ph.D. ’77
Joan Willey Thirion ’63            Ann Meagher Williams ’50                     Bettyanne Geikler ’52                             Mary Pollitt ’58
Marguerite McLaughlin Thomas ’59   Frances Pickess Woods ’50                    N.A. Gillen ’69                                   Joan Pollit ’69
Mary Sylvester Thompson ’89        Christina Demetrovits Woody ’79              Lynn Cozza Goodman ’63                            Christine Westrum Porter ’94
Rebecca Barney Timmes ’65          E. Barry Dolaway Woolson ’59                 Helen A. Gruber ’52                               M. Nancy Burczewski Portland ’64
Denise Vernon Toland ’78           Anne Guardino Yaccarino ’74                  Joan Burnham Guokas ’40                           Joan Toohey Rochford ’52
Mrs. Beatrice Tramontana           Mary Ann Costello Yankosky ’64               Marguerite Hauser ’53*                            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schriver
Deborah Sonntag Tredinnick ’82     Joan Kinney Yanni ’46                        Paul & Barbara Henkels                            Clare Shanahan ’56
Elaine Bevevino Trevey ’61         Rose Betz-Zall ’72                           Mathilde Wackerman Higgins ’38*                   Christine Desrochers Smith ’60
Susan Matlack Troemel ’87 SCPS     Mrs. Margaret Miller Zenner                  Mary-Jo Heile Hogan ’48                           Mary Schuhsler Spangler ’64
Denise Duckworth Tumelty ’65       Irene A. Wagman Zielinski ’54 (M)            Ruth Horcher ’50*                                 Marilea Swenson ’67
                                                                                Elizabeth Rowley Jones ’66                        Anne E. Tezek ’76
                                                                                Mary Ann Keegan ’45                               Maureen Schmidt-Thielens ’62
Griffin spirit.
                                                                                Margaret Mary McDermott Keeler ’57                Louise Torraco ’53*
                                                                                Kathleen C. Griffith Keene ’68                    Mary Connelly Tripodi ’37*
                                                                                Wilma Carson Kellerman, M.D. ’55                  Kathleen Wagner ’60
                                                                                Cecile Heebner Knies ’63                          Andrea Wargo, Ph.D. ’72
                                                                                Noriko Kikumoto ’92
                                                                                Patricia Kilmartin ’40                            *Deceased

                                                                                ‘A Tale of Two Horses’ during Reunion Weekend with Smarty Jones owner
                                                                                Pat Chapman and Barbaro owner Gretchen Jackson.

 TRIbUTE fUNd                              SCHOOL Of UNdERGRAdUATE STUdIES CLASS GIvING 2006-2007

during the fiscal year 2006-2007,        The percentage listed next to each class represents the total participation rate for the
                                                                                                                                         Class of 1944 (41%)
Chestnut Hill College received           fiscal year. This year, overall alumni participation increased from 18 percent to 24 percent.
                                                                                                                                         Jane Delaney Blank
contributions in honor of or in memory                                                                                                   Margarita Cardus Bohm
of the following individuals.            Class of 1933 (75%)                               Class of 1942 (33%)                           Mariagnes O’Neill Brown
                                         Consuelo Braucci Byrne                            Lydia Aponte Bacque                           Rita Moran Case
In Honor Of                              Kathryn Brown Davis                               Mary Gorman Brown-Jednak                      Sarah Hodson Connor
Class of 1940                                                                              Lorraine Delafrange Deeney                    Geraldine Kelly McDonough
Jessica Kahn, Ph.D. (F)                  Class of 1935 (25%)                               Madeleine Bennis Degnan                       Helene Purtell McIntyre
Robert Lockyer                           Estate of Mary Jackson Fitzsimmons                Katherine Hinches Forsythe                    Anna Stawitzke Mooney
Anne Keeler McBride-Mannion ’48          Bettina Clemons Juers                             Rita Cook Lade                                Juanita Ripoll Moore-Koecher
Louise Paynter                                                                             Josephine Benson Manfredi                     Lucille Cox Novotny
Patricia Harper Petrozza, M.D. ’74       Class of 1936 (42%)                               Delia Schiavi Melograna                       Dorothea Buchy O’Connor
Leonard Siegel                           Concetta Vitullo French                           Regina Baust O’Donnell                        Dorothy Phinney
Patricia Shacklett ’06                   Lois Deacon Hofmann                               Eileen Hanks Suermann                         Mary Lou Fuhrmann Pitman
Anne Brannan Teufel ’60                  Ida Rosa Pugliese, Esq.                           Phyllis Martin Upham                          Katharine Toland Quinn
                                                                                           Dorothy Platner Way                           Helen Cunningham Roney
In Memory Of                             Class of 1937 (22%)                               Virginia O’Brien Winslow                      Marie Scanlon, SSJ
Emily Quinn Anderson                     Estate of Mary Higgins Langan
Segunda Avila                            Estate of Margaret Leary Mohr                     Class of 1943 (41%)                           Class of 1945 (18%)
Carolyn Keber Baird ’66                  M. Sophie Quinn Reinhardt                         Sylvia Ximines Allen                          Vera Kolarsick Balceniuk
Ann Edward Bennis, SSJ                   Mary Lentz Schuhsler                              Marjorie “Shotgun” Binder                     Camilla Wagner Checchio
James D’Alfonso                                                                            Estate of Margaret Conner                     Estate of Jane Harney Donovan
Mary Teresa O’Hara Dwyer ’54             Class of 1938 (15%)                               Betty Kane Daily                              Rose Mullen Eberle
Sister Marie Eileen                      Betty O’Hara Anders                               Camelia Gallardo Eisenhart                    Mary Catherine O’Brien Fallon (M)
Patrick Marie Flood, SSJ                 Margaret Golden                                   Helen Tansey Farhat                           Mary Ann Keegan
Mary E. Gallagher                        Ruth Fischer Weber                                Betty Lou Froustet                            Catherine Winter McDonnell
Eleanor Walsh Goldkamp ’38                                                                 Catherine Austermehle Hrybyk                  Ann Donohue Metz
Helen Reilly Gruenwald                   Class of 1939 (26%)                               Aileen Murphy Johnson                         Pia Badt Troutman
Frances Hagerty ’53                      Rosalie Reardon Albers, M.D.                      Jane Faunce King
Thomas Hanratty                          Marguerite Kearns, SSJ                            Rosemary O’Brien, SSJ                         Class of 1946 (31%)
Ann Wright Heenehan ’53                  Eileen Finucane McKenna                           Louise Sullivan O’Connor                      Anna Marie Hummert Bertram
Lois Heiart ’57                          Kathleen Lowry O’Donnell                          Ave Little Rawdon                             Gloria Perla Coe
Francis Hofkes                           Leonore O’Connor O’Hara                                                                         Nancy Curtis Duzy
Honor Keirans, SSJ, Ph.D.                Lucile Sweeny                                                                                   Joan Haran Gloe
Elizabeth Clime Lockyer-Merriam ’42      Mary Thompson Wagman                                                                            Mary Therese Joyce
                                                                                           Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS,                 Margaret Boyle Mahon
Maria Kotska Logue, SSJ                                                                    described his journey as an artist of
John, Stephen, Maria and                 Class of 1940 (41%)                                                                             Peggy Grant Malone
                                                                                           the sacred.                                   Margaret Flaherty McFarland
   Emily Logue                           Regina Brimmer, SSJ (S)
Eva Maria Lynch, SSJ, Ph.D.              Mary Conahan, M.M.S., M.D.                                                                      Mary Young McLaughlin
Dr. & Mrs. Vincent McDermott             Madeline Conti                                                                                  Rita Squires Meehan
Elizabeth (Betts) Meehan ’52             Mary Katherine Schubert Denny                                                                   Loretta Brennan O’Brien
Dorothy Miller                           Joan Burnham Guokas                                                                             Philomena O’Hanlon
Margaret Leary Mohr ’37                  Patricia Kilmartin                                                                              Roberta Pike Semmett
Martha Hentz Murray ’56                  Lee Bailey MacMurtrie                                                                           Marion Lacey Steet
Helen Oels ’53                           Mary Barbara O’Neill Philpott                                                                   Joan Kinney Yanni
Josephine Blanche Palacio ’29            Margaret Walsh Ryan
Mary Frances Hensler Pié ’44             Rachel Scarpello, RA                                                                            Class of 1947 (54%)
Janice McDugall Pfeiffer ’71                                                                                                             Anne Quickmire Bergamo
Julia Roagers Quickmire ’64              Class of 1941 (16%)                                                                             Rita Luczynski Brzezinski
Betty Ann Oberheidt Quillinan ’56        Alice MacMunn Burke                                                                             Annette Heitzman Buckley
Evelyn V. Robinson-Gantt                 Louise McCloskey Cullinan                                                                       Joan Van Bourgondien Condit
Francis J. Rochford                      Regina Manson Kemp                                                                              Rosemary Cullen
Margaret Ann Rothwell, SSJ               Mary McCabe                                                                                     Eileen Flarity Cummings
Helen Branagan Thomas ’52                Ruth Mulligan                                                                                   E. Loretta Daly
Peggy Gavin Toal ’49                                                                                                                     Marjorie Bath Dillon
                                                                                                                                         Mary Garneau Feketie
                                                             SCHOOL Of UNdERGRAdUATE STUdIES CLASS GIvING 2006-2007

Elizabeth Brown Foley             Class of 1949 (35%)
Agnes Dennison Galop              Patricia Tully Bannan
Cecilia McNulty Gray              Maude Meehan Belli
Anne De Venuto Grey               Grace Cavanagh Bolen
Jeanne Carpenter Hanes-Romano     Doris M. Byrnes
Marian McCreary Heckerman         Roberta Rini Cartlidge
Patricia Garrity Kasper           Tullia Giordano Conboy
Kathryn Kervin                    Mary Grace Coleman Crerand
Ellen Logue                       Elizabeth Webb Dixon (M)
Helene Boffa McGuinn              Isabel O’Connor Egan
Patricia Mickleburgh McIntire     Rita Sokol Eisler
Barbara Swanson Mooney            Kathleen Freiert Geiger
Jeanne Grant O’Neill              Irene Smith Gillespie
Eileen Regan Plichta              Agnes Gunn, SSJ, Ph.D.
Juanita Covas Swain               Ellen Kiernan Hetzel
Marianne Connor Warnick           Marie Schauder Hindman
                                  Kathryn Lippman Hodgkiss
Class of 1948 (52%)               Dorothea McEvoy Jordan               Merilyn Ryan, SSJ, Ph.D. (left) was honored with the Lindback Award for
Mary Jane Dougherty Barry         Kathleen Allen Kehoe                 distinguished teaching.
Jeanne Haesler Bebbington         Florence Jurewicz Korzinski
Antoinette Maselli Belisari       Helen Beatty McBride                 Helen Kurz                             Anne Callery Carney
Marie Badecker Benas              Mary McManus                         Elizabeth U. Laufer, M.D.              Phyllis Metz Carroll
Edythe Brownett                   Moyra Siu Moy, M.D.                  Therese Martin Lehigh                  Carolyn Baldino Conboy
Mary Swingle Bunsa                Marylou Morgan Mullen                Patricia Lawson McDaniel               Mary Mahoney Corini
Claire Little Burton              Miriam Esther Naughton, SSJ          Blanche Haviland Moore                 Winifred Collins Dabroski (M)
Ann Donoghue Conley               Rita O’Loughlin                      Helen Kenny Motzenbecker               Agnes O’Loughlin Danella
Marjorie Piga Crain               Regina Brennan Origoni               Joan Byrne Murphy                      Barbara Murray Dennen
Adelaide DiBerardino              Lucy Piotrowska, M.D.                Mary Frances Donoghue O’Donnell        Teresa Capoccetta Donley
Marie DiBerardino, Ph.D.          Lorraine Gardner Rogers              Virginia Mitchell O’Neill              Kathleen Gillespie
Gertrude O’Donnell Donze          Theresa Petroski Skiffington         Kathleen Boyle Ortino                  Elizabeth Du Ban Hansen
A. Klair McGlynn Filarsky         Carolyn Stemmler                     Mary Vernier Ozzello                   Theresa Hunt Imms
Frances McCool Glica              Joan Loughlin Welch                  Margaret McKernan Pfeifer              Barbara Alexander Kegelmeyer
Frances McCarron Harper           Jeanne Marx Young                    Frances Reid                           Patricia Boston Kelly
Mona Hughes Harwood                                                    Rosemary Campbell Romasco              Phyllis Basenfelder Kennedy
Eleanor Newell Hofkes             Class of 1950 (53%)                  Sally Quinney Ryan                     Suzanne Gleason Kennedy
Mary-Jo Heile Hogan               Irma Ashenbrenner                    Charlotte Collins Sears                Joan Amberg Kineke
Adele Pudrowski Hudson            Dolores Everling Audet               Patricia Stillmun Shelton              Helen Gross King
Patricia F. Kelleher              Jacqueline Menapace Bolger           Mary Dunegan Siebert (M)               Joan Fitzpatrick Marvin
Catharine Kiely Leydon            Mary Connor Brandt                   Janet Piedmonte South                  Patricia Gavin McCarthy
Mary Claire O’Keefe McIntyre      Barbara MacCausland Clarke           Margaret Weber Sullivan                Micheline Paquet McCracken
Helen Laragh Meade                Mary Connolly                        Marie Hogan Sullivan                   Joan McEntee Monfalcone
Loretta Moya                      Patricia Casey D’Entremont           Veronica Petrusky Suppa                Anne Moore
Janet Smith Murphy                Frances Horan Del Duca, Esq.         Marianne Taulane                       Doris Doran Murphy
Catherine Wilson O’Brien          Mary Ann Dempsey                     Mary Margaret O’Connell Truschel       Nancy Schmidt Murphy
Grace Uttinger Palis              Rosemary McGranery Dougherty         Joan Ritterbeck Venino                 Mary Elizabeth Murphy Murray
H. Jacqueline Jaixen Rabinovitz   Jane Wilson Dunne                    Josephine Getman Von Jess              Mary Jane Earley Nagle
Mary Frances Reilly Rochford      Helen Robertshaw Emge                Ann Meagher Williams                   Sally Dolly Nester
Doris Black Schaefer              Mary Levin Englebert                 Frances Pickess Woods                  Marion Seckler Novack
Rita Ayerle Shoemaker             Joan McGuigan Evans                                                         Margaret Richardson O’Rourke
Marguerite D’Auria Szawlewicz     Therese Garvey Fox                   Class of 1951 (54%)                    Adelaide Brothers Palmer, Ed.D.
Ruth Hummel Vezzosi               Elizabeth Stroud Giordano            Bernardine Keeler Abbott               Bernadette Fortune Pettine
Margaret Schachte Wells           Rita Cianciarulo Grayum              Elizabeth Allen                        Joan Schoeck Schmidt, Ed.D.
Helen West                        Elizabeth Meier Greene               Rosemary Pasta Armore                  Helen Miller Sexton
Ellen McKernan Williamson         Shirlee Repak Gubernat               Bernadette Power Barnhurst             Genevieve Koehler Sweet
                                  Berna Schmidt Herrick                Patricia Whalen Bolger                 M. Regina O’Neill Thomas
                                  Mary Crecca Kenny                    Catharine Gallagher Brockway           Therese Zogby
                                  Marie Rosato King                    Caryl Brown

Class of 1952 (65%)                  Mary Brady Mommessin                     Janet MacCausland Welsh            Patricia Hickey Fabricius
Alice Fitzpatrick Abbene             Margaret Stehli Morris                   Selma Koury-Wunderlich             Jane Keating
Lorraine Mariani Albanese            Anne Toroni Murdock                                                         Wilma Carson Kellerman, M.D.
Mary Beth Oakes Barba                Joyce O’Neill                            Class of 1954 (52%)                Roberta Evanoff Lindquist
Mary Merz Berko                      Marita Howard O’Rourke                   Joan Hartmann Bamberger            Barbara McGurn
Louise Bradley                       Cornelia McCue Rath                      Mary Nagle Bell                    Frances Costa Peters
Pura Bigles Brennan                  Laura Hentz Remmey                       Marie McCridden Burke              Mildred Renner Pfeifer
Mary Ellen Carroll Brown             Joan Murray Reynolds                     Joan Alford Callahan               Patricia Johnson Rauch, Ph.D.
Barbara Carli                        Betty Ann O’Donnell Richter              Rose Ann Baron Clarke              Judith Dougherty Reidy
Joan Coyne (M)                       Joan Toohey Rochford                     Maureen Newman Considine           Raquel Rodriquez-Rexach
Elizabeth A. Croake                  Mary Jane Mogey Shelly                   Patricia Bounds Corcoran           Barbara Ellis Ryan
Virginia Lauman Cullen               Roses O’Leary Stephens                   Madeleine Gercke Costigan          Elvira Cordasco Sax
Adele Bateman Donahue                Helen D. Hoag Strobel                    Katherine Rickert Coulson, Ph.D.   Dolores Connell Schafer
Ruth Wingel Doyle                    Therese Dickinson Sullivan               Eileen O’Rourke Deneen             Jean Schwartz, M.D.
Joan Mathers Eaves                   Estate of Barbara Miller Tompkins        Clara McNierney Doyle              Kathleen Bonner Schwartz (M)
Katherine McHugh Enck                Clara Tucker, Ph.D.                      Muriel Watman Dreswick             Patricia Gallagher Starkey
Elizabeth Wright Fury                Rosemary Boccella White                  Mary Wiesner Edell                 Gwendolyn Feaster Trautwein
Bettyanne Geikler (M)                                                         Pamela Orsini Grimme               Madeleine Glynn Whittaker
Mary Alexander Graham                Class of 1953 (49%)                      Virginia Redmond Grover
Beatrice Granger                     Rita Ciotti Altman, Ed.D.                Grace Corr Haenn (S)               Class of 1956 (43%)
Helen Gruber                         M. Justine Smith Atkins, D.A.            Margaret Higgins                   Mary Ellen McFadden Barry
Mary Clare Martin Guinther           M. Dolores Sejda Aversa                  Mary Jo Harrington Leonard         Maryann Wessel Beitel
Faith Olearo Haskew                  Josephine Sciarrotta Bagley              Anne Branagan Letter               Martha Berry
Louise Burgoyne Kane                 Marion Morris Bergan                     Patricia Crane Lynch               Janet Rutan Bowers
Marie McDermott Keeley               Marilyn Bryan Birkmeyer                  Joanne McWilliams Martin           Barbara Costigan Brennan
Geraldine Menzler Kelsey             Margaret Smith Braca                     Dorothy Wludyka Matthews, M.D.     Ellen Whiteside Byrne
Joan Gerard Larkin                   Patricia Nichols Brady                   Ann Brosseau McCall                Catherine Malloy Byron
Joan Schmitt Markham                 Elaine Burchill Corcoran                 Mary Lou Stafford McGill           Beverly Kray Connolly
Louise McCoy                         Annette Seiler Coyle                     Joan Shelley McLaughlin            Regina Cuta, M.D.
Dolores Sulzbach McDevitt            Peggy Anne Derham Dolan                  Ernestine Petorella Medeck         Charlotte Branagan Farley
Dorothy Zeller Miller                Sally A. Donnelly                        Mary Resinski Murphy, M.D.         Mary Jane Gillespie
Anne Duffy Mirsch                    Constance Peacock Feraco                 Catherine O’Flaherty               Anne Daly Holland
Marie Harbina Mockler                Eileen Haviland Finegan                  Joan Pirundini                     Jane Ellen Higgins Kelly, Ed.D.
                                     Mary Silcox Gleason                      Dolores Dillon Regan               Esther Moriarty McCarthy
Lecturer Dr. Mishal Al-Sulami,       Virginia A. Hogan                        Elizabeth MacDuffie Reger (M)      Lorraine Sukalski McGlynn
assistant professor of comparative   Colette Robillard Kelly                  Janice Arleth Reilly               Marianne Miller
thought at King Abdulaziz            Rosanne Bonner Kendra                    Joan Camillery Roche               Patricia Belcher Monaghan
University, Saudi Arabia.            Eileen Kelly Lammers                     Maria MacCabe Ronca                Barbara Griffiths Olivieri (M)
                                     Maureen Reilly Leonhardt                 Joan McCafferty Stapleton          Martha Freiling Peterson (M)
                                     Eileen Connors Linehan                   Margaret Greene Stubee             Betty Ann Oberheidt Quillinan
                                     Margaret O’Neill Lipinski                Judith Sullivan                    Carroll Griffey Ryan
                                     Patricia Wallace MacGillivray            Maureen Parks Todd                 Clare Shanahan
                                     Barbara Piga Marcouiller                 Elizabeth Krug Ulrich              Marylou Dughi Sklar
                                     Mary Martire                             Anita Esposito Varga               Eleanor Craig Utzig
                                     Patricia McDonald                        Aileen Maguire Walsh               Agnes Costello Walker
                                     Joan Wood McEnaney                       Irene A. Wagman Zielinski (M)      Patricia Andris Walsh
                                     Kathleen Canedo Mee                                                         Lynn Murray White
                                     Joan Menaquale                           Class of 1955 (35%)
                                     Rhoda Dietrich Nary                      Joan McDermott Bellwoar            Class of 1957 (63%)
                                     Nancy Leonard O’Connor                   Hilda Casanave Bertotti            Marie Meaney Adolph
                                     Anna Connor O’Riordan, M.D.              Mary Juel Rockwell Boast           Judith Simcoe Alexander
                                     Agnes Dorasavage Palko                   Emily Landers Boyan                Anne Dever Bancroft
                                     Mary McCabe Shields                      Helen Devine Coen                  Constance Murray Becker
                                     Joan Eichenberg Sinclair                 M. Carol Snyder Collins            Marie Pelliccio Berenato
                                     Helene Hornyak Tuckwood                  Kathleen Buhrman Dalena            Rosemary Mahoney Boyle
                                     Carmen Costanza Veit                     Joanne Rossberg De Santis          Margaret Howard Brady
                                     Dolores Mitchell Wallace                 Joanne Waldron Dwyer               Ann Gallen Buckley
                                                               SCHOOL Of UNdERGRAdUATE STUdIES CLASS GIvING 2006-2007

                                      Susan Moran Ryan                        Gwendolen Forsyth Hurley          Class of 1959 (39%)
                                      Rosemary Peacock Rychlewski             Barbara Merck Kearns              Hattie Davey Baier
                                      Ann Malaney Savage                      Mernee Derham Kinter              Mary Ann Miller Beatty, Ph.D.
                                      Joan McFadden Sawoski                   Margaret Garr Knoblock            Helen Nola Bishoff
                                      Lynne Fowler Scarpiello                 Marijane Curtin Lawson            Miriam Quinn Blimm
                                      Kathleen Gercke Silk                    Suzanne Sanders Lawson            Aminta Woodley Burnett
                                      Katherine Labrecque Skiba               Marianne Sim Lee                  Martha Wohlfert Cacciamani
                                      Miriam Fenerty Sullivan                 Rosemary Hagan Lignelli           Carol Brokars Carr
                                      Rosemarie Walsh Taima                   Joanne Ryan Luecke                Young-Shin Chang
                                      Clare Knapp Taylor                      Cecilia Greene McCarthy           Veronica McLaughlin Connor
                                      Barbara Crane Tierney                   Regina Gercke McConnell           Barbara Harron Delaney
                                      Adrienne Wardell                        Maureen Maclean McCord, Esq.      Anne Caruso Desy
                                      Carolyn Giblin Webb                     M. Eileen Foxhill McGlone         Kathleen M. Donnelly
                                      Mary Alice Turvey White                 Anna Marie McKenna                Barrie Thomas Fahey
                                      Anne Marie Boehnke Winkle               Margaret Quinn Mohr               Deborah Dougherty Flint
                                                                              Angela Romano Moore               Eleanor Mason Gulczynski
Associate Professor of Religious      Class of 1958 (61%)                     Helen Rosmilia Mourino            H. Barbara Johnson Hock
Studies Catherine Nerney, SSJ,        Mary Eichhorn Adams, Ph.D.              Nora Golden O’Malley (M)          Charlotte Kelley Hyer
Ph.D. shared her Rwanda sabbatical    Maryanne Hahl Anderson, Ph.D.           Joanne Pascuzzi                   Joan Niessen Kerby
experience in a faculty colloquium.   M. Elizabeth Timmins Angulo             Mary Pollitt                      Zita Levy King
                                      Marianne McKernan Bjorseth              Helen Penza Powers                Jean Peters Kinney
Anne Senser Byrne                     Mary Dugery Brandenstein                Theresa Smith Rose                Marguerite McCrane Klinger
Mary Ellen McClain Carson             Clare McConnell Brown                   Carolyn Inglesby Rusin            Raimonda Binkis Kontrimas
Rosemarie Schmitt Clark (M)           Loretta Martin Brown                    Barbara Hurlbrink Schwitzer       Katherine Gallagher Langan
Kathleen Daniel                       Elizabeth Kincaid Canapary              Rosaleen Feehan Seifert           Anita McLaughlin
Margaret Walsh Davies                 Jolande Jong Chiu                       Deborah Werst Seigman             Sandra Schlott O’Donnell
Therese Schreiber deFoney             Rosemarie O’Brien Cleaver               Margaret Walsh Shubnell           Carole Storch O’Dwyer
Clare Anne McDonald Diviny            Virginia Reilly Coester                 Ann Rusnack Sorgenti (D)          Mimi Whiteside Pruett
Maryanne Rafferty Dunmire             Mary Catherine Curran                   Mary Louise Steppacher            Anna Dechet Reller (M)
Patricia Amend Ellard                 Patricia Burke Delucia                  Jean Campbell Sterling            Patricia Hamborsky Roddy
Mary Jane Harford Ferro               Suzanne K. Dufrasne                     Anna Palermo Streeter             Barbara Stoll Russell
Eileen Gillis Francke                 Joan Enright                            Mary Maines Sullivan              Phyllis Gott Shea
Anne Oberholzer Gehring               Elaine Bevilacqua Falco                 Ruth Tushup Tierney               Kathleen McDermott Strott (M)
Alexandra Budna Golaski               Patricia Gallagher Fleck                Lois Hoffner Udicious             Marguerite McLaughlin Thomas
Roseann Pullekines Haggerty           Joan McDermott Forry                    Denise Bonner Wall                Ann Brenna Toner
Barbara Dolan Hanley                  Mary Jane Pasha Franco                  Dorothy Holmes Wentland           Mary Lynn Liva Wechsberg
Jean Williams Harris                  Ellen Young Greenlee, Esq.              Helen McCann Williams             E. Barry Dolaway Woolson
Arlene Hausmann                       Sarah Mansell Guilfoyle                 Janice Kitley Yurasek
Kathryn Peters Hill                   Janet McAninley Hallermeier             Marguerite Stein Zuccarello (M)   Class of 1960 (39%)
Audrey Ward House                     Mary Lynch Hayes                                                          Carol Cheleden Alcorn
Margaret Mary McDermott Keeler                                                                                  Anastasia Hagan Bacon, Ed.D.
Roxanne Talley King                   The 2006 Golf Invitational Committee.
                                                                                                                M. Claudette Rupp Bayer
Joan Neumann Lowrey                                                                                             Patricia Doran Benkovic
Elizabeth Harvey Majane                                                                                         Mary Hurley Birch
Theresa Mazeika                                                                                                 Roseanne Burke Brennan
Ellen McKeon McCann                                                                                             Marion Gioffre Buddo
Mary Spence McCue                                                                                               Camille Ferro Burns, Ph.D.
Beverly Johnston McIntyre                                                                                       Helen Kates Casey
Annunciata Torrese Milani                                                                                       Mary Lee Rothwell Corr
Regina Beck Moynihan                                                                                            Mildred Murphy Deriggi, Ph.D.
Irene Nowak Musman                                                                                              Marie Micale Dumbra
Mary Alice Kenny Myles                                                                                          Phyllis Ackerman Gilligan
Diane Napoli O’Grady                                                                                            Eileen Long Hessman
Anne Marie Vickers Quinn, Ed.D.                                                                                 Anne Depiano Holderness
Dolores A. Reiff                                                                                                Diane Wall Holtz (M)
Joan McGrath Reynolds                                                                                           Mary Serroi Jaklevic (M)
C. Patricia O’Hara Rutter                                                                                       Judith Bourgeois Jensen

                                    Nancy Nuffort Brown                    Marian Brogan Ehnow (S)          Kathleen Brown Hyland
                                    Elizabeth Hughes Burns                 Adrienne Donaghue Gallagher      Isabel Porreca Johnson
                                    Katherine Alcamo Cardali               Noel Riley Gallagher             Joanne Santarone Johnston
                                    Maureen Gillen Chan                    Margaret O’Donnell Garrett       Alison Turnbull Kelley
                                    Rosemary Magee Cicchiello              Eileen D’Arcy Garvey             Lucille McGrenra Kelly
                                    Jo Ann Ewadinger Connelly              Kathleen Gavigan Esq., Ph.D.     M. Catherine Kronbar Kibler
                                    Rosemary Tighe Cozzolino               Linda Hirsh Glasgow              Mary Grace Grall Killmer
                                    Mary Jo Abrachinsky Doherty            Patricia Tichenor Greer          Cecile Heebner Knies
                                    Barbara Donovan                        Kathleen Boyle Jarvis            Sally Stock Lundgren
                                    Barbara Gallo Draper                   Mary Laffan King                 Susan Murray Lybrook
                                    Catherine Brannan Dunn                 Kathleen Kugler                  Louise Mann
                                    Jeanne Labrecque Gagliano              Irene Loughman Kutner            Patricia McAdams, Ph.D.
                                    Sharon Smith Gardlund                  Sandra Glynn Lippe               Joan Pietras McAuliffe
                                    Sarah Bean Gentry                      Catherine Ondrey Mailloux        Joanne McFadden McBride
                                    Mary Isabel Lambert Glenn              Kathleen Kane Mann               Angele Vial McGrady, Ph.D.
                                    Beatrice Gallagher Grabish             Denise Love McDaid               Margaret Anderson Meade
                                    Rosemary Murphy Gulati                 Margaret Green McLaughlin        Mary Aldrich Merman
                                    Sandra Johnson Helverson (M)           Margaret Conlan O’Brien          Cynthia Burlick Murphy
                                    Eileen Pollock Holden                  Annemarie Fliegel Quigley        Nancy Hoffner Orr
                                    Maureen Dearie Husk                    Alexandra Masiuk Rakowsky        Frances McCullen Pierce
Forward Andrea Carter '07           Kathryn Coyne Keegan                   Mary Jane Petriella Ruvo         Jane Wylie Quest
established herself as one of the   Kathleen McCarthy Kelly                Mary Ellen McGrath Saunders      Joanne Casacio Regli
NEAC's top athletes.                Patricia Orna Levarn                   Betty Anne Power Schwarz         Elizabeth Sieburg Richter
                                    Ann Tushim Linck                       Veronica Silvasi                 Trudy Carlin Rutledge
Margaret Michel Johnson             Judith Hadden Lutolf                   Rosanne Grasmeder Steitz         Anne De Stefano Salvatore, Ph.D.
Patricia Kisielewski Juenger        Eleanor Archie McCarron                Sara Young Stoll                 Carroll Lanman Schleppi
Susannah Linton Kirchner            Marilyn Johnson McCarron               Eileen Bradley Stonier           Patricia McGee Sharkey
Dolores Dezii Kreal                 Helen Baum Miller                      Maureen Schmidt-Thielens         Rosalie Papa Shaw, Ed.D.
Henriette Horchler Leanos, Ph.D.    Barbara Folsom Murch                   Mary Walker Tompkins             Veronica Loughlin Singel
Kathleen Newman Marion              Margaret Mary Murphy, SSJ (S)          Gail Hodgdon Valentine, M.D.     Pauline Liebert Stitzinger
Barbara D’Iorio Martino (D)         V. Sheila Boyle Otto                   Gertrude Walsh Vernot            Katherine Roach Sullivan
Barbara Wenthe McCarthy             Dorothy Baker Radcliff                 M. Joyce Renzulli Wuenschel      Joan Willey Thirion
Michele Mustello                    Elizabeth Dyer Ranc                                                     Elizabeth Tucker Werner
Sidney Mauchly Nelis                Linda McKenna Roxe                     Class of 1963 (39%)              Andrea Cherubin Zapczynski
Marianne Waldeier Noll              Susan Enright Ryan                     Patricia May Agger
Gretta Doyle O’Brien                Nancy Koonmen Schmidtmann              Mary Louise Malfatto Alexander   Class of 1964 (25%)
Mary Magee Onofrietto, Ph.D.        Arlene Diziki Scott                    Mary Ruth Wiegard Becker         Mary Alice Kasper Amend
Barbara Woodward Pierce             Kathleen McBride Shoup                 Carolyn Bensel, Ph.D.            Mary Margaret Moore Baker
Mary Reeber                         Patricia Gallagher Smith, Ph.D.        Marion Williams Berry            Jacklyn Ryan Bergstresser
Anne March Roan                     Verna Brugger Stockmal                 Carol Scudo Delgado              Pamela Ann Black, Ed.D.
Joanne Grimm Seaver                 Kathleen Mahoney Sykes                 Diane Driscoll, SSJ              Alice Ann Goldkamp Bossow
Margaret Kuhn Sharkey               Mary Louise McCurry-Tackas             Elizabeth Roscoe Dugan           Evelyn Galla Bratton (M)
Patricia Walsh Sterner              Angela Clement Tague                   Theresa Hehn Eaman               Barbara Cruse (M)
Marie Gallagher Sweeney             Elaine Bevevino Trevey                 Mary Jo Calhoun Egoville         Geraldine Kaczorowski Dabrowski
Regina Voelker Tauke                Mary Alice Butler Warwick              Kathleen Finnegan                Terese Wolf DeCamara
Anne Brannan Teufel                 Suzanne Pfizenmayer Wiley              Kathleen Heidere Ford            Anne O’Shea Devlin
Joan Guiniven Trippetti                                                    Gertrude Dearie Frekko           Margaret Jarosh Doyle
Helen Mikula Vassily                Class of 1962 (41%)                    Marcia Gehman, SSJ               Regina Bennett Fleming
Kathleen Wagner                     Catherine L. Albanese, Ph.D.           Lynn Cozza Goodman               Dolores Furlan
Mary Gallagher Wattis               Clare Cannon Breene                    Mary Jo Collins Griffin          Paula Murphy Gallagher
                                    Marilyn Unger Burke                    Mary Ann Conway Gursky, Esq.     Mary Goldschmidt Galloway (M)
Class of 1961 (43%)                 Eugenie Koch Callaghan                 Deanna Drake Hagan               Joyce Finnegan Garrison
Ellen Barrett                       Mary Coady                             Sandra Cupini Hagenbarth         Judith Kearney Griffith
Marita O’Reilly Beckum, Esq.        Cecilia Hall Coyle                     Geraldine Eble Hamilton          Marianne Carlson Hall
Mary Tanney Bradley                 Kathleen Braun Dollenberg              Rose Anne Di Santo Hannum        Moira Hurley, M.D.
Elissa Imbriaco Breiling            Nancy Quinney Dominis                  Jeanne Bireline Henderson        Lois Curti Kittredge
Lynne Smith Brown                   Jeanne Collins Donovan                 Sheila M. O’Leary Hourigan       Margaret Sewell Krivda
                                                                 SCHOOL Of UNdERGRAdUATE STUdIES CLASS GIvING 2006-2007

                                                                                 Ann Gilsenan List                      Anne E. Cashman Lilly
                                                                                 Nancy McDonald Mason                   Margaret Judge Lynch
                                                                                 Mary Mulderry Mattson                  Marlene Bonacci Lynch
                                                                                 Joan Coletti Metallo (M)               Dorothy Kushlis Macfarlane, M.D.
                                                                                 Nonie Glennon Murphy                   Dorothea Klebacher Magyar
                                                                                 Mary Delia Tye Neuman, Ph.D.           Eileen McIlhinney
                                                                                 Noel Pflugfelder Oakes                 Marian Fanning McNamara, M.D.
                                                                                 Jo Ellen Noonan Parsons                Margaret C. Moran
                                                                                 Bernadette Cosenza Prozzillo           Mary Jane Briggs Morgan
                                                                                 Lorraine A. Revello                    Clare Bennett Nafe
                                                                                 Mary Kaufmann Ryan                     Jean Brennan Pivetz
                                                                                 Mary J. Salzmann                       Mary Quinn
                                                                                 Mary Lou Sciarrillo                    Stephanie Genova Quirk
                                                                                 Patricia Brumberger Shields            Mary Louise Goldkamp Ryan
                                                                                 Susan Smith Wallis                     Kathleen Campbell Schugsta
                                                                                 Margaret Seidel Walton                 Carlotta Andruzza Seeley
                                                                                                                        Pilar Pinili-Silva, Esq.
                                                                                 Class of 1967 (44%)                    Elizabeth McGarvey Smith
                                                                                 Louise Loia Aaronson                   Patricia So
The inaugural induction ceremony of the Alpha Xi Beta Chapter of the             Cecilia Bankins                        Margaret DiSanto Storti
English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta.                                          Mary Jo Platten Barbi                  Carmela Buccieri Sullivan
Nan Gifford Mayland                   Marybeth Honeyman Leary                    Margaret Madden Bell                   Mary Hurley Sullivan
Lorraine Cajano Minecci               Elizabeth Schurr McDermott                 Mary Pat Gallagher Boyle               Marilea Swenson
Marie Costello Moore                  Patricia Jeskey McDermott                  Judith Brown, Ph.D.                    Kathleen Weibel
Phyllis Coppola Neill                 Martha Wilderotter McDevitt                Joanne Bonavita Budwick                M. Catherine Dobbs-Wendleton
Alice Reilly Paduch                   Kathleen Martin McFadden                   Noreen Kraska Caivano                  Antoinette Whitmore
Dorothy Palatucci (M)                 Catherine Hebson McVicker, Ph.D.           Frances Gercke Carey
Denise Murphy Phillips                Elaine Palmer Meisinger                    Joanne Paskowsky Carr                  Class of 1968 (26%)
M. Nancy Burczewski Portland          Susan Brown Penrose                        Margaret Kress Carson                  Barbara Adamski
Amelia Petitti Quaremba, Ph.D.        Kathleen Green Redrup                      Patricia Barr Colfer                   Rosalie Marinari Akouka, M.D.
Mary Ellen Scanlan, Ph.D.             Nancy (Anne) Diamond Roche                 Cecelia Eble Coyne                     Kathleen Clauss Borkowski
Jo-Anne Fatibene Semmel               Phyllis M. Roche                           Eileen Menegus Debesis, Ph.D.          Lynda Sokolski Branstrom
Mary Schuhsler Spangler, Ed.D.        Regina Maxwell Schwille (M)                Kathleen Brennan Deibert               Theresa Elmendorf Carroll
Sally Cavanaugh Strike                Zdanna Krawciw Skalsky                     M. Kathy Tigh Detrano                  Anna Marie Judge Croney
Lois Trench-Hines                     Rebecca Barney Timmes                      Catherine Devlin                       Barbara McNamara Cubby
Jerilyn Louis Tierney                 Denise Duckworth Tumelty                   Marilyn Hennessey Dimuro               Eleanor Mueller Cugini
Mary Ann Costello Yankosky                                                       Linda Taraborrelli Donahue             Molly Walsh Donovan, Ph.D.
                                      Class of 1966 (26%)                        Kathleen Keirle Dougherty, Ph.D. (M)   Maureen Colleran Doyle
Class of 1965 (27%)                   Regina Mongelli Ammerman                   Frances Shumen Dwyer                   Joyce Maurin Fonash, Ph.D.
Carol Lowe Ambacher                   Jane Bentz Atesoglu                        Juliette Fox Eastwick                  Marlyn Tome Formidoni (M)
Maryanne Reilly Andrews               Carolyn Keber Baird                        Nancy Keller Eck                       Jane Foulkrod Galvin
Patricia Chiri Bell                   Martina McCarthy Ball                      Margaret Barrett Enoch                 Maryann Campbell Gans
Joan Goldschmidt Browne               Joanne Park Batzig                         Eugenie Dausey Fleming                 Judith Vanstone Golderer
Jacinta Lam Chang                     Kathleen McGrath Beirne                    Kathleen Foulkrod Georgeson            Kathleen Corcoran Griffith-Keene
Helen Chaykowsky                      Kathleen Donahue Bruyere, USN, Ret.        Suzanne Dames Gibbs                    Margaret M. Hagerty
Denise Belcher Crenshaw               Suzanne Sewell Civitella                   Diane Taglialatela Green               Patricia Quinn Hayden
Rosemary Dempsey Cunniffe             Elizabeth Burns Cusack                     Sandra Kuback Grill                    Maureen Burns Heacock
Elaine Bennett Davey                  Elizabeth Jachimowicz Fanuzzi              Maryl Michiels Hitchings               Joan Edmund Husted
Barbara Rufe Feeney                   Mary O’Connor Gentile, Ed.D.               Patricia Olwell Hoglund                Rosa Teresa DiFrancesco Lee
Margaret Ann O’Connell Feeny          Carol-Jane Piltz Guardino (M)              Barbara Jani                           Margaret Mckee Madison
Marie Sclafani Goldkamp               E. Michelle Sprague Guerard (M)            Nancy Culligan Jennings                Rosemary Marino Mangano
Isabelle Walsh Gundaker               Sandra Denenberg Hohberger                 Joan McFadden Jernee                   Constance Brown Masciangelo
Frances Schuhsler Hadden              Mary Angela Heller Howard, Esq.            Margaret Coffey Kelleher, Ph.D.        Maryanna Kane Massey
H. Patricia Hynes                     Julia Heitzman Koechlin (M)                Joan Burger King                       Paula Ippolito McCarthy
Mildred Bell Kaliss                   Margaret Marshall Kramer                   Patricia Walsh King                    Ellen Miller
Elizabeth Newmiller King              Helen Anne Quinn Lawlor                    Katherine Ferguson Knox                Miriam Berry Moore
Mary Hennessey Krutulis               Marie Ryan Leonard                         Kathleen Herzog Larkin, Esq.           Penny Grelis Morrison

Patricia Parrella Orlando         Patricia Canning (S)                                                        Christine Scott Beck
Elizabeth Patterson-Patterson     Cynthia Giltner Chryst (M)                                                  Sallyann Bowman, M.D.
Rosemarie Litterio Shannon        Vionette Pietrantoni de Inclan                                              Pauline Chung
Carol Panepinto Trojan            Arlene Amoruso del Pizzo                                                    Anna Faris DiFranco (M)
Teresa Clark Trudeau              Lydia Maiorca Driscoll                                                      Andrea Varricchio-DiVito, Ph.D. (M)
Nina Buckley Yeager               Claudia MacFadden Fletcher                                                  Denise Errico Duffy
                                  Mary Gallagher                                                              Margaret Durkin, Esq.
Class of 1969 (16%)               Teresa Hagan                                                                Mary Lynne McCarthy Ekdahl
Eileen Husted Anderson            Mary Ann Haggerty, M.D.                                                     Corinne Foley Errico
Eleanor Yoa Ayers                 Helen Hall                                                                  Frances Ferrari
Jana DeFrancesco Belansen         Mary Margaret Hamill                                                        Kathryn O’Neill Fisher
Diana Pitman Brooks               Maria Pugliese-Hieble, M.D.                                                 Eleanor MacMahon Frank
Judith E. Campbell                Jane Serrada Lang                                                           Frances Bonanni Hay
Joan Fry Donahue                  Joan Loreng                                                                 Kathleen Mooney Hennessey
Nancy Himmer Esposito             Diane Hugues McGinty                                                        Elizabeth Lunney (M)
Denise Gervase Ferrier, Ph.D.     Helen Bernhardt McMonagle                                                   Joanna Rizzo Mastronardo
N. A. Gillen                      Nadine Morse Noble                     Lacrosse goalie Stephanie Jordan     Patricia McNichol
Susan Rapp Halczenko              Judith Anne Paul                       ’09 was placed on The Philadelphia   Patricia Meier
Susan Taylor Kelly                Judith Perkins                         Inquirer’s 2006-2007 All-Area        Stephanie Olexa, Ph.D.
Anna Gibino Kerr                  Eleanor Walsh Plumb                    Academic Team.                       Margery King Roby
Jane Liebsch                      Janet Brown Quintal (M)                                                     Joanne Sidoti Schmidt, D.D.S.
Margaret Kirby Lucia              Suzanne Talarico Russo                 Regina Ventresca Creedon             Linda Schroeder Seeley
Katherine Marschall, M.D.         Donna Plamondon Scully                 Roseanne O’Hanlon Duzinski           Carol Palmisano Smith
Kathleen McNicholas, M.D.         Patricia Johnson Skopal                Elaine Cody Hankins                  Margaret Hetzer Stuart
Gertrude Betz Mihalcik (M)        Mary Exner Spalding                    Blanche Goffredo Haughton            Mary Kaszuba Toth
Rita Mulville                     Diane Stanczak (M)                     Frederica Massiah-Jackson            Donna Gers Turk
Kathleen Furlong-Norman           Elizabeth Shafer Tetenbaum             Theresa Kaufmann                     Andrea Wargo, Ph.D.
Eileen Walker Phoebus             Kathleen Donahue Wannisky, Esq.        Nancy Day Kelley, Ph.D.              Rose Betz-Zall
Joan Pollitt (M)                  Katherine Barrett White                Phyllis Finarelli Kenning
Evelyn Guarnieri Powers           A. Clarice Zaydon M.D.                 Rosemary Hunt Kurtz                  Class of 1973 (22%)
Rebecca Preece                                                           Clare Ammend Magee                   Rosemarie Fitzpatrick Architzel
Katherine Safford Ramus, Ed.D.    Class of 1971 (27%)                    Kathleen Hunt Mang                   Adele Schmitz Bissonette
Sally Ruttle                      C. Jane Caldwell Adams                 Marilyn McCarthy Marschel            Anne Brennan
Janet Tedesco                     Monica Hogan Albus                     Patricia Giglio Mason                Mary Little Collins
                                  Margaret Betz, Ph.D.                   Rita McCloskey Miziorko              Sally Ann Ayerle Corbley
Class of 1970 (25%)               Clare Hamilton Bohnett                 Nancy Arauz Monnat                   Glenda Battistini Daulerio
Marilyn Sutton Adomanis           Mary Ann Ballisty Bonner               Carol Sheerin Murphy                 Mary Ellen Brady Eck
Margaret Waltz Baloga             Roberta Burns, M.D.                    Catherine Myers                      Denise Yanushka Gibson
Felicia Corsaro Barbieri, Ph.D.   Elizabeth Marron Cooper                Geraldine Nuzzo                      Mary Tyler Muldoon Holmes
Kathleen Vath Campbell            Monica Cetrullo Costlow                Kathleen Dixon O’Brien               Maureen Ryan Irwin
                                                                         Bonnie Wydick Oldham                 Carmencita Chafey Jimenez
The TV Studio came alive with THE CHESTNUT HILL INSIDER.                 Susan M. Pisano                      Ann Kohoot
                                                                         M. Susan Carr Pontoski               Mary Catherine Lowery
                                                                         Frances Rafferty Esq., Ph.D.         Jean McWilliams, Ed.D.
                                                                         Roberta Rothwell Schillo             Elizabeth Ryan Meehan
                                                                         Mary Hutko Scholl                    Barbara Mercer Panek
                                                                         Joy Supil Siegel                     Elizabeth Green Perkins
                                                                         Ann Marie Smith Sielski              Patricia Maher Roop
                                                                         Kathleen Sinkinson                   M. Gervase Rosenberger, Esq.
                                                                         Mary McKenna Thorne                  Jane L. Rothrock
                                                                         Kathleen Wall                        Phyllis Mawer Smith
                                                                                                              Maria Colella Wiemken
                                                                         Class of 1972 (22%)
                                                                         Linda Torchia Armao, Ph.D.           Class of 1974 (16%)
                                                                         Patricia Barile                      Marsha Humphries Boex
                                                                         Margaret Helbling Baumann            Paula DeSanctis Bonavitacola
                                                                                                              Patricia Buckley, Esq.
                                                                   SCHOOL Of UNdERGRAdUATE STUdIES CLASS GIvING 2006-2007

Carlota Garcia Colberg               Christine Ferraro Daniels                                                   Class of 1981 (12%)
Janet Powers Dunne                   Diane Scicchitano Dannenfelser                                              Jeanne Baffa, M.D.
Margaret M. Englebert                Regina Kenny Davenport                                                      Joanne Corini Burrell, D.M.D.
Christine Fitzpatrick                Margaret Burns DiGiacomo                                                    Samuella Lazzara Donnelly
Valerie Mikula Hughes, D.D.S.        Marianne Valvardi Dwyer                                                     Diane Dudziec Glasser
Elizabeth Mallon Hunter (M)          Joanne Fink                                                                 Donna Sedock Hess
Anita Chiu Kan                       Alida Scarafone Freeman                                                     Joan Anthony Lonnquist
Mary Sher Kenney                     Mary Ann Velten Gilman                                                      Sandra Ruscica McDevitt
Mary Lenore Gricoski Keszler, M.D.   Anne Marie O’Donnell Housel                                                 Mary Ellen Boland Radloff
Rosemary Leone                       Kathleen O’Pella                                                            Virginia Hylton Scott
Susan Lyons                          Lisa Olivieri, SSJ (F)                                                      Tracey Dever Simpson
Madelyne Kasper McKee                Mary Degnan Phelps                                                          Genevieve Dagney Sparano
Mary O’Gorman Murray                 Anne E. Tezak (M)                         Philadelphia “Top Doc” Richard    Judy Maceyko Sweriduk
Mary Kinahan-Ockay                   Regina Black Urmson                       Lackman- Biomedical Lecture       Susan Doyle Tumulty
Patricia Harper Petrozza, M.D.       Margaret Brattini Vollmer                 Series speaker.                   Colleen Corcoran Vogel
Patricia Kenney Quinn                                                                                            Jane Randall Conlon-Werner, Ph.D.
Rosemarie Tort-Schroeter             Class of 1977 (19%)                       Class of 1979 (13%)
Mary MacAvoy-Strawitz                Linda Federico Bruschi                    Mary Augustine                    Class of 1982 (27%)
Leona Valentine                      Maria Valenzisi Cahill                    Diane Heverline Dewitt            Amelia Messner Blackburn
Anne Guardino Yaccarino              Cecily Craig                              Christina Dougherty, V.M.D. (M)   Annemarie Stauch Boehnlein (M)
                                     Alice Ann Gricoski Dachowski, M.D.        Margaret Feraco Frampton          Maria Pascale-Boni
Class of 1975 (25%)                  Karen Crumlish Davis, Esq.                Ellen Coffey Hurley               Joanne Sauer Burke, D.P.M.
Linda Avila                          Patti Grossman Deutsch                    Stephanie King, M.D.              Loretto Kunesh Canfield
M. Susan Dougherty Burke, M.D.       Teresa Barth Gervasio                     Amy Doyle Koch                    Theresa Leahy Carlin
Cynthia Antoni Conaway               Aurora Marrero Hughes                     Theresa Boyle-Miller              Amy Molloy Cordasco
Kathryn Kenneally Conner             Lucille Palaszewski Kwasizur              Joan Zugay Murphy                 Martha Gregitis Crow
Margaret Harte Deviney               Lisette Maldonado                         Patrice Maguire Scott, Esq.       Kathleen Cleaver Curtis
Catherine Cardamone Duarte           Margaret Carney McCaffery (D)             Mary Beth Conaty Sherrier         Maureen Keashon Dwyer
Janine Delaveau Dwyer                Jane Miller                               Stephanie Smith                   Carmella Fanelle, D.D.S.
Wanda Feletski                       Mary Lounsberry Miller                    Patricia Gallo Terrenzio          Ellen Seiberlich Hardy
Susan Berko Glass                    Cecelia Englebert Passanza                Christina Demetrovits Woody       Siobhan McEnaney-Hayes
Kathleen Boran Gotthelf              Joan Dougherty Pierson                                                      Karen Sworen Hevey
Jane Tomalonis Gursky                Mariann Pokalo, Ph.D.                     Class of 1980 (18%)               Catherine Spollen Holt
Sandra Panitz Haley                  Patricia Shustock Scott, O.D.             Mary Boyle                        Lynnanne Kasarda, M.D.
Barbara Hee                          Monica Perin Sierra                       Lynne Silverio Carpenter (M)      Mary Beth Tobin Macaluso
Maureen Moore Lafferty               Margaret Callaghan Steficek               Lynnette Coleman                  Kathleen Madden
Mary Simmons Limbach                 Irene Ampthor Tori                        Marianne De Rosa De Alessi        Mary Maher
Karen Verdi Liuzzi                   Ina Negron Zorrilla, D.M.D.               Jeanne Dougherty (M)              Donna McColgan Mascaro
Janice Maffei                                                                  Mary Louise McDonald Galvin       Joanne Mercadante
Denise Roney McGonigal               Class of 1978 (14%)                       Patricia Waldron Gray             Lisa Rounds Miles
Nancie Ann Kenny Moebius (M)         Mary Conway Arnone                        Catherine Price Harmer            Maryellen Britt Miller
Virginia Flynn Morris                Alison Franks Babiarz                     Patrice Owens Hartung             Patricia Mcintyre O’Connell
Denise Haskins Paolella              Ann Curran Brown                          Cheryl-Ann Montano Hughes         Suzanne Olivieri O’Donnell, M.D.
Maureen Moffatt Parassio             Maria De Luca                             Pamela Grimme Johnson             Louise-Anne Pulli, D.C.
Susan Prince                         Kathleen A. Farrell, Esq.                 Margarita Mongil-Kwoka            Anne Halcovage Shollenberger
Lynne Huddleston-Ruff                Eileen Blessington Fee                    Judith Mokriski Lannutti (M)      Margaret Zenner-Sivel
Cynthia Strolle                      Rita Gallo                                Suzanne Valvardi Lasek            Carol Steinour, Esq.
Regina Williams Tate, Esq. (M)       Patricia Hoffman Killion                  Barbara Hynes MacIntosh           Deborah Sonntag Tredinnick
Patricia Kane-Vanni, Esq.            Cecilia Mohl McAleer                      Janet Guzzardo Moronese           Beverley Patrone Uniacke, M.D.
Carol Voelmle Zemnick                Mary Prendergast Murray                   Janice Schuler Prentice           Joyce Adams-Wert
Angela-Jo Castranova Wetzel          Georgine Olexa                            Michele Fella Przybylowski
                                     Nancy McCarthy Pashley                    Valerie Rengel Reeth              Class of 1983 (11%)
Class of 1976 (19%)                  Helene Regetta                            Laura Barrosse Sirianni           Barbara Dolan Arena
Sharon Cameron Baldwin               Bernardine Hughes Steinmetz               Maryangela Sharkey Tait           Stefania Luciani Binnick
Mimi Strolle Bender                  Denise Vernon Toland                      Joann Bowes Taylor                Susan Wentland Brobst, Ph.D.
Joann Bauer-Blake                    Bonnie Word, M.D.                         Barbara Boyd Ward (M)             Kathleen Clarke Buch
Mary E. Brandt, Ph.D.                                                          Marcianne Waters                  Mary Fay

                                     Joanne Milburn Hollenbach
                                     Maureen McFadden Holley, D.M.D.
                                     Colleen Gomlak Jungers
                                     Sheila Marshall
                                     Donna Talluto Mihelick, M.D.
                                     Martha Ranc, Ph.D. (M)
                                     Patricia Reilly

                                     Class of 1987 (13%)
                                     Lorilee Pittenger Friel
                                     Lisanne Mikula-Hay, Esq.
                                     Karen Wilderotter Judge
President Vale was honored with      Maureen McGlynn Koerwer
the Chestnut Hill Award from the     Julie Ann Myers Patterson
Community Association.               Mary Ann Stahl Patton
                                     Kathleen Shea Pié                         President Vale (center) with Honorary Doctor of Laws recipients (l to r)
Marion Clinger Hanuschek
                                     Beth Griech-Polelle, Ph.D.                Dick Vermeil, Carol Vermeil, Frannie Maguire, and James J. Maguire.
Grace Voigt Kozrad (M)
                                     Sandra Weychert Rollins
Lorie Loreman, D.O.
                                     Amita Bhala Russell
Wendy Madonna                                                                  Jacqueline Lala Keenan                 Class of 1995 (3%)
                                     Kathleen Prihoda Schwartz (M)
Genevieve Miller                                                               Kimberly Giordano Myler                Andrea Capozzi Brecker
                                     Lynn Mulvaney Sharp
C. Christa McGlynn Wetzel                                                      Jennifer A. Eager Scalaro              Christine Cunniffe McIntire
                                     Marianne McGurk Wallaesa
Maureen Jaster Whitham                                                                                                Yumiko Wakabayashi
Alice Mary Connolly Zenner                                                     Class of 1991 (10%)
                                     Class of 1988 (10%)
                                     Elizabeth Albertoli Becker                Joanne Brown                           Class of 1996 (4%)
Class of 1984 (10%)                                                            Jessica Flattery Cole                  Heidi Landes-Cox
                                     Kathleen Quigley Grimm
Maria Fella Cain                                                               Concetta Giuliano, D.O.                Kathleen Krafft Diprinzio
                                     Lisa Long Martelli
Mary Agnew Dunleavy                                                            Julianne E. Grady, V.M.D.              Karin Stangler Murphy
                                     Maureen Kelsey O’Hara
Colleen Finley                                                                 Rosemary Haenn                         Joy Nelson Phillips
                                     Marybeth Eskesen Pavlik
Vanessa Horta Gloates                                                          Jessica Masso Keenan
                                     Fiorina Pellegrino
Kathleen Magee Holemans                                                        Gretchen Ann Reilly, Ph.D.             Class of 1997 (13%)
                                     Mary Jane Reilly
Joanne Houlahan, Ph.D.                                                         Jocelyn Orallo Valencia                Nicole Irwin Blum
                                     Beth Davey Rosso
Ann Lipinski Kolb                                                                                                     Sarah Colton
Phyllis Hartman Kravinsky                                                      Class of 1992 (8%)                     Cindy Marx Davidson
                                     Class of 1989 (18%)
Mary Beth Higgins Livolsi                                                      Eileen Borne                           Theresa Moser Fry
                                     Michelle Raymond Bray
Patricia Klammer MacCluen                                                      Blanca Gonzalez Canney                 Michelle Leshko Kaschak
                                     Caroline Reilly Dignan, M.D.
Renee Raymond Portu                                                            Maria Santoro Conway                   Ann Keer
                                     Barbara Miller Dunne
Stephanie O’Connell Siegrist, M.D.                                             Nancy Burton Dellavecchia              Jennifer Kelly
                                     Alice Campbell Krepto
Patricia McCunney-Thomas                                                       Megan Hardiman James                   Diana Barnett Kudes, M.D.
                                     Ellen Kaiser McGrew
                                     Letitia Pukas McNeil                      Catherine Lockyer (D)                  Linda Tarini-Leeper
Class of 1985 (9%)                                                             Kathleen McIntyre                      Jennifer Macneal
                                     Michele Petrucci
Catherine Ard                                                                  Margaret Morris                        Anne-marie Gormley Reber
                                     Marjorie Scott
Cecelia Cavanaugh, SSJ, Ph.D. (A)                                              Rebecca Warner Von Nieda               Dana Skowronski Roche
                                     Mary Sylvester Thompson
Laura Malisheski Connelly (M)                                                                                         Alyce Taylor
                                     Audra Meckler Wallis
Michele Chabrier Dance                                                         Class of 1993 (7%)                     Bridget Mahon Willoughby
                                     Susan Monaghan Williams
Donnamarie Marbet-Eckhardt                                                     Denise Castro
                                     Kathleen Oakes Young
Suzanne Cicconi Espinosa                                                       Amanda Adasavage Nowicki               Class of 1998 (8%)
Karen Reddington-Hughes                                                        Valerie Caraballo-Perez                Rieke Baize
                                     Class of 1990 (13%)
Joann Gallagher Jones, Esq.                                                    Darla Baum Tomlinson                   Megan Gallagher Bauer
                                     Elena C. Pié Adkins
Jacqueline Urbach Linse                                                        Dianne Vagnini                         Jessica Bowman Dodson
                                     Florence R Santoro Carroll
Amelia Sheen                                                                   Theresa Falco Wydan                    Sandra Clauson Nesbitt
                                     Michele L. Ferrara Cutler
                                     Elizabeth A. Rice Dasher                                                         Catherine Savage
Class of 1986 (11%)                                                            Class of 1994 (4%)                     Maryanne Walsh
                                     Brenda M. Gala DeStefano (M)
Karen Prihoda Brown                                                            Amy Mcleer Frangione (M)
                                     Kristin Durski Gartner
Ann McGee Carbon, Esq.                                                         Kerry Freisen Lively
                                     Susan M. Rilling Haitsch
Anne Bradley De Masi                                                           Pamela Fiugalski-Prevoznik
                                     Lara L. Doyle Iannetta
Lisa Anne Roney Haas                                                           Jodie King-Smith (M) (A)
                                     Mary Elizabeth Raniszewski Jackson
  SUS CLASS GIvING                                                           SCHOOL Of CONTINUING & PROfESSIONAL STUdIES

Class of 1999 (4%)            Jose Acevedo ’02                            Christina Drucker ’03           Carol Searle Kirk ’81
Andrea Desantis               Jatynus Nichols Alston ’98                  Judith Espey ’94                Karen Korman ’91
Theresa Salvatore Hunsicker   Darlene M. Ambrosino ’90                    Kimberly Farmer ’04             Patricia Jones Kosek ’93 (M)
Monica Voglewede              Rachael Smyth Anderson ’02                  Lizbeth Feldstein ’02           Lorraine Lawler ’97
                              Angela Andrews ’06                          Dineen Foley Filoramo ’00       Kathleen Lough ’93
Class of 2000 (3%)            Amelia Askew ’93                            Donna Fiugalski ’01             Frances Lutz ’98
Bridget McGovern              Hannelore Lawin Barbieri, Psy.D. ’93        Michael Flood ’98               Genevieve Noderer Lynch ’01
Barbara Sliker Weikert        Kenneth Bartlett, Sr. ’99 (M)               Donna Bongarzone-Fluehr ’03     Mary Moran Mahal ’87 (S)
                              Emily Bassler ’93                           Saori Fujiyama ’95              Nancy L. Markle ’91
Class of 2001 (5%)            Melvin Benson, III ’03                      Bernice Fuller Garrison ’02     Leilani Fairman McCall ’93
Staci Hardy                   Carol Fetterman Blauth ’78                  Renee Harris Grant ’02          Maureen Rykowski McCarthy ’02
Marian Mellace Houston        Anna Bondi ’06                              Gilda Caruso Gregori ’01        Christina Seving McDonald ’03
Annie Sampson                 Robert Bonham ’02                           William Gross ’03               Janice Edwards McGowan ’86
Kathryn Sonnie                Lorean Booler Booker ’04                    Suzanne Groves ’06              Brian McKenna ’03
                              Jean Brown ’94                              Diane Hunsicker Gundrum ’94     Diane Lacorte-McLaughlin ’06
Class of 2002 (7%)            Mary Jo Bucceri ’98                         Denise Haffner ’79              Loretta M. McLaughlin ’74
Kirsten Krimmel               Rosemary Griffin Carolan ’72                Eileen Haggerty SSJ, ’71        Sheila McQuillan ’85
Jennifer Marazzo              Ruth Carver ’88                             Lorna Hawkins-Bell Harmon ’01   Janet Messner ’78
Jennifer Turecki Martin       Theresa Brady Chanko ’78                    Carol Harrison ’95              Margaret Mitchell ’03 (S)
Janene O’Brien                Frances D. Chicchi ’90                      Lekisha Harvey ’00              Carolyn Sagendorph Montgomery ’97
Lisa Rivera                   I. Carole Christ ’06                        Michelle Heigler ’01            Mary Louise Montuoro ’77
                              Judith Clark ’87                            Anne Hipp ’96                   Jennifer Dixon Morgan ’04
                              Anne Coneghen ’94                           Barbara Hogan, Ph.D. ’73 (F)    Melinda Jaeb-Morse ’96
Class of 2003 (5%)
                              Joan Murray Conmy ’91                       Elizabeth Cornell Huston ’85    Esther Murray ’94
Suzana Palej Deleon
                              Margaret Cort ’03                           Reyad Ibrahim ’01               Ann Nedbal ’85
Nancy Flanagan
                              Glynnis Robins Cradwell ’89                 Carolyn Quattrone Israel ’02    Mary Ellen Norpel ’85
Anna O’Conor Hinson
                              Ingrid De La Pena ’95                       Gertrude Jackson ’05            Kelly Stelmach Norton ’93
Sarah Reedy
                              Marylou Mongiven Delizia ’78                Marcia Moore Jones ’92          Lisa Olivieri, SSJ ’85 (F)
                              Deborah Matis Donnelly ’96                  Margaret Devine-Kerr ’03        Gwendolyn Osborne ’01
Class of 2004 (8%)
                              Connie Dougherty ’05                        Joseph King ’79                 Robert Otto ’03
Michelle Drazul                                                                                           Mary Elizabeth Ounsworth ’92
                              Kathleen Dougherty ’87                      Diane Kingsley ’87
Jamie Dunn                                                                                                Carol Pletcher ’98
Stephanie Rendine                                                                                         Crystal Plummer ’04
Maureen Stolzer               Music major Matthew Lambert '07 (second from right) performed with the
                              Manhattan Piano Trio.                                                       Christine Westrum Porter ’94
Diana Sucharski                                                                                           Catherine Quinn ’78 (S)
                                                                                                          Karen Quirk ’05
Class of 2005 (10%)                                                                                       Jennie Radford ’05
Samantha Blazic                                                                                           Annette Anderson Rafalowski ’78
Marie Aimone Donnelly                                                                                     Mary Jane Reilly ’94
Ryan Ireland (S)                                                                                          Cynthia Ricker ’89
Meghan McCormack                                                                                          John Rooney ’04
Katie Murphy                                                                                              Lynnette Santos ’99
Robynlin Pietrzykowski                                                                                    Jane Williamson Schoeniger ’91
Frances Vorsky (S)                                                                                        Jane Schoeniger ’00
Gloria Wood                                                                                               Kathleen Liebel Scioli ’74
                                                                                                          Elizabeth Shober ’96
Class of 2006 (8%)                                                                                        Catherine Simon ’85
Joan Calhoun                                                                                              Jocelyn Sirchio ’96
Shaun Carlin                                                                                              Karen O’Neill Spencer ’85
Stacy Davis                                                                                               Kathleen Spigelmyer ’98 (M) (S)
Shari Gold                                                                                                Lauren Steele ’99
Theresa Lepitre                                                                                           Jean Stotter ’73
Patricia Shacklett                                                                                        Donna Sykes ’02
Sandra Yeck                                                                                               Wayne Taylor ’94
                                                                                                          Susan Matlack Troemel ’87
                                                                                                          Theresa Brown Wade ’93
                                                                                                          Patricia Wade ’02

  SCHOOL Of GRAdUATE STUdIES                                                                                         PARENTS & fRIENdS

Beth Beyer Abbott ’05                Margaret Colton ’86                     Donna Rimmer McManus ’04              Mrs. Blanche Abrahams
Nancy Alwine ’96                     Sandra Frazier Connelly ’96             Mary Charles McNally ’85              Mr. & Mrs. Philip Alandt
Sheila Boyle Antonuccio ’01          Colette Coyne ’91                       Joyce Toman Mooney ’05                Mr. & Mrs. George Ambrose
W. Scott Armington ’03               Nancy Laspada Dachille ’01 (S)          Sandra K. Moore ’90                   Anonymous
Elise Artelt ’95                     Patricia Deeney ’96                     Nancy Petit Mulville ’96              Mr. & Mrs. David Arnold (S)
Jane Banach ’05                      Geraldine Stock Dilisi ’92              John Musewicz ’04                     Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bachmann
Johanna Bender ’04                   Michele Dipasquale Elkes ’02            Margaret Jones Newman ’95             Ms. Elaine Baer
Kathleen Berkebile ’96               Mary Ann Figura ’90                     Christine Nydick ’94 (S)              Ms. Ann D. Baiada
Betty Bolling ’91                    Susan Paine Fisher ’93                  Leslie Wells O’Malley ’95             Mr. & Mrs. William Bail
Christina Boyer ’91                  Mary Scarpello Furey ’04                Lisa Blackwell-Opher ’04              Mr. & Mrs. Michael Bartash
Maureen Clemens Brown ’97            Kathleen O’Neill Ganster ’93            Patricia Veneziale Orlic ’87          Mrs. Ann Marie Beaver
Nancy Benner Brubaker ’00            Diane D’arcy George ’04                 Marion Dougherty Pallas ’05           Mary Helen Beirne, SSJ
Catherine Buffington ’91             Maryann Gibbons ’00                     Linda Pfefferle ’87                   Mr. & Mrs. Simon Belli
Janet Mora Caputo ’00                Margaret Forrestel Gillon ’05           Joyce Schnaubelt Platz ’95            Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Beyer
Gale Grasmeder Carlin ’05 (S)        Nancee Goldstein ’96                    Arlene Prentice ’92                   Ms. Carolyn Bjornson
Kathy Cheston Caruso ’91             Nancy Tyndall Goth ’03                  Christine Palopoli Pugh ’00           Ms. Brighid Blake
                                     William Grey, Psy.D. ’05                Francis Reynolds ’94                  Mrs. Rita Boland
Karen Guwirro '09 was chosen as      Kristen Hanna ’05                       Marthajane Robinson ’92               Mrs. Columbina Bonanni
an Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar.   Charlotte Neolus Harris ’01             Kimberly Phillips Rojas ’96           Mr. & Mrs. John P. Borneman
                                     Catherine Griffiths Harrison ’98        Catherine Murtha Rudolph ’01          Karl Bortnick
                                     Belinda Horn Heidenreich ’00            Sandra Sham ’91
                                                                                                                   Capt. & Mrs. Aubrey Bourgeois
                                     Patricia Herbst ’94                     Barbara Smith ’03
                                                                                                                   Elizabeth M. Bowden, LL.D.
                                     Charles Horner, III ’95                 Debesai Solomon ’04 (S)
                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Earnest Boyd
                                     Elizabeth Iaquinto ’85                  Barbara Spaeth ’93
                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. William T. Brennan
                                     Irene Richards Inman ’05                Karen Hernandez Starner ’98
                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Brintnall
                                     Elisabeth Steuble-Johnson ’98           Fred Straus ’91
                                                                                                                   Ms. Doris Brown
                                     Julie Jost ’04                          Joyce Rafidi-Tatum, Psy.D. ’05
                                                                                                                   Ms. Martha Browne
                                     Cynthia Killion ’90                     Virginia Toliver ’94
                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Richard Burke
                                     Jeannette Briggs Klarman ’95            Kathleen Hogan Tomon ’02
                                     Judith Landis ’01                       Beth Tuseck ’05                       W. W. Keen Butcher
                                     Pamela Ballwig Livingston ’04           David Urbany ’96                      Mr. Richard Canning
                                     Marianne Loney ’95                      Kristi Varillo ’05                    Mrs. Lucy Canning
                                     Francine Umerich Lukacik ’04            Joanna Vaughan ’97                    Mr. & Mrs. John Capozzi
                                     Christine Wicks Madison ’87             Michael Wagman ’93                    Mary Carboy, SSJ
                                     Lauren Topps Malora ’87                 James Walker ’04                      Mr. & Mrs.William Carr
                                     Elizabeth McCaffrey ’91                 Claire Keppley Wanamaker ’94          James Carroll
                                     Anne McCoy, SSJ ’94                     Betty Kroupa Wells ’95                Mr. & Mrs. George R. Carter
                                     Regina Keeris McCrea ’89                Teri Meniketti Wiedeman-Rouse ’05     Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Cashman
                                     Carol Renzulli McGinley ’06             Deborah Chan Williams ’91             Mr. & Mrs. James Chapman
                                                                                                                   Joseph Chiarantona
                                                                             Lecturer Wentzel VanHuyssteen,        Mr. & Mrs. John R. Cochran, III
                                                                             Ph.D., of the Princeton Theological   Lt. Joseph Coffey
                                                                             Seminary with Professor of Physics    Mr. & Mrs. John Collins
                                                                             Kathleen Duffy, SSJ, Ph.D.            Marie Conn, Ph.D. (F)
                                                                                                                   David Contosta, Ph.D. (F)
                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. James Cooney
                                                                                                                   Joseph Coradino (D)
                                                                                                                   Dominic Cotugno, Ed.D. (F)
                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Craven (M)
                                                                                                                   Thomas Cullen
                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cunningham
                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. John D’Agostino
                                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Larry Dale
                                                                                                                   Mary Darrah, SSJ (A)
                                                                                                                   Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davey (D)
                                                                                                                   Mrs. Deborah Davies
                                                                                                                   Ms. Maryann C. Davis
                                                                                                                   Mrs. James Deegan
                                                                                                                                   PARENTS & fRIENdS

Mr. & Mrs. Guido Deflaviis              Anne Harkin, SSJ (S)                          Mr. & Mrs. Carl Malisheski            Mr. & Mrs. Edward Schmidt
Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Delaney             Mrs. Concetta Hart                            Mrs. Cecilia Marino                   Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Schriver
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Denny (D)        Raymond Hartman, Jr.                          Mrs. Linda Martin                     Rita Michael Scully, SSJ, M.A. (F)
Mario Dianora                           Mr. and Mrs. George Hartnett, Esq. (D)        Mr. & Mrs. Craig Martyn               Mr. & Mrs. James Senior
Mr. & Mrs. William Dixon                Donald Heron                                  Mr. & Mrs. John Matthews, Jr.         Mr. & Mrs. Terence Shea
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Dodson                 Ken Hicks (A)                                 Mr. & Mrs. Kerin McCue                Nadya K. Shmavonian &
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dolan                Mr. & Mrs. James Halpin Hill, Jr.             Gerald McGinley (M)                     David Loder, Esq. (M)
Mr. Walter Donovan, Jr.                 Jack Hills                                    Peter McGlinchy (D)                   Leonard Siegel
Mr. & Mrs. John Doody                   Mr. & Mrs. James Hodson                       Philip McGovern                       Ms. Donna Singer
Kathleen Duffy, SSJ, Ph.D. (F)          Augusta Hogan                                 Mr. & Mrs. Francis McIntyre, Jr.      Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sliker
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Duffy                 Mrs. Quita W. Horan                           Charles McKee, Esq.                   Mrs. Eugene Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dugan                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hutchinson                  Robert McNeil, Jr.                    Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Smith
Mrs. Albina Dunleavy                    Mr. and Mrs. Harold Irwin                     Georgia McWhinney, Ph.D.              Ms. Donna Smith (S)
Mr. & Mrs. James Eicholtz               Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Jacoby                     Mrs. Dorothy Meehan-Ripa              Mr. & Mrs. Johnie Sowers
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy English              Mr. & Mrs. Martin Johnson                     Robert Miller                         Dr. and Mrs. George Spaeth
Benjamin Evans                          Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Johnston                     Mr. & Mrs. Donald Miller              Mr. & Mrs. John Stankard
Mr. & Mrs.Thomas Evans                  Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Judson                      Kathryn Miller, SSJ, Ph.D. (A)        Jonathan S. Stavin
Joel Ferich                             Ms. Blanche Kammer                            Andrew J. Miller                      Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Steckel
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fink, Jr.             Mr. & Mrs. Ho Youn Kim                        Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Miller             Ms. Cindy Stiles
The Honorable & Mrs. James J.           Mr. & Mrs. Roger B. Kirchheim                 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Montano             Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stranix
  Fitzgerald, III (D)                   Mr. & Mrs. John Kozin                         Michael M. Morris                     Lauri Strimkovsky &
Mr. & Mrs. George Forde, Jr.            Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kuczynski                   Col. & Mrs. Stanley Murday              Israel Concepcion (A)
Mr. & Mrs. James Forsythe               Joseph Kulkosky, Ph.D. (F)                    Patricia Murphy, SSJ                  Mark Sutton
Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Fountaine             Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Kurtz                        Philip Murray                         Louis Taddei
James Gallagher                         Dr. & Mrs. Richard Lackman                    Mr. & Mrs. Rowland Myers              Ms. Avery Tatnall
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gardner (D)        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Larkin, Sr.                 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Nichols             Henry Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gassert              Mr. & Mrs. Elliott Lasky                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nydick, Sr. (S)   Mr. & Mrs. Robert Teufel
Ms. Elizabeth Gemmill                   Mary Esther Lee, SSJ (S)                      Mr. and Mrs. Shaun O’Malley           Raymond Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. Francisco Gonzalez           Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Lesher                       Mr. & Mrs. William Page               Mrs. Beatrice Tramontana
Ms. Mirna Gonzalez                      Ms. Kathleen Lewin                            Mr. & Mrs. John Palko                 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Valvardi, Jr.
Ms. Cindie Goodnough                    Mr. Thomas Lloyd                              Ms. Cindy Pandola                     Dr. & Mrs. Richard Vassallo
Arthur Goon (A)                         Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lockyer                     John Melvin, M.D. &                   William T. Walker, Ph.D. (A)
Mrs. Irene Grady                        Mr. & Mrs. John Loeb                            Carol Pate, Ph.D. (F)               Ignatius Wang, AIA (D)
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Gregorio             Barbara Lonnquist, Ph.D. (F)                  Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Paynter              Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Weiss
Julia Grey, O.P.                        Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lynch                     Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Pietrzykowski      Mr. & Mrs. Woodrow Wendling
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Griesbach             Dr. & Mrs. Hubert MacDonald                   Mr. & Mrs. James Pillsbury            Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Vermeil
Ms. Mary Groome                         Ms. Anita MacDonald                           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Player              Mr. & Mrs. Gladys Word, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Hammons              Anthony Maglio, Jr.                           Mr. & Mrs. John Plunkett              Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wrona
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hankins               Mr. & Mrs. Alan Maher                         Andrew Pollack, M.D.                  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Young
                                                                                      Jack Poole                            Mr. & Mrs. Michael Zachwieja
The future has never looked brighter.                                                 Mitch Possinger and Rev. Jami         Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Zemnick (D)
                                                                                        Possinger                           Mrs. Margaret Miller Zenner
                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pukas               John Ziff
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Philip F. Radomski (D)
                                                                                                                            Honors Convocation speaker
                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Richard Radtke (M)
                                                                                                                            Robert C.Young, M.D., president of
                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Rafferty
                                                                                                                            Fox Chase Cancer Center.
                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Franco Raimondo
                                                                                      Ms. Marilyn Rendine
                                                                                      Miss Joanna Renzi
                                                                                      Catherine Roche, SSJ (S)
                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rudawski
                                                                                      Ms. Mary Sabia
                                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. John Sabia, Jr. (D)
                                                                                      Ms. Michelle Sandwith
                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Saporito
                                                                                      Ms. Rosemary Sauers
                                                                                      Anthony Scarpiello
  CORPORATIONS, ORGANIzATIONS & fOUNdATIONS                                             GIfTS-IN-kINd

Aegis Property Group                    Hess Corporation                              Mary Francies Alfonso                Catherine Lockyer ’92 (D)
Alexander R. Russell & Son              The Honickman Foundation                      Anonymous                            Robert and Carol Lockyer
Alliance Bank                           Hub International Pennsylvania, LLC           ARAMARK                              Christine Lundt (S)
Alpha Sigma Lambda                      IDC, Inc.                                                    Joseph Magarity/Magarity Chevrolet, Inc.                      Jenzabar, Inc.                                Harry Barbin, III                       & Ford, Inc
The Arthur Jackson Company              Joseph E. Gibbons & Company                   Beneficial Savings Bank              Mark Magarity/Sentry Hospitality, Inc.
The Ayco Charitable Foundation          T. James Kavanagh Foundation                  Oliver Biddle                        Dan Mathews
Beneficial Savings Bank                 Keough Electric, Inc.                         Patricia Brabson                     Terry Mareck
Bevilacqua Plumbing, Inc.               The Patricia Kind Family Foundation           Peter Buttenwieser                   Pat & Eileen McGinley
Blank Rome, LLP                         Lawton Associates                             AnnDee Candee                        Margaret Bennett McGreal ’60
The Boothby Group                       Libertystone Hardscaping Systems              Carman’s Shoe Repair                 Maria M. McMichael ’90
Hilda E. Bretzlaff Foundation, Inc.     Lincoln Investment Planning, Inc.             Chestnut Hill College Athletic       Georgia McWhinny, Ph.D.
Carman’s Shoe Repair                    Christian R. and Mary F. Lindback                Department                        Delia Schiavi Melograna ’42
Celtrix Technologies, LLC                  Foundation                                 Chestnut Hill Sports                 Andrew J. Miller
Chartwells Educational Dining           Littleton Landscape Contractor, LLC           Marie Conn, Ph.D. (F)                Sandra Moore ’90 SGS
   Services, Inc.                       Lois Schneider Realtor, Inc.                  Denise Costello (S)                  Sweet Magnolia
Community Foundation of New Jersey      Louis Iatarola Realty Appraisal               Bonny Suzanne Davis ’04 SCPS         Northside Restaurant
The Connelly Foundation                    Group, Ltd.                                Antonina D’Alicandro D’Emilio ’93,   Christine P. Nydick (S)
Cox & Co., Inc.                         The Maguire Foundation                           Maria’s Ristorante                Kathleen O’Boyle ’84
Crown Holdings, Inc.                    The Martin Foundation                         Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Denny (D)        Theresa O’Boyle
Cyma Builders & Construction            Rocco & Barbara Martino Foundation            Albina Dunleavy                      Office Basics, Inc.
   Managers, Inc.                       Michael & Margaret McCaffery                  East Coast Karate                    Maureen Kelsey O’Hara ’88
Dagit*Saylor Architects                    Family Fund                                Estee Lauder Companies               Christine Pugh
Dana’s Hair Salon                       Meniscus Limited                              Joanne Fink ’76                      Jacqueline C. Reich, Ph.D. (F)
Daniel J. Keating Company               Meyer-Chatfield Corp.                         Amy McLeer Frangione ’94             Barbara Rice
Daron Northeast                         Morano Brothers                               William Fritz (S)                    Eleanor Rutan
Deloitte & Touche, LLP                  The Navesink Foundation                       Stephen and Anne Gardner (D)         William Schwartz Jewelers
Doran Family Foundation                 Nolen Building Materials                      Dennis Goldsboro                     Donna Singer
Duane Morris, LLP                       O’Rubin & O’Connell                           Adalgisa Gonzalez                    Donna Smith (S)
East River Bank                         Optimum Health Chiropractic, Inc.             Beatrice V. Grabish                  Margaret Mary Smith, SSJ
The Edmar Abrasive Company              P. Agnes, Inc.                                Frank Greenwood                      Sharon Snapp
Environmental Management Group, Inc.    Paramount Mortgage Resources, Inc.            The Hill Company                     Anne Vey Stewart ’02 SGS (S)
First Keystone Federal Savings Bank     Pelmor Laboratories, Inc.                     M.C. Hornyak                         Ted Taylor
First Presidential Company              PFM Asset Management, LLC                     Jacquins                             Maureen Schmidt Thielens ’62
Fizzano Brothers                        The Philadelphia Contributionship             Jennifer Johnson ’05 (S)             Jennifer Thorpe (S)
Gardner/Fox Associates, Inc.            The Philadelphia Trust Company                Jessica Kahn, Ph.D. (F)              Margaret Ellen Wall
Garrison Printing Co., Inc.             Rainer & Company                              Tim Kelly (S)                        Patti Kane-Vanni, Esq. ’75
Greenscape Landscape Contractor, Inc.   The John C. & Kathryn S. Redmond              Deen Kogan                           Eileen Kirby-Webb ’07 SCPS (S)
The Gulati Family Foundation               Foundation                                 Jan Lamberski                        Carol Voelmle Zemnick ’75
Robert G. & Isabelle Walsh Gundaker     Religious of the Assumption                   Susan Magee
   Family Fund                          Rodgers Realty Advisors
Hann Financial Service Corp.            Russell Roofing Company
Hanna, McGlone & Co. P.C.               Bill & Trudy Rutledge Foundation
Haverstick-Borthwick Company            D. M. Sabia & Co., Inc.
                                        Searchtec Holding, Inc.
                                        The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust
                                        Harold and Ann Sorgenti Family
                                        Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP
                                        S.R. Wojdak & Associates
                                        Thomas Wynne, LP
                                        Uno’s Restaurant
                                        West Bay Construction, Inc.
                                        Whitacre Appraisal Works, Inc.
                                        Wolf, Block, Schorr & Solis-Cohen, LLP
                                        2l Coaching Services


                                                                                        George J. Hartnett, Esq.                Catherine Robinson, SSJ
                                                                                        Chairman of Executive Committee         Ministry Coordinator
                                                                                          and Managing Partner                  Mt. St. Joseph Convent
                                                                                        White and Williams, LLP
                                                                                                                                Annemarie Roche, SSJ
                                                                                        Marjorie Keenan, SSJ                    Director of Mission Services
                                                                                        Area Delegate                           St. Joseph Villa
                                                                                        Sisters of St. Joseph of Philadelphia
                                                                                                                                John Sabia, Jr.
                                                                                        Karen Spencer Kelly, Esq.               President
                                                                                        Kelly, Monaco and Naples                D.M. Sabia & Company
                                                                                        Catherine Lockyer ’92                   Alma Rose Schlosser, SSJ
                                                                                        Project Manager                         President
                                                                                        Thomas Wynne, L.P.                      Saint Hubert Catholic High School
                                                                                                                                  for Girls
                                                                                        Barbara D’Iorio Martino ’60
                                                                                                                                Ann Rusnack Sorgenti ’58
                                                                                        Margaret Carney McCaffery ’77
CHAIR                                   Mary Dacey, SSJ                                                                         Christopher Terlizzi
Patricia Kelly, SSJ                     Member, General Council                         Peter McGinchy
                                                                                                                                Executive Vice President of
President                               Sisters of St. Joseph of Philadelphia           Senior Vice President
                                                                                                                                  Commercial Real Estate
Sisters of St. Joseph of Philadelphia                                                   Met Life
                                        Frank L. Davey                                                                          Citizens Bank
PRESIDENT                               Chairman                                        Anne P. Myers, SSJ
                                                                                                                                Dorothy Urban, SSJ
Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D.             John Evans’ Sons, Inc.                          Vice President
                                                                                                                                Member General Council
President, Chestnut Hill College                                                        Sisters of St. Joseph of Philadelphia
                                        Joseph Denny                                                                            Sisters of St. Joseph of Philadelphia
DIRECTORS                               Senior Advisor to the Chairman                  Judith Oliver, SSJ
                                                                                                                                Ignatius Wang
Mary Barrar, SSJ                        Liberty Property Trust                          Manager
Member, General Council                                                                 Bethlehem Retirement Village
                                        Carol McCullough Fitzgerald                                                             Urban Consultants, Inc.
Sisters of St. Joseph of Philadelphia                                                   Philip F. Radomski
                                        Executive Director, Pennsylvania Society                                                Ronald Zemnick
Joseph Coradino                                                                         Vice President
                                        Stephen A. Gardner                                                                      Director of Regional Operations
President                                                                               Frank V. Radomski & Sons
                                        Partner                                                                                 Toll Architecture
PREIT Services, LLC
                                        Deloitte & Touche, LLP


                                                                                        PRESIDENT                               Kathleen McGinley ’00
                                                                                        Joanne Fink ’76                         Anne Duffy Mirsch ’52
                                                                                        VICE PRESIDENT                          Sandra Moore ’90 SGS
                                                                                        Regina Black Urmson ’76                 Patricia Cholewinski Nicholson ’70
                                                                                        SECRETARY                               Stephanie Olexa, Ph.D. ’72
                                                                                        Maureen Kelsey O’Hara ’88               Annie Sampson ’01
                                                                                        PAST PRESIDENT                          Patricia Kane-Vanni, Esq. ’75
                                                                                        Suzanne Schulz Dressler ’71             Angela Jones Willie ’85
                                                                                        DIRECTORS                               Maryanne L. Walsh ’98, ’02 SGS
                                                                                        Rieke Baize ’98                         EX-OFFICIO
                                                                                        Mary Lee Rothwell Corr ’60              Carol Jean Vale, SSJ, Ph.D.
                                                                                        Marylou Mongiven Delizia ’78 SCPS       President, Chestnut Hill College
                                                                                        Marianne Valvardi Dwyer ’76             Ken Hicks
                                                                                        Mary Levin Englebert ’50                Vice President for Institutional
                                                                                        Rosemary Haenn ’91                        Advancement
                                                                                        Elizabeth Iaquinto ’85 SGS              Patricia M. Canning ’70
                                                                                        Carolyn Israel ’02 SCPS                 Director of Alumnae & Alumni
                                                                                        Mary Ann Keegan ’45                       Relations


The needs of a private college in today’s world are many. As a small Catholic
institution dedicated to teaching, Chestnut Hill College is largely tuition driven.
Although tuition for undergraduates at Chestnut Hill College exceeds $23,500,
it provides only 60 percent of the real cost of educating a student. To maintain its        Supporting Chestnut Hill College
tradition of excellence in education, Chestnut Hill College seeks additional support
                                                                                            Chestnut Hill College is a tax-exempt charity, acknowledged by the Internal
through your generous contributions since the College receives no financial                 Revenue Service as rating 501-C- (3) status. All contributions to Chestnut
assistance from the Catholic Church or the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and funding         Hill College are fully tax deductible and may be given using any of the
                                                                                            following assets:
from state or federal agencies is given only for specific projects or programs.
Contributions from alumni, parents, and other friends to any of the funds listed              Gifts of cash may be given for any purpose. Checks or money orders should
                                                                                              be made payable to Chestnut Hill College. Funds or gifts of securities may
below are investments in the College’s future and help assure that a Chestnut Hill            also be transferred directly to the College’s account via wire transfer. VISA,
College education will be available for future generations.                                   MasterCard, or Discover charge service is also available.

                                                                                              Gifts of appreciated marketable securities may be transferred to Chestnut
Opportunities for Providing Support                                                           Hill College for any purpose. Securities may be given via electronic transfer
                                                                                              or by re-registering the shares in the name of Chestnut Hill College and
The Griffin Fund                                                                              mailing the certificates to the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.
                                                                                              To avoid paying capital gains tax, the donor should give the shares directly
These gifts are used to supplement the general operating budget by providing                  to the College. As a tax-exempt organization, the College is able to sell the
assistance with everything from library acquisitions and faculty salaries to                  shares without paying tax. The donor’s income tax deduction is based upon
utilities and instructional supplies. Because this fund is critical to day-to-                the value of the shares on the date they are given to the College.
day operations, the College stresses its importance to all donors, asking that
they continue to support The Griffin Fund in addition to any other areas of                   Paid-up life insurance policies, real estate, gifts-in-kind, appreciated
specific interest.                                                                            property, closely held stock, and other holdings may be given based upon
                                                                                              their valuation and acceptance by the College.
Reunion Giving Fund
Every five years, as they celebrate the anniversary of their graduation,                      Those donors who are employed, or whose spouses are employed, by
graduates are asked to consider making a special gift to their alma mater. Some               companies with Matching Gift Programs can provide additional support
have selected specific capital projects, such as renovation of the alcoves in St.             for Chestnut Hill College by designating the College as the recipient of
Joseph Hall, restoration of the Rotunda, or renovation of the residence halls.                matching funds. To learn whether your contributions may be eligible,
Others have elected to support a scholarship fund for their class, underwrite                 contact either your company’s personnel office or the Office of Institutional
landscaping needs, or support The Griffin Fund.                                               Advancement at the College. Marching gift funds are not tax deductible for
                                                                                              employees of matching gift companies.
Endowment Fund
Contributions to the institution’s endowment are invested and only the                      In administering matching gifts, the College follows national guidelines.
income from the earned interest is used each year. Donors who support                       Designation of matching gift funds is determined by each matching gift
the endowment have chosen to invest in the College’s future by endowing                     company. Funds are used for the same purpose as the employee’s gift
scholarships, lecture series, and other specially designed programs.                        when received from corporations that so stipulate. For funds received
                                                                                            from corporations that designate the match as unrestricted, the purpose is
Capital Gifts Initiative                                                                    determined by the College.
This effort seeks funds for capital projects. The projects were identified
through a careful analysis of the campus as part of a Site and Facilities Master            For specific information about electronic transfers, please contact Denise
Plan and have been determined by the Board of Directors to be essential to the              Costello, associate director of development operations, at 215.248.7089 or
College’s future growth.                                                                    e-mail

Tribute Fund
Donors can support Chestnut Hill College by honoring or memorializing
a special person or event. Tribute cards are sent advising the designated
individual(s) of the gift but not the amount. Interested individuals should
contact the Office of Institutional Advancement for the appropriate forms by
calling 215.248.7089.

                                                                                            ANNUAL REPORT CONTRIbUTORS

                                                                                            Kathleen M. Spigelmyer ’98                Catherine E. Quinn ’78
                                                                                            Editor                                    Director of Development
                                                                                            215.248.7025                              215.248.7137
Life Income Gifts
                                                                                            Anne Vey Stewart ’02 SGS                  Mary Theresa Shevland, SSJ
Gift plans may be funded through outright contributions or pledges of a variety             Associate Editor                          Director of Planned Giving
of assets, including those mentioned above. Life income options include:                    215.248.7110                              215.753.3617
•	 Charitable remainder trust - separately managed trust funds that provide
   income to the donor for life. These may be established as annuity trusts,                Kenneth M. Hicks                          Jim Roese
   which provide a fixed amount of income, or as unitrusts, which provide                   Vice President for                        Contributing Photographer
   income based upon a percentage of trust assets.                                             Institutional Advancement
•	 Charitable gift annuity - offers a way to make a meaningful and major gift               215.248.7085                              Anne Vey Stewart
   while benefiting the donor. This is an agreement between an individual and                                 Contributing Photographer
   the College in which the donor transfers assets to Chestnut Hill College and
   receives fixed payments for the rest of her/his lifetime and/or the lifetime of          Grace Corr Haenn ’54                      Thomas W. Durso
   another person.                                                                          Data Manager                              Contributing Writer
•	 Deferred gift annuity - like a charitable gift annuity, a deferred annuity is a          215.248.7016
   type of insurance contract that provides a fixed income. With this method,     
   however, a donor contributes currently but does not begin receiving income
   until a later date.
                                                                                            Founded in 1924 by the Sisters of Saint Joseph, Chestnut Hill College
•	 Charitable lead trust - generates income for Chestnut Hill College now, while            is a four-year, coed Catholic college in the Ignatian tradition offering a
   reducing your tax costs by transferring assets to the next generation. The lead          traditional liberal arts undergraduate program, as well as accelerated
   trust holds gift assets for your lifetime or for a term of years, and pays annual        undergraduate degrees, master’s and doctoral programs.
   income to us. Chestnut Hill College benefits from the assured income stream
   from the lead trust, while your family enjoys several tax advantages.                    Since its inception, the College has offered a rigorous curriculum that
                                                                                            provides students with a broad background in the humanities, social
Bequests                                                                                    sciences and natural sciences. The goal of Chestnut Hill College has been to
Donors may choose to include Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia, Pa., as a                 prepare students for life’s challenges by helping them to grow intellectually,
beneficiary in their Will. The College may be named as the recipient of a specific          spiritually, emotionally, and socially.
amount or be designated to receive a percentage of the donor’s estate. Donors may
indicate a specific use for the funds or designate that the funds are unrestricted.         The College is an equal opportunity employer that recruits, advertises
                                                                                            and hires without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, age or sex.
Contributions may be sent to:                                                               Reprinting any material herein requires written consent of the College.
Chestnut Hill College
Office of Institutional Advancement                                                         The editor of this report makes every effort to include accurate information.
9601 Germantown Avenue                                                                      Comments, questions, concerns, and opinions are welcome in the form of
Philadelphia, PA 19118                                                                      letters to the editor. Please include your full name, address, phone number
                                                                                            and class year. Address all correspondence to:
For assistance with any of the above payment plan options, or to discuss, in
confidence, specific opportunities for providing support, you may contact:                  Editor
                                                                                            Chestnut Hill College Annual Report
Kenneth M. Hicks                                                                            Chestnut Hill College
Vice President for Institutional Advancement                                                9601 Germantown Avenue
Phone: 215.248.7085 or e-mail                                                Philadelphia, PA 19118
Catherine Quinn
Director of Development                                                                     The information in this report recognizes gifts received from
Phone: 215.248.7137 or e-mail                                                July1, 2006 through June 30, 2007.

Mary Theresa Shevland, SSJ
Director of Planned Giving
Phone: 215.753.3617 or e-mail

                           U.S. Postage
                          Permit No. 14
                          Flourtown, PA
                         Non-Profit Organization

9601 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118

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