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					                       The Arc of Union County

          Trips, Recreation, and Individualized Leisure Services
                                      Lauren M. Coakley                                         W INTER
                                   Recreation Coordinator
                                      1137 Globe Avenue
                                   Mountainside, NJ 07092                                      Dec • Jan • Feb
                                        (908) 232-0248
                                                                                                 Inside this issue:

                                                                                                 A Christmas Story– The        2

    Halloween Costume Party                                                                      Trenton Devils Hockey         2

On Friday, October 30th, the ghouls                to the Cutest, Scariest and Best Cos-
                                                                                                 Golden Dragon Acrobats        3
and the goblins came out to party at               tumes of the evening! Congratulations
The Arc Family                                                          to Donna from The        Red & White Party             3
Center like they                                                        Arc of Essex on
were trying to wake                                                     winning The Cutest       Staff Spotlight               4
the dead!       The                                                     category. She was a
                                                                                                 Enrichment Classes            5
AFC was decorated                                                       very sweet Cinder-
with a giant spider                                                     ella! Luke Contic-       Special Olympics           10
web, cemetery, tor-                                                     chio won the Scari-      Information
ture chamber, and                                                       est with a very
Mad Scientist labo-                                                     bloody Jason cos-
ratory. We have                                                         tume from Friday
some super spooky                                                       the 13th, and Scott
snacks on hand, like       Pictured here: Our scariest costume winner   Seppelt won the
our cupcakes that Luke Conticchio as Jason from Friday the 13th and our best costume of the
                                best costume winner Scott Seppelt
had little grave-                                                       night– he really was
stones and skeleton hands and other                about to bust out in some moonwalking
goodies. We also sipped on a frightfully           moves with his microphone, sequined
delicious punch complete with a bloody             glove and he even had his own theme
severed hand!! 3 trophies were awarded             music!! See you next year!                    Family Support Department

                                                                                                       Shannon Bolivar

                     Harvest Ball 2010
                            This spectacular evening never fails to impress- Harvest Ball was
                                                                                                  Director of Family Support
                                                                                                        (908) 232-0199

                            once again an evening to remember! We could not have been                     Donna Kell
                            happier! We really enjoy this night with our bestest friends to           Respite Coordinator
                            relax, kick back, and enjoy ourselves to the fullest! Special               (908) 232-0388
                            Thanks go to: The Gran Centurions and Aliperti’s Caterers       
                            because their staff provided us with delicious, made-to-order
                            meals addressing the many dietary challenges of our guests, DJ
                            Kevin for keeping the dance floor lively, and Shannon Bolivar,
                            Colleen Jones, Paula Martinez, Debbie Pinto -without your
                            assistance and support, this evening would not be as wonderful
                            as it is. THANK YOU!
 Special Events
                                   A Christmas Story-The Play
                                   “You’ll shoot your eye out!” . . . Ralphie   When: Saturday, December 11
                                   and the Red Ryder BB gun come alive on
                                   stage in Jean Shephard’s nostalgic Christ-   Time: 1:00pm–5:00pm
                                   mas story, complete with everything you      Where: The Arc Family Center
                                   know and love from the film: the Old
                                   Man, Miss Shields, the pink bunny paja-      Cost: $36.00
                                   mas, and- of course- the leg lamp! So
                                   come on down and catch the holiday
                                                                                Bring: Money for refreshments &
  Come see a holiday favorite!                                                         souvenirs, if desired
                                   spirit, I double dog dare ya!
                                                                                        Please eat before we meet!

                                   Dinner & a Movie
                                                                                When: Friday, December 17
                                        Join us for a night out at the          Time: 6:30pm–9:30pm
                                          Dunellen Movie theatre–               Where: Meet at Arc Family Center
                                      New Jersey’s only Cinema Café!            Cost: $28.00 (includes movie, and
                                    We’ll catch a recently released movie
                                                                                dinner of pizza & soda)
                                    and simultaneously enjoy pizza and
         Enjoy a relaxing night!                    soda!

                                   TRENTON DEVILS GAME
                                    Join us as the Trenton Devils face off      When: Saturday, January 15
                                        against the Toledo Walleyes!            Time: 5:30pm-10:00pm
                                                                                Where: Meet at AFC
                                                                                Cost: $38.00
                                                                                Bring: Money for refreshments &
                                                                                        souvenirs, if desired

                                   This is sure to be one you won’t want
     Catch the action with us!
                                                   to miss!

Page 2
 Special Events

Golden Dragon Acrobats
                                          When: Friday, January 28
Golden Dragon Acrobats combine
                                          Time: 6:00 pm–10:30 pm
award-winning acrobatics and tradi-
tional dance with ancient and con-        Where: Meet at AFC
temporary music to present a show
                                          Cost: $33.00
of breathtaking skill and spellbind-
ing beauty that represents the best of    Bring: Additional money for
a time honored tradition.                          refreshments and souvenirs,
                                                   if desired.                      Marvel at the beauty and skill!

Red & White Party!
You are cordially invited to join us at   When: Friday, February 11
our annual Red & White Party! Be          Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
prepared to kick up your dancing          Where: The Arc Family Center
shoes. Wear red and white to help
                                          Cost: $8.00
us celebrate this special time of year!
                                          Bring: Yourself dressed in red & white
                                                    or come as you are!            Meet up with your friends for some red
                                                                                              & white fun!
  Light refreshments will be served.

NJ Flower and Garden Show
     Spring has sprung early at the       When: Saturday, February 19
             Flower show!                 Time: 11:00am–3:30pm
Let’s enjoy a delicious lunch and then    Where: Meet at AFC
spend the afternoon taking in the
                                          Cost: $57.00 (includes lunch at the
sights- indoor garden displays, rare
flowers, flower arrangements, land-
                                          Bring: Additional money to purchase a          Revel in the beauty of nature
scaping displays, water features and
the smells of the aromatic flowers!

T.R.A.I.L.S.                                                                                                     Page 3
          Spotlight                 Bowling                                       CALL before registering! Space is LIMITED
                                    Come and relax at Linden Lanes for an afternoon of bowling...

                                    When: Session I              Cost:   Choose from one of                  Session I
                                                                         the following options:
                                    Time: 3:30-5:00 pm                                                Tuesday, December 7
          on Staff                  Where: Linden Lanes          ♦   $21.00 for                       Tuesday, December 14
                                                                     BOWLING                          Tuesday, December 21
                                    Bring: Bowling bag/              ONLY (no trans.)                  Tuesday, January 4
                                           shoes, if desired
                                                                                                       Tuesday, January 11
                                           & money for       ♦ $27.00 for Bowling and
                                           games, snacks &     Transportation to Linden
                                           drinks.             Lanes (1 way)                                Session II
                                                                                                       Tuesday, January 25
                                                                 ♦   $33.00 for Bowling and            Tuesday, February 1
                                                                     Transportation to Lin-            Tuesday, February 8
    Debbie Pinto, Recreation Aide                                    den Lanes and then back           Tuesday, February 15
                                                                     to SPWC (2 ways)                  Tuesday, February 22
              June 22                                            Pick up at AFC Lot is 5:30 pm
    Favorite Recreation Activity:
            Game Night              Game Night
           Favorite Color:
                Teal                Join us for loads of fun and games at         When: Thursday, December 9
           Favorite Food:           Cranford Work Center! Air hockey,                   Thursday, January 6
               Italian               foosball, skeeball, basketball, board              Thursday, February 3
          My “Day Job” is:                 games, puzzles & more!                 Time: 6:30-8:30 pm
          Full-time Student
                                                                                  Where: Cranford Work Center
          Favorite Animal:
           Baby Penguins                                                          Cost: $8.00 per evening
         Favorite Ice Cream:
                                                                                        NOTE: This activity is for ages 15+
 Debbie has been with the
 Family Support programs
 for the last 8 months, work-
 ing in our after school res-       Teen Canteen evenings!                                               For ages 12-17 years old!

 pite program, kids recrea-           Spending time and doing what teens          When: Saturday, January 8
 tion and adult recreation
                                      do– hanging out with peers, playing                    Saturday, February 5
 programs. She is a full-time
                                     video games, computer time, listening to     Time: 4:00pm-7:00pm
 student who already has a
 degree in Family & Child              music, playing board games, making
                                                                                  Where: AFC
 Studies with a concentra-           crafts, singing karaoke, watching movies,
 tion in Child Life and is                      eating pizza and more!            Cost: $17.00 includes pizza & soda
 currently going back for                                                         Bring: Your favorite music CDs
 Nursing. Debbie is a very
 patient and caring individ-
                                                                                   Staff:participant ratio for this activity is 1:3
 ual who we are glad to have
 as a Recreation Aide!
    Keep up the good work,

Page 4
Let’s Cook!
Let’s make a delicious meal from                    When: Thursday, January 13
 start-to-finish, and then eat our                             Easy Lasagna
yummy creations! Remember to                        Time: 6:30pm-8:30 pm
keep your stomach empty before
                                                    Where: Adult Medical Day Care
you come to this yummy activity!
                                                    Cost:   $16.00
                                                                                        Let’s Cook fills up FAST so register
                                                                                                as soon as possible!

In this 3-part class, we will be making a   When: Wednesdays January 19
throw pillow! We will choose our                                     January 26
                                                                     February 2
fabrics, stitch, stuff & enjoy!
   Beginner, moderate and advanced          Time: 6:30pm-8:00 pm
        levels are all welcome!             Where: Arc Family Center
                                            Cost: $30.00 includes materials for your
                                                   very own pillow creation and staff

Reading Enrichment
       Practice your reading skills!        When: Monday, January 24
 Reading is a fundamental skill that we             Monday, January 31
 use everyday! We read signs that tell us           Monday, February 7
 where to go, menus that help us choose             Monday, February 14
         what to have for lunch!
 Our certified special education teacher
                                            Time: 6:30pm-7:30pm
  will work with us on improving our        Where: Arc Family Center
              reading skills!               Cost: $50.00 per session

Creative Crafts
Let’s make something really special to       When: Thursday, February 10
 give as a gift or keep for ourselves!
                                             Time: 6:30-8:00pm
                                             Where: AFC
                                             Cost: $12.00

T.R.A.I.L.S.                                                                                                       Page 5
                                                                                                                 Transportation available    Includes meal
                                                                    December 2010                              $ Must bring addt’l money
                                                                                                                                             Bring a bagged lunch

       Sunday                  Monday                 Tuesday                  Wednesday                 Thursday                  Friday                  Saturday
                                                                      1                         2                         3                       4

5                        6                    7       Bowling I       8                         9     Game Night          10                      11 A Christmas
                                              $ Linden Lanes                                             CWC                                            Story
                                                  3:30pm-5:00pm                                     6:30pm-8:30 pm                                $        Meet @AFC
12                       13                   14 Bowling I            15                        16                        17       Dinner &       18
                                              $ Linden Lanes                                                                       A Movie
                                                3:30pm-5:00pm                                                                   Meet @AFC
19                       20                   21 Bowling I            22                        23                        24                      25
                                              $ Linden Lanes                                                                Agency Closed
26                       27               28                          29                        30                        31
                          Family Support    Family Support                 Family Support         Family Support            Agency Closed
                          programs closed  programs closed                 programs closed        programs closed

                                                                      January 2011
       Sunday                   Monday                   Tuesday                 Wednesday                 Thursday                  Friday                 Saturday

2                        3                        4     Bowling I          5                         6     Game Night         7                       8 Teen Canteen
                                                   $ Linden Lanes                                             CWC                                          AFC
                                                      3:30pm-5:00pm                                      6:30pm-8:30 pm                                  4pm-7pm
9 Special Olympics 10                             11 Bowling I             12                        13 Let’s Cook!           14                      15 Trenton Devils
     Bowling Area                                  $ Linden Lanes                                         AMDC                                         $ Meet @AFC
     Competition                                    3:30pm-5:00pm                                     6:30pm-8:30pm                                    5:30pm-10:00pm

16                       17                       18                       19 Craft Craziness Pt. 1 20                        21      BBMN            22
                              Agency Closed                                         AFC                                                AFC
                                                                               6:30-7:30pm                                        6:30pm-8:30pm
23                       24 Reading Program 25 Bowling II                  26 Craft Craziness Pt. 2 27 Café Night!            28 Golden Acrobats 29
                                AFC          $ Linden Lanes                         AFC             $ Meet @AFC                $ Meet@AFC
                           6:30pm-7:30pm      3:30pm-5:00pm                    6:30-7:30pm           6:30pm-8:30pm             6:00pm-10:30pm
30                       31 Reading Program

                                                                    February 2011
      Sunday                  Monday                   Tuesday                  Wednesday                 Thursday                  Friday                 Saturday
                                              1    Bowling II         2 Craft Craziness Pt. 3 3 Game Night                4                       5       Teen Canteen
                                              $ Linden Lanes                  AFC                   CWC                                                       AFC
                                                  3:30pm-5:00pm           6:30-7:30pm           6:30-8:30 pm                                               4pm-7pm
6                   7 Reading Program         8 Bowling II            9                             10 Creative Crafts 11 Red & White             12
                            AFC                  Linden Lanes                                              AFC               Party
                       6:30pm-7:30pm           $3:30pm-5:00pm                                         6:30pm-8:30pm          AFC
13                  14 Reading Program 15 Bowling II                  16                            17                    18                      19 NJ Flower &
                           AFC            Linden Lanes                                                                                               Garden Show
                      6:30pm-7:30pm     $3:30pm-5:00pm                                                                                             $ Meet@AFC
20                  21                        22 Bowling II           23                            24 Bingo & Subs       25                      26
                         Agency Closed         $ Linden Lanes                                             AFC
                                                3:30pm-5:00pm                                        6:30pm-8:30 pm
27                  28
                                                                                                             For Office Use Only
                                                                                                Date Rcvd_________ Check/MO__________
                                                The Arc of Union County                         Confirmation Sent____________

                                                   Recreation Office                                  Registration Form
                                                 Registration Instructions                            Winter 2010-2011
       Please review all pages and make your choices early as space is limited and slots will be filled on a first come, first served
           basis. Fill out the registration form and enclose a check or money order made out to The Arc of Union County.
                        DO NOT SEND CASH! Make sure you indicate Recreation Office on the envelope.
                                   We will process your registration and mail you a confirmation letter.
                                 Acceptance is based on the approval of the Recreation Coordinator.
   No more than two participants from the same group/sponsor home can register for the same program,
                   with the exception of special dances and events marked unlimited.

Place an “X” to                                              Program                                                   Instructions
         Session I              Bowling                                                                         3:30pm –5:00pm
________ $21.00                                                                                                 Limited
                                Session I (5 sessions)- 12/7, 12/14, 12/21, 1/4, 1/11                           At Linden Lanes
________ $27.00      (1 way)                                                                                    741 N. Stiles St, Linden
________ $33.00      (2 ways)
                                                                                                                   **For those needing
                                Session II (5 sessions)- 1/25, 2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 2/22                                  transportation:
        Session II
________ $21.00                                                                                                  Limit to 10 people on van
                                **Van begins pick up at 2:45pm
________ $27.00      (1 way)    Pick Up at Arc Family Center Lot is 5:30pm**
________ $33.00      (2 ways)
                                NEW PARTICIPANTS: Call Rec. Coordinator to check availability
                                before registering for this activity.

                                A Christmas Story- The Play                                                     1:00pm-5:00pm
________ $36.00                 Saturday, December 11                                                           Limited
                                                                                                                Meet @AFC

                                Dinner & A Movie                                                                6:30pm-9:30pm
________ $28.00                 Friday, December 17                                                             Limited
                                                                                                                Meet @ AFC

                                Trenton Devils Hockey Game                                                      5:30pm-10:00pm
________ $38.00                 Saturday, January 15                                                            Limited
                                                                                                                Meet@ AFC

                                Golden Dragon Acrobats                                                          6:00pm-10:30pm
________ $33.00                 Friday, January 28                                                              Limited
                                                                                                                Meet @ AFC

                                Red & White Party                                                               7:00pm-9:00pm
________ $8.00                  Friday, February 11                                                             Unlimited

                                NJ Flower and Garden Show                                                       11:00am-3:30pm
________ $57.00                 Saturday, February 19                                                           Limited
                                                                                                                Meet @ AFC
                           Game Night                                                          6:30-8:30 pm
________ $8.00             Thursday, December 9                                                Unlimited
________ $8.00             Thursday, January 6                                                 AFC
________ $8.00             Thursday, February 3

________ $30.00            Craft Craziness– 3 part Pillow Craft                                6:30-8:00 pm
                           Wednesdays 1/19, 1/26, 2/2                                          Unlimited

_______ $50.00             Reading Enrichment                                                  6:30-7:30 pm
                           Mondays: 1/24, 1/31, 2/7, 2/14                                      Limited

                           Let’s Cook!                                                         6:30pm-8:30 pm
________ $16.00            Thursday, January 13– Lasagna                                       Limited
                           CONTAINS: DAIRY, EGGS, WHEAT,                                       AMDC

________ $14.00            Blockbuster Movie Night                                             6:30-8:30 pm
                           Friday, January 21                                                  Unlimited

________ $10.00            Café Night                                                          6:30-8:30 pm
                           Thursday, January 27                                                Limited
                                                                                               Meet @AFC

                           Creative Crafts                                                     6:30-8:00 pm
________ $12.00            Thursday, February 10                                               Unlimited

                           Bingo & Subs Night                                                  6:30-8:30 pm
________ $14.00            Thursday, February 24                                               Limited

_______ $17.00             Teen Canteen (for ages 12-17)                                       4:00-7:00pm
                           Saturday, January 8                                                 Limited
_______ $17.00             Saturday, February 5                                                AFC

                                 Make all checks payable to The Arc of Union County
                                           Mail check and registration form to:
                                             The Arc of Union County,
                                     1137 Globe Avenue, Mountainside, NJ 07092
                                              Attn: Recreation Office
                  Information in bold type MUST BE FILLED OUT or registration form will be given back.
                               New participants must complete the entire section
 Participant’s Name ______________________________________________Phone______________________________

 Participant’s Signature: ______________________________________Group Home________________________

 Address_____________________________________________ Town_________________________ Zip______________

 Participant’s Birth Date ____________________Parent/Sponsor Name__________________________________________

Please indicate any special needs (e.g., seizures, diabetic, wheelchair allergies): ________________________________
Fun Stuff
Blockbuster Movie Night
                                              When: Friday, January 21
Meet your friends for an evening of
pizza, socializing and a great block-         Time: 6:30-8:30 pm
         buster hit movie!                    Where: AFC
                                              Cost: $14.00                            We have a wishlist too!
                                                                                      This year as you are out doing
                                                                                      your holiday shopping, The Arc
                                                                                      of Union County Family Support
                                                                                      Department hopes it is also on
                                                                                      your list!

Café Night                                                                               Arts & Craft Supplies, such
                                                                                         as ribbon, paint brushes,
                                                                                         molds, etc.
  Let’s come in from the cold to enjoy                                                   Blank CDs
                                              When: Thursday, January 27
                                                                                         Board Games
some tasty drinks and treats with friends!
                                              Time: 6:30pm-8:30 pm                       Colored Pencils
Join us for an evening of leisure delights!
                                              Where: AFC                                 Coloring Books
 Experience an array of teas, coffees, and
                                                                                         Construction Paper
            delicious desserts!               Cost: $10.00
                                              Bring: Additional money for your food      Donations of tickets to a
We will be going to The Coffee Beanery
                                                      & drinks.                          show or sporting event
             in Garwood.                                                                 General Money Donations to
                                                                                         purchase other supplies
                                                                                         Gift cards to AC Moore, Bed,
                                                                                         Bath & Beyond, Linens &

Bingo & Subs Night
                                                                                         Things, Michaels, Pathmark,
                                                                                         Target, Walmart,
                                                                                         Kitchen Items like aprons,
                                                                                         bakeware, cutting boards,
 Let’s get together for a game or two of      When: Thursday, February 24                pots & pans, serving utensils,
 Bingo, and have subs for dinner too!                                                    etc.
                                              Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
                                                                                         Playing cards
                                              Where: AFC                                 Puzzles
                                              Cost: $14.00                               Seasonal Decorations
                                                                                         DVDs (Rated G, PG or PG-
                                                                                          All donations are tax deductible!
      Special Olympics
                                          Singles Bowling Dates
                                            2010-2011 season
                                                   Area Competition:
                                                Sunday, January 9, 2011
                                                (Time and Location TBA)

                                          Saturday, March 5 at Strathmore Lanes
                                                     in Matawan, NJ

                                                 Spring Sports Festival:
                                              Sunday, April 3 at La Martinique
                                                      in Stratford, NJ

The Arc of Union County is a registered              Information regarding exact
Local Training Program for the Special                    times and transportation
Olympics of New Jersey. We currently                details will be sent directly to
participate in Singles Bowling on the                        0athletes & families.
Area, Sectional & State levels. If you
would like to find out more about this                ATHLETES:
exciting program, contact Colleen at
                                             Please send your updated
(908) 232-0199 x105!
                                            medical forms no later than
                                            Monday, December 13, 2010
                                                The Arc of Union County
                                                  1137 Globe Avenue
                                                Mountainside, NJ 07092
                                                ATTN: Colleen M. Jones
              If fewer than the minimum participants register for a program, it may be cancelled.
A credit slip will be issued to be used during the current calendar or for future calendars, within the recreation
                        calendar year. The Recreation calendar year runs from July-June.

Refunds are not guaranteed for any program. If the individual can not come to the program, he or she must give
 at least three (3) days notice for a refund or credit. If it is a ticketed event, and we cannot find someone to take
your spot, you will be held responsible for payment of that ticket and that portion cannot be refunded or credited.

                                               OFFICE HOURS
           The Recreation Office hours are 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Hours may vary
                       depending on programs. The office phone number is 908-232-0248.

                                         NO SHOWS/LATENESS
 No shows at programs jeopardize your participation in future programs. No shows are not eligible for credit. Re-
 peated no-shows will be suspended from future programs. Repeated lateness to and from program can also result
                                      in suspension from future programs.

                                CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR PHONE
If you have moved or changed your phone number, please let us know. It is important that the Recreation Office is
                      kept up-to-date in order to provide you with the best possible service.

                                         INCLEMENT WEATHER
 A recreation program may also be cancelled due to severe weather. In the event of poor or questionable weather,
 call our office for updated information. Our number is 908-232-0248. When the program is cancelled, a message
 will be left no earlier than 1 1/2 hours prior to the activity. If the agency is closed due to bad weather, all programs
will be cancelled and again a message will be left at that phone # or the Recreation Hotline at 908-232-0037.

   Not all programs offer transportation. For those that do, seating is limited, and therefore cannot be guaranteed.
                                   Attention Post Master:
                          Dated Material, Please Deliver Immediately

Family Support Services
Arc Family Center
1137 Globe Avenue
Mountainside, NJ 07092
Recreation Program

Lauren M. Coakley
Recreation Office/Camp Star Office

Phone: (908) 232-0248 x 101
Fax: (908) 233-3564

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