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					                        PERFORMANCE REPORT GUIDELINES 2005
                         Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC)

The Illinois Commitment (1999/2004) provides a policy framework to guide the Illinois higher education
community in meeting the needs of the state and its residents. The Illinois Commitment emphasizes the
diversity of Illinois higher education with the understanding that each institution will be expected to
address the six policy areas in a manner that is consistent with the institution’s mission, resources, and
constituencies. Each higher education institution and agency submits an annual performance report that
shares the ways it has contributed to achieving the state’s higher education priorities.

The information provided in the institutional performance reports will be utilized to prepare the two
volumes of the Statewide Performance Report. The first volume, the “Compendium of Institutional
Effective Practices,” will be presented to the IBHE in October 2005. The second volume, “Assessing the
Progress of The Illinois Commitment,” will be presented to the IBHE in December 2005.


Templates and Due Dates. Two templates are provided to assist institutions in the development of their
institutional reports and will be used extensively in the development of the corresponding two volumes of
the “Statewide Performance Report.” Separate due dates have been established to ensure materials are
received in time to prepare for the respective Board meetings -- effective practices in October and the
performance report in December.

       The “Effective Practices Template” is a web-based form that will allow the institution to submit
        effective practices directly to an IBHE database. Each institution should assign one individual to
        register on the website and submit the effective practices. All effective practices must be received
        by IBHE no later than August 5, 2005 to ensure inclusion in the “Compendium of Institutional
        Effective Practices,” which will be presented to the Board in October.

       The “Performance Report Template” will guide the institutions in providing the required
        narrative and performance indicator components of the report, while also establishing consistency
        in reporting among institutions. The template is a Word document that should be downloaded by
        the institution for its use. This template will be utilized to develop Volume II of the Statewide
        Report, which will be presented to the Board in December. The “Performance Report Template”
        must be received by IBHE no later than September 2, 2005.

Policy Area Reporting. The performance report requires institutions to report performance indicator
information for all six policy areas of The Illinois Commitment. However, institutions are asked to
concentrate their responses regarding recent accomplishments, future plans, and potential challenges to
only three of the six policy areas of The Illinois Commitment. The following three policy areas have been
identified as key priorities of the Board to be featured in the 2005 report:

       Policy Area Two: Higher education will join elementary and secondary education to improve
        teaching and learning at all levels.

       Policy Area Three: No Illinois resident will be denied an opportunity for a college education
        because of financial need.

       Policy Area Four: Illinois will increase the number and diversity of residents completing
        training and education programs.

                                Due Date: August 5, 2005

Each institution is asked to share at least two examples of effective practices that were either implemented
or enhanced within the past five years. An effective practice must demonstrate a direct connection to
The Illinois Commitment, responsiveness to a need, measurable outcomes, and sustainability. All
effective practices submitted will be included in the “Compendium of Institutional Effective Practices,”
which will be presented at the October 2005 Board meeting. In addition, three to four institutions will be
selected to present an effective practice at this meeting.

A web-based template has been provided for the institution’s use. It is essential that each effective
practice be submitted using the template provided to ensure consistency in reporting. In addition, each
practice must be concisely presented (not to exceed one page). Institutions are strongly encouraged to
prepare the effective practice submission in a MS Word document and then copy/paste into the web-based

The web-based template includes the following sections:

           Direct connection to The Illinois Commitment
           Title of Effective Practice
           Issue or Need Addressed: In 2 - 3 sentences, describe the issue or problem the effective
            practice addresses.
           Description of the Effective Practice: Briefly describe the effective practice, including the
            context, costs, logistics, timelines, and so on.
           Achievement of Sustainability: Briefly describe how this effective practice has achieved
           Results and Measurable Outcomes: Briefly describe the results of the effective practice.
            Indicate any supporting evidence to substantiate that the effective practice led to positive
           Contact Information: Provide the name, email address, and telephone number of the person
            that can be contacted to obtain more information regarding the effective practice.

Institutions must include an effective practice for at least two of the six policy areas of The Illinois
Commitment. However, institutions may include an effective practice example for each of the six policy
areas if desired. Please do not submit more than one effective practice per policy area or a practice that
was submitted in 2003 or 2004.

To assist the Board with current and on-going policy studies, institutions that have implemented practices
in the following areas are strongly encouraged to share their successes:

       Faculty Diversification Strategies (Policy Area Four)
       Civic Engagement Activities (Policy Area Five)

                               Due Date: September 2, 2005

                                    Institutional Context (Section I)

Mission Statement. Please provide the institution’s mission statement.

Environmental Analysis. This section should provide a brief synopsis of the external and internal
factors impacting the institution (e.g., demographic, programmatic, social, fiscal). In particular, please
indicate how these factors affect the work of the institution and the ability to address the six policy areas
of The Illinois Commitment.

                                           Progress (Section II)

Institutional Accomplishments, Plans, and Challenges. Each institution should address the following
three policy areas for the 2005 report: Policy Area Two (P-20 Partnerships); Policy Area Three
(Affordability); and Policy Area Four (Access and Diversity). While the extent of an institution’s
achievements/actions for any given area will vary depending upon its unique mission and focus, all
institutions should address the following questions:

        1. What has the institution achieved during the past year that demonstrates the advancement of
           this policy area?
        2. What specific action(s) does the institution intend to undertake in the coming year to advance
           this policy area?
        3. What challenge(s) does the institution foresee in successfully addressing this policy area in
           the coming year?

Mission-Specific Indicators. The template includes a placeholder for mission-specific indicators for
each policy area. However, there is not a requirement that an institution develop mission-specific
indicators for every policy area. Institutions may report as many or as few mission-specific indicators for
the policy areas of their choice. The following information shall be provided for each mission-specific
indicator developed by the institution:

           Identification of the institutional mission-specific indicator and its relationship to the
            institution’s mission/goals;
           Performance goal;
           Data for the three most recent years (2001-02, 2002-03, and 2003-04), if applicable; and
           A brief description/interpretation of institutional performance and related implications.


Effective practices shall be submitted via the web-based form available on the IBHE website. All
effective practices must be received no later than August 5, 2005.

The completed performance report template shall be submitted via e-mail to Sandi Gillilan at The performance report materials must be received no later than September 2, 2005.

Any questions regarding these materials should be directed to Sandi at the e-mail indicated above or by
phone at 217/557-7352.


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