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									                                          RSS Feed
                                 Really Simple Syndication
                                         Complete Steps 1-3.


                                                                                So, to make RSS much easier to
                                                                                understand, RSS stands for: I’m
                                                                                Ready for Some Stories. It's an
                                                                                online way for you to get a quick
                                                                                list of the latest story headlines
                                                                                from all your favorite websites
                                                                                and blogs all in one place. How
                                                                                cool is that?

                                                                                Definitely cool. You can get
                                                                                updates from a variety of
                                                                                websites, pick and choose which
                                                                                sites you actually want to visit,
                                                                                and skim posts for the ones you
                                                                                actually want to read.

The one place where your RSS list is created is called an RSS Reader, and it    Let's say you have 50 sites and
gathers all the headlines from all the websites and blogs you have              blogs that you like to visit
subscribed to. There are a variety of readers available on the web, but since   regularly. Going to visit each
I'm definitely a Google Girl, I subscribe to all my sites in Google Reader.     website and blog everyday could
                                                                                take you hours. With RSS, you can
                                                                                “subscribe” to a website or blog,
                                                                                and get “fed” all the new
                                                                                headlines from all of these 50
STEP 2: WATCH THIS!                  sites and blogs in one list, and see
                                                                                what’s going on in minutes
                                                                                instead of hours. What a time


       Go to Google Reader: & set up your own
        RSS Feed. Subscribe to 5 sites that interest you. You can organize
        them however you’d like. However, I’d like to see at least 2 folders
        within your account to organize your subscriptions.

       In order to turn this in take a screen print of your account, copy to
        word, & turn in to tray 5.
  Here is an EXAMPLE of what you will print for me.
  Be sure your name is on it.

See my 4 folders:

Mom Stuff,
Scrapbooking, &

Your assignment
requires you to have
at least 2 folders!

  How to add subscriptions:
  Click on “Add a subscription” in the upper left
  corner to add search term to find websites that
  interest you or to add a website that you already
  familiar with.

  How to add folders:

     Click on “Manage
     Subscriptions” at the
     bottom of the page.

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