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for the Benefit of Canadians

                                                                                                  Vo lu n ta r y S ector In i tiative
                                                                                                                   e cto r Initiative

                                                           An Accord
                                                Between the Government of Canada
      December 5, 2001                              and the Voluntary Sector
          I. PURPOSE OF THE ACCORD                         III.PRINCIPLES                                    Co-operation and Collaboration                    • Recognize its need to engage the
          The purpose of the Accord is to strengthen       The Accord is based on guiding principles:                                                            voluntary sector in open, informed and
                                                                                                             The Government of Canada and the
          the ability of both the voluntary sector                                                                                                               sustained dialogue in order that the sector
                                                                                                             voluntary sector agree that the social fabric
          and the Government of Canada to better           Independence                                                                                          may contribute its experience, expertise,
                                                                                                             of communities is strengthened and civic
          serve Canadians.                                                                                                                                       knowledge, and ideas in developing
                                                           The Government of Canada and the volun-           engagement is increased when they work
                                                                                                                                                                 better public policies and in the design
          The strength of this Accord derives from         tary sector are autonomous, have unique           together to address issues of mutual
                                                                                                                                                                 and delivery of programs; and
          the joint work that produced it. While           strengths and separate accountabilities,          concern, and that:
          the Accord is not a legal document, it is        and agree that:                                                                                     • Address the issue of ministerial responsi-
                                                                                                             • Working together to identify common
          designed to guide the evolution of the rela-                                                                                                           bility for the continued development of
                                                           • The Government of Canada is accountable           priorities or complementary objectives
          tionship by identifying the common values,                                                                                                             the relationship with the voluntary sector.
                                                             to all Canadians for its actions and has a        will help facilitate co-operation and
          principles and commitments that will shape         responsibility to identify issues of national     collaboration; and
          future practices. It focuses on what unites                                                                                                          Voluntary Sector Commitments
                                                             concern and mobilize resources to address       • Working relationships should be flexible
          the two sectors, honours the contributions         them, establish policies and make deci-                                                           The voluntary sector commits to:
          of both, and respects their unique strengths                                                         and respect what others contribute and
                                                             sions in the best interest of all Canadians;      the challenges and constraints under            • Continue to identify important or emerg-
          and different ways of working.
                                                           • Voluntary sector organizations are                which they operate.                               ing issues and trends in communities, and
          The Accord represents a public commitment          accountable to their supporters and to                                                              act on them or bring them to the attention
          to more open, transparent, consistent and          those they serve in providing services,         Accounting to Canadians                             of the Government of Canada;
          collaborative ways of working together.            organizing activities and giving collective     In addition to their separate accountabilities,   • Serve as a means for the voices and views
          When working together, the Government              voice at the local, national and inter-         the voluntary sector and the Government of          of all parts of the voluntary sector to be
          of Canada and the voluntary sector seek to         national level;                                 Canada are accountable for maintaining the          represented to and heard by the Govern-
          fulfil the commitments set out in the Accord
                                                           • The independence of voluntary sector            trust and confidence of Canadians by:               ment of Canada, ensuring that the full
          and in so doing enhance the quality of life
                                                             organizations includes their right within                                                           depth and diversity of the sector is
          of all Canadians.                                                                                  • Ensuring transparency, high standards of
                                                             the law to challenge public policies,                                                               reached and engaged; and
                                                                                                               conduct and sound management in their
                                                             programs and legislation and to advocate          work together; and                              • Address the issue of responsibility for the
          II. VALUES                                         for change; and                                                                                     continued development of the relationship
          The Accord is based on the following six                                                           • Monitoring and reporting on the results.
                                                           • Advocacy is inherent to debate and                                                                  with the Government of Canada.
          Canadian values that are most relevant to
          the relationship between the Government            change in a democratic society and,
                                                             subject to the above principles, it should      IV. COMMITMENTS TO ACTION                         V. TAKING THE ACCORD
          of Canada and the voluntary sector. These
                                                             not affect any funding relationship that        The values and principles of the Accord are          FORWARD
          values are interrelated and together create
                                                             might exist.                                    the starting point for the development of
          the climate for improving and enhancing                                                                                                              The Accord is the beginning of a journey.
                                                                                                             the relationship. Success in building the
          the lives of all Canadians:                                                                                                                          Measures are needed to implement its
                                                           Interdependence                                   relationship will depend on the actions and
                                                                                                                                                               provisions. The voluntary sector and the
          Democracy – upholding the right to                                                                 practices of both the Government of Canada
                                                           The voluntary sector and the Government                                                             Government of Canada agree to develop
          associate freely, to express views freely                                                          and the voluntary sector for the benefit of
                                                           of Canada recognize that:                                                                           in a timely fashion:
          and to engage in advocacy.                                                                         all Canadians. In moving into the future the
                                                           • The actions of one can directly or              following commitments will be essential.          • Appropriate organizational structures
          Active Citizenship – welcoming the                 indirectly affect the other, since both often                                                       in the Government of Canada and the
          active involvement or engagement of                share the same objective of common good,        Shared Commitments                                  voluntary sector to give effect to the
          individuals and communities in shaping             operate in the same areas of Canadian life,     The voluntary sector and the Government             provisions of the Accord;
          society whether through political or               and serve the same clients; and                 of Canada commit to:                              • Processes for monitoring the Accord,
          voluntary activity or both.                      • Each has complex and important                                                                      reporting to Canadians on the status of the
                                                                                                             • Act in a manner consistent with the values
                                                             relationships with others (business, labour,      and principles in this Accord;                    relationship and the results that have been
          Equality – respecting the rights of Cana-          provincial, territorial and local govern-                                                           achieved, resolving disputes, agreeing on
          dians under the Canadian Charter of Rights         ments, etc.) and the Accord is not meant        • Develop the mechanisms and processes              next steps, and discussing the strategic
          and Freedoms and the Canadian Human                to affect these other relationships.              required to put the Accord into action;           opportunities for future collaboration;
          Rights Act, and the rights of individuals                                                          • Work together as appropriate to achieve         • Codes or standards of good practice to
          worldwide as defined by the United Nations       Dialogue                                            shared goals and objectives; and
          Universal Declaration of Human Rights.                                                                                                                 help guide interactions between govern-
                                                           The voluntary sector and the Government           • Promote awareness and understanding               ment departments and voluntary sector
          Diversity – respecting the rich variety          of Canada, recognizing that sharing of              of the contributions that each makes to           organizations on aspects of the relation-
          of cultures, languages, identities, interests,   ideas, perspectives, and experiences con-           Canadian society.                                 ship such as policy dialogue, funding,
          views, abilities, and communities in Canada.     tributes to better understanding, improved                                                            and other issues as identified;
                                                           identification of priorities, and sound public    Government of Canada                              • A regular meeting between Ministers and
          Inclusion – welcoming the expression and         policy, agree that:                               Commitments                                         sector representatives to discuss the results
          representation of diversity and upholding        • Dialogue should be open, respectful,            The Government of Canada commits to:                that have been achieved; and
          the right of each to speak and be heard.           informed, sustained, and welcome a
                                                                                                             • Recognize and consider the implications         • Ongoing actions to increase awareness
                                                             range of viewpoints;
          Social Justice – ensuring the full partici-                                                          of its legislation, regulations, policies         about the Accord within the sector and
          pation in the social, economic and political     • Dialogue should be carried out in a way           and programs on voluntary sector                  the Government of Canada, and among
          life of communities.                               which respects each party’s confidential          organizations including the importance            Canadians.
                                                             information, and builds and maintains             of funding policies and practices for the       The goal is that the Accord and its imple-
                                                             trust; and                                        further development of the relationship         mentation plan will provide an enabling
                                                           • Appropriately designed processes and              and the strengthening of the voluntary          framework that will help the voluntary
                                                             governance structures are necessary to            sector’s capacity;                              sector and the Government of Canada
                                                             achieve sustained dialogue.                                                                       better serve Canadians.

                                                                                                                                    Voluntary Sector

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