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                                                 AMATEUR AUSTRALIAN OPEN TOURNAMENT

1. The Cape Town leg will take place at the Kelvin Grove Tennis Club on the 27th and 28th August 2011.
    The Durban leg will take place at the Westridge Park Tennis Club on the 17th and 18th September 2011.
    The Johannesburg leg will take place at the Bryanston Tennis Club on the 22nd and 23rd October 2011.
    The National finals will take place at the Groenkloof Tennis club on the 12th and 13th of November 2011
2. All entries for the Cape Town leg must be received by 8pm on Thursday 25th August 2011. For the Durban leg entries close at 5pm on the
    12th September. For the Johannesburg leg the entries close at 5pm on the 17th October 2011.
3. The number of teams in all regional TOURNAMENTS is limited and completion of this form does not guarantee entry
4. All teams will be notified of the outcome of their entry application by Friday 26th August 2011 for the Cape Town leg, the 14th September
    for the Durban leg and the 19th October for the Johannesburg leg.
5. Unless otherwise stated in these terms and conditions ("Terms"), All entrants must be over the age of 18 by 26 August 2011, and be able to ......travel
internationally without a guardian/parent
6. Participants must be amateur tennis players. The TOURNAMENT shall not be open to any players with WTA or ATP points.
7. The Qualifying Round shall not be open to persons employed by the associated, affiliated or subsidiary companies of Kia Motors SA (Pty)
    Limited ("Kia SA") and their families, agents, or anyone connected with The Qualifying Round, including the third party promotional
    partners. (For avoidance of doubt this does not include any Kia Franchisees and their families).
8. Entry to The Qualifying Round shall be limited to one entry per player and one entry per team. Duplicated participation is strictly
    prohibited, i.e. players who have competed in any other qualifying round of the Kia Amateur Australian Open ("the
9. Defaced, illegible or photocopied entries will not be accepted.
10. Winners of the Regional Qualifying Rounds move on to the National Round. The national winners will win the following prizes:
    10.1 A place in the World Final round of the KIA Amateur Australian Open to be held in Melbourne, Australia ;
    10.2 Tickets to the Australian Open Mens singles final and transfers to and from the Melbourne Tennis club;
    10.3 A full 4-day hospitality programme;
    10.4 Accommodation for three nights in a single/twin hotel room and daily breakfast at the hotel;
    10.5 Transfers to and from the stadium for the World Final.
11. The terms and conditions applicable to the above prizes will be advised to the National Winners after the completion of the Qualifying
12. Each team will consist of 2 players (1 male and 1 female).
13. The Qualifying Round will be held in accordance with the official laws of the Tournament, which will be made available to participants
     prior to the commencement of the Qualifying Round ("the Laws").
14. The decisions of the Qualifying Round referees, including as to any application of the Laws, will be final and Kia SA will not enter into any
15. The National Winners are responsible for ensuring that they are able to accept the prize as set out in accordance with
     these Terms. In the event that they are unable to do so, Kia SA reserves the right to allocate the available slot to the runner-up in the
     Qualifying Round, and so on until a team is selected which is available to compete in the World Final.
16. Each member of the National Winners must have a valid identity document and passport.
17. The National Winner will be required to report to a dedicated meeting point to be determined by Kia SA. They will be collected at this
     meeting point and transferred to the airport for the World Final. Kia SA will not be held responsible for any transportation arrangements,
     including related costs to and from this meeting point.
18. Any additional expenses must be paid for by the competing teams.
19. There is no cash or other alternative to the prize. The prize is not transferrable and no part or prize may be substituted for other benefits,
     items or additions.
20. Any personal taxes in connection with the prizes are the responsibility of the winners.
21. Entry to the Qualifying Round is free.
22. Participants are requested to arrange their own transportation to and from the Qualifying Round venue.
23. Kia SA shall not be responsible and/or liable for any incorrect or inaccurate information submitted by entrants.
24. Each of the participants in the Qualifying Round acknowledge and accept that Kia SA shall be entitled to feature their name and photo
     images in future publicity material, including Kia SA's website and radio campaigns, and agree that no consideration shall be payable by
     Kia SA to them in respect of such usage.
25. Each entrant (including each member of the winning team) that participates in any rounds, including the Qualifying Rounds (Regionally, .......Nationally) or
Internationally, participates entirely at their own risk. Kia SA and their associated, affiliated or subsidiary companies, and .......their families, agents, or anyone
connected with the Qualifying Round shall not be liable for any damage or loss of whatsoever nature, .......including but not limited to injury or death, which may be
suffered by any participant arising out of or in connection with their .......participation in the Tournament.
26. By entering the Qualifying Round through completing and submitting an application form, all eligible entrants agree to abide and be
     bound by these terms. Kia SA reserves the right, with or without cause, to exclude entrants and withhold prizes should any entrant be in
     breach of any of these terms. Kia SA further reserves the right to amend these terms without prior consent from any entrant. Each
     entrant shall be notified of the said amendment via any of the communication mediums indicated on the application form.
27. Kia SA reserves the right at any time to cancel, postpone or replace the Qualifying Round (including altering prizes) if it determines, at its
     sole discretion, that the Qualifying Round is not capable of being conducted as specified. Kia SA further reserves the right to substitute
     the prize with any other prize of equal value in the event that circumstances beyond its control make this unavoidable.
28. Kia SA is both the promoter and provider of the prize.
29. Any further terms and conditions printed on the application forms shall be deemed to have been incorporated in these terms.
30. This prize is only for the winners of the tournament. All other people including, but not limited to family, coaches, managers etc of the winner/s ......that want to
accompany winners to Australia will have to cover ALL expenses at their own cost, and will not be included in prizes (such as the ......viewing of the Australian Open
Mens Final etc..)
31. By signing the entry form for the Qualifying Round, each entrant consents that KIA SA may use info for the purpose of marketing its products ......and those of its
associated companies and business parties to such entrant
32. If opted in above, the information which each entrant provides on the entry form fill be added to the marketing database of Kia SA.
Your chance to compete in the World Finals
                                                                                                                                               ENTRY FORM
                                                                                                         Each team must consist of two members (1 male and 1 female). You must elect a Team Captain (TC)
of the Kia Amateur Australian Open                                                                       who will be the main point of contact for your team. You are required to provide a Team Name and
tournament and win tickets to the                                                                        full contact details for both team members.
2012 Australian Open in Australia!
                                                                                                         TEAM:              ______________________________________________
Kia Motors, the official Automotive Partner of the 2012 Australian Open, is bringing                     NAME (TC):         ______________________________________________
    the passion and excitement of the 2012 Australian Open to your doorstep .
If selected, your team will compete in the tournament on the 27th and 28th August 2011 at the            ID NR:             ______________________________________________
Kelvin Grove Sports Club. Regional winners will then move on and compete in the National Finals.         CELL:              ______________________________________________
National winners will go on to compete in the World Finals on 27th and 28th January 2012 as well as
receive a full 4-day hospitality programme and complimentary tickets to the Mens singles Final of the    EMAIL:             ______________________________________________
2012 Australian Open.
                                                                                                         NAME:              ______________________________________________
Why wait any longer?                                                                                     ID NR:             ______________________________________________
All you have to do is register for this Tennis opportunity of a lifetime. Complete this entry form and   CELL:              ______________________________________________
send it to Holger Losch at theh@mweb.co.za or call on 082 520 9699                                       EMAIL:             ______________________________________________

27th - 28th August 2011 – Kelvin Grove; Cape Town                                                        Province Where Entering:
17th-18th September 2011 – Westridge Park; Durban                                                        Name Of Tennis Club:
22nd -23rd October 2011 – Bryanston Sports Club; Johannesburg                                            Regional Tournament being entered:
12th- 13th November 2011 –National Finals; Pretoria
                                                                                                         Kelvin Grove                           Westridge Park

Optional.                                                                                                Bryanston Sports Club

Should you be interested in purchasing or test driving a vehicle, please fill in the following.          RULES:
To help us ensure that future offers are closely suited to your needs, would you please spend a few      1.Players must be a minimum age of 18 on the 26th August 2011.
moments to answer the following brief questions? Thank you.                                              2.Participants may not at any stage have had a professional singles or doubles ranking ..(appearing
                                                                                                         on the ATP or WTA ranking lists). This is irrespective of how many ATP or WTA ..points a player may
What car do you currently drive?        Make (e.g. Kia):     ____________________________                have earned by competing in local international events for the sake of ..local participation, without
                                                                                                         the intention of pursuing tennis professionally.
                                        Model (e.g. Soul): ____________________________                  3.Any player that has won the national KIA AAO in previous years will not be allowed to ..participate.
                                                                                                         4.General rules of tennis will apply.
Ownership:          Private             Company                                                          5.Teams need not be from the same club or the same province.
                                                                                                         6.Winners of the regional finals will qualify for the national finals
                                                                                                         7.Email entry to theh@mweb.co.za
When do you expect to replace your current vehicle?          ____________________________                8.Contact Holger Losche at 082 520 9699 with any queries.

What type(s) of model would you be interested in?            ____________________________

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