CRITICALLY REFLECTIVE PRACTICE Applying reflection to learning by dfgh4bnmu


									                              CritiCally refleCtive praCtiCe
              Applying reflection to learning through participation -
                                          learning from the literature
The literature (refer to the annotated bibliography                     Reflection has an important role within academic
on reflection for more detail) describes many                           learning. Pivotal to this role is the concept of praxis
applications of reflection to learning through                          (Habermas, 1973) whereby reflection provides an
participation. From the literature we learn that there                  avenue for applying theory to the practice that is
needs to be clarity around any role that reflection                     explored through an authentic participatory learning
plays and that role needs to be aligned with the                        experience.
curriculum and embedded accordingly.
                                                                        A range of skills can be developed through reflective
                                                                        practice in participation units. These include
Three roles for reflection for                                          higher order thinking and metacognitive skills and
                                                                        traditional and creative communication skills, all of
learning through participation                                          which are foundation skills for academic and lifelong
This model classifies the many applications of                          learning.
reflection for learning through participation into the
                                                                        The roles are not discrete. Rather, we intend that they
three defining roles of reflection in, and for:
                                                                        be approached from the perspective of a learning
•	   academic learning;                                                 system with each role treated as interrelated, and
•	   skills development; and                                            the learning opportunities identified within the roles
                                                                        as interchangeable, responding to the context and
•	   lifelong learning.
                                                                        intended learning outcomes.

                    Intended (academic) learning                                        Higher order thinking skills:
                                                                                        critically re ective thinking
                    Application of theory to practice
                    (praxis)                                                            metacognition
                    Evidence of learning                                                Communication skills:
                    Assessment (for learning)
                                                                                        re ective writing
                    Connecting course, experience and
                    future work (authentic learning)                                    creative expressions of re ections

                                              Academic                     Skills
                                              Learning                  Development

                                   Professional practice                    Transformative Learning
                                   Career development learning              Whole person learning
                                   Graduate capabilities / attributes       Unintended learning outcomes

Habermas, J. (1973). Theory and Practice. Oxford: Beacon Press.
An annotated bibliography on reflection is available on the Macquarie University website.
This resource is based on an extract from:
Coulson, D.; Harvey, M.; Winchester-Seeto, T.; & Mackaway, J. (2010). Evidence for the role of reflection in learning
through participation. Paper presented at the national conference of the Australian Collaborative Education
Network, 29 September to 1 October 2010, Perth, Australia.                                      LTC11-A4-008 • 10 March 2011

       Developed by Debra Coulson and Dr Marina Harvey, Learning and Teaching Centre, Macquarie University                        1

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