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Uncompromising Kitchen Couture from uno form

a+ is the unique formula for the new, exclusive and innovational kitchen design from uno form.
International Kitchen Couture rooted in superior Danish craftsmanship – a visionary design
experience for connoisseurs of good taste and individualists.

In a+, the Danish company uno form that for more than 40 years has been producing timeless kitchens of
uniquely high quality craftsmanship, presents a superlative new luxury kitchen combining exquisite natural
materials with cool aluminium and trends from the world of fashion. Think extreme luxury and consummate

New materials and maximum flexibility
a+ is for those who want to surround themselves with the absolutely best in design and materials and for
those who dare to be innovative. The style is clean, international, urban and sophisticated, and offers a large
number of new combinations and choices of materials. The aluminium front frame is an essential design
element of a+ kitchen units, and accounts for the ‘a’ in the name. A special door edge, also in aluminium,
allows the doors to be faced with panels of various exclusive materials. The ‘+’ stands for ‘that something
extra’ and refers to the large and exclusive choice of door-front materials.

Luxury kitchen in exquisite leather
With a+, the uno form design team – inspired by the glamour of the world of fashion – have introduced the
concept of leather in the kitchen. A rich and exclusive material that creates a luxurious and personal
atmosphere in the most active room in the home. The beautiful natural leather, available in black, brown or
cognac, is set off in sophisticated style by the simple and elegant aluminium frames. The combination of
leather and metal creates a minimalist look, while the texture and softness of the leather adds a relaxed
touch. The leather is of the absolutely best quality and is specially treated to make it easy to clean and

Cool retro with linoleum
For those to whom leather in the kitchen does not appeal, the cupboard doors and drawer fronts are
available in a wide range of other exquisite materials. One of these is linoleum, a natural product that is
enjoying a significant renaissance among style-conscious home-makers. This material, with its wealth of
tradition, has been revitalised by uno form and brought into innovative and ultramodern design in a+.
Linoleum has a soft, warm and inviting finish, and is very hard-wearing and easy to maintain.

Minimalism with warmth and colour
a+ brings new warmth and colour to the ultra-pale minimalism of recent years, with a wide range of beautiful
wood veneers and coloured laminates. Dark and exotic woods such as wenge, zebrano and teak create an
exclusive and personal kitchen environment, and decisively challenge the all-white design trend. The elegant
woods are beautiful and powerful when used alone, but make a bold and personal statement when
combined with each other or with linoleum, leather, or one of uno form’s coloured laminates. The laminates
are available in a wide range of colours and with various surface finishes, from elegant velvety matt to high
gloss and metallic.

                         For further information and pictorial material, please contact:

                     Peter Bisgaard, uno form, Tel. (+45) 9863 2944,
Press information

a+ is innovative and uncompromising kitchen design for the discerning kitchen lover and for the individualist
with a sense for detail and sublime functionality.

a+ is available from uno form’s own kitchen studio´s in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Portugal and in New

To find your nearest distributor, call (+45) 9863 2944 or visit

High resolution images can be downloaded from:

                        For further information and pictorial material, please contact:

                     Peter Bisgaard, uno form, Tel. (+45) 9863 2944,

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