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									Obama Asks                                                                                                       NHSC Announces the
Graduates to Close                                                                                               Opening of the 2010
Education Gap                                                                                                    Scholarship Application
ByJACKIECALMES                                                                                                 The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act
HAMPTON, Va. — For the first time as                                                                           (Recovery Act) provides $300 million to support
president, Barack Obama on Sunday deliv-                                                                       the National Health Service Corps (NHSC).
ered a commencement address to a histori-                                                                      Approximately $200 million will enable the NHSC
cally black college, Hampton University,                                                                       Loan Repayment Program to assist more than
telling graduates that they have “a separate responsibility” to become mentors to other young African-         3,300 physicians, dentists and other primary care
Americans to help close a persistent gap in educational achievement.                                           providers who are seeking opportunities to serve in
                                                                                                               our Nation’s neediest communities.
Mr. Obama, clad in a “Hampton blue” robe, said the 1,072 graduates were better poised to enter an
economy still recovering from recession and facing global competition than Americans without a college         The NHSC is administered by the Health Re-
degree, who have an unemployment rate twice as high as those with one.                                         sources and Services Administration (HRSA), the
                                                                                                               U.S. Government agency that provides access to
“I don’t have to tell you that too many folks back home aren’t as well prepared,” he said. “By any
number of different yardsticks, African-Americans are being outperformed by their white classmates, as
are Hispanic-Americans. Students in well-off areas are outperforming students in poorer rural or urban
communities, no matter what skin color. Globally, it’s not even close.”
Mr. Obama said all Americans have a responsibility “to change this, to offer every single child in this
                                                                                                                 Loan Repayment
country an education that will make them competitive in our knowledge economy.” But, he told the                 Now Accepting Applications: $200
graduates, “all of you have a separate responsibility — to be role models for your brothers and sisters, to
                                                                                                                 million American Recovery and Rein-
be mentors in your communities and, when the time comes, to pass that sense of an education’s value
down to your children.”
                                                                                                                 vestment Act funds will double the NHSC
                                                                                                                 field strength this year.
Recalling Hampton University’s start as a trade and agricultural school for freed slaves after the Civil War          Full-Time Service: Apply by July
in a state that had outlawed education for blacks, Mr. Obama said the founders of the school and others                   29
like it “knew, of course, that inequality would persist long into the future.”
                                                                                                                      Part-Time Service: Apply by May
“But they also recognized the larger truth, a distinctly American truth,” he said. “They recognized, class                25
of 2010, that the right education might allow those barriers to be overcome, might allow our God-given                Help with the Application
potential to be fulfilled.”                                                                                               Conference Call: May 20, 2:30
Mr. Obama, a product of two Ivy League universities, Columbia and Harvard, was enthusiastically                           to 4:30 pm ET, 1-888-889-0974,
received by an audience that packed the field and bleachers of the school’s stadium on a sunny, breezy                    passcode 8360318
morning. He spoke a day after his wife, Michelle, an alumna of Princeton, addressed graduates at another
historically black college, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff.
William R. Harvey, Hampton’s president for 32 years, noted Mr. Obama’s historic achievement as the
first African-American president. He gave him a seedling from the university’s Emancipation Oak, under         health care for many in this nation and will play a
which former slaves who had sought refuge at a Union fortress were educated by a free black woman in           key role in providing jobs and services to people
violation of Virginia law in 1861, seven years before Hampton was founded.                                     impacted by the economic downturn. One way
                                                                                                               HRSA is going to do this is by investing in health
To applause, Dr. Harvey said Mr. Obama promised that the seedling would be planted at the White
                                                                                                               care providers through its National Health Service
                                                                                                               Corps program.
In his remarks, Mr. Obama reiterated a theme of his graduation address the previous weekend at the
                                                                                                               National Health Service Corps clinicians are a
University of Michigan in Ann Arbor — that an often-argumentative and politically polarizing media
                                                                                                               unique group of dedicated and caring primary care
culture posed a threat to democracy without well-educated citizens with open minds.
                                                                                                               providers who care for millions of people who live
“Information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empower-       in communities where health care is scarce.
ment, rather than a means of emancipation,” Mr. Obama said. “So all of this is not only putting pressure
                                                                                                               In exchange for two years of service at an eligible
on you, it is putting new pressure on our country and on our democracy.”
                                                                                                               high-need site, the NHSC Loan Repayment
                                                                                                               program offers repayment of educational loans for
    A daughter of Congressman James Clyburn is going to Washington.                                            clinicians who are providing full-time clinical
                                                                                                               services. Up to $50,000 (less if the total outstand-
    Mignon Clyburn was sworn in Monday as a Commissioner of the                                                ing loan balance is lower than $50,000) towards
    Federal Communications Comission. She is the first African-                                                qualifying educational loan debt is available.
    American woman to hold that position.                                                                      Clinicians who stay at their sites longer may be
    The ceremony took place at the Matthew J. Perry, Jr. courthouse,                                           eligible to apply for additional years of support.
    and the Senior District Judge for whom that building is named after                                        How to Apply: Clinicians can begin applying
    swore Commissioner Clyburn into her new position.                                                          for this NHSC opportunity on June 2, 2009 at:
    Commissioner Clyburn will be in charge of executing various                                                www.nhsc.hrsa.gov. Or for more information, call
    communications policies, which include television, radio, and                                              1-800-221-9393.
    Internet media.

                                                                                                   Black College Monthly
        5 Things College Students do to Ruin their Lives
by Boyce Watkins,
                                                        you shouldn’t be buying in college, then that is       There are a ton of students out there who are
                                                        when it is time for you to settle down and recon-      spending every waking moment of their Sopho-
                                                        sider your priorities. Your professors are not going   more, Junior and Senior years trying to compen-
                                                        to care if your grades are in the toilet because you   sate for the massive mistakes made during their
As a college professor
                                                        are engaged in too many outside activities. It is      Freshman year. If you get off to a bad start,
for the past 16 years,
                                                        your responsibility to keep up in class. You will      you’re asking for serious trouble all through
I’ve noticed two things
                                                        have the rest of your life to work, make money         college. You will have to do 10 miles of work to
about college: It can be
                                                        and buy all the things that you want. If you do it     get 5 miles of reward. Don’t put yourself in that
a place to make your
                                                        all too early, you are going to kill your chance to    position if you can avoid it. The best way to avoid
dreams come true, and
                                                        ever have the finer things in life. My mother used     problems in the freshman year is to use a consis-
it can also be a
                                                        to say to me that “People who work hard before         tent study strategy. That means, you should set
breeding ground for your worst nightmares. So, I
                                                        they are 24 get to party hard when they are 30.” I     aside at least 5 hours per day in which you go to a
thought I would compile a list of things that I’ve
                                                        didn’t understand that then, but when I was 31         secluded spot in the library and stay there. Make
seen college students do to ruin their lives over the
                                                        years old bringing in the New Year on a cruise ship    sure that no one else is around. You can do
years. Hopefully, you and your child can learn
                                                        in the Bahamas, I understood what she meant.           whatever you want for the rest of the day, but
from what I am about to share.
                                                                                                               make sure that your studies get their proper
1) Sex, drugs, alcohol and gambling                                                                            attention. After you’ve put in your class and study
                                                                                                               time, you will have a good 5 or 6 hours a day to
College is a great place to pick up a lot of really                                                            have all the fun you want, especially on the
bad habits. The worst part is that people tell you                                                             weekends (remember: there are 168 hours in a
that these things are ok. It’s not that all of these                                                           week. If you are in class for 15 hours, sleep for
are bad things to do, but at the very least, they                                                              56 and study for 42, you still have about 55 hours
should be done in moderation. It doesn’t matter if                                                             left for parties! That’s a lot of party time!)
you are in college: If you have sex with too many
people, you are going to catch a disease or get                                                                5) Pledging a fraternity or sorority too
pregnant. If you use drugs, you are going to                                                                   early
become a drug addict. If you drink too much, you
will become an alcoholic. Gambling can also ruin                                                               The quickest way to ruin your GPA and put
your life as much as drugs or alcohol. I have                                                                  yourself on a downward spiral in college is to
several dozen friends with really messed up lives                                                              pledge a fraternity or sorority during your fresh-
to this day, all of whom started their downward                                                                man year. Some frats and sororities are respon-
spiral on a college campus. You should not think                                                               sible enough to make sure that they don’t allow
that because you are in college, you are immune to                                                             freshmen to pledge. But even if they are not a
these problems. If something doesn’t feel right,                                                               freshman, you should not allow yourself to pledge
then you shouldn’t do it. Be mature enough to                                                                  until you’ve had a good academic year. If you are
make smart decisions.                                                                                          still struggling academically after your freshman
2) Falling for the credit card scams and                                                                       year, you should wait and pledge the grad chapter.
                                                        Additionally, the temptation to leave school for       You will have the rest of your life to be part of the
ruining your credit
                                                        “just a little while” may seem to make sense, but it   group, and you can still go to the parties and have
                                                        doesn’t. Most Americans never graduated from           lots of fun without being in the organization. I
There are no serious credit card scams in college,
                                                        college, but most of us went to college for at least   never pledged, but I had friends in every frater-
only the little people who stand out in front of the
                                                        a while. For many college drop outs, the distrac-      nity. The difference was that I didn’t have an
bookstore trying to get you to take their “free
                                                        tion may have seemed temporary at the time, but        obligation to anyone, but I had respect for people
money”. Credit cards are very tempting when you
                                                        turned out to be quite permanent. Don’t get off        in all the different greek organizations.
are in school, especially since you are broke. If
you decide to take one, make sure that you are          the educational track, because the hurdles of the      Education matters more than almost anything
very careful with how much you buy with the             real world can be very deceptive.                      you’ll ever do you in life. If you blow the opportu-
card, and that you have a careful plan to pay it all                                                           nity over foolishness, you’ll spend the rest of your
back. Putting yourself in over your head can easily     4) Screwing up their freshman year                     life regretting it.
destroy your credit. That is not a good cycle to get
into. Not taking care of your student loan obliga-
tions can ruin your credit as well. You should
manage your debt as best you can, because if you
don’t, it can take decades to fix the problems that                          Black College Monthly
are created.                                                Editor & Publisher
                                                            Charles E. Goston
3) Working too much outside of school and
forcing yourself to drop out                                Advertising rates on request. To Advertise or contact Black Colege Monthly

Getting a job in school is not a bad thing to do. In        Phone # 1-352 335 - 5771
fact, it builds character. But you should work only         e-mail bcft2bcm@gru.net
to support your basic needs. If you find yourself
working non-stop in order to pay for things that                             “Its more than a College Magazine”

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FAMU Pharmacy Faculty                                                            Florida Bar Foundation
Make International Impact                                                        Awards Grant to FAMU
                                                                                 College of Law
                                                                                 Orlando, Fla. – Florida A&M University (FAMU) College of Law has
– Florida A&M
                                                                                 received an $18,000 grant from the Florida Bar Foundation to support its
University’s (FAMU)
                                                                                 Public Service Fellows Program in the Legal Clinic.
College of Pharmacy
and Pharmaceutical                                                               The grant will provide scholarships for up to eight law students who will
Sciences faculty,                                                                promote pro bono and public service legal assistance activities on law
Henry Lewis III,                                                                 school campuses and in the legal profession. This is the fifth consecutive
PharmD, professor                                                                year the FAMU College of Law has received the Law School Public
and dean of the                                                                  Service Fellows grant, which will run from May 1, 2010 to April 30 2011.
College along with                                                               The Florida Bar Foundation sponsors the fellows through its Law Student
Hong Xiao, Ph.D.,                                                                Assistance Grant Program.
associate professor and
                                                                                 Working about 150 hours in both the fall 2010 and spring 2011 semes-
director, economic,
                                                                                 ters, the Public Service Fellows will work with established programs such
social and administra-
                           Hong Xiao, Ph.D., associate professor and             as the Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar, and Community
tive pharmacy, housed
                           director, economic, social and administrative         Legal Services of Mid-Florida to promote the preservation of families and
in the College, recently
                           pharmacy, and Henry Lewis III, PharmD,                children. One law student will service clients in Osceola County; another
traveled to Beijing,
                           professor and dean of the College of Pharmacy         will service education clients in Orange County; and two will service a
China. Lewis and Xiao
                           and Pharmaceutical Sciences, participated in          broader group of clients in Orange County. Providing pro bono legal
participated in the
                           the 2009 China-Japan Pharmacist Internationl          services to clients referred by the established agencies, the law students
2009 China-Japan
                           Forum.                                                will handle guardian ad litem, disability, special education and other cases
Pharmacist Interna-
                                                                                 that address the legal needs of children and families.
tional Forum. The
China-Japan pharmacists’ international forum (CJPIF) is sponsored by China-      “Because of the funding provided by this grant from the Florida Bar
Japan Medical Science and Technology Exchanges Association, Chinese              Foundation, our law students will be in position to expand upon past
Pharmaceutical Association, Japanese Society of Hospital Pharmacists, with       findings of the need for increased pro bono legal services for children and
the basis of the two countries’ pharmacists and participation of other coun-     families in the underserved areas of Central Florida,” said Dean LeRoy
tries’ pharmacists. Their mission is to promote the international exchange and   Pernell.
cooperation of Chinese and Japanese pharmacists, as well as, other pharma-
                                                                                 The FAMU College of Law was founded in 1949 on the main campus in
cists in the world.
                                                                                 Tallahassee. After graduating 57 lawyers, the law school was closed by
                                                                                 the state of Florida in 1968. The Florida Legislature voted to reopen the
The CJPIF are held annually with a focus on drug policy, drug administration
                                                                                 law school in 2000 and Orlando was selected as the location. The re-
and pharmacist practice. Numerous well-known specialists, officials and
                                                                                 established FAMU College of Law opened its doors in 2002 and is now
pharmacists were invited to discuss health care or drug policy related topics,
                                                                                 housed in a state-of-the-art facility in downtown Orlando’s Parramore
to explore pharmacy international cooperation, and to share their technology
                                                                                 neighborhood. The FAMU College of Law received full accreditation
and experience. CJPIF provided an international exhibition and a platform of
                                                                                 from the American Bar Association in July 2009, and is ranked number
new outcomes and practice skills for pharmacists all over the world to ex-
                                                                                 one in the nation (tied with Texas Southern) for Diversity by U.S. News
change, learn, share and help each other.
                                                                                 and World Report.
Lewis and Xiao visited Peking University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
in Beijing where Xiao attended pharmacy school and met with members of
the faculty where they discussed pharmacy education and pharmacists’
responsibilities in China and the United States.

They made presentations at the CJPIF, which had more than 1,400 attendees
from China, Japan, South Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom,
Australia, Germany, and South Africa. Lewis’ presentation was entitled “Drug
Policy in the United States.” Xaio’s presentation title was “Pharmacy Admin-
istration in the United States.”

Lewis said, “Participation in the 2009 China–Japan Pharmacist International
Forum and the developing collaboration with Peking University for the
research and intellectual exchange is directly related to FAMU’s goal of
becoming a Global University. Reaching out across continents spreads the
FAMU message and positions in to be a major player in international educa-
tion, economic development and partnerships.

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Chicago                                                                                                                                                 Established
State University History                                                                                                      in 1867, Chicago State University
Chicago State University is located in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago State University was                                        has rich history. The university was
founded in 1867 as a teacher training school, became a state college in 1967, and                                             renamed quite a few times and finally
received university status in 1971. The University now awards bachelor’s, master’s,                                           in 1971 has got the university status.
and certificate degrees. It is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges
and Schools. The University has retained its emphasis on teaching and general
                                                                                                                              Chicago State University is also
education in the humanities. It emphasizes its record of academic achievement for                                             known as CSU. Total enrollment of
African-Americans.                                                                                                            this Illinois University is more than
Chicago State University Academics                                                                                            7,000 students and Grammy award-
                                                                                               winner Kanye West; the first female president of Uribe, Jamaica
The University is composed of a number of different schools and colleges: Arts and             Shondra Harris, and Dr. Margaret Burroughs, a noted author are
Sciences, Business, Health Science, the Honors College, Education, the Graduate
                                                                                               among its well known former students.
School, the University College, and Continuing Education.
Bachelor’s degrees are awarded in a number of different disciplines, including art and         CSU offers distance learning and teacher certification programs. At
design, African-American studies, music, mathematics and computer science,                     Chicago State University, the students can enroll in more than 30
accounting, finance, education, health information administration, nursing, and                different undergraduate degree programs, and a number of master
occupational therapy. Minors are also awarded in many of these fields.                         degrees.
Master’s degrees are awarded in various different fields, including counseling, English,
history, criminal justice, Library science, reading, and occupational therapy. The
University awards an MFA in creative writing, an MSW in social work, numerous
master’s degrees in education, and certificates in health information administration,
school counseling, community development, and geographic information systems.
                                                                                           CSU on the Forefront of Developing “Self-
Chicago State University Unique Programs
Chicago State University’s College of Education also offers teacher’s
                                                                                           Healing” Cement for More Durable Hip and
certification courses. The Minority Biomedical Research Program includes                   Knee Replacements
two different programs: Research Initiative for Science Enhancement (RISE)
and Support of Continuous Research Excellence (SCORE). These programs
are designed to expand students’ educations obtained from other disciplines                                                                        People are far more
such as biology and chemistry.                                                                                                                     active than in years
Chicago State University Financial Aid                                                                                                             past so the need for
                                                                                                                                                   hip and knee replace-
In-state tuition and fees for undergraduate students were $6143 in 2004-2005 Students
                                                                                                                                                   ment surgery is
applying from out of state and graduate students will have different costs.
                                                                                                                                                   growing. In addition,
Financial aid is available with a combination of grants, scholarships, loans, and work-
study programs. The University participates in the Illinois Department of Human
                                                                                                                                                   as people live longer,
Service’s TANF/low income degree scholarship program, which is for low-income                                                                      their prosthesis must
undergraduate students with children.                                                                                                              be more durable and
Chicago State University Students                                                                                                                  last longer. To address
                                                                                                                                                   this need, Dr. Leroy
The Chicago State University Library offers electronic catalogs and on-line databases,                                                             Jones II, associate
in additional to physical volumes stored on site. A new library was scheduled to open in
                                                                                           professor of chemistry, and his students are developing self-healing acrylic
the spring of 2005, and includes an automated retrieval system, faculty and staff work
areas, classrooms, and exhibit areas.                                                      bone cement for use in replacement surgery, which could extend the life of
The University radio station, WCSU, broadcasts Cougar home games and provides
                                                                                           hip and knee implants.
other programming in music, fine arts, public affairs, and news. The station is operated
by students and alumni.                                                                    “The bone cement currently used in prosthesis surgery begins to crack after
The campus also has various research centers, including the Center for Urban Mental-       fifteen to twenty years. This loosens the prosthesis requiring revision surgery
health Research, the Minority Biomedical Research Program, the Research                    which is usually more invasive and takes more time for the patient, now
Development office, the Neighborhood Assistance Center, and the Calumet                    older, to recover,” stated Dr. Jones.
Environmental Resource Center.
The CSU campus is home to a variety of student organizations, including a Chess            Their research involves developing a material comprised of liquid sealant and
Club, Chicago Broadcast club, Models Club, Tempo student newspaper, and a number           a catalyst. “What my students and I are trying to do is mimic the human body
of fraternities and sororities.
                                                                                           by creating self-healing acrylic bone cement that, like human bones, can heal
Chicago State University Local Community                                                   itself,” explained Dr. Jones. “That way, if a crack in the cement develops, the
The city of Chicago is a major metropolitan area, giving students access to world-         sealant will fill the space and interact with the catalyst to harden, sealing the
class arts and entertainment, museums, and recreation. Chicago is one of the nation’s      crack.” There research is funded by The National Institute of General
largest cities and a paradise for any urban-minded individual. Professional sports         Medical Sciences, (one of the National Institutes of Health).
teams like the Bulls, Bears, and the tradition-rich Chicago Cubs offer a great
opportunity for entertainment. Chicago also has a vast amount of shopping and
sightseeing opportunities, including the massive Sears Tower. For the food lover,
                                                                                           Seven CSU students have been involved in assisting Dr. Jones with this
Chicago is home to its own versions of hot dogs and pizzas that will provide more than     research and he is incredibly proud of their accomplishments. “Two of my
enough leftovers for any bargain-seeking college student                                   post graduate students who assisted me in research are headed to Medical
Read more: Chicago State University Information, Academics, History,                       school and Graduate school. Another is another third year PhD student at
Financial Aid, Alumni, Campus, Students, Faculty, Address, and Tuition                     Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. And three of my students recently
http://chicago.stateuniversity.com                                                         made very well received presentations at the 2007 American Chemical
                                                                                           Society meeting in Chicago, IL. I’m proud of them all,” said Dr. Jones.

                                                                                                           Black College Monthly
1400 John R. Lynch Street
Jackson, Mississippi 39217
Telephone: 601-979-2121
Toll-free: 800-848-6817
Director of Admissions
Jackson State University
PO Box 17330
Jackson, Mississippi 39217
                                                                                                      Jackson State
Total Enrollment: 6,820
Location: Jackson State University is located in the heart of Jackson, the                             MISSISSIPPI’SURBANUNIVERSITY
capital of Mississippi, with a population of approximately 396,000. The
city features a zoological park, an art museum and gallery, house museums,     Jackson State University — founded in 1877 — is located on 125 scenic acres
historic buildings, and a planetarium                                          five minutes from downtown Jackson, Mississippi. As one of America’s leading
COSTS PER YEAR                                                                 HBCU’s, the university is proud of its many distinctions including being the only
2002-03 Tuition: $3206 (in-state); $7376 (out-of-state)                        university in Mississippi and the only HBCU offering doctorates in both environ-
Room and board: $2428 (room); $1824 (board)                                    mental science and early childhood education; one of only two HBCU’s offering
Special fees: $175                                                             a program in marine science; and the only undergraduate program in profes-
Books: $1000                                                                   sional meteorology in Mississippi, having the first undergraduate program in
Estimated total cost: $8633 (in-state); $12,803 (out-of-state)                 meteorology among the nation’s HBCU’s.
Percentage of students receiving financial aid: 90
                                                                               Jackson State University is located in Jackson, Mississippi, the capital and largest
Financial Aid Specific to the School
· Army ROTC offers two- and four-year scholarships that pay tuition,
                                                                               city of the state. Jackson is the geographic, political, industrial, and cultural
fees, books, and other expenses and provide a monthly stipend.                 center of the state. The metropolitan area consists of a growing population
· Athletic scholarships are available to students participating in intercol-   presently estimated at 425,000.
legiate sports.
· The Charles F. Moore Scholarship is awarded annually to a junior in
the school of business with a B average or better.                             Students Get First-Hand Look
· The Cooperative Education Program alternates or combines class-
room study with related paid work experience.
                                                                               at Storm Damage
General Motors (GM) EEOC provides scholarships for GM employees                Kendrick Walker, a Jackson State University senior
and their spouses and children if the family demonstrates financial need.
Scholarships are based on admission test scores and GPA. If no GM
                                                                               physics major from Newton, Miss., visited the Gulf
employees apply for scholarships then non-GM minorities are eligible.          Coast last September shortly after Hurricane Katrina
· The Hearing and Hess Scholarship provides $5000 each year to a               hit.
student majoring in computer science.
                                                                               When he returned with fellow students on a spring break trip he said he finally
· Junior or community college graduates may be eligible for a limited
number of scholarships. ·                                                      understood just how long and difficult the recovery would be.
National Institute of Health-MARC Honors Program provides eight                Walker said his immediate reaction “was that of disbelief and heart-felt sympathy.”
junior or senior biology or chemistry students with full tuition and a
monthly stipend.                                                               “I came down to help and simply assumed that there would have been more
· Performance scholarships are available for students who excel in areas       progress by now,” Walker said.
such as drama, music, art, computer science, elementary education,
chemistry, and business.                                                       Most students spend their spring break hanging out with friends and unwinding from
· The SCT Grant is provided by Jackson State University to students who        mid-term exams. But thanks to Dr. Valerie Shelby, 45 JSU students completed a
demonstrate financial need.                                                    community service project on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
· The Thurgood Marshall Black Education Fund provides a four-year
scholarship at this public black college.                                      Shelby and the students partnered with the Prince of Peace Baptist Church located
· The Young Scientists Program supports chemistry students with full           in D’Iberville where they performed community service work.
tuition, books, supplies, and summer research jobs at sponsor companies.
                                                                               Shelby said a colleague at the university knew about the church’s needs.
Financial Aid Contact:
Director of Student Financial Aid                                              “We had offers to work up and down the coast, but we wanted to work with a
Jackson State University                                                       smaller community and the church was just fine,” Shelby said. “We generally make
PO Box 17065                                                                   phone calls to different organizations with which we have established relationships to
Jackson, Mississippi 39217                                                     ask if they have any service opportunities available.”
Telephone: 601-979-2227
STUDENT BODY PROFILE                                                           Shelby asked the Rev. Daryl Taylor, pastor of the church, if the students could help.
Total enrollment: 6,820                                                        “We immediately formed a partnership with the church and its congregation, offering
In-state: 5,423                                                                to assist wherever there was a need,” she said. “Our students did all kinds of work at
Full-time undergraduates: 4,809                                                the church.”
Ethnic/racial makeup: African
American, 6,467; Asian, 20;                                                    Klarissa Hardy, a senior chemistry major from Tyler, Tex., said she gave up her
Caucasian, 189; Hispanic, 8; Native                                            spring break “to help those who have been most devastated by Hurricane Katrina.”
American, 5; International, 131
                                                                               “After having seen news reports during and immediately after the hurricane, I
                                                                               wanted to join my fellow students to do all that I could to lend our helping hands in
Jackson State is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association
(NCAA), the Southwestern Athletic Conference Association of Intercolle-
                                                                               service and to provide some relief to the victims of the disaster,” Hardy added.
giate Athletics for Women, and the National Association of Women’s             On their first day at the church the volunteers reorganized many of the donations,
Sports.                                                                        food, money, clothing, the congregation had received during the previous six months.
Intercollegiate Sports: men’s baseball, basketball, football, golf, tennis,    Students performed light construction work, replaced walls and dry wall in homes
and track and field; women’s basketball, track and field, and volleyball.).    and provided residents with hot meals at a Prince of Peace Church-sponsored soup
Web site: http://www.jsums.edu/                                                kitchen.

                                                                                                     Black College Monthly
545 Lane Avenue
Jackson, Tennessee 38301
Telephone: 901-426-7500
Director of Admissions
Lane College
545 Lane Avenue
Jackson, Tennessee 38301
Telephone: 731-426-7532                                                 Initially founded in 1882 as the Colored Methodist Episcopal High School by
Toll-free: 800-960-7533                                                 Bishop Isaac Lane, Lane College is proud to be one of this nation’s oldest
Fax: 732-426-7559                                                       Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and the first four-year institution
E-mail: admissions@lanecollege.edu                                      established by the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church. In 1884, the School
Total Enrollment: 825                                                   was chartered under the laws of the State of Tennessee, and its name changed
Level of Selectivity: Slightly competitive                              to Lane Institute. Later, in 1896, the college department was organized and the
Location: A bus system and passenger rail service provide trans-        name once again changed to Lane College, honoring its founder.
portation to the campus. Public transportation provides easy access
                                                                                                                             Campus Life
to Memphis and Nashville. Lane students enjoy a variety of
entertainment, social, and cultural activities, both on campus and in
                                                                                                                             Located on approximately
the surrounding cities.
                                                                                                                             25 acres in Jackson,
ACCREDITATION                                                                                                                Tennessee—approximately
Lane College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges                                                           79 miles east of Memphis
and Schools                                                                                                                  and 122 miles west of
COSTS PER YEAR                                                                                                               Nashville—the college is
2001–02 Tuition: $5820                                                                                                       now a small, private, co-
Room and board: $4030                                                                                                        educational, church-related
Special fees: $550                                                                                                           institution which provides a
Books: $700                                                                                                                  liberal arts curriculum
Estimated total cost: $11,100                                                                                                leading to baccalaureate
                                                                                                                             degrees in the Arts and
2000–01 FINANCIALAID–INSTITUTIONAL FUNDING                              Sciences. With a male female ratio of 1:1, annual enrollment varies between
Financial Aid Specific to the School                                    650-800 students.
 Endowed scholarships from alumni, private, and public sources         Lane College is a charter member of the College Fund/UNCF, Inc., and has a
number approximately 35, and are available based on varying             legacy of commitment to preparing students to meet the challenges of an ever-
criteria.                                                               changing society.
 The President’s Award is given to the senior student who              Explicit in the philosophy and purpose of the College are the goals that each Lane
shows leadership qualities among his or her peers. The student is       graduate will be able to:
expected to have a strong relationship with the administration and
                                                                        ·   Communicate in a variety of modes
show evidence of mature decision making.
 United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Scholarships are                     ·   Acquire information
awarded to students who demonstrate financial need. Some                ·   Organize, comprehend, and make practical use of a wide variety of materials
scholarships may be based on location and merit. UNCF scholar-
ships range from $500 to $7500. Students should contact the             ·   Apply knowledge in different contexts
Financial Aid Office or UNCF. Telephone: 800-331-2244 (toll-            · Be knowledgeable of scientific principles relating to the health of the indi-
free).                                                                  vidual and the ecological order
Financial Aid Deadline: March 31 (priority); .
Financial Aid Contact:
Financial Aid Office                                                           As determined in U. S. News and World Report, Lane was
Lane College                                                                   ranked number 2 nationally in graduation rates that exceed
545 Lane Avenue                                                                expectations.
Jackson, Tennessee 38301                                                       Most recently in its August 2004 release, The Princeton
Telephone: 731-426-7535 or 7536                                                Review has selected Lane as one of the Best Colleges in the
Fax: 901-426-7652
                                                                               Southeastern Region.
                                                                               Among all colleges and universities in the Southern Inter-
ACT or SAT required.
                                                                               collegiate Athletic Conference, Lane College leads all
                                                                               member schools with a 64% student-athlete graduation
Total enrollment: 825
                                                                               rate, which is also within the top 10% of all NCAA Division
In-state: 745
Other regions: 22 states, 3 interna-                                           II schools.
tional                                                                         Lane College was awarded the USA Today-NCAA Top Ten
Ethnic/racial makeup: African American, 810; International, 15                 Division II Academic Achievement Award in recognition of
Median ACT score: 15                                                           the highest student-athlete graduation rate above the

                                                                                              Black College Monthly
                                           Credit or Debit?                                                            Program Takes
      Money                                Which Card You Should Use, and When                                         Aim at Racism
                                                                                                                       By: Jackie Jones,
                      By LAURA ZACCARO
                      In these challenging economic                                                                    Racism “is as much an issue for white
                      times, many people are using                                                                     America as it is for diverse America,” says
                      their credit cards less and                                                                      Gail Christopher of the Kellogg Foundation.
                      relying more on their debit cards                                                                The W.K. Kellogg Foundation has an-
                      to make purchases.                                                                               nounced a five-year, $75 million initiative to
                                                                                                                       promote racial equity nationwide.
                       “Good Morning America”
                       personal finance contributor                                                                    America Healing aims to improve life out-
Mellody Hobson has long advised people to stay                                                                         comes for vulnerable children and their
away from debt, but during an appearance she                                                                           families by promoting racial healing and
discussed some special circumstances when paying                                                                       eliminating barriers to opportunities.
with a credit card is actually the better option.                                                                      “When you get a broader understanding of
Q: When is it best to use a credit card?                                                                               system issues, you get a turnaround and a
                                                                                                                       change in perception,” Dr. Gail Christopher,
A: It’s best to use a credit card if you’re buying a big-     Credit Cards Offer Protec-
                                                                                                                       vice president of programs for the founda-
ticket item such as a television or other pricey elec-        tion on Large Purchases
                                                                                                                       tion, told reporters in a conference call.
tronics. The credit card purchase gives you a number        continue to use
of protections that a debit card doesn’t, she said. For     that vendor, she noted.                                    The $75 million will be spent over three
example, if you pay with your credit card, you’re free                                                                 years in grants awarded to organizations that
                                                            Q: Do debit cards help build credit history?               address historic burdens, disparities and
to dispute the charge if there’s a problem with the
product you purchased.                                      A: No. Even though your debit card may have a Visa         barriers to opportunities in education, health
                                                            or MasterCard logo on it, it doesn’t affect your credit    and economic issues. The first 119 grantees
This is particularly important if you’re buying some-       history or credit score, Hobson said. If you are           come from 29 states and the District of
thing over the Internet. Under federal law, you can         looking to build credit history, use a credit card and     Columbia and represent all racial and ethnic
dispute the charge and the credit card company will         pay your balance in full and on time, she added.           population groups. Each organization will
pursue the issue with the retailer. You won’t be                                                                       receive grants totaling $14,613,709.
responsible for the charge until the matter is settled,     Q: When should I use a debit card?
and you won’t incur interest.                                                                                          “We are funding all groups because this issue
                                                            A: Debit cards make sense if you struggle to pay bills     is as much an issue for white America as it is
You won’t get that same protection with a debit card,       on time, Hobson said. And thanks to the new card           for diverse America,” Christopher said.
she said. When you use your debit card, not only will       act that prevents banks from enrolling people in
the money be taken out of your account right away,          overdraft protection for their debit cards without their   The genesis of the idea, she said, came from
but in most cases, you will be responsible for getting a    knowledge, you can’t spend over your limit or incur        a discussion by Kellogg’s board of directors
refund.                                                     fees unless you authorize it, she added.                   about four years ago when it “made a
                                                                                                                       commitment to become the most effective
Q: How does ‘blocking’ work?                                Using a debit card will prevent you from racking up        anti-racist organization it could be.”
                                                            interest and late-payment fees, and you can’t hurt
A: Blocking is most commonly practiced at gas               your credit score.                                         Children of color are overrepresented among
stations, hotels and car rental agencies. Because these                                                                the 29 million low-income children and
retailers generally don’t know how much you will            Hobson advised people to use cash for smaller              families in this country, particularly among
ultimately end up spending, they will put a hold on         purchases. People spend 12 to 18 percent more              families living in concentrated poverty.
your credit or debit card for an amount that is higher      when they use cards versus cash, because when they         According to data from the National Center
than the amount you’re quoted when you first hand           use cards they don’t actually see the money changing       for Children in Poverty, about 61 percent of
over the card.                                              hands.                                                     African-American, 62 percent of Latino and
She gave the example reported by Money Magazine,                Here are some extra tips from Mellody Hobson:          26 percent of white children live in low-
which found that for a $900 three-night hotel stay, a                                                                  income families
                                                            •   If you have reserved a hotel on your card, try to
hotel would block $1,200 for five days all without          use that same card to make the final payment. If you       Christopher told reporters racism is also a
your knowledge just in case you end up spending that        use a different card or another payment method to          major health issue.
much. The amount that’s blocked varies widely, and          make that final payment upon checkout, the blocked
it could be a significant sum.                                                                                         Stress and its impact creates a range of health
                                                                  amount may stay on your account longer.              issues for people of color, she said, noting the
Blocking can become a real problem when you pay             • Never opt-in for overdraft protection for your           American Journal of Public Health recently
with your debit card, since it results in money being       debit card.                                                devoted an entire edition to the harmful
frozen in your bank account. You will not be able to                                                                   effects of racism on health.
use that money during the time that it’s blocked.           • Report a lost or stolen debit or credit card right
                                                            away. Make sure to save your debit and credit card         Black women who perceive themselves as
Q: How do you know if your money is being                   receipts and compare them to your monthly state-           victims of discrimination, for example, are
blocked and how much is being blocked?                      ment to ensure there are no erroneous or fraudulent        more likely to give birth prematurely and
A: Your best defense is to ask the vendor if they           charges.                                                   have lower birth-weight babies. Environmen-
block, how much they block and for how long,                                                                           tal racism is linked to the increase in heart
                                                            • If there’s a PIN number associated with your             and respiratory ailments, in children as well
Hobson said. That will help you determine the best          debit card, don’t ever share that number with
payment option and whether you even want to                                                                            as adults.

                                                                                                      Black College Monthly
Your Health: Strokes can be prevented                                                                      Children’s cold, allergy
Don’t have a stroke.
                                                                                                           medicine recalled
It’s excellent advice, given that stroke is the
nation’s third-leading killer and a major cause
of serious, long-term disability in adults. And                                                            A voluntary recall has been issued for more than 40 over-
it’s advice you can act on today, even as                                                                  the-counter drugs for children, including Tylenol and
scientists continue to study the reasons why                                                               Motrin, because they don’t meet quality standards.
nearly 800,000 in the USA have “brain                                                                      This recall is not being undertaken on the basis of adverse
attacks” each year.                                                                                        medical events,” McNeil Consumer Healthcare said in a
Strokes occur when blood flow to part of the                                                               statement Friday. “However, as a precautionary measure,
brain is cut off because of a blocked artery or                                                            parents and caregivers should not administer these prod-
broken blood vessel. They can happen to                                                                    ucts to their children.”
anyone at any age but, for reasons poorly
understood, African Americans and Southern-
ers face greatly elevated risk.
                                                                                                                   Children’s Motrin, Tylenol among
What is known is that “most strokes are
                                                                                                                    drugs being recalled for failing to
preventable,” says Ralph Sacco, a neurologist
at the University of Miami and incoming                                                                             meet quality standards
president of the American Heart Association.                                                                       Recall not based on adverse
                                                     is an important factor” in preventing stroke,
                                                     says the lead author of the walking study,                     health effects, company says
The association is among groups that have
                                                     Jacob Sattelmair, a doctoral candidate in                     Drugs were made in United States,
taken a stand against one likely culprit: high
levels of salt in the U.S. diet. Salt is linked to   epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public                   distributed to other countries
high blood pressure, a major risk factor for         Health, Boston.
stroke. And because most of the salt we eat is       •Find out if you have a health condition
in processed and restaurant foods, an expert         that increases your risk — and, if so, take           FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg gave a similar
panel at the Institute of Medicine has urged         steps to treat it. On the list: high blood            recommendation in a statement Saturday, saying, “we
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to             pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels, diabe-        want to be certain that consumers discontinue using these
force food makers to cut sodium.                     tes, circulation problems, obesity and atrial         products,” though she called the chance for serious health
Whether the FDA will act and whether that            fibrillation (an irregular heartbeat). Another        problems “remote.”
leads to fewer strokes remains to be seen.           common condition, sleep apnea, was strongly
                                                     linked with stroke in a recent study. A follow-       “Some products in the recall may have a higher concentra-
But experts say there’s a lot people can do to                                                             tion of active ingredient than specified while others may
lower stroke risk now:                               up study is examining whether treating apnea
                                                     lowers the risk, says researcher Susan Redline        have inactive ingredients that don’t meet testing require-
•Cut salt by eating fewer processed and              of Case Western Reserve University in                 ments, the company said.
prepared foods. Cook more from scratch.              Cleveland.                                            The company said it issued the recall after consulting with
Enjoy more fresh fruits and vegetables.                                                                    the Food and Drug Administration. The affected brands
                                                     Doctors still don’t know all the reasons some
SALT: Americans’ tastes make it hard to              people are more prone to stroke than others.          include: Tylenol Infants’ Drops, Children’s Tylenol Sus-
dash from diet                                       “It’s amazing what we don’t know,” says               pensions, Children’s Tylenol Plus Suspensions, Motrin
                                                     George Howard, a professor of biostatistics at        Infant Drops, Children’s The drugs were made in the
DIET: High fat raises stroke risk, too
                                                     the University of Alabama at Birmingham .             United States and distributed to Canada, the Dominican
•If you smoke, quit. Smokers may worry                                                                     Republic, Dubai, Fiji, Guam, Guatemala, Jamaica, Puerto
more about lung cancer, but smoking dam-             At a recent scientific meeting, his colleague         Rico, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago and Kuwait.
ages blood vessels and is a major risk factor        (and wife) Virginia Howard presented data
                                                     that provide some of the strongest evidence           “There are a number of other products on the market,
for stroke.
                                                     yet that blacks and Southerners are at high           including generic versions of the recalled products, which
•If you drink alcohol, drink moderately              risk. The study of 26,500 people found that           are intended for use in infants and children and are not
— and don’t smoke. Studies suggest a daily           blacks ages 45 to 54 have 21/2 times the              affected by the recall,” the FDA said Saturday in issuing
drink (for women) or two (for men) may               stroke risk of whites that age and that resi-         guidance to parents.
lower stroke risk, but heavy drinking may            dents of eight Southeastern states have a             More details are available by calling 1-888-222-6036
raise it. And smoking may wipe out any               stroke rate at least 12% above the national
alcohol benefit, according to a preliminary          average.
study presented recently at a meeting of the
American Academy of Neurology.                       The differences are mostly unexplained by
                                                     known risk factors, George Howard says.
•Take a brisk walk. Women who walked                 Other culprits, he says, might include commu-
more than two hours a week or took their             nity-wide factors such as poor access to fresh
walks at a brisk 3-mph pace were signifi-            foods and good health care; the effects of
cantly less likely to have strokes than non-         poverty and racism; and differences in the
walkers or slow walkers, researchers reported        severity and duration of underlying health
recently in the journal Stroke. Other studies        conditions.
have found men who exercise have fewer
strokes, too. It’s clear that “physical activity

                                                                                                       Black College Monthly
        Barrier-breaking jazz star Lena Horne dies at 92
NEW YORK (AP) — Lena Horne, the enchanting            While at MGM, she starred in the all-black “Cabin
jazz singer and actress known for her plaintive       in the Sky,” in 1943, but in most of her other
signature song “Stormy Weather” and for her           movies, she appeared only in musical numbers
triumph over the bigotry that allowed her to          that could be cut in the racially insensitive South
entertain white audiences but not socialize with      without affecting the story. These included the
them, has died. She was 92.                           Red Skelton comedy “I Dood It,” “Thousands
Horne died Sunday at NewYork-Presbyterian             Cheer” and “Swing Fever,” all in 1943; “Broad-
Hospital, according to hospital spokeswoman           way Rhythm” in 1944; and “Ziegfeld Follies” in
Gloria Chin. Chin would not release any other         1946.
details.                                              One of the most glaring exclusions, though, was
Horne, whose striking beauty and magnetic sex         the MGM remake of “Show Boat.” Horne, who
appeal often overshadowed her talent and artistry,    had appeared in the role of Julie in a “Show Boat”
was remarkably candid about the underlying            scene in a 1946 movie about Jerome Kern,
reason for her success: “I was unique in that I was   seemed a logical choice for the 1951 movie, but
a kind of black that white people could accept,”      the part went to a white actress, Ava Gardner, who
she once said. “I was their daydream. I had the       did not sing.
worst kind of acceptance because it was never for     “Metro’s cowardice deprived the musical of one of
how great I was or what I contributed. It was         the great singing actresses,” film historian John
because of the way I looked.”                         Kobal wrote.
In the 1940s, Horne was one of the first black                                                               lined a show at the Little Troc nightclub with the
                                                      Early in her career, Horne cultivated an aloof style   Katherine Dunham dancers in 1942.
performers hired to sing with a major white band,     out of self-preservation, becoming “a woman the
the first to play the Copacabana nightclub in New     audience can’t reach and therefore can’t hurt,” she    Her success led some blacks to accuse Horne of
York City and when she signed with MGM, she                                                                  trying to “pass” in a white world with her light
was among a handful of black actors to have a                                                                complexion. Max Factor even developed an
contract with a major Hollywood studio.                                                                      “Egyptian” makeup shade especially for the
                                                         “I wouldn’t trade my life for any-                  budding actress while she was at MGM. But she
In 1943, MGM Studios loaned her to 20th Cen-             thing,” she said, “because being
tury-Fox to play the role of Selina Rogers in the                                                            refused to go along with the studio’s efforts to
all-black movie musical “Stormy Weather.” Her
                                                         black made me understand.”                          portray her as an exotic Latin American.
rendition of the title song became a major hit and                                                           “I don’t have to be an imitation of a white
her most famous tune.                                                                                        woman that Hollywood sort of hoped I’d be-
                                                      once said.                                             come,” Horne once said. “I’m me, and I’m like
On screen, on recordings and in nightclubs and
concert halls, Horne was at home vocally with a       Later, she embraced activism, breaking loose as a      nobody else.”
wide musical range, from blues and jazz to the        voice for civil rights and as an artist. In the last   Horne was only 2 when her grandmother, a
sophistication of                                     decades of her life, she rode a new wave of            prominent member of the Urban League and the
Rodgers and Hart                                                   popularity as a revered icon of Ameri-    National Association for the Advancement of
in such songs as                                                   can popular music.                        Colored People, enrolled her in the NAACP. But
“The Lady Is a                                                     Her 1981 one-woman Broadway               she avoided activism until 1945 when she was
Tramp” and                                                         show, “Lena Horne: The Lady and           entertaining at an Army base and saw German
“Bewitched,                                                        Her Music,” won a special Tony            prisoners of war sitting up front while black
Bothered and                                                       Award. In it, the 64-year-old singer      American soldiers were consigned to the rear.
Bewildered.” In                                                    used two renditions - one straight and
1942’s “Panama                                                                                               That pivotal moment channeled her anger into
                                                                   the other gut-wrenching - of “Stormy      something useful.
Hattie,” her first                                                 Weather” to give audiences a glimpse
movie with                                                         of the spiritual odyssey of her five-     She got involved in various social and political
MGM, she sang                                                      decade career.                            organizations and - along with her friendship with
Cole Porter’s                                                                                                singer-actor-activist Paul Robeson - got her name
“Just One of                                                      Lena Mary Calhoun Horne was born           onto blacklists during the red-hunting McCarthy
Those Things,”                                                    in Brooklyn on June 30, 1917, to a         era.
winning critical                                                  leading family in black society. Her
acclaim.                                                          daughter, Gail Lumet Buckley, wrote        By the 1960s, Horne was one of the most visible
                                                      in her 1986 book “The Hornes: An American              celebrities in the civil rights movement, once
In her first big Broadway success, as the star of     Family” that among their relatives was Frank           throwing a lamp at a customer who made a racial
“Jamaica” in 1957, reviewer Richard Watts Jr.         Horne, an adviser to President Franklin D.             slur in a Beverly Hills restaurant and, in 1963,
called her “one of the incomparable performers of     Roosevelt.                                             joining 250,000 others in the March on Washing-
our time.” Songwriter Buddy de Sylva dubbed her                                                              ton for Jobs and Freedom when Martin Luther
“the best female singer of songs.”                    She was largely raised by her grandparents as her      King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech.
                                                      mother, Edna Horne, pursued a career in show           Horne also spoke at a rally that year with another
But Horne was perpetually frustrated with the         business. Lena Horne dropped out of high school
public humiliation of racism.                                                                                civil rights leader, Medgar Evers, just days before
                                                      at age 16 and joined the chorus line at the Cotton     his assassination.
“I was always battling the system to try to get to    Club, the fabled Harlem night spot where the
be with my people. Finally, I wouldn’t work for       entertainers were black and the clientele white.       In the 2009 biography “Stormy Weather,” author
places that kept us out. ... It was a damn fight      She left the club in 1935 to tour with Noble           James Gavin recounts that when Horne was
everywhere I was, every place I worked, in New        Sissle’s orchestra, billed as Helena Horne             asked by a lover why she had married a white
York, in Hollywood, all over the world,”                                                                     man, she replied: “To get even with him.”
                                                      A movie offer from MGM came when she head-

                                                                                                 Black College Monthly
Apollo Brings Walk Of Fame To 125th Stree                                                                 Police May Have Coerced
                                                                                                          Boys to Confess to Gang
                                                                                                          Rape of 7-Year-Old

                                                                                                          By Boyce Watkins,

                                                                                                          Two people familiar with the police interroga-
                                                                                                          tions of the two young boys accused of gang
                                                                                                          rape of a 7-year-old girl have stated that
                                                                                                          police may have coerced the boys in to a
                                                                                                          Two men, 20-year-old Gregory Leary
                                                                                                          (pictured below left) and 19-year-old Timear
                                                                                                          Lewis (pictured below right), along with three
                                                                                                          other boys, aged 13, 14 and 17, have been
                                                                                                          charged with gang-raping a girl at a party that
                                                                                                          happened on March 28. The girl’s sister was
                                                                                                          charged with promoting prostitution, since it
                                                                                                          is alleged that she sold her little sister to the
                                                                                                          men who raped her.

 The Apollo Theater unveiled their Apollo Legends Walk of Fame, featuring plaques honoring                Kevin Main, the attorney representing the
                                                                                                          17-year-old, has reviewed police interroga-
Quincy Jones, Patti Labelle, Smokey Robinson, James Brown, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Little
                                                                                                          tions and is arguing that words may have
Richard, and Ella Fitzgerald. While you might be wondering where MJ’s plaque is, it’s coming              been put in to the mouths of the men being
next month, along with Aretha Franklin’s. So the 125th Street Walk of Fame will continue to               accused of rape.
grow, honoring performers with ties to the venue, which is currently celebrating its 75th anni-
versary. President of the Apollo, Jonelle Procope, explained the decision to create the Walk of           ”Whatever they are agreeing to, it is with the
Fame, saying, “Since 1934, we’ve been an epicenter for African-American culture, and we                   expectation that they go home when they are
                                                                                                          done,” Main said.
launched careers of practically all the legendary performers. The walk of fame, the idea of
publicly paying tribute to the Apollo’s legends, made absolute sense.”                                    Last week, the little girl’s stepfather said that
                                                                                                          Lewis, Leary and the 17-year-old were trying
                                                                                                          to help the girl and were not involved in the
                                                                                                          rape. The youngest boys were shown pictures
                                                                                                          and asked to sign the ones that showed
         Will Smith Officially Back For ‘Men in Black 3’                                                  people who were at the party.
                                                                                                          ”It’s clear which [ones] police want them to
                                                                                                          sign and which ones they don’t want them to
         Columbia Pictures has set a May 25, 2012 release                                                 sign,” Main said. “At no time did they
         date for a third ‘Men in Black’ film with superstar                                              mention my client’s name. When officers
         Will Smith confirmed to reprise his role as James                                                brought up my client’s name, they got an ‘uh-
         Darrell Edwards III/Agent J.                                                                     huh’ out of one of the kids.”
         Nikke Finke’s Deadline reports that the film will be                                             Main also argued that the police played the
         shot in 3D and that director Barry Sonnenfeld is                                                 boys against one another during the inter-
         back on board. Deals are now being negotiated                                                    views, stating that each one said he saw the
         with Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin.                                                            other one engaged in sex with the child. The
         Also returning on the creative side are producers                                                official sharing information with the Associ-
         Walter Parkes and Laurie MacDonald, and Steven                                                   ated Press spoke on condition of anonymity
         Spielberg will be executive producer.                                                            for fear of retaliation from police. The official
                                                                                                          also stated that the 13-year-old cried for
         The site states that the film will use a time travel                                             much of the interview and repeatedly asked
         element that moves the action from contemporary                                                  for his mother.
         back to 1969. Brolin will play the younger version
         of Jones’s Agent Kay character. The franchise,                                                   After a great deal of questioning, both boys
         based on the comic book by Lowell Cunningham,                                                    admitted that they had sex with the girl;
         grossed $589 million worldwide for the original                                                  however, they also stated that they felt
         1997 film, and the 2002 sequel did $442 million in global ticket sales.                          pressured to make up a story and implicate
                                                                                                          others at the party, according to Main and the
         Smith’s last film, 2008’s ‘Seven Pounds,’ grossed a dismal ‘$69 million dollars but              official.
         made $168 million globally.
                                                                                                          ”I should just make up a story to get it over
         Currently, he’s been producing films and TV projects, such as his son Jaden Smith’s              with,” the official recalls the 13-year-old boy
         upcoming remake of ‘The Karate Kid,’ and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s TV show,                  saying

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NCAA Signs $11 Billion Contract:
                                                                                                                 QB Quentin Williams has
Should Players Get Something, Too?                                                                               big arm, wins games, yet has
By Boyce Watkins, PhD
                                                                                                                 just 4 offers
                                                                                                                 Quentin Williams, an upcoming senior, was the 3A
                                                                                                                 Florida state high school player of the year in
                                                                                                                 2009, recording 35 touchdown passes and 3,495
The league also has a $55 million                                                                                passing yards, completed 64 percent of his passes
three-year contract with ESPN for                                                                                and had just 10 interceptions in 304 pass attempts
the women’s basketball tournament                                                                                in an 11-2 season. Williams says he WANTS TO
and 21 other NCAA champion-                                                                                      ATTEND an HBCU. “I’m 6-foot even. It is what
ships. Beyond that, it is also                                                                                   it is,” said Williams, who is not at all interested in
attempting to sell the rights to 60                                                                              playing anything other than QB at the next level.”
other national national champion-
ships. To make a long story short,                                                                               He has scholarship offers for Towson State,
the NCAA is making money, hand                                                                                   Central Florida, Florida International and Purdue.
over fist, and it’s all because it has                                                                           At the Orlando EA Sports Elite 11 QB Camp
the biggest, baddest, most entertain-                                                                            earlier this spring, Tampa Jefferson quarterback
ing product that “hoods” across                                                                                  Quentin Williams was zipping balls all over the
America can produce.                                                                                             field, drilling them into the hands of would-be
                                                        coaches filed a class-action lawsuit to fight the fact
                                                        that their salaries had been unfairly capped at          receivers, most of whom dropped the ball out of
As a finance scholar and businessman, when I                                                                     sheer shock at the velocity. He was drawing oohs
                                                        $12,000 per year. The NCAA used a similar
hear that someone is working to “sell” something                                                                 and aahs and players and coaches were asking,
                                                        argument to illegally constrain their pay, stating
and get money in return, I think about free                                                                      “Who’s that?” Indeed.
                                                        that the work of assistant coaches was part of a
enterprise and capitalism. I think about the fact
                                                        broader academic mission and that free tuition and       Fast forward to the April Steve Clarkson
that someone (that someone being the NCAA) is
                                                        other perks should be suitable for the work they         Dreammakers QB Challenge at the Citrus Bowl,
working overtime to ensure that they get fair
                                                        were doing. You see, the NCAA has long been              and yet again he opened some eyes. During one
market value for the product they are offering to
                                                        able to hide behind a questionable academic              drill, a receiver complained that the QBs weren’t
the world. These ideas of free enterprise also
                                                        mission in order to justify economic exploitation.       throwing the ball hard enough. Somebody hollered
translate to college basketball coaches, many of
                                                        The coaches won the lawsuit, and now assistant           over at Will-
whom earn as much as $4 million per year, with
                                                        coaches are earning several hundred thousand             iams, “Hey Q,
salaries on par with NBA coaches. In fact, the
                                                        dollars per year. Athletes may want to consider          did you hear
NCAA earns more money during its post-season
                                                        following suit (pun intended), and the black             that? They said
tournament than the NFL, NBA and Major
                                                        community may want to engage in action to fight          you guys aren’t
League Baseball. These are all the symptoms of a
                                                        this massive wealth extraction that comes out of         throwing hard
professional sports league, and some argue that
                                                        our families every year. Each year that the NCAA         enough.”
college athletes should be paid for their work.
                                                        fails to compensate players and their families, the      Williams just
                                                        black community sees several $100 million in lost        grinned.
What I find most amazing is that for some reason,
                                                        income. This is not something that can be afforded
no matter how high the money gets, we are                                                                        On his next rep,
                                                        by a group of people that already has a family
convinced that athletes and their families should                                                                he effortlessly
                                                        wealth level that is one-tenth that of whites, and
not get their share. We somehow feel that a                                                                      fired a 20-yard
                                                        unemployment that is nearly double that of white
scholarship is worth the trade of millions of dollars                                                            out at a
                                                        Americans. Yes, the issue is a racial one, because
in human capital that is being sold in the free                                                                  receiver’s chest.
                                                        many of the super-stud athletes we watch on
market without the athlete being able to take part                                                               It was almost as if the receiver’s hands were there
                                                        Saturday mornings are African American, and
in that sale. We sell the images of athletes on                                                                  for protection, not for catching. The ball sent the
                                                        many of them come from poor families.
videogames, billboards, jerseys and television                                                                   receiver back a few steps and more people were
commercials, yet in some cases, the athlete’s mom                                                                asking, “Who was that?” THAT is the 3A Florida
                                                        Perhaps it’s time to reconsider the college sports
is sitting at home in a housing project. Let’s be                                                                state high school player of the year from last year.
                                                        model and aim for something better. At the very
clear, and you are getting this from a man who has                                                               THAT is a player everyone should know by now,
                                                        least, we need to start finding independent over-
written books about the importance of a college                                                                  but it seems no one does. Williams put up gaudy
                                                        sight options that will ensure that athletes are being
education: A college degree is not of equal value                                                                stats and led the Dragons to the state semifinals
                                                        properly educated. During my last 17 years
to what the typical Division-I NCAA player is                                                                    before losing to eventual state champion Pensacola
                                                        teaching on campuses with big-time athletics
giving up to his bosses. To give you simple                                                                      in 2009.
                                                        programs, I’ve found that the academic oversight
math, if you were to take the $771 million per
                                                        for athletes can be questionable, with faculty           Tampa Jefferson High School 6-0/185 star quar-
year that the NCAA earns off March Madness,
                                                        members even playing a role in keeping athletes          terback Quentin Williams states, “I’m open right
each player would earn an average of nearly a
                                                        from getting the education their parents believe         now and I would actually like to experience a
$1 million for the NCAA tournament alone. I
                                                        they are getting. Without saying any names, I can        black college,” Williams said, but when asked if he
think that $25,000 in free tuition isn’t quite a fair
                                                        recall witnessing an egregious ethical violation         was thinking MEAC or a similar level of univer-
deal for someone who brings millions to the
                                                        being overlooked by faculty to ensure that the           sity, he said, “Right now I really don’t care what it
pockets of money-hungry coaches and administra-
                                                        athlete would be able to stay on the court for a big     is. I just want to go to school and get a good
                                                        game. To this day, I am firmly convinced that this       education.”
                                                        former athlete still reads on a third-grade level.
The athletes may want to consider legal action to
remedy this problem. In the mid-1990s, assistant

                                                                                                    Black College Monthly
Gilbert Arenas exits halfway house                                                                            Jesse Jackson calls on
in gun case                                                                                                   Selig to pull All-Star
                                                                                                              Game out of Arizona
GREAT FALLS, Va. — Gilbert Arenas                                                                             The Rev. Jesse Jackson sent a letter Monday to
arrived home from a halfway house Friday                                                                      Commissioner Bud Selig to take a stand against
morning, having completed one part of his                                                                     the new immigration law in Arizona by pulling
punishment for bringing guns into the Wash-                                                                   the 2011 All-Star Game out of the state.
ington Wizards locker room.                                                                                   This is the letter sent today to Selig:
Arenas drove up to his house in the Virginia                                                                  Dear Bud,
suburbs of Washington in a tan Mercedes
SUV at about 8:30 a.m.                                                                                        The Rainbow PUSH Coalition appeals to
                                                                                                               Major League Baseball to take a public
He tried several times to punch the combina-                                                                   stand against the recently passed Arizona
tion on the keypad to enter his gated driveway. After several failed attempts, he muttered “Alrighty,” got     immigration law. We also urge you to move
out of his car and yelled toward the house for help. A woman inside the house yelled out the code.             the scheduled 2011 all-star game from
Arenas punched it in and drove into his driveway.                                                              Diamondback Stadium in Arizona unless
Arenas was asked several times for comment about his stay at the halfway house. Each time he                   this law is repealed.
shrugged and indicated he had nothing to say.                                                                 America’s democracy is based on the values
A few minutes later, he re-emerged in a long-sleeve black T-shirt with a hood pulled low over his              of freedom and equality—a level playing
forehead. He hopped into a white Range Rover and drove off.                                                    field for all of its people. The passage of
                                                                                                               the Arizona immigration law is an affront to
Arenas pleaded guilty to felony gun possession in the District of Columbia in January and was sentenced        these principles, representing the most
in March to a month in the halfway house. His sentence also includes two years of probation, a $5,000          divisive and polarizing approach to immi-
fine and 400 hours of community service that can’t be performed at basketball clinics.                         gration reform. It is morally reprehensible
His sentence started April 9 with two days in jail before he was moved to the halfway house in the             and will be challenged as unconstitutional
Maryland suburbs of Washington. He was allowed to leave the facility during the day. A fan tweeted             in the courts. This law – and the social
about seeing him at a local grocery store and posted a picture of him posing near the bottled tea.             “movement” that has inspired it – will have
                                                                                                               a negative impact on all of America’s
Arenas’ sentence called for 30 days at the facility, but he was released slightly early because the Federal    people.
Bureau of Prisons doesn’t release offenders from halfway houses on weekends.
                                                                                                              Major League Baseball is truly an interna-
The 28-year-old point guard is now free to resume his basketball career. His NBA suspension expired at         tional sport. Well over 25% of MLB
the end of the season, and he has four years remaining on a six-year, $111 million contract he signed          players are of Latino descent, and players,
with the Wizards in the summer of 2008.                                                                        coaches, managers, and staff come from
The Wizards could have attempted to trade Arenas or void the remainder of his contract, but president          many countries other than the United
Ernie Grunfeld has said definitively that the team’s marquee player will be welcome back next season.          States. From Jackie Robinson’s break-
It’s possible that approach will change after Ted Leonsis completes his purchase of the team in the            through moment in 1947 to today, they
coming weeks, but the size of the contract would make a trade difficult, and the players’ union would          make major league baseball one of the
vigorously fight any attempt to void it.                                                                       world’s most popular sports. They come
                                                                                                               here legally, documented, with the single
                                                                                                               goal of showcasing their skills and contrib-
   Fired B-CU coach sues university                                                                            uting to the growth and success of Major
                                                                                                               League Baseball. They should not be
   DAYTONA BEACH, FL — Alvin Wyatt, the winningest                                                             subjected to humiliating and illegal harass-
   football coach in Bethune-Cookman University’s history,                                                     ment.
   has sued the school, claiming breach of contract for firing                                                The Arizona law will have a devastating
   him in November after a 5-6 season. Neither Wyatt nor                                                       impact on the integrity and public image of
   his attorney could be reached for comment Thursday, but                                                     Major League Baseball. Imagine if players
   the lawsuit filed in circuit court Wednesday claims the 62-                                                 or their families are stopped and interro-
   year-old coach was “wrongfully terminated” without                                                          gated by law enforcement – not just during
   cause and without written notice, as required in his                                                        all-star week, but during any games –
   contract with BCU.                                                                                          spring training (where half of the teams
   Wyatt seeks more than $800,000, including five years of                                                     locate in Arizona) and regular season –
   his base salary of $90,000, five years of television                                                        played in Arizona. That would truly be a
   appearance income at $35,000 per year and five years of                                                     dark day for Major League Baseball. We
   “additional guaranteed income” that totaled $40,000 in                                                      urge MLB to take all necessary measures
   2009. The suit also opens the door for a possible age-                                                      to protect the rights and interests of your
   discrimination action in federal court after the Equal                                                      players, coaches, staff and their families.
   Employment Opportunity Commission completes its                  Former BCC Coach Alvin Wyatt              Sincerely,Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.
   review of the case. Former Rutgers assistant coach Brian                                                   President and Founder/Rainbow PUSH Coali-
   Jenkins, 39, was hired to replace Wyatt in December.                                                       tion

                                                                                                    Black College Monthly
         Is this the last straw for Lawrence Taylor?
By John Mitchell                                                                                                            Ultimately Taylor lost hundreds of
Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence                                                                                            thousands of dollars in the deal.
Taylor is arguably the greatest                                                                                             In May of 1998 Taylor’s money
football player ever. Unfortunately,                                                                                        woes became clearer. That is when
he is also one of the most troubled.                                                                                        he was arrested for failure to pay
Taylor was arrested and charged with                                                                                        child support. He was released
third degree rape after allegedly                                                                                           shortly, paying the $4,429 in back
assaulting a 16-year-old girl in a New                                                                                      child support.
York Holiday Inn. Taylor, 51, was                                                                                           In addition to paying $12,000 a year
taken into custody in Ramapo, NJ.                                                                                           for the care of a daughter, Taylor
The alleged victim in this current                                                                                          paid $50,000 a year to his former
case is reportedly a runaway who                                                                                            wife and their three children, and
says a “pimp” (later identified as                                                                                          another $12,000 a year for a fifth
Rasheed Davis, a 36-year-old                                                                                                child.
parolee) beat her and forced her into                                                                                       Taylor was unable to maintain these
a a hotel room, where a “old, husky,                                                                                        payments on his diminished salary
bald man with a goatee”—which is                                                                                            and eventually the situation wors-
believed to be Lawrence Taylor—                     Pro Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor leaves the
                                                    Ramapo Police Department where he was arraigned on                      ened. “His current financial situation
raped her. He then is said to have                                                                                          has deteriorated substantially since
paid the victim $300.                               charges of third-degree rape and patronizing a prostitute
                                                                                                                            his days as a football player,” said his
                                                    at a nearby hotel in Suffern, N.Y
At the time of his arrest it was                                                                                            lawyer, Michael T. Melani, years
unclear if Taylor knew the girl was                                                                                         ago. Shortly thereafter Taylor, who
underage but Ramapo Chief of              college, going to frat houses and           ties and Exchange Commission later    did make a brief comeback as an
Police Peter Brower was quoted as         destroying everything.” When asked          found out that two traders had        analyst, filed for bankruptcy to
saying, “Ignorance is not an excuse       about his NFL draft day memories            manipulated the price of the stock,   prevent foreclosure on his mansion in
to an individual’s age.”                  and he conceded he’d drank 41               which skyrocketed despite the         Upper Saddle River, NJ.
                                          Coors Lights that day.                      company losing almost $1 million.
From 1981 until he retired in 1994,
Taylor, who spent his entire career       Taylor admitted to alcohol used and
with the New York Giants, was the         in just his second season he admitted
embodiment of the ultimate player.        to drug use. Following the 1985
He is the only three-time recipient of    season legendary sportscaster
the NFL Defensive Player of the           Howard Cosell broke the story that
Year, and he and Alan Page - the first    Taylor was addicted to cocaine and
African-American sworn in as a            that the outside linebacker had spent
Minnesota Supreme Court Judge -           time in a rehabilitation center.
are the only players in history to be     He was suspended several times in
named both Defensive Player of the        his career and after his career ended
Year and MVP. Over a 13-year              the turmoil increased.
career, Taylor collected 132 ½ sacks,
and was a unanimous selection to the      In May of 1996 Taylor was arrested
NFL’s All-1980’s Team, and he was         at a celebrity golf tournament in
selected for the NFL’s 75th Anniver-      Myrtle Beach, SC for trying to buy
sary Team.                                $100 worth of crack cocaine from an
                                          undercover from an undercover
But there were signs in Taylor’s life -   police officer. He received 60 hours
at the peak of his stardom - that         of community service, checked into a
behind the rugged demeanor of the         rehab center and was forced to
two-time Super Bowl Champion              undergo random drug tests.
resided demons that have felled
lesser men.                               He also received three summonses             South Carolina State University Bulldogs Coach Emeritus Willie
                                          for traffic violations, pleaded guilty to    Jeffries will be inducted into College Football Hall of Fame. Coach
Visit msnbc.com for breaking news,        filing false income tax returns, and at      Jeffries had a career record of 179-132-6 and was the first black coach
world news, and news about the            one point he was questioned by a             of a Division I school, Wichita State in 1979
economy                                   state-grand jury about his alleged ties
                                          to organized crime.                          “This is an honor for me, my former players, South Carolina State
Even before he was drafted by the
                                                                                       and all the schools I’ve coached,” he said. “This is about the top one a
Giants Taylor had already exhibited       A company he started, All Pro                coach can receive.” Jeffries won the most games in Mid-Eastern
signs of an out-of-control lifestyle,     Products, Inc, went public at $5 a           Athletic Conference history, captured three historically black college
admitting to the New York Times that      share and tripled in value after just        national titles and was the first African-American head coach at an
while at the University of North          three months. However, the Securi-           FBS school when Wichita State hired him in 1979. Jeffries, the only
Carolina he “was a hoodlum in
                                                                                       person to coach against both Bear Bryant and Eddie Robinson,

                                                                                                     Black College Monthly
     Five ways Jamarcus Russell can salvage his NFL career
From day one, Jamarcus Russell’s
career has gone horribly wrong.                                                                                            Young took over and led the Titans to
                                                                                                                           an 8-2 record. Young sat for nearly a
The Oakland Raiders’ much-maligned                                                                                         season and a half; and I think it made
quarterback entered the NFL as a                                                                                           him better. It humbled him, and made
heralded prospect from LSU, with                                                                                           him treasure the position he was in.
great size and a cannon for an arm.                                                                                        There were reports that he was studying
When he was selected No. 1 overall                                                                                         more film and showing dedication to his
in the 2007 draft, he was going to be                                                                                      teammates. He made the Pro Bowl
the face of the franchise.                                                                                                 again in 2010 and it looks like Young is
But he sat out all of training camp,                                                                                       on track to become an elite player.
the preseason, and the first week of                                                                                       Russell needs to take a page from
the regular season due to a contract                                                                                       Young’s book and sit.
dispute. He eventually signed a six-
year, $61 million dollar contact, but                                                                                      5) Leave Oakland
his first season was essentially lost                                                                                      Getting cut by Oakland might be the
since he missed so much time.                                                                                              best thing that can happen to Russell.
He became a starter in 2008 and has                                                                                        Sometimes players need a fresh start,
struggled mightily ever since. He’s                                                                                        and at this point he’s never going to be
been accused of being lazy, selfish                                                                                        able to succeed in that city.
and not willing to do what is neces-                                                                                       His relationship with Oakland is beyond
sary to be an NFL quarterback. There have been         importantly, his teammates, that he’s committed to
                                                                                                                repair. He needs to get to an organization that can
reports that this offseason, he’s ballooned to 300     becoming a great quarterback.
                                                                                                                bring him along slowly, let him lick his wounds,
pounds.                                                3) Become More Accessible                                and start preparing himself for the second phase of
Breaking sports news video. MLB, NFL, NBA,                                                                      his career. If the new team already has an estab-
                                                       We’ve heard plenty from writers, coaches and
NHL highlights and more.                                                                                        lished quarterback in place, even better.
                                                       fans about Russell. Have we ever heard anything
Now there are rumors that the Raiders may cut          from him? He hasn’t been particularly open with          Russell’s career is currently on life-support, and
him, putting his career at a crossroads. At this       the media since he got in the league.                    realistically, it’s a longshot for him to make it in
stage of his career, Russell needs to look in the                                                               the NFL. But he’ll have a chance if he makes
                                                       That has to change. He needs to start speaking
mirror and decide if he really wants to be an NFL                                                               some fundamental changes.
                                                       more to the media and talk about everything that
player. He’s headed for “Biggest Bust in NFL           has happened to him. Show that he’s human just           Time will tell whether he’s willing to make them.
History” territory, if he hasn’t reached it already.   like everyone else. Then speak about how he has
His name is brought up in the same sentences with      re-dedicated himself to the game and he’s going to
guys like Ryan Leaf and Tim Couch.                     do everything he can to help his team.
He needs some advice. Here are five things             We’ve heard from all of Russell’s detractors. It’s
Russell must do if he hopes to salvage his career:
                                                                                                                    US relay team appeals to
                                                       up to him to defend himself.
1) Get a Mentor
                                                                                                                    CAS in Marion Jones case
                                                       4) Sit the Bench
Russell needs someone to help guide him in the         Russell has proven he’s not good enough to be an             LAUSANNE, Switzerland — Seven
right direction. He’s playing for the most dysfunc-    NFL starter. At this point in his career, it’s best he       U.S. sprinters have brought an appeal
tional organization in football (maybe in all of       takes a seat and watch for a while. With Jason               to the sports world’s highest court
sports). Before training camp last season, he lost     Campbell being brought in, it’s clear Russell won’t          seeking to regain the Olympic relay
his uncle and father-figure Ray Ray Russell. He        start this season. While sitting the bench, he needs         medals stripped from them because of
desperately needs a new role model to lean on.         to learn from Campbell, and dedicate himself to              doping by Marion Jones.
Someone like a Tony Dungy may be just the              becoming a student of the game.
                                                                                                                    The Court of Arbitration for Sport heard
person needed to help resurrect Russell’s career.      We’ve seen this happen before. Vince Young, a                lawyers for the women on Monday
We’ve already seen what Dungy can do with              No. 3 overall pick by the Tennessee Titans in                challenge the International Olympic
Michael Vick and he still commands respect in          2006, started most of his rookie season, showed              Committee’s decision to strip the U.S.
NFL circles. Dungy needs to work his magic again       flashes of greatness, won The Offensive Rookie of            relay medals from the 2000 Sydney
with Russell.                                          the Year award, and was a Pro Bowler. In 2007,               Games. The move came after Jones
2) Dedicate Himself to Film Study                      he led them to the playoffs.                                 admitted using performance-enhancing
                                                                                                                    drugs at the time.
There have been plenty of reports saying Russell       Even with his performance, there were still
                                                                                                                    The U.S. won gold in the 4x400 relay and
does not prepare well enough to be a successful        questions about whether he was actually getting
                                                                                                                    bronze in the 4x100 relay.
quarterback. If that’s true, it needs to change        better as a quarterback. He got injured in 2008,
                                                                                                                    Jones’ teammates say they should not be
immediately.                                           and Kerry Collins took over for the rest of the
                                                                                                                    punished for her cheating.
                                                       season. Like Russell, Young had some off-the-field
Russell needs to be the first player at practice in                                                                 A ruling on the appeal is not expected for
                                                       problems. That year there were reports that Young
the morning and last to leave. He should be                                                                         several weeks.
                                                       was suicidal and he briefly disappeared.
sleeping at McAfee Coliseum. He needs to show
Raiders’ ownership, the coaching staff, and most       Last year Collins started, and after an 0-6 start,

                                                                                                    Black College Monthly
                                                                                                               WILDCATS GO 18-0 FOR
   The NFL “After Draft:” Free Agent Signings                                                                  FIRST TIME-EVER IN
                                                                                                               MEAC REGULAR SEASON
Cardinals sign SU’s Stewart
                                                                                                               DOVER, DELAWARE - B-CU beat Delaware
Passed over during the NFL draft,
                                                                                                               State University Sunday, with a come-from
Southern wide receiver Juamorris
                                                                                                               behind 13-9 win scoring five runs in the top of the
Stewart doesn’t have to wonder if                                                                              ninth to beat the Hornets on the road. It completes
he’d have a shot at the pros.
                                                                                                               the first-ever 18-0 regular season MEAC season
Saturday night, Stewart said he has
                                                                                                               for the Wildcats as they will have the #1 seed at
agreed to sign a free-agent deal                                                                               the MEAC Baseball Tournament May 20-23 at
with the Arizona Cardinals. Even
                                                                                                               Jackie Robinson Ballpark.
as the seventh and final round
plodded along Saturday, several                                                                                “This is a great accomplishment and to do it here
teams started calling Stewart to                                                                               in Dover is special too as this is a tough
offer free-agent deals. “I talked to                                                                           ennvironment to play,” said B-CU Head Coach
a bunch of teams, but they have a                                                                              Mervyl Melendez. “I am very proud of these guys
young group and (the Cardinals)                                                                                and they showed their fight and will to win again
like throwing the ball,” Stewart                                                                               today.”
said. “I’m just hoping I can come                                                                              Alejandro Sanchez (his third round-tripper of the
in and show what I can do. I’m                                                                                 weekend) hit a three-run home run to key a five-
happy and very excited.” Stewart           South Carolina State University Wide Receiver (#3) Oliver
                                                                                                               run ninth with the Wildcats coming from behind
said he and his agent, Tyron               Tre’ Young signs free agent contract with the Carolina
                                                                                                               for another late-inning victory. Sanchez’ game
Collins, haven’t yet worked out            Panthers.
                                                                                                               winning hit fueled the win and gives B-CU 84
the details with Arizona, but                                                                                  team home runs on the season (5th in the NCAA
Stewart said he believes he’ll get a two- or three-    ing NFC South teams. The Charleston native              team stats). “Our hitting was great all weekend
year deal. The Cardinals’ rookie minicamp begins       Young inked a deal with the Carolina Panthers,          and to have 84 home runs already this season - is
Thursday, he said, so he needs to be in Phoenix        while Bush will compete for a roster spot with the      an accomplishment for Coach (Jose) Vazquez and
before then.                                           Atlanta Falcons.                                        Coach (Jason) Arnold and recruiting the kids we
FAMU’s Vann, Okeafor set to join NFL teams                                                                     have on our team,” said Coach Melendez. “We
                                                        “My agent felt that the Panthers were the best
                                                                                                               have never had a team with hitting like this, home
Florida A&M record-setting return specialist            place to go, somewhere where I could possibly
                                                                                                               runs, and slugging pct., a team batting avg. of
LeRoy Vann got a lot of telephone calls during the      make the ball club,” Young said. Earlier in the day,
                                                                                                               .344. My hat is off to the team and how that have
past three days. Most of them were from folks           the only S.C. State player to get drafted was
wishing him well in the NFL Draft. Some even            defensive back Phillip Adams, who was taken by
told him his height — 5-foot-8 — would be the           the San Francisco 49’ers in the seventh round.
thing that kept him out of the draft Saturday                                                                         MEAC Baseball Standings
                                                        Alcorn State University Braves QB Timothy
evening. The San Francisco 49ers decided to look        Buckley (#7) inked a free agent contract with the                          MEAC Pct       Overall Pct
past what Vann might lack in height and signed          Atlanta Falcons. He will play at WR for the
him to a free-agent contract.                           Falcons.                                               Bethune-Cookman 18-0 1.000         32-19    .627
The post-draft news also was good for offensive                                                                North Carolina A&T 15-3 .833       25-24    .510
lineman Robert Okeafor, who                                                                                    Norfolk St.         9-9    .500    19-23-1 .453
was invited Saturday afternoon                                                                                 Delaware St.        8-10 .444      12-30    .286
to attend the Tampa Bay                                                                                        Coppin State        7-11   .389    13-31    .295
Buccaneers’ minicamp next              2010 Free Agent Signings                                                Florida A&M         3-15 .167      10-31-1 .250
week. The two former Rattlers
become the first FAMU players          Rafael Bush, DB, South Carolina State, Atlanta Falcons                  Md-Eastern Shore 3-15 .167         8-40     .167
to be in the NFL conversation          Will Croner, DE, Howard University, Buffalo Bills
since quarterback Quinn Gray           Chris Bell, WR, Norfolk State, New Orleans Saints
10 years ago. Vann said he will        Marcell Young, CB, Jackson State, New Orleans Saints
also report to the 49ers’              Juamorris Steward, WR, Southern U., Arizona Cardinals
minicamp Thursday.                     Terrell Whitehead, S, Norfolk State, Jacksonville Jaguars
                                         Leroy Vann, KR, FAMU, San Francisco 49’ers
Ex-Burke star Tre’Young signs            E.J. Morton-Green, WR, Morgan State (Tryout), Green Bay
with Panthers ...
                                         Philip Kirkland, WR, Bethune-Cookman (Tryout), New York Jets
South Carolina State receiver            Oliver Tre’ Young, WR, South Carolina State, Carolina Panthers
Oliver ‘Tre’Young and safety             Robert Okeafor, OL, FAMU - Tampa Bay Bucs
Rafael Bush did not have long to         Tim Buckley, QB/WR, Alcorn State, Atlanta Falcons
dwell on the disappointment of           Damon McDaniel, WR, Hampton U. (Tryout), N.Y. Jets
not hearing their names called           Eric Perri, Kicker, Jackson State, New Orleans Saints
during the NFL draft. Just over          Bloi-Dei Dorzon, RB, Jackson State, Tennessee Titans
an hour following the selection          Bobby Reid, QB, Texas Southern, Tampa Bay Bucs
of the final draft pick, the two         Gabriel Manns, OL, North Carolina Central, Cincinnati Bengals.          Will LeBron be in this uni-
were in the process of finalizing        Will Scott, WR, North Carolina Central, Green Bay Packers
free agent contracts with oppos-                                                                                 form next year (stay tuned)

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