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									          HIGH SCHOOL SUCCESS                                         Name: ________________________

            THE BESTEST CLASS GOIN’                                   Date: _________________________

      STEVE JOBS BIOGRAPHY EXERCISE (19 PTS)                          Period: ________________________

Read the biography of Steve Jobs on the class website and answer the following questions:
1. Why didn’t Steve Jobs grow up with his real parents?

2. Why did Steve Jobs develop an early interest in electronics?

3. Was Steve Jobs a good student in elementary school? How do you know?

4. Was Steve Jobs smart? How do you know?

5.                                                                                                                     D
      id Steve Jobs graduate from college?

6.                                                                                                                     D
      id Steve Jobs experiment with drugs?

7.                                                                                                                     D
      o you think he became addicted to drugs?

8.                                                                                                                     D
      o you think he could have ever been successful if he was addicted to drugs?

9.    In 1985, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple. What did he do then?

10. How much money has Pixar’s films made?

11.                                    During the 1990’s, Apple had to compete with IBM’s PC and Bill
      Gates’ Microsoft. Steve Jobs is credited with revitalizing Apple during this period and Steve Jobs set
      his own salary. How much was it?

12. In 2003 Jobs found out he had an illness. What was it?

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13. Apple only gets half of its money from computers. Where does the other half come from?

14. In 2007, Apple's quarterly reports were the company's most impressive statistics to date. Stocks

      were worth a record-breaking _____________ a share, and the company boasted a staggering

      __________________ profit, an __________________ surplus in the bank, and ____________ debt.

15. List 5 difficulties or obstacles Steve Jobs had to overcome to be successful.


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