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Arsenal in the Community


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									Arsenal in the Community & Tottenham Hotspur Foundation
          Freddie Hudson & Grant Cornwell MBE

                  16th November 2010
                Aiming High: Sport for All
                  Good Practice Event
                   London/South East
History of Community Programmes
                 Arsenal in the Community

 A not for profit department of Arsenal Football Club that aims to
 make a meaningful and positive impact on Arsenal communities
                  and the people living within them

Arsenal in
Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is committed to providing
             Tottenham Hotspur Foundation
  Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is committed to providing
 Tottenham Hotspur Foundation is a registered charity that is committed to
providing the best sports, health, training and education programmes for all
   our communities; creating opportunities, encouraging enterprise and
     innovation, promoting social cohesion and enhancing life chances.
    Community Schemes offer a wide range of programmes

       All linked to Government’s Every Child Matters outcomes of:
•    Be Healthy
•    Stay Safe
•    Enjoy & Achieve
•    Make a Positive Contribution
•    Achieve Economic Wellbeing
•    All Aligned To Local Partners Strategic Aims and Objectives

•   Expectations
•   Perception
•   Capacity
•   Funding
•   Partnerships
•   Staff CPD
Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur Foundation – Islington Homeless Families Project
                         Summer programme 2010
                Future Jobs Fund – DWP

• Collaboration
• Partnerships
• Strategic approach
• High Quality Outcomes
• Pan London
Future Jobs Fund Awards Ceremony at Tottenham Hotspur

     Arsenal FJF’s               Tottenham Hotspur FJF’s
                        Participant quotes

“I was up to no good before I joined the FJF programme at Arsenal.
Now I’m living a completely different lifestyle and working for the
Club. Life seems to have a purpose now.”
Dean Ellul

Tottenham Hotspur
“I’d always wanted to get involved in coaching but until this
programme I wouldn’t have had the chance to get started. I couldn’t
find a job before this, let alone one I really wanted to do! The
Foundation has given me the best kickstart to my career.”
Mohammed Mumin
                              Partnership Working
Future Jobs Fund
 “This contract is a real coup for the College and shows how we’re dedicated to working
   innovatively in partnership with other organisations to support the development of
   both individuals and businesses in an unpredictable economic climate”.
  Claire Parry, Managing Director of Croydon Skills and Enterprise College

Homeless Project
   “The project was a great success. The children enjoyed the coaching sessions as well
   as the tours of the two stadiums. Many of these children live in the local area and
   therefore support one of the two Clubs so to have coaches from both football teams
   means a lot to them.”
   Elaine, Islington Homeless Families Project
Stadium Tours
Arsenal – Charity of the season 2010/11

• Established track record
• Proven record of delivery
• Credible partner
• Local focus
• Work understated
• Potential in collaboration
• Wider reach

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