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Magnetic Resonance Imaging RSNA


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									S U B S P E C I A LT Y C O N T E N T B R O C H U R E

Magnetic Resonance

Radiological Society of North America

92nd Scientific Assembly
and Annual Meeting
November 26 – December 1, 2006
McCormick Place, Chicago
Subspecialty content brochures organize the
components of the annual meeting by subjects that
correspond to radiologic subspecialties. We hope this
brochure, along with the meeting program, helps to
enrich and ease your experience at RSNA 2006.

RSNA Annual Meeting CME Information
RSNA® is accredited by the Accreditation Council
for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to
provide continuing medical education for physicians.

RSNA designates this educational activity for a
maximum of 85 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits.

Physicians should only claim credit commensurate
with the extent of their participation in the activity.

Sunday, November 26, 2006
10:45-12:15     Scientific Paper Sessions
                Cardiac (MR) (S503AB)

                Gastrointestinal (CT and MR Perfusion: Liver,
                Pancreas, Bowel) (E450A)

                Genitourinary (Gynecology and Gynecologic
                Oncology ) (E353A)

                ISP: Musculoskeletal (Vertebroplasty and
                Kyphoplasty) (S406B)

                ISP: Vascular/Interventional (Vascular Imaging:
                MR Angiography) (E253CD)

                Musculoskeletal (Shoulder) (S405AB)

                Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Brain: Aging
                and Dementia) (N227)

                Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Spine: Spinal
                Cord, Spinal Canal) (N226)

2:00-3:30       Refresher Courses
                Categorical Course in Diagnostic Radiology:
                Genitourinary—CT and MR in Urinary Tract
                Evaluation (Course RC107) (E353C)

                Minicourse: Optimize Your Body MR
                Practice—From Safety to Protocol Design: MR
                Imaging Safety Issues—Update 2006 (An
                Interactive Session) (Course RC129)

                MR-guided Breast Biopsy (Hands-on
                Workshop) (Course RC150) (E260)
              The Hip and Pelvis: Sports Imaging (An
              Interactive Session) (Course RC104) (S402AB)

              Therapeutic Response Assessment in Oncology
              (Course RC118) (N227)

Monday, November 27, 2006
8:30-10:00    Refresher Courses
              Cardiac MR Imaging: From Physics to
              Protocols (Course RC203) (E451B)

              Categorical Course in Diagnostic Radiology:
              Genitourinary—Prostate Cancer Imaging:
              Relevance, Current Practices, and Evolving
              Techniques (Course RC207) (E353C)

              Fast and Reliable MR Angiography: Strategies
              for Technique Optimization (Course RC212)

              Imaging Musculoskeletal Infections: How to
              Rationally Integrate Nuclear Medicine Imaging
              with MR Imaging and CT (Course RC211)

              Imaging of Lower Extremity Entrapment
              Neuropathies (Course RC204) (S406B)

              Minicourse: Optimize Your Body MR
              Practice—From Safety to Protocol Design:
              Optimize Your Body MR Imaging Protocols
              with the Experts (Course RC229) (S503AB)

10:30-12:00   Scientific Paper Sessions
              Cardiac (Multimodality) (E353C)

              Gastrointestinal (CT, MR Colonography: Bowel
              Preparation; Other) (E450A)

              ISP: Gastrointestinal (Noninvasive
              Cholangiography; Cholangiocarcinoma: MR,
              CT) (E451B)

              Musculoskeletal (Foot and Ankle) (S405AB)

              Musculoskeletal (Intervertebral Disks:
              Diagnosis and Intervention) (S406B)

              Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Brain:
              Tumors) (N227)

              Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Head and
              Neck: Thyroid, Parathyroid) (N228)

              Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Spine: Spinal
              Column, Peripheral Nerves) (N226)

              Vascular/Interventional (Visceral) (E253CD)
3:00-4:00    Scientific Paper Sessions
             Breast Imaging (MR Spectroscopy) (Arie Crown

             Cardiac (MR) (E353C)

             Genitourinary (Adrenal Glands and
             Emergency) (E352)

             Musculoskeletal (Inflammatory Arthritis)

             Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Brain: Toxic,
             Metabolic) (N227)

             Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Head and
             Neck: Pharynx, Tongue, and Oral Cavity)

             Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Spine: Injury)

4:30-6:00    Special Focus Sessions
             High-Field-Strength (1.5- and 3-T) MR Imaging
             of Cartilage (S401AB)

             New Directions in Breast Imaging: Where Are
             We Headed? (E451A)

             Noninvasive Spinal Angiography: MR
             Angiography versus CT Angiography (N226)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006
8:30-10:00   Multisession Course
             Essentials of Body MR: Abdominal MR Imaging
             – The Essentials (S100AB)

             Refresher Courses
             Imaging of Focal Liver Lesions: State of the Art
             (Course RC309) (E451B)

             Minicourse: From Image to Decision–Science
             and Technology for Effective Interpretation of
             Medical Images: The Radiologist and
             Computer-aided Detection (CAD) (Course
             RC323) (S404CD)

             Minicourse: Optimize Your Body MR
             Practice—From Safety to Protocol Design: New
             Hardware and Software Applications to Body
             MR (Course RC329) (S503AB)

             Pediatric Vascular Imaging with CT and MR
             (Course RC312) (S401CD)

             Probe Design II (Course RC317) (E353A)

             The Shoulder: Sports Imaging (Course RC304)
10:30-12:00   Scientific Paper Sessions
              Cardiac (MR) (S503AB)

              Gastrointestinal (MR, CT Colonography:
              Diagnostic Performance) (E450B)

              Genitourinary (Upper Tract MR) (E353B)

              ISP: Gastrointestinal (Cystic Pancreatic
              Neoplasms) (E450A)

              ISP: Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Salivary
              Glands) (N228)

              Musculoskeletal (Knee) (S406B)

              Musculoskeletal (Osteoporosis) (S405AB)

              Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Brain:
              Functional MR) (N227)

3:00-4:00     Scientific Paper Sessions
              Cardiac (MR) (S503AB)

              Gastrointestinal (Bowel Imaging: MR) (E450B)

              Gastrointestinal (Liver: Hepatocellular
              Carcinoma, Focal Lesions) (E450A)

              Gastrointestinal (Pancreatic Cancer: CT, MR)

              Genitourinary (Fetal MR Imaging) (E353B)

              Molecular Imaging (Lymph Nodes) (E353A)

              Musculoskeletal (Hand and Wrist) (S405AB)

              Musculoskeletal: Muscle, Tendon, and Fat

              Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Brain: Injury)

              Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Head and
              Neck: Lymph Nodes) (N228)

              Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Spine:
              Vascular Abnormalities) (N226)

              Vascular/Interventional (Vascular Imaging)

4:30-6:00     Refresher Courses
              Categorical Course in Diagnostic Radiology:
              Genitourinary—Imaging in Gynecologic
              Malignancies (Course RC407) (E353C)

              Challenging CT Angiographic and MR
              Angiographic Cases: Interactive Interpretation
              with the Experts (An Interactive Session)
              (Course RC412) (S402AB)
              How to Perform and Interpret Cardiac MR
              Imaging: A Primer (Course RC403) (E450B)

              Imaging Modalities and Instrumentation
              (Course RC417) (S504D)

              Minicourse: Optimize Your Body MR
              Practice—From Safety to Protocol Design: MR
              Contrast Media—Safety and Clinical
              Applications in Body MR (Course RC429)

              MR Imaging in Evaluation of Musculoskeletal
              Neoplasms (Course RC418) (N227)

              MR Imaging of the Postoperative Knee and
              Shoulder with Orthopedic and Radiologic
              Correlation (Course RC404) (E450A)

              Update Course in Diagnostic Radiology
              Physics: Multidimensional Image Processing,
              Analysis, and Display—Computer-aided
              Diagnosis in Breast Imaging (Course RC432)

              Utility of MR Imaging in Diagnosing Elbow and
              Wrist Pathology (How-to Workshop) (Course
              RC451) (E261)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
8:30-10:00    Refresher Courses
              Abdominal Ultrasound: Improving Your
              Practice of Ultrasound (An Interactive Session)
              (Course RC510) (S504ABC)

              Adult Congenital Heart Disease: Pre- and
              Postoperative Evaluation with MR Imaging and
              CT (Course RC503) (N227)

              Categorical Course in Diagnostic Radiology:
              Genitourinary—Adrenal, Retroperitoneum, and
              Transplant Evaluation (Course RC507)

              Imaging of Pancreatic Neoplasms: State of the
              Art (Course RC509) (E450A)

              New Concepts in Knee MR Imaging
              (Course RC504) (E450B)

              Thyroid Nodules and Cancer: Evaluation and
              Imaging (Course RC506) (E451B)

10:30-12:00   Multisession Course
              Essentials of Musculoskeletal Imaging: MR
              Imaging of the Knee (S100AB)

              Scientific Paper Sessions
              Gastrointestinal (Liver MR: 3-T Imaging,
              Contrast, Techniques) (E450A)
            ISP: Cardiac (MR) (E353C)

            ISP: Genitourinary (Prostate Imaging) (E353B)

            ISP: Musculoskeletal (Articular Cartilage)

            ISP: Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Stroke)

            Musculoskeletal: Practice Issues and Imaging
            Techniques (S406B)

            Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Brain:
            Techniques in MR Imaging and MR
            Angiography) (N227)

            Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Head and
            Neck: Carotid Artery Disease) (N228)

            Vascular/Interventional (Vascular Imaging)

1:30-3:00   Multisession Course
            Essentials of the Brain (S100AB)

3:00-4:00   Scientific Paper Sessions
            Cardiac (MR) (E353C)

            Gastrointestinal (Dual Energy, Innovations)

            Gastrointestinal (Rectal Cancer: MR, CT)

            Genitourinary (Lower Tract) (E353B)

            Musculoskeletal (Marrow and Infection)

            Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Brain:
            Movement Disorders, Motor Neuron Disease,
            Miscellaneous) (N227)

            Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Head and
            Neck: Orbits, Optic Nerves) (N228)

            Physics (MR Imaging: Image Reconstruction,
            New Contrast Agents) (S401CD)

            Vascular/Interventional (Visceral) (E451A)

4:30-6:00   Special Focus Sessions
            Creating 3D Images: Clinicians or
            Technologists? (N230)

            Topics in MR Safety (S401AB)

            Virtual Colonoscopy: 2D, 3D, CAD, or Gad—
            Whats Best? (E450B)
Thursday, November 30, 2006
8:30-10:00    Multisession Course
              Case-based Review of Magnetic Resonance
              (Abdominal and Pelvic MR Imaging) (S100)

              Refresher Courses
              Cardiac MR and CT: Read Cases with the
              Experts (An Interactive Session) (Course
              RC603) (S402AB)

              Categorical Course in Diagnostic Radiology:
              Genitourinary—Benign Disease in the Female
              Pelvis: Making a More Specific Diagnosis
              (Course RC607) (E353C)

              Imaging of Peripheral Arterial Occlusive
              Disease (Course RC612) (N227)

              Imaging of the Small Bowel: State of the Art
              (An Interactive Session) (Course RC609)

              Minicourse: Image Optimization for Radiation
              Therapy Treatment Planning: CT, MR, and PET
              Review (Course RC622) (S404AB)

              Neurodegenerative Diseases: Parkinson
              Disease and Alzheimer Disease (Course
              RC605) (S406B)

              Reflux and Congenital Obstruction of the
              Urinary Tract (Course RC613) (N226)

              The Elbow: Sports Imaging (Course RC604)

              Update Course in Diagnostic Radiology:
              Breast Imaging—MR Imaging: Performance,
              Interpretation, and Biopsy (Course RC615)

10:30-12:00   Multisession Course
              Case-based Review of Magnetic Resonance
              (Cardiac and Vascular MR Imaging) (S100)

              Scientific Paper Sessions
              Breast Imaging (MR Imaging)
              (Arie Crown Theater)

              Chest (MR Imaging) (E352)

              Gastrointestinal (Liver CT and MR: Diffuse
              Disease, Fibrosis, Steatosis) (E353A)

              Gastrointestinal (Liver CT and MR: Focal
              Lesions, Hepatocellular Carcinoma) (E450A)

              Genitourinary (Lower Tract Oncology) (E353B)

              ISP: Molecular Imaging (Cell Tracking)
            Musculoskeletal (Bone and Soft-Tissue Tumors

            Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Brain: 4-H
            Club (Hemorrage, Hydrocephalus,
            Hypertension, Hypoxia) (N228)

            Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Brain: White
            Matter Disease) (N227)

            Physics (MR Spectroscopy and New Imaging)

            Vascular/Interventional (Vascular Imaging,
            MR Angiography ) (E451A)

1:30-2:30   Multisession Course
            Case-based Review of Magnetic Resonance
            (Breast MR Imaging) (S100)

1:50-2:45   Plenary Session
            RSNA/AAPM Symposium (Arie Crown Theater)

2:45-4:15   Multisession Course
            Case-based Review of Magnetic Resonance
            (Musculoskeletal MR Imaging) (S100)

3:00-4:00   Special Focus Sessions
            Breast MR Imaging: When Is it Appropriate?

            Cancer Detection: Evaluation of Whole-Body
            MR Imaging versus CT and PET/CT (S404AB)

4:30-6:00   Multisession Course
            Case-based Review of Magnetic Resonance
            (Spine and Brain MR Imaging) (S100)

            Refresher Courses
            Categorical Course in Diagnostic Radiology:
            Genitourinary—Renal Masses: Diagnosis,
            Biopsy, and Ablation (Course RC707) (E353C)

            Head and Neck: Pitfalls and Imaging
            Applications (Course RC706) (E450A)

            Minicourse: Innovations and Advances in
            Medical Imaging Technology—Innovations
            and Advances in MR Imaging Technology:
            Imaging at 3 T (Course RC723) (S404CD)

            One-Stop Shopping with Cardiac Imaging:
            CT or MR? (Course RC703) (N229)

            Optimal Techniques for Multidetector CT and
            MR of the Liver (An Interactive Session)
            (Course RC709) (S504ABC)

            The Foot: Sports Imaging (Course RC704)
              Update Course in Diagnostic Radiology:
              Breast Imaging—MR Imaging: Screening,
              Diagnosis, and Staging (Course RC715)

Friday, December 1, 2006
8:30-10:00    Refresher Courses
              Body MR Imaging: Current Practice and Future
              Horizons (How-to Workshop) (Course RC851)

              Brain Tumors: Conventional and Advanced
              Imaging Techniques (Course RC805) (N229)

              CT (and MR Imaging) of Pancreatic Tumors
              (An Interactive Session) (Course RC816)

              CT Angiography and MR Angiography in
              Planning and Following Vascular Interventions
              and Surgery (Course RC812) (S502AB)

              Imaging of the Gallbladder and Biliary Tree
              (Course RC809) (N227)

              The Hand and Wrist: Sports Imaging (Course
              RC804) (E450B)

              Update Course in Diagnostic Radiology
              Physics: Advances in Breast Imaging—Physics,
              Technology, and Clinical Applications: MR
              Imaging of the Breast—Emerging Trends
              (Course RC821) (E351)

              Update Course in Diagnostic Radiology
              Physics: Multidimensional Image Processing,
              Analysis, and Display—From Detector to Pixel:
              Signal Processing (Course RC832) (S403B)

10:30-12:00   Scientific Paper Sessions
              Gastrointestinal (Liver: Cirrhosis,
              Hepatocellular Carcinoma) (E450B)

              Gastrointestinal (MR: Miscellaneous, Liver)

              Gastrointestinal (Pancreatitis: CT, MR) (E450A)

              Musculoskeletal (Pelvis and Hip) (S405AB)

              Musculoskeletal (Spine, Disk Disease (S406B)

              Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Brain:
              Infections, Inflammation) (N228)

              Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Brain:
              Psychiatric Disorders) (N226)

              Neuroradiology/Head and Neck (Brain:
              Socioeconomic, Tractography) (N227)
Education Exhibits
Space No.       Exhibit Title

LL-BR4821-B11   Application of the ACR’s MR Mammography
                BIRADS Lexicon: Test Your Skills

LL-BR4822-R11   Recognizing and Interpreting Artifacts and
                Pitfalls in MRI Imaging of the Breast

LL-BR4823       Diffusion-weighted MR Images of Breast
                Cancer: Are They Worth Adding to the Usual
                MR Protocol?

LL-BR4824       Problem Solving Uses of Magnetic Resonance
                (MR) for Breast Imaging

LL-BR4825-D11 Spectrum of Extra-Mammary Findings on
              Breast MRI: Test Your Skills

LL-BR4826       MRI Differentiation of Benign versus Malignant
                Breast Lesions: Test Your Skills

LL-BR4827       MRI Evaluation of the Breast Following
                Reduction Mammoplasty: Diagnosis of Benign
                Findings and Malignancy

LL-BR4828       Which Unenhanced Sequence Should We Use
                before Dynamic Breast MR Imaging?

LL-BR4829       Improving Breast MR Imaging Using an
                8-channel Array Coil: From Imaging to

LL-BR4830       MR Imaging of the Breast Postradiation
                Therapy: A Review of the Normal Acute and
                Chronic Changes

LL-BR5211       Varied MR Appearance of Pathology Proven

LL-BR5212       Breast Cancer Surgery: Spectrum of
                MR Findings

LL-BR5213       Transverse Rectus Abdominis Muscle
                Reconstruction (TRAM) in Breast Cancer:
                Benign Findings and Diffusion-weighted (DW)
                Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Role

LL-BR5214       Ductography versus MR Ductography: Can
                MR Ductography Replace Ductography as a
                Diagnostic Method for Patients with Nipple

LL-BR5215       Avoidable Artifacts in Breast MRI

LL-BR5216       The Great Mimicker: Fat Necrosis of the
                Breast—MR-Mammography Appearances

LL-BR5217       Infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma of the Breast:
                Size Correlation with Sonography, Magnetic
                Resonance and Pathology
LL-BR5218        High-Resolution MRI of Uncommon Epithelial
                 Breast Tumors

LL-BR5219        Changes in CAD-detected Patterns of
                 Intralesional Enhancement in Breast Cancer
                 Following Chemotherapy

LL-BR5220        MR Imaging of Medullary Carcinoma
                 of the Breast

LL-BR5221        MR Imaging of Occult Breast Cancer and
                 Benign Findings in Population with Genetic
                 Predisposition or History of Breast Cancer

LL-BR5222        Top 10 Reasons to Order a Breast MRI: A
                 Case-based Review

LL-BR5224        A Practical Approach to the Differential
                 Diagnosis of Benign Lesions Detected at
                 Breast MR Imaging

LL-MS2628-L02 Use of MR Imaging in Triaging Female
              Patients with Pelvic Floor Disorders to Surgical
              Repair and Its Utility in Preoperative Planning

LL-MS2629-H02 Dynamic MRI of the Female Pelvis: An
              Electronic Atlas of Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

LL-MS2630        MR Imaging, CT, and PET in Patients with
                 Cancer of Peritoneum and Abdominal Wall

LL-MS2632        Use of Ultrasound and MR Imaging in
                 Detecting and Characterizing Common and
                 Uncommon Uro-Gynecological and Pelvic
                 Floor Lesions

LL-MS2634        Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Diagnosis
                 and Follow-up of Pelvic Tumors

LL-MS2635        MRI Spectrum of Unusual Non-Gynaecologic
                 Large Pelvic Masses

LL-MS2658        Whole Body Diffusion Imaging for Malignant
                 Lymphoma as Compared with Normal Control

LL-MS3167        Virtual PET-MRI (High b-value Diffusion-
                 weighted MR Imaging) as Noninvasive
                 Screening Imaging for Malignancies of Body:
                 Two-year Experience

LL-MS3174        Subtraction in Body MRI: Don’t Be
                 Confounded by the Bright Stuff

LL-MS3176        Postmortem Total Body CT and Total Body
                 MRI in a Clinical Setting: Benefits and
                 Limitations of Both Techniques

LL-VI2522        Role of High-Resolution Three Dimensional
                 Contrast-enhanced MR Angiography in
                 Vascular Disorders of the Lower Extremity
LL-VI2523        Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Angiography of
                 Upper Extremity Vascular Pathology: A
                 Pictorial Review

LL-VI2524        Bloodpool-enhanced MR Angiography of
                 Peripheral Arterial Disease: Optimization of
                 Scan Protocols, Evaluation, and Combination
                 of Conventional First-Pass with Steady-State
                 Ultra-High Spatial Resolution Imaging

LL-VI3030        MR Angiography with an Intravascular
                 Contrast Agent (Gadofosveset Trisodium):
                 Initial Clinical Experience and New Imaging

LL-VI3031        A Novel Contrast-enhanced 3D MR
                 Angiography of Vascular Anomalies Using
                 Time-Resolved Imaging of Contrast Kinetics

Scientific Posters
Space No.        Poster Title

LL-BR4236-D09 MRI of Infiltrating Lobular Carcinoma
              Sometimes Shows Important Discrepancies
              between CAD Images and Delayed MIP
              Images: Work in Progress

LL-BR4237-D10 Role of the Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging
              for Characterization and Differentiation of
              Breast Lesions

LL-BR4239-H02 Comparison of MR Imaging Features between
              Estrogen Receptor Positive and Negative
              Breast Cancers

LL-BR4240-H03 Impact of Breast MRI on Therapeutic Plan for
              Breast Cancer

LL-BR4241-H04 Evaluation of a Motion Correction (MC)
              Algorithm for Breast MR

LL-BR4242-H05 Diffusion-weighted Images in Breast Imaging:
              A Promising Tool to Detect Breast Cancer

LL-BR4243-H06 Analysis of Optimal b Factor Value for DWI
              in Patients with Breast Cancer

LL-BR4244-H07 Can Diffusion-weighted Imaging in
              Addition to Contrast-enhanced Dynamic
              MR Imaging Improve Diagnostic Accuracy
              in Characterization of Breast Lesions?
              ROC Analysis

LL-BR4245-H08 Preoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging of
              Intraductal Breast Carcinoma: Does It Help
              Better Determine Cancer Extent?
LL-BR4246-H09 Comparing MR Imaging, US, Mammography,
              and MDCT in the Local Staging of Breast

LL-BR4248-L01    Assessment of the BI-RADS Lexicon for
                 Magnetic Resonance Imaging and
                 Introduction of the Scoring System

LL-BR4249-L02    Automated Breast MR Tumor Volume
                 Measurements for Prediction of Outcome in
                 Breast Cancer Patients on Neoadjuvant

LL-BR4250-L03    Seven Tesla Breast MRI: Initial Experience

LL-BR4251-L04    Correlation between MR Features and
                 Prognostic Factors in Breast Carcinoma

LL-BR4252-L05    Can Better Breast MR Spectroscopy (MRS) Be
                 Obtained at + 3T versus 1.5T?

LL-BR4253-L06    Diffusion-weighted Imaging (DWI) in the
                 Assessment of Nodal Status in Patients
                 Affected by Breast Cancer

LL-BR4255-L08    Breast Fibroadenoma: Comparative Study of
                 Pathological Features with Varied MR Imaging

LL-BR4256-L09    Predictive Value of a Size-based Criterion on
                 SE T1-weighted Imaging for the Differential
                 Diagnosis of Internal Mammary Nodes
                 Metastases in Women with Breast Cancer

LL-CA4079-B05 Cardiac Contrast-enhanced MRI for
              Noninvasive Detection of Myocardial Fibrosis
              in Patients with Aortic Valve Stenosis

LL-CA4081-B07 Evaluation of Acute Myocardial Infarction with
              MRI Enhancement Pattern in Comparison with
              201Tl and 99mTc-HMDP Dual SPECT

LL-CA4087-D03 Cine Viability Cardiac MR Imaging Using
              Contrast-enhanced 3D Steady-state Free
              Precession Imaging

LL-CA4088-D04 Delayed Enhancement in Patients with Arterial
              Hypertension: Initial Results on Cardiac MRI

LL-CA4094-D10 Clinical Importance of Residual Defect at 15
              Min. on Contrast-enhanced MRI in Reperfused
              Acute Myocardial Infarction

LL-CA4104-H10 Reliability of MR Flow Measurements
              in the Ascending Aorta and the Main
              Pulmonary Artery

LL-CA4107-L03 MRI-detected Unrecognized Myocardial
              Infarction Not Associated to Atherosclerosis?
LL-CA4108-L04 MR-based Blood Velocity Measurements in the
              Coronary Arteries in Patients before and after
              Aortic Valve Replacement

LL-CA4120-R06 3T MRI in Acute Myocardial Infarction:
              Myocardial Damage Assessed by Contrast

LL-CA4121-R07 Cardiac MR: Progression of Myocardial
              Edema and Fibrosis after Acute Infarction

LL-CH4048-H04 Functional Evaluation of the Pulmonary
              Circulation Using Pulmonary Transit Times
              from Time-resolved MRA

LL-CH4057-L03 Oxygen-enhanced MRI versus Quantitative
              MDCT in Patients with Smoking-related
              Pulmonary Emphysema

LL-CH4060-L06 Velocity-encoding MR Imaging: Utility for
              Assessment of Influence on Cardiac Function
              and Disease Severity of the Lungs in
              Pulmonary Emphysema Patients

LL-GI2173-B02    Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging in the
                 Characterization of Focal Pancreatic Lesions

LL-GI2174-B03    Un-prepped MR Colonography in Paediatric
                 Patients with Suspected Inflammatory Bowel
                 Disease (IBD): A Comparison Study with
                 Conventional Colonoscopy

LL-GI2175-B04    Non Contrast-enhanced MRI for Pancreatic
                 Cancer Detection: Are Diffusion-weighted
                 Images Useful?

LL-GI2180-B09    Magnetic Resonance Enteroclysis for the
                 Detection of Crohn Disease of the Small
                 Bowel: Quantifying the Inflammatory Activity

LL-GI2181-B10    Dynamic MRI of Posterior Pelvic Floor versus
                 Conventional Defecography: MR Specific
                 Parameters of Normal Volunteers

LL-GI2183-D02 Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Relation between
              Tumour Size and Diagnostic Features at State-
              of-the-Art MR Imaging

LL-GI2192-H01 Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients with
              Rectal Cancer before Neoadjuvant
              Chemoradiotherapy for Prediction of Tumor-
              Free Circumferential Resection Margins and
              Long-term Survival

LL-GI2193-H02 Detection of Prostatic Cancer: Usefulness of
              High b-value Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging

LL-GI2194-H03 Assessment of Lymph Node Metastases Using
              Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging in Patients
              with Advanced Gastric and Colorectal
              Cancer: A Comparison Study with CT
LL-GI2211-L10    MR Imaging Features of Nonfunctioning
                 Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Pancreas

LL-GI2212-R01    Pancreatic Carcinoma versus Inflammatory
                 Pancreatic Mass: Value of MRI 3D-VIBE
                 Sequence in Differential Diagnosis

LL-GI2213-R02    Abdominal ADC Measurements Using Parallel
                 Imaging Technique

LL-GI2214-R03    Diffusion-weighted MRI of Hepatic
                 Hemangioma: Relationships between
                 Enhancement Types and Apparent Diffusion

LL-GI2215-R04    SPIO-enhanced T2*-weighted Dynamic MRI
                 for the Diagnosis of Hepatocellular

LL-GI2216-R05    Small Intestinal MRI: Magnesium Sulfate as an
                 Oral Contrast Medium

LL-GI2217-R06    MR Imaging of the Upper Abdomen at 3
                 Tesla: Comparison with Imaging at 1.5 Tesla

LL-GI2218-R07    Diffusion-weighted Imaging of the Body: The
                 Efficacy for Finding Hepatocellular Carcinoma
                 in Cirrhotic Patients

LL-GI2219-R08    Diagnostic Value of Diffusion-weighted Echo-
                 Planar MR in Cystic Lesions of the Pancreas

LL-GI2220-R09    Prospective Evaluation of Nonenhanced MR
                 Imaging in Acute Pancreatitis

LL-GI2221-R10    Visualization of Crohn’s Disease Using
                 Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging

LL-GU2124-B03 Assessment of Capability to Detect Superficial
              Bladder Cancers with High Resolution and
              Diffusion-weighted MR Images

LL-GU2125-B04 MR Imaging Features of Mucinous Cystic
              Tumors of the Ovary: A Myth or Reality

LL-GU2126-B05 Evaluation of Pelvic Lymph Nodes with Uterine
              Cancer Using Diffusion-weighted MR Images

LL-GU2127-B06 Contrast-enhanced Dynamic-MRI
              in the Diagnosis and Local Staging
              of Bladder Tumours

LL-GU2128-B07 Feasibility of Prostate Imaging at 3T without
              an Endorectal Coil

LL-GU2129-B08 High-Resolution MR Angiography of the
              Uterine Arteries pre- UAE: Comparison of
              Different Contrast Agents
LL-GU2152-L01 Role of MR Renography in the Evaluation of
              Acute Renal Graft Complications

LL-GU2169-R08 Comparison of Diffusion-weighted MR
              Imaging (DWI) Performed with and without

LL-NR4125-B01 Utilization of Glutamate/Creatine Ratios for
              Proton Spectroscopic Diagnosis of
              Meningiomas When Alanine Is Absent or
              Masked by Lactate

LL-NR4129-B05 Does Intravenous Gadolinium Help with 3D
              Time-of-Flight MR Angiography in the
              Surveillance of Patients Who Have Undergone
              Endovascular Coiling of Intracranial

LL-NR4131-B07 Orbitofrontal Cortex in Human Brain
              Cocaine Addiction

LL-NR4133-B09 Comparative Evaluation of Calorie
              Dependent Neural Activation in Obese
              Individuals by fMRI

LL-NR4134-B10 Training-induced Functional Reorganization of
              the Radiologists Brain: A 3T fMRI Study during
              Visual Attention

LL-NR4138-D04 Comparative Study of Meningiomas by 1.5T
              1HMRS and 14.1T 1HMRS

LL-NR4141-D07 Role of Diffusion-weighted MR Imaging and
              MR Spectroscopy in Differentiation Recurrent
              Gliomas from Radiation Necrosis

LL-NR4143-D09 Improved Detection and Depiction of
              Cerebral Cavernomas by High-Field High-
              Resolution Susceptibilty-weighted MRI (3T-SW
              MRI) in Comparison to Standard (1.5T) MRI

LL-NR4145-H01 Functional Diffusion MRI of Head and
              Neck Tumors at 3T Using SENSE EPI:
              A Feasibility Study

LL-NR4149-H05 Inner Ear Signals on MR Cisternography:
              Clues to Differentiate between Acoustic
              Neurinomas and Cerebellopontine Angle

LL-NR4150-H06 Anatomic Study of the Vestibular Apparatus
              by Using FSE 3D Heavy T2-weighted
              MR Imaging

LL-NR4151-H07 Depiction of Inner Ear Anatomy at 7 Tesla

LL-NR4153-H09 Dynamic Imaging of the TMJ Movement
              Using Ultrafast T2-weighted HASTE Sequences
LL-NR4165-R01 To Measure the Effect of the Valsalva Maneuver
              on CSF Flow in the Foramen Magnum

LL-NR4166-R02 Diffusion Tensor Tractography of Spinal Cord
              in Normal and Spinal Cord Compression: A
              Preliminary Study at 3.0 T MR

LL-NR4169-R05 High Field High Resolution Susceptibility-
              weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging (3T-
              SW MRI): Significant Reduction of Scan Time
              by Addition of Contrast Agent MultiHance®
              and Higher Field Strength in 20 Patients with
              Malign Brain Tumors

LL-NR4170-R06 Safety of Gd-BOPTA and Gd-DTPA in Parallel
              Group and Crossover Clinical Studies

LL-NR4173-R09 MRI with Gradient Echo Imaging for
              Diagnosis of Isolated Cortical Venous

LL-NR4174-R10 FSE IDEAL Compared to FSE with Chemical
              Fat Saturation and STIR for Imaging the Orbits
              at 3T

LL-PH4175-B01 Investigation of the Local Heating Caused by
              a Closed Conducting Loop at Clinical MR
              Imaging: Phantom Study

LL-PH4176-B02 Thin Section Diffusion-weighted MRI of the
              Brain with Parallel Imaging

LL-PH4177-B03 A Circular Relationship between FA and Trace
              in the Diffusion Tensor Imaging

LL-PH4178-B04 Reduction in Geometric Distortion and
              Susceptibility Artifacts of Multidirectional
              Diffusion-weighted and Diffusion Tensor
              Imaging at 3 Tesla by Using a Volume Data
              Acquisition Technique

LL-PH4179-B05 Bulk Motion Independent Analysis of
              Restricted Water Diffusion Change in Brain
              during Cardiac Cycle

LL-PH4180-B06 Development and Evaluation of a MR/CT
              Pulsating Cardiac Phantom with Directly
              Connection Mechanism

LL-PH4181-B07 Method for Continuous Measurement of
              Nuclear Para State Enrichment in Hydrogen
              Gas with Applications to Hyperpolarized
              Heteronuclear Contrast Agents

LL-PH4182-B08 A New Quantification Method for Multivoxel
              1H-Spectroscopy Based on Internal Water

LL-PH4183-B09 Apparent T2* Decrease of Fat in Liver Due to
              Fat-Fat Interference in Dixon-variant Imaging
LL-PH4184-B10 Quantitative Renal Perfusion at 1.5 Tesla and
              3 Tesla

LL-PH4215-R04 Whole-brain Coverage with Velocity-selective
              Arterial Spin Labeling (VS-ASL) for Calculation
              of Cerebral Blood Flow

LL-VI2031-L01    Peripheral Vascular Malformations: Imaging
                 with High Resolution Three-dimensional
                 Contrast-enhanced MR Angiography

LL-VI2032-L02    MRI Imaging of Abdominal Aortic
                 Atherosclerosis in New Zealand Rabbits:
                 Comparison between 1.0 and 3.0 Tesla
                 Magnetic Field Strengths

LL-VI2037-L07    Predictive Factors of Aortic Dilatation in
                 Descending Aorta Dissection by Magnetic
                 Resonance Imaging

LL-VI2039-L09    Feasibility of the Non Contrast MRDSA Using
                 ECG-gated Two-dimensional Half-Fourier FSE
                 for the Assessment of Blood Flow of Peripheral
                 Vascular Diseases

LL-VI2043-R03    Effect of Food Intake on the Visualization of
                 Peripheral Arteries Using Nonenhanced Fresh
                 Blood Imaging (FBI)

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