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									      Fellowship                      Link                    Category                Broad
American Sociological       http://www.asanet.org/     sociology              Sociology
Association (ASA):
Community Action
Research Initiative - The
Sydney S. Spivack
Program in Applied Social
Research and Social
ASA Congressional           http://www.asanet.org/cs/r sociology, doctoral    Sociology
Felllowship: The Sydney     oot/leftnav/funding/asa_co candidate
S. Spivack Program in.      ngressional_fellowship
Applied Social Research
and Social Policy

Ford Foundation Grant       http://www.fordfound.org/gr asset building,        Sociology
Database                    ants_db/view_grant_detail community development,
                            1.cfm                       knowledge, creativity,
                                                        freedom, peace, social

Henry A. Murray Research http://www.radcliffe.edu/mu dissertation, social     Sociology
Center of Radcliffe      rray_redirect/index.php     sciences, behavioral
College: Henry A. Murray                             sciences, human
Dissertation Award                                   development
Institute for Humane      http://www.theihs.org/   humane studies,       Sociology
Studies: Humane Studies                            humanities, social
Fellowships                                        sciences, research,
                                                   morality, economics

Annual program to encourage sociologists to undertake
community action projects that bring social science
knowledge, methods, and expertise to bear in addressing
community-identified issues and concerns.

The ASA encourages applications for the 2007-2008
Congressional Fellowship. The Fellowship brings a PhD-level
sociologist to Washington, DC, to work as a staff member on
a congressional committee or in a congressional office, or as
a member of a congressional agency (e.g., the General
Accounting Office). This intensive six month experience
reveals the intricacies of the policy making process to the
sociological fellow, and shows the usefulness of sociological
data and concepts to policy issues. ASA will join with other
associations' congressional fellows to offer orientation,
meetings, and support for the person selected. The person
will work closely with the ASA's Spivack Program on Applied
Social Research and Social Policy, with possibilities for
congressional staff or press briefings, public speaking,
writing issue papers, and other opportunities.

Good variety of grants available from Ford Foundation. The
foundation supports pluralism and equal opportunity in its
grant making and in its internal policies. The opportunities
that prospective grantee organizations provide for women
and other disadvantaged groups are considered in evaluating
proposals. Applications are considered throughout the year.
Normally applicants may expect to receive within six weeks
an indication of whether their proposals are within the
foundation’s program interests and budget limitations. If the
proposal is being considered for a grant, the approval
process is generally completed within three months.
Activities supported by grants and program-related
investments must be charitable, educational or scientific, as
defined under the appropriate provisions of the U.S. Internal
Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations. The foundation
monitors grants through regular financial and narrative
reports submitted by the grantee.

Annual awards to support research that embodies Murray's
commitment to the in-depth study of individuals in context,
over time, and from a variety of perspectives. The
dissertation topic should focus on some aspect of "the study
of lives," concentrating on issues in human development or
personality for populations within the U.S.
Annual award to support the work of outstanding graduate
and undergraduate students who are interested in studying
the classical liberal/libertarian tradition of individual rights and
dignity; protection of rights by institutions of private property,
contract, and the rule of law; and voluntarism in all human
relations, including the unhampered market mechanism in
economic affairs, with the goals of free trade, free migration,
and peace.

Advanced graduate students are eligible to apply, but funding is not
meant to support dissertation research; Sociologists in academic
settings, research institutions, private and nonprofit organizations, and
government are also eligible

Graduate students finishing their PhDs must have a letter of
recomendation from their advisor speaking to their progress and
likelihood of meeting the requirement of PhD in hand before the
fellowship period begins; Each applicant should have a general idea
about the area of interest, some experience in client-driven work, good
writing skills, and a commitment to the policy process; The application
should highlight the link between one's sociological expertise and a
current policy issue; Be sure to specify the time span available to do the
fellowship placement.

Varied grant opportunites

Applicants must be enrolled in a doctoral program in a relevant field and
must have their dissertation research proposal approved prior to applying
for the grant; Proposals are evaluated in terms of their potential
contribution to the field of study, the adequacy of the research design,
and the general academic excellence of the candidate; Projects drawing
on the Center's data are given priority
Graduate students and junior and senior undergraduates who are
registered for full-time study; Fellowships are awarded generally to
applicants studying in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K., but applications
from students in other countries are considered
           Stipend Award                   Deadline

$1,000 to $2,500 for direct costs       Late January-
associated with the project             Early February

Six Months: $20,000. Eleven Months:     Late January-
$30,000. (no additional benefits, ie:   Early February
health insurance, ect)

Varied                                  Varied

Grants of up to $5,000 each to cover    Late March-Early
research costs, i.e. computer time,     April
duplicating, payment to subjects, etc
Up to $12,000 for one year . Fellows are Late December
eligible to reapply in subsequent years

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