A SILENT AUCTION by dfgh4bnmu


									A Silent Auction
                              Hosted by
                 Women in Aviation,
              at the 22nd Annual International
               Women in Aviation Conference
                  Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
                          Reno, Nevada
                      February 24-26, 2011

     If you would like to donate an item, please fill in the donation form below and return the form to
 WAI headquarters in Ohio. Funds raised will be used for the Women in Aviation, International Endowment
        Fund to support activities including scholarships, research, grants and educational agendas.

                         Your donation is tax-deductible.
                                         Here are some suggestions:
            GPS equipment, aviation books, aviation art, PDAs, digital cameras, iPods, luggage,
       vacation packages, airline tickets, jewelry, shirts, jackets, headsets, software, gift certificates,
          simulator time, computer equipment, aviation courses, aircraft models, subscriptions.

                            Silent Auction Donation Item
Description of donated item(s):

Estimated Value: $
                      (Suggested minimum – $50)
Company Name:
Contact Name:
City: State/Province: Zip/Postal Code:
Phone: Fax: Email:

To ensure inclusion in the Silent Auction Catalog, forms must be received no later than January 21, 2011.
 Please make arrangements to bring your items with you or have them shipped directly to yourself at the
hotel to help in reducing our shipping costs and maximizing the amount donated to the Endowment Fund.

                Return this form to:
 Silent Auction – Women in Aviation, International
                Morningstar Airport
            3647 State Route 503 South
            West Alexandria, OH 45381

     Questions? Phone: (937) 839-4647
             or Fax: (937) 839-4645
        or Email: silentauction@wai.org

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