Evaluation of the Monitoring and Reporting Guidelines Process and by xiaohuicaicai


									Experience in Monitoring & Reporting in
the EU-ETS: Stakeholder Consultation

May 12, 2005

Sina Wartmann, Ecofys
               EU-MRG Stakeholder Day

•   Background
•   Concept of stakeholder consultation
•   The questionnaire
•   Stakeholder groups addressed
•   Results
•   Outlook

              EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
• Review clause in the EU-MRG:
  „The Commission will review this Annex
    and Annexes II—XI by 31 December
    2006, taking into account
    experience with the application―
    (Annex I, 1)

• Potential changes anticipated to be in
  place well ahead 1 January 2008

              EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
Stakeholder Consultation I
Goal: Collect experience gained in the application
 of the MRG from operators and authorities

Specific Objectives:
• Collect structured and comparable feedback for
  key issues
• Provide space for technical comments on all
• Provide space to express positions and comments

                   EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
Stakeholder Consultation II

Consultation includes:

 Questionnaire with ratings + possibility for
 additional written comments
 Invitation to submit position papers
 „Stakeholder Day― with presentations by
  stakeholder groups and sectoral sessions
 Publication of results

                 EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
The Questionnaire I
• Evaluate the guidelines as a whole
  according to the following aspects:
    • Accuracy
    • Flexibility
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • User-friendlyness
    • Providing a level playing field

                 EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
The Questionnaire II
• Evaluate the following aspects for each
 of the specific technical annexes:
   •   Clarity
   •   Applicability
   •   Tier thresholds
   •   Installation coverage

                  EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
The Questionnaire III
Further aspects to be judged and rated:
• Consistency with other reporting systems or
• Definitions
• Usefulness of monitoring and reporting
• Guidance on the application of tier system
• Guidance on uncertainty assessment
• Reporting templates
• ....
                EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
Target Group
• Operators participating in the EU-ETS
  addressed through their EU industry
• National Ministries of the Environment
• Regional competent authorities
• Non-governmental organisations:
  e.g. CEN & IETA
• Non-governmental organisations:
  e.g. CAN Europe & WWF
               EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
Consultation Process
• Questionnaires and invitation to submit
  further comments and position papers sent
  out in early March
• Distributed via E-Mail to a standard list of EU-
  stakeholders and Member State focal points
• Posted on DG ENV emission trading website
• Deadline for submission of questionnaires and
  position papers: April 15th

                  EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
Feedback received from:

•   Industry associations at EU and national level
•   Operators
•   Ministries and other competent authorities
•   Other non-governmental organisations

in the form of questionnaires as well as position
   papers and other written comments.

                   EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
Questionnaires Received
 Sectors                               No. of
 Combustion                            25
 Iron & Steel                          7
 Refineries                            11
 Cement & Lime                         31
 Ceramics                              9
 Pulp & Paper                          4
 Glass                                 10
 General (EPAs, Consultants...)        12
 Total                                 109
                     EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
Position Papers & Other Comments
 Sectors                          No. of position papers/other
                                  written comments
 Combustion                       6
 Iron & Steel                     1
 Refineries                       1
 Cement & Lime                    3
 Ceramics                         2
 Pulp & Paper                     0
 Glass                            0
 General (EPAs, Consultants...)   9
 Total                            22

                     EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
Results I
• Accuracy: Good-very good, but
  leading to excessive costs
• Flexibility: Satisfactory – poor, more
  flexiblity needed regarding tier
  thresholds and calculation methods
• Cost-effectiveness: poor – very poor,
  good as a principle but not well
  implemented in the MRG
              EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
Results II
• User-friendlieness: poor
  – Many sections need clarification
  – Many references from one section into another
  – Shift information from Annex I into sectoral
• Providing a level playing field: no opinion
  – Depends on interpretation by member states
  – At present differing interpretations in many
  – Harmonization needed
                 EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
Results III

• Principles: Cost-efficiency, flexibility
• Cross-cutting issues: harmonisation, EN ISO
  17025, emission factors, uncertainty assessment
• At sectoral level: tier thresholds, calculation
  methods for process emissions

General message: Simplify and make less prescriptive
  in order to balance accuracy against cost-
                 EU-MRG Stakeholder Day
Next Steps
• Stakeholder Day on 12 May 2005
• Publication of presentations and meeting
  minutes on DG ENV web-site
• Follow-up discussions between
  stakeholders and Commission/consortium,
  where appropriate (summer 2005)
• Participation of stakeholders in review
  process of revised MRG (during 2006)

               EU-MRG Stakeholder Day

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