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									Classroom Presenter:
Using Tablet PCs to promote
classroom interaction
       Ruth Anderson
       University of Virginia

       Beth Simon
       University of California, San Diego
Draw a picture of yourself
Student interaction via
technology: One Approach
   Student Attention vs. Time

            10   20   30   40   50   60   Time
Student Submissions in the
   Model: Slide based lecture with embedded
   Student submissions support a wide range of
    class activities and teaching styles
       Classroom Assessment
       Review and reflection
       Collective Brainstorming
       Problem Solving
       Explanation of Misconceptions
       Student Generated Examples
Minute question
   What was the most interesting point
    raised during Chuck Thacker’s keynote
Problem Solving
   You have three coins:
       One coin with two heads, one coin with two tails,
        and one coin with a head and a tail
   Suppose you choose a coin at random, flip it
    in the air and it lands heads.
       What is the probability that it’s other side is a
   What problems might arise if students
    are allowed to use Tablet PCs in the
Classroom Presenter
   Distributed, Tablet PC         Simple application
    Application                        Ink Overlay on images
   Initial development,               Export PPT to image
    2001-2002 at MSR               Real time ink broadcast
   Continuing development         UI Designed for use
    at UW                           during presentation on
   Collaboration with              tablet
    Microsoft                      Presentation features
       Built on ConferenceXP          Instructor notes on slides
        Multicast networking           Slide minimization
Ubiquitous Presenter:
An Extension of Classroom Presenter

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Leveraging Web Technology:
Automatic Web Capture and Replay
of Ink

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Supporting Laptops AND Tablets:
Student Submissions with Text and
Java Ink Applet

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  Richard Anderson

 Ruth Anderson

 Beth Simon

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